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 Veering: Precursor
Flex Johnson
 Posted: Jul 6 2018, 01:20 AM

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Humans are so, predictable.

People always respond to events in the same manner. Bliss and joy when it’s a pleasant moment; anger and sorrow when it’s an unpleasant one. And if they’re not sure how to feel—mass confusion.

The dwellers of In Your House, they’re going to have a gaggle of questions after Worlds Collide:

“We thought you were gone for good. How are you back here?” “Are you here for single’s glory?” “Do you want to rule the tag team division again?” “Where’s Misha at? Is she alright? Is she with you?” “I don’t see Raiden with you. He around somewhere?” “Are you okay? You look, well, different.” “Now that you are back at IYH, what’s your plan? What do you intend to do?”

Questions, so many questions. Some will be relevant, some won’t be. Some will be riveting; some will be drab. Some will be thoughtful, while others will be just be nosey…

But I’ll answer them. I’ll each and every one of them. In my own time and own way, of course.

...Although, that last question, it should be clear to any logical thinker.

I originally came into IYH to spread my wings and fly as a single’s star. Those plans changed, obviously. And I’m happy that they did. I got to meet a wonderful friend, someone who I consider my true family. Not only that, we dented skulls and made history. What more could I ask for?

Now though, it’s time to soar a little higher.

Over the past six months or so, I’ve had the pleasure of watching my sister Misha do many great things. What she did with the CWC International Championship? A thing of beauty. She captured the Empire Championship, and was able to successfully defend it on two occasions. Lastly, I got to watch her win the Shooting Star Wrestling Alliance World Championship a little a couple of months ago.

I guess some people would have been taken over with jealousy, but I wasn’t. I was proud. It filled my heart with joy each time she put someone in the dirt with her lariat. If anything, her performances inspired me to be greater.

I won my first single’s belt—the DIVINE Pro Dawn Championship. That’s a moment I’ll always remember. I had the pleasure of beating up an corny ass fuck-boy who decided to hype up our match with sexual innuendos. Christopher Kane, by the way. He left the arena embarrassed and dejected. I’m sure it was a lonely ass night when he got back home. I suppose it sucks to be him.

That was an amazing time, an amazing match. But I’ not done. I’m STILL hungry. My hunger has grown in DIVINE, and it’s beginning to seep out.

My goal this go around in IYH? To win the IYH Championship.

I know it’s a lofty ambition. However, you’ve got to take a couple of risks to grasp a high reward. I’m also aware that there’s a long list of people that are in front of me. People who are famished, like myself. People who are starving to reclaim belt…

That’s fine. Actually, that preferable.

That long line just makes things much more, amusing, don’t you think? I’ll get the chance to see them all fall to the ground before I stake my claim.


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