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 Ruckus 57
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 08:48 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The show starts up once again within the Melbourne Showgrounds arena to the extremely excited crowds. Various signs showing support for the champions and their favorite competitors while some not so nice ones that show their distaste for their least favorites. The camera finally rests upon the announce table.]

BM: Welcome back to Ruckus ladies and gentlemen. As always we have a stacked show for you here tonight and even some debuts.

TR: Ahh yes, we’ll see those two blokes Hyphy Machinery, who think they can waltz into the company and try to throw shots at everyone in the room like they are my ex wife. They take on Tag Team Greatness.

BM: Then we have crowd favorites Layton & Fenric taking on the odd coupling of Serena Maxwell and Katie Hanley. It may be an odd pairing, however the crowds are excited to see Emery and Serena go head to head.

TR: And in our final tag team match of the night we have The Vision taking on newcomers Super Smash Bros, who are two guys after my own heart to be honest.

BM: By that Tats obviously means repulsive and unappealing. Following that we’ll see The Devil, Michael Diablo take on The Hellhound, Dante Locke. I heard lots of fans have been placing bets on this one!

TR: I don’t blame them, Dante beating Mike is easy money. Up next we’ll see the beautiful but deadly Dragon, Stella Winters go head to head against Sean Hazard who has made it his own suicidal mission to try and beat The Bad Omens one by one. But last week they made an example out of him by destroying him after he beat Dante Locke.

BM: Yes, in an UNFAIR five on one match, The Bad Omens handcuffed and viciously beat poor Sean, but he isn’t giving up as easily as they’d like them to. Speaking of never giving up, in our Main Event Angelica Layne is finally back home after her shoulder injury and she’s taking on Seth Iser aka The Ikiryo in a Proving Grounds Championship match.

TR: Which is completely unfair. Who said she can just walk back in and get a championship shot right away?

BM: The people that voted her for Wrestler of the Year in Season One. Besides, if you don’t think she should be competing for it tonight...why don’t you tell her?

TR: Because again, like my ex wife, she is irrational and will threaten me and my wonderful testicles.

BM: Annnnnd with that, let’s go backstage for a pre-recorded message from newcomers, Hyphy Machinery.

user posted image

[Cut to backstage, where the arena crew has two lines of orange cones set up. The cones, accompanied by arrows on the floor made of blue tape, trail off into the background, presumably towards gorilla position. Once it’s been enough time to establish what exactly this is, Dontell Porter and Jason Moana, geared up and ready for action, enter our view from opposite sides of the frame.]

DP: How the fuck y’all feelin’, Melbourne?

[The crowd cheers in response, which Jason encourages by putting a hand to his ear.]

DP: Now, for everybody who missed our little hype vignette from last week…

JM: Run that back!

DP: ...we are the tag team known as Hyphy Machinery, born and raised in East Oakland, California.

JM: Represent!

DP: But unlike a certain other team that came here last week, we ain’t gonna bore y’all with some history lesson. We already gave y’all that.

JM: A WAY better one.

DP: Nah, this time, we gon’ do a little sneak preview.

JM: Okay!

DP: A little preshow analysis.

JM: Okay!

DP: A little Bay Area street knowledge.

JM: Okay!

DP: Now, y’all are probably wonderin’ what the deal is with these cones back here.

JM: What IS the deal?

DP: See, we ain’t just wrestlers. We also got an auto shop back home in Oakland.

JM: Been runnin’ it since we were 16.

DP: And we like to showcase our latest and greatest creations by takin’ ‘em for a ride down to the ring.

JM: A ghostride.

DP: See, we know our cars so well, we don’t even gotta drive ‘em to the ring. We start ‘em up back here.

JM: We put that shit in neutral.

DP: We hop out.

JM: We ghostride the whip.

[Dontell starts to half-turn towards his teammate.]

DP: Now, Jason…

[Jason does the same in return.]

JM: Yeah, Dontell?

DP: I got some questions about ghostridin’ the whip I need you to answer for everybody out in the crowd tonight.

JM: Go ‘head.

DP: Is ghostridin’ the whip easy?


DP: But do we MAKE it look easy?


DP: Is it safe?


DP: It’s honestly pretty reckless, huh?


[Dontell turns back to the camera, and Jason follows his lead.]

DP: Now if you’re our opponents tonight, that means y’all got a question y’all need to ask yourselves.

JM: If we can do somethin’ that crazy every single night before we even step in the ring without breakin’ a sweat, how crazy do y’all think we can get once that bell rings?

DP: And if you wanna see some true tag team greatness tonight, just watch us, ‘cause I can guarantee, nobody...


DP: this house is ready for how synchronized we are.

JM: Or how tactical we can get.

DP: And the longer it takes for the rest of this division to get ready…

JM: ...the sooner those tag titles reach our waists.

[A voice off-screen, too far for the camera’s mic to pick it up, catches the team’s attention momentarily before they turn it back to the camera.]

DP: En garde, Melbourne.

JM: We’ll let you try our hyphy style.

[The duo walk forward in lockstep past the camera, Dontell pulling out a key from his jacket as he does so, and as the scene fades out, we can hear the sound of a car door unlocking…]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
Tag Team Greatness vs Hyphy Machinery


[Jacob Pasconi and Derrik Lillard seem to have a bit of a time deciding who starts, but it ends up being Jacob in the ring as the bell sounds, facing off against Dontell Porter while his partner Jason Moana takes his place on the apron in their team’s corner. Dontell is very excited clearly as he comes right at Jacob with a huge Rugby-style Tackle! He went for an early cover but gained only a two. He keeps his excitement yet doesn’t get frustrated as he gets Jacob up for a nicely done Vertical Suplex, but when he moves again to hit a Clothesline, Jacob dodges pulls him up for a fast Sidewalk Slam and dives to tag in the fresher Derrik.
Derrik comes in and gets the upper hand on Dontell, using a bit of his technical prowess to do so. Dontell being surprised that Derrik is strong as well provided a bit of a chuckle before Lillard goes behind him and locks him in a Full Nelson hold, putting a lot of pressure on his neck.]

BM: Nice bit of back and forth but now Dontell really needs to break loose of that hold and tag in Jason Moana!

TR: He’s not done, don’t worry. I bet he - well see, there he goes he’s slipped the hold and is now pounding Derrik’s midsection with some punches.

