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 "A Learning Experience", Diamond Jack Sabbath/War Enforcement
 Posted: Jul 30 2017, 10:02 AM

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Buzz! Fzzt!

Angry black and white floats across our view until eventually we are greeted by the vision of the most horrible girl in the business staring down at us. Picking us up with a deadly smile on her face, the "Unexplainable" Serena Maxwell places us on some sort of surface as she moves back. She is in wrestling gear, as is Raine, and in the background, we hear cheers and reaction as well as the occasional thump that can only come from smashing into the ring. With a swirling XWA logo on a screen behind them, Diamond Jack Sabbath stepping in front of it, right in between Serena and Raine. He is also in his gear. Through his recently-grown Goatee of Evilâ„¢, he smiles with that wicked, yellow-toothed mouth of his.

Hi. Yeah, you may be aware. We're not actually in Australia right now. No, we're in Russia, which is really cold. But we can deal with it, because we're tough and used to changes in climate, unlike Australians. Odds are you lot would actually die out here, frightened to death by the sheer drop in temperature, which I guess further puts the idea out there that I'm just so bloody impressive.

Serena nods in agreement.

Anyway, let's talk In Your House, shall we? Let's talk In Your House while I'm...well, in MY house, I suppose! And the big question is this- what did Mind Your Own Fuckhole teach us? What have we all learned? Because it was just that, really. It was a learning experience for us all. I mean we learned that Craig Anderson can capture a title, which is baffling but hey, good on him for finally showing he's not a joke. We learned that it doesn't matter how much Fury you throw at War Enforcement, Serena and Raine will still come out winners. We learned that no matter what partner she saddles herself with, little Kelsey Spencer will NEVER get a hold of those Tag Team titles and now they seem to be at odds with the Pikey and the Freak, but hey, could be worse. Could be us!

Serena laughs. That awful, blood-curdling, murderous laugh.

But most importantly, Owen Gonsalves, your little champion, now he learned something too. He learned a few things actually- chiefly, the fact that he's not 'Indestructible'. No...just very, very lucky.

He holds his index finger and thumb adjacent to one another, very close but with a little gap in between.

This close. I was this close to becoming IYHWF Champion, but his ticker just kept on ticking. Like the lyrics of a really terrible Peter Gabriel song, something in him said 'don't give up now, Owen!' and to his credit, he didn't. But as I said, it was a learning experience for everyone involved, and I learned just how much Gonsalves wants to keep that title. I learned what he's willing to go through...but I also learned what it's going to take to completely ruin all of that and take it all away from him.

Jack-knows-a-se-cret! Jack-knows-a-se-cret!

He snaps to attention.

Quiet! Seriously, cut that out.

Serena stops immediately, looking down. Jack turns back.

Owen, I took you to your limit. I know I did and YOU know I did. That's why Rick Kreiger was able to come in and pick at the pieces so easily. Every statement needs an exclamation point. He was the exclamation point, but I was the big statement that came before it and did all that damage. I made sure you couldn't fight back. What I've learned is next time, I'm going to be that statement AND that exclamation point. That's my goal. You and me, one last time for the IYHWF Championship, and this time I'm walking out with the title that I deserve to have.

The Rise of Owen Gonsalves has been sweet for some, but The Fall will be soooo much sweeter.

He scratches above his brow as he pulls the lapels of his jacket up.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to destroy some annoying little upstarts. Come on, guys...

And off they go, leaving us alone as we fade out.

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