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 Ruckus 63
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Mar 6 2018, 09:36 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The show opens up within the Melbourne Showgrounds to the excited crowd. The camera pans across the arena before settling on the announce table.]

BM: Welcome back once again to Ruckus 63! We have a stacked card ahead of us and kicking things off is Brien Storm versus Caleb Cross.

TR: Brien proved himself in his last match...but you know what I like to see? Super Nash Bros in all their hilarity as they take on the super serious and super hostile, Southern Hostility.

BM: You need to stop expecting so much out of those Nash Brothers, Tats.

TR: Don’t tell me what to do, Bry.

BM: And following that we’ll see two former tag team champions go head to head as Jetpack take on Tag Team Greatness.

TR: Tag Team Greatness were never that great, let’s be honest. But speaking of a former tag team champion, Sean Hazard is still riding it solo as he takes on Minka Carter.

BM: Lets hope she doesn’t confuse him for a demon here tonight or there will be a lot of upset female fans. And in our Main Event, In Your House Champion Shawn Fox teams up with Proving Grounds Champion Angelica Layne to take on the IYH Number one contender Estella Winters and partner Seth Iser.

TR: That was a mouthful. Not as full as Stellas mouth would be if she’d just cal…


TR: I wonder if she’ll reveal her stipulation tonight.

BM: I wonder if Angelica Layne will cash in the belt tonight.

TR: I guess our Main Event could be full of surprises.

BM: Indeed, speaking of surprises though….lets go to some disturbing footage of Minka Carter from earlier this week….

user posted image

[The show cuts to a pre-recorded vignette that takes place at dusk in the Australian outback. The vignette starts with a shot of tall grass, but there is some rustling going on and suddenly, a man pops up, only to get dragged down.]

Man: OW! What was that for?

[A sigh is heard and two figures pop up, a man and Minka Carter.]

MC: You moron! We’re trying to keep quiet so the demons don’t get a whiff of us.

Cameraman: What are you two doing?

[Minka turns toward the camera with an angry glare on her face.]

MC: My sidekick and I are going DEMON HUNTING! The demon that we’re looking for is the devil in angel’s clothing.

Cameraman: Oh right… because you’re not over your loss to Angelica Layne are you?

MC: SHUT UP! It has nothing to do with that. We’re here to make a point, to send a message! I am not going to leave until a demon gets brought to justice. Now then, my sidekick and I have some weaponry. I’ve got me a baseball bat and he’s got a bow and arrow.

[Both Minka and her sidekick display their weapons. ]

MC: I hear something in that barn over there…

[The cameraman follows the pair as they lurk through the tall grass, approaching a barn. They both stop when Minka sees something.]

MC: Oh GOD….

Sidekick: What?


Sidekick: What?

MC: Those… those DEMONS!!!!!!

[Minka points somewhere in the distance and the camera pans over to reveal an innocent flock of sheep.]

Sidekick: Those? Those are demons?

MC: Disgusting, fluffy DEMONS! Did you know that they consist of electricity?

Sidekick: Those are sheep, Minka.


[Minka’s loud voice causes the flock to hear her. ]


[Minka charges the flock with the baseball bat and all the sheep scatter in different directions. Minka obviously stops once she realizes that she’s not going to catch any of them.]


[Minka is angry as the sidekick comes from behind her panting as he tried quite hard to catch up to her.]

Sidekick: What about the barn? You did say that you heard something in there.

MC: Right… let’s go to the barn. I did hear some stuff falling down from there. Maybe we’ll find a dingo or something. They eat demons, especially the babies.

Sidekick: So that means dingos are good right?

MC: Right.

[Minka and her sidekick approach the barn and by the time they get there, the last remaining sunlight has disappeared, leaving things mostly dark. ]

Sidekick: I see something in there.

MC: It HAS to be a demon! You go in first. You only have one shot. If you miss, I’ll back you up. You got that?

Sidekick: Yeah… sure…

[Minka shoves the sidekick away from her and right into the barn. She keeps a close listen to the events that are taking place.]

Sidekick (from inside): HOLY SH….

[The sound of an arrow is heard!]

Sidekick (from inside): No… don’t hurt me…. No… MINKA…. HELP!!!! HEEEEEEELPPPP!!!!!!

[Minka’s eyes widen as the sounds of the sidekick getting the crap beat out of him are heard. She smirks as she hears him get punched right into a wall. There’s silence for a bit before Minka has to stand her guard. Clutching her bat, she waits for a few seconds and hears something coming.]

MC: Demon….

[Minka readies herself for battle against the demon...only to spot a lone kangaroo come out of the barn.]

MC: What???

[The kangaroo stares at her.]

MC: What are you looking at? You’re lucky you’re not a demon.

[Minka sighs as the kangaroo just turns to its right and hops away. She then walks into the barn seeing the sidekick beat up on the floor.]

MC: Get up!

Sidekick: How the heck does a barn have a kangaroo in it?

MC: That wasn’t a demon!

Sidekick: OBVIOUSLY!

MC: Did you shoot your arrow at it?

Sidekick: Y… y…. Yes….

MC: ….DEMON!!!!!!

Sidekick: Wait… what?


Sidekick: Um… uh… no…. I didn’t….


Sidekick: Minka… Minka please….


[Minka swings right at the gut of her own sidekick with the baseball bat and he crumbles to his knees again. The next swing is right at the head, knocking him unconscious and busting him wide open. It’s still not enough. After the sidekick is laid out unconscious on the floor, Minka swings right at the lower spine again and again and again and again until the bat breaks.]

MC: Is it dead?

Cameraman: I… I don’t… what the HELL?

MC: He was a demon in angel’s clothing… just like Angelica Layne! He HAD to be destroyed! That tasty demon blood coming out of his head… hahahahaha!!!!!!

Cameraman: You need SERIOUS MENTAL HELP!!!!!

MC: I’ve made my point clear! I’m not letting this end with Angelica! Revenge is MINE! DEATH TO THE DEMON!!!!! DEATH!!!!!

[Minka walks away, leaving the poor sidekick unconscious in the barn.]

