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 Posted: Jan 25 2017, 07:15 AM

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[A wide sweeping shot of the crowd is seen from inside of the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, signifying the opening of Unearthed! The fans seem amped and ready for one hell of a supershow, cheering and waving at the cameras as one of them moves to the announce desk.]

Brian Morris: Ladies and Gentlemen, we come to you tonight from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre where possibly our biggest match to date will go down in the main event! I am “The Voice of The House” Brian Morris here with my broadcast partner, Tats Richardson.

Tats Richardson: That’s right! Two teams led by IYH champ Angelica Layne and #1 contender Matt Stone respectively will collide in a 5-on-5 elimination tag team match! Furthermore, the captain of the winning team gets to pick the match stipulation for the IYH championship match at Ground n Pound!

BM: But first, who is Michael Diablo’s replacement in the main event tonight? After a horrible attack last Ruckus, Chris Cryptic has announced that he won’t be cleared to compete, forcing him to find a last minute replacement for the match.

TR: And yesterday, Angelica said he has found one and she’s just approved it. I can’t wait to find out who it is!

BM: Though the IYH title isn’t on the line tonight, we’ve got the tag team champs, State of Anarchy, defending their titles against Sweet Anarchy, and Proving Grounds champion Iris Black defending against Craig Anderson!

TR: There’s also more on the card tonight, so let’s get the show underway!

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[The feed cuts to backstage where Nessa Wall sits on the bench in her locker room, back to the door, shoulders slumped as she stares at something in her lap. Behind her the door opens and closes and without looking up, she speaks.]

NW: Go away. I'm not doing any-

[She catches sight of movement in the mirror and when she looks up at it, she freezes at the sight of Shawn Fox.]

NW: Oh.

[She bites her lip, looking back down at her lap, letting the silence stretch out in the hopes he'll break it first. When he doesn't, she sighs.]

NW: Did they tell me the wrong room? Just give me a minute. I'll get my things and… I just need a minute, okay? I'm so sorry. They didn't tell me that we were - I was - I just assumed you'd be in with your team and I…

[Her voice falters and it's clear she's trying not to break down as she moves to her feet and starts hastily grabbing her street clothes, stuffing them in her bag. He stares at her for a moment and then shakes his head.]

SF: Nah, you keep it.

[He takes the water bottle in his hand and twists off the cap, takes a drink and looks around.]

SF: So where’s Matt.

[She stops, the bag falling from her hand to smack against the floor in the silence.]

NW: How the hell should I know? Probably with his team. You know, with that goddess of yours and the stripper and those crazy bitches.

[She turns to look at him finally, her cheeks pink with anger. He takes another sip of water, swishes it coolly around for a moment before swallowing deliberately.]

SF: Hm. Dunno, he seems to think you keep better track of him. You keep taking her name in vain, I’m going to think you’ll be the first sitting on the pew up front on Sundays, Ness. Might do you some good, Church that is.

[He finishes off the water, tossing the bottle at the nearby bin, before giving her a steely gaze.]

SF: You better you know…

[He makes a vague gesture with one hand.]

SF: Rein that in before you break your latest resolution. It’s not even the end of the month.

NW: You know they’re made to be broken. That’s the whole point of the game. It’s like repenting on your deathbed… seeing a priest when you’re about to head to the gallows. Nobody wants to go out with a heavy conscience.

[She sighs, shaking her head.]

NW: Why are you here? Want to make sure I know where we stand before I go out there and make a fool of myself? I do, Shawn. Believe me, I do.

[He makes a face, but controls himself before actually rolling his eyes.]

SF: Sometimes things aren’t a game, you ever think of that? You’re playing a game alright, you’re playing Russian roulette or numbly-peg - thinking you can always ask forgiveness later before you go off and do something? What happens if you fuck up before you see the priest? Those are the questions nobody asks, unless it’s 4 AM.

[He shrugs slightly and steps back, watching her face.]

SF: You’re not stupid, Nessa. That’s your shining quality when you remember you have it. You already know.

NW: Would have been nice to know that there was a single-strike system in place with you before - you assume I know exactly what I’m doing here? As if I meant to..?

[She shakes her head vehemently.]

NW: You want me to deliberately hurt you? Come out there and answer my challenge tonight.

[Now comes the eye roll, as he turns his back to her.]

SF: You meant to do, what you did. You’re just pissed off that there’s consequences now, and you’re shifting that off on me. You go do what you want, Nessa. You’re great at that.

[He stalks out of the doorway, leaving her in possession of the room.]

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[The camera cuts to Tommy Henderson in the ring. "Dressed To Kill" by New Found Glory plays throughout the arena as the crowds start booing. Cheesecake appears from behind the ramp with a cocky expression, smirking out at the crowd as she makes her way down the ramp with her arms spread. She flicks her fingers into her palms in a ‘bring it on’ motion, wanting the crowds to boo her more so she can show them how little she cares about their opinion.]

TH: Making her way to the ring from Scottsdale, Arizona, weighing in at 44Kg…Cheesecake!

BM: Note ladies and gentlemen, she is from Scottsdale Arizona and NOT South Africa like she has claimed on twitter.

TR: She got the first letters right, close enough. Cocaine is a helluva drug.

[Cheesecake slides into the ring and raises her arms in the air, the smug expression still on her face. She paces around the ring awaiting her opponent. As her music dies down; "I Wish" by Cher Lloyd ft. T.I. replaces it on the PA as the boos turn to cheers. It’s not long before Jessica appears from behind the curtains with a big, confident smile on her face. She slaps her hands together to show her fans she’s pumped for the fight.]

TH: And her opponent from Worcester, England, weighing in at 53Kg…Jessica Anderson!

TR: I don’t get these two, are they friends, are they enemies…frenemies maybe?

BM: Jessica just wants to be friends with everyone, Cheesecake would probably punch a baby in the face.

TR: Jessica can always swing by my place later and explain it to me.

