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 Ruckus 59
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Jan 23 2018, 06:52 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The camera pans across the arena to the sold out crowd in the Melbourne Showgrounds before resting on the announce table to the smug face of Tats Richardson and Brian Morris.]

BM: Welcome back once again mates, what a show we have in store for you tonight.

TR: Kicking things off we’ll see The Hellhound, Dante Locke, take a bite out of Demon Hunter, Minka Carter…

BM: I don’t think she actually haunts demons, just accuses everyone of being one. But regardless, speaking of biting we have tag team action as the forever vicious SBYA take on Hyphy Machinery.

TR: Then we’ll see The Devil, Michael Diablo in action against The Banshee!

BM: But the Bad Omens don’t stop there as The Ikiryo, Seth Iser takes on Katie Montes. So we can see how his mood has progressed since losing the belt to Angelica Layne.

TR: And speaking of the bitch herself, in our Main Event Angelica Layne defends the championship to Katie Hanley. We’ve seen her defeat one champion one on one already, but can she do it again?

BM: I guess we’ll…

[The lights go out momentarily….]

user posted image

Well I'm a gangster in 1934
Junkies, winos, pimps, and whores
And all you men, women and kids
Best stay out of the way

[Machine Gun Blues by Social Distortion plays and there’s a sudden and boisterous reaction from the fans as out from the back strolls the In Your House Champion, Shawn Fox! He has his coveted title belt over his right shoulder, jacket open to reveal his new t-shirt with the Fox Your Face logo. Shawn walks in relaxed fashion down the ramp, slapping a few hands here and there until he gets to the bottom. He hops up the steps and throws both hands up as if embracing the fans before he slides into the ring.]

I just left your town
Took all your loot
Wore a pink carnation and a pinstripe suit
A hopped up V8 Ford, and some two-tone shoes
And I'm already gone
I left a pool of blood and sorrow
I've got the machine gun blues

[He lets the music fade out before he holds out his hands and catches the microphone tossed to him. With a grin he belts out.]


[He basks in the noise then waits for it to die down before he grins and holds the microphone out towards the fans, causing another wave of cheering.]

SF: Now I’m sure you’re all wondering what I’m doing out here - I don’t have a match tonight, I’m not going to be on commentary or even as a Special Guest Referee.

[Shawn even makes the air quotes as he says Special Guest Referee.]

SF: I mean, I’m just saying.

[The fans react with glee at his little semi-catch phrase and he grins widely before he speaks again.]

SF: Bad Omens.

[He held the microphone out towards the fans who boo heavily even though there’s a small Sketch Pad Arse chant for a moment.]

SF: No love for the Bad Omens? I wonder why. I mean it isn’t as if they’ve run roughshod over the wrestlers that you fans pay to see. Or go out of their way to be creepy, or hurt people. I mean, really that’s what this is. Stella is so confident, in her chances and her team’s chances that she’s all but guaranteeing that she’s going to go on and take my championship away from me after her team buries mine. Because what, I ‘have no friends’, that no one wants to be on my team, that it’s a fool’s errand to try and turn that tide back? Please.

[He laughs, then brings the microphone back up to his lips.]

SF: Diablo himself came to me to make sure his spot on my team is secure. You can take that however you want, Angelica Anger, but the facts are the facts. I was going to ask him anyway and he saved me the fucking trip. I really do enjoy when a plan comes together. I’ve been nothing but upfront. Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention can figure out who the members of my team are, and even better? Exactly why they have a stake in it. This isn’t just about bragging rights, this is our stand. We want our In Your House Wrestling Federation, not the cesspit that the Bad Omens would make it where everyone including the backstage workers are afraid to go to work.

Do you know what sort of people attack poor camera guys, catering crew, techs?

[His expression goes stone cold serious, though there’s a twinkle in those eyes of his as he waits out the murmuring of the fans.]

SF: Pussies. I’m not afraid of anyone that pushes around people that are weaker than they are just because they can. Deny me all you want, Stella. Scoff and laugh, Dante. Do whatever it is you do, Kraken… who I kind of wonder if they haven’t killed and eaten since he’s been quieter on Twitter than I usually am. Dream of eating my soul, Banshee. Shake in your boots, Seth because you know better than any of them just who I am and what I can do. I am RESOLVED, and you sons of bitches know what that means even if you pretend you don’t.

[There’s a wave of cheering as Shawn tosses the microphone back and slides out of the ring, dropping down off the apron and heading towards the back.]

user posted image

Singles Match
The Hellhound vs Minka Carter


[Minka is quite loud and vocal about her dismay at being in a match against someone that goes by the name “The Hellhound”. She loudly questions the referee if he’s even cleared to wrestle as she thinks either a demon or a dog, or especially a demon dog, shouldn’t be a wrestler! The referee stares at her but Dante shakes his head and moves in for the attack only to be met with her Spinning Heel Kick! He staggers but retorts with a Calf Kick, and takes the fight right to Minka! Dante stays in control for a big portion of the first part of the match until Minka breaks free and hits him with a lovely Shining Wizard! She swarms him for the first pin attempt of the match but only nets two. Dante grabs her arm and moves to slap on the Lock-Jawed, but Minka freaks out and fights away from his Coquina Clutch attempt. She harrangues him from a distance and shakes a fist before she starts circling again, and he rushes in on her, smashing her in the corner with a Body Avalanche, but she hangs onto the ropes and evades his incoming Superkick!

Dante is off balance and Minka takes full advantage of this by sweeping his legs and pouncing to apply the Cleopatra Clutch complete with a bodyscissors but unfortunately for her, they’re still right in the ropes and Locke merely has to lift his hand and put a finger on the ropes to get a ropebreak! Minka growls as the referee tells her to release the hold, she unseats in an attempt to pull Dante away from the ropes and this proves to be a mistake as he catches her with his Kimura Lock, Dante’s Inferno! He shouts at her to submit, and she screams NEVERRRRR as she seeks to escape his hold, though she quickly realizes that here are the ropes still and she gets her ankles scissored around them. The referee calls for the break and Dante does, but not until he holds on for a four count!

After a tiny breather both are at it again, each trying to one up the other and several pin attempts happen though none gets much past a two count.]

BM: Minka’s doing a lot better in here against the vicious Dante Locke, good for her.

TR: Just can’t give credit where it’s due eh? I mean come on, Minka’s a nutbar! A full on looney tune!

