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 Ruckus 58
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Jan 16 2018, 03:02 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The show opens up within the Melbourne Showgrounds to an amped up crowd. As always the camera pans across the crowds before resting on the announce table.]

BM: Welcome back once again to yet another Ruckus!

TR: We got a bunch of meh matches before the amazing main event which has our Rapid Fire Champion, the wonderful, the beautiful Jessica Anderson.

BM: As always ignore Tats as we have other great matches here tonight. We kick off the show with Katie Montes and Kristina Spencer as they face off in a rematch….

TR: Who?

BM: One got divorced over the break and the other...well...I guess she got tired of being “Krissy”

TR: Some peoples children, shaking my head. Anyway, after that we’ll see Layton and Fenric got head to head with the super cool Super Nash Bros!

BM: And following that we have a highly anticipated match as Serena Maxwell takes on Minka Carter.

TR: Then we’ll see former tag team champions Jetpack face off against the loud and obnoxious Southern Hostility, YEHAW!

BM: …..don’t ever do that again. And then in our Main Event, Jessica Anderson faces off against Katie Hanley, who seems beyond determined to prove herself within In Your House. Will she have what it takes to defeat our Rapid Fire Champion in a non-title match?

TR: Not on your life, Bry! Jessica has worked way too hard for far too long to let some nobody try to knock her down from her streak!

BM: Before we get into the action, lets take a peek at what Katie Montes had to say earlier tonight.

user posted image

[The view cuts to recently-renamed Katie Montes sitting behind a table in her wrestling gear, face cupped in her gloved hands. She groans as her hands slide down to lie flat on the table, revealing the brunette's face right before she lies her head on her arm, akin to what many students do in school.]

KM: The fans, my co-workers, my friends elsewhere, what's left of my family... even my enemies all deserve better from me. They all expect better of me, and damn it if I don't deliver better than the shit from a shit fountain effort I gave at Wrath Of The Gods. I should expect better of myself... even if I don't a lot of the time. It comes to a point where it seems like I have to bully myself just to make myself do what I set my mind on... and even then, it doesn't pan out. I won't make excuses for Wrath Of The Gods, because I don't need to. I got pinned, and I'm probably right back to the start of the line for the Rapid Fire Championship contendership. That's all there really is to it. Well, except for one little thing...

[Katie lifts her head up and clasps her hands together, taking a deep breath.]

KM: Pinned... by an ass. That's what happened last time I was around IYH. I was pinned by Krissy Spencer's ass, and I'm not gonna forget the embarrassment I felt that night. I've been in a rut ever since. I haven't stepped foot in an IYH ring since. I've not been in Australia since. I've not even left the southwest United States since until last week at FGA's Vertigo. The sheer humiliation followed me to Trenton, New Jersey, and I put down someone in nearly six minutes... and it still follows me back to Melbourne. Except it won't be humiliation, but rather, it'll be motivation. Motivation to EARN a more permanent spot on every Ruckus. Motivation to EARN a title shot. Motivation to eventually EARN every singles title I possibly can, be it in IYH, FGA, BUDOKAN GAIJIN, BSFW... wherever I am, I'm going to kickstart my way to all the singles titles I can with this match.

[Montes gets up from the chair, using it as a step onto the table.]

KM: You have no idea how badly I need to win this. If I don't... well, I don't know what I'll do aside from keep trying until I can't. That's all I can do. I bully myself because it makes me do what I put my mind to, to paraphrase an Eminem verse. That's why I'm always down on myself. That's why I'm such a pessimist. That's why I never seem to get my hopes up. Because I know they can get DASHED! By someone sitting on them and squashing them, or by someone kicking them in the gut and tossing them to the side, or they'll just run away on their own like a bitch. That's not my fate. I honestly don't know what that fate is, but I can only hope that it's something great... but some things one just has to force for that something great, and whether or not it's my fate, I'm going out there to drive Krissy's skull through the mat and winning my Ruckus return. See y'all there.

[Katie jumps down from the table and off frame, as the view cuts to ringside.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Katie Montes vs Kristina Spencer


[Kristina mocks Katie as soon as the bell rings, running circles around her despite the fact that Katie is also a speedy wrestler. They feint a few attacks towards one another until Kristina slides around behind her and yanks her right up by her chest for a Boob Plex, her Handful of Fun! Katie seems a bit shocked by this but she kicks out strongly at two. Katie gets some payback with a Spinning Forearm Strike and as Krissy reels she hits her with a rapid fire succession of five Knife Edge Chops! She doesn’t relent, pushing Spencer back into the ropes and hits her here with several lightning fast punches to the head, and as she backs away from the ropes she hits her with a Springboard Roundhouse Kick! She drops and covers, but Krissy throws up a shoulder at two and a half!]

BM: I’m thinking that maybe Katie took a little offense at the Boob Plex… that was just a vicious attack.

TR: I think she calls that the Hokuto No Ken followed up with a You Wa Shock but I’ve got no idea why.

BM: What?

TR: I mean I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean or reference. Is it like a video gamer thing? A cartoon? Some underground manga or comic?

BM: It’s really odd when you get all introspective about things, Tats. Oh what a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge on from Krissy! But no, Katie kicks out at two!