[Jessica climbs the steps, keeping her eyes on Cheesecake at all times before slowly getting into the rings through the ropes. Cheesecake runs at her but stops halfway, laughing about it, waving her hands in a dismissive motion.]

TR: Did she just say ‘it’s just a prank’

BM: That’s her go to response for everything, so probably.

[Jessica shakes her head and approaches the center of the ring as the referee calls for the bell.]

Singles Match
Cheesecake vs Jessica Anderson


[The match kicks off with Cheesecake holding out her hand to Jessica, offering up a handshake as a gesture of goodwill given the fact they are ‘friends’. Jessica stares at Cheesecake, unsure of whether or not to trust her before reluctantly reaching out to take her hand. Cheesecake gives her hand a firm squeeze with a warm smile, being she attempts to kick Jessica in the stomach. Jessica saw it coming and quickly hopped to the side before yanking her hand free and taking Cheesecake down with a lariat.]

BM: Cheesecake tried to take an early advantage in this match, but Jessica saw through her tricks.

TR: Jessica is definitely focused tonight.

[Both women get back to their feet quick, but Jessica is up a couple of seconds faster and grabs hold of Cheesecake before whipping her into the ropes, as Cheesecake rebounds back, Jessica catches her with a drop kick. Jessica keeps up momentum with a lionsault and attempts a pin, but Cheesecake gets her should up after the one count. Jessica gets to her feet, pulling Cheesecake up with her. Jessica gets Cheesecake in position for a one-armed Bulldog, but Cheesecake drills her elbow into Jessicas stomach and shoves her away, before coming at her with a round house kick that knocks Jessica to the mat.]

BM: Cheesecake out of nowhere!

TR: Sounds like something you’d hear at a circus before seeing a clown get face planted with a cream pie!

[Jessica is back to her feet holding at her jaw. Cheesecake runs up and just as Jessica turns around, Cheesecake nails her with a Spear. Cheesecake stays mounted on Jessica and starts throwing a multiple closed fisted punches at the side of Jessicas head. Jessica keeps her arms up, trying to block the shots as the referee pleads with Cheesecake to get off of Jessica. Cheesecake makes sure she gets one final punch in before getting off of Jessica, before getting a sly kick to the side of Jessicas face. The crowds erupt into boos which makes Cheesecake instantly start to taunt them.]

BM: She certainly has a knack for riling people up.

TR: As long as people keep talking about her, she’s going to assume she has popularity. She’s the bratty bitch we all secretly love to hate, only some aren’t so quite about their hatred.

[Cheesecake spins back around to Jessica who is now on her knees pushing herself to her feet. Cheesecake rushes at her, hoping to connect with another round house kick, but Jessica ducks below her leg and runs to the ropes, as she rebounds back and Cheesecake spins around, Jessica connects with a Hip Attack.]

BM: Ass Kisser!!

TR: I’ll gladly kiss Jessicas ass.

BM: Give her husband enough biscuits and he just might let you….kiss his, not his wifes.

TR: Wrong Anderson, ugh.

[Jessica is sluggish getting back to her feet as she stumbles towards the corner. She begins to climb, hoping to end this match here and now. She seems to have Cheesecake lined up as she gets ready to prepare for her Corkscrew 620 senton, but Cheesecake rolls free as Jessica connects with the mat instead. Cheesecake desperately crawls over to Jessica and gets her in a rollup pin, Jessica attempts to squirm free, but Cheesecake pulls back on Jessicas tights to hold her in place.]




TH: Here is your winner…CHEESECAKE!

[The crowds erupt with boos as Cheesecake quickly rolls out of the ring. As she heads towards the ramp, she looks back at an irate Jessica. Cheesecake points at her laughing as Jessica just shakes her head.]

BM: I don’t think this is going to be over between those two.

TR: Cheesecake cheated, we all saw it HOWEVER, no one really cares. If Jessica needs some comforting later, I’ll go find her in the back, namsayin?

BM: I really wish I didn’t. Moving along with rapid pace, up next we will find out just who it is that has answered Nessa Walls challenge.

TR: Talk in the back is maybe someone will fight two matches here tonight. Kelly Fury seems to be a popular name going around too, perhaps even to appear in the main event.

BM: Anyone seen Fletch lately? …Did you murder him, Tats?

TR: That midget probably got ate by a dingo.

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[Cutting backstage, we see the leader of one of the main event teams walking down the hallway on his own. Matt Stone is wearing a brand new “Team Stone” T-shirt featuring a graffiti’d Unearthed posted on the front of it, the words “shut me up” are on the back. Other than this colourful shirt, he’s just wearing a pair of jeans and a grin on his face, knowing that in just a few short hours he’s going to be wowing everyone with his team’s advanced strategies. This trip, however, wasn’t about his team, this was about him and that’s his favourite subject. He stops at a door, looking at the name written on it in pink, the camera catching it as well: Nessa Wall. Stone gives the door a rather hard knock, awaiting the response. The voice that answers isn’t the usual perky, snarky tones of the former tag champion. Instead she sounds exhausted as she calls out.]

NW: It’s open!

[Matt opens the door and walks in, looking around the room, his eyes finally falling on Nessa and the less than welcoming expression on her face.]

MS: Nice place you’ve got here, all you need is a poster of a sad clown and you’ll complete the motif.

[She sighs, shaking her head.]

NW: Shouldn’t you be having one last strategery session with your harem?

MS: They’re still getting fitted for their outfits, those veils need to look just right, you know.

[He fires back without missing a beat.]

MS: So I thought I should come over here and get one last piece of business out of the way before the official demise of team Whogivesadamn. Then I’ll get into my Major Anthony Nelson outfit.

[She almost smiles at the quip.]

NW: Ah. We never did set terms for that wager, did we?

MS: We didn’t, and as much fun as I’m going to have gloating about it, I need more.

NW: Of course you do. Incentive is a hell of a thing, isn’t it? So name your terms. What do you want if your team wins?

