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 Ruckus 65
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Mar 19 2018, 05:56 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The camera pans across the Melbourne Showgrounds arena, showing the excited crowd before eventually resting on the announce table where Brian and Tats are ready for tonights go home show.]

BM: Welcome to Ruckus 65 everyone. We draw closer and closer to the end of season two but fear not, we still have a lot of action in store for you guys.

TR: With Ground ‘n Pound just one week away there is a lot of tension in the air.

BM: Tension which I’m sure is only going to build as we get closer to the finale that is Dawn of the Immortals.

TR: But before all of that we still have six Ruckus shows to go, including tonights!

BM: Kicking things off we’ll see SBYA back in action as they face off against Banshee and The Hellhound from The Bad Omens

TR: Then following that we’ll see a Lightning Storm in the ring as Brien Storm takes on Sean “Lightning” Hazard.

BM: Katie Hanley needs an opponent for her Rapid Fire Championship so Mr Cryptic thinks giving her rival, Serena Maxwell a shot at former Rapid Fire Champ Jessica Anderson is a nice way to settle that issue with a number one contenders match.

TR: Jessica WOOHOO! I can’t wait. You know what else I can’t wait for though?

BM: What’s that?

TR: The Ikiryo Seth Iser to smack Owen Gonsalves back in his place in the co-main event!

BM: Owen seems fired up for it tonight, you could be left very disappointed.

TR: Nah!

BM: And in our Main Event, this is something people have wanted to see for a while now….The number one contender to the IYH Championship, “The Blue Dragon” Estella Winters, will take on the golden ticket holder, Angelica Layne.

TR: Everyone thinks Angelica is going to put Stella in her place tonight but lemme tell ya, Stella is already in her place right at the top and even Angelica Layne wont change that.

BM: One of these days, Angelica is going to blacken your eye.

TR: The Bad Omens will protect me.

BM: Earlier tonight there was somewhat of an altercation backstage, lets have a look to see what happened….

user posted image

[The scene cuts to backstage where Akihiko Iwasaki & Etsuko Iwasaki are in quiet conversation with a much taller and quite blonde Japanese girl - who some might recognize as one of their elder sisters, Japanese Pop Idol Hiroku Iwasaki! Though being fair ninety percent of what’s being said is from their bubbly older sister, who is in mid sentence when the younger pair suddenly stiffen, stop and look at something or someone past the camera. They change their stance to a more battle-ready position that puts them in front of their sister and the camera slowly turns to reveal the presence of Banshee and Dante Locke. With menacing expressions on their faces, the two members of Bad Omens glare at the sisters and an intense staredown ensues. Banshee is the first to break the heavy silence.]

B: Move.

[Akihiko tips her head to the right, and Etsuko does the same in uncanny sync.]

AI: Go.

EI: Go other way, you Serow.

[Hiroku gives a placid sort of gaze towards both Banshee and her incredible appearance, and Dante as well, placid if a bit nervous.]

HI: Now we aren’t trying to be trouble…

[The girls turn just a bit to stare at their beloved sister before turning back to the Bad Omens. Aki takes one step forward.]

AI: Soon. Match.

EI: Match.

[Banshee stares at them before turning her attention to Hiroku, her eyes now suddenly curious and a little hungry at the same time. She tilts her head as if examining the stranger before here and takes a step closer, her right hand slowly reaching for her. The sisters ‘close ranks’ in front of her and Etsuko is making a definite growling sound as Akihiko looks up at Dante.]

AI: Get your Serow. Or…

EI: Bite.

AI: Bite.

[Dante scoffs and shakes his head at the growling and the words, ‘bite.’ He then glances over to Banshee and nudges her with a laugh.]

HH: Sounds like these two already know what’s to come later because the only one here with a killer bite is, The Hellhound.

[He leans forward and growls back. Banshee grins, the painted smile on her face looks creepily exaggerated here. She takes another step closer, this time towering over Akihiko in an intimidating fashion for the name-calling earlier.]

B: What did you call me?

[There’s a slight pause - not because Aki is worried but because of the language barrier. A thoughtful look comes over her as Etsuko glances over at her and then a bright, way too bright smile comes to Aki’s face.]

AI: What you are. Demon cow.

EI: Moo. Demon cow. Moo.

[The taunting smile immediately fades here as Banshee’s eyes widen in anger. She lunges forward, looking like she’s about to attack, but instead, she just snaps her jaw at Akihiko as if to bite at her face. Then she grins again, their noses almost touching at this point. A low guttural laugh escapes her painted black lips. The tension in the air grows, as the sisters don’t move, Hiroku looks around as if to see where security is, and Dante looms in closer with Banshee, violence in the air. Suddenly, the lights go out! There are gasps from the watching on monitors and so forth fans, then the lights snap back on - both Dante and Banshee have vanished! From somewhere else they hear one of those eerie, chilling Banshee screams, but she’s nowhere to be seen. Akihiko and Etsuko look at each other as Hiroku looks around far more nervously, whispering to ask if she’s gone before the cameras cut elsewhere.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
The Bad Omens (Banshee & Hellhound) vs SBYA


BM: Well on paper this is a massive mismatch isn’t it? While the SBYA girls are vicious, you certainly can’t say that The Bad Omens aren’t as well. Add to that the tension caused with that backstage confrontation and… Tats? Tats? What are you staring at?

TR: They brought, they brought one of their elder sisters, Hiroku Iwasaki. She’s um… a bit of an Idol over in Japan, singing, dancing, wrestling, the whole nine.

BM: Are you trying to tell me you’re starstruck Tats?

TR: What? NO. Shut up.

[This was never going to be a straight up competition with these four people involved, clearly. The referee looks worried even before the bell rings as it seems like no one actually wants to leave the ring, but finally the match begins with Dante Locke squaring up with Akihiko Iwasaki. While he’s not the biggest man in the Bad Omens group, he’s definitely the largest wrestler in this match as he towers over his partner The Banshee and of course the diminutive Iwasaki sisters are shorter than her by a little.

Akihiko stares at him as he almost playfully snaps his jaw at her, hearking back to the earlier confrontation and she tips her head down, looking up at him with a remarkably shark-like grin as she starts to circle him. Dante is big and strong, agile for his size but Akihiko is freakishly fast, and she moves circles around him, twisting up his balance and she darts in with a hard flat kick and then a couple of shoot kicks before he swats her away. He connects well and she rolls towards the ropes, he pursues as some of the fans get restless but he’s got this scouted and puts the brakes on near the corner of the SBYA team, but Aki and Etsuko slap hands and now both of them are grinning at him in that unsettling way.

Then they swarm over him. He grabs and flings, grabs and slams but they keep popping back up and attacking, and while he’s getting a bit frustrated Dante remarkably keeps his cool in the situation, something that not many have been able to do over the time that these two have wrestled in IYHWF. Banshee is pacing on the apron, though part of her attention keeps drifting to the crowd near the announcer’s table where Hiroku is sitting. The referee warns the sisters to clear this up and they keep hot tagging, Dante finally gets the upper hand and creates some distance with a Superkick to Etsuko that sends her rolling out of the ring, and then he rushes in with a Vestibule of Hell, the Running Knee Strike hitting Akihiko in the head and dropping her to the mat. For a second Dante seems to debate on picking her up and throwing her at her sister but tries for the pin, denied at two however by a foot on the ropes. He glares at Etsuko and pushes up off the mat and grabs Akihiko by the wrist, dragging her across the ring towards the Bad Omens corner.]

BM: That’s always so damn creepy when they do that! That’s ugh it makes my skin crawl.

TR: That’s really nothing compared to what I’m sure The Banshee has in mind, have you forgotten what she does to people?

BM: Who can forget that?? I’m convinced it does bad things to people any time she… you know.

TR: Like she’s trying to eat their soul? Yeah this is one thing we agree on. Why couldn’t we have had Stella out here she’s amazing and doesn’t look like she wants to eat guts and souls.

[Dante of course tags in The Banshee, Etsuko is beside herself on the apron and shouting in Japanese to her sister telling her to get away from “the Serow” and she looks as if she’s going to go in and help but the referee warns her off, especially after how the sisters did Dante like that. Dante hauls Akihiko up for a German Suplex but she wriggles around in his arms due her tiny size and she rears back and she bites him right in the face! There’s an intake of breath in the crowd as she clamps down, he howls and lets her go only to try and pry her jaws apart without ripping his face in the process. The announcers are horrified, and The Banshee provides a distraction then by clamping her own teeth on Akihiko’s arm through her sleeve! She breaks the skin despite the spandex and Akihiko lets Dante’s cheek go to scream in anger and pain!

She and The Banshee trade hard shots after this, blood is dripping all over the place from Akihiko’s arm, Dante’s cheek and boy is he PISSED about this, Akihiko gets a Hairpull Snapmare on Banshee but can’t keep her down for a pin. Banshee grabs her for a huge Wheelbarrow Spike DDT, but Etsuko breaks the pin with an elbow and taunts Dante, which is not a great idea in the mood he’s in. He reaches and hot tags in as Banshee gets up, she and Aki keep fighting and Banshee headbutts her, causing her to reel back but a Shoot Kick from Aki to Banshee’s face causes a cut in her eyebrow and Banshee licks the blood as it drips down her face.