BM: Tats that’s just RUDE.

[The latter half of the match is much like the first, though Dante keeps evading all pin attempts from the relentless Minka! She catches him off the ropes, with an Inside Cradle after a pin attempt of his own, literally anything she can think of to force him to expend his energy. She gets that coveted upper hand, going for the Snake Strike, her Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick, but NOOOOOO! Mid-air on the kick Dante ducks under her leg and boosts her straight up in the air for a Pop Up Sidewalk Slam! Dante is feeling it then, almost jittery with his adrenaline rush, and he yanks Minka up for his Underhook Front Facelock Drop, Straight to Hell!]

BM: Did he get her?

TR: Here we go! Come on Dante!

[Minka KICKS OUT! Dante is beside himself, hands raking through his hair and Minka thumbs him in the eye! He staggers away but as Minka rises he locks on to her and snarls, grabbing her up for a second Straight to Hell! He stacks her on her neck and uses his weight to hold her down this time as the referee rolls in to count.]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… The Hellhound, DANTE LOCKE!

BM: Another victory for the twisted group Bad Omens...

TR: You say that like there’s a problem?

[Wolves of War by Burn Halo plays as Dante gets to his feet, the referee raises his hand as he looks down at Minka who surprisingly starts to get up to her feet, looking like she’s still ready to fight! She’s heard the bell though and just points at Dante, hissing horrible things at him before she leaves the ring.]

user posted image

[Cut to backstage, where we find Hyphy Machinery polishing up the doors of their ride to the ring for this week. The backstage crew works around them, laying the cones that define the car’s path. After a couple seconds, Dontell spots the camera out of the corner of his eye and knocks on the hood of the car, which catches Jason’s attention. The duo put the rags they were using on the hood of the car, turn to face the camera, and walk up to it until they’re at about the right distance away.]

DP: We back.

JM: Y’all miss us, Melbourne?

[The cheers from the crowd tell the team everything they need to know.]

DP: So two weeks back, we came to bring the muh’fuckin’ ruckus.

JM: Wu-Tang!

DP: And we did just that by pickin’ up our first W around here.

JM: Hot start.

DP: We threw our opponents in the Black Hole and hit ‘em so hard, they turned Italian.

JM: Spaghettified.

DP: But if we wanna get to the top of this tag division…

JM: ...we gotta climb up that food chain.

DP: Play that show-and-prove game.

JM: Fight tag teams with real names.

DP: Which brings us to SBYA.

JM: Konnichiwa!

DP: See, this kinda matchup, it’s a little family feud.

JM: No Steve Harvey.

DP: They’re sisters by blood.

JM: We’re brothers by spirit.

DP: They been a team all their lives.

JM: Just like us.

DP: They overwhelm the fuck outta you if you let ‘em.

JM: ‘Cause they move fast, and they don’t gas.

[Dontell puts his thumb and index finger to his chin and turns to Jason.]

DP: But hey, man, what else does a car need to win a race?

[Jason, now looking at Dontell, makes a couple exaggerated chinstrokes, then gets a “Eureka!” look on his face and points at Dontell with both hands.]

JM: Handling!

DP: Exactly!

[The team turns their focus back to the camera.]

DP: See, you can drive straight ahead all you want.

JM: You can stomp that gas pedal all the way to the floor.

DP: You can hit gear 4.

JM: 5.

DP: 6.

JM: Move that shift until it sticks.

DP: But sometime in this race, you gotta make a turn, and if you can’t turn that wheel fast enough…

JM: ...if you can’t change that trajectory…

DP: gon’ hit that wall and crash.

JM: And that’s why we got this.

DP: ‘Cause when Shojo Beat Yo’ Ass get in that ring, they got a one-track mindset. They can’t plan like we can.

JM: They don’t adapt like we do.

DP: And when we change directions on ‘em, they ain’t finna know ‘till they get thrown in that Black Hole.

JM: ‘Till they get shook with that San Andreas.

DP: And right about then, we gon’ get that three-count…

JM: ...we gon’ pick up that W…

DP: ...and we gon’ take one more step toward where we’s supposed to be.

[Dontell thumps his chest, then starts heading back to the car.]

JM: Catch y’all at game time. We just got one last engine check to run…

[Jason throws up a peace sign, then turns to the car and follows after Dontell, cuing the fade to the next scene…]

user posted image

[The cameras open up backstage as they find the adorably near identical sisters Akihiko and Etsuko Iwasaki, collectively known as Shojo Beat Your Ass. They are wearing their ring gear and their hair is in ponytails that bounce as they wave at the camera, pausing a mere moment before heading down to the ring for their match.]

AI: Hi hi!

EI: Hi hi!

AI: We get Hyphy Machinery.

[Etsuko looks at her sister with a curious expression on her face.]

EI: What is that?

AI: Two new bites.

[Etsuko’s face lights up and she nods vigorously.]

EI: Bite.

AI: Bite.

[They turn two equally shark-like smiles to the camera before they turn and skip away down the hall towards the ringside area.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
Hyphy Machinery vs SBYA


[The match begins with Jason and Etsuko kicking things off for their teams. Jason takes a moment to assess Etsukos small build, obviously not wanting to hurt her too much within the match, but Etsuko lets out a yell as she charges right at him, stopping just in front of him to deliver fast jabs at his ribs and stomach. He forcibly shoves her away, but Etsuko rolls back to her feet and springboards off of the ropes, leaping onto his back. She keeps her arms tightly wrapped around his neck, attempting to choke him out. Jason swings his arms around, hoping to fling her off of him. He starts to stumble backwards towards the corner, hoping to shake her off of him that way. He backs her into the turnbuckle hard she she releases her grip before dropping into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Jason stumbles backwards before lunging forward hoping to catch Etsuko with a hard punch, but she grips onto the top rope and leans back to dodge the punch before placing both of her feet on his chest to mule kick him away from her. Etsuko quickly gets into a standing position on the top rope and takes Jason down with a dropkick.]

BM: SBYA didn’t come here to play tonight!

TR: I’m sure they’d enjoy playing with Hyphys dismembered corpses. Weirdos.

