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 Hyphy Machinery
 Posted: Dec 26 2017, 03:10 AM

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Team Name: Hyphy Machinery

Members (must make a separate singles app for each): Dontell Porter & Jason Moana

Combined Weight: 193 kg (425 lbs.)

Team Gimmick:
Hyphy Machinery may look like they literally walked in off the street, but make no mistake, both men are ring generals in their own right. Combined with how long they've worked together, both inside and outside the squared circle, the two possess a scary synchronicity that enables them to open up opportunities for each other, create traps and misdirections, and respond in kind should their opponents decide to fight dirty.

Team Finisher:
The Black Hole (delayed vertical suplex by Porter, with a striking spear from Moana on the way down)

Well-Practiced Double Team Moves (Max 5):
San Andreas (Magic Killer) (NOTE: also works as finisher, if opponent thrown into table or other environmental hazard)

Two-Way Traffic (Double clothesline from opposite sides)

Splash Brothers (Back-to-back splashes from off the top turnbuckle)

Giambi Doesn't Slide (Moana appears to go for a baseball slide, but at the last second, he rolls to the side. A split-second later, Porter ambushes the opponent with a flying knee.)

Entrance Theme: "Go Hard or Go Home" // E-40 ft. The Federation

Team Entrance:
E-40's "Go Hard or Go Home" hits the PA, and the sound of an engine revving roars through the arena. The latter is quickly explained once the main beat kicks in, as Hyphy Machinery emerge from behind the curtain, accompanied by an old-school convertible with a custom purple paintjob. More specifically, Dontell stands on the hood and Jason stands on the trunk, both men vibing to their music and hyping up the crowd, and the car drives forward on its own.

Jason jumps down into the driver's seat, hits the brakes, and pulls out the keys to the car. As he steps out, Dontell leaps off the hood and rolls forward, popping up and throwing his oversized sunglasses over his shoulder and into the crowd. As the duo approach the ring, hyping each other up with boasts of their skill, we see two officials run past them and start pushing the car back up the ramp.

Dontell and Jason climb up the two closest turnbuckles and aim finger guns at their opponents before jumping down, convening in their corner, and huddling up to discuss strategy and decide who's going first.

Team Background:
Dontell Porter and Jason Moana met on their first day of kindergarten, and they've been best friends ever since. Whether they were forming the dual-threat wide receiver/cornerback combination that made their high school's football team competitive for the first time in decades or showcasing their latest and greatest custom cars, these two were virtually inseparable, and when they entered the world of professional wrestling through Zapatista Lucha Libre, where they were two-time ZLL Parejas Champions, that dynamic was no different.

Hyphy Machinery's big break arrived midway through 2017, when A.J. Morales, who knew them from his time in ZLL, recruited them into XWA. In their debut match at The Frozen North, the duo pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the year when they defeated no less than Diamond Jack Sabbath and War Enforcement in a 2-on-3 handicap tag team match, handing Sabbath his first XWA loss since 2015. They proved valuable allies to Morales, and the rest of Taylor Promotions, repeatedly throughout the rest of the year in the war against the Survivors, doing everything from setting up ambushes to running counter-interference during brawls.

With the Survivors defeated and a new dawn rising in XWA, Hyphy Machinery arrive in IYHWF looking to show up old rivals, scope out some new competition, and maybe teach Australia about ghostriding the whip while they're at it.
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