Dante plants Etsuko with his Straight to Hell, the Underhook Front Facelock Drop putting her out and he sees that Banshee and Akhiko are fighting on the outside and he urges her to get Aki back in the ring so they can end this match! Finally Aki slides into the ring bleeding from a few more places as is Banshee, she hops up on the apron and tags herself in, Akihiko goes for a tag but Etsuko is out cold! Akihiko manages to sidestep Banshee’s Lariat attempt and then she attempts the Aki Ouchie to finish her off, multiple Shoot Kicks coming so rapidly that you’d almost never know how tired Akihiko is! She sees that Banshee is in a curled heap on her side, and moves to flip her over for a pin but NO! Banshee is playing possum and she catches Aki in the Hand of Fate, the Armtrap Crossface locked in fast and tight! Aki can’t reach the ropes and she taps out but the psycho Banshee doesn’t let go!]



[The referee waves for the bell again, telling Banshee if she doesn’t release Akihiko he’ll give the match to the SBYA team, and finally she relents!]

TH: And here are your winners via pinfall… Banshee & Hellhound... THE BAD OMENS!

BM: That’s so creepy. I can’t look!

TR: Well someone has to.

[The Daughter of Darkness by Peter Gundry plays as The Banshee leans over the downed form of Akihiko Iwasaki and draws in a deep breath, as if she’s trying to suck out her life force! Etsuko rushes in and kicks at her and pulls her sister out of the ring before Dante can stomp the both of them. The referee doesn’t even try to raise either hand in victory, too afraid of what might happen to him. Banshee and Dante don’t move from the ring, before Banshee nods at Dante, causing him to go get a microphone from ringside before the music fades out.]

HH: What you all just witnessed is just a small taste of what we are capable of. You all think what we did at Unearthed was dominant, you ain’t seen nothing yet. At Ground ‘n Pound The Blue Dragon is bringing home the In Your House Championship, and later tonight when The Ikiryo once again crushes Owen Gonsalves, both he and The Kraken will be in position to make sure that the Proving Grounds Championship comes home to The Bad Omens. That however leaves myself and Banshee with nothing to do, and we are not the kind of people to accept that. We are going to run this place and it doesn’t matter who likes it, so to that end we are calling out the tag champs, Team Fury.

[With that the fans cheer at the mention of the champs, that cheer amplifying once “Aftermath” by Sonic Syndicate plays through the arena. The champs burst through the curtain and make a beeline for the ring, Gordon leading the way with Kelly close behind. The champs get in the ring and stand face to face with The Bad Omens. Kelly requests a microphone and smiles in appreciation as one is delivered to her, before spinning around and practically glaring at Dante and Banshee.]

KF: You two again? Hasn’t your little group as a whole had enough of the embarrassment of losing to Gordo and I?

HH: I’d watch my mouth if I were you before someone permanently shuts it up for you.

GF: It sure as shit isn’t gonna be you, bitch boy. The last time the two of you fought the two of us Crazy Train over here had to use a chair to save you the embarrassment of losing clean.

HH: We improve, Fury. We adapt. Whereas the two of you are the same. We have you scouted.

GF: Fucking palease. If we fought again the only difference is one of you eating the pin instead of an easy way out.

HH: Why don’t you prove it? We don’t have a match for Ground ‘n Pound, you don’t have challengers…

KF: Psh, you’re on. Just don’t get dragged away kicking and screaming like your team mate when you lose.

[Banshee practically hisses at Kelly as she steps towards her, but Kelly doesn’t back down from her either. Banshee leans into Dantes microphone while keeping her eyes locked with Kellys.]

B: We’ll see you soon, my sweets.

user posted image

[The camera cuts to a tight shot of the IYH announce desk where Brian Morris and Jesse Richardson wait for their cue.]

BM: Before we go to our next match we have to update the IYH fans about an unfortunate incident between Southern Hostility and Hyphy Machinery which took place earlier this afternoon, before Ruckus started.

TR: You call it unfortunate. I call it retaliation for the stunt Hyphy Machinery pulled last week.

BM: I call it a cowardly attack which should not have taken place.

TR: You would see it like that!

BM: In any event, the incident was captured on parking lot security footage and that is what we are going to show, right now.

[The shot cuts to the footage from earlier today. A car can be seen pulling into the large covered parking lot were IYH wrestlers and employees park. As the vehicle comes more into focus, we see it a custom purple, 98' Pontiac Thunderbird sitting on twenty inch rims. As the slick ride comes to a stop we can see that Jason Moana is behind the wheel and his Hyphy Machinery tag partner, Dontell Porter is riding shotgun. Jason cuts the car's ignition off and both men begin to get out. Jason pops the trunk and Dontell makes his way to the back to grab their bags.]

Clay: Did you motherfuckers think we would forget?

[Southern Hostility's manager, Clayton Travis can be heard yelling from about 30 yards in front of the Firebird. Jason looks up to see where it is coming from and then out of nowhere, he gets blindsided with kick to the side of the head by Colton Travis. At the same time, Amanda Hayes attacks Dontell from behind, causing him to drop the bags.]

Clay: You bastards are gonna pay for your crimes, right now!

[Colton hits Jason with a series of muay thai knees and a sick combination of strikes. Amanda continues to work Dontell over behind the car. Hayes picks Porter up and places his head on the line where the trunk latches. She attempts to slam the trunk lid down on his neck. However, Dontell gets his hand up and blocks it at the last second. While holding it up, he uses his other elbow to strike Amanda in the midsection. This causes Hayes to break her grip on the trunk lid. Porter fires back with several punches of his own.]

DP: You fuckin' bitch!

[Amanda and Dontell continue to brawl behind the car. Meanwhile, Jason has managed to grab onto Colton and the two are struggling back and forth to gain an advantage on the other. IYH security and officials hear all the commotion and run over to try and break up the brawl between the two teams. They pull Amanda and Dontell apart while others try to separate Colton and Jason from one another. As they are temporarily separated the two teams fire verbal barbs back and forth.]

JM: Lemme go! If these backwoods bitches wanna go, let's go!

CT: Yeah, let the crackhead get some more knees!

AH: Get the hell off me! I'm gonna kill this ghetto piece of shit!

DP: Let that bitch go and I'll drop her dumb ass!

[Hayes breaks free and charges at Porter. They start to trade punches once again. Moana breaks lose and spears Colton to the ground. He starts to throw punches and elbows down on Travis. Colton blocks several of the strikes and uses his mma training to try and lock a kimura lock on the left arm of Jason. Before he can lock it in, security is able to pull the two apart once again. More security and officials rush over to try and put a stop to the madness. There are about ten men holding back each member of both teams.]

CT: You wanted a war. This is a war you motherfuckers ain't gonna win!

JM: We beat y'all before and we can do it again!

DP: Y'all Chattanooga cousinfuckers don't want none of this!

AH: We're gonna send you Oakland bitches back to your garbage ass city in a damn box.

[Finally, as even more security arrives on the scene, they are able to separate the two teams before more damage can be done. They continue to yell across the parking lot at each other as the shot fades out and is replaced by a return to the announce desk.]

BM: As you can see, things really broke down this afternoon.

TR: That was great! I wish they had let them keep going at it.

BM: What are you talking about? This feud between Southern Hostility and Hyphy Machinery has clearly started getting out of hand.

TR: Ahh, I don't think it was anything that serious. These two teams really don't like each other and it shows.

BM: Thank god that it doesn't matter if you think something is serious or not. Speaking of which, there is someone's opinion on the altercation that does matter. IYH owner, Chris Cryptic's opinion matters. I'm being told he is standing by to address the situation.

[The camera cuts to Chris Cryptic in his office, sitting at his desk as always.]

CC: Ladies and Gentleman, as you all have just seen, there was a very serious incident which took place this afternoon between the teams of Southern Hostility and Hyphy Machinery. This caused a dangerous environment for IYH officials, security, by-standards, as well as the wrestlers themselves. Add this latest incident to a series of others including Southern Hostility destroying Hyphy Machinery's car at Ruckus 62, an in ring altercation at Ruckus 63, Hyphy Machinery destroying Southern Hostility's truck at Ruckus 64, and it is clear action was needed. We can't just have IYH superstars running around destroying property and fighting all over the place.

[Cryptic pauses as he looks down at a sheet of paper before continuing to speak.]

CC: As a result of today's altercation and the events in prior weeks, I have fined both teams one week's pay and I sent both teams home prior to this week's Ruckus. While I know these two teams want to get their hands on each other, I can not stand by and let it happen whenever they see fit. Therefore, tonight I am announcing that Southern Hostility and Hyphy Machinery will meet in a Parking Lot Brawl Match at the Ground N' Pound Supershow on March 25th. This will allow for the proper precautions to be installed in order to ensure the safety of all involved. I have also added a “no touch” clause in the contract which means if any of the four participants touch the other prior to this match, they will be suspended indefinitely. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the show.

[The camera cuts back to ringside.]

user posted image

[The scene opens up with Stevie Trelain and Jessica Anderson stood side-by-side, Jessica already dressed to compete. Stevie holds a microphone in her hand, ready for the interview to begin.]

