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 Taken Pic Bases
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Mar 28 2016, 10:58 PM

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Chris Cryptic - Claudio Castagnoli/Cesaro
Jesse “Tats” Richardson - Sterling James Keenan/Corey Graves
“The Voice Of The House” Brian Morris - Liam Neeson
Stevie Trelain - Carrie Underwood
Tommy Henderson - Justin Roberts
Kevin Rose - Zac Efron
Silvia Drake - Mel Fronckowiak


Adam Fenric - Aiden English
Emery Layton - Becky Lynch
Gordon Fury - Chris Sabin
Angelica Layne - Cristina Scabbia
Katie Hanley - Dakota Kai/Evie
Colton Travis - Donald Cerrone
The Banshee - Rosemary/Courtney Rush
Serena Maxwell - Crazy Mary Dobson
Marcus Blackbeard - Dave Bautista
Estella Winters - Felisja Piana
Amanda Hayes - Jesse Belle Smothers
Penelope Anne - Jewells Malone
Jason Moana - Jimmy Uso
Michael Diablo - Jon Bernthal
Sean Hazard - Josh Dun
Seth Iser - Luke Harper
Etsuko Iwasaki - Mami Sasazaki
Dontell Porter - Marshawn Lynch
Jet Blanchard - Nelly
Minka Carter - Peyton Royce
Akihiko Iwasaki - Rina Suzuki
Shawn Fox - Scott Eastwood
Kelly Fury - Shakira
Max Thunder - Tyler Joseph
Dante Locke - Zachary Wentz
Owen Gonsalves - Zack Sabre Jr


Rick Kreiger - Bill Goldberg
Caleb Cross - EC3
Derrik Lillard - Christopher Daniels
Dave Francis - Chuck Taylor
Jacob Pasconi - Frankie Kazarian
Keiran Thompson - Keanu Reeves
Terry Nelson - Owen Wilson

*NOTE - If you want a base taken by a staff-handled character or NPC, just let one of us know, and 99% of the time (a couple are set in stone) we would be more than happy to give it to you*


Clayton Travis - Don Frye
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