[Etsuko gets back to her feet and runs to her corner, tagging in her sister Akihiko who bursts into the ring with a fire in her eyes. She charges towards Jason who is crawling along the mat on his knees and kicks him viciously in the ribs before he can get back to his feet. Jason rolls across the mat in pain but Akihiko keeps stomping on him. She’s about to hit him with a double knee stomp, but Jason quickly rolls out of the way to avoid the shot before springing to his feet and tagging in Dontell. Akihiko puts up as much of a fight as her sister did showing that they may be small but they are absolutely relentless. Akihiko almost caught Dontell with a rollup pin but he powered out after the two count. Akihiko tried to keep the momentum going for SBYA with a few cheap, yet painful bites but eventually fell victim to Dontells Green 3:16 (Stunner). Etsuko attempted to intervene to prevent the pin, but Jason re-entered the ring and knocked her down with a clothesline.]




TH: Here are your winners….HYPHY MACHINERY!

[Hyphys music begins to play as the two have their arms raised in victory. Etsuko rolls her sister out of the ring hissing at the victorious duo.]

BM: Hyphy Machinery with another victory

TR: Oh whoop-de-doo! They beat on two women half their size and weight. I couldn’t exactly call it a huge victory.

BM: I’ve seen how vicious SBYA are in the ring, I absolutely would call it a huge victory to walk away with all their skin intact.

user posted image

[We soon return to Stevie trying to beam a bright smile on her face to try to make things a little more chipper despite the obvious surroundings around her. The chains scattered around the rafters make this feel like barren warzone. The smile soon recedes as the atmosphere takes hold.]

ST: Well hopefully we can get more of a word out of him this week considering he is wrestling.

[Stevie starts looking around for the target and instead of a man cladded in a suit you see a robed figure. Black with some intricate designs that have some space like feel to them including the bad omen logo. The beard sticking out of the bottom reveals the identity of the man in said robe to be Seth Iser but the hood conceals the top half of his face. Stevie seems very freaked out by this turn of events.]

ST: Well had nothing to say last week...but do you have something to say this week?

SI: Briefly. I’m going in there to wrestle a match with someone who I know from my past but a big portion of what’s going on here is something greater. I feel like I just had something ripped out from the inside after Layne made me submit and now that joins what Shawn Fox did at that two out of three falls match as two different matches that won’t escape my mind...until I eventually get my chance to avenge them in time.

[Iser pauses before he finally does pull off the hood and reveal his scarred face. The pain and anger in his eyes still very much apparent.]

SI: Katie might have all the potential in the world and sometimes she’ll show flashes of meeting it...but reality is going to set in and she’s in the ring with the wrong person who has the wrong message he wants to send tonight. She’s going to get hurt, Stevie. She’s going to get hurt bad.

[The Ikiryo sneers toward the camera just looking coldly at it but there’s a sinister quality to it rather than a cruel but fair quality to it in the past. Almost a hurtful one even.]

SI: If Shawn Fox thought Bad Omens were actually hurting people...he hasn’t seen a damn thing yet. Because with the knowledge I have...I’ve just merely used it to try to win matches. And if people get a little roughed up and their cages rattled so be it… but…I have a question…

[Iser pauses after speaking those words and they’re filled with menace and hatred. The anger and pain is just obvious.]

SI: If you think what’s been going on is bad now? What will happen when I’m actually going to TRY to hurt people? I see the people you want to put together to go with you Shawn. United against us but not really a team. Fine. Take that charge trying to tear down our castle at the top but I tell you this: you five have picked a beautiful hill to die on so the Banshee can collect your souls. And Katie tonight is collateral in that.

[Iser then walks off from the interview before Stevie can ask another question as he’s still not really too keen on talking more than he has to.]

ST: I almost liked it better when he was silent last week…

[Stevie almost shivers at Iser’s threat before walking off herself.]

user posted image

[The show cuts to backstage where the forever perky (unless you piss her off) Kelly Fury is standing by with a beaming smile on her face. She is alone as she shuffles some papers through her hands, her eyes going wide for a moment before she coyly looks up at the camera.]

KF: Oh, hey there guys! As you can see I am alone this week. I dont want Stevie scuffing up those pretty shoes she’s wearing as she’s run ragged for all those Needy McNeedersons in the back and Gordon is currently on his honeymoon. I do have umm...a statement from Gordon though….just give me a second…

[Kelly gives a somewhat awkward smile to the camera before she shakes her head looking through the papers.]

KF: Well, I’m definitely not saying THAT….TMI Gordo….

[With a sigh she looks back to the camera.]

KF: Basically, Gordon said he cannot be here cause he’s….“getting dat puss”, only he said it in much greater detail that I do not care to get into. Now the reason why I’m here tonight, you see I had a general statement I delivered onto Twitter and it seemed to rile up one person in particular. Amanda Hayes. Even though it was about quite a number of the tag teams that seem to think they can just walk in and take what is mine and Gordons, not just Southern Hostility. Now I’ve met Amandas brand of hostility before, so I’m used to her shooting her mouth off at literally everything. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I love the sourpussed bitch so much. But I digress, the fact remains that Team Fury still do not have competitors for Unearthed and despite some tag teams busting their asses, none of them have really risen above the other to stand out to be the number one contender. So I went to see Mr Cryptic to see if we can work together to come up with a solution to this issue, and we did. NEXT week at Ruckus 60 there will be a triple threat tag team match featuring the winners of the tag matches from the past couple of weeks. The winner of that match will go on to face Team Fury in a tag team championship match at Unearthed. Those teams are Southern Hostility….Layton & Fenric….and due to their win tonight, Hyphy Machinery. I wish you all the best of luck.

[Kelly gives another smile into the camera as the scene fades.]

user posted image

Singles Match
The Banshee vs Michael Diablo

[As soon as Michael steps through the ring ropes, Banshee rushes to attack him, tackling him to the ground. This draws loud jeers from the crowd.]


[Despite the surprise, Michael is prepared to turn the tables around as he flips Banshee over on her back and starts retaliating with his own hard forearm shots. They scramble to their feet and Michael continues to keep Banshee at bay with a side headlock. But Banshee manages to break out of it and immediately pulls Michael close to bite his face. Michael yells to shove Banshee off of him, with the help of the referee, before he fights her back with clinching knee strikes to the midsection. Banshee doubles over in agony, unable to fight back, as she clings onto the middle rope on her knees. Michael drags Banshee over to the nearby corner and kicks her down before punishing her with a merciless gutter stomp. With Banshee looking completely overwhelmed at this point, the referee pulls back Michael to give her some space. Michael grudgingly obeys, but only for Banshee to suddenly return to life as she charges at him with a dropkick to his knees. Michael faceplants on the canvas. Holding her jaw, Banshee waits for Michael to push himself up on all fours before jumping up on him for a mushroom stomp and then connecting with a rope-bounce reverse neck snap. Banshee goes for the cover but only gets a two-count.]