[A Hangman’s Neckbreaker puts Katie back into the driver’s seat for the match, a pair of near falls later though Krissy takes control with a fast Snap Suplex and rolls to her feet, as Katie lurches up she catches her with a Step Up Enzuigiri! Here goes Krissy right for the top rope, looking for A Wicked Good Time, the Moonsault crisp as she brings in her knees to land them into Katie’s chest but NO! Katie rolls to the side at the last second and Krissy crashes and burns! The fans wince as she rolls around on the mat holding her knees as Katie takes a little bit longer to get a little more energy recovered next to her.]

BM: You just hate to see something like that Tats, Krissy could be hurt!

TR: OH! If she wasn’t before I bet she is now! What a kick!

[Sure enough here’s Katie with her Running Curbstomp, Chaos Drive! Krissy takes it fully and down she goes, as Katie drops and hooks both legs for the cover!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… KATIE MONTES!

BM: Katie kept her cool and came away with the victory!

TR: Eh. I was hoping Krissy got it, she gets so happy when she wins.

[Speedom by Tech N9ne ft. Krizz Kaliko and Eminem plays as Katie has her hand raised in victory, she smiles brightly as she celebrates and leaves the ring with a bounce in her step. In the ring Krissy rails at the referee, kicking the ropes before she too leaves the ring, a hand to her head and a slight limp from her bad landing as she walks.]

user posted image

[On the corridor backstage leading to Gorilla position, we join Adam Fenric. His big, magnificent cape drags along the ground as the Futurist is followed by an enthusiastic Emery Layton. She currently has two titles- the Supreme XWA Championship and the Union Battleground Trench War Championship- draped over her shoulders, connected together like a scarf. She runs after him like a smaller dog trying to catch up to a massive bulldog.]

EL: Adam! Oi! Adam!

AF: What?

EL: What do you call the Super Nash Brothers when the DTFs get too much for them?

AF: *sigh* I don't know.

EL: Super Rash Brothers. Cos they'd have rashes. Like, I mean, assuming they end up with some trashy people. Being DTF don't get you no princes, lemme tell ya now.

AF: Emery, can we stop this?

EL: Why?

AF: Because you have been doing this for an hour and it's nauseating.

EL: Really? Naah. I don't buy that. I see that look in your eye, you love this...Hey, what do you call the Super Nash Brothers when they've got money flowing out of their arses?

[Adam rolls his eyes.]

AF: Emery, please. No more.

EL: Super Cash Brothers.

[Adam speeds up.]

AF: Enough of this!

EL: You can run all you want, but there is no running from jokes in the world of Emery Layton! 'Sides, we got a match next. There's a load more where this comes from!

AF: How could there be more? How many more tenuous links could you possibly find?

EL: I dunno. Someone said I had a face for puns once. Didn't really get what he meant by that. Regardless, you're stuck with this!

AF: Ugh. The sooner we defeat these dimwits, the better.

EL: Oh, don't gimme that. You're well pleased. Hey! Wait up!

[As they disappear off-screen, Adam before Emery, the voice of Brian Morris occupies the airwaves.]

BM: Layton & Fenric are in action NEXT on Ruckus!

user posted image

[The top of the arena in the rafters seem like a lonely place there and being out in front of it all is Seth Iser just staring downward toward the ring but his shoulders are hunched a little bit. His pride deeply wounded and the loss from last week visibly effecting him. You can hear the boos from the audience but some of that starts to transition into a ‘You tapped out’ chant. Iser obviously doesn’t hear that but there’s just a look on his face of great pain and deeper seeded anger.]

ST: Hey Seth.

[Stevie interjects in with her voice and Iser doesn’t notice her or even flinch. It’s almost like he’s tuned her and everything else out. His suit is all messed up and his hair is just a disorganized mess along with the beard. There’s dark circles under his eyes as well.]

ST: I just want to get your thoughts on what happened last week where you lost your championship to Angelica Layne.

[Iser looks as if he doesn’t hear the question as the microphone is stuck near his face. He doesn’t even react to it. He’s almost a statue...just frozen in place as if he’s still trying to comprehend his loss and digest the giant wound it was to his ego and pride.]

ST: Um...Seth?

[For the second time Seth doesn’t even react to what is being said to him at all. Just frozen there...still trying to digest what happened. His shoulders still slouched...his head hanging down slightly and both the wounded look mixed with some anger deep in his eyes.]

ST: What about what could be done going forward? The five on five still get a crack at Shawn Fox even if there’s no championship implications for you right now. You looking forward to that.

[Iser doesn’t even react to that name either as he just stares downward...borderline depressed at what he had endured.]

ST: Maybe even a potential match with Owen since you keep saying his name later?

[Once again there’s no reaction from Seth to the young woman asking him questions. Not even to that name.]

ST: Well is the rematch for the Proving Grounds title coming? You could get one whenever you want.

[Iser finally tilts his head slightly to make eye contact with the interview woman. He tilts his jaw slightly teasing as if he might speak before he just shakes his head, still utterly wounded from what happened last week before he walks away from Stevie and the interview entirely and the young woman just looks off quizzically toward the exiting Iser.]

ST: ...That was not what I expected...

user posted image

Tag Team Match
Layton & Fenric vs Super Nash Bros

[Both teams are in their respective corners deciding who is going to Start. Adam stands in the ring as Emery goes to leave, and Tyson and Chad each insist the other starts the match. Adam changes his mind and leaves the ring, forcing Emery to reluctantly start the match, causing Chad and Tyson to then start arguing over who gets to start, with Chad eventually winning out. The bell rings as he blows Emery a kiss.]


BM: I have no words for these two.

