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 Harley Lends A Hand
 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 08:19 AM

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Their match at Mind Your Own Fuckhole hadn’t gone the way they would have liked. Although they’d trained to their absolute limits, the Uncanny Socialites would not be leaving Canberra as IYH Tag Team Champions. With no foreseeable escape, Kelsey tapped out to Misha’s excruciating armbar to live to fight another day. Following the loss, morale was down - Kelsey felt bad, believing she’d just cost her team the championship, while Rebecca was annoyed by Misha’s refusal to immediately release the hold following Kelsey’s submission.

A win over Modern Day Heroes in the weeks that followed showed that they were somewhat back on track - and an announcement that same night gave them a goal to work towards. Murphy’s Law, after making history in becoming the first team to make two successful defenses of the IYH tag straps, announced a Tag Team Gauntlet match set for IYHWF’s next Supershow, “The Fall”. One of the teams included? None other than Kelsey and Rebecca.

While the idea of having another opportunity to win those elusive IYH Tag Team Titles is exciting and appreciated, they still had to deal with the magnitude of the situation. Leading up to MYOF, they pushed themselves harder than ever before in preparation for Murphy’s Law. But making their way into this match at The Fall, they have to develop strategies to face multiple tag teams. Being at their best against one team last month wasn’t enough - how could it be enough to beat each and every team they’ll face on September 3rd?

The answer, according to both ladies, is it won’t. In order to stand a chance against Murphy’s Law and the other teams involved in that match, they have to break through their own limits.

Today, they’re visiting someone who may be able to help.

“Really? She’s living here? Rebecca stands with arms crossed, inspecting the building with a scowl. It's a rather nice house, slightly bigger than her own.

“Uh-huh!” Kelsey happily replies, a spring in her step as she places herself by her partner’s side. “I helped her move all her stuff in the other week. It was kinda easy, she doesn’t have a whole lot.”

“We’re wasting valuable training time,” Rebecca claims, glancing at her wrist watch. “Can we get this show on the road?”

Kelsey steps forward and knocks on the front door. When there’s no answer, she tries the door handle - it’s unlocked, and the two invite themselves inside. “Hello?” Kelsey calls out, glancing around the immediate area. “Anyone home?”

As the two walk through the living room area, the faint sounds of a circular saw can be heard coming from the opposite end of the house. Kelsey leads Rebecca through the beautifully-furnished home - most of which must have been purchased post-move - to a small corridor that leads to a garage. There’s no doubt about it, the sound is being produced from inside. The pair glance at each other and, after Rebecca’s insistence, Kelsey enters first. Upon entering, she quickly recognises the blonde-haired woman sharing the room with them; she has her back to them, hunched over a workbench. Kelsey rushes across the room with excitement, tapping her on the shoulder to grab her attention.

“What in the-?!” The girl spins around, peering through her safety goggles with widened eyes. “Oh, Kelsey, it’s you! You startled me!”

“Sorry, Harley… We’re here, like you wanted!”

Harley Saint first came into Kelsey and Rebecca’s lives as one of the children in Rebecca’s Saint City cult back in the day, originally a disciple brainwashed to carry out Rebecca’s bidding. When Rebecca fell pregnant and left her position behind, Harley remained behind on the island with her “sister” Mimi, who took over as the cult's leader. It didn’t take long for Harley to defect, leaving Saint City when she wanted to live a normal life; she retained the Saint surname, however, having long forgotten her real one.

When Harley found out she was pregnant with Ace Watson’s child, Kelsey selflessly let her stay at her apartment (sometimes to her own financial detriment), and the two became very close friends. So close, in fact, that Harley insisted on naming her daughter Kelsey in honour of her kindness. Since then, Harley has moved out and is living with baby Kelsey - a nickname they’ve affectionately given the little girl to distinguish between her and “big” Kelsey.

Harley recently decided to channel her passion for creating and follow her dreams of becoming an inventor. She invited Kelsey and Rebecca over, with promises of helping them in their training. Who could resist?

