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Sep 17 2017, 02:22 PM

“Myung!” The Kumicho’s voice rang out clearly from her Macbook’s speakers. “When my secretary told me that you wanted to speak with me, I was quite surprised. Very rarely have you ever contacted me directly.” He let out a small laugh. “However, it is a very pleasant surprise.”

Myung had been across the room as tidying up a few things in the pantry as the Boss spoke. She finished up and snatched a bottle of Fiji Water out of the fridge before she plopped herself down at the kitchen table, which held her laptop.

“Forgive me Kumicho,” she said as she untwisted the water’s cap. “You know that shyness grips my tongue at times. Or, it did so in the past anyway.”

“I’m quite aware,” the Kumicho said followed by a hearty laugh. “But it appears you’ve slayed that beast, haven’t you? I know we have not spoken in a while, but I have been receiving reports of your growth and progress. Your set of skills were always valuable to the syndicate; even still, your stock has risen even higher over the past five or six months.”

Myung took a long sip of water before she replied. “Thank you, Kumicho. Those are most kind words, especially coming from you.” She sat her water back down on the table. “I suppose I am doing a competent job as Shatei, yes?”

Competent? You are doing far better than competent my dear. Raiden constantly sings your praises. I’ve also received glowing reviews from your Isshi Ookami recruits. They tell me that your leadership is invaluable.”


His kind words made Myung smile. Raiden often complimented her on how she’d handled things; however, his words didn’t always satisfy her. It was kind of like when your father told you he was proud of that painting you made in art class. She wasn’t sure he had been genuine or if he was simply being a “good dad.”

But coming from the Kumicho? There was no question that she’d been gooding a sufficient job. The Kumicho was pleasant (at least in her interactions with him), but he always been a straight shooter.

“Well, I was told that you wanted to discuss some business with me?” the Boss asked. “Is that correct?”

“That is correct,” Myung said as she adjusted in her chair. “I arranged this call because I have a question.” She paused for a moment. “Or more accurately, I have a request.”

This seemed to peak his interest.

“Oh?” He laughed a bit. “I thoroughly enjoy this and empowered version of Myung Pak. You’ve finally blossomed into the powerful woman I thought you’d be.” The Kumicho paused as he composed himself. “I am curious now. Please state your request.”

“You tasked me and Raiden with establishing the Yamaguchi-gumi and the Stone Wolves here in Australia. We have accomplished both of those tasks in stunning fashion, if I may say so. The Yamaguchi-gumi are the only visible and viable syndicate here. And the Stone Wolves have grown up strong here. The members are young, but there are already leaders amongst them.” Myung nodded.

“And when one task is completed, a new mission is often given out, yes?”

“You’d be correct, Myung.”

Well, my request is that you transfer me, Raiden, and couple of the Stone Wolves back to New York.”

Her request stunned and shocked the Kumicho a bit. The two had spoken about the “incident” that had occurred the first time she was assigned there. It was established and made clear that she had killed the Isshi Ookami leader after he attempted to assault her. Her kill was justified in the eyes of all, especially the Boss. However, it still surprised him that she wanted to return to the place.

“Give me your reasoning, my dear.”
“Reports have said that the New York division of the Isshi Ookami have been out of control as of late. They have been wild. They have been reckless.” There was a small pause. “I realize that their actions where the result of my actions. I killed member of my own clan; I killed New York’s top Isshi Ookami leader. I know that my actions were reasonable, but facts are facts—I caused this.

“However, things are different now. I am not the same timid and naive woman I was a couple of years ago. I believe that Raiden and I have the power to fix the New York division.” She nodded her head. “The Australian Isshi Ookami are strong. There are a couple people that are fit to lead. And things will go smoothly once some of the other clans begin to migrate there.

“Additionally, Misha is in New York. Since she is a sponsored athlete, it is good for once to have direct contact with her. Plus…” Myung paused for a moment or two. “She is my dearest friend. I do not wish to lose that bond.”

“I see.”

There was a long pause.

“Our request has been noted Myung—and it has been granted.

“New York’s division of the Isshi Ookami are essential. And I believe you two can get shape them up and get them in order. I just ask that you attempt to keep the bloodshed to a minimum. If people are too troublesome, you may send them back to Japan. I’ll rectify things personally.

“Does that sounds fair?”

“Most fair,” Myung replied.

“I enjoy this side of you. Boldness suits you very well. Continue to grow.”

“Yes, Kumicho. I shall.”
Aug 30 2017, 12:20 AM

Paperwork—it was the least riveting aspect of Raiden Himura’s agent role with Misha and Myung. He’d rather escort them to the ring and watch them kick ass eleven out of ten times. However, paperwork was essential, even if it was mundane. So, he set about making sure everything was decent and in order.

In front of him on his coffee table sat a small pile of papers, along with his MacBook Pro. Schoolboy Q’s “Setbacks” album played gently in the background—a small gift from Misha. He wasn’t a huge rap fan, but Raiden happened to enjoy the project sonically.