TR: I have three, Bry. Classy. As. Fuck.

[Emery and Chad lock up, Chad seeming to do it weakly, letting Emery transition into a side headlock. As soon as she does Chad grabs her and motorboats her, forcing her to immediately let go and recoil in disgust. Chad uses this to charge her down with a series of clotheslines, before irish whipping her into his corner. He charges at her as Emery throws a back elbow into Tyson’s face, moving out of the way as Chad goes for a leaping corner splash, his head accidentally crashing right into Tyson’s, knocking him off the apron. Emery has already had enough as she leaps to the top rope, nailing Chad with The Prikasa (Top Rope Diving Cutter.) She goes for the pin but the ref states that the tag was made when their heads collided. Tyson pulls himself up as the ref explains it, pointing to his head and exclaiming how smart they are as the fans boo.]

BM: Layton and Fenric would have had a short night if not for a lucky break for The Super Nash Bros!

TR: What are you talking about? That was genius level tactics there by The Super Nash Bros!

BM: ...You’re kidding me, right?

TR: Are you not watching the same match I am, Bry? These boys are genius!

[Emery wastes no time as she sprints to the other side of the ring before coming back and nailing Tyson with a suicide dive. She drags him back in the ring before tagging in Adam. Adam opens his wrestling clinic, systematically picking apart various parts of Tyson’s body, occasionally locking in submissions, causing him to scream in a high pitch. This catches Adam somewhat off guard and causes the ref to recoil. Tyson uses this opportunity to boot Adam in the face and dive for the tag, tagging in Chad. Chad has a full head of steam and charges right at Adam… who immediately takes him down with an arm drag and goes back to it without missing a step, making Chad also shriek in a high pitch. Even despite this, Chad fights on, not tapping to various submissions. Adam has now had enough, picking up Chad and irish whipping him into a corner before charging in with a corner enzuigiri, which Chad narrowly ducks under. He manages to get behind Adam and nails him with a half nelson bulldog. He gets the tag to Tyson who goes to head to the top rope. Emery gets in the ring to make the save but Chad cuts her off with a takedown that looks very similar to just a running hug, both of them rolling out of the ring. The fans boo as Tyson gets to the top rope, cupping his hands around his mouth shouting:

TN: D! T! F!

[He then dives from the top rope hitting Fenric dead on with a picture perfect Frog Splash!]
TR: The DTF Splash! He got all of it!

BM: ...What? I mean yes, yes he did! The leg is hooked!



BM: He kicked out! Thank you god!

[Adam powers his shoulder up just before 3, and Tyson can’t believe it. He goes to a corner and stalks Adam as he gets up. While he does, Emery finally manages to get free of Chad on the outside, irish whipping him hard into the steel ring steps before climbing back on the apron. Tyson charges at Adam looking for Also The One True Spear (Spear) but Adam sidesteps as Emery springboards from the top rope spiking him with The Prikasa! (Top Rope Diving Cutter.) Adam then easily locks in Goodbye Cruel World (Bridging Grounded Double-Chickenwing) causing Tyson to all but immediately tap out.]


TH: Here are your winners, by way of submission… Layton and Fenric!

TR: I truly feel like a light was snuffed out this day.

BM: Impressive victory by Layton and Fenric tonight. While The Super Nash Bros have an… unorthodox style, taking them lightly can cost you, and it almost did tonight.

TR: It came down to experience Bry, that’s all it was. You give these boys time and they are gonna be In Your House Tag Champs, mark my words.

[Layton and Fenric get their hands raised as the cameras cut away.]

user posted image

[Ringside! We join our announcers in between matches, as they look straight towards us.]

BM: Well, it's been an amazing night of action so far but before we bring you our next match, we're going backstage for a minute to join Stevie Trelain.

TR: Ooh! I wonder who she's about to talk to!

[Suddenly we switch to the backstage corridor! We join a cautious Stevie Trelain, who is approaching with nothing but a microphone and her wits. And a crew too, obviously. In fact, she turns to said crew as they approach a corner, a look of quiet concern on her face.]

ST: Alright. Anything could happen here, guys...

[And as they turn the corner, they see her. Crouched down under shade, looking at the floor. Muttering to something she holds in her hands. "Unexplainable" Serena Maxwell doesn't even notice Stevie- and our- approach.]

SM: They're not real. Demons aren't real. Minka says they're real but they're not. Nothing is. No one is. No one but you. No one but you and me. You were the most real person I have ever known. We're beyond Minka Carter. We're beyond Katie Hanley. We're beyond them all of th--

ST: Serena?

[She stops muttering. Slowly she turns, her hands clasped shut. Her ridiculously long hair is draped over her face, only the lense in her eye visible through it all. It stares at Stevie, who begins to wonder whether she'll regret what she's doing. But still, she continues.]

ST: Hi. Er...just wondering if we could get some words on why you attacked Katie Hanley last week?

SM: Words?

ST: Well...reasons.

[Serena brushes her hair back as she rises to her feet, approaching an apprehensive Stevie.]

SM: Why do you need to know? What makes you think you could ever possibly comprehend the task I was set a thousand years ago?

ST: A thousand years ago, Serena? Huh.

SM: Are you mocking me?

ST: Nono, it's just...

SM: Are you mocking the prophecy that The Foretold set for me? Hmm. Of course you are. Your puny mortal mind could never understand the brilliance of the masterplan that we forged in fire centuries ago!