“Thanks for coming over,” Harley speaks with grace, shifting her safety goggles from shielding her face to sitting atop her dirty hair. The stench wafting from the 18-year-old makes it apparent that she’s missed her shower today. She smiles at Kelsey, then looks to Rebecca with an awkward pause. “Hi, Miss Saint.”

Rebecca gives a small wave and a nod, putting Harley at ease. Their interactions have been minimal since they both left Saint City, which has been a contributing factor in Harley’s social withdrawal. Even when she was a disciple of Saint City, she wasn't Rebecca's favourite - Mimi was. However, knowing that Rebecca harbours no resentment toward her helps her breathe easy.

“What’s this thing that’s gonna help us train?” Kelsey asks, peeking over Harley’s shoulder with curiosity, trying to catch a glimpse of what Harley’s been working on. Harley’s quick to dismiss the project, waving it off with a shake of the head.

“That's just the next thing I’m working on,” she explains, as Rebecca flares her nostrils with a hint of impatience. “What I’ve got for you guys is over here.” Wiping sweat and grease from her brow, she leads them to a table on the opposite end of the garage, where they come across what look to be skin-tight sleeveless suits - one red, one blue.

“What’re those?” Kelsey questions.

“These, my friend, are specially-designed training suits!” Harley proudly replies, stepping between the girls and the suits. “You mentioned you needed help training, and I read on Twitter that you were looking into weighted clothing.”

“Yes..?” Rebecca pipes up, suddenly becoming invested in the conversation.

“I’ve been watching your matches and some of your training sessions, and noticed a common trend. Both are very physical. I know how bulky and uncomfortable those weighted vests can be, and they would seriously be a nuisance when you’re practicing moves.”

“Weighted clothing we can practice wrestling moves in?” Kelsey asks for clarity. She’s heard weighted clothes were for strengthening muscles while running, so this concept is both intriguing and exciting.

“It’s not fully tested yet, but I’ve run every possible algorithm and it works in theory,” Harley responds while she moves to the table, where she lifts the blue suit off the surface with what appears to be a bit of a struggle. “I developed this technology to evenly distribute the weight across the whole body, not just the torso. It has thousands of tiny weights sewed into the fibers of the suit to give you the same effect of the vest, but in a way that makes it almost unnoticeable.”

“How much does that thing weigh?” Rebecca asks, noticing Harley struggling to hold it comfortably.

“They’re twenty-five kilos each. I’m sure it looks like they weigh much more, but I’m not a wrestler, remember?” She lets out a laugh.

“Oh, yeah, that makes sense…” Kelsey comments, stepping forward and as she feels the suit’s material - it resembles a swimsuit.

“Would you like to try it on?” Harley asks with a smile.

“Heck yeah, I would!”

Harley relinquishes the blue suit into Kelsey’s care, and hands the red one to Rebecca. She furls her brows as she holds the suit up to test its weight, she looks back to Harley.

“Is there a place we can get changed?” she asks.

“Yeah, for sure!” Harley points past where Kelsey’s standing, to the doorway. “There’s a bathroom to your left--”

Both of them are stunned to silence, noticing that a now-naked Kelsey is standing three feet from them, changing into the suit then and there. Harley swiftly adjusts her eyes to the floor, her face bright red with embarrassment. Rebecca’s reaction tells a different story - she rolls her eyes to meet the ceiling, letting out a slight groan. It’s apparent this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

“Are you even aware that we are standing right here?” Rebecca questions with a glare.

“What do you mean?” a dumbfounded Kelsey asks a follow-up question, trying to figure out why Rebecca would think she’d forgotten they were in the garage.

“Just put your damn clothes on,” Rebecca snarls as she walks by to get changed.

Several minutes later, both ladies are moving around the garage in the suits, trying to adjust to the added weight.

“How is it?” Harley asks, mildly amused by Kelsey’s attempts to maintain her balance.

“It’s… kinda tricky…” Kelsey replies, stumbling in her place.