ST: Jessica, last week things didn't quite go as planned for you and Katie Hanley. But tonight, you face Serena Maxwell in a number one contenders match. How important is it to you to reclaim the Rapid Fire Championship?

[Jessica sighs. Losing the Rapid Fire Championship is still a sore subject to her, given how proud she was to hold it and all the work she put in to make it mean something.]

JA: Yes, last week was disappointing. But it's not the first time I've been pinned, and it certainly won't be the last. Setbacks happen, but if there's one thing I've proved during my time here, it's that your ability to bounce back is what defines you as a wrestler.

[Jessica smiles, taking a more positive outlook.]

JA: I've bounced back time and time again. After a hugely impressive winning streak, I've hit a bit of a sticky patch recently. I could cry about it, I could talk about how great the good times were while they lasted. But if I did, there'd be no more good times to come. In fact, by making sure that I bounce back again tonight, there will be even better times ahead!

[Jessica nods her head, agreeing with herself.]

JA: Tonight is my one chance. I am still the face of the Rapid Fire division, in my mind. Until Katie can defeat me one-on-one, it will remain that way. My task, on paper, is simple. Beat Serena Maxwell, and I have a date with Katie. But if we're being honest, when has anything involving Serena Maxwell been simple? She's special, that much I will not argue against. She's a special athlete who, behind all the absurdities and craziness, is a genuine threat to everyone on the roster. I don't know about you, but I'd say that's pretty darn special!

[Jess laughs somewhat, though not in a mocking manner.]

ST: So your goal in IYHWF is to continue to lead the Rapid Fire division forward and into season three?

JA: I love the Rapid Fire Championship, and I feel that competing in such high pressure situations has only improved me as a wrestler. But I'd be lying if I said that's my primary goal.

[Jessica looks at a poster on the wall, featuring Shawn Fox and the IYHWH Championship. She then looks down at her waist for a brief moment.]

JA: I'm constantly looking to better myself as a performer, but the way to do that is not to settle for what you once had. Instead, I've got my eyes on every prize. I love this company, and I honestly feel as though the fans have accepted me as one of their own. My way of repaying the faith that they have in me, is to perform to the absolute best of my ability. Whatever opportunities come my way as a result is out of my hands, it's just my duty to make sure that I take advantage of them. Tonight, I have to do exactly that.

[Jessica leaves the scene with a smile and a cheeky wink, leaving us to wait for her match in excitement.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Brien Storm vs Sean Hazard


[The match starts with Sean surging across the ring, planting both feet into Brien Storm’s chest with a shotgun dropkick that levels the Englishman. Sean’s eyes light up and he scrambles up to the top turnbuckle, taking a second to line himself up before leaping up with a shooting star press--but the moment he took was enough to allow Brien to catch his wind, who, seeing his opponent flying down at him, did the only thing he could, and got his knees up. Sean’s speed and height drove him straight down into Brien’s knees, and he practically ricocheted off the Englishman.]

BM: Brien with some quick thinking!

TR: It’s ok, I’m sure Kelly Fury will force him to eat pudding later to feel better.

[Brien got up to his feet and stomped a boot down on Sean’s chest, grinding the heel in as much as he possibly could. Every time he lifted his foot, Sean tried to move away, but Brien would just stomp down on him again, driving the air out of the Melbourne man. Eventually, Sean managed to get to the corner, and the referee tried to get Brien away from him, but Storm was perfectly happy to lay in boot after boot after boot, to the point that the referee has to start the 5 count to get Brien off of Sean--after four, obviously. Brien backs off just long enough that the official is satisfied, before moving right back in to pull Sean to his feet--and eats a punch to the midsection for his efforts. Sean starts to fight back as Brien tries pull him up again, first with punches to the midsection, then forearms once he’s back up to his feet. And for a second, he’s able to put Storm on the back foot, as an attempted lariat from Storm is ducked under and countered with a backflip kick. Sean scrambles into a pin while Storm’s dazed.]

BM: Sean has it! Briens undefeated streak is now over!




[Brien powers out just after the referee’s hand slaps the mat for a second time, and he actually looks annoyed that Hazard attempted a pin on him at all. He starts to get up to his feet as Sean runs the opposite rope, leaping for a cross body--that Storm catches, and drops Hazard across his knee with a backbreaker. Storm digs his hand under Sean’s chin, torquing his opponent’s body until his head’s practically on the mat, and the referee begins to check with Hazard if he wants to give up. The Melbourne man shakes his head (as best he can) and tries to squirm his way away from Storm--and, to his credit, manages to slip the hold he’s stuck in, but Storm immediately drops an elbow into his chest, again driving the air from Hazard’s lungs. With a smirk, Storm foregoes hooking the leg, and instead just lays across Hazard’s chest.]

TR: Hahaha look at the smug on his face!




[Maybe “surprised” is the wrong word, but Storm is certainly more in tune with the match at this point. He drags Hazard back to his feet, rocking him chops and forearms that leave Hazard up against the ropes again. One more forearm, right to the jaw, sends Hazard back into the corner, and Storm spins him around and lifts him up to the top rope, so his back’s facing the ring. Storm lifts Hazard up on his shoulders, for his I’ve Moved Your Chair (electric chair drop), pacing Hazard around the ring as if he was giving him time to realize the situation he’s in. What it does, however, is gives Sean a chance to catch his wind...and to throw his weight backwards, spiking Storm with a poisonrana! Rather than go for the cover, though, Sean moves to the top rope again, looking for The Ultimatum. His ribs are clearly bothering him, and his movement is significantly slower than before, but he positions himself in line with Brien and leaps off, twisting into the 630...and crashing and burning, as Brien rolls as far out of the way as he possibly can.]

BM: Nobody home! Both of these men are giving their all tonight.

TR: Even I wont deny that fact Bry.

[Storm pulls himself to his feet, then drags Sean up--and almost seems like he’s determined to punish the Melbourne man, as much as he possibly can; first, lifting him up for the Sheffield Slam (Alabama Slam), spiking Hazard down onto the mat--and no sooner is he done, than Storm pulls him right back up, and spikes him back down with the Unforecasted Storm (Michinoku Driver). This time, he does hook the leg as he rolls into a cover.]




TH: Here is your winner…BRIEN STORM!

BM: Sean Hazard put up a good fight tonight, but Brien Storm has been showing everyone in the company that he’s no easy pushover.

TR: I like him more and more every day.

BM: While he’s on an impressive streak here, everyone stumbles at some point. Hopefully his fall from grace doesn’t bruise his ego too much.

user posted image

[The empty locker room seems like a distant place. It always does. But it feels even more distant when there is just one person sitting in the locker room with a glare etched on his face. The Ikiryo, Seth Iser notices the camera man and shoots him a glance before gesturing for him to come closer before he finishes taping up his wrists. He’s in the last bits of getting his ring gear on. He’s sitting on a steel chair and he is leaning over.]

SI: Owen. Don’t talk. Just listen. Listen to everything I have to say because despite the hatred I hold for you for everything you’ve done to me. From the lies you’ve try to put forth to slander me and my name. For what you have done to my family...and for the sins you have committed time and time again not just against Bad Omens...not just against me...but against professional wrestling...know what I’m about to say doesn’t hold any emotion. It’s nothing but the cold hard truth of the matter.

[Iser just lets out a grunt as he leans back but maintains that cold, despondent glare etched on his face as he lets his words ring out.]

SI: Nearly three years ago Owen...we had our first match. And it was a match where I knocked you out. DDT after kept trying to get up. Little weaker after each blow until the last one you couldn’t get up from. Then your wife decided to strike me and I reacted. For the pain she felt...and the pain the twins felt at that moment when I reacted inappropriately...on that end I apologize for that. But for the pain you might have felt when that moment had...the heartbreak and helplessness YOU felt when you let her down? And let all the people that love you down? That I don’t apologize for.

[Iser’s declaration is cold to the bone and you can literally hear a rabid audience boo loudly toward this man but Iser doesn’t hear them obviously. He’s just staring at the camera coldly as he tosses the athletic tape. We get hold of footage from the now defunct VoW promotion dated April first in 2015 where Iser is shown DDTing Ashley in still motion before we return back to Iser glaring at the camera in a similar trance that he was when he delivered that move to Owen’s wife.]

SI: Ever since that moment though in one form or another Owen...let’s call a spade a’ve been obsessed with drawing my blood. And just a couple of weeks later when you broke into my house and scarred my daughter with a memory she’ll never forget...for a period of time I wanted nothing more than to rip your head off. And we’ve gone to war...on and off for three years. In my home...and in my country...and now in your country. Near your home.

[Iser pauses for a minute as that sneer is etched on his face. There is also a flashback of that moment where Owen barged into Iser’s home and engaged in a brawl that ended up with the cops being called. Iser’s face softens ever so slightly.]