Cameraman: Well then…

[The cameraman is heard sighing as the vignette fades.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Brien Storm vs Caleb Cross


[Storm starts out strong, though he is clearly not that impressed with Caleb Cross despite his fine physique. He sneers a little and tells Caleb that he should have just stayed in the back! Caleb takes offense and smashes Brien in the face with an elbow! Oh boy, that isn’t too smart of him because now Brien is not a happy camper and while he stays calm it’s clear that he’s annoyed with Cross. He quickly takes control of the match, hoisting Caleb up and over for his Sheffield Slam and gaining a fast two count. Storm seems surprised that Cross kicked out, and he draws him up for a Fireman’s Carry Throw, and drops him on his knee! He floats over for the pin, and no! Caleb rolls the shoulder up!]

BM: Caleb Cross showing a bit more life than usual here tonight, I wonder if it’s that new training regimen or no?

TR: Why, you thinking about trying it?

BM: Look I’m just happy with my man yoga right now.

[As Storm starts to rise, Cross catches him and tries to apply his Crossface submission, he yanks on Brien’s lead arm but Storm slips the hold and rips Caleb off the mat, demolishing him thereafter with his Michinoku Driver, the Unforecasted Storm! OH! The fans are loud as he rolls Caleb to his back, hooking the far leg for a lateral press pin!]

BM: So much for that. Caleb looks out cold!

TR: Possibly that blow to the head he took after that Fireman’s Carry.

[Sure enough, Caleb is out as the referee counts!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… BRIEN STORM!

BM: This guy means business, Tats!

TR: Seems that way! I must say I like how he’s making his point thus far.

[Brianstorm by Arctic Monkeys plays as the referee raises Brien’s hand in victory, and Storm looks out at the fans and nods, as if assuring them that they haven’t seen anything yet.]

user posted image

[We return from commercial with Stevie Trelain in the ring.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Hyphy Machinery!

[E-40’s “Go Hard or Go Home” hits the speakers, and the increasingly-popular tag team gets a warm reception from the crowd. But from the second Dontell Porter and Jason Moana emerge from behind the curtains, something’s off. Rather than take their customary ghostride to the ring, they’re simply walking down the ramp, and although they still give out high-fives to the ground as usual, they’re clearly not in their usual high-spirited mood.]

[Dontell climbs in the ring first of the two and tries to give dap to Stevie, but she doesn’t recognize the greeting, so he just turns it to a handshake before taking his position to her right. Jason, seeing this as he climbs in, gives her a handshake of his own before going to stand next to his teammate.]

JM: How y’all feelin’, Melbourne?

[The crowd cheers again, even breaking into chants of “HY-PHY! HY-PHY!” for a few seconds before the noise dies down again.]

ST: Now, you guys came out of Unearthed with a lot of momentum towards a shot at Team Fury and the Tag Team Championships. After that close loss to Layton & Fenric last week, do you see that momentum as lost, and if so, how do you plan on getting it back?

DP: A’ight, here’s the thing...tag team wrestling, it’s like any other team sport. Sometimes, you take the field, you give ‘em everything you got, and you still take an L.

JM: It happens.

DP: And Layton & Fenric, they gave us that L, clean as can be.

JM: 1-2-3.

DP: So we gon’ do what grown men do: recognize game, hold that L, move on to the next thing.

JM: And we got plenty of next things to work on.

DP: Next things like what?

JM: Next things like that Tag Team Classic in XWA.

DP: Okay!

JM: Next things like that Kamikaze Pro tag title shot on the 18th.

DP: Okay!

JM: Next things like somethin’ we gotta talk to y’all about right now, ‘cause they ain’t really bring it up on the broadcast last week.

DP: Roll the tape!

[The arena lights go dark. On the big screen, a Ruckus bumper graphic gives way to backstage footage, marked by a graphic in the top-left corner that says “LAST WEEK”. The crowd starts booing as soon as they recognize what they’re seeing. It’s the car Hyphy Machinery rode to the ring before their match with Layton & Fenric, but not in the state we saw it in. Somebody’s shattered every single window of the vehicle, and that’s not even the start of how extensive the damage is. Whoever did this also took the time to smash the tail lights, slash the tires, key both sides of the car, rip the stick shift out, and throw a couple giant orange splotches of paint on the doors and the hood.]

[After a few seconds, we see Dontell and Jason walk into the frame. They don’t notice the car at first, but when they do, they each do a double-take and freeze on the spot. After looking at each other, as if to confirm they were both seeing the same thing, they run over to the car and start to scan every inch of it, assessing the damage, growing angrier and more distressed by the second…]

[The footage ends, the lights come back on, and as the crowd boos whoever perpetrated this crime, Dontell and Jason look up at the screen, clearly still furious at what happened.]

ST: So, uh...I’m guessing you have plenty to say about that?

DP: Damn right we do!

JM: Stevie, do you remember why we ghostride these whips to the ring every week?

ST: Yeah, I remember...something about showing the other team how dangerous you are before you even step in?

JM: You got half of it.

DP: See, the other half is, every car we ride, that’s somethin’ we went under the hood for. We put in hours of work repairin’ it. And then we ride ‘em to the ring so if anyone back in Oakland wants to buy one from MP Customs…

JM: ...they know who to call.

DP: So these rides, they ain’t just rides, man. They’s our business.

JM: Our art.

DP: Our babies! And do you know how much money it costs to fix our babies up again if some pussy-ass ninjas come along and take it out in stealth ‘cuz they ain’t got the balls to settle shit with us in person?

JM: How much?

DP: Too much! Shit was in the high five figures, man, that was supposed to go towards bonuses for everybody we got workin’ for us at the shop!

JM: But that begs the question…

DP: ...go on, Stevie T., ask us who did it.

ST: Well, who did?

JM: Well, either they’s a bunch of headass can’t-dress-themselves types like TRDF…

DP: Y’all welcome for the name-drop.

JM: ...or they got a case of guilty conscience three seconds later, ‘cause guess what Dontell found when we opened the glove compartment?

DP: Want me to tell ‘em, Jason?

JM: Tell ‘em, Dontell!