He grabbed a couple of forms and scanned them quickly. They required Myung’s signature, therefore he set them to the side. He then turned his attention to two file folders that rested upon each other. “Contract” was written in bold on the front of each folder.

Raiden took hold of the first file and gave it a once over. There was a particular line that gave him pause and made him lift an eyebrow. Raiden quickly scooped up the other file and scanned it.

“My oh my,” he said as he leaned back in his seat. “How interesting.”

Footsteps could be heard in the distance. Ji Nai made his way into the room after a moment or two. His suit jacket and white shirt had been resting on the living room’s love seat. He brushed a bit of dirt off of his undershirt before he used it to wipe the sweat off of his forehead.

“That matter is taken care of Raiden,” Ji said as he cracked his knuckles. “Is there anything else I can assist with at the moment?”

“There is actually,” Raiden replied. “Could you head over to Myung’s house and fetch her for me as I secure on skype Misha. It seems that we’ve got a pressing matter to discuss.”

“Will do.” Ji nodded his head. “Is everything okay?”

“Nothing to worry or freak out about,” Raiden sad. “Although, it appears that their contracts are coming up soon.”
Aug 29 2017, 11:23 PM

“I have a question to ask you,” Myung said as she turned a bit to her left. She and Misha had been soaking up the sun at her outdoor pool area. Myung lay lay reclined in a chair as she sipped on a glass of wine; Misha laid on her stomach as the sun’s rays tanned her back.

“I shall do my best to answer your question,” Misha replied as she closed her eyes a bit.

Myung didn’t normally get nervous around Misha, but she was this time. It took a moment or two for her to finally spit out her question.

“Misha, do you ever regret teaming with me?”

There was an odd stillness in the air after the question had been asked. Misha quickly opened her eyes and shifted her body in Myung’s direction.

“What?” Misha tone had become stern, almost aggressive. Even still, Myung repeated her question.

“Do, do you ever have regrets about teaming with me within In Your House?”

Misha glared at her for couple of seconds before she grunted, turned back around and re-closed her eyes.

“I never thought I would have to say this to you of all people, but that was an utterly foolish question, love.”

The Korean born woman took a long sip of her wine.

“You came to In Your House to focus on your singles career. You wanted to make a new name for yourself in a untapped market. Had it not been for me, perhaps you would have been IYH Champi—”

“Stop it—stop it right now!” Misha shouted.

Silence persisted for a couple of moments. Once again, Misha turned towards Myung.

“You are correct. One of my primary goals was to come over here and make my name in an untapped market. Well, I have done just that, with your assistance.” Misha nodded her head. “Our path to glory was filled with many twists and turns. And at times, it was painful. However, I would not trade that journey for the world. You and I accomplished something great. And I am thoroughly grateful to have you at my side for said journey.”

“I…” Myung paused for a moment. “Thank you, Misha. I needed to hear that.”

Satisfied with the answer she had received, Myung finished her her glass of wine. She then leaned back even more in attempts of letting her body fully relax.
Aug 21 2017, 02:42 AM

The other evening I was treated to an interesting conversation by my dear Raiden. It was not an upsetting or unsettling conversation; it was merely one I’d had not pondered upon. It’s rarely that I’m caught of guard—and that’s what happened during the course of this talk.

It was a brisk, almost chilly almost morning. It was a week where Misha and I were not scheduled to wrestle; so, she was not in town. Raiden and I had a fair amount of business to attend to and handle downtown. Therefore, we got up bright and early to get it all accomplished.

As one would probably imagine, Raiden and I make quite the fearsome team. I think it’s because we spent so much time together over all the years. The bond we have developed is quite strong. While he is my manager or agent you could say, in many ways I see him as a father figure.

Having a fatherly figure is quite pleasant, considering the circumstance.

Raiden and I had left Ji and the other Stone Wolves behind that day. It’s not that they aren’t helpful. However, they can be a hindrance sometimes. I realize that sounds hypocritical, since I haven’t been involved in the organizational side of things very long. Nonetheless, I know when it is just me and Raiden handling things, we are a lot more efficient. The only member that didn’t hinder was Misha (when she was allowed to conduct certain business manners with us). Obviously Misha and I have a strong bond; Misha has developed one with Raiden as well. So when she’d come along with us, things were easy going.

With Ji and the others? No so much…

But I digress. After handling our matters, Raiden and I were strolling about and sipping on drinks—that is until he turned around and asked me that fateful question.

“Are you truly happy with this life?”

That’s a deep and piercing question, isn’t it?

Interesting enough, it was a question that I could not answer right away; it took a moment or two of thought.

“What do you mean by this life?” I asked him. “If you mean devoting my time to wrestling and becoming better in the ring, then yes. If you mean bonding with Misha and devouring the tag team scene, then yes.”

Those answers were not completely satisfactory to him.

“Those are important facets indeed. However, I meant with life as a whole. Life as a ranking member of the Yamaguchi-gumi. Life as a leader and commander of the Stone Wolves. This life in which other people’s live are in your hands…”

I stuffed my free hand in my pocket as we walked a long. My mind began to think upon his words. I grew tired of thinking after a moment or two; therefore, I just began to speak from the heart.