BM: Oof! That reverse neck snap always makes me cringe!

TR: Me too! I’m just holding my neck now just in case!

BM: Both Michael and Banshee utilise hard strikes in their arsenal. Earlier just now, Michael laid out Banshee with that vicious gutter stomp. I don’t know how her jaw’s still intact, to be honest!

[Gingerly checking on her jaw, Banshee then looks to the outside apron and springboards herself over the ropes for a downward elbow strike that lands precisely on Michael’s chest, causing him to roll over in anguish. Banshee comes running towards Michael and he stays on his belly, forcing her to somersault over him. Michael springs to his feet before tossing Banshee into the ropes. On the rebound, Michael reverses with a shoulder back toss but the sneaky Banshee somehow grabs his arm and counters with an arm drag. Both scramble to their feet and Banshee charges at Michael who’s now ready to flip her over with a belly to belly throw, impressing the excited fans. Holding her back, Banshee looks surprised as she slowly gets to her feet. Michael wastes no time to feint an uppercut which has Banshee reflexively backing away while protecting her face with her hands before he switches to a jab to her side abdomen to force her to lower her hands. It works and Michael hits a thrust kick to Banshee’s chest that has her flailing backwards before hunching over on one knee. Michael then pulls up Banshee and irish whips her hard to the corner. As Banshee slumps there, Michael charges at her but gets kicked in the chest instead. Michael bowls over backwards from impact and Banshee drops him with a wheelbarrow spike DDT. Michael rolls far after landing, holding his head. With a Cheshire grin on her face, Banshee takes her time to climb the nearest corner but that’s when the whole arena plunges into darkness as the lights go out.]

BM: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute! Where did the lights go?

TR: Usually when this happens, it’s The Banshee’s entrance but she’s right here!

BM: It could just be some sort of technical fault.

TR: Or someone else is messing with this match!

[After a long moment, the lights come back on as Banshee carefully climbs back down. By this point, Michael has pulled himself up and is waiting for Banshee to turn around. When Banshee does, Michael kicks her in the gut to double her over before executing his piledriver finisher, Diablo Driver. With Banshee knocked out, Michael goes for the pin but there’s barely any response from the crowd who’s still shaken and confused from the recent blackout.]





TH: And here’s your winner… Michael Diablo!

[“Badlands” by In Hearts Wake fills the arena, drawing at least some cheers from the fans this time. The rest of them in attendance however seems to have mixed feelings, a definite sense of uneasiness in the air. This doesn’t at all faze Michael though as he lets the referee raise his hand in victory before making his exit without a word. Banshee rolls over on her belly, clutching her head and looking in absolute bitter resentment for the victor.]

BM: Well, that was an interesting match. Congrats to Michael for defeating Banshee tonight! That’s gotta give a little dent in Bad Omens’ confidence going into Unearthed, right?

TR: Michael obviously had help from whoever turned off the arena lights! This win isn’t valid, okay? If it weren’t for that, I’m pretty sure Michael would be the one lying on his back in the middle of the ring right now.

[As Michael walks up the ramp, the live feed switches to Banshee who’s slowly dragging herself across the canvas towards the bottom ring rope with angry, unblinking eyes.]

user posted image

[We cut backstage, to the smiling face of one Stevie Trelain, side by side with, it has to be said, an apprehensive looking Katie Hanley. She tries to smile through the nerves, even flashing a little peace sign at the camera once the recording light turns on.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time challenges Angelica Layne for the Proving Grounds Championship later on tonight; please welcome, Katie Hanley, and Katie, quite a raucous Ruckus last week...

[The bit of word play gets a laugh out of both Stevie and Katie, the former seeming to find it a bit more funny than her Kiwi counterpart.]

ST: ...including your win over Rapid Fire Champion, Jessica Anderson. Before we get to that, though, I think we’ve gotta talk about this growing issue between yourself and Serena Maxwell. Obviously, she blamed you for the loss in the tag match a few weeks ago...

[Katie frowns a little bit at the reminder, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth just a couple times.]

ST: ...and attacked you, after the fact. Last week, you seemingly cost her her match against Minka Carter. You mentioned on Twitter, that’s not normally how you like to do things, I’m just wondering...why, I guess?

KH: Listen...yea, it was wrong of me to get involved in her match. I can own that. But, y’know, you get someone pushing buttons and...listen, I’m a competitive woman, Stevie. I hate to lose, I don’t even like the thought of losing, so trust me when I tell you, there was no one harder on me after that tag match than I was. But Serena...she tried to take that top spot. She kept pushing buttons, and just...

KH: Some point, you gotta stand up for yourself, y’know? She attacked me after the match, I couldn’t just let that go. I never laid a hand on her, I just stepped out onto the stage and watched the match. I’m not going to stand here and say it’s much better, but...if she doesn’t attack me after the match, we don’t have a problem. And I know, she’s already said the match was crucial to some “prophecy” or whatever, but...let’s be honest, we were an inexperienced team, facing one of the best teams in the world. The odds weren’t exactly in our favour in the first place.

ST: Later that same night, you had a great match with the Rapid Fire Champion, even coming away with the victory after a really hard hitting few minutes--and with a beautiful counter to the Stunned Silence.

KH: Listen...all credit to Jessica, she’s a brilliant competitor. I knew that match was gonna be tough, I had no doubt she was gonna be everything she was supposed to be and more, and she was. Like you said, it turned into a really hard hitting affair; I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I don’t run into women that can trade strikes with me very often, and Jessica was squared up, ready to go. I could not have been more impressed with her--or more proud of the fact that I actually got the win.

ST: Now, most people thought, you beating the Rapid Fire Champion, you’d be next in line for that title, is that what you were expecting?

[Katie takes a second, licking at her top row of teeth as she thinks about the question.]

KH: I mean, logically, yea. I would’ve expected a rematch, for that title, if anything at all. I certainly wasn’t expecting...this.

ST: A shot at the Proving Grounds Championship?

KH: And a match with Angelica Layne, who...

[Katie whistles a little bit, those nerves that went away after the brief laugh visibly on her face again.]