SI: By the way congratulations on the birth of Noah...naming his middle name on behalf of your tag partner to boot. But your third kid will never experience the whole you...not after the war you and I went through. Even when you were there cradling your son...congratulating your wife...I know you felt empty. Empty in that I’ve slowly taken away from you bit by bit...and your third kid will never know the feeling of what it’s like to have his Dad at full capacity. Your twins will never see Daddy move the same way and think the same way he used to. And Ashley knows that not just the industry...but the war you and I have had...has changed you for the worse because I keep invading your psyche.

[Iser’s face coils back up into that familiar death glare that The Ikiryo can conjure up and that glare spells doom for so many wrestlers. The shine of the knee brace on that left knee...and the menacing eyes that make the camera man take the slightest step back.]

SI: And that feeling that’s deep inside of you. The feeling...that both drives you and makes you feel so empty...that feeling that I’ve created so you never’s not just robbed you in some personal aspects. Even when you were on top in Japan, the place I broke in, with Ace defending tag straps in that country...that feeling creeped over you. And it started to rock your confidence...knowing what’ll eventually happen. You knew that fall was coming, boy. And while you’re as talented as anybody that’s laced up a pair of boots...and that guided you a little ways finally succumbed to that wound I helped inflict on you three years ago and lost that glory. And on that night...when you were thinking about those failures...reminded most of all of me...I took another piece of you that day. And that piece I took helped prevent you from recapturing those belts.

[Iser soon pauses ever so slightly to let those words hit home. The glare still etched on his face.]

SI: Let’s backtrack a minute when you had a Last Man Standing match against Ricky Valero in the country of Mexico. Just as much as you were thinking about going after him were also thinking about me mentally deep down in your soul. And when you couldn’t get up in time...that day I took another piece of you. Hell...even when Diamond Jack Sabbath took the IYH championship away from you...just knowing I was in the company was enough to just make you think about that enough...and that night I took another piece away from you. And when you failed to beat me for the Proving Grounds title and couldn’t take it in either chance you had...two more pieces I’ve collected from you.

[Iser still doesn’t have a smile etched on his face as he recounts all of this. His face is just stone cold.]

SI: And here we are...meeting one more time where you are trying to take back every single thing I’ve chipped away from you slowly and surely ever since you crossed me three years ago and disrespected the industry. You’ve even tweeted a declaration toward Moretti and in front of the entire world that you think tonight is finally the night for your redemption from me chipping away at you these last three years. It’s much as you want that to won’t. I’ve instructed Allison, my daughter, to not watch tonight’s match when it comes out. I sincerely hope that Ashley, Toby, Shae, and Noah aren’t watching this either...because as it often does for those who never learn from it...history forever repeats. It’s something that The Ikiryo always sees...and I continue to get my revenge on you for what you’ve done...all in my quest to become the first ever three time Proving Grounds champion.

[Iser soon pauses again as he finally stands up and you see his full six foot five frame and how menacing he truly is with that glare still etched on his face.]

SI: You've called yourself Indestructible for years...but the last three years I've chipped away at you. You're not destroyed yet...but it's coming with every pound of flesh I claim and every mental wound I've inflected these last three years. I vowed revenge for you breaking into my house...and with how I've chipped away at you every time I've won...seeing how obsessed you've become with beating me at every turn knowing I'll chip away more and more...I'm slowly succeeding my goal. And tonight is just the next step in destroying the man everyone once thought...indestructible one chip at a time.

[With that ominous warning Iser then walks off and out of the locker room while his bone chilling words are just left out in the open to digest.]

user posted image

[We move backstage, to the Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley, joined as always by Stevie Trelain. Unlike her usual appearances, Katie’s in “civilian clothes” for the evening, black jeans and a House Stark t-shirt, although she does hold the Rapid Fire Championship on her shoulder. Stevie straightens up for a second as she gets ready for the interview, as Katie adjusts the fit of her title.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley, who has to have a keen interest in the events tonight--not only do we see an official number one contender named for the Rapid Fire Championship at Ground and Pound, but all three competitors trying to insert themselves into that title picture are in action; Katie, first of all, a bit of a downer, I know, but last week didn’t exactly go off the way you might’ve hoped...

[Katie puffs her cheeks out for a second, exhaling a long sigh; she can’t help but laugh a little bit, though, just barely shaking her head.]

KH: Not exactly, no, and it’s one of those matches that’s a bit troubling for me, because, if I’m honest, I thought we were the better team for the majority of that match.’s professional wrestling, yanno, anything can happen, and Brien Storm got the better of us at the end of the night.

ST: Speaking of that, a lot of people have been speculating on a rift in the friendship between yourself and Jessic--

[Katie waves the rumours away, shaking her head significantly more rapidly than before.]

KH: I said it on Twitter, I’ll say it on camera--anyone that’s trying to say I blame Jessica Anderson for costing me momentum or whatever? Let me put that to bed right now. As I said, anything can happen in wrestling. For all but three seconds of that match, I thought she was brilliant, but...that’s competition, isn’t it? Nobody goes undefeated their entire career, it’s a matter of how you get back up from a loss.

KH: If I’m honest, I blame myself long before I’d blame Jessica. I had no excuse, in the world, not to be ready to help her if she needed it, but when she needed it, I wasn’t able to get there in time to help her. I’m not happy about it, obviously nobody likes to lose, but dwelling on it doesn’t change anything--just have to look forward, to do better the next time.

ST: Speaking of the next time, as I said, all three of the competitors trying to get a shot at your title are in action tonight--Serena Maxwell and Jessica Anderson face off to determine a number one contender, while Brien Storm is notably left out, instead facing Sean Hazard. Considering he was the one that actually got the pinfall last week, are you surprised to see him left out?

[Katie lulls her tongue around her mouth a little bit, briefly licking at her bottom lip as she muses over the idea.]

KH: I’ve said, in no uncertain terms before, that Jessica Anderson should be front of the line; for me, she deserves a rematch, as the last champion--which would leave Serena and Brien to face each other for the next shot. That’s the way that makes sense, to me...but that’s not what’s going on, so...maybe, in a way, I’m surprised? He did manage to beat both me and Jessica last week, I’d think that would put him in line...but then you consider the match back at Unearthed, and the various things that haven’t quite been sorted between myself, Jessica, and Serena, and maybe not in that case?

KH: It’s a tough call, honestly, but I might feel a little aggrieved if I were Brien Storm right now, yeah. He’s been nothing but impressive since coming here, and he hasn't exactly been subtle about naming the Rapid Fire Championship as the one he wants, yeah, I expect to see him challenging for the title sooner, rather than later.

ST: Obviously, no love lost between yourself and Serena Maxwell, who seemed to have her eyes set solely on you last week--are you hoping to see her at Ground and Pound to try to settle things, once and for all, or...?

[Katie’s nose screws up a little bit as she clicks her tongue a couple times. It actually takes her a second or two to actually speak up again, although she does make a couple “hmm” noises in the meantime.]

KH: I’m not gonna stand here and make predictions or anything like that, Stevie--whoever wins that match, rest assured, I’ll be prepared for them.

KH: If it’s Serena...yeah, it’s a chance to put that issue to bed once and for all, and prove that it wasn’t some cruel twist of fate or whatever she wants to believe caused her to fail at Unearthed--if she comes up against me at Ground and Pound, I’ll be just as ready to fight her then as I was at Unearthed.

KH: If it’s Jessica, then it’s a match that embodies what this division is about--ten minutes of exciting, fast-paced wrestling, between people who understand competition. It may not be the kind of fight that Serena and I would have, but if you're looking for an actual wrestling match, I think this would be a much better match.

[Katie adjusts her title again, gripping it a little tighter at this point.]

KH: Either way...I don’t have any intention of being a one-off champion, Stevie. It could be Jessica, it could be Serena, here’s the honest truth: I was ready to do what I had to do back at Unearthed to win this title--and I’ll be ready to do what I have to do at Ground and Pound to keep it, whichever one shows up.

[Stevie nods her head a little bit as Katie relaxes her grip on her title--not completely releasing it, but at least her hand’s not quite so tense around it either.]

ST: Katie, thank you for the time--sit back, get comfortable, you’re about to find out who’s coming for you next week.

[Katie does her best confident smile, flashing her usual peace sign with her tongue stuck out a little as we cut back to ringside.]
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Rapid Fire Number One Contender
Rapid Fire Rules Match
Jessica Anderson vs Serena Maxwell


[Both of these women clearly want this win badly as right out of the gate they’re on the attack! Jessica as a former Rapid Fire Champion knows more than anyone that time is of the essence here and immediately tries to put Serena out with her version of a Desecrator, the Veneno! She only gains a two count and boy Serena is not happy with this, she fires off Repeated Forearm Smashes and then slings Jessica right at the corner where she slumps and Serena hits her with a Corner Cannonball Senton! She scrambles into a cover but there’s only another two count as Jessica rolls the shoulder up!

Jessica regains a modicum of control in the match by managing to take Serena down with a Standing Shiranui that she manages another two out of but Serena breaks free! This time it’s Serena sent to the corner with a hard Irish Whip, and Jessica quickly follows with her Ass Kisser Hip Attack! Stunned, Serena falls out of the corner and crawls towards the center of the ring.]

BM: Jessica really needs to button up this match, the clock is ticking!