“May I be honest, Raiden?” It was a rhetorical question. He kept quiet. “Let us be frank. My entry into this world was not a kind one. I do not know my parents. I do not of their personalities or their struggles. All that I truly know is that they me up. All that I truly know is the I wasn’t important enough to fight for in their eyes. And so they gave me to the highest bidder.” I paused for a moment. “I did not have much free will as a sponsor of the Yamaguchi-gumi. I cannot say that I was mistreated, not at all. But I had no say in whether I wanted to wrestle or not. I had no choice in whether I wanted to travel or not. I simply followed commands. I followed commands like a blind, nameless soldier. So, if you were to ask me that question then, the answer would be no.”

A sip of my drink allowed me to press on. “I didn’t necessarily feel like a human back then. I didn’t feel like a person that mattered in most people’s eyes. You were an exception, Raiden. I always knew that you cared.

“However, that is different not the case anymore. Specifically not feeling like a human.

“My connection is Misha is very special. In truth, she could have elected for a strictly professional relationship. Instead, she elected for a true friendship.” I nodded my head. “She encourages me. She keeps me safe. And when I am out there in the ring with her, I feel as if I could do anything.

“Then there are the rest of the Stone Wolves. They are new to our clan, new to the Yamaguchi-gumi as a whole. I am aware that a female ranking member is unorthodox, but they have accepted me.

“And there is you of course,” I said as I turned my head in his direction. “You’re like a father to me. Even when I was alone, you cared for me. That is something I can never pay you back for; and it is something I’ll always be grateful for.”

They walked a bit in silence.

“I think that people within the Yamaguchi-gumi always thought I was useful. I am an attraction in the ring, so I make the organization money. But now? Now I truly feel important, despite the work that we must do, despite how dangerous it might be.”

I let him know that in short, that I was happy. My answer seemed to convince him ever so slightly; a smirk later came to his face. He pulled me in close and gave me a hug. He then told me that I needed to let him know if I ever was unhappy—that there were other rules within the organization that I could fulfill. I assured him that I’d let him know if that was the case.

Things ceased being so awkward as we carried along.
Aug 11 2017, 10:35 AM

From: Misha LeCavalier
To: Dr. Ravi

Dear Doctor,

I dont not have many friends in their world; in fact, it would probably be easy to count them all on both of my hands. Ironically enough, of my closest friends happens to be Kelly Fury.

“Why is that ironic?” you might ask.

There are many factors that probably should have halted us from linking up and becoming close. Considering who I was dating at the time of our first hangout session, I’m surprised to two of us escaped with our lives. My ex had ties with her ex in the past—enough said, yeah? It would have been natural for Kelly to harbor ill feelings towards my ex, and my by proxy. However, Kelly was gracious and understanding.

And let us not forgot the fact that Kelly’s current boyfriend and I have never really been on the best of terms. He and his tag team partner were bitter rivals of me and Myung. Many brutal incidents occurred. Many heated words were said. Once again, it was within Kelly’s right to turn her ire towards me.

However, she did not.

Through it all, she and I became quite close. It’s interesting. In my personal life, a lot of people say that I am complex and closed off. Sometimes they aren’t necessarily wrong. And in my professional life, many view me as a barbaric beast.

Nevertheless, Kelly didn’t see me as any of those things. It always seems as if Kelly is able to read me. She always understands me. And most importantly, is treats me as a person.

Hmmmm, I suppose the reason we get along is the same reason Myung and I have grown close. Interesting…

But I digress. Dr. Ravi, you are probably wondering why my friend Kelly is on my mind. Well, my brain keeps thinking back to a conversation that we had last week.

Kelly has a son, a little boy named Jackson. He’s a great bundle of joy, always happy and smiling. Well, it turns out it was his birthday last week. So of course, I asked Kelly to tell him happy birthday for me during one of our many weekly calls. As our conversation moved forward, Kelly told me that little Jackson was quite a fan of mine. For a moment my heart was warmed, and it remained that way for the duration of the call.

However, a sinking feeling washed over me after the call ended.

“Am I a good person?” I’ve asked myself that question countless times. I’ve possed that same question to you many times as well, Dr. Ravi.

My father and mother would tell me yes. My sister would tell me yes. The few close friends that I do have would tell me yes.

...I’m not sure I’d agree with them.

I don’t deserve to have any fans. And most days, I don’t believe that I deserve friends like Kelly either.

Does a truly good person enjoy getting physical and engaging in fights? Does a truly good person find great pleasure in hurting others? Would a truly good person be willing to slaughter an entire roster in order to get to the top?

No is the answer to all of those questions.

—Now yes, perhaps I’m being a bit narrow minded. Life isn’t lived in black and white, no matter how many people may want it to be so. Life is but a myriad of gray tones. Given that notion, I may not be the epitome of all evil—but I am no saint either. I am but a convoluted concoction…

While that revelation isn’t the most satisfying in the world, it is followed by a sense of calming peace.

At the very least, I am able to somewhat understand just who and what I am...for now.

—Misha LeCavalier
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