[Dontell grabs Derrik’s wrist and yanks him into a harder punch and then goes to tag in his partner Jason! Jason is champing at the bit to get into the match and he hops the ropes in his eagerness to take the fight to Derrik. The two members of Hyphy Machinery double team Derrik for the full amount of time they have until the referee warns Dontell out of the ring. Jason hits several Spinebusters on the dazed Derrik, then the pair hot tag, Porter comes in with a huge delayed Vertical Suplex as Jason tags himself back in by a slap on the shoulder and then as Dontell drops, here’s Jason with a huge striking Spear! Derrik crumples on the mat as HM have completed the Black Hole, and Jason drops to pin Derrik while Dontell fends off Jacob.]





TH: And here are your winners via pinfall… individuals in team... HYPHY MACHINERY!

BM: Not a bad little match, so much for Tag Team Greatness though.

TR: Please don’t act like you actually care, B.

[Go Hard or Go Home by E-40 ft. The Federation plays as Jason and Dontell celebrate their victory with the fans, while Derrik and Jacob glare at their backs before exiting the ring.]

user posted image

[We move backstage, to Stevie Trelain standing in front of the interview stage, beside Katie Hanley, who’s already in her ring gear, just with a hoodie pulled on over. She keeps her hands tucked into the front pocket as Stevie straightens up and glances toward the camera, a brief pause before she raises her mic up.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time joins forces with Serena Maxwell of War Enforcement to take on Emery Layton and Adam Fenric--please welcome, Katie Hanley! And Katie, I don’t think it’s going to be any big surprise to our fans, this is a...strange pairing, yourself and Serena Maxwell.

KH: I mean--yea, there’s no getting around that, I’m hardly her usual tag team partner, and we don’t exactly compete the same way, but I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not much of a tag team wrestler in general. I prefer to fight my own fights, I prefer a one on one sort of competition, tag team wrestling’s more some of my friends’ specialities than it is mine, so...maybe I got lucky, drawing someone with that experience as a partner. But, yea, no question, it’s a strange thing.

ST: You’ve been friendly with both Emery and Adam on Twitter in the past, what’s it like to have to prepare to compete with them, teaming with someone you might not see eye to eye with?

KH: Well, I try to be friendly with everyone I talk to on Twitter. I don’t get the people who hop on just to put people down and all that mess, might be strange to try and prepare for, say, I’ve got a couple friends competing the CWC territory here in Australia, might be strange to have to prepare to face them, because we all trained together and such.

KH: Preparing for Emery and Adam, is just preparing for a match--a match with two incredible talents, no doubt, both established as a tag team, and Emery in particular proving what she can do as a singles wrestler. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I think she’s currently, what, double...maybe triple champion, across the companies she competes in?

KH: But, at the end of the day, it is just another match. Between the bells, we'll be competitors. Afterward, who knows, night out drinking, on the loser's tab?

[Katie grins and sticks her tongue out a little bit.]

ST: You’ve spoken in the past about wanting to face the best IYH can offer, and you said it best, Layton and Fenric have proven what they can do, both as a team and as individuals--I know you’ve mentioned before, hoping to get in position to possible challenge Jessica Anderson for the Rapid Fire Championship, do you think winning this match might put you in contention?

[Katie pauses for a second, mulling the question over as she bites on the tip of her tongue. An answer doesn’t come to her straight away--in fact, there’s more than a couple moments of silence before the Kiwi cocks her head toward Stevie.]

KH: I’m not sure how much bearing a tag team match would have on that ambition, regardless of who the opponents are...but, at the same time, I think it would be hard to ignore success against a team like Adam and Emery. They’ve proven they deserve respect, they’ve proven they’re one of the best teams in the world, and to look past them, toward...whatever future goal I’ve got? That’s not giving them the respect they deserve.

KH: So, I can’t really focus on titles or maybes or what ifs or any of that; not when I’ve got a couple of very talented wrestlers across the ring from me, and a partner that I’ve never worked with before. I know I’m going to have to be at my best if I expect to win this match.

[Katie takes a second, actually smiling at the prospect of her match later in the evening.]

KH: Tonight’s another chance to prove that these one-on-one wins haven’t been flukes, that I can compete with some of the best in the world. Everything that comes later? All the what ifs and the maybes and the hopes and such? I can worry about all that afterward--but if I don’t go into this match, 100% focused on Adam and Emery, then not only are we going to lose the match, but I’m going to lose a lot of that momentum I’ve built up so far here.

KH: I have to put my goals aside for tonight, and focus on doing what I have to do--what WE have to do--to win this match. That’s all I can do to push myself toward where I want to get to.

ST: Well, good luck. I’m sure everyone watching is looking forward to it.

KH: Thanks.

[Katie flashes a smile to Stevie, then to the camera, before turning to leave with a brief peace sign.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts to Chris Cryptic’s office, the man himself sitting at his desk dressed in a tailored suit as always.]

CC: Ladies and gentlemen, apologies for the interruption but I have an important announcement regarding a match later tonight. As many of you know the next Supershow is Unearthed, and the main event will be a 5 versus 5 elimination tag team match. One team is captained by the reigning In Your House Champion, and the other by the current number one contender, the winning team’s captain then gets to choose the stipulation for the upcoming In Your House Championship match at Ground n’ Pound. The current issue that we face is that we have no number one contender at the present time. Therefore, I have come to a decision. Due to the incredible fight that Estella Winters gave Michael Diablo last cycle, and her victory at Wrath of the Gods, and considering that Sean Hazard has been on a hot streak of late, their match tonight will be for the number one contendership for the In Your House Championship, and therefore the other team captain at Unearthed. Now then, enjoy the rest of the show.

[The fans cheer as the camera cuts back to ringside.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
Layton & Fenric vs Serena Maxwell & Katie Hanley


[Emery starts for her team and Katie starts for hers, though Serena seems a little discontent at this, with a stern glare on her face towards Emery while she seems to ignore Adam’s existence on the apron. Katie starts out strongly however, surprising Emery with a series of Japanese Armdrags that have her looking dizzy after about her third trip to the mat! She recovers quickly however and introduces Katie to a hard Irish Whip into the turnbuckles and then follows up with Repeated Running Corner Dropkicks! Katie staggers out and a Forearm Smash takes her to the mat, where Emery drops to pin. However, Katie kicks out quickly just before two, and startles Emery by locking her into a Grounded Hammerlock!
Layton is able to roll through and counter out of Hanley’s hold, but fares less well with Katie’s Running Yakuza Kick! Katie drops on Emery for a Lateral Press pin, but fails to hook the leg deep enough and Layton kicks out. The fans are cheering both ladies as they fight back and forth, but finally Katie breaks loose and tags in Serena Maxwell! She hits Emery with a Single Leg Running Dropkick that floors her but Layton does a backward roll to her feet from the sheer force of the momentum from that dropkick and tags in Adam! A Spinning Wheel Kick puts Serena on the back foot so to speak, and Adam has a grand old time applying several submissions to her, though she manages to counter or cheat her way out of a couple of them, one via a fast unseen thumb to the eye! As Adam rears back, Serena captures him in a Straight-Jacket Crossface! At first it seems that she’s going to make him submit, but no, he makes it to the ropes where the referee forces her to release him.
He pays her back for the thumb to the eye with an Inverted Pointed Elbow Stomp then he and Emery take turns double teaming her with a series of quick tags while Katie tries to rally her.]