KH: Listen. She comes back from a major injury that’s kept her on the shelf for the better part of a year, and just knocks off Seth Iser like it’s another day at the office. I’ll be honest, as a wrestler and as a fan, that amazing moment, and I didn’t think in a million years I’d be stood in a ring with her...

[Katie chuckles a little bit, rubbing at the back of her neck.]

KH: Ever, honestly, let alone a couple weeks after she comes back, and as her first defense of a new championship. That’’s mad.

ST: Without meaning to disrespect Jessica Anderson, I think it’s safe to say this is the toughest test of your time in IYH so far--do you feel ready to face someone like Angelica, a former IYH Champion?

KH: She’s, uh...she’s definitely not someone I expected to be in a match with any time soon, and trying to prepare for someone like her in a week was the hardest thing I’ve done since I became a wrestler. She’s such a fantastic competitor, she’s really someone that, if you’re not on top of your game at all times, she’s going to make you pay for it--she did it against Seth Iser, he made one little mistake and it cost him the Proving Grounds Championship, be completely honest, I don’t know if I feel ready.

KH: I’m not gonna stand here and pretend like I know everything she’s going to do, or that I know counters to her counters’ counters, or whatever. What I am gonna say is I got a chance to see, first hand, just how good Angelica Layne is, and how impressive she was after a really devastating injury. I saw how impressive a fighter she is, and I’ve seen how impressive a champion she is, so I know tonight’s going to be, no question, the hardest match of my career.

KH: Whether I’m “prepared” for Angelica Layne or not, though? I have to be ready for this match. I have to be ready for this match, I have to be ready for the fight of my career. People would say there’s no shame in losing to her, given just how good she is, and how good she looked in that title match, I said, Stevie, I’m too competitive, I hate the idea of losing to someone, no matter how good they are. I’ve gotta be ready for anything she can throw at me, if I want even a hope of winning that title tonight.

[The Kiwi straightens her shoulders and draws a deep breath in, exhaling in one long sigh, then turns to glance at Stevie one last time.]

KH: I said from the off, I wanted to test myself against the best--tonight, I get to see how I compare to possibly the best in IYH’s history.

ST: I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic match, Katie. Good luck.

KH: Yea, thanks.

[Katie flashes a peace sign and a slightly more optimistic smile than she had a little while ago, turning and leaving the shot as we fade to black.]
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[The feed cuts to backstage where all five members of Bad Omens can be seen watching Shawn Fox on screen making his exit through the stage curtains, the sound of cheers from the IYH crowd fading out in the background. Surrounded by her peers, The Blue Dragon aka Stella Winters smirks to herself as she responds to what Shawn has just said.]

SW: Your stand? Who does he think he’s got there, a group of unbeatable heroes looking to save this company? From us? What do you see, Ikiryo? ‘Cause all I see is a bunch of clueless fucks thinking banding together would solve all their problems.

[The camera pans to The Ikiryo, or Seth Iser, who wears a dark robe. The hood over his head forms a great shadow over his face, only the hard set to his jawline is visible.]

SI: I see…a beautiful hill for five poor souls to die on. And the bones of their remains to help renovate our castle at the top.

[On his left is Dante Locke, aka The Hellhound. He snatches the camera with both hands as he turns it to face him next.]

DL: Oh you’re resolved, Shawn? Or is it more like, you’re forced to realign yourself to protect your championship by lazily recruiting people already looking for revenge against us.

[He scoffs before the camera moves on to The Banshee who merely snaps her jaw at it in intimidating fashion. The camera quickly passes over onto The Kraken, Marcus Blackbeard, who stands with arms crossed over his massive chest.]

MB: The same ones we’ve tormented and degraded in one way or another… Brutalised with our bare hands.

[The camera pans back to the left as Stella squeezes herself in between Marcus and Banshee, an arrogant look on her face. The camera zooms out to show the five of them standing in a row, with Banshee quietly resting her head on Stella’s shoulder with an evil grin.]

SW: So you see, Shawn? We don’t give a fuck who you’ve got on your stupid team. You’re five guys united by a fool’s hope but us? We’re a unit with a more long term goal. We. Are. Legion. And we’ve been this way since the very beginning. All the things we have caused, you think that’s all we’ve got? We’ve always had one single purpose. And nobody here has faced all five of Bad Omens at the same time. We-e-ll… maybe except for State of Anarchy. Hey, boys!

[Stella waggles her fingers at the camera with a mocking smile while Dante chuckles derisively and Banshee bites her index finger as if to stifle the laughter inside, now resting her elbow on his shoulder. On the other hand, Seth and Marcus just stares back in brooding silence on opposite ends of the row. Stella hugs Banshee with one arm and places her other hand on Marcus’ back.]

SW: Listen Shawn, we’re gonna beat all five of you and then I’m gonna take that IYH championship from you. Because our work has already long begun and you’re just now scrambling for a plan to take us out. But the truth is, you’re too late. You’re ALL too late. Now get the fuck out of my face!

[Both Stella and Banshee lunge at the camera and it swings down towards the floor. The cameraman’s shoes can be seen as he escapes for dear life. The scene abrupts cuts to black here.]

user posted image

[We go ringside where we join our announcers, looking rather serious. Or at least as serious as Tats can look.]

BM: Now, ladies and gentlemen, we take you away from the action for just a moment to talk about a subject that warrants discussion- Tats, what IS going on with Serena Maxwell?

TR: I dunno, Bri. I said it last week and I'll say it this week, too. Since War Enforcement disbanded, she's gone even more nuts than she was before. One minute she's telling everyone she's some sort of century-old servant of someone or other, next she's acting fine and talking like a normal person, then she's crying and saying she has no idea who she is!

BM: Very strange.

TR: And to top it all off, she has Diamond Jack Sabbath's mouthguard now and she's going round saying he's 'always with her now'. Have you read her Twitter?

BM: Well, she also seems to have fixated on Katie Hanley in recent weeks, who fights in our main event tonight against Angelica Layne for the Proving Grounds title, a huge opportunity for the up-and-comer. But during the week, we were sent the following footage for an anonymous source. Not often we actually have to say this but viewer discretion is advised as the images are disturbing.

[We cut to somewhere else, and the screen takes a notable dip in quality. We're in the middle of a dusty old wrestling ring in what appears to be a gym. Tied up in the middle of the ring is a small, skinny girl- clearly a trainee- struggling to break free but to no avail. Only we can't see her face. Her face is Katie Hanley's on a piece of cardboard, clearly cut from a poster of some kind. Off-camera, we hear voice of Serena Maxwell.]