[She grabs Stevie's cheek but the interviewer doesn't take it, pulling back at the very touch.]

ST: Look, I just wanna know why you attacked Katie Hanley last week. Everyone's calling you a sore loser and this is your chance to correct them.

[Serena begins to speak, but stops. Her previously playful demeanor turns to one of...anguish. In a way, she seems smaller, meeker, as tears begin to roll down her cheeks.]

SM: I don't...I don't know. I don't know why I...she was there and...and I saw her and I...I just didn't want to lose but she...

[The tears continue as Stevie lowers her guard somewhat, but not without looking to her crew with a look of confusion as Serena begins to get hysterical.]

SM: I don't know why I do the things I do but I just do them sometimes and I follow people and I do as they say but now I've got no one and I just don't know what to do with myself and I don't know Stevie I just don't know and everyone things I'm a bad person now and I feel like no one understands me I feel like no one has ever understood me ever since I was a kid and I just want someone to tell me it's okay I just want someone to tell me I'll be alright. Everyone thinks he was such a bad guy but he was always good to me but now he isn't here and I don't know what to do with myself anymore. I just wanna know who I am!

[Serena throws her hand over her face and begins bawling. Stevie is quiet for a moment.]

ST: Hey. I'm sorry if I was a bit confrontational there. Listen, it's gonna be okay. There are people who can help yo--

[But as Stevie attempts to rest a reassuring hand on Serena's shoulder, the Unexplainable one takes her hand away from her face and catches her wrist in her hand. She's no longer crying. She stares into the eyes of Stevie Trelain, as she raises her eyebrows and a half-smile.]

SM: It's so simple.

[She releases her hand back to her. Serena snifflles and wipes her eyes with one hand, suddenly appearing to be fine. More fine than she's ever appeared to be before.]

SM: You can choose to be whoever you wanna be when you've no one to stop you or tell you otherwise. You can be the woman who thinks she's a thousand year old warrior. You can be the broken, delicate little flower who just wants to know her place in this tiny, weeny world of ours. You don't need to know who I am or whether I care about people calling me a 'sore loser'. All you need to know is that I choose to be the enemy of Katie Hanley and anyone who gets in my way.

[Serena begins to leave, but Stevie...she just can't stop herself.]

ST: So which one is it, then? Thousand-year old warrior or broken woman? You didn't actually say.

[Serena stops to think, seemingly even puzzled by this herself.]

SM: Hm. You ask good questions. But again, you don't need to know. And to be honest, being Katie's enemy isn't the only thing you need to know about me. The other thing you should know is that I may appear to be alone now...

[Finally she opens the hand she's kept closed this entire time to reveal what she's holding. A mouthguard. Specifically, the one that belonged to Diamond Jack Sabbath. Stevie looks up at Serena, who grins back at her, maniacally. Serena leans in close for her next seven words.]

SM: ...But he will never, ever leave me.

[Slowly, she places the mouthguard in to her mouth, biting down on it aggressively as she leaves. Stevie now turns back to us, visibly shaken.]

ST: Back to you in the...

[And after a 'cut' gesture from Stevie, we go back to Brian and Tats at ringside once again.]

BM: That was...something.

TR: Dear God. I don't know whether Serena Maxwell was crazier in War Enforcement or now!

BM: Either way, this spells trouble. She's completely insane, and I think she's getting worse...
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Jan 16 2018, 03:07 PM

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user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage and we see the members of Southern Hostility in their dressing room, still getting ready for their match with Jetpack. Amanda is on the ground doing last minute stretching, Colton is lacing up his second boot, and Clayton is off to the right with his feet propped up on a bench. Clayton breaks the silence and begins to speak.]

Clay: Tonight, you two have actually got opponents that have a name around here. Y'all gotta take em' out if you plan on turning heads. The Modern Day Zeros were easy work. Tonight will be a little tougher but we all know that when y'all are on your game, ain't nobody can touch you.

[Amanda looks over at Clay before continuing to stretch as she responds.]

AH: I take every opponent serious, no matter what their talent level is...or isn't.

[Clayton shakes his head in agreement.]

Clay: I know you do. I was just saying that Jetpack are two time IYH Champions and a win over them will mean a lot more then the losers you beat up two weeks ago.

[Amanda just smirks at Clayton's comment.]

AH: Well, no shit! We coulda pulled two locals out of that crowd and it would have been the same as beating up those clowns. I know exactly who Jetpack is and what they're about. I also know who they ain't and that is the Tag Champs.

[Colton finishes his boot and looks up.]

CT: Yeah, they were too soft to defend the belts against Kelly and Gor...

[Amanda cuts Colton off mid word.]

AH: And her partner who we shall not name. We all know who her partner is but as long as he wants to get in his feelings about it, fuck giving him the satisfaction. He can say it don't bother him all he wants but he cries about it every time someone does it.

[Colton chuckles a little at that.]

CT: Hell, he ain't the only one throwing a fit over it. That bitch Penelope was getting all kinds of bent out of shape over it. She even went as far as to quote one of your tweets and tag the joker like a eight year old tattletail brat kid. Who does that?

[Hayes shakes her head in full agreement.]

AH: A weak ass bitch! That's who. But that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Just look at how they laid down before and after the Title Match. Not only did they look so weak going into the match that everyone, including them knew that they were gonna drop the straps, but their response after that. Fuck that!

[Clayton laughs as he thinks back about the foolish things Penelope said this week on twitter.]

