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 .PAAK, A Leviathan's Rebirth
Flex Johnson
 Posted: Jul 5 2018, 11:45 PM

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Wrestler Real Name: Myung Pak
Wrestler In Ring Name: .PAAK
Nickname (If Applicable): The Leviathan
Height (meters):]/b] 1.70 m (5’7’’)
[b]Weight (kilograms):
58.967 kg (130 lbs)
Alignment: Heel
Hometown/Billed From: Kobe, Japan
Gimmick: Due to her peculiar circumstances and upbring, .PAAK really didn’t know who she was as child. She wasn’t secure in yourself, and that would translate over to her wrestling persona at times. However, she was able to “find herself” with the help of her tag team partner and a few close friends. Was is she now? That’s still hard to say. Sometimes she’s a little crazy. Sometimes she’s a little silly. Sometimes she deadly serious. But no matter what, she’s always dangerous in the ring—never forget that.
Pic Base: Son Ga in
Ring Attire: [1] Black top with mild gold accents on the left side. [2] Full length black tights run down her right leg; the left side is comprised of black short trunks with gold markings. [3] Black kneepads. [4] Black kickpads with gold outlining. [5] Custom Adidas Impact wrestling boots. [6] Black, gold, and gray hooded ring jacket.
Twitter: @P_A_A_K

Wrestling Style: Puroresu
1. Strike Them Down: .PAAK has been a practitioner of traditional Joshi strongstyle for over a decade despite her fairly young age. That being said, she has a great affinity for stiff strikes and knockout blows. For as much of a beating as she can take, .PAAK dish out the punishment double-fold.
2. Entrenched in the Sport: .PAAK's wrestling instruction began when she was fourteen (14) years old. She was taught and surrounded by some of the the best wrestlers that Japan had to offer. And while there may not be a long list of gold attached to her name, .PAAK's talent and mind for the sport (psychology) is quite advanced. She certainly is no rookie.
3. Kill La Kill: .PAAK has a killer instinct about; she's exhibited the trait since her first few weeks of training. Simply put, she doesn’t pussyfoot about in the ring. .PAAK is relentless in the ring and will rarely, if ever, show very much mercy.

Weaknesses (3):
1. Can’t Trust Em’: Trust is a huge thing to .PAAK. Her upbringing fortified the know that trust is sacred and you can’t trust everyone. Therefore, she she’ll never give it out full and freely to most people.
2. Size: .PAAK is a bit taller than the average woman, standing at about 5'7''. She also has a decent amount of weight on her. Nonetheless, she'd be undersized going up against some of the juggernauts of the wrestling world (men in particular).
3. So Damn Mean!: If you are familiar with joshi wrestling, the you’ve probably picked up on something—most of them have a pretty wicked “mean streak” that they like to unleash on people. Yes, even the sweet and innocent ones. It’s a like a light switch that one is able to turn on and off. .PAAK’s? Well she gets quite nasty when her’s is activated. That might cause some trouble from time to time, since her tag partner isn’t around at the moment to reel her in.

2. Doze Trigger: Uraken [Secondary: normally used for a quick finish or KO blow if her opponent is massively larger.]
3. Gun Smoke: Blackout

Signature Moves:
1. Snapmare Driver (can finish match)
2. Facewash (corner) followed by running boot

Well-practiced Moves:
Palm Strikes
Rolling Sole-butt
Forearm Shots
Facewash (corner) followed by running boot
Shotgun Dropkick
Grounded Running Boot
Running Hip Attack
Trapping Suplex
Leg-hooked German Suplex
Tiger Suplex
Gutwrench Suplex
Fujiwara Armbar
Flying Armbar
Stretch Muffler
Muta Lock
Drop Toe Hold
Pop-Up Double Knee Gutbuster
Running Senton
Running Cannonball

Entrance Theme: “Phantom” by Lynch.

Character Background: To understand Myung, you’ve got to understand her past and upbringing. Her parents? Mr. and Mrs. Pak worked as rice harvesters in South Korea. While it was true that they worked extremely hard, it was also true that they weren’t the most wealthy. And when Mrs. Pak figured out that she had a bun in the oven? Their money matters didn’t get any better.

It wasn’t long before baby Myung was born. Mrs. Pak had to give up her harvesting position in order to raise her. That certainly put a dent in their income. Their funds were cut short even more as two the major rice farms in the city were forced to shut down. Even still, Mr. Pak worked as hard as he could.

After tolling for a good while, Mr. Pak grew tired living with little money. He wanted to make a better way for his family and family to be. How did he plan to accomplish that? Move to Japan. Mr. Pak reached out to some of his contacts and lined up a potential job. All he seemingly had to do was get his family over there. Mr. and Mrs. Pak scrounge up all the money they could in order to make the great journey.

That couple had grand dreams. Unfortunately, the luster of the those dream wore off almost immediately. That job that Mr. Pak had lined up? It fell through. Once again, the Paks found themselves with little money and a hungry baby.

Mr. Pak attempted to find work, but he wasn’t accepted in that foreign. He and his family stayed on the streets for a couple of weeks. That is until Mr. and Mrs. Pak did the unthinkable…

Myung was sold away for a medium sum of money. She was still extremely young at the time. The people and organization that took her in raised her from that young age. Her parents? She never heard from them again. She wondered about them a lot as a child, but those thoughts faded away as time went on.

At the age of fourteen, Myung was introduced to the sport of professional wrestling. She was taught by the best instructors and teachers that money could buy. With the aid of Raiden Himura, she began hitting the road and wrestling throughout Japan. Her travels helped her build a reputation as quite a tough cookie.

Myung and Raiden ventured out to the United States for the first time in 2015. There, she worked for a promotion called Visionaries of Wrestling. Although her stint in the company was short, she was quite successful. Myung then took her talents to DIVINE Pro and In Your House Wrestling Federation. Myung began one half of the IYH Tag Team Champions with her partner Misha LeCavalier. In DIVINE, she became the Dawn Champion after many battles.

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