[Dontell reaches into the pocket of his jacket and pulls out a stack of grey paper money, held together by a wide band with the words “FUCK OAKLAND” written on it in block letters.]

DP: Check these greybacks we got here!

JM: Where’s that from?

DP: So if y’all ain’t know, “greybacks” was slang for the short-lived, long-dead currency of the Confederate States.

JM: What’s that worth?

DP: Less than nothin’! These ain’t even real greybacks, they’s just prop ones!

JM: Still worth more than whoever wrecked our ride, though.

DP: But hold up, hold up...we gotta think this shit through logically, yadidamean? Em and Adam can’t have put these here. So who around here in this tag team division’s got beef with us?

JM: Who?

DP: Who around here in this tag team division jacks off to history lessons on dead nation-states ‘cause they can’t get no pussy?

JM: Let’s narrow this list down!

DP: Team Fury?


DP: Jetpack?


DP: Modern Day Heroes?


DP: The Vision?


DP: State of Anarchy?


JM: A’ight, that’s all the obvious ones, they ain’t got no motive. Let’s do some ones with more of a reason to come at us.

DP: Let’s see, let’s see…Tag Team Greatness?

JM: Who?

DP: Exactly.

JM: Verdict?


DP: Super Nash Bros.?

JM: Nah, we ain’t women, so they ain’t tryna perv on us.

DP: Fair point.

JM: Verdict?


DP: What about Shojo Beat Yo’ Ass?

JM: Nah, if they wanted to wreck a car, they wouldn’t do all this extra shit. They’d just bite the car ‘till it was totaled.

DP: Yeah, yeah, that’s true.

JM: Verdict?


DP: Ooh, wait, I got a good one...what about Bad Omens?

JM: I ain’t gonna lie, Stella seems like she might low-key be on some racist shit. Not sayin’ she IS racist, just sayin’ if it turned out she was, I wouldn’t blink.

DP: And they do got the numbers to wreck a ride hella quick...and we did make fun of ‘em for bein’ every tryhard edgy white kids clique we knew back in high school...

JM: But let’s be real, we ain’t the focus right now. They mostly want singles titles. We ain’t about that.

DP: Yeah, wouldn’t make sense for ‘em to come at us if that’s the focus, huh? That’s a waste of resources.

JM: Verdict?


DP: So that leaves only one team left to accuse…

JM: Y’all prolly already knew who, we just wanted to make it hella clear so they can’t try and deflect the blame.

DP: But they still too stupid to say our team name, so we ain’t finna put in the effort to call ‘em by theirs no more.

JM: Dirty South dumbfucks, y’all stand accused! Get y’all dicks out y’all cousins’ mouths and let’s settle this!

[“Oh I'm A Good Ol Rebel” by Hoyt Axton begins to play and the crowd immediately starts booing. Unfazed, the three members of Southern Hostility make their way out onto the stage. All three have a smug look on their face as they stare at Hyphy Machinery in the ring. Amanda and Colton lead the way towards the ring. Clayton, who is carrying a large equipment bag, follows the team. As they reach the ring, Amanda and Colton enter while Clayton sets the bag on the apron and watches from the floor. They get a couple of mics and turn their attention to Hyphy Machinery.]

AH: This is typical. When there is something not going your way, blame the South. Instead of dealing with your problems and figuring out a way to fix them, just blame us. This is the same tactic people like you have been using for far, far to long. It's never your fault that something happened is it? Nah, you're always looking to blame someone else.

[Hayes just shakes her head in disgust at the “victim ideology” that HM and so many like them use.]

AH: So one of your ghetto ass cars got messed up and you two have decided to lay the blame at the feet of Southern Hostility. Shocking! Forget taking responsibility for the thing being shoved in every one's face week after week. When you make the choice to bring a “ride” to work every week, you should at least be responsible enough not to just leave the damn thing sitting around all alone. I mean, what did you think was going to happen? It was just a matter of time before someone trashed one of your rides. You practically begged for it. So what do you do? Do you charge it to the game and learn from your mistakes? Do you see the error of your ways? Hell fucking No! You come out here and cry about it. You cry about what it means to your business. You cry about what it means to the people that work for you. You cry about what it means to Oakland. You go through a far to drawn out game of “who done it”. You two are pathetic.

[Amanda still has a smirk on her face as she ignores the Ruckus crowd. She walks over and grabs the large bag, brings it back, and sets it in front of her. As she reaches down and opens it, Colton begins to speak.]

CT: And putting the fact that you Oakland Bitches did exactly what you always do to the side, you idiots blamed us for the whole thing. Why, cause we're white? Cause we're from the South? Cause we call you Oakland Bitches? Cause we hate everything you represent?

[Colton shakes his head in disapproval at them.]

CT: So the question every idiot in the crowd and the two idiots in front of me want to know is was it us? Did we trash their stupid ride? Well, to answer that, we'll put it in terms even you two can understand..

[Colton looks back at Amanda who has a mic in one hand and the other is reaching down inside the bag.]

CT: Did Southern Hostility bust out all the windows on their ride?

AH: Nope!

[As Amanda says that she pulls out two baseball bats and lays them in front of the bag.]

CT: Did we smash the tail lights?

AH: Nope!

[Hayes pulls out a sledgehammer and sets it next to the bats.]

CT: Did we slash their cheap ass tires?

AH: Nope!

[Amanda pulls out a large hunting knife and sets it down.]

CT: Did we scratch up both sides of their ride?

AH: Nope!

[Amanda pulls a couple of screwdrivers out and places them by the knife.]

CT: Did we rip the stick shift out of their ride?

AH: Nope!

[Hayes pulls out the stick shift and tosses it to the ground.]

CT: Did we pour orange paint on their ride?

AH: Nope!

[Amanda pulls out a half empty can of orange paint and sets it down by the bag.]

CT: Is any of that true?

AH: Nope!

[Hayes stand back up as both she and Colton look directly at HM.]