SM: Hi there Katie Hanley. This is a very special place, isn't it?

[We hear the girl wimper, but we cannot see it behind the comically-large Katie-face.]

SM: Yeeeees, yes it is. You see, I think if we're going to be enemies, as you've chosen to become, I think it's important we both know who we are as people. Where we come from. I was forged in flames before time and rational belief were concepts and were born here, weren't you?

[Wimpering as Serena goes in closer, clearly the one holding the camera. She begins brushing her hair with her hand.]

SM: Oh yes. Yes you were, Katie Hanley! This very school in fact. Here in New Zealand. Oh, you had a life beforehand, yesyesyes, but that's meaningless to me. That wasn't what set you on the path to becoming what you were always meant to be- my personal enemy. My MORTAL enemy, even. Though, I guess you're all that to me. I needed to come here to understand you, and why you are the way you are. Why you think it's okay to stop me when I'm trying to eradicate the real villains like Minka Carter. I think it's destiny. I think you were drawn to me. It's early days, but I think you were made to be my own personal villain. Your 'squeaky clean' image, it's a distraction. The universe wants you to think you're a good person. But I am beyond reality. I know better. What do you think about this?

[She pulls her forward. Fake Katie wimpers.]

SM: Yes. I thought you'd say that. But I...

[Serena stops. Again, like last week, she stops. We do not see her but we hear it. The lip is quivering. She's gasping for breath in little bursts.]

SM: But why do I go to the lengths I go to, trying to work out who and why you are, what your purpose in this mortal realm is, when you wouldn't do the same for me? Why don't you want to understand me, Katie? Only he did. He used to call me 'brilliant'. No one calls me that. He was special. I was special. I AM SPECIAL.

[She stops brushing fake-Katie's hair and grabs it in a clump, pulling her head back, causing her to scream. Her own crying has stopped and been replaced with a serious, intimidating tone.]

SM: Tell me I'm SPECIAL, Katie! Do it.

[Fake Katie Hanley keeps crying.]

FKH: You're special!

SM: Say my name.

FKH: Serena.

SM: Louder.

FKH: Serena!




[The fake Katie starts her name but it eventually breaks down into wailing and bawling. After a few seconds of watching, observing quietly, Serena removes the slapdash Katie Hanley mask to reveal the trainee's real face. She's basically a sea of tears and ruined mascara, as you'd probably expect. Serena strokes her face.]

SM: Now...what have you learned? You've learned that the universe has a place for everyone. Katie Hanley's place is to be my villain, which she will be. Yours? Well...all knowing as I am due to the intelligence bestowed upon me by the Great Foretold, I can tell you that your place is certainly not in this ring. It may surprise you to know there are worse things in the cosmos than Serena Maxwell. And look at you. You can't even get past me. Don't become this school's next Katie Hanley. Find your real purpose. Leave, mortal. Don't come back. Just Run.

[Serena moves away, putting her hand on top of the camera as she turns it around. She is wearing a spiked leather jacket, identical to the one worn by Diamond Jack Sabbath but a few sizes smaller. She is about to turn the camera off, clearly, until we hear it.]

FKH: Fuck you.

[We do not see all of Serena's face. Only the bottom of it. Her chin and mouth. She slowly begins to smile.]

SM: Well now I have an excuse.

[She reaches inside her pocket, puts on the black mouthguard, and drops the camera on the ground. The video cuts out here, right as we begin to hear a cry for help. Suddenly we're back in the Showground with our announcers, who look decidedly disturbed.]

TR: I...I have no words.

BM: Now, I've been informed that the rookie didn't suffer anything career-threatening but...dear lord, what's going on with Serena Maxwell?

TR: did she even get there? How'd she get in to do all of that?

BM: I don't know and to be honest, I don't want to know.The only thing I know is that Serena Maxwell is completely out of control and it's only getting worse...

user posted image

Singles Match
The Ikiryo vs Katie Montes


[Katie sizes up Iser, The Ikiryo stares back at her and then she moves quickly for a Jumping Knee Strike! It’s a good shot, but she doesn’t quite get enough height to do real stunning damage. She evades Seth’s sweep and grab, his big hands almost grasping her but not quite. Katie uses her relative speed to stay one step ahead of Iser, dancing about as best she can and trying to ‘pick and stick’ where possible with chops, elbows, and a few punches. None of them are particularly effective, at least on the surface but Montes keeps chipping away at the stone so to speak and her rapid movements serve her well for the first portion of the match.

Towards the second portion however, Seth finally gets hold of Katie and yanks her up for his Bossman Slam, Pillar of Truth!


The impact of her form echoes over the ringside area and she arches up, kicking her feet. Seth goes for a pin but the plucky Montes throws up a shoulder at two! Seth looks disgruntled but keeps his temper for now, levering up to his feet he pulls her up with him and sets her into a Delayed Vertical Suplex, marching around the ring with Montes before he drops her hard to the mat again.


He moves to stomp her head then but Katie quickly rolls under the ropes and onto the apron where she gets to her feet and as he reaches over the ropes for her she unleashes a trifecta of European Uppercuts! Seth reels back and she hops the ropes, a little gingerly but she catches him up for a lovely Hangman’s Neckbreaker, and gets her first pin attempt but no, only a two as Seth kicks out with authority.]

BM: A game Katie Montes here tonight but Seth is just on another level, he seems so grim after losing his Proving Grounds Championship to Angelica Layne.

[Katie manages to set up her Hokuto No Ken, the lightning fast punches have Iser reeling, apparently all that work she did earlier is now paying off. She goes for her Springboard Roundhouse Kick, the You Wa Shock, but no! Seth caught her leg and took her down with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip! He takes the stunned Katie and sets her up on the top turnbuckle, climbing up with her and the fans gasp as they come off the top, Montes trying her hardest to fight but no, that Superplex happens! Both are winded and Seth takes a couple seconds to recover, but then he moves to pin and at the last possible second, Katie kicks out!!]

BM: OH! The fans thought that Seth had her right there!

TR: So did Seth, oh man is he hot! That poor referee!