MS: There you go again, if my team wins. My team is going to win, there’s no two ways about it, you’re sounding just like Angelica Pickles right now. Actually, if you had pigtails, it might just be the perfect comparison. You know what it feels like to be constantly doubted by people? You’re an alleged genius, you should know it makes you feel low, humiliated and useless. But in case your empathy isn’t working properly, I’d like to propose terms that would put you in my position, metaphorically speaking of course. To humiliate you, I want to see you in my favourite outfit, the french maid uniform. To have you feeling low, you’ll be down on the ground, your hands and knees but to make sure you’re not feeling entirely useless, all the while you’ll get the absolute privilege of cleaning my apartment, Chez Stone.

[She rolls her eyes.]

NW: Not the lingerie sort of maid costume. The days you were allowed to see everything I own have passed. But fine. I’ll clean your apartment. And when the other team wins, you’ll have to wear shirts supporting tag team wrestling. For a week - no - a month. And talk it up, every chance you get.

[A disingenuous laugh escapes his mouth as he nods along.]

MS: Yeah, that’ll happen. Sure, why not, I’ll pimp tag teams like there’s a buy one get one free deal down at the corner, but come on, we both know I’m going to lead my team to victory. They don’t even have a full team, you’re letting your disdain for me blind your judgement, but so be it.

[He offers his hand to shake to make the wager official. She takes it, nodding, trying to force a smile.]

NW: Well, I’d say something stupid like ‘may the best team win’, but…

MS: It’s painfully obvious that it’s already going to happen? Look at us, still finishing each other's sentences.

NW: As much as I’d love to spend more time doing that…

[She glances to the door.]

NW: I need to get down to the ring. I’ve got a challenge to make, after all. Guess we’ll find out if anyone here wants to shut me up.

[He smiles, getting the hint.]

MS: You should have to pay me royalties every time you say that. I know we used to say shut us up, but that was back in the lingerie days. But good luck out there, I know this means something to you.

[He heads for the door, stopping at the frame, looking back at her.

MS: Maybe I’ll just see you out there Nessa, could be fun.

[Giving his ex a wink, Stone walks out the door. She watches him go, taking a deep breath.]

NW: Not something. Everything.

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[The feed returns to Tommy in the ring, with the fans around the arena repeatedly cheering, “In Your House!”]

TH: The following is the Nessa Wall open challenge! Introducing first, from Toronto Canada, she is pure Canadian Bitchsauce...NESSA WAAAAAAAALL!

[‘She’s a genius’ starts blaring out on the PA system as Nessa makes her way down to the ring, not even giving the fans the satisfaction of eye contact, she’s all business walking down the ramp and up the steps, getting into the ring. She grabs a microphone as the boos persist.]

NW: I’m going to make this short and sweet because I know the attention span of the average pedestrian is mediocre, at best. I’ve spent days thinking about this, wondering who is going to answer my challenge and you know what? I’m sick of it. I don’t care who answers it, from the top of ladder to the sticky floor the ladder rests on, I’m ready for it. So please, whoever is ready back there, come on down! You’re the next contestant on…

[Before Nessa can finish, "Sound of Madness" by Shinedown starts playing and the crowd all look down the ramp to see Diamond Jack Sabbath walking down the ramp. Nessa rolls her eyes and hands the microphone off, getting ready.]

TH: Accepting the challenge, weighing in at 108.8 Kilograms from Manchester, England...Diamond Jack Sabbath!

TR: Aww, I wanted to know what the show was.

BM: It’s a wrestling match.

TR: How can you be sure?

BM: Will you be serious?!?

Nessa Wall’s Open Challenge
Singles Match
Nessa Wall vs ???


[The bell sounds and the two start to circle the ring, locking eyes with each other. Approaching the center, they lock up, and it’s Jack with the quick advantage executing an arm drag on Nessa, flipping her over on her back. Wall gets to her feet quickly though and is caught off guard by a second arm drag by Jack, this time being trapped in an armbar. Jack pulls back hard on Nessa’s arm, Wall kicking the mat in frustration as she tries to wiggle free, but she can’t. Wall is, however, able to roll to her feet, backing Jack up against the ropes and tosses him off across the ring, freeing her arm. Jack bounces back and jumps over Nessa who had dropped down to the mat, quickly up to her feet, Wall lowers her head for a back body drop but eats a foot in the face from Jack, Nessa shooting straight up and gets flipped over on her back with a standing hurricanrana! Landing on the mat, Nessa rolls out of the ring to catch her breath, the fans cheering on Jack]

BM: Jack's holding onto the advantage early on. Nessa is already looking for a retreat

TR: Oh please. Nessa knows the best way to stop someone’s momentum is to avoid contact and clear your head.

BM: Still, not starting out the way she would have liked.

[With Wall on the outside, Jack runs over, Nessa catching sight at the last second and ducking down, Jack diving through the ropes, but grabbing the top and spinning himself back inside the ring, showing his athleticism. Wall stands up straight, thinking she has outsmarted Jack but doesn't see Jack shooting himself over the top rope as he comes crashing down on Nessa! The fans cheer as Jack is the first to her feet, picking up Nessa and rolling her back inside the ring, following her in.]

BM: What a move from the very athletic Jack Sabbath!

TR: I'm sure we'll see something equally as awesome out of Nessa Wall right about... now.

[Jack, back in the ring now, lifts up Nessa by her hair, but Wall is able to trap her and roll her over with an inside cradle, getting a 2 count]

TR: How sweet would that have been?

BM: Would have been Nessa’s cleanest win to date, I think

TR: Everyone’s a critic.

[The crowd cheers as Jack is able to kick out, Nessa and Jack rolling back to their feet, Nessa a step quicker at this point and swings back, swinging her hand 90 degrees and connecting with a hard slap! The sound can be heard throughout the arena and Jack glares back at Nessa, Wall backing up and ducking under the top rope as Sabbath advances, but he is cut off by the referee. Jack seems annoyed, and when Wall moves away from the ropes, Sabbath approaches and is caught with a swift kick to her right knee, dropping him down as Nessa grabs him in a front chancery and drops him straight down with a DDT. Nessa rolls down Jack’s body and grabs his right leg, lifting it high up in the air and driving it down to the mat, Jack rolling away holding his leg.]