“They’re designed to adjust to your body shape. They should start to stick to your skin soon. Aside from the obvious added weight, it’ll end up feeling like you’re not wearing anything at all.”

Kelsey stands in her place, trying to concentrate on what the suit’s doing. She looks up with a goofy grin. “Hey, I think mine’s doing it! It kinda tickles!”

“It’s not too tight?”

“Nuh-uh, it feels fine!” As the suit slowly melds with her skin, she glances over her shoulder at her partner and notices it’s happening to her, too. She lets out a giggle. “Hey, Rebecca! I can see your boobies!”

“Shut up, Kelsey.”

“Obviously you’ll wear your workout clothes or wrestling gear over the suit,” Harley speaks, concealing a smile behind her hand. Rebecca is not so amused.

“One thing I’m wondering is how do we remove these suits once they’ve stuck to our skin like this.”

“Simple!” a smiling Harley claims. “Take your thumb and index finger and pinch the fabric. Rub it like you're sprinkling salt, and it should come away nicely.”

Rebecca spot tests the technique Harley described while Kelsey walks around the immediate area, trying to adjust to the added weight on her body. Once Rebecca lets go of the fabric, it slowly begins to blend back into place.

“I’ve lined the inside of the suit with moisture wicking fabric. You shouldn’t need to worry about sweat chafing you.”

“You designed this from scratch?” Rebecca questions, taking a few steps on the spot, noticing the obvious change in carried weight. “This is ingenious technology. I had no idea you were capable of such work.”

“It comes from when I was a kid. I remember I used to play with broken gadgets all the time. I loved trying to find ways to fix things. Growing up, I figured out I could make my own devices from scratch. It’s always been my passion to fix and create things.” She motions toward the suit. “This is the result of all the skills I’ve developed over the years.”

Rebecca remains silent, reluctant to respond. When she finally does, it is soft-spoken and direct. “I feel as though I should have already known all this. You know, considering…”

“It’s okay,” Harley interrupts, forcing a smile. “Don’t feel guilty for what happened. Just knowing you care is apology enough.”

“Look at me!” Kelsey exclaims, jumping up and down a few feet away from them. "I'm so big! This has gotta be how Mister Marcus feels!" She starts making strongman poses in an attempt to imitate fellow IYHWF wrestler Marcus Blackbeard.

“I’ve got something else for you both. Kelsey, come here.” Kelsey skips over, stopping by Rebecca’s side as Harley fumbles around in the top draw of her workbench, soon producing what look to be sweatbands. “These are made from the very same material as your suits. They’ll add five kilos a piece.”

“So we are talking thirty-five kilograms in total?” Rebecca asks. She notices Kelsey already slipping the bands on, and not to be outdone by her eternal rival, she does the same.

“You two can hang out here and get used to that, I have to go and check if baby Kelsey’s done with her nap.”

“It might pay to have a shower while you’re at it!” Rebecca calls out behind her with a hint of sarcasm, Harley’s foul sweat-soaked stench still lingering in her nostrils.

“This is pretty sweet, huh?” Kelsey quietly speaks to Rebecca, lifting her arms up and down as the wristbands stick to her skin. “It’s like I’m doing bicep curls, but I’m not holding anything!”

“Yes, it certainly is a new experience… Look, I think we should make the most out of these suits.”

“We should?” Kelsey glances up at her partner. “How do we do that?”

“Aside from showering, we should wear these suits from now until the championship match,” Rebecca explains. “Training, eating, sleeping. By the time the match comes along, we will be as strong and fast as we possibly can be.”

“Uhh, are you sure we should..? Harley didn’t say to do that…”

“She didn’t say not to either, did she?” Rebecca wags her finger back and forth, trying to dismiss Kelsey’s concerns. “You want to be Tag Team Champion as much as I do, right? Then this is the way to do it. Shatter our limits. It very well may be our last chance.”

“Well, when you put it like that...” Kelsey doesn’t need more than a moment to ponder. She extends her hand to Rebecca, who firmly grasps it and accepts the gesture, making the deal official. “Let’s do it.”
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