[Seth is in the face of the referee yelling and yet here’s Katie, she’s kept her cool and she moves to catch him with a classic Schoolboy Roll Up but NOOOO!! Seth grabs her by the head and eye rakes her, shoving her to the mat. He stomps around and Katie manages to fight back with a Drop Toe Hold, but he catches himself on the ropes with his hands and hits her with a Big Boot to the face! She topples and Seth grabs her on the way down for his Desolation DDT!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… Seth Iser...THE IKIRYO!

BM: Just vicious, Tats.

TR: I hate to say it, but really Katie did her best but Seth was just too angry to lose!

[Gehenna by Slipknot plays, and Seth barely allows the referee to raise his hand before he exits the ring. Katie sits up and looks disappointed, but obviously the fans cheer her for her good effort.]

user posted image

[The show cuts to backstage where Angelica Layne is sitting in her locker room lacing up her boots. The Proving Grounds Championship is spotted next to her as she speaks out loud to someone in the room.]

AL: Last season I was treated like some kind of monster half the time and now I have Emery Layton all dougheyed when she sees me backstage or even this new Katie Hanley practically fucking fangirling all cause she gets a shot at me, not just the belt….me. It’s fucking weird, Mike.

[The camera pans out a little to show Michael Diablo sitting across from her in the room.]

MD: Hmm.

AL: Right? So what, I beat Seth Iser, the only people that doubted that that was going to happen was the terrorist himself and his merry-band of fuckwits. Probably Tats too...yeah...most likely Tats. And the fuck was with that bitch Fox earlier tonight? You think he’s salty cause I called it like it was on Twitter? It aint my fault he hasn’t done a whole hell of a lot to be worthy of that belt. The biggest accomplishment he has is that he had the willpower to not strangle she who shall not be named when he was depressed enough to be in a relationship with her.

[Mike laughs, but not the type of laugh that can be heard, one of those quick breath out of the nose type of laughs with a slight nod in agreement. His facial expression barely even flinched. Angelica stood up, picking the belt up with her. Mike watches as she flips the belt onto her shoulder, watching the gleam of the belt.]

AL: That said, he was smart enough to have you on his team at Unearthed. You missed the party last drag them all to hell this year.

[She smirks at him as she makes her way over to him, leaning down so they’d be at eye length with one another.]

AL: My eyes are right here, Michael…

[Mike turns to her with a smirk, and Angelica gives him a quick peck on the lips before letting out a chuckle.]

AL: Save your voice, darling. It’s time I was getting out there and showing the kids how it’s done in the ring.

[Angelica pushes herself up straight before heading towards the door, Michael letting out a chuckle of his own before following behind her. Angelica walks out of the shot as Mike turns the other way to leave, but is stopped as Sean Hazard steps into shot, the fans cheering. Sean seems a little taken aback, clearly not expecting to run into Mike. Mike looks… well, like Mike.]

SH: Yo Mike, wassup?

[Mike lets the question hang for a second.]

MD: Is that an actual inquiry as to what is up, or are you saying it as a way to greet me?

[Sean laughs at the question. Mike does not.]

SH: Annnnnnnyway, looks like we’re gonna be teammates at Unearthed?

MD: I had wondered if Fox had followed up with you after his not at all sudden tweet.

SH: Yeh he has, and you bet your fucking arse I’m in. After what they did to Max, and then what they did to me a few weeks ago, I’m down for some payback!

[Mike nods.]

MD: I understand the feeling. They cost me a match, they will pay.

[Sean looks at Mike as if waiting for him to list more things. He does not.]

SH: And that’s all?

MD: Perhaps you didn’t hear me, Hazard. They. Cost. Me. A. Match.

SH: ...Right. In any case its good to have you on the team, you kick major arse.

[Mike nods.]

MD: Mhm.

SH: Alright… cool… anyway man, good chat. I’ll leave you to it.

[Mike nods as Sean somewhat awkwardly walks past him and out of shot, the camera cutting away.]

user posted image

[The scene fades in to show Jessica Anderson standing by alongside Stevie Trelain, IYHWF’s resident interviewer. Jessica has the Rapid Fire Championship draped over her shoulder, tightly gripping onto it.]

ST: Jessica, last week you were pinned by Katie Hanley. In the main event, no less. As the Rapid Fire Champion, and with Unearthed just around the corner, what does that do to your momentum?

JA: It’s far from the ideal situation. I was on a roll before that point, but I’ve not been stopped dead in my tracks. Yes, my momentum has been slowed down. But I’m still one of the breakout stars of season 2, and I’m still the Rapid Fire Champion – despite all the odds and all my doubters suggesting I wouldn’t be.

ST: So, don’t you think your loss to Katie will have any long-term consequences for you here?

[Jessica takes a minute to ponder and reflect, before confidently shaking her head.]

JA: No. One loss doesn’t define me. Katie Hanley was the better woman last week – she beat me fair and square. As a result, she has earned herself a shot at Angie’s Proving Grounds Championship. While I believe that Katie more than proved herself to me last week, what better way to truly prove that you belong at the top of the card than a victory over Angelica Layne – for a title, no less? She’s got a fantastic opportunity, and I wish her all the best.

ST: Okay, so we know that Katie Hanley has an excellent opportunity ahead of her. But what about you? What about your plans for Unearthed?

[Jessica strokes her chin, contemplating her response.]

JA: I plan on doing what I always do: walk into the event fully intending on putting on the best performance possible. It doesn’t matter who it’s against. I’ve faced opponents of all shapes and sizes; I’m not afraid of anybody. I’ve overcame the odds time and time again that I pay no attention to them anymore. I want this Championship to be THE Championship; the one that everybody wants to challenge for. Yes, it’s a shame to only be limited to ten minute matches, because I’m sure the paying fans in attendance would willingly watch us all do our stuff for an hour. But it’s the Rapid Fire Championship for a reason, and so far nobody has been able to do it better than an Anderson. That won’t be changing any time soon!

[Jessica grins, confidently stretching her arm out to hold the Rapid Fire title to the lens of the camera, using her index finger to gently tap on the centreplate.]

ST: Thank you for your time, Jessica.