AH: She had a heart attack that we didn't worship the people who beat their ass and took their belts. Then she went full retard and started tweeting out their catchphrases and telling anyone who would listen how “great” they are. I bet the stupid bitch had pom poms out when she was tweeting cause she damn sure was playing cheerleader!

[Colton just shakes his head at the thought.]

CT: Can you imagine? I don't get that kind of cuckold behavior. Not only did they not care they got beat, but she was practically celebrating the shit. Then the bitch had the nerve to try and say they were gonna take care of us, in the ring. We will never be as weak as they are. If by some miracle we lose at some point you can bet your fucking ass we won't be breaking out pom poms and cheerleading for the lucky motherfuckers. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. People today are so weak minded. Clearly, Jetpack is infected with the bitch gene.

[Clayton laughs as he drops his feet back to the floor.]

Clay: You can say that again. Besides being here to take the Tag titles, we're gonna expose all these weak ass teams. Whether it is the Modern Day Zeros, the Pussy Pack, or even those Oakland bitches.

[Amanda rolls her eyes at the mention of the third team.]

AH: Yeah, those Oakland bitches sure got quiet after I called them out on twitter for their subtweeting bullshit. They was talking shit till an adult came in the room then they shut the hell up, quick. I'm sure the day will come when we're put against those bums and it will be a massacre. Usually it's just business for me, but I'm gonna enjoy kicking their ass.

[Colton agrees and turns the focus back on their opponents for tonight.]

CT: Yeah, there day will come soon enough. Tonight, we take on the two time former champs. Tonight, we take on one of the “biggest” teams in the Company. Tonight, we turn Jetpack into what they actually are and that is stepping stones. We will go out and walk over them as we take another step closer to getting the belts. I'm sure they will say it can't happen. They will say we are just “dumb rednecks” and we are overconfident and all that trash. They will say Jet is a man and we don't agree. Anyone who acts the way they have can't call themselves a man. They can say whatever they like, but the end result will be the same. Our hand will be raised and we will move on to bigger and better things. Let's do this, cousin.

[Colton shakes Amanda's hand as the scene cuts back out.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Minka Carter vs Serena Maxwell


[The fans are into this one right out of the gate, Minka comes in hot with a relentless attack that ends in a Float-over DDT! She covers but only gets a one before Serena kicks out strongly. They kip up and Serena shoots the ropes to come back with a huge Lou Thesz Press, lacing punches onto the downed Minka who does her best to cover up. She finally fights her way free and rocks Serena with a set of forearm smashes, but Maxwell weathers them and sends her flying off out of control into the near corner, smashing her against the turnbuckles and following in fast with a Corner Cannonball Senton! This nets her a two but they’re so close to the ropes it’s easy for Minka to grab hold and the referee breaks the count.

The pair are up and exchanging some hard elbows then, Minka catching Serena with a Corner Back Elbow, but Serena dips and dodges before rolling her up with a Schoolgirl Pin! Minka barely kicks out in time, and yells that Serena had her foot on the ropes for leverage! Serena glares at her and shakes her head at the referee as Minka slides out of the ring to take a breather on the outside. Serena sees this and comes through the ropes with a Suicide Dive that wipes them both out! The referee leans over the top rope and starts a ten count!]

BM: And there’s Minka, stomping Serena before she breaks the count.

TR: Serena isn’t going to take that lying down! I mean, she did but just wait until she gets back into the ring!

[Serena slides back into the ring and when Minka bent to catch her on the way in, Maxwell catches her with a Triangle Choke! For a bit it looks as if Minka will tap but she manages to break the hold! She hits a Sliding Forearm Smash that drops Serena, and again is caught as she moves to follow up! This time she breaks the hold by rolling around until Maxwell can’t hang on and she slaps the mat in frustration for a second.

The pair kip up and face off exchanging kicks, punches and chops until there’s a bit of a commotion with the fans as Serena sends Minka off towards the far ropes with a hard Irish Whip, and there standing on the stage staring down the ramp towards the ring is… Katie Hanley? Serena goes for a Spin Kick on the rebounding Minka but that minx dodges and catches her with a Headscissors DDT!]

BM: What the heck is Katie Hanley doing out here?

TR: Excellent question B, and I’m sure that Minka and Serena are wondering the same thing. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be trouble for someone!

[Serena can’t help herself as she kicks out of Minka’s quick cover at two, when she gets up she turns just a little to see where Katie is, and BAM! Here’s Minka with her Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick, Snake Strike! It connects fully and Serena hits the mat in a heap, Minka drops quickly to cover and hooks the leg deep.]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… MINKA CARTER!

BM: Minka taking full advantage of the situation and picking up the win!

TR: Are you kidding? That was a perfect victory for that lovely Minka! What an amazing wrestler she is!

[Sick Like Me by In This Moment plays as Minka gets to her feet laughing, and she keeps laughing as the referee raises her hand. She exits the ring and heads up the ramp as Serena stirs and sits up, her eyes blazing as she glares up the ramp to Katie who shakes her head before she heads to the back.]

user posted image

[The show cuts to backstage where the defeated Super Nash Bros are sitting in their locker room, Chad rests his arm on his brothers shoulder in an attempt to be comforting.]

CN: Don’t worry bro, we’ll totally get them next time!

TN: I know bro, but that Prikebab of Emerys really hurts, then that douche Adam tried to rip my arms off like I was a damn chicken….I’M NOT A CHICKEN CHAD!