AH: You bet your Oakland Bitch asses we did it. What stuns me is that it took you as long as it did to realize that it was us. Well, maybe it ain't that stunning. You clowns accuse us of not using your names when 90% of the time you tweet about us, you are to big of a coward to tag us. Then in an attempt to do the same old lame “insults” people have done for longer than you were alive, you couldn't even get the fact that we ain't both men. While I no doubt got bigger “balls” then you two bitches, I am a female. Maybe if you two had spent more time hitting the books and less time pretending to be good at football when you were in school, you would be able to put a half decent insult together. Oh well, I guess. Back to the matter at hand. We told you that the war was on weeks ago. You're lucky it was just one of the rides from your chop shop and that we didn't go burn the whole place down. Or even better, that we didn't use the items in front of me to destroy one of you just like we destroyed your ride.

[Amanda smirks to the point she is practically smiling now.]

CT: So yeah, we did it. We fucked your shit up. If you were looking for an apology you came to the wrong place. We ain't sorry. We would do it again. We would do worse than that. The most important thing about all this, is that you two Oakland bitches ain't gonna do shit about it. Either prove me wrong or get the hell out of our ring so we can pick up another W when we take out the Super Nash Hos.

[Amanda and Colton stand there, waiting for HM to make their next move.]

DP: Hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up a sec...y’all really think we brought y’all out here to apologize?

JM: For real?

DP: Y’all really thought we didn’t already know everything y’all was finna say?

JM: For real.

DP: Everything y’all was finna do?

JM: For real!

DP: Nah, nah, we saw all that comin’ six days out, just like all y’all’s other NyQuil-ass excuses for promos.

JM: Boooooriiiiiiing!

[Hyphy Machinery pause, letting the chants of “BOOOORING! BOOOOORING!” fill the arena for a few seconds before they die down again.]

DP: But now that y’all made it clear to these people exactly who y’all are…

JM: ...time to explain to y’all who the fuck WE are.

DP: See, I don’t know if y’all realize this, but we don’t hate y’all ‘cause y’all white.

JM: Look around you! It’s Australia! Even most of the RAPPERS is white!

DP: We don’t hate y’all ‘cause y’all from the South.

JM: We got love for Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, all the great cities out there.

DP: But y’all REALLY hate what we represent? Jason, tell ‘em what that means.

JM: That means y’all hate workin’ hard.


JM: That means y’all hate makin’ somethin’ from nothin’.


JM: Y’all hate ridin’ for your squad.


JM: Y’all hate givin’ back to where you came from.


JM: But most of all…

[Dontell starts to creep over towards the half-empty bucket of paint as all three members of Southern Hostility stay focused on Jason.]

JM: ...y’all must REALLY hate bein’ smart, huh?

[In one swift motion, Dontell splashes all the paint in the bucket directly in Southern Hostility’s faces, blinding the trio as the crowd cheers. While they focus on wiping the paint out of their eyes, Dontell stays low to pick up the hunting knife, holds a hand up for Jason to toss the mic his way, and catches it. By the time SH can see again, they see Dontell pointing the knife right at them, laughing in their faces, and their fear is immediately obvious.]

DP: The fuck is wrong wit’ y’all?

[Jason laughs right alongside his teammate.]

DP: Y’all brought a knife—a KNIFE!—into this ring, knowin’ we wasn’t carryin’ anything to match it, and y’all seriously just laid it out for me to snatch and hold y’all up with? How many fuckin’ ringworms did y’all step on as kids?

[Jason, meanwhile, takes the opportunity to start picking up all the rest of the items Southern Hostility laid out between the two teams, putting what can fit into his pockets and holding the rest in his arms, as Dontell keeps pointing the knife and talking.]

DP: A’ight, let’s get somethin’ clear...y’all wanna go to war? Y’all wanna be sore losers ‘cause we beat y’all clean as a new fade at Unearthed? Y’all wanna call us crooks and play dog-whistle politics and mess with our livelihood? Congratulations! Wish fuckin’ granted! But just remember, all this right here? Throwin’ the paint, takin’ away a bunch of shit y’all clearly ain’t qualified to operate? This is just the start of that war y’all asked for. And this shit won’t stop ‘till y’all get knocked out cold in the middle of this ring, and we stand tall over y’all, holdin’ some gold, laughin’ in y’all’s faces, EXACTLY where we’re supposed to be.

[Dontell spikes the mic to the ground and takes the sledgehammer from Jason. “Go Hard or Go Home” hits the PA once again, and Hyphy Machinery walk past Southern Hostility, exit the ring, and head back up the ramp. All Southern Hostility can do is stand there, process what happened, and try to get back in the right state of mind for their match…]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
Southern Hostility vs Super Nash Bros


[The match starts as Amanda is in the ring for her team. Chad and Tyson look at each other, then at her, then at each other again, screwing up their face in disgust. They then argue with each other on who is going to start for their team, both insisting the other starts first. They start shoving each other in disagreement before Amanda has had enough, charging in and hitting them both with a double clothesline. She stomps on Chad until he rolls under the ropes out to the floor. Tyson gets up as Amanda throws hard fists into his face as he’s trapped in the corner. She irish whips him across the ring as Colton gets in it, catching Tyson on the way in with the “Family Tradition” lariat. Wasting no time Colton picks up tyson and lifts him onto his shoulders as Amanda heaps to the top rope, before nailing Tyson with “Hostile Takeover” (Electric chair/top rope lariat combination.) Colton leaves the ring as Amanda hoos the leg.]





TH: Here are your winners, Southern Hostility!

BM: Well, that was fast.

TR: It sure was. Pissing these twoo off seems to be generally bad for your health, and in a matter of seconds Chad and Tyson pissed them off.

BM: Southern Hostility certainly looked fired up tonight, and I don’t think they plan on simmering down any time soon.

[The cameras cut away.]

user posted image

[The camera opens up backstage where IYHWF Champion Shawn Fox is relaxing in the locker area with his friend Jet Blanchard and Jet’s tag partner Penny. Jet has a mildly concerned look on his face as Penny is double checking her gear as they get ready for their upcoming match against Tag Team Greatness. Shawn puts his phone away finally and looks up at Jet, a smirk coming and going on his lips before he gestures to his friend.]

SF: What?

[Jet focuses on him a little sharper and gives a half shrug.]

JB: Aren’t you just a lil worried about the match you got later tonight? I mean, y’all ain’t exactly friends.