[Jess flashes a smile, muttering “you’re welcome” to Stevie before she spins on her heel, exciting the scene and leaving it to fade to black.]

user posted image

Proving Grounds Championship
Singles Match
Angelica Layne © vs Katie Hanley


[The two wrestlers circle the ring before approaching the centre to trade kicks. Angelica switches to punches that gains her the upperhand to drop Katie on her knees with a back kick. Angelica hits the far ropes and charges at Katie who counters with a well-timed arm drag. As Angelica pulls herself up, Katie bounces off the opposite ropes, only to get taken down with a clothesline. While Katie rises to her knees, Angelica hits the ropes again and Katie does the same. Angelica quickly diverts and bends over, forcing Katie to roll across her back. As Katie turns around, Angelica swings a huge left hook but misses when Katie ducks and slingshots herself across the ring. But this time, Angelica regains control when she catches Katie with a slingblade. Angelica goes for the pin but Katie kicks out after one.]

BM: Angelica just dominating right out the gate tonight.

TR: Katie needs to step up her game or else this will be a short fight. It’s like Angelica’s being fed easy challengers here, come on!

BM: Don’t count out Katie just yet! She got here for a reason.

[As Katie pulls herself up, Angelica scoops her up with a rear headlock. Katie struggles for an escape while the the crowd gets fired up in excitement. Katie flails around, looking for the ropes. With a wicked look on her face, Angelica keeps Katie down on one knee with her boot. After much struggling, Katie somehow gets to vertical base again and runs Angelica backwards into the corner. This forces the champ to release the hold. As Katie catches her breath, Angelica drops her on her knees again and kicks her back hard. Katie falls on her face and rolls across the mat to the ropes. Angelica approaches but gets stopped by the referee, allowing Katie to regroup. Katie doesn’t take too long to return to her feet as they circle the ring before getting into a clinch in the middle. This time, Angelica hits Katie’s midsection with hard knees but the plucky challenger recovers fast enough to retaliate with her own knee strikes before backing up to take down Angelica with an effective leg kick. As Angelica stands up again, Katie looks for a snapmare but Angelica blocks it despite Katie’s efforts. Katie then softens up Angelica some more with another knee strike to the chest. Angelica staggers back, clutching her chest. Katie proceeds to wear down the champ with leg kicks and a final shoot kick that snaps Angelica on her back. Katie looks for an enzuigiri but misses as Angelica evades it in the nick of time, drawing a collective gasp from the crowd. Angelica scrambles to her feet as Katie spins around to charge at her, only to get taken down with a huge sidewalk slam. Katie rolls across the ring to get some distance before pulling herself up by the ropes. Angelica rushes at Katie who quickly moves out of the way, making the champ take a tumble out of the ring. The impact has Angelica rolling onto all fours after the landing and she slowly returns to her feet, looking dazed. Katie wastes no time to take down Angelica with a suicide dive and the crowd goes wild.]

BM: And THAT’S how you make a statement against the champ! What a suicide dive by Katie! Angelica didn’t see that one coming!

TR: It’s a terrible, unnecessary risk! Can she make the pin right now? Nope!

[Both women take their time to recover, with Katie being the first one to stand, just barely. Katie struggles to get Angelica back inside the ring for the pin but the champ somehow gets her shoulder up before three. The IYH crowd applauds for both their efforts in the title match, encouraging Katie to pull herself up in the corner. Meanwhile, Angelica takes her time to regain her bearings as she uses the ropes to stand. Katie charges at Angelica who looks to counter with a roundhouse kick but Katie ducks and hits the ropes for a rebounding dropkick that has the champ bowling over backwards. As Angelica pulls herself up, Katie irish whips her to the far corner and follows up with a huge high knee to the face. The impact leaves Angelica to collapse on the mat. When Angelica pushes herself up on her knees, Katie seizes the opportunity for her vicious switchblade kick signature, knocking the champ’s head back hard onto the canvas. The crowd leaps to their feet as Katie goes for the pin, hooking both of Angelica’s legs.]







[Angelica kicks out just before three which shocks Katie as she looks up at the referee in disbelief. While Angelica recovers, the clearly exhausted Katie takes her time to catch her breath and regroup. Katie sets up Angelica to sit up before delivering a brutal shoot kick to her back. Angelica arches her back, frozen temporarily in agony. Katie proceeds to pull up Angelica but the champ starts fighting back with punches. With Angelica on her knees, she continues to batter Katie with effective body shots. But Katie backs away, only to return with a solid shoot kick to the chest. As Angelica sways on her knees, Katie hits the ropes behind. But on the rebound, Angelica shoots up to vertical base and counters with her perfectly-timed discus clothesline signature that crushes Katie onto the mat. The crowd goes crazy again as Angelica brings up Katie to her feet before taking her down hard with her spinning Unprettier finisher, Demise. With Katie no longer moving, Angelica goes for the cover.]







TH: And here’s your winner… AND STILL the In Your House Proving Grounds champion, Angelica Layne!

[The excitement around the arena is at an all-time high as “Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch blasts through the speakers. The referee hands over the Proving Grounds championship back to Angelica before raising her hand in victory. Angelica slaps the title faceplate with a smile as she then pulls away to leave the ring, nearly collapsing from exhaustion as she rolls under the bottom rope.]

BM: Congratulations, Angelica, for a successful first title defense! She has always been known as a fighting champion and it looks like the injury and time away didn’t affect that at all!

TR: Alright, alright. That was a great match, I’ll give ya that.

[As Angelica disappears through the curtains, Katie slowly comes to and after the referee explains what happened, she looks up with disappointment. But her efforts don’t go unnoticed as the fans cheer and clap for her. Katie bows to them in respect and gratitude before preparing to make her exit. But suddenly someone can be seen running into the ring and it’s none other than Serena Maxwell. Serena attacks the unsuspecting Katie from behind with a hard forearm shot to the head. Katie falls on the mat, allowing Serena to batter her with more merciless shots to the head.]

BM: Hey, it’s Serena! Aww come on, Katie’s in no position to defend herself right now!

TR: Holy shit, look at her go with those punches!

BM: Somebody call security right now!

[The referee tries to help but Serena shoves him away. This gives Katie the opening to retaliate with a few good shots to Serena’s face but the surviving member of the now defunct War Enforcement eventually regains the upperhand and continues to beat the shit out of Katie. Soon enough, security members come running from the back to stop the brawl and separate them. The camera shows Serena kicking and screaming and Katie yelling and nearly collapsing while holding her head in agony.]

TR: Yeesh! It’s like Serena just wants nothing but to tear Katie’s head from her shoulders!

BM: I bet in her crazy head, that’s exactly what she has planned!

TR: Too bad our feed is about to cut, but I'm next week something will happen between these two.

BM: Indeed Tats, until then, goodnight everyone!

[The show fades.]
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