BM: Serena Maxwell out there basically in No Man’s Land, she needs to get out of there and tag in her partner!

TR: Look have some faith in Serena she used to roll with DJS, I’m sure she’s got tricks up her sleeve.

BM: And here we have more of your unexplainable hatred of Layton and Fenric on full display.

TR: What are you even going on about? We’ve got a match to call!

[Serena finally does get free after a brutal attack on Emery, leaving her stunned for a few moments on the mat as Serena tags in Katie! Katie makes a beeline for Emery but no, Adam leans far enough over the top to tag himself in, and he is not in a playful mood as he catches Katie’s attempt at a Running High Knee as he was still in the corner, and he comes out with her in his hands! He hits her with his The Division Bell, the Pumphandle lift transitioned into a reverse STO just demolishing Hanley and allowing Adam to cover for the count.]





TH: And here are your winners via pinfall… individuals in team... LAYTON & FENRIC!

BM: Another fine match from Emery and Adam, uh oh what’s this...

TR: Looks like Serena is super pissed about Katie costing them this match...

[Come As You Are by Nirvana blasts as Layton & Fenric celebrate their win and exit the ring to head to the back. In ring, Katie is sitting up, realizing what’s happened and she shakes her head in disappointment as she rises to her feet. Shortly thereafter Serena is in her face and throwing a fit, telling her that she’s a loser and if she wasn’t the match would still be going on! Katie refuses to argue or dignify Serena with a response but as she turns away Serena grabs her and plants her on the mat with a Backstabber! The fans boo heavily as Serena grins wickedly and leaves Katie laying in the ring.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts to a locker room as Tyson Nash is on the ground doing push ups while Chad Nash is on one of the benches doing sit ups. They subtly notice the camera as both of them start counting.]

CN and TN: Ten thousand and one, ten thousand and two-

[Chad pretends to only now notice the camera as he addresses it, stopping his sit ups.]

CN: Oh, sup, didn’t see you guys there.

[Tyson stops as well before standing.]

CN: In case you all forgot, I am the Rabbi of Rad, The Vicar of Vagina, The Fuhrer of Fanny, Chad Nash!

TN: And I am the Bishop of Boobs, the President of the Puss, the Police of the Vaginal Crease, Tyson Nash. And we are the Super!

[They both do a flex pose.]

CN: Nash!

[The both do another flex pose.]


[They both assume the same pose, before dropping it and addressing the camera.]

CN: Tonight is our debut for In Your House, and we are here to show everyone how DTF we are!

TN: Damn right bro, we are totally DTF and tonight we get to show the whole world!

CN: Not only are we the gift that all women want, we are also the greatest new tag team to step foot in the company. We are definitely DTF!

TN: Yeh boooooooooooooi! Tonight the only thing that The Vision is gonna be seeing is the sight of us being the winners, when we win!

CN: Owen and Craig, we are going to demonstrate to you both personally that we are DTF.

TN: Yeh, you wish you were as DTF as we are.

CN: Absolutely bro. The Super Nash Bro are damn talented fucks, and tonight we prove it. Now leave Mr. camera man, we need to continue our workout.

[The camera exits the locker room as they resume their original positions with Tyson saying “twenty one...twenty two...I mean, ten thousand and three...” The scene fades.]

user posted image

[The feed cuts to backstage in an empty hallway. There are a few doors on both sides, all closed. It is silent here. The camera audio gets louder to pick up disembodied voices, muffled and distant. But as the camera moves closer to the other end, the garbled voices grow louder yet the hallway remains still and undisturbed.]

C: Hello? ...What the hell am I picking up?

[While the cameraman fiddles with his equipment, the light over his head begins to flicker. The camera focuses on the end of the hallway as he looks up, just in time to see it flicker again. But this time, it seems to do it in some sort of sequence.]

(And repeat)

C: What the hell….

[As the light continues to flicker in the same repeated sequence, he backs away slowly, still pointing the camera up at it. Then suddenly, the one at the end of the hallway pops, plunging that section in darkness. This time, the light above his head flickers more rapidly as if warning him.]


[He takes a step back and POP! Another ceiling light dies. POP! And another! Darkness now seems to make its way to him, and fast. Without waiting a second more, he turns tail and dashes out of there— just as the rest of the lights, including the flickering one above his head, pop as well. While running away, he props the camera on his shoulder to find that the hallway is now in total darkness.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
The Vision vs Super Smash Bros


[The match starts off with Owen and Chad in the ring. An early lock up from the two men has Owen with the advantage early as he pulls him into a side headlock. Chad exchanges of holds with him, but Owen comes out of top after finishing with an irish whip before hitting Chad on his return with a dropkick. Chad rolls to his corner and tags in Tyson who charges up Owen, who ducks a clothesline as Tyson runs to the corner, stopping himself at the turnbuckle. Owen sprints up behind him and drills him in the back of the head with a Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike (Bicycle Knee) sending him face first into the turnbuckle. Owen grabs him from behind for a suplex, but Tyson immediately grabs onto the top rope with both hands, screaming “REF I HAVE THE ROPES! REF! REEEEEEF!” In the highest possible pitch he can, putting Alvin and the Chipmunks to shame. Owen physically cringes as the ref comes over to break the hold, and while he is dealing with Owen to let him go, Tyson lifts his leg backwards to kick Owen in the dick. Owen falls to his knees in pain holding his balls, the ref questioning Tyson who is adamant that Owen’s injury was because of “The Wrath of Jesus.” Tyson slows the pace right down, targeting Owen’s right arm. He gets him isolated in his corner, frequently tagging in and out to Chad to lay the beat down on Owen, making sure to not give him any room to breathe.]

BM: I must admit, I like everyone else thought these Super Nash Bros were complete jokes, but it seems they are more than meets the eye.