TR: Brilliant strategy there by Nessa. If you take away Jack’s legs, it hinders his kicking offense.

[Wall is looking more frustrated at this point, getting to her feet, putting her hand to her mouth and blowing Jack a kiss. The crowd starts cheering Jack on, knowing what Nessa is planning. Jack seems helpless to avoid it, however, as she starts getting to her feet, Nessa charges, but is tripped up as Sabbath leaps forward with a low dropkick to the knee! Nessa stumbles away to the ropes, turning around and charging right into a double A spinebuster!]

BM: What a slam! Nessa could be out here.

[Jack raises his hands for the crowd to start cheering as he climbs up to the top rope for a diving leg drop, but as he’s coming down Nessa rolls out of the way. Jack is able to brace himself to avoid crashing, but Nessa takes advantage and goes for the Kissy Kissy, narrowly missing Jack’s head as Sabbath ducks under the lethal kick and grabs Nessa, trying to wrap his arm around her ankle so he can lock in an ankle lock but Wall is able to squirm out and get to her feet, Jack is up quickly too so he can spot Nessa spin on her back heel and swing her arm around straight for Jack’s head, hitting her Against the Wall (Spinning Back Fist)! Jack falling straight to the mat, Nessa falling down too from the impact, Wall’s arm draped over Jack’s chest for the referee to go for the count.]





TH: Here is your winner of the Nessa Wall Open Challenge…..NESSA WAAAAALL

TR: Nessa wins, what a sequence!

BM: Jack gave her all she could take, but in the end, it wasn’t good enough.

Nessa rolls out of the ring, raising her own hand in the air before dusting her hands off, making her way up the ramp. Jack is getting up, holding his face where a black eye was forming from the blow he just took, but Nessa’s already heading to the back, ignoring him and everyone else.

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[A video compilation that starts off with various match highlights featuring the members of Team Angelica is shown. Then the colours and music turn dramatic as the footage of last Ruckus where Michael is lying bloodied on the floor comes on. The scene transitions to a series of shots of Team Matt individually in different match highlights. The video package ends with separate shots of Angelica Layne and Matt Stone looking proud and ready for the showdown at Unearthed.]

BM: All the talk has been done, and tonight we see everything comes a head in the most anticipated match of the night!

TR: It’s gonna be WAAAARRRRRR!!

[The feed then cuts to a split-screen where Iris Black and Craig Anderson in separate locations backstage are getting ready for their match.]

BM: But up next, we see Iris Black putting the Proving Grounds title on the line against Craig Anderson!

TR: This is Iris’ chance to prove her worth as champion and be the first to defend the Proving Grounds title!

user posted image

[The feed returns to Tommy in the ring.]

TH: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the IYH Proving Grounds championship!

["Away" by Mercy Drive starts to play in the arena as Craig Anderson comes out, slapping the hands of some of the fans on his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and quickly getting up, raising his arms to cheers.]

BM: Craig looks determined here to capture his first gold here

TR: Being determined isn’t enough in this company Brian, you need to be better than ever.

[Electric Hellfire Club’s “Bitchcraft” starts playing and the Proving Grounds champion comes out to the ring, holding the title like a baby, rocking it back and forth as she glares at Craig in the ring, walking down the ramp ignoring everyone else. She gets in the ring and hands the title off, ready for the match.]

BM: We have some breaking news here tonight, Connie Craven has been banned from ringside, so we’re going to find out if Iris can win on her own.

TR: WHat do you mean? Of course she can, she’s magic!

In Your House Proving Grounds Championship Match
Singles Match
Iris Black© vs Craig Anderson


[Black takes a step back as Anderson takes a step out and the two circle one another, Craig in a more crouched and classic wrestling stance whereas Black stands upright with her hands opened halfway at shoulder-level. Anderson dives in, looking to take the Witch down by the legs, but Iris hops away, throwing a fast warning kick to keep Anderson away. Craig dives in again with Black hopping over him once more, this time backing away with a smirk on her face. Craig rises up and stands up straight, shooting in again for Black's legs, missing a third time, but instantly twists around on the mat, taking Iris down with a drop toehold. He floats over, looking for a crossface hold, but Black pops forward and nails a quick back elbow, sending Anderson rolling away as she scuttles onto the apron. Iris stands up, eyeing the rising Craig, and then springboards off of the middle rope, coming in with a spinning wheel kick attempt.]

BM: Anderson catches Iris...

[Anderson slams Black to the mat with a pseudo-spinebuster, immediately locking on a kneebar. Iris struggles for the ropes but Anderson cinches the hold in, wrenching away on Iris's knee. Iris swings her free foot at Craig’s head, the sudden attacks loosens the hold, allowing Iris to push herself out and roll backwards to a knee in the corner as Anderson kips up to his feet, ready for another round. Black rubs her knee, smacking it a few times, and then rises up, a smug look on her face. Black surprises Craig with a rushing lariat out of the corner, which Craig easily ducks, but Black twists around and nails a clubbing forearm shot to the back of Craig's head, sending him flying forward into the corner.]

TR: Iris is looking especially vicious here tonight.

[Iris drops to a knee and holds her arms out to her sides before Iris rises back up and rushes into the corner, looking for a back elbow, but Craig ducks under it, sending Black back-first into the turnbuckle pads. Anderson quickly hits the ropes, charging back with a corner clothesline to the face attempt, but Iris gets a foot up, connecting with Anderson's wrist. Craig backs off, shaking his hand out, and Iris nails a pair of forearms to the side of the head before nailing an elbow to his midsection, doubling him over. Anderson lands on his feet behind Iris, drilling a forearm into the back of her head. He re-applies a rear waist lock and lifts Iris up for a German suplex, but Black rolls forward, pulling Anderson down with a Victory Roll which gets a two count.]