[Chad taps his brothers shoulder a couple more times before a grin comes to his face as he seems to stare off into the distance.]

TN: What are you grinning at?

[He looks back to his brother, bouncing his eyebrows proudly (and creepily).]

CH: Emery’s bewbs!

TN: I guess that is one rad thing we can take away from tonight.

CH: Oh, it’s forever in my spank bank!

[This seems to cheer Tyson up some as the odd brothers high five.]

user posted image

[We cut to one of the hallways backstage, where the normally upbeat Katie Hanley is sat back against the wall on her gear bag, absentmindedly taping her wrist. The click of heels against tile brings Stevie Trelain into the picture, which at least gets Katie’s attention.]

ST: Hey, Katie, do you mind if we get a minute of your time?

KH: Yea, of course. Just one second...

[Katie tears the tape off and pushes herself to her feet, smoothing out her t-shirt and brushing the hair out of her face.]

ST: Well, let’s start with the obvious--last week...didn’t really go according to plan; your first defeat at the hands of Adam Fenric, and...

KH: ...and it ended with me getting sucker-punched from behind. All in all, not my greatest night ever, yea.

ST: Still, a loss in an environment you’ve admitted you weren’t entirely confident in, with a partner you’ve never teamed with before. There were a lot of factors that weren’t exactly in your favour.

KH: Yea, and if I were more inclined to look for an excuse, I might start rattling them off. I don’t really like having to throw out excuses, though. Truth be told, I went headlong into a fight I shouldn’t have done that in, and Adam took advantage of it. All credit to him for taking that opportunity.

[Katie takes a second to take a breath in, licking at her top row of teeth, the disappointment of her first IYH loss still pretty visible on her face. She does her best to smile through it, though, and glances back at Stevie.]

KH: I said before the match, they’re a tremendous team, and they got the job done. I’m disappointed that I got that caught up in things and didn’t go after him with a better plan, is what it is, just learn from it and move on, y’know?

ST: Well, you’re still unbeaten in one-on-one competition, and tonight, you get a chance to face off against someone you’ve actively been seeking a match with: Jessica Anderson. Non-title, tonight, but a win would not only put you back on the right path, but surely earn you a shot at the Rapid Fire Championship, don’t you think?

KH: Let’s...not get ahead of ourselves, Stevie. A lot has to happen there, not the least of which is beating Jessica Anderson. There’s a reason she’s a champion here, this won’t be just any old match. Other people can doubt her if they want to--act like she’s only in this company, or even this business, because of her husband, or...whatever other nonsense they want to come up with.

KH: That’s not me.

KH: You just have to look at Wrath of the Gods, if you still don’t think she’s legit; with the roll the Bad Omens have been on, a lot of people looked at her match with Dante as a shoo-in for him to take the Rapid Fire title. Instead, she flipped the script on him and not only retained the title, but did it within the time limit. And yea, she took a lot of abuse in that match, but she kept moving forward, and when she got the opportunity, she finished the match how she could.

KH: That’s not someone you take lightly.

[Katie’s smile gets a little bit brighter than it was before, glancing briefly between Stevie and the camera.]

KH: remember, last week, I said I needed to put my individual goals to the side, because I wasn’t competing just by myself that night? Tonight, I can turn my focus back on those goals. And you said it a second ago--if I can go out there and beat Jessica in a non-title match, that surely sets me up for an opportunity at the Rapid Fire title.

KH: Right now, that’s my goal--I want a shot at her, with the title on the line.

KH: So, I need to use this match to rebound from last week, and get myself back on track. I need to do everything in my power to push myself toward that goal. I know she’ll want to prove something tonight as well, but I need this match--I can’t afford another loss. I have to be ready for anything and everything Jessica Anderson brings to this match.

[The Kiwi straightens her shoulders a little bit, exhaling sharply--her smile, and her confidence, seem to be a little boosted by the prospect of her match later in the evening.]

KH: She’s the kind of opponent I want to test myself against--so tonight, I get to see if I measure up.

ST: Well, I think I speak for our fans when I say we can’t wait to see the match. I’ll let you finish getting ready, good luck later.

[Katie flashes one more smile and a peace sign to the camera before the scene fades to black.]

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Tag Team Match
Jetpack vs Southern Hostility


[The match starts off with urgency by Amanda, just battering Penelope with punches that has her backing up into her team’s corner. Colton backs away as per the referee’s instruction as Amanda looks for a running bulldog. But Penelope ducks and counters with her own, driving Amanda’s face into the canvas. The crowd cheers as the tide turns, Penelope now wearing down her opponent with an armbar. Amanda struggles before reaching for the nearest rope to finally break it. Penelope gets some distance to let Amanda get to her feet. As they meet again in the centre, they exchange punches until Penelope irish whips Amanda to the corner. Penelope runs to Amanda for a monkey flip that sends her flying to the other side. As Amanda pulls herself up, Penelope charges at her but she ducks and hits the ropes before running Penelope down with a vicious clothesline. Penelope clutches her throat as she struggles to her feet. Amanda grabs Penelope in a tie-up when she starts fighting back. As Amanda lets go, Penelope doubles her over with a body kick and throws her back in a snap suplex. Amanda rolls over, holding her back in agony. The fans come alive again as Penelope tags in Jet and together, they take down Amanda with their double front kick combo, Shine On, that leads to their double DDT, Doublemint. Penelope goes to the outside corner while Jet takes the cover on Amanda but Colton rushes in for the save. As Jet rises to his feet, Colton attacks him with forearm shot to the back of his head, forcing the referee to step in to send him back to his corner. At this point, Clayton gets himself involved as he defends Colton’s actions. While the four men argue, Amanda regains her bearings and goes for the rollup pin on the unsuspecting Jet. The referee counts to two before Jet kicks out, just as Penelope makes an attempt to help as well. ]

BM: Southern Hostility got sneaky with that rollup! But Jetpack still stays in the match and they’re looking better than the newcomers out there tonight. And what’s Clayton doing? He should stay out of it.