TR: They are retarded like a fox, Bry. They clearly have a gameplan and are displaying great tag team chemistry, and best of all Owen’s arm is getting fuuuuuucked up.

[Chad moves Owen back into the corner and tags in Tyson. After doing so he slaps Owen in the face, the ref moving in to keep him back, Chad innocently holding up his hands as Tyson takes the opportunity to choke Owen out against the top ropes. By this point Craig has seen enough, vaulting into the ring and charging Chad just as he turns, blasting him in the face with Kicks Out For Harambe (superkick.) Tyson lets go of Owen and exclaims “Hey, that’s cheating!” before climbing into the ring and going after Craig as Chad rolls out of the ring. Craig runs at Tyson who goes for a clothesline, but Craig ducks underneath it. Tyson turns and goes for another clothesline but Craig ducks underneath it again, continuing to run before vaulting onto the apron again. Tyson looks confused before Craig holds out his hand, noticing too late as Owen dives for the tag. The crowd goes ballistic as Craig springboards into a forearm smash, taking down Tyson. Craig lifts him into a reverse DDT position, but as he lifts Tyson he counters into a headscissors. Just as it looks like Tyson has regained the advantage, Owen comes in with a burst of energy hitting a running enzuigiri, stunning him. He grabs Tyson hitting him with the Darkest Lariat (Wristlock Short-Arm Lariat) but doesn’t let go of the arm, pulling him back to his feet before spiking him headfirst with The Final Gambit! (double underhook piledriver.) The fans explode again as Craig points to the top rope, climbing up the turnbuckle before nailing Tyson dead on with the Viennese Whirl! (Corkscrew shooting star press) He hooks the leg.]





TH: Here are your winners… The Vision!

["Hey Scenesters!" by The Cribs plays through the arena again as the ref moves to raise Owen and Craig’s hands.]

BM: Impressive victory from The Vision tonight. They adapted to an unpredictable team and managed to pull out the win.

TR: They almost dropped the ball against a completely new team though. I for one am gonna look out for these two new, respectable gentlemen.

BM: The Super Nash Bros put up more of a fight then we expected, that I will definitely admit, but their overall impact on the tag division as a whole remains to be seen. Time will tell.

[Owen and Craig leave the ring as the camera cuts away.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to Stevie Trelain standing in a hallway, just outside of a locker room. The door opens and Stevie seems a little taken aback as Michael Diablo exits, dressed in his casual attire.]

ST: Oh, its you Michael. I was actually hoping to speak to Angelica.

MD: I wouldn’t right now.

[He doesn’t elaborate, but the look he gives Stevie tells her to take his word for it.]

ST: Alright, fair enough. Actually Michael, while I have you, do you mind answering a couple of questions?

MD: Ok.

[His expression doesn’t really change.]

ST: I don’t mean anything by this Michael, but ever since your loss to Seth Iser at Wrath of The Gods, and the return of Angelica Layne to active competition, it seems that you have been all but forgotten by most of the roster. Considering this and your recent setbacks, what are your thoughts, and what is next for Michael Diablo?

[Stevie isn’t shaken easily, but she looks just slightly uneasy as she waits for his answer. There is silence as Michael says nothing for a few seconds, before the world witnesses a side of Michael Diablo rarely seen as his lips twitch into a small smile. It then grows as he lets out what sounds like a chuckle.]

MD: Angelica is a polarising figure, Ms. Trelain. And while the longtime In Your House fans has been witness to me for a long time, she has had far more exposure to the wider wrestling world. I am not surprised by the reaction she received on either side, nor will I be surprised later tonight when she defeats Seth Iser and becomes Proving Grounds Champion. She is an outspoken woman, and I am a, I suppose you could say soft spoken man. She finds enjoyment in verbal combat just as much as physical, and it is one thing we do not share. The thing is Ms. Trelain, this generation is all about instant gratification. They want everything, they want it now, and if they don’t get it it is dubbed a failure, especially in this business. I have something that is rare these days, and its a trait I pride myself on: Patience. Setbacks happen in wrestling and in life, and nobody can avoid them forever. I make no excuses for my actions or my shortcomings. However, it would be foolish to confuse patience with defeatism. I do not need to be at the front of everyone’s mind to achieve my goals, in fact at times it can work against them. To answer your question, nothing is next for Michael Diablo, because right now I am FAR from done. I will hold the In Your House Championship again, and when that day comes, like it or not, it will be something that nobody can ignore.

[With that, Michael simply walks away from Stevie, out of shot as the camera cuts away.]
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 08:55 PM

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[The camera cuts once again to Stevie Trelain standing in a backstage corridor, microphone in hand.]

ST: Introducing my guest at this time, Sean Hazard!

[The fans cheer loudly as the camera zooms out to show Sean Hazard standing next to her. His face is badly bruised, and his shoulder is taped, but he looks in good spirits.]

ST: Now Sean, HUGE announcement from Mr. Cryptic earlier tonight in regards to your upcoming match with Estella Winters. What is your reaction to possibly not only main eventing Unearthed as captain of your own team, but also being the #1 Contender to the In Your House Championship?

SH: In short: Fucking ecstatic, Stevie. Main eventing any supershow is incredible, so doing so at the head of my own team would be even more so. As for the contendership, I’ve never really taken a second look at the big singles belt before, because the tag titles has always been the top of the mountain for me and Max, and even now I still hold them to the highest regard. That said, to say that winning the In Your House Championship wouldn’t be an incredible and career defining accomplishment would be stupid, especially what me and the entire SoA Nation have been through.

[Stevie nods before continuing.]

ST: Speaking of what you have been through, I feel like I need to address the elephant in the room, or to be more accurate, the 5 of them.

[She doesn’t even need to turn that into a question before Sean grabs the microphone out of her hand.]

SH: And that’s the other reason why this match means so much to me. Dante and Banshee are crossed off the list, and Stella is next. Last week they caught me off guard, and they beat the shit out of me. Their handiwork is visible for all to see. They say they were teaching me a lesson, but the only thing I learned is that they know I’m a threat. They won’t admit it, but they don’t need to. Now its obvious I’m not 100% tonight, saying anything else would be a blatant lie, but that is in no way an excuse. I refuse to let it be. The doctors have cleared me, and I’ve been booked in the biggest match of my career. I promise the SoA Nation, and my bro Max, that no matter what happens, I will fight with everything I have, I will leave everything in that ring, and that I will show Stella what real Anarchy is. We’ve had several other “Anarchists” enter our home, but at the end only we, the SoA Nation, is left standing. No Bad Omen is gonna change that. Ever.