[Shawn rotates his shoulders, loosening up a little before he grins at his friend.]

SF: Nah. I might irritate Anger a bit here and there, but at the end of the day we both want the same thing. I want to face her for my championship, and she wants to take it off me. That’s the match we both want, and the fans want to see. And yeah before you say it, I know Stella and her Scooby Gang are firmly in the way of that. Not saying it’s not a valid concern that Stella is going to do her best to muck it all up.

[He gestures expansively.]

SF: Angelica wants to win, and she damn sure wants to be the one to actually shut Stella up, and if she can smack around Seth Iser in the process? It’s just a bit of frosting on the cake. Seth? He knows I can beat him and the odds are honest that I’d beat him far more often than he’d beat me. If he was my age though, who knows?

[Jet chuckles and shakes his head.]

JB: Yeah but he ain’t, and let’s not pretend that he don’t make up that deficit in speed and endurance with some pure mean.

[Shawn waves that off as Penny rolls her eyes slightly at the pair of them and primps her hair.]

SF: Smart money would also go to the idea that it’s a win for them if they can hobble one of us tonight, even if it ends up costing them this particular match. I mean, Iser is a mean bastard and he’s likely to want to hurt me if he can, just as a big get even. Stella if she can mess me up before our match? I’m sure she’ll go for it. But they’re just not getting it.

PK: That’s because they’re trying so hard to just drown you and Angelica out.

[Both men look at her, and Shawn gestures for her to continue. She seems a little uncomfortable, but goes on.]

PK: Stella, she’s really good at the old smoke and mirrors. She’s good at sneaky, at tricky. She’s proven it. But… now it’s all out in the open. It’s a known factor for any match that she’s in, that there’s going to be something going on… unless you’ve got a spoiler waiting she’s not sure about. And of course she doesn’t want that. She wants you to be off your guard, to over think instead of just acting, which is your strength. She wants Angelica to be so confident that she vaults over the line into pure arrogance. Because it’s an easy line for people to fall over, and then make the big mistakes.

[She pauses and licks her lips.]

PK: Except she doesn’t understand that’s not how everyone is. Angelica isn’t like that. She… outgrew arrogance a long time ago. She plays to her strengths instead and knows exactly how far to push to get what she wants and I don’t think Stella understands that.

JB: Hon, Stella wouldn’t care if she did know. She thinks that she’s got everything planned out, and that everything is gonna just fall right into place for her because she’s five steps ahead of everyone else including the group that she’s got following her.

[Shawn snorts and shakes his head, a wry grin on his face.]

SF: Know who else liked to be five steps ahead, and yet when it came down to it was caught flat footed? Diamond Jack Sabbath.

[Jet nods, but that worry is still there a little around his eyes.]

JB: Just watch your back out there. Angelica is Angelica, and she’s gonna want to win and shut up Bad Omens for the next week or so… but after y’all win? Who knows.

SF: I’ll sweat that Jet, if it’s time to sweat that. Right now, I’ll work with her on that first part, because I think that’s a worthy goal.

PK: To win?

[Her expression is sweet, if you don’t know what that tone means. Shawn does and he laughs, getting up from the bench.]

SF: Well that too, but mostly the shutting up Stella part. I’m going to go out and pass these “Craig Pinned Stella” shirts out to the fans in the front row, I’ll see you two after the show.

[He heads out and leaves Jet and Penny there, and Penny shrugs when Jet gives her a look.]
Chris Cryptic
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[The show cuts to backstage where Stella Winters and Seth Iser are standing by with Stevie Trelain. Stellas nose curls up in disgust at Stevie while Seth stands a little too close to her for anyones liking. Stevie clears her throat and forces a smile at the camera.]

ST: I’m joined here with….

[Stella snaps her fingers before raising her index finger up to Stevies face, wagging it slightly.]

SW: Before all of that Stevie, I’d like to point out how you only apologized to me and Marcus last week and NOT the rest of my Bad Omens family.

[Stevie slowly looks at Seth. Seth’s face isn’t obscured by any robe as he’s wearing a suit and tie today...and he looks displeased.]

SI: Where is our apology? Not just mine...but Hellhound’s apology? Worse haven’t apologized to The Banshee. And that’s something you really shouldn’t leave out in the open. And this interview will not proceed any further until you show the professionalism that got you the job and apologize to the rest of the Bad Omens for your unprofessional moment.

[Iser pauses for a minute to let those words hit home on Stevie but before she can properly answer the intimidating man’s request…]

SI: And don’t make me get Banshee. She’ll give you a fate worse than death.

ST: Well...I would like to...uh...publicly apologize for what I said about not just Stella and Marcus but to Banshee...Dante...and you, Seth…

[She’s a little rattled considering Iser’s just glaring at her.]

SI: That dripped with insincerity…

[Iser’s pointed glare doesn’t help Stevie’s composure in the slightest.]

SI: So I tell you what...right now we’re revoking your interview privileges in terms of questions. So keep your ears open and your mouth shut if you know what is good for you. And as angry as I am about the agitated as the number one contender and future IYH champion is about it...we both have a soul stealer on speed dial. So you better listen.

[Stella chuckles right in Stevies as at Iser’s put down of her.]

SW: Now tonight, everyone once again thinks I am going into a match where I’m going to get killed and blah blah blah. But are you are really that stupid? What is it exactly you want me to do to prove myself here? I beat the shit out of Michael Diablo. My team won at Unearthed. Hell, I’m the number one contender for a reason and NO ONE got me to this point but myself. Everyone has their eyes on Angelica Layne cause she hates everyone in the match, big fucking whoop. She’s old and outdated and frankly should just retire before it’s a hip she needs replacing and not just a shoulder. Angelica Layne is NOTHING to me, but don’t think I haven’t noticed the little win streak she has been on since she was UNFAIRLY given a title match in her first match back. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she’s sucking a lot of cock behind the scenes.

[Stella looks at Seth for a moment and shrugs.]