[Serena wrests control back away from Jessica, planting Anderson with a Bridging Dragon Suplex, she holds on for a pin but Jessica breaks free! She drops the rising Maxwell with a Spinning Heel Kick and follows up with a Standing Senton, a cover still only nets two and Jessica cries out to the referee asking for the time! She pales and yanks Serena to her feet and whips her around for a Backstabber! BANG! She moves to cover and she looks up as she does so, her brows suddenly rise as she sees none other than Brien Storm casually come strolling down the ramp toward the ringside area! Serena throws up a shoulder at two but seems out of it as Anderson gets to her feet, giving Brien a strange look as he just sort of finds a spot to lean against the barricade and watch the match!]

BM: Oh no don’t… don’t let him distract you Jessica!

TR: What the heck is he even down here for, doesn’t he realize that Serena is dangerous?

[That momentary distraction is enough to leave Jessica open for Serena to go rushing past her and come back with a Single Leg Running Dropkick, and with Jessica down she scrambles up to the top rope and comes off with her Moonsault, The Rising Tide! She quickly hooks both legs and holds on tight!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall at ten minutes and fifty two seconds… SERENA MAXWELL!

BM: Poor Jessica, you know how badly she wanted this...

TR: I still wonder what it is that Brien Storm thinks he’s doing down here.

[Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon plays as Serena gets to her feet, a grin coming to her face as she realizes that she is the new Number One Contender! Jessica sits up and glares at Brien who just shrugs and smiles ringside as Serena celebrates!]

user posted image

[Pearly white teeth. That is the first image we see as we return backstage, zooming out we find that those nice set of teeth belong to none other than IYH's newest backstage interviewer, Kevin Rose. He's seated in a chair, dressed rather well. A backstage hand is powdering his face before they quickly scamper off. In possibly the most cheesy manner possible, Rose turns to the camera with that shit eating grin.]

KR: It's not very often someone comes into a company and shakes the very foundations, changes the landscape completely. It's an honour to have been asked to improve the announcing team here in IYHWF, and I can't disappoint. So tonight, among my other obligations, I went out and got a huge sit-down extended interview with a man who...has had quite the rollercoaster of a ride here in IYH.

[The cameras change and Rose's head follows suit, almost comedically.]

KR: He was the 6th ever IYH Champion, beating the then IYH Champion, current Proving Grounds Champion, Angelica Layne and the would-be IYH Champion, Diamond Jack Sabbath at IYH's grandest stage, Dawn of The Immortals. He would hold that championship up until September where he would lose it to Diamond Jack Sabbath at The Fall. Since then, it's been a fall from grace, pun totally intended, for the self-proclaimed Indestructible, Owen Gonsalves. He would find some success alongside former Rapid Fire Champion, Craig Anderson, as part of The Vision but their sight wouldn't last as long as they expected as it wouldn't even lead them to an IYH Tag Team Championship opportunity.

[There's a monent for breath and...probably drama as Rose continues what appears to be a retrospective on Owen's recent luck in IYH.]

KR: The man who was once on top of this company, carrying the weight on his shoulders, is now riding the coattails of our very own biscuit connosieur. He's barely spoken since his shortcomings and when he does wrestle he falls short...but tonight, he attempts to change all of that. In the main event, he faces the Ikiryo, Seth Iser, a man who Gonsalves has yet to defeat despite their numerous encounters. A win for Gonsalves would add him to the Proving Grounds Championship Four Way, joining the likes of Minka Carter, Michael Diablo and Marcus Blackbeard. A loss could only add to Gonsalves' woes...but with that being said, in a rare moment, I've done what I do best and got for you the fans...Owen Gonsalves himself.

[And on cue, Gonsalves enters and takes a seat in the chair opposite from Rose with a half smirk on his face.]

OG: That was...uh, that was quite the introduction. Maybe a bit soap opera-esque...and certainly some uh, interesting takes on my time thus far but, I appreciate your thoughts nonetheless.

KR: Thanks for taking the time out in your busy schedule, Owen. Congratulations on the new member of your family as well.

[Gonsalves' smirk rises into a beaming grin at the thought of his son, Noah.]

OG: Thank you, thank you. It was certainly eventful that's for sure, and it was also the wake up call I needed, it was the moment where I realised that it's high time I got back to doing what I do best, it's high time I got back to being me.

KR: So let's get right into it then, do you think that you've neglected IYHWF? The fans, the competitors, the staff? I mean we all know that the grass is greener in your eyes elsewhere, and you've certainly found success in America and Japan.

[There's a light scoff as Gonsalves is taken back by the question but with a quick rattle of his head he fires back and answer.]

OG: The fans deserve better, they've deserved better than what I've given them and if it comes off as neglecting the company that helped light a fire under me, if it comes off as neglecting the place that brought me back to my grass roots...then I'm sincerely sorry.

[Gonsalves lets out a heavy sigh, almost understanding the thought behind the question now.]

OG: This promotion means the world to me, I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's one of the best places to wrestle on this planet. I've done my damndest to bring as many international eyes on this place and I like to think that a bit of my work led to huge names coming down here and giving these fans the action they do deserve. IYH will always have a special place in my heart, and no matter which way you look at it, will forever be a pivotal part in the career of Owen Gonsalves, but just know that my time here isn't over. In fact...things are just getting started.

KR: Okay, okay. I wanna talk about your recent defeats, you've suffered an embarrassing defeat to Artemis Kaiser, you've lost your KAMIKAZE PRO Tag Team League Championships recently, you were eliminated in the first round of the FIGHTING SPIRIT Junior Heavyweight Tournament in New Japan Fighting Championship, and you lost to the Reapers In Pride recently in FGA as well. With those defeats in mind, do you think you have what it takes right now to beat Seth Iser later tonight?

A beat.

OG: I don't have any other options, Kevin. I don't have anything else left to do but to win...You see, I treat every match I wrestle as the most important match of my career but we've now reached a point where even that isn't good enough. We've reached a point now where I have to be the best, period. No arguments. There is nothing left for me, I can't lose anything else, I've lost my pride, I've lost my championships, my status, and every time I go out there and fall short, I can feel a bit more of the reputation I built up diminishing too...but I don't have anything else to do. I'm too stubborn to call it quits, I have to show my kids that giving up isn't the answer. So tonight, I'll go out there as a man with nothing left to lose...and I'll beat the ever living shit out of Seth Iser, and maybe tonight, maybe tonight will be the night where I get that all important W.

KR: What if it isn't? What if this is just another loss for Owen Gonsalves? Another weave in the downward spiral of the man who was once Indestructible?

[There's a heavy pause as Gonsalves is stumped for an answer. What would happen if he falls short? What would happen if he doesn't make it past Iser...AGAIN? These are things Gonsalves would've known once upon a time but the circumstances have made things different. He just blankly stares down at his feet before slowly shaking his head.]

OG: ...You know, I...I'm not sure...I guess we'll just have to make sure I do everything in my power to win tonight. Excuse me...

[Gonsalves exhales slowly before slowly rising from his seat.]

KR: Do you have anything left in the tank, Owen? What else could you possibly try that hasn't failed you before?

[Owen doesn't reply, he doesn't have anymore answers. He peels off the microphone and places it on his chair as Rose realises he's slowly losing his big interview.]

KR: Owen, do you truly believe that you have what it takes to win the IYH Championship again? Any thoughts on that? What about Angelica Layne? Are Stella Winters words getting to you? What does Craig Anderson think about your recent form slump?

[Gonsalves continues to remain calm and silent, he stares down Kevin for a moment before running a hand through his hair and turning his back to Rose.]

KR: What does Ace Watson think? Is SHOOTCAMP going to suffer from this? Owen, what would your kids say-

[Almost instantly Gonsalves spins back around and is inches away from Rose, so close that Kevin can feel the intensity in the former IYH Champion.]

OG: I suggest...if you enjoy the prospect of a long and succesful career, you never mention my family again. Are...we...clear?

[Between every break in his words, Gonsalves seethes and takes short breaths, almost trying to control himself. Almost as if every person that he's allowed to speak ill about his family, Seth Iser, Artemis Kaiser, Stella Winters...almost as if all of them were sitting where Kevin Rose is. Rose has realised that he's gone a little too far and swiftly throws his hands up, not making any eye contact with Gonsalves.]

KR: S-s-sorry...

[He closes his eyes and breathes carefully, trying to avoid angering Gonsalves even more. Owen slowly stnads upright, this time running both his hands through his hair. He turns around, scratching the shadow of facial hair on his face, and walks out of the frame. Perhaps to go and prepare for yet another encounter with the man he seemingly can't beat.]

user posted image

[There’s a camera cut to Stevie Trelain speed walking up to Brien Storm with a cigarette dangling out his mouth of course still wearing his ring gear shortly after what has transpired.]

ST: Brien! Brien! I have a few questions about what happened out there.

[Brien stops and turns around, giving Stevie a glance. His tone and demeanor are calm and assertive despite his obvious frustrations.]

BS: Do I really need to explain my actions? It’s obvious. I pinned Jessica Anderson last week, the former champion. And there was no fluke about it. I tagged myself in and took over, because that’s what I do. That’s what I’ve been doing since I got here. Yet despite being impressive and pinning the former champion and me carrying my less impressive tag team partner last week, they are the ones rewarded. What do I get for my efforts? I get Joe Schmo. Does that make sense Stevie?