[With that, Sean leaves the shot, the camera cutting away.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Michael Diablo vs The Hellhound


[The match immediately kicks off in high gear with both wrestlers blasting forearm shots at each other in the centre. Dante shows off his MMA skills before forcing Michael on his knees with a hard twist of the arm. Michael struggles to his feet and reverses the wrist lock. Dante drops on his back and escapes the hold as he now pulls Michael’s arm back again. Rising to his feet, Dante holds Michael in a hammerlock before the former champion spins around to break out of it. Dante is quick to catch Michael in a snapmare and connects with a chin lock, keeping him grounded. After some struggling, Michael pulls himself up and Dante switches to a side headlock on him. But Michael continues to push through as he runs Dante into the ropes and irish whips him to the other side. When Dante rebounds, Michael collides into him with a hard shoulder block. Dante falls on his back from impact and Michael hits the ropes. Dante rolls over his belly, allowing Michael to leap over him. But as Michael bounces off the ropes, Dante intercepts with a snapping calf kick. Michael clutches his face from impact and Dante goes for the pin but only gets a near two count. Michael pulls himself up before Dante goes for a stiff kick to his side abdomen that has him cringing away. Holding his side, Michael tries to get some distance but Dante continues to dish out more kicks on all sides to wear him down. Michael drops on one knee as he slows down. Dante goes to the outside apron and stalks Michael who slowly rises to his feet to take him down with a diving high knee. Dante scrambles for the cover but Michael kicks out at two.]

BM: The Hellhound is looking pretty impressive against The Devil of In Your House right now. Great precision with that diving high knee! But it’s still not enough to beat Michael.

TR: Michael’s a tough SOB, sure, but he’s not invincible. Hellhound’s buddy The Ikiryo can attest to that! And I’m sure Seth has given Dante great tips for this matchup.

[Michael rolls away to the nearest corner and pulls himself up. Dante charges at Michael with a knee strike to the gut that leaves him doubled over. Dante taunts the crowd who jeers back in response before climbing up on the middle turnbuckles with Michael still looking dazed. Dante proceeds to hammer down fists on Michael’s head but after the first few shots, Michael returns to life and starts fighting back. Dante continues to punish Michael, only to get powerbombed in the middle of the ring. The crowd goes wild at the huge impact and Michael attempts a pin on Dante but only gets a two-count. Holding his back, Dante slowly gets to his feet while Michael regains his bearings. Despite the pain, Dante tries to throw a roundhouse kick but Michael catches his leg and throws it away, sending him in a spin. Michael then grabs Dante from behind for a vicious german suplex. Dante lies barely moving after the impact, allowing Michael the window to put him away for the night.]

BM: What impact with that german suplex! And now Michael’s looking for the Diablo Driver!

TR: Oh shit, I thought Dante’s got this!

[But as Michael sets up for his piledriver finisher, Diablo Driver, a high-pitched shriek rings out through the entire arena—The Banshee’s scream.]

BM: Oh no, we all know what that means! The Banshee’s here, and perhaps the rest of Bad Omens too! Are we gonna see a repeat of last week??

TR: Where is she?!? I need to hide!!

[Michael drops Dante in shock and looks around just as all the lights go out, plunging the place in complete darkness. The fans voice out their confusion.]

BM: Aww come on! Not the lights!

TR: Fuckfuckfuckfuck!!

[Suddenly, the lights come back on and Michael is now on his back as Dante gets him in a roll-up. The crowd grows hostile with their boos as they witness Dante hooking Michael’s pants in the pin. But the referee doesn’t realise it and Michael struggles to break out of it but Dante is determined to hold on.]





TH: And here’s your winner… The Hellhound!

[As “Wolves of War” by Burn Halo blasts through the arena, Dante rushes out of the ring before Michael could catch him. Walking up the ramp, Dante turns back with a smirk at Michael who looks furious as hell.]

BM: Wow… Bad Omens just played Michael like a fiddle tonight. That distraction cost him a surefire victory. If it weren’t for that, I think it would be Michael standing tall tonight.

TR: But instead he’s looking like a fool! Haha, sorry, not sorry, Bry! That was brilliant, though! The Hellhound just outsmarted The Devil of In Your House!

BM: Bad Omens continue to make their statement on Ruckus.

TR: Why not, Bry? They’re a powerful stable and with the latest signings of new talents, they need to show everyone who runs this place.

BM: Nah Tats, they most definitely are not running this place.

TR: Ha! Look at what’s been happening lately and tell me that’s not true, hmm?

user posted image

[The camera cuts to the backstage area where we see the three members of Southern Hostility sitting together at a table in the back of what is now a nearly empty catering area. Amanda Hayes is sitting back in a chair with her boots propped up on the table watching people walk around and waiting for anybody to piss her off. Colton has a shot glass in one hand and his cell phone in the other. Clayton is eating a bowl of chili and doesn't look very impressed by it. Stevie Trelain walks up to the group with a mic in hand.]

ST: Hey guys, I saw you sitting over here...

[Hayes quickly cuts her off.]

AH: And you thought it would be a good idea to approach us? I heard you were kinda dumb but nothing about you being suicidal.

ST: I'm sorry if I'm bothering you guys but I saw you sitting over here and wanted to get your thoughts on a couple things.

[Clayton throws his spoon down in the bowl and looks up at her.]

Clay: You want thoughts? Let's start with whatever this bullshit in front of me is. I told the idiot behind the line over there that I wanted some chili. I don't know what the hell this is, but it ain't no damn chili. I don't know if this is an IYH thing or an Australian thing, but this is garbage. We're from the South and know what chili is. This shit is not that. They need to fire whoever made this and bring in a real Southern Cook.

[Stevie is thrown off by the fact that Clayton just went on a full rant about catering. She awkwardly looks around before continuing.]

ST: I..I'm sorry about that, but it’s not really my department. So...if I can, I wanted to get your thoughts on your first match at IYH.

[Hayes is still staring a hole right through Trelain but decides to answer her.]

AH: What is there to think about? We came out there and beat up a couple of assholes who had no business being in the ring with us to begin with. They have never won a match here and we damn sure weren't bout to be their first win. Shit, I woulda turned right around and went back into retirement if we lost to those bums. So, what was always gonna happen, did.

[Stevie quickly comes to the realization that she isn't going to get anything else on that match and moves on.]