BM: Near fall there for Iris, she almost retained.

TR: Iris has been all over at this match so far, she’s a great champion!

[Anderson forces Iris off of him and rolls to his feet. Black charges in but gets caught with a deep armdrag, rises back up and charges in again, only to get caught with another. Craig locks in an armbar, but Black twists out of it, rolling forward and locking in one of her own. Anderson slaps his shoulder to keep the feeling in it, only to get it sandwiched between a downward elbow and a rising knee. Craig drops to a knee, holding his shoulder, and then rolls forward, reversing Black's armbar into another one of his own. Iris goes to roll forward, but Anderson does the same, keeping the hold intact. Both rise up to their feet with Anderson nailing a stiff knife-edge to Black's chest.]

BM: Craig is in control now, Tats

TR: Yeah, yeah, lucky.

BM: Lucky? He just out skilled her there!

[Craig tries for “Rich Tea-Bone Suplex” his T-bone suplex but ends up flat on his back with a reverse STO. Iris picks Anderson up and whips him into the ropes, preparing herself for his return and catches his head with her legs, flipping him straight down with a Jill Crow [Headscissors takedown]. With Craig down and likely out, she goes for the cover, but only gets a two count.]

TR: I thought that was three!

BM: Craig is a fighter though and he’s still in this.

[After Anderson is able to kick out, Iris doesn’t look pleased. She snaps her fists, showing she’s going to break something, and targets that thing, Anderson’s leg. Iris, back to her feet, elevated Anderson up on his shoulders, grabbing his right leg and bending id backwards in an elevated half crab]

TR: What’s Craig going to do now?

BM: This is tricky to escape, but he’ll have to find a way if he wants to be the Proving Grounds champion.

[Iris is pulling him down as hard as she can, Anderson shaking his head no to the ref’s questions. Iris Craig uses his arms to push himself up a bit more, catching Iris in the face with a mule kick, stunning her and allowing for him to roll out of the hold, getting to his feet and quickly dropping the champ with his arse over tit, a running handspring headscissor takedown. Iris struggles to her feet, Craig ducking in and lifts Iris up in the air, tossing her up as high as possible and catching her on the way down with a superkick! Craig scrambles to his feet, going to the ropes as quickly as possible feeling the title in his hands, leaping off for his “Viennese Whirl” - Corkscrew shooting star press but finds two knees on the way down! Being completely winded, his coughing as he’s to his feet, getting dropped down right away by Iris’ Black Clover [Jumping Downward Spiral] She hooks both legs and listens to the ref’s count]





TH: Here is your winner and STILL Proving Grounds champion, Iris Black!

TR: Well?

BM: That was in impressive win from our champion

TR: Impressive? It was outright amazing!

[Iris is handed the championship and holds it high above her like Rafiki would a baby Simba as the ref checks on Craig.

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user posted image
Got your shirt yet? It’s time to get stoned!

user posted image

[The feed returns to Tommy in the ring.]

TH: Ladies and Gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it’s for your In Your House TAG TEAM CHAMPIONHIPS!

BM: I’ve been looking forward to this match all night, should be an instant classic

TR: I don’t know about that Brian, I’m not really interested in this one.

BM: That’s because you don’t respect sportsmanship.

[“Starting Over Again" by The Dollyrots plays throughout the arena and the crowd jumps to their feet as Sweet Anarchy appear from behind the curtains.]

TH: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 110 kilos… The team of Annabel Lee and Kelsey Spencer, Sweet Anarchy!

[They make their way inside of the ring and each take a corner, raising their arms in the air and soaking in the cheers from the crowd. The music fades out, quickly replaced with “Behind Closed Doors” by Rise Against comes on the PA system. Max Thunder and Sean Hazard burst upon the scene, looking completely hyped. The crowd jumps to their feet as they go crazy at the sight of the tag team champions raising their title belts up high while waving their fan signs. Max gushes directly into the nearest camera before jogging to the ring. Sean dashes past him, exchanging high-five’s with the screaming fans along the way.]

TH: And their opponents, weighing in at a total weight of 144 kilos… The team of Max Thunder and Sean Hazard… State of Anarchy!

TR: You know, for two teams that promise anarchy, they don’t go all out, do they?

BM: You mean they don’t cheat?

TR: Yeah

BM: They might not resort to those tactics, but these four competitors leave all they have in the ring each and every night and I expect no less tonight. Should be a great one!

[The music fades, Sean and Max look at each other as the referee steps back and then they extend hands to Annabel and Kelsey! The referee hands the contested titles down to the timekeeper as the two ladies smile and without hesitation they shake the hands of the current In Your House Tag team Champions! The fans give a nice little pop of cheers at this display of sportsmanship, then Annabel and Max retreat to their respective corners and exit the ring so Kelsey and Sean can start the match.]

TR: Oh gross.

BM: Don’t be a spoilsport, Tats. I’m liking this sort of trend of respectful matches, it gives us a good contrast to everything else that usually goes on.

[A pause.]

BM: Don’t stick your tongue out at me!

In Your House Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
State of Anarchy© vs Sweet Anarchy


[They come to the middle of the ring as the referee steps aside and immediately get down to business as Kelsey takes Sean to the mat with an armbar takedown, Sean rolls through coming to his feet with Spencer close behind him and straight into a pair of backhanded chops! Sean presses the advantage forcing Kelsey into the ropes with another chop before sending her across the ring. Kelsey is still with it though and she digs her heels in and swaps out sending Sean to the far side instead as she then chases Hazard down catching him on the rebound and taking him down to the mat again this time through a simple but effective hip toss and covers for a short and sharp one-count from the referee.

Spencer doesn’t pause for a second and brings Sean up by the arm but as she does Hazard cracks an open palm across Kelsey’s chest that stops her with almost shock on her face and a sharp OH! from the watching crowd. Spencer turns slowly back touching the tender welt that burns on her chest, but then she suddenly grins and whips herself into the nearby ropes to come back with a springboard elbow drop that forces Sean down to one knee. Stepping back she takes a second to measure Hazard up and strikes a Shining Wizard that drops the Champion the rest of the way. As Kelsey moves to cover she gets a quick two count.