ST: Well I’m sure th…

BS: No. No, Stevie. There is no “Well I’m sure.” The bottom line is that I should’ve been in the match not Jessica Anderson. There should be no scenario of this where anyone thought that this was for the best. You want ratings and you want good wrestling. I am ratings and I’m one of the best damn wrestlers to do it. But fine if that’s the game that wants to be played, I’ll play it. I won tonight in dominant fashion again and I made the former champion look like shit again. If you really want me to earn that title shot which everyone knows I’ve already earned, I’ll fucking do it. I have a promise to keep and it will be kept. I will not and cannot be silenced and stopped. So at Ground ‘n Pound, I’m going to continue what I’ve been doing the past few weeks. I’m going to have a good match and I’m going to win. And to whoever wins between Maxwell and Hanley, After I win at Ground ‘n Pound, I’m still getting that belt and there’s literally nothing that will stop me from doing that. No entity will prevent from achieving my goal. I’m Brien Fucking Storm. I say and I do, this’ll just be another one of the many many examples of that stone cold fact.

[Brien stares daggers into Stevie after giving his venomous rant.]

ST: What’s going to be your play at Ground ‘n Pound?

[Brien softly chuckles a little bit]

BS: You can jump to conclusions Stevie, but let me spell it out for you. Instead of the Rapid Fire Championship being defended in a match involving me, I’ll probably be stuck trying to get match of the night out of Jessica Anderson, and let me reiterate that I’ve already pinned her, no bullshit required. That’s my play at Ground ‘n Pound.

[Before Stevie can say anything else, Brien walks away to his locker room. Leaving Stevie to sign off and the show to continue.]

user posted image

Singles Match
The Ikiryo vs Owen Gonsalves

[Before the bell even rings after Owen makes his entrance and Iser starts to make his...Iser ends up forgoing his entrance and stands at the ramp...glaring at Owen as the two make eye contact. Iser slowly takes off his jacket before giving a vulgar middle finger gesture toward Owen and soon Owen ends up exiting the ring and the two begin brawling on the rampway before the match can officially begin! The two are trading fists and Iser does overpower him briefly before Owen ducks a vicious looking right and starts chopping the bigger man and it’s sending them toward the ring.]

TR: Owen couldn’t wait! The impatient little wank.

BM: Neither could Iser for that matter! We got something beyond a rugby scrum at the Showgrounds!

[Owen ends up chopping Iser once again as the fans woo before setting him up for an irish whip but Iser ends up countering the irish whip but Owen leaps over the steps and as soon as Iser pursues, Owen’s quick change of direction and invention allows him to then jump onto the steps and then off with a Sky Uppercut variation to send Iser to the ground and this crowd on their feet!]

BM: This is an absolute fight.

TR: But the bell hasn’t even rang yet!

[Owen lets out a roar as he drags Iser up and chucks him into the ring before getting up on the apron. The staggered Iser from the previous blow starts to get up but soon Owen springs into the ring and comes off the top looking clothesline but Iser ends up catching him and just flings him in a vicious looking urinagi that folds him up! The ref has to go over and check on Owen after that particularly nasty landing as Iser is shaking off the cobwebs as best he can from that uppercut. We hear Owen bark toward the ref from the ground that he’s good to go and the ref just lets out a nod before going to the time keeper.]


BM: Finally the match begins.

TR: I thought they’d never get into the ring.

BM: WIth how much those two hate each other and the desire that Owen has to try to finally beat this man they could go all night.

TR: We still have a main event to follow them!

[Owen starts to stagger up and as soon as he does he’s met with that Wrestling II knee lift from Seth Iser. Iser is still a little wobbly from the uppercut and Owen is just climbing to his feet as fast as he can so Iser just tees off a vicious right hand that floors him and he ends up having to shake his right hand with how hard he threw that punch. As soon as Owen recoils to sit up Iser tries to boot him but Owen ends up drop toe holding Iser anticipating the move and he’s trying to twist him up going for his hand but before he can try to break The Ikiryo’s fingers he has scrambled to the bottom rope. Soon as the break happens even if Iser is boiling in hatred he’s not rushing in after Owen and Owen gestures for Iser to hit him as hard as he can.]

BM: Owen’s inventiveness is his greatest weapon against the traditional Iser. While that can be a weakness in other situations...I think it’s his greatest strength against someone like Seth who is much more meticulous and calculating.

TR: But it’s in the schools of tradition that Iser keeps an advantage over Owen.

[Owen ends up dodging one of Iser’s bigger left handed strikes and it looks like he’s trying to take him down with a school boy and as soon as Iser kicks out Owen’s trying to go for an armbar but Iser ends up rolling out of the way. Owen tries not to give Iser a chance to breathe to try to tangle him up in another submission but Iser has found himself near the ropes. The ref gets in between them to try to warrant a break and as soon as he’s out of position to see it... Iser uses the free hand to thumb Owen right in the eye and that tactic infuriates the audience and they boo Iser vociferously.]

BM: I think Iser’s trying to slow this match down and blinding a man is a great way to do it.

TR: Owen’s desperation put this pace at a blur.

[Iser soon starts hammering away at Owen with that right handed punch of his. One particular strike is so hard he even has to shake his own hand. The right hands are slow, methodical, and timed and start taking their toll on Owen as he’s getting up a little slower just to eat another right handed punch. Owen’s crawling to his feet but Iser does end up with a hold of his wrist before giving it a twist and pulling it to deliver a short arm clothesline. Finally we have the first cover of the match but Owen emphatically kicks out after one. This just warrants a kick to the spine from the methodical Iser as the crowd is chanting for Owen.]

BM: Listen to this audience!

TR: I’d rather not.

[Owen is reaching out through the ropes looking for support from the audience after that boot and this is willing the audience even louder as his desperation speaks to them. Iser finally sees that and after the fans get so much hopeful...he kicks the bottom rope to bounce Owen off of that so he can stop willing himself in that manner to get more boos from the crowd. Owen however despite the coughing desperately throws a couple of punches to the midsection of Iser and this rocks him enough from the surprise and this gives Owen an opening and he throws more rights to rock the bigger guy before he runs toward the ropes and try a dash attack of some sort but Iser steps in to intercept and picks Owen up and gives him that backbreaker of his!]

TR: Backbreaker backbreaker...break him a back.

BM: Good God he damn near did, Tats...that’s the hell of it.

[Iser ends up going for a swift cover on Owen but again it doesn’t even get him a two count as the fans roar at the fighting spirit Gonsalves is showing. Iser drives his knee to the spine of Owen as a response and he lets out a pained grunt twirling toward the ropes and once again reaching through the ropes with his hand...almost touching hands with an audience member as he’s trying to will himself. The fans are clapping...again trying to galvanize Owen into coming back as Iser yanks Owen to his feet and he’s got him up for a vertical suplex...trying to put a delay on it to let some of the blood rush to Owen’s head...but Owen is twisting...and twirling before he swoops down and turns it into a neckbreaker counter and both men are down and the audience roars in approval!]

BM: What a counter by Owen! His smoothness in terms of how to counter a move in any situation never ceases to impress me.

TR: How do you scout this man!?

BM: I don’t think you can fully.

[Iser and Owen take several seconds of the ten count to recuperate but Iser ends up stirring first and pulling himself up by the ropes and Owen follows. Iser goes for a right but Owen blocks and drills Iser with a european uppercut and rocks the bigger man yet again. Iser goes wild with a clothesline but Owen ducks and both men are running and when both meet in the center Owen goes with a spinning wheel kick to go up high and take the bigger man down. Iser ends up trying to scramble up to meet Owen but he’s floored down with Owen going downstairs this time with a drop toe hold and he soon he both of Iser’s arms with his legs in a rarely seen Wrist Clutch Lever Pull before turning it into a pinning predicament! Iser however kicks out almost at two.]

BM: Owen’s desperate to try to beat Iser in any sort of manner. Even using a potential submission chance to turn it into a quick pin if he must.

TR: That could very well be a rare mistake.

BM: Or it could’ve been a good chance to catch Iser by surprise. Almost did.

[Owen soon has hold of Iser’s wrist though after the kick out. And at this point we know what he might be going for...the Darkest Lariat. Iser starts to pull himself up as he realizes this fact and he’s on his knees and Owen is pulling at that left arm and Iser lets out a grunt knowing it’s accomplishing multiple goals here. Iser soon gets to his feet but as soon as Owen goes for that clothesline...Iser has reacted in the brawling element and headbutts Owen and down he goes from that vicious ploy and even that move has Iser staggered a touch...but Owen despite that violent headbutt will not let go of Iser’s wrist and the fans are roaring in approval.]

BM: This match means so much for Owen.

TR: But it won’t mean anything if Iser rips his damn head off!

[Owen ends up pulling on that wrist and Iser’s pulled toward him slightly grunting. Iser ends up using his strength and reach to pull Owen up to try to set up for another move but that motion gives Owen the speed he needs and he’s too fast for Iser and Owen finally takes Iser off his feet with a wicked Darkest Lariat! Owen scrambles over to the cover and the audience is counting along but Iser kicks out at two and the fans are stunned.]