ST: You have the week off this week but what are you looking to do in the future? Are there any teams at IYH that you look forw....

[Hayes quickly interrupts her and shuts that down.]

AH: Look forward to facing...NO! We are not concerned about any other team except for the one holding the belts. Currently that is Kelly Fury and....and...

[Amanda looks like she is struggling to remember who her partner is. Clayton speaks up.]

Clay: Gordon Fury

[Hayes snaps her fingers as to say yeah, that's it.]

AH: Right, him. Anyway, as long as they have the tag belts they're our only target. All other teams are just hurdles we need to jump over to get to em. I am sure we'll have to go through several teams to get what we want but it is just a matter of time.

[Colton, who's still looking at his phone, shakes his head and takes another shot. Trelain notices it and asks another question.]

ST: Colton, is everything OK?

[Colton looks up at her with a dismissive look.]

CT: Yeah. Catching up on twitter drama. Decided to play a drinking game and take a shot every time those Oakland bitches subtweet something about us. Gonna be drunk as shit by the time I get through all their bullshit. Have you ever seen such cowards?

[Stevie has no idea how to answer the question without offending one of the teams.]

CT: NO, you haven't. I've always said nothing good comes out of California and these clowns sure haven't changed my mind. You done? I'm sure I got a bunch more shot to go.

[Stevie can see that all the team members are getting tired of her being there and she looks to wrap the interview up.]

ST: Well, I look forward to seeing what you guys do next in the company and look forward to talking with...

[Amanda cuts her off once again.]

AH: Don't hold your breath.

[The scene cuts back to ringside as Stevie takes her leave.]

user posted image

[The show cuts to backstage where Stevie Trelain is finally standing by with Angelica Layne, who is dressed for action later tonight. Angelica gives a smirk into the camera as Stevie looks at her with a warm smile.]

ST: First and foremost, welcome back Angelica!

AL: Thanks Stevie, miss me?

ST: Admittedly, a little, yes. Despite the long recuperation period people are questioning whether or not you’re ready to take on the likes of our Proving Grounds Champion, Seth Iser tonight. What would you say to them?

AL: Get fucked mostly. He may be taller, he may seem badder, but we all know there is no one more psychotic in that ring than me. I don’t have to harp on and on about the best of five, how Krieger almost broke my spine and I still continued to fight every week for the rest of the cycle. You really think Seth Iser is more intimidating than Rick Krieger? I sure as fuck don’t. But I expected this, Stevie. I expected the underestimation, I expect the jeers as well as the cheers. I even expect the tricks out of the Scooby Doo Monster Rejects tonight...but none of them will keep that belt in Iser’s hands. None of them have ever gone toe to toe with me in that ring, but you know what the people who HAVE gone head to head with me have said about this match? “Don’t underestimate her”, “You’re gonna get fucked up”, “Angies gonna kill you”. I can’t let my adoring fans like Shawn Fox down Stevie, I just can’t. I owe it to him especially to beat this terrorist then two more poor bastards before fighting him once again so I can get MY IYH championship back.

ST: Well I wish you the very best on your return match, Angelica.

AL: Thanks Stevie.

[The scene fades.]

user posted image

IYH Championship Number One Contenders Match
Singles Match
Sean Hazard vs The Blue Dragon


[The match kicks off with Sean taking a lunge towards Stella, but she quickly side steps him. He tries to catch her again, but she continues to avoid him until a loud booing starts from the crowds. Sean look around shaking his head and Stella attempts to use this to her advantage, trying to catch him off guard. Sean however is used to the Bad Omens tricks and catches her fist before twisting her into an Arm Wrench. Stella yells out in pain, grabbing at her shoulder. Sean grabs her hand and Stella's screams get more agonising, obviously he grabbed the finger Owen Gonsalves recently injured. Sean yanks at Stella's arm, pulling her in close before hitting her with a DDT. Sean is quick to get back to his feet, running to the ropes and attempting to springboard from it with a Lionsault, but Stella lifts her knees just in time to block the shot. Stella crawls to the ropes as Sean rolls around grabbing at his ribs in pain as Stella gets up, cradling her hand while screaming out at the crowd that “IT’S NOT BROKEN, IT’S ALL A LIE”.]

BM: Stella is still denying that injury she received at Wrath of the Gods.

TR: There was no injury, Bry. It’s all in Owens and the fans heads. Besides, look at Sean, one miscalculation and now he’s feeling ALL the effects of his match last week.

BM: You mean the beat down he received AFTER his match by The Bad Omens?

TR: Potayto potahto.

[With Stella now back to her feet she runs up to Sean kicking him hard in the ribs as he crawled towards the ropes. Sean practically face plants into the mat from the pain and Stella takes the opportunity to stomp down hard on his shoulder and kidneys before straddling his back. She wraps her hands around the front of his face and starts to pull backwards, locking him into a Camel Clutch. Stella pulls back harder as Sean tries to break free, digging her fingernails into the cuts on his face Banshee gave him last week (with the exception of her “not broken” finger, which she keeps raised up). Sean manages to free on of his arms and desperately reaches for the bottom rope, grazing it with his finger tip which has the fans on edge as everyone thinks he’s going to cave to the immense pain and tap out, but no, just when it looks like he couldn’t take much more he manages to grip on tightly to the bottom rope and the crowds roar in delight. Stella however doesn’t, in fact she refuses to break the hold until the referee warns her and starts counting all the way up to four before releasing the hold and getting to her feet and getting into the referees face.]

BM: Stella is not happy that Sean was able to get hold of that bottom rope.

TR: Can you blame her? People treat her like a joke but yet SHE’S the one in this number one contenders match, SHE’S the one that took Diablo to his limit. If Sean wants to be broken inside of the ring, Stella will happily oblige.

[The match continued with Sean attempting to put up a fight against Stella, but she had made sure the damage was done, reworking his injuries and sore spots from the attack he had received last week. The more Stella attacked Sean, the more sluggish he became. As he stumbled back to his feet Stella hopped up on the top rope and connected with the Dragonrana.]





[The crowds instantly erupt into boos as Stella gets to her feet with a huge grin on her face, laughing at the fallen Sean. She screams at him how “I told you so! Stay down, bitch!” before getting her arm raised by the referee as the crowds erupt into the loudest boos we have heard all night.]

TH: Here is your winner….“THE DRAGON” ESTELLA WINTERS!

[Stella steps on Seans chest to step over him as she does a victory lap around the ring, soaking in the jeers from the crowd before dropping to her knees and rolling out of the ring to head to the back.]