SW: Stranger things have happened though. But here I am forced to time and time again prove myself in unfair matches and in that entire time all I’ve had is ONE number one contenders match. It’s bullshit! If she thinks she’s going to sneak in and take that belt away from Shawn Fox before I do then I have bad news for her….or maybe it’s better to say I have a few Bad Omens for her. And look at Seth, he wasn't even given the rightful one on one rematch he deserved to get HIS belt back.

SI: I was robbed by someone who might be talented at wrestling...but a disgrace to the term professional wrestler and because she was such a god damn coward she hid behind allowing Diablo to get a rematch because I was shoehorned into a match I shouldn’t have had to compete in on little to no notice. Though for the record I would kick his ass in the rubber match.

[Iser’s eyes turn really dark at this point as it’s obvious he’s gone into that sadistic place in his mind now. A place he doesn’t like to go...unless he’s pushed there. And this really makes Stevie uncomfortable as she starts to back away slightly until Iser grabs her by the wrist and forces her to keep the microphone in front of them.]

SI: Hold. The Microphone. Right. Here.

[Stevie just lets out a nod at this point.]

SI: I have respect for Shawn Fox at least in the professional sense even if he hasn’t exactly treated Stella with the respect she deserves. I know how good he is though. As much as I loathe to admit it there’s a reason why he beat me for the Proving Grounds belt. But we’re the only two people here that have pinned Shawn’s shoulders down to the mat this season. And as for Miss Layne? She’s talented yes...but like I said...her mouth and what she says and does and how she brags about injuring other talents makes her a disgrace to the term professional wrestler because she’s the most unprofessional piece of garbage in that locker room. And just because most of the people in this damn locker room don’t have the balls to state that fact doesn’t change the fact that...I am speaking the truth.

[Iser lets out a deep breath in an attempt to calm down after he let out some venom toward someone he really doesn’t like.]

SI: As much as I’d love to spend the next several minutes giving you even more sound bites about how unprofessional and horrible of a human being Angelica Layne is...and believe me she is and I could do that all night. And we could go on about how we’re going to rip her shoulder off her socket and take it home to the Bad Omen’s mantle...which we will. And we can go on about once again proving why we are the only two people who have pinned Shawn Fox this season...which again...we can do. And I can go on about how I should get a fair match for the Proving Grounds title...and I can also do that all night. I think you and Fox and these idiots in the building want to know how The Dragon is going to breathe hellfire down on Fox and claim the IYH Title. Go ahead Stevie. Ask her. You have permission to ask that question. Do it.

[Stevie is very flustered but Iser finally relinquishes grip of her wrist so she can actually do her job for this fleeting moment.]

ST: Well...have you decided what match you want to compete in with Shawn Fox at Ground n Pound?

[Stella thinks about it for a moment before grinning at Stevie.]

SW: Why yes, yes I have. But I need Cryptic to confirm something for me first. And when the time comes to reveal what stipulation I have chosen, you can bet your ass you’ll be the last to know Stevie cause I will NEVER tell it to you!

[Stella looks up at Iser and gives him a nod.]

SW: Come on, lets get out of here before her unprofessionalism rubs off on us!

[Iser ends up giving Stevie an intimidating glare before he follows Stella out.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
Jetpack vs Tag Team Greatness


[Jacob Pasconi and Derrik Lillard scoff at the two-time former tag team champions as the bell rings, Derrik opting to start for his team. Jet meets him in the middle of the ring and the pair exchange some fast chops, the fans of course chanting as you do while this goes on. Derrik strikes with a stiff kick that has Jet feeling it early but he captures the leg of Derrik high above the knee and boosts him up in the air before dropping him on his back. Derrik recovers fast and rolls to his feet, catching Jet around the waist, turning him for a fast Belly-to-Back Suplex! He pops his hips and comes up with another, though a glancing elbow halts the potential trifecta. Oddly Jet seems to be enjoying this, a grin on his face as he comes up and when Derrik rises and fires off another kick this time Blanchard takes him down with a Leg Capture Suplex!

Derrik reels to his feet and leaps to tag in Jacob, who tries to grab him up for the Lobotomy, his Leg Hook Fisherman Buster but Jet escapes and spins to the Jetpack corner to slap Penny’s outstretched hand. Derrik on the apron grins wide as Penny comes in like a house afire, greeting Pasconi with a Roundhouse Kick followed by a Snap Suplex! Penny goes for the pin but Derrik breaks the pin with a fast Elbow Drop and then as Kaplan gets to her feet he hits Penny with a Missile Dropkick. The referee warns him to get out of the ring as Derrik rolls smoothly to his feet and he mocks Penny a little as she goes to sit up - this costs him as here's Jet and he springboards off of the rising Jacob and hits Derrik with a huge Lariat, a modified version of his Oh Good Lord!]

BM: Nice solid tag team action here tonight from Jetpack and Tag Team Greatness!

TR: Mostly Tag Team Greatness, because it’s right there in the name.

BM: What are you even blathering about, Tats.

TR: Don’t be dense.

[While Tats is speaking Jacob has grabbed up Penny in a Full Nelson, but Penny elbows her way free and whirls, striking left and right forearms to Jacob’s face. He falls and feels his jaw as Penny drags him up and then drops him with a Bulldog! Jacob rakes her eyes then and scrambles to tag in Derrik, who tries to get Penny but no! She evades and tags in Jet, they hit Derrik with the Shine On, the Double Front Kick to the gut sets him up perfectly for the Doublemint Double DDT, and Penny shoots up to keep Jacob away as Jet rolls Derrik over and hooks the far leg deep.]





TH: And here are your winners via pinfall… Jet Blanchard and Penelope Kaplan... JETPACK!

BM: And here’s another step towards the goal that Jetpack have of being the greatest tag team to ever rise and grow here at In Your House Wrestling.

TR: Blah Blah Blah forgot to be interested in these goodie two shoes.

[Stand Up (For The Champions) by Right Said Fred plays as Penny rejoins Jet and they get their hands raised in victory!]

user posted image

[The scene opens up with Stella Winters, already dressed for action tonight, walking into Chris Cryptics office with a questionable smile on her face. She takes a moment to stare at him as he looks up at her from his paperwork and as he does, her smile grows.]

SW: Hello, Mr Cryptic...I wish to clarify a something with you….