TR: Oh my god...oh my god...I thought that might’ve been it and I would’ve lost a ton of money betting.

BM: Who are you...a bad baseball player from the states who got kicked out for gambling?

TR: Hopefully I won’t be given Black Magic for my trouble...

[Owen sees the sprawled out Iser and does get an idea to try to get Iser up for his Final Gambit but Iser is dead weighting Owen...making it hard for him to pick Seth up. It’s at this point that Owen gives up on that idea rather than trying to struggle himself into a problem and it looks like he just leaps on the back of the kneeled Iser and he’s pulling on that left arm. He’s going for his Southern Cross but Iser will not let Owen grab that right arm. After some struggle and waving, Iser soon pops up in a feat of strength and lets out a grunt as he now has Owen over his shoulders! There is a small stumble as Iser is trying to get his balance from the punishment he’s received but finally he hits a move that’s more out of The Kraken’s playbook with the Death Valley Driver! He swoops over for a cover but Owen kicks out at two and Iser sneers down in disgust while also showing the ref three fingers. Now he’s getting a little agitated.]

BM: Woah! This time it’s Iser with the counter and with The Kraken in the same’s easy to forget sometimes that Iser is a bigger guy in this promotion.

TR: Iser might be going to that next gear.

BM: And that’s where it’s scary.

[Iser isn’t hesitating at all as he’s dragging Owen to his feet swiftly and pulling him in before delivering that Pillar of Truth slam and he hooks the leg and he doesn’t want any doubt. Owen kicks out at two. At this point Iser’s frustrated and he hooks the leg again and Owen again kicks out at two. He does it a third time and it’s the same result. At this point Iser just grabs Owen and places him on the top turnbuckle before launching a quick right to make sure he’s still wobbly. He soon starts to balance himself on the middle rope and it looks like he’s going superplex. It’s at this point that Owen is throwing rapid fire elbows to the top of Iser’s head to try to get him to stumble or lose balance. And after the fifth one he’s wobbly enough that Owen slides under Iser and delivers a swift kick to the back of Iser’s bad left knee and he is seated on the middle rope in pain! Finally Owen has Iser hooked what looks like a hanging reverse DDT but as he falls into that he transitions smoothly and perfectly into a dragon sleeper with a leg scissors and Iser’s arms are flailing as he’s in deep trouble now! The fans are loving every second of this!]

BM: Oh my God I’ve never seen that in my life.


[Iser is soon starting to show signs of fading and being choked out in this predicament! He’s looking around and trying to find a counter but the fans are just chanting for him to tap like he did against Angelica Layne! Iser’s not allowing himself that indignity again as he lets out a yell and Owen is SCREAMING in Iser’s ear to tap as he synches it in as best he can! Iser has his left arm in the air...and you start to see it dangle down...and down...before finally his left pinkie finger is touching the bottom rope and Owen has to break the hold!]

BM: Iser’s god given height just saved his ass.

TR: I’m sweating bullets here...

[Owen breaks the hold but Iser is barely moving and his finger is still dangling on the rope as the fans exhale from that almost all at once...but soon they start chanting ‘Break his finger’ and this gets Owen’s attention as he sees that finger. Owen soon seems to sense the idea as he kicks the bottom rope to get the finger off of there and stomps on that finger to make sure Iser can feel it and you hear Iser let out a grunt in pain before Owen gets down there for his finger manipulation...and fans are cheering in approval. Iser is trying to flail out of it but soon you hear…


...and a HUGE wave of cheers from the audience.]


TR: What a disgusting sound! He’s going back Ultraviolent! There’s no place for that in IYH!

[Iser is flailing about holding that left digit in pain and he’s letting out a yell but his face is even more angry then it’s been in at any point in the match. He gets to his knees It’s at this point that Owen is trying to ground Iser down targeting the arm and specifically the finger and hand that he attacked just moments ago but Iser is not going back down to the canvas completely. In fact the larger man is back to his feet...almost fueling off that recent amount of pain and anger and he uses his strength advantage to push Owen off and as soon as he rebounds of the ropes Iser just decapitates Owen with a discus clothesline that makes Owen flip on impact!]

TR: That was REAL flippy shit! HAHAHAHA!

[Iser soon goes for the cover but Owen again kicks out at two but instead of spending time complaining about it to the ref as he had before he just delivers an elbow strike to the small of the back before dragging Owen back up to his feet and he’s going DDT. But before he even drops him he’s throwing knee strikes to the skull of Owen to send a message...a violent message! Three...four...five knee strikes before Iser lets out a primal scream to the chorus of boos before Owen spins out of the DDT and chop blocks Iser on the bad left wheel and Iser just drops to the ground clutching at his long time ailing knee!]

BR: Owen just continues to be resourceful!

TR: That’s not fair!

BR: That knee brace is often a bullseye for other wrestlers and unfortunately it’s bit Iser yet again!

[Owen just collapses down for a minute from the repeated knee strikes from earlier but Iser is grunting at his left knee unable to really gain an advantage either. It’s Owen who makes the first move as Iser is trying to get back to his feet by delivering one more strike to the braced knee of Iser to drop him back down to one knee...but here he is trying to go for the Final Gambit...but as soon as Iser feels Owen trying to make contact with that right arm to set up the underhook, he spins and has Owen swooped up in position for a DDT! But the work on the knee prevents him from snapping on hit as fast as he likes so Owen is able to bullrush into the turnbuckle and Iser is driven there! But Iser’s still hanging on and the two soon end up taking a step away from it as Iser lets out a roar to try to get in position to deliver the move but soon Owen leaps up with a surprise counter and he has Iser in the Equivilent Exchange(Kimora lock with leg scissors!) and Iser is screaming in pain while once again Owen is shrieking at Iser to tap!]

BR: EQUIVILENT EXCHANGE! I think Owen’s obsessed with getting Iser to tap out in particular!


BR: The Submission Alchemist might have finally pulled the right concoction to defeat Seth Iser for the first time in his career!

[Iser is letting out a roar in pain as he’s trying to use the strength to bullrush Owen into the corner but he can’t even make a step as his left knee buckles and he drops down to his knees and soon on his belly as Owen is on his back just wrenching in the submission and again screaming for Iser to tap! Iser is lifting his free arm and the fans are screaming, begging, and chanting for him to tap but Iser’s just shaking it not wanting to tap out at all! Owen again screams in his ear to tap!]

BR: Iser can’t hold out much longer!


[Iser soon clenches his right hand in a fist to try to get some leverage as Owen keeps pulling on the move as well as putting pressure on his broken finger! The ref again asks Seth if he wants to give as Owen again screams for him to tap...but soon Iser uses his weight to push Owen’s shoulders to the mat...and he has his feet on the ropes! The ref doesn’t see the cheating but he sees Owen’s shoulders down!]





[Owen relinquishes the hold and looks for a moment wondering if he did it...but the ref goes to raise Seth Iser’s hand and the moment Owen sees that...a look of horror just is etched on his face as Iser slides out of the ring before Owen can properly react to what happened.]

TH: The winner of the match...SETH ISER!


TR: HAHAHAHAHA! YES! The heartbreak in your voice is almost as bad as the heartbreak on Owen’s face right now!

[That announcement especially with how Iser won that match is greeted to a HUGE chorus of boos as ‘Gehenna’ starts to blare through. The boos are getting louder as Iser lets out a grunt in pain before seeing Owen just look extremely disapointed and there’s this almost satanic grin etched on Iser’s face as he’s literally scooting up the ramp for a minute...before he’s finally able to get to his feet before collapsing back down for a second as his knee buckles when he tried to do his crucifix pose!]

BR: By the narrowest of margins...Seth Iser escaped with a win via nefarious means.

TR: It doesn’t matter how he won...just so he won. And he’s going to the fatal fourway for the Proving Grounds Title!

BR: But what toll has this match taken out of him for that?

[Iser is finally able to get back to his feet and just slowly and gingerly walk up while not taking his eye off of Owen who is just visibly distraught by coming so close to winning this match but just ending up short again.]

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[The show cuts to backstage where Angelica Layne is pacing the hall, waiting to be called for her upcoming match. Stevie Trelain rushes up to her with a smile on her face.]

ST: Oh, Angie!

[Angelica turns and grins at her.]

AL: Sup Stevie?

ST: I know you’re about to head to the ring but can I please get a few quick words about your match tonight?

AL: Sure thing Stevie, I’d rather it be you than that new pretty boy who seems like a schmuck.

[Stevie gives a slight nod but tries not to make it noticeable, that and her proud smile that Angelica would rather she be the one that interviews her.]

ST: Thank you. It’s no secret that Estella Winters likes to stir things up both inside and outside of the ring. How did you feel when you found out you’d be competing against her tonight?

