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 Layton & Fenric
 Posted: Jul 5 2017, 11:52 AM

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Team Name:
Layton & Fenric

Emery Layton
Adam Fenric

Combined Weight:
353 Ibs

Team Gimmick:
Bickering, mis-matched tag team of total misfits.

Team Finisher:
The Prikasa/Goodbye Cruel World combo
Assuming the other partner is nowhere to be seen, Emery hits the Prikasa on an opponent only for Adam to lock in Goodbye Cruel World until the opponent taps out.

Well-Practiced Double Team Moves (Max 5):
1. Suicide Dive/Tope Con Hilo combo
When two opponents are outside the ring, stood side by side, Emery jumps on one through the rope and Adam jumps on the other, going over the ropes with a senton bomb.

2. Assisted Moonsault
Adam throws Emery across the ring with a release German suplex which Em uses to moonsault onto an opponent currently on the ground.

3. Irish-Traveller-Whip
Very simplistic- Adam throws an opponent into the corner, tags in Emery and Irish whips her into said corner, right at the opponent as she hits him with a running dropkick.

Entrance Theme:
"Come As You Are" by Nirvana

Team Background:
If you had to pick two people in the entire world who you think would make a great team, a free-spirited Irish traveller and a humourless Austrian prodigy are probably not exactly who you'd have in mind. Brought together by circumstance and a shared desire to succeed where others before them haven't, Emery Layton and Adam Fenric are a mismatched pair of misfits looking to conquer the world and achieve all the success they can. This has so far proven successful, as the team hold the XWA Tag Team Championships while appearing as guests for multiple other promotions such as HELL Lucha Libre and participating in Union Battleground's Battalions tournament.

While the duo can often be found bickering, irritating each other or just disagreeing with how the other person works like a pair of squabbling children, when Layton & Fenric have the will to work towards a common goal, they can be unstoppable.

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