BM: I can’t believe it….you know this means she’s one of the captains for Unearthed now, right?

TR: How can you not believe it? Stella has worked her ass off in this company. The Bad Omens are on a roll tonight. Two down, one to go. I cannot wait to see Seth Iser crush Angelica Laynes hopes and dreams before they even begin. Hahahahaha TONIGHT IS SO AWESOME!

user posted image

[The darkness of the rafters with the chains everywhere is second only to how empty it feels. The only person there though is the shadowy figure that is Seth Iser. He just has his arms crossed not moving for several seconds just thinking. The face is painted lightly with the black around his eyes and he has changed into a black and blue variant of his ring attire with a space design to it with a comet going off to represent bad omens in it’s own way. He doesn’t even open his eyes though. And of course the ever present gleam that is the Proving Grounds title around his waist.]

SI: Angelica Layne is a terrorist.

[No hesitation when he speaks those words. No hint of emotion to them either from his voice...but then he opens his eyes and the piercing hatred that’s coursing through them.]

SI: If I were like you and just threw up circumstantial at best evidence or just said things for shits and giggles I could just say that and be over with...but The Ikiryo sees everything after all. And I’ve seen what you’ve done even as you’ve continued to slander my name. And the people seem to be blindly worshipping the house of Layne all because of why? The not so nice woman decided to target someone they didn’t like more. But alas...people are often weak and fickle in who they cheer and this isn’t about them. It’s more about you and how you’re a terrorist. A terrorist leader with the followers of the fans all of a sudden…

[Iser just has the slightest twitch in his eye thinking about that...his anger all too apparent to anyone toward this woman.]

SI: Beyond the bragging about going through all of those barbaric matches to try to create a hardcore God complex around yourself...we can start with one of the most recent offenses and that’s on social media...the biggest ill of the world really considering wrestlers can put hits on others on a public forum and not have repercussions done. And seeing you mentally torture another human being while threatening ungodly amounts of violence toward the Hellhound to do what? Achieve your own goal of when you come back you claim ‘your house’ as you say. That’s textbook terrorism my dear.

[Iser lets out a sneer as his face darkens even further.]

SI: Also haven’t you on multiple occasions in an attempt to intimidate opponents bragged about who you’ve taken out in the middle of that ring including a particular human being that not many people liked here? I didn’t like him much either from what I’ve seen from afar but that’s not the point. But who really cares about people who aren’t liked or shunned? Obviously not these wonderful assholes in the building and certainly not YOU! Vigilante Justice in the form of terrorism because it’s NEVER evil when the people WE like more do it! That’s what the people thought. That’s what went through your sick mind. And that’s what you gave him.

[Iser lets out a sigh as he shuts his eyes.]

SI: I can still hear the chain hitting off his skull. To this day.

[The calmness that Iser had is just being degenerated slowly but surely and it’s turning more and more sinister.]

SI: Now here you are and you didn’t even have the gumption to give me a working microphone when announcing your return. But it would be quite a terroristic act to do try to silence anyone and everyone while only putting forth your message. And now you want to reclaim your house as you see yourself as holy and right in comparison to people like me in essence. You might not view yourself as holy but you sure as hell have a walking God complex with how you want people to bow down to you.

[Iser just spits on the floor.]

SI: You are full of hundred percent bullshit.

[Iser’s right hand tightens ever so slightly as his obvious anger is there.]

SI: And people have the audacity to call what Bad Omens did terrorism in comparison. It was cruel yes...but we didn’t end his career. We didn’t scar him permanently either. All we did to Mr. Hazard was try to teach him a lesson. A lesson that hasn’t gotten through his skull. You? You just care about your own aims deep down. Never for anybody else. Maybe my problem is I care too much about wrestling and trying to teach everyone how the sport once was while ingrates like you terrorize the foundation that the people before ME created.

[Iser’s eyes are just pure fire at his point as he’s almost shaking in fury.]

SI: So I say it again. YOU Angelica Layne are a GOD DAMNED TERRORIST! You hear me!? A TERRORIST! A FUCKING TERRORIST!

[Iser takes a breath to try to keep calm for a second after shouting that.]

SI: Angie and try to reclaim the house that you seem to have built. Bring all the vile and venom that you’ve had to win those titles and terrorize the roster as you’ve seen to have done your entire career. I beg you to do it. And you’ll find that in this house that ‘you built’...The Bad Omens have bulldozed it over and rebuilt it into a proper mansion for us all. Your key doesn't work anymore. We’ve seen your tactics. We see your new weakness as much as you want to play it off.

[With his voice back to his normal volume Iser then just takes off his championship belt and puts it over his shoulder with a sneer etched on his face. He’s still carrying great anger.]

SI: Diablo, Owen, Rick...they couldn’t take this from me. You won’t either. And on top of the shot at the world title I’ll gain by kicking your ass...I’m taking your soul to Banshee AND your shoulder back with me to the states to be buried in the damn coal mines for the sins YOU have committed to the Bad Omens...and to all of Professional Wrestling. And there won’t be a god damned thing you, these sick people, or anyone else in the fucking locker room can do about it!

[Iser then lets out a deep breath finally calming down.]

SI: And then in future generations...instead of what a wonderful wrestler and tremendous brawler on your epitaph. All that it’ll be is a cautionary tale as to why you shouldn’t use terrorism tactics in the realm of wrestling as long as people like me and people like The Bad Omens are around. Because when people screw with what wrestling should be and get involved in how wrestling should be truly will be a bad omen for you. While I will be your next IYH champion.

[Iser then lets out the slightest cackle at that thought before he walks off patting the championship over his shoulder while muttering something to himself.]

user posted image

[The show cuts to backstage where Stella Winters is seen walking with a huge proud smile on her face. Stevie Trelain rushes up to her.]

ST: Stella, can I get a few words over your win tonight?

[Stella looks at her with a scowl, like Stevie approaching her is the one thing that could wipe the smirk from her face. Scoffing, Stella rolls her eyes.]

SW: You may stay, no talking, just listening, got it?

[Stevie nods but as Stella looks away, Stevie gets in an eye roll of her own.]