AL: Oh I was ecstatic Stevie. For weeks, shit maybe even months she was all over Mike like a bad rash on Twitter, even tried to take shots at me a few times. All of which, I saw. Only a few I was bothered to comment on. Did you know I’m an “old hag”, Stevie? An old hag that is currently undefeated since her return to the company but who needs facts when you’re Estella Winters, right? She reminds me of another cunt that used to work here. One who couldn’t keep peoples names out of her mouth then cried about it when called out. Although I will admit, Stellas crying is a lot more comical, like when Craig pinned her and security was forced to drag her away from ringside. I’m honestly hoping for the same reaction when I defeat her tonight and show her she’s not even close to being in the same league as the likes of Shawn Fox and myself.

ST: Speaking of Shawn Fox, you are now the golden ticket briefcase holder….when do you plan on cashing it in for your shot against him?

[A cold and almost cruel like grin appears on Angelicas face.]

AL: Welp, we’re out of time here Stevie, see ya around!

[Angelica walks towards the entrance for the ring as the scene fades on Stevies slightly intrigued face over Angelicas reaction.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Angelica Layne vs The Blue Dragon


[Before even entering the ring, Stella has been taunting Angelica who looks more and more irritated. With a wicked grin, Stella charges at Angelica but the former Proving Grounds champion counters with a forearm shot to the face that has her reeling backwards. The crowd cheers as Stella falls into the corner. Angelica charges at Stella who flips herself up onto the turnbuckles, kicking her in the face as she does so. This buys Stella enough time to set herself up on the top perch before connecting with a flying crossbody. Stella lands with a cover but only gets a one-count. Angelica shoves Stella off of her before scrambling to her feet in growing frustration. Stella merely laughs it off as she pulls herself up. Angelica marches over to Stella and the two get into a clinch, both tugging at each other aggressively. Stella tries to go for an arm wrench but Angelica manages to reverse it before pulling her in for a knee strike to the midsection. Stella doubles over in agony and Angelica irish whips her to the ropes. Without wasting any time, Angelica goes after Stella with a well-timed slingblade that impresses the crowd. Stella immediately rolls away from impact and begs for a time-out. The referee comes to check for injuries which Stella insists there could be but Angelica doesn’t buy it for a second. Stella starts shrieking for Angelica to stay away while gripping the back of her neck. The referee turns to Angelica, telling her to give some distance. While the two of them argue, Stella slips out of the ring and starts looking for something under it. Angelica is quick to spot Stella and she storms after her. Stella immediately runs to escape but Angelica chases after her, grabbing her by the hair. Stella again begins screaming and the referee shoots them both warnings to return inside the ring. But Angelica isn’t ready to do that just yet as she weakens Stella with vicious punches and forearm shots before picking her up for a Samoan drop right on the steel steps. Stella howls in pain, arching her back after impact.]

BM: Holy shit, Angelica with a Samoan drop right on the steel steps!! I’m sure Stella did NOT expect that!!

TR: Why is the referee allowing this?! Stella is an amazing woman, how dare Angelica do this!!!

BM: Angelica’s never been the merciful type!

[At the count of five, Angelica shoves Stella back inside the ring and goes for the pin. But Stella kicks out at two. Despite the desire to stay in the match, Stella is slow to get back up. Angelica stomps down hard on her before pulling her up for a rear headlock. Stella struggles, flailing her arms around in the air. Because of this, they both stagger around the ring until they hit the ropes and Stella grabs one with both hands. Angelica has no choice but to let go and immediately goes for a waist lock from behind. Stella struggles again before charging at the ropes and hooks her arms around the top one, allowing the momentum to throw Angelica over backwards. Angelica rolls to her feet, just in time to get hit with a dropsault by Stella. Angelica pulls herself up on her knees before Stella jams a knee right into the side of her face. With Angelica recovering, Stella gleefully hops onto her back for a camel clutch. Stella looks for revenge as she cranks up the pressure on the hold, leaving Angelica to scream in anguish. Stella laughs wickedly at Angelica’s misery, inviting jeers from the IYH fans. Soon enough, Angelica manages to push herself up, carrying Stella with her, and throwing herself backwards for a mat slam. Stella grips her back in pain before getting to her feet again. Angelica lashes out a couple of kicks that has Stella reeling but when Angelica goes for a third, Stella catches her leg to counter with a dragon screw. Stella goes for the cover but only gets a two-count. This annoys Stella as she argues with the ref for doing a slow count which he denies. While Angelica regains her bearings, Stella positions herself on the outside apron. As soon as Angelica is on her feet, Stella springboards herself off the ropes for a DDT. The impact has Angelica rolling out of the ring. Stella starts to get excited as she rushes for the ropes to connect with a springboard splash to the outside. But Angelica rolls out of the ring in the nick of time, leaving Stella to crash on the hard concrete floor. The crowd cringes at the sight as Stella clutches her stomach in agony.]


BM: Angelica foiled Stella’s plan and now she’s crashed and burned hard on the concrete!

TR: Oh my God, Stella, are you okay?!!

[Angelica struggles to her feet before dragging Stella to lean against the announcers table. Stella can barely stand as Angelica delivers a lethal boxing combo that drops Stella on her knees, gripping her face. Angelica then slowly lifts up Stella for a torture rack. Stella cries out in agony before fighting back with elbows to the head, forcing Angelica to let go.]



[As soon as Stella lands on her feet, she retaliates with vengeful forearm shots before getting rocked with Angelica’s discus clothesline signature. The fans whoop and holler, especially the chaotic front row as they egg on Angelica.]


BM: Angelica just slammed Stella with the discus clothesline!

TR: Come on, Stella! Don’t let her get away with this! Fuck her up!!!


[Angelica drags Stella back inside the ring when Stella fights back on the apron by pulling her hair. The count restarts as Angelica punishes Stella with a brutal punch that has Stella reeling. Angelica drags Stella back out of the ring, restarting the count again, and then smashes Stella’s face into the announcers table that excites the front row fans.]


[When Angelica goes for a second attempt, Stella blocks it and strikes her face with a back elbow. As Angelica tries to shake it off, Stella scrambles up onto the ring apron and leaps off of it for her Dragonrana finisher, Dragon’s Breath.]

BM: Dragon’s Breath!! Stella just wiped out Angelica clean with that dragonrana!!

TR: Yes!!! THAT’S what I’m talking about!! Go, Stella!!



[Stella releases Angelica, only to pull something from behind the announcers table. It looks like some sort of cable tie and Stella hastily ties it around Angelica’s ankle before making sure it’s still secured to something hidden behind the table. All the while, Angelica is still recovering on her back, slowly stirring awake, and the referee doesn’t see what has happened.]

BM: What is Stella doing???

TR: Hahaha!! Oh shit, Stella just trapped Angelica to the floor!!



[Stella makes her way back inside the ring. By now, Angelica has slowly sat up and is now realising that she can’t stand because her leg is stuck. Angelica gets confused and when she notices the cable tie, she looks up at Stella who’s grinning down on her as she pokes her head out through the ropes. Stella gives a wave with an obnoxious wink, leaving Angelica to become completely livid. The crowd is outraged as well.]


BM: Oh come on, are you serious??? This CANNOT be the way to finish a match!!


[Angelica struggles with the cable tie that’s hard to loosen while Stella simply lounges on the canvas as she encourages the fans to count along with the referee.]




TH: And here’s your winner… Stella Winters!

[Stella celebrates as “Poison” by Alice Cooper blares through the speakers. She jumps to her feet and raises her hands in proud triumph. The crowd jeers at her so loud that it almost drowns out the music but Stella doesn’t care, giving them all the middle fingers gesture.]

BM: I can’t believe Stella won…

TR: Better believe it, baby! Stella is queen!!!

BM: No! Not like this! It’s more than just beating your opponent, this is also about humiliating her. And it’s unfair using the cable tie!

TR: Tough shit, Bry! Stella’s innovative like that!

BM: ...Shut up, Tats.

[Stella now leans over the ropes to look down on a fuming Angelica then kisses her middle finger before blowing the kiss towards her. Angelica hurls every vulgarity under the sun at Stella, thankfully not entirely caught by the camera’s microphone. And Stella’s only response is to laugh as she signals for a microphone. Once she gets it, she waits for her music to stop and the boos to die down. Stella waits an additional moment before raising the microphone to her lips while laughing some more.]

SW: BAHAHAHAHA! It seems the old HAG is stuck on something, must be all that ring dust she once bitched about.

[The crowds boo, but Stella ignores them.]

SW: Now I’m sure you are all wondering what my stipulation or….”Stelipulation” for Ground ‘n Pound is going to be. I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you, sorry Shawn’s not going to be a lumber jack match. Oh no no no, that’s a little silly.

[She pauses as a devious grin forms on her face.]

SW: It is however going to be a five on one handicapped match….

[The crowds boo even louder at the unfair advantage Stella has given herself.]

SW: You see, you seem to think that single handedly you can beat The Bad Omens cause your fucking ego is that fucking high. At Ground ‘n Pound, we’re going to beat you into the ground once and for all. See ya soon, Fox!

[Once again Stella kisses her middle finger and blows it towards the camera. But she quickly drops the microphone and flees from the ring as Angelica Layne is finally free and slide into the ring. Stella barely escapes and walks backwards up the ramp laughing and mocking Angelica Layne as the show fades on Angelicas pissed off face.]
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