Showing no frustration she hits a supine forearm smash on Hazard but surprisingly Sean fires back with a glancing uppercut and wraps his arm around Kelsey's head drawing her into a side headlock which he uses to lever both of them up to their feet, shaking his head to get some of the cobwebs out from the prior impact.]

BM: A hard hitting offense from Kelsey Spencer but Sean isn't shaken!

TR: I have to admit, Spencer’s looking pretty hot out of the gate.

BM: Was that so hard?

TR: Well this entire match is difficult for me. I’d rather see Murphy’s Law as Champions defending in a fatal four-way against both these team and two other suckers as yet to be named. That would be exciting!

[Both wrestlers are feeling the first effects of the high-impact contest, and as Sean brings them up to their feet Kelsey laces into him with knife-edged chops which Sean returns in kind. The melee ends when Spencer is knocked into the ropes only to come back with a forearm smash attempt. Hazard drops down and hits a drop toe hold to hang Kelsey up in the ropes briefly. Darting to the far side, Hazard comes back in with a jumping high knee that Kelsey rolls away from but he catches her with a cartwheel backflip kick!]

BM: Wow!

TR: Okay, reluctantly I admit that was sort of impressive.

[The first tag in of the night comes then as Hazard slides into his corner and reaches up to tag Thunderboy in, seeing this Kelsey tags in her partner Annabel Lee. Annabel is fired up and eager to face the fresher of the two tag team champions, using the ropes she slingshots herself into the ring and comes off with a precision missile dropkick. Max turns at the last second so he is only staggered a step back, though she still catches him with a solid boot. Annabel is light on her feet as she lands and spins to hit the adjacent ropes and clambers to the top turnbuckle to come back with a diving double knee drop that has the crowd explode with reaction.

She gets a solid two count before Max rolls his shoulder up. Not discouraged she gets to her feet but Max recovers fast and leaps up and catches her with a corkscrew neckbreaker! He in turn gets a two count as Kelsey and Sean cheer them both on. Annabel gets her foot on the rope and Max retreats as he gets up, following the referee's instructions.]


BM: Are you really that upset that we’re having a great match here based on real wrestling, Tats?

TR: Yes, this offends me I want shenanigans!

[Max catches the rising Annabel with a body splash in the corner and he gets her in a hammerlock, but she rolls through and out of his grip. She spins him around and jumps up to catch him with the Annie-Oop! He kicks out of the tilt-a-whirl small package at two and a half, and kips up to his feet with a shocked expression on his face.]

BM: Max almost got himself got there!

TR: I have to agree with you there and man the look on his face!

[Making eye contact with Kelsey, Annabel zips to tag her partner in and Kelsey shoots the ropes, as Lee moved into position for a back leg sweep, Spencer hitting a dropkick as the referee warns Annabel to get out of the ring and they manage to bring Thunder down. Kelsey is quick to float over for the cover as Lee scrambles out of the ring to the apron, the referee dropping for the count but he kicks out strongly just before two! Max gathers his hands up under Kelsey and pitches her straight up in the air as he rolls in one motion to the side and then up to his feet, Spencer hitting the mat but moving fast to avoid the stomping boot of the Thunderboy.

Kelsey is quick to recover and regain her vertical base, though Max tosses her bodily towards the corner turnbuckles with a hard Irish whip. Sagging against the turnbuckles for a moment put her into position for a body splash from Max that has Annabel wincing from her corner and Sean Hazard cracking a grin at the action in the ring.]

BM: ...woah.

TR: I...I think he may have made a pancake out of Kelsey Spencer.

[Sean signals that he wants in and Max hits Kelsey with a pair of chops to the chest that have the crowd gasping in sympathy before drawing her over to their corner then exchanging places with Hazard and tagging him in. The referee warns Max to remove himself from the ring, and Sean is quick to jump up and hit a facebreaker knee smash that has Spencer staggering and going to her back, Hazard following up with a quick pin attempt.]

BM: And she kicks out at two OH! A fast inside cradle gets Kelsey a two on Sean Hazard!

TR: Almost had new champions again!

[The crowd goes wild as Kelsey seems to get a second wind, kicking out of the pin and catching the champ with an inside cradle, but he fights out of the pin and rolls with Kelsey and locks her up with a sleeper hold, but the referee is still down and sees that when Spencer moves just a little it plants Sean's shoulders to the mat and he counts again! Sean releases at two and a half as he realizes what's happening. Kelsey catches him as he rises and locks on a Fujiwara armbar! She wrenches trying to get him to tap but he reaches out and grabs the ropes, and the referee informs Kelsey of the break, and she lets go.

Kelsey pops up and rolls to her feet but turns around just in time for Sean to tag in Max, hit her with a Canadian destroyer and roll out of the ring to let Max hit a bridging tiger suplex.]






TH: And here are your winners… Max Thunder and Sean Hazard… STATE OF ANARCHY!!!

[“Behind Closed Doors” by Rise Against plays as the crowd cheers and Max gets to his feet, he stops to help Kelsey to hers before he turns to get his arm raised and his half of the tag belts handed to him. Sean and Max both nod in respect towards Annabel and Kelsey, pointing to the fans and then pointing to them and getting a huge round of cheering and applause!]

BM: That was great!

TR: Oh I guess it was pretty okay.

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[We cut backstage where we see fifty percent of a unified front in the Team Matt Stone locker room where we see Matt Stone, Blyss Lockhart and Vivian Lee standing beside one another wearing Team Matt Stone T-shirts while Misha LeCavalier, .PAAK, and Raiden Himura are opposite them distinctly not wearing the T-shirts, though they can be seen crumpled in their respective hands. They seem to be having quite the lovely conversation.]