[He sets his pen down and leans back in his chair.]

SW: When you say I have full control over what type of match I can have at Ground n Pound, you mean full control right? Like, I completely one hundred percent call the shots?

CC: That is correct Miss Winters. Within reason of course. For instance, you cannot have a “Stab opponent to death” match.

SW: Not with that attitude.

[She smirks.]

SW: But yeah I get it, thank you for taking the time to clarify. I’ll do you proud as your next In Your House Champion!

[Stella turns to head out of the office but looks back at him, shooting him a wink before the scene fades back to ringside.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Sean Hazard vs Minka Carter


[The match kicks off with Sean Hazard showing an amazing display of athleticism and speed, taking Minka down with an impressive springboard corkscrew roundhouse kick followed by a Moonsault. Sean knew this wouldn’t be enough to keep Minka down so he continued his attack with various quick kicks and high flying maneuvers until he was able to get the opportunity to pin her, however Minka kicked out at two much to the crowds shock. The two of them got back to their feet and Sean attempts to whip her towards the ropes while chasing after her, but Minka springboards from them and nails him with a clothesline. She takes advantage and climbs on top of him, wildly slapping and clawing at his face until the referee drags her back off of him. She gets up, ready to scream in the referees face but then a calm comes over her. She apologizes to the referee for her outburst and explains that she thought there was a demon in Sean making him capable of all the “flippy” moves that he does. Sean takes the moment to catch his breath while rubbing his face then checking his hands to make sure he isn’t bleeding, he’s not. As Minka turns back to him he catches her with a kick to her stomach followed by a wheelbarrow arm drag. Minka gets back to her feet with an assist from the ropes as the crowds are fully behind Sean Hazard at this point. He goes to approach her, but she signals for a time out, before making a cross symbol with her fingers. As Sean looks away for a split second to the crowd Minka hits him with a Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse kick before rolling him up for the pin.]




[Sean breaks out of the pin just as it’s too late. He sits up in shock as Minka celebrates her victory in the ring, ignoring the boos she’s now receiving.]

TH: Here is your winner….MINKA CARTER!!

BM: Well, all it took was a second to catch Sean off guard.

TR: He does NOT look happy…..BAHAHAHAHA I LOVE MINKA!

BM: Sometimes I wish she’d perform an exorcism on you so you’d be more tolerable but it is what is it.

user posted image

[The scene opens up backstage on the door of Chris Cryptics office. Within a few moments the door opens and out walks Angelica Layne, dressed for action but instead of holding the Proving Grounds Championship, she is now holding the golden briefcase. She closes the door behind her before heading down the hallway.]

TR: Well tonights Main Event just got WAY more interesting.

BM: We know it was going to happen...but right before she’s set to team with Shawn?

TR: Angelica doesn’t want to just ruffle feathers, she wants to shake the entire bird cage!

[The scene cuts back to ringside.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
Shawn Fox © & Angelica Layne © vs The Bad Omens (Stella & Seth)


[It’s clear both sides are just itching to get their hands on each other; Angelica and Seth start off with an aggressive clinch in the centre as soon as the opening bell rings. While they jockey for control, Stella and Shawn trade insults from across the ring. As Angelica almost gets Seth in a compromising position, Stella pretends to want to get into the ring. Angelica makes the mistake of letting that distract her and pays the price with Seth’s knee to her midsection. With Angelica doubled over, Seth irish whips her to the ropes before running her down with a hard boot to the face. Angelica clutches her jaw as she rolls over on the mat, looking pissed off. Seth waits for Angelica to get up and charge at him before he knocks her back down with an effective shoulder block. Angelica clutches her shoulder in pain and Stella laughs at her misery. Seth pulls up Angelica again and throws body shots, really taking it to her, and a downward elbow strike to her head that forces her back into the corner. Angelica fights back with her own body punches before getting rocked with a good right hand by Seth. Seth then drags Angelica from the corner by the hair and neck when she shoves his hands away and delivers a leg kick that nearly has him buckled under. Angelica quickly wrenches Seth’s arm to keep him down on one knee before slamming it down on the mat. Seth writhes in agony on the canvas, holding his arm. As Seth slowly rises to his feet, Angelica takes him down with a DDT. Angelica goes for the cover but Stella is quick to break it up even though Seth gets his arm up at about the same time. And just to add fuel to the fire, Stella shoves Angelica’s head from behind. Angelica whips around, ready to tackle Stella, but the referee rushes to intervene and issues Stella a warning. Stella feigns innocence as she retreats to her corner while an infuriated Angelica challenges her to a fight in the centre of the ring. Stella continues to talk trash and distract Angelica as Seth grabs her from behind for a release german suplex. Shawn facepalms and tries to get Angelica to tag him in. But Seth has other ideas as he drags Angelica over to the corner where Stella tags herself in. Seth hits a backbreaker on Angelica before Stella comes in with a springboard splash, landing with a cover. This time, Shawn rushes in with the save.]

TR: Woo! Go, Stella!!

BM: Bad Omens showing some team work here with the backbreaker and springboard splash combo! But not before that aggressive back and forth earlier with Seth and Angelica. There’s certainly no love lost there. Those two have gone at it like there’s no tomorrow!

TR: He really wanted that match with her, can you blame him?? At least tonight he gets to take out those frustrations on her even if it’s without the Proving Grounds title on the line!

[With Shawn forced to retreat to his corner by the referee, Stella struggles to set up Angelica in a surfboard. Angelica fights back hard as she rolls out of it and back to her feet. Stella goes for a kick but Angelica catches her leg and throws it up, making Stella flip over backwards in the air. With a safe landing, Stella charges at Angelica who takes her down with a slingblade. The crowd cheers as Angelica swoops down on Stella, looking for a rear headlock. Stella panics, flailing her arms wildly. Seth tries his best to reach out for a tag but Stella’s too far and Angelica drags her towards the corner where Shawn is. Shawn tags himself in and Angelica transitions to an STO on Stella. With Stella down on her back, Shawn climbs to the top rope and hits a picture-perfect senton. Shawn goes for the pin but Stella kicks out at two. Shawn continues to keep Stella grounded with a snapmare and an enzuigiri, leaving her reeling afterwards. As Stella rolls under the bottom rope to get some distance, Shawn goes after her but she quickly crawls away before dropping down on the outside floor. Confused, Shawn chases Stella who starts running. Stella rounds the corner and Seth pops out with a boot to the face on Shawn. Shawn groggily pulls himself up from impact, only to get slashed with a knife edge chop across the chest by Seth. As Shawn staggers back, Stella jumps off the apron for a springboard DDT. The crowd jeers at the display, but it only satisfies the two members of Bad Omens.]