TR: It’s not over till it’s over, you know? South Hostility can pick things up here. And Clayton’s just defending Colton, that’s all. No harm.

[Penelope tells Colton to back off while the match resumes with Jet and Amanda rushing to the centre. Amanda hits a low-angled dropkick that has Jet down on his knees. Amanda then delivers a stiff body punch, slowing down Jet even more. Amanda then grabs Jet for an effective snap DDT. Amanda goes for the cover but only gets a two-count. Amanda drags Jet over to Colton who sets him up in a backbreaker hold before she goes for the diving leg drop on him, completing their double team move. Colton hooks Jet’s leg for the pin but Penelope rushes in to break it up. The match resumes in Southern Hostility’s favour as Colton stops Jet with a huge sit-out powerbomb but Jetpack soon regains control when Jet takes Colton down with an impressive enzuigiri. With Colton knocked out, Jet tags in Penelope, clearly looking for their Lift Kit finisher but the momentum is cut short as Clayton once again gets himself involved by grabbing Jet’s leg when he’s on the outside apron to prepare for his springboard lariat. This distraction allows Amanda to knock Jet off the apron with a brutal superkick, drawing jeers from the crowd. Penelope stops to tell Amanda off about what just happened but Amanda doesn’t give a shit as she shrugs, feigning innocence. Penelope turns around, only to get doubled over with a kick by Colton. Colton then takes down Penelope with his modified Oklahoma Slam finisher, Battle of Bull Running Powerslam. Colton goes for the cover, receiving nothing but jeers from the crowd.]





TH: And here are your winners… Southern Hostility!

BM: Oh come on, Clayton shouldn’t get involved! He stopped Jetpack from executing the Lift Kit and distracted Jet for Amanda to hit him with the superkick!

TR: Doesn’t matter anyway ‘cause Penelope’s the legal person and so is Colton so he saw the opening and took it! It’s all about timing, Bry!

BM: Yeah timing that was all nicely set up by Clayton…

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[Jessica Anderson, the IYH Rapid Fire Champion, makes her way down to the ring. She’s donning her wrestling attire, even though her match is not until later in the night. She has the Rapid Fire Championship gripped in one hand, and a microphone – which she soon lifts towards her lips – gripped tightly in the other.]

JA: Remember when I said I’d come out here more often and be the Champion that you all deserve? I didn’t do a very good job on that, did I? Lately I’ve only been turning up when I’ve been booked in a match; and for my husband, it’s been the same. Want to rely on somebody? Make sure their surname is not Anderson, folks!

[Jessica has a smirk on her face as she jokes around, making light of a situation that should never heave really been a thing in the first place.]

JA: All joking aside, I feel guilty about it. I scraped through my last title defence, with you guys supporting me along the way. The least I could have done was come out here and thank you in person. But I didn’t do that, and I have no excuse why. I guess it’s because I prefer doing my talking through my wrestling ability? But that’s really clutching at straws. The fact of the matter is, I’ve not been the Champion that IYH deserves. I’ve not been the poster girl that a Champion should be. I’ve not been mentioning this wonderful company at any and every opportunity. Long story short, I feel as though I’ve failed all of you.

[The crowd show their support to Jessica, who seems to be very sincere when she talks.]

JA: But it’s not that I don’t care about you. I do. I absolutely do. It’s just me, slacking off. It’s a trait I seem to possess. As soon as I make it to the top, I slack off. I used to be Double Champ Jess – now, some may argue I’m very fortunate to be standing here as just Rapid Fire Champ Jess. It’s a new year now, though. I can put it all right by representing the brand like I should have been going all along. Contract signings, radio interviews; the whole lot. I can promote this exciting new clothing line I’ve got coming out, but I don’t spend anywhere near enough time promoting either of the companies that I work for. So that’s got to change. From now on, every magazine article I’m in, every television appearance I make, every promo I cut. I need to make sure that I’m best representing IYH, that I’m best representing EPW. It’s one thing doing it in the ring, but if I don’t do the rest of the work, how can I expect anybody to even know or care that I have a match coming up? I owe it to all of you, I owe it to my opponents and I owe it to myself to draw as many eyes as possible onto the product. Katie Hanley and I will have a fantastic main event bout tonight, and she’s more than capable of defeating me in it. I have to make sure that doesn’t happen. I also need to make sure that I carry out my duties, as the Rapid Fire Champion!

[Jessica, having spoken from the heart the entire time, takes a deep breath. She has a stray tear rolling down her cheek as she departs the ring, slapping the hands of the fans seated by the entranceway as she does so.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts to Shawn Fox walking through the backstage area before he suddenly stops. He smirks as Michael Diablo walks into the shot, staring Shawn down.]

MD: Fox.

SF: Vulture.

MD: Got a pretty important match at Unearthed.

SF: Yep.