MS: Look, if you don’t wear the shirts, how are the people in the back row supposed to know that you all support me in all of my endeavors? It just doesn’t make sense not to wear them, we’re a team, and it has my name on it! What more reason do you need?

[.PAAK glares at Matt with a look of disdain.]

.PAAK: We are not concerned with the people in back row, or their knowledge of your endeavors. I told you and Ms. Lockhart that we would fight beside you. The key word in that statement was fight. That is what we are here for. We are not cheerleaders.

[Not wanting the staredown to go any longer than it should, Blyss quickly jumps in.]

BL: Right, right! You two are fighters! So that’s perfectly fine.

[She turns to Matt with a pointed look, saying to drop it and move on.]

BL: Totally. Fine.

[Vivian is fiddling with the side of hers until she can tear the seam which she then ties the two bits together to make herself a more stylish version of said shirt. She looks up and raises a brow.]

VL: What exactly is wrong with cheerleaders, hmm? They make money. They bring in revenue for the teams that have them, from merch to asses in seats, so come on.

MS: Not to mention they look great! Maybe that should have been our team uniform…

[Seeing the still unamused looks on the faces of the three others, Blyss pretends to laugh to ease the tension that’s slowly building in the room.]

BL: Nahhh, I think we’re good. It’s fine. Totally fine. Let’s just move on, shall we?

[She smacks Matt on the arm, which he very much doesn’t appreciate, but keeping a level head, he moves on as requested.]

MS: Fine, don’t wear the shirts, but we have to to maintain some semblance of coordination out there. Whether we’re thrilled about the idea or not, we’re all a team and as such, we have to stand together and fight for what we believe in. Justice, Valor, Strength, Unity and…

[Blyss raises an eyebrow at how dramatic it sounds but accepts it anyway. She looks around the room.Her eyes fall upon Misha, who has an unenthused look on her face.]

ML: Mr. Stone, may we just cut the shit.

[She lets out a small grunt.]

ML: Justice, Valor, Strength, Unity—that’s a bunch of bullshit. Ever since this match was announced, you and Ms. Layne have been the sole focal points. This isn’t about me, Ms. Lockhart, Mr. Gonsalves, or anyone else. This is only about the two of you. And the sooner you stop lying to yourself and admit it, the sooner we can just commence to beating some ass—our only real role in this matter.

[Vivian listens as they all talk, nods a bit at Misha’s speech, though she carefully watches Blyss for her reaction, as if she’s aware of what Matt is going to say about it. She pitches her voice low, and persuasively sexy.]

VL: So what I’m hearing is, we take out Ms Layne, and there’s plenty of attention available for the rest of us.

[Blyss looks at Vivian, a little confused and curious.]

BL: Whaa? Before the main event? No. I’ve already planned to eliminate her first in the match. Don’t take away my dream!

MS: No one is taking out anyone before the match. We’re a team of wrestlers, we don’t need to resort to petty attacks backstage like their team does. We do exactly what we say we’re going to do, and that’s beat them where it counts, that ring. You know what, fine, this match is all about me and Angie, but that doesn’t mean that the four of you...five

[He gives Raiden a nod.]

MS: Don’t have a role to play in this match. Some of you want to kick ass, and others might want to chew bubblegum, either way, we’re all going to stand as one and get the job done tonight. They’re not even a team over there, they’re just a collection of random people and, in one case, a person grabbed off the street. Do you want to lose to that? No, of course you don’t, you want to win and you want to applaud at the end of the match when my hand is raised in victory!

VL: Oh I never said take her out before the match. Where’s the fun in that? Anyone can attack someone backstage, it’s so overdone this season.

[Vivian winks, and looks down, examining her nails. Blyss averts her gaze, as if something else in the room has suddenly caught her attention.]

VL: If you want the champion humbled, it needs to be done in front of the biggest audience that can be made available, after all.

[Hearing this however pulls Blyss back to the conversation.]

BL: Oh yes! Definitely. I love an audience. And yes, Matt’s right. We don’t wanna lose to that rag tag team.

[.PAAK shakes her head.]

.PAAK: And yet, you underestimate them at every turn? An opponent is dangerous, no matter what shape or form them may come in. The members of the opposing team have experience and accomplishments. It will take far more than words and willpower to be successful. But, this seems to be ignored by us all.

[Blyss scoffs at this.]

BL: I’m not ignoring their “experience and accomplishments”. I’ve taken them into account, and I think we’re still superior in every way. I mean, come on, .PAAK. Look at us. Look at you. Hmm?

.PAAK: To be truly superior is to understand the brevity of the situation, and still have the wherewithal to fight through. I am not certain the brevity aspect has been realized by our group; not based on how we’ve been speaking.

BL: Oookay….

MS: Yes, yes, we’ll all big fans of Sun Tzu, but the fact remains that as long as we follow our game plan, keep our ears open for my instructions and don’t get caught up in petty goals like eliminating certain people first, we’ll be victorious. I guarantee it.

[Blyss whirls around towards Matt as she gasps.]

BL: Was that a shot at me!? That’s MY game plan! I have a whole order list. First, Angie, next Owen, then Shawn, then the whoever Cryptic picks, then Ken.

[Blyss gives a proud grin. Misha goes to say something, but her changes her mind, as she is finished with all the riff raff.]

VL: Why is Ken last? Out of curiosity.

[Vivian’s brows raise after she speaks. Blyss gives her a funny look.]

BL: Because Ken’s always last for everything, duh!

[She bursts out laughing before making her way over to the other side of the locker room where her bag is. She picks it up and heads back to the group. She starts handing out small bottles filled with purple liquids that look like smoothies. Tiny dark stuff can be seen floating in them.]

BL: Alright, guys! Before we go out there, I have… PRESENTS! Now drink up, we’ll be unstoppable tonight!

[Without waiting for a response, she opens the cap and happily starts drinking from her bottle. Raiden shrugs and decides to take a sip. He swishes the liquid around in his mouth for a bit. After a moment or two, the color dissipates from his face. He accidently spits the liquid into the t-shirt he’s holding while Blyss watches with wide, horrified eyes.]