BM: Ugh, Bad Omens just completely isolating the IYH champion with these unfair 2-on-1 assault!

TR: Hey, it’s Bad Omens! When have they ever played by the rules but their own?

BM: Exactly, and that don’t make it right!


TR: Whoa, look out! Angelica incoming!

[Seth and Stella turn around to find Angelica charging at both of them with a double clothesline. The impact leaves Stella rolling away, clutching her back in anguish, while Seth struggles to roll over on all fours. Seth goes back on his feet, only to get knocked down again with Angelica’s discus clothesline signature. Angelica then tosses Stella back inside the ring. Shawn, by this point, is back on his feet and he slides into the ring to get the pin on Stella. But Stella manages to get her shoulder up before three. Shawn pulls Stella to her feet and the two trade forearm shots before Shawn irish whips Stella hard to the corner, leaving her to flip up in a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Stella flips back down, landing on her feet inside the ring, and as she turns around, Shawn runs her down with a lariat. Shawn hooks her leg for the pin but she kicks out at two. Stella pushes herself up and Shawn goes for the side headlock. After some struggling, Stella escapes the hold and smashes Shawn’s face with forearm shots before aiming for an enzuigiri. But Shawn ducks, leaving Stella to fall on her face. Shawn immediately sees an opening for his Fox Me, Fox You fujiwara armbar signature but Stella rolls out of the way quickly and kips up to her feet. As Shawn returns to vertical base, Stella hits him with a dropsault. Shawn groggily pushes himself up, only to get caught with Stella’s octopus hold signature, Sting of Winter. While Shawn struggles, Seth charges at Angelica and knocks her off the apron. Angelica crashes on the outside and Seth goes after her with vicious foot stomps. Angelica tries to fight back, only to get her face battered with punches for her troubles. With the referee busy, Seth then rakes Angelica’s eye before taking her down with his Bossman slam signature, Pillar of Truth, right into the concrete. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Shawn has somehow pulled himself back up to his feet and drags both himself and Stella through the pain for the nearest ropes. Stella has no choice but to release the hold. At this point, Seth has made his way into the ring and with a tag from Stella, they both take on Shawn in a 2-on-1 assault. The crowd voices their displeasure as Shawn then gets lifted onto the top turnbuckles by Seth. Stella gets excited as Seth prepares for a superplex. But here’s when Shawn comes back alive with slow punches that get more power behind them with each one, to the point where Seth falls backwards from impact. The fans cheer before jeering again when Stella gets involved. But Shawn somehow manages to fend her off as well with a kick that has her bowling over backwards. As Stella and Seth return to their feet, Shawn leaps off the turnbuckles with an amazing split-legged missile dropkick. The crowd goes wild at the display. But in his daze, Shawn mistakenly covers Stella and the referee has to explain to him that Seth is the legal person. Seth is smart to roll under the bottom rope to recover while Shawn struggles to his feet. By the time they return to vertical base, Seth aims for a discus elbow but Shawn quickly ducks it while hooking his arms to counter with his fireman’s carry double knee gutbuster finisher, Fox What You Heard. The fans leap to their feet as Shawn hooks Seth’s leg for the pin.]

BM: Fox What You Heard! Beautiful!

TR: Noooooooo!!!!




TR: Yesssssss!!!!!

[Stella pulls Shawn away from Seth, breaking up the pin, much to the dismay of the crowd. After Shawn and Stella trade some blows, Angelica returns to the picture and Shawn irish whips Stella to her who tosses her right out of the ring, sending her toppling to the outside. Meanwhile, Seth has recovered enough to attack Shawn from behind, dropping him on his knees. Wincing, Shawn clutches the back of his head in anguish before slowly pushing himself up. Seth pulls Shawn aggressively for a back suplex setup but in midair, Shawn somehow flips himself over and lands safely behind him. Before Seth realises what just happened, Shawn goes for the quick rollup from behind.]

TR: Nooooooooooooo!!!!

BM: Shawn’s got the rollup! This could be it!!




[Seth finally kicks out but it’s obviously too late! Shawn rolls out of the ring from the force.]


TR: Noooooooooooo!!!!

TH: And here are your winners… Shawn Fox and Angelica Layne!

[“Machine Gun Blues” by Social Distortion blasts through the arena, prompting loud cheers from the crowd. Shawn leans heavily into the barricade where the fans get behind him to get some camera time with him in the celebration. Shawn gets his title belt handed back to him and he raises it high above his head for the fans. Angelica too gets her golden ticket briefcase handed back to her and they share a brief moment, looking like something might happen. But Angelica says nothing as she smirks, walking away backwards.]

BM: What a close match! So, so close match!!!

TR: Shawn got lucky, that’s what it is!! Shit, he’s way too sly!!!

BM: Tats! Are you seriously underestimating our IYH champion after everything?

TR: Fuck that, he’s not my champ!

BM: Right…. Anyway, that doesn’t take away from a great victory by Shawn and Angelica here tonight. What a gruelling contest! Finally, some justice! No matter what Seth and Stella threw at them, Bad Omens don’t get to walk away with a win tonight. I say that’s a good night, right, Tats?

TR: ...Yeeeee-no.

[Inside the ring, Seth stares staggers at Shawn and then at Angelica as he shouts a few choice words at her. They exchange some hostilities before Angelica turns away to head backstage. Stella doesn’t look too happy either as she mocks Shawn and his fans, even giving him her signature middle finger salute, but it only makes Shawn laugh.]

BM: What a night it's been but sadly that's all the time we have for you guys, GOODNIGHT!
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