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Feb 15 2017, 01:40 AM
Ken sits alone at the table, flowers resting on the tablecloth. The waitress brings out a third beer. Ken watches her pour the beer into the glass, the yellow liquid swirling and splashing around, the froth rising quickly to the top of the glass before settling down until there is no movement in the glass barring the occasional bubble. He doesn’t take a sip; he just stares at it thinking about how perfectly it represents his time at IYHWF. Before his brain can spiral into a pit of despair, the restaurant door bursts open, and Becky walks in, arms full of junk. Ken perks up as the two lock eyes and she makes a beeline to the table. She dumps several bags on the floor, pecks Ken and takes a seat.

“Hey sweetie sorry I’m late! I had the busiest day. I had three interviews that took waaay longer than they should, I didn’t even get a chance to get the birth control pills from the chemist. Oh and the milk in my fridge went out of date. Remind me to get some on the way home. Oh, you got me flowers…I asked you not to because they’re kind of a pain to look after but I appreciate the thought, so thank you. How did your match with Shawn go on the weekend?”

“He was less of a dick than I was expecting, but that might be because he won.” Ken says unenthusiastically before going back to staring at his beer. Becky gives him a concerned look and grabs his hand.

“Hey, if there’s something troubling you, you know you can tell me right…” Ken lets out a resigning sigh.

“I’m, uh, I feel like I’m failing. Every time I get ahead in IYHWF I end up falling back to where I started. As for my rap career, I’ve sold maybe a handful of CD’s, mostly to hard-core Fed fans. I’m not good enough in either industry because I’m trying to do both, and I don’t want to cut either of them, but I feel like I have to cut one so I can focus on the other. I don’t know what to do…”

Becky squeezes his hand “You know I support your decision 100%, but I think you’ve got the drive to do both. You could live off your mother’s income for the rest of your life, but instead of doing nothing you chose to take on not one, but two careers. And I know your mum and I don’t get along that well, but you have to admire her initiative, and I think you’ve inherited that from her. You can do whatever you want to do and can handle whatever life throws at you. You just need to keep applying yourself.” Ken looks at Becky, stunned in his seat just thinking how did I get so lucky?

“By the way, I saw the tweets those Iwasaki girls sent you, make sure you shut them down next time you see them. I might not be able to take them in the ring,” she pulls Ken in a little closer, “but I can outperform them outside the ring…”

The two of them proceed to enjoy the rest of their evening together.
Sep 25 2016, 06:28 PM
Here is the lyrics for the rap. Will post the actual rap later as our shitter is clogged and haven't had time to record

Beat: Somethin Bad

I guess its time to start this second round showdown
And its definitely gonna end with a certain country ho down
Gonna leave ya in more pain than a bad rodeo clown
Cause I’m renowned for poundin’ opponents straight into the ground

Don’t get in my way cause I’m a man on a mission
If you do you’ll get put down despite your screamin’ and kickin’
With this hick in this ring this should be some easy pickings
Now prepare to get served like some Kentucky Fried Chicken
Jul 17 2016, 03:46 PM
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