SW: Tonight I did EXACTLY what I said I was going to do. I defeated Sean Hazard, I practically snapped him in half like a twig in that ring tonight. Just like I almost killed your precious devil just a few weeks ago. The way I pinned the village idiot who you all adore, Craig Anderson. And now I, I am the number one contender for the In Your House Championship. Y’all still won’t take me seriously as the threat that I am but that’s fine. From the moment I stepped into the ring here I showed you all why you shouldn’t underestimate a single soul inside of the ring. Keep doing it for all I care, keep making the same mistakes over and over before crying into your pillows at night wondering where it all went wrong. One by one you will all fall. Now I hold the power for Unearthed. Shawn Fox can scramble a team together, I already have mine and back ups, just in case. The Bad Omens will walk away from Unearthed victorious and that’s just the beginning….

[She steps towards the camera with a grin.]

SW: After Unearthed...we’ll be coming for all the champions. This is OUR era. It’s best you fuckwads learn to run the moment you hear the Banshee scream...nothing good comes with that scream and no one even attempts to save your heroes anymore. Five versus five? More like Shawn Fox and his team are going to DIE!

[Stella viciously brushes by the camera as she walks away laughing. The scene fades.]

user posted image

Proving Grounds Championship
Singles Match
The Ikiryo © vs Angelica Layne


[It takes a moment for the match to fully begin, as Seth decides to trash talk Angelica from his corner of the ring. She stands with a smirk on her face, his words bouncing off of her with no effect, but it’s when he attempts to get right up in her face demanding that she take him seriously that her smirk fades and an all too familiar look spreads across her face instead, a mean one. Angelica wastes no more time and starts throwing punch after punch to the side of Isers face, he puts his hands up, hoping to block her shots so she switches it up and catches him with an uppercut instead which knocks him back against the ropes. Seth lunges forward again hoping to catch Angelica with a right hook, but she ducks beneath it and wraps her hand around the back of his head before pulling it down against her knee. Seth stumbles back but again lunges forward and this time catches Angelica with three quick left jabs. He attempts to follow it up with a Discus Clothesline but Angelica breaks free and quickly side steps it and hits him with another uppercut. Seth stands almost frozen for a moment before dropping to the mat. He flops around almost comically. Angelica tries to continue the attack but the referee refrains her from doing so until he can check on Seth.]

TR: Don’t just stand there, someone help him!

BM: Oh give me a break! This type of behavior is only going to piss Angelica off more.

[Angelica has seen enough and forcibly pulls him back to his feet by his beard, she whips him against the ropes and hopes to catch him with a roundhouse kick on the rebound but he catches her leg and hoists her up into the air before slamming her down with a chokeslam. Seth doesn’t allow Angelica to have any wiggle room from this point as he begins to stomp down on her previously injured shoulder. Angelica attempts to power through, trying to get back to her feet but Seth shows how relentless he is as he manages to wrap that shoulder up in a crossface chicken wing. The crowds sit in shock as Angelica lets out a merciful scream while Seth has an almost demonic look in his eyes and a maniacal smile plastered on his face. The referee keeps checking with Angelica if she wants to give in, but she ignores him, trying to shift her weight in any way possible to help her get closer to the ropes. She kicks her leg out, barely getting her foot on the rope as the referee orders Seth to break the hold but of course he’s hesitant in doing so, wanting to run the count down to the very last second just to put the hurt on Angelica. Once he releases her, Angelica lays on the mat gripping at her shoulder almost motionless as Seth gets to his feet, yelling out to the crowd how he told them this would happen.]

BM: Seth tried to re-injure Angelicas shoulder!

TR: He’s just testing its durability, no point coming back into action if that shoulder aint up to par.

[Seth starts to pull Angelica back up by her hair, once she’s on her knees she starts throwing weakened punches at his midsection hoping to cause him to back off, but Seth just pulls on her hair harder until she’s back to her feet. Angelica stumbles on her feet, sluggish and worn down from the agony she had just gone through and Seth eats up every moment of it. He gets right in her face, taunting her. He holds up her face before slapping it hard which causes Angelica to step back twice before standing almost frozen. That is until her head slowly turns in his direction which gets a roar of delight from the crowd as they know she’s about to fuck him up for the disrespect. A new fire has just been lit within Angelica as she throws punch after punch to Seths face until he’s backed up into one of the corners but Seth fights back with shots of his own before shoving Angelica forward hard and quickly slipping out of the ring to catch his breath. Angelica watches on as the crowds erupt into boos at Seth, before Angelica yells for the “terrorist” to get back inside of the ring. Seth becomes irate on the outside as the crowds even join in with a terrorist chant. He attempts to slide into the ring but Angelica makes a charge towards him so he slides back out and stays on the outside, demanding that the referee order that she stays back. Angelica steps backwards with her hands in the air, allowing him the opportunity to get back inside of the ring wanting a fair fight….or so she let him believe anyway. Seth gingerly gets up onto the apron and Angelica charges at him again, hitting him with a high kick that almost knocks him off of the apron, but he manages to hold onto the top rope with one hand and keeps his footing. Angelica once again starts throwing punches at him and even gets her hand to the back of his head to slam it down face turn into the turnbuckle. Seth almost stumbles off of the apron he’s that sluggish. Angelica gets him in a headlock and uses all her strength to pull him over the top rope…]



[The crowds are ecstatic as Angelica hits him with a Dragonscrew Neck Whip and as always, she’s not done...she pulls him into the center of the ring and locks in the Anaconda Vice.]





[Seth holds out for as long as he can but Angelica keeps the move locked in with all her strength until Seth is forced to tap out. The bell rings and the crowds go berserk as Angelica finally releases the hold.]

TH: Here is your winner and NEW Proving Grounds Champion….ANGELICA LAYNE!!

[Angelica sits on her knees with a grin on her face before getting to her feet. The referee hands her the championship as the cheers throughout the arena are almost deafening. Angelica has her hand raised and with her other hand, she proudly raises the Proving Grounds Championship high in the air. Seth Iser stumbles back to his feet in disbelief glaring a hole through Angelica. He looks like he’s about to start something but Angelica grips hold of the championship belt like a weapon. Seth decides it’s not worth it at this moment in time and drops to his knees, rolling out of the ring to head to the back. Angelica cackles as she soaks in this victorious moment.]

BM: She did it, Tats!

TR: Don’t talk to me right now.

BM: Oh come on, don’t be so bitter.

TR: This wasn’t supposed to happen, Bry!

BM: But it did. In the words of Angelica herself, MAMA IS HOME and she hasn’t skipped a beat!

TR: Hmph! Seth will get that belt back, just you wait Bry.

BM: I’m sure he’ll try, but in the meantime he’ll probably pout and moan and that makes me and these fans extremely happy. That’s all we’ve got time for everyone, see you next week, GOODNIGHT!
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