MD: Some important decisions to make for your team.

SF: Sure are.

MD: I’m in.

SF: Ok.

[Michael nods before turning and walking out of shot, Shawn grinning wider as the camera cuts away.]

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Singles Match (non title)
[b][color]Jessica Anderson © vs Katie Hanley[/color]


[After shaking hands in the name of sportsmanship, both women circle the ring then lock up in the centre. An exciting battle of punches ensues as they look to gain advantage over the other. Katie retaliates with kicks that has the champ doubled over for a second before she blocks a roundhouse kick and grabs Katie in a side headlock. Jessica drives a hard knee into Katie’s midsection before irish whipping her to the ropes. On the rebound, Jessica hits Katie with a timely spinning heel kick to the face. Katie drops on the canvas, holding her jaw. Jessica wastes no time to grab her for a one-handed bulldog. Jessica goes the cover but only gets a one-count. Katie pulls herself up and blocks Jessica with a leg kick before striking her side abdomen with more kicks. Katie looks to irish whip Jessica to the ropes but Katie reverses it, sending her there instead. Jessica turns around, only for Katie to swing around her and charge at her for a clothesline. But Jessica rolls on the mat to dodge it before spinning her legs around to trip Katie who jumps up in time. Without missing a beat, Jessica raises herself up in a handstand, catching Katie in a headscissors takedown. Katie rises to her knees, clutching her back. Jessica follows up with an impressive shining wizard, drawing excited cheers from the fans, and goes for another quick pin. This time, Katie kicks out just before three. As Katie pulls herself up, Jessica goes for a roundhouse kick and misses when Katie ducks. As the momentum makes Jessica turns her back on her, Katie quickly seizes the chance to throw her down with a german suplex. Wincing, Jessica slowly sits up, only to get her back crushed by a shoot kick by Katie. Katie sets up Jessica for the pin but only gets a two-count.]

BM: What a nasty shoot kick by Katie! That’s got to slow down Jessica some!

TR: Fuck that! Jessica’s Wonder Woman!!

BM: Also, I’ve got to mention how amazing the champ looks tonight. That headscissors takedown and shining wizard sequence earlier was beautiful!

TR: That’s how my Jessica rolls, ya know? She can’t do no wrong!

BM: Sure, Tats. But that doesn’t take away how impressive Katie has been so far going against the champ!

TR: Booo!!!!

[The match continues with both women trading forearm shots until Jessica takes down Katie with a dropkick. Jessica looks to the top ropes while Katie pulls herself up. Katie ducks out of the way when Jessica flies off the perch but she manages to roll through, though a little awkwardly. As Jessica returns to vertical base, Katie strikes the back of her thigh with a stiff kick that drops the champ on one knee. Katie pulls up Jessica and tosses her into the far corner before charging at her at top speed. Jessica counters with a boot to the face that has Katie spinning on her heels. Jessica runs to the opposite ropes for momentum but Katie manages to counter with a well-timed arm drag before taking down the champ with a standing dropkick. Katie looks for the cover but Jessica is already rolling away to get some distance. Jessica pulls herself up in the corner and Katie marches over to irish whip her to the opposite corner. Jessica slingshots herself off the ropes and over Katie who nearly crashes into the turnbuckles. Jessica staggers back to regain her bearings as Katie prepares for a solid running high knee that whiplashes Jessica’s head. As Jessica staggers back, Katie shoots across the ring to bounce off the ropes but somehow Jessica returns to life with a huge spinning heel kick counter. Katie collapses on the canvas and rolls far across from impact, clutching her face. Jessica raises a confident arm to the excited crowd before picking up Katie to set up for her swinging snap DDT signature, Stunned Silence.]

BM: Here we go! Jessica looking to shut down Katie with the Stunned Silence!

TR: Yes! Shine bright, Jessica!! Shine bright like a diamond!!

[But somehow Katie counters midway with a roll-through and catches Jessica with a speedy rollup pin, shocking the fans as they jump to their feet.]







TH: And here’s your winner… Katie Hanley!

[“Get Up” by Dorothy fills the arena, much to the surprise of everyone in attendance. Even Katie looks in disbelief as the referee raises her hand in victory. Jessica slowly pulls herself up on the nearest bottom rope as she regains her bearings, shaking her head a little.]

BM: WOW! What a huge victory by Katie tonight! She just pinned the Rapid Fire champion! And in the main event, no less!

TR: ARGH, thank God, it’s a non-title bout! My Jessica still gets to keep her belt!

BM: Nonetheless, it’s a big deal for Katie, Tats! I’m sure that’s got to impress the important people in the back!

TR: What?! Is that a threat to my Jessica?! Katie won by a fucking rollup! That’s hardly impressive!

BM: Oh but it is! May I remind you how she reversed the Stunned Silence? A skill’s a skill, Tats.

[More cheers ring out through the arena for Katie as she celebrates. When Katie turns around, Jessica is up on her feet, adjusting her Rapid Fire title belt on her shoulder. Jessica looks at Katie with a smile before she starts applauding her opponent’s efforts. Katie grins back and the two shake hands before Jessica leaves the ring first, leaving Katie to continue celebrating her win. A steady Jessica chant breaks out among the IYH fans, to which the champion blows a kiss for them as she walks up the ramp.]

TR: Muah! That’s my girl!

BM: ...Don’t be disgusting, Tats. Anyway, that’s all the show we have tonight. See you next Ruckus! Goodnight!

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