RH: Agh! Deplorable ma’am!

[He wipes his mouth.]

RH: You’re famous. Please invest in a Vitamix next time.

[He quickly exits the room and tosses the shirt near the waste bin on his way out.]

MS: That’s it, I’m out!

BL: What?!

[Matt tosses the bottle back to Blyss and follows Raiden’s leave, shaking his head mumbling about lousy catering.]

BL: Maaaatttt!!

[Letting out a frustrated sigh, she turns to others remaining in the room with an expectant look.]

BL: You guys like it, right?

[Misha and .PAAK don’t respond verbally. They silently take their leave instead, leaving the shirts and bottles behind. With a sad pathetic look, she turns to Vivian, her last hope.]

BL: Vivi…?

[She has her bottle palmed in her hand and gives Blyss the sweetest smile.]

VL: You gave it to me, out of the kindness of your heart, of course I like it.

[Wanting to see Vivian take another sip, Blyss takes one of her own while locking eyes with her.]

BL: Good. A full bottle gives the full benefits.

[Blyss smiles as she waits. Vivian looks at it, and sighs a little.]

VL: You’re lucky I adore you, you’re totally ruining my lunch calorie intakes.

[She uncaps it and takes a sip, doesn’t even flinch. Blyss’ grin grows wider as she pulls her in for a big hug.]

BL: Yay! I adore you too. You’re my favorite. Don’t tell Matt!

[She finishes the last of her drink before slinging the bag strap over her shoulder and exiting the room, pulling Vivian with her. The feed then cuts back to ringside.]

user posted image

[The feed returns to Tommy in the ring as the arena grows excited, knowing exactly what comes next.]

TH: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening, and it is a 5-on-5 elimination tag team match!

[“Woe is Me” by Down With Webster starts playing in the arena as one by one, Team Stone makes their way down to the ring, led by Blyss Lockhart. Behind her comes Vivian Lee, then the team of .PAAK and Misha LeCavalier with Raiden Himura and coming out last is the man himself, Matt Stone.]

TH: Making their way to the ring, Team Matt Stone!

BM: Not very imaginative with the name there, were they?

TR: Why should they be? Matt is the captain and I like this no nonsense approach to naming of the team.

[With all the team in the ring, Matt grabs the microphone from clears his throat audibly, his team surrounding him.]

BM: Oh God, is he going to talk?

TR: Oh yeah, great!

MS: Ladies and Gentleman of Melbourne, allow me to welcome you all to the most historic match this company has ever had. Sure, we’ve had cages, we’ve had weapons and we’ve even had Zoe Alverez winning! But none of that will be worth remembering after tonight, I promise you that. There’s been a lot of talk leading up to this match, mostly from Angelica about how none of us are good enough to be standing here tonight, isn’t that right?

[His team generally agree, whether out of sincerity or to appease him is anyone’s guess.]

MS: Do you all remember when I was educating you all backstage and Shawn Fox walked up and assaulted me backstage? Remember how you all cheered, remember how Angelica praised that action? Well wasn’t it sweet to see Diablo get attacked JUST LIKE I WAS? You see, turnabout is fair play, and while I didn’t attack him, I can’t say I’m broken up about it at all. Angelica gave her blessing that backstage attacks were perfectly acceptable and someone took that to heart. Turnabout is fair play, is what I’m getting a here, and just as Ken Nagasaki has serenaded everyone with his little rhymes, I have prepared a counter rap. Ladies?

[Blyss takes out a piece of paper and hands it to Matt, Vivian hands him a pair of dark shades which Stone puts on and the lights go out in the arena, a spotlight coming down on the Straight Shooter.]

BM: You’ve got to be kid-

TR: SHH! I wanna hear this!

MS: The time has come, get your popcorn ready,
The united four against the scattered five, said she.
The team of Owen, Ken, Angelica and Shawn,
Claim to be the perfect combination of brain and brawn.
They have an ace in their pocket, a mystery for sure,
But their final member is far too obscure.
I scouted everyone here, each member of my team
They’re all at the top of their game, fit for my scheme.
Blyss took down Owen, Ken fell at my feet,
Viv has a win over Angie and Murphy’s Law can’t be beat!
Individually, we’re simply too strong for them to handle,
But when we stand together? It’s a downright scandal,
The Japanese native, Ken thinks he’s a real MC,
But we’ll match him Asian for Asian with Vivian Lee.
She’s outright vicious, have him calling for his mommy
As the man’s flooded with skill like his brothers - oops, too Tsunami
The Indestructible one is next, but we won’t be needing a chainsaw,
What can go wrong for you will kid - Murphy’s Law.
We got you covered on all angles, our arms are safe hypocrite,
Keep making excuses for your failures, your words don’t mean shit.
The champ is looking to end us all, after her boyfriend got the dismiss,
But Angelica is forgetting one thing, her hard counter is Blyss.
She’s going to be all over you, we have the perfect little extrovert,
By the end of the night, bitch, you’ll be the one covered in dirt!
I have en exciting announcement for you all, check the tables and boxes,
Shawn’s been hiding from me for weeks, but tonight, I’m hunting Foxes!
Sucker punching me? That’s a mistake you’ll be paying for fo’life,
I’m leaving you a bloody mess tonight, bare hands style - no knife.
As for member number five, none of us are feeling scared,
I don’t care who you are, this is a lion’s den, you’re unprepared.
But don’t be sad Angie, lift your chin high Buttercup,
Tonight you learn a valuable lesson - You’ll never SHUT US UP!

[On the last three words, Blyss and Vivian join in on the catchphrase, Murphy's Law just standing there looking menacing.]

BM: That was awful!

TR: That was amazing! Encore, Encore!

BM: Dear God no!

[“Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch suddenly starts playing, disrupting Matt and his team. Angelica proudly walks through the curtains with the IYH championship belt around her waist. She waits on the top of the stage as the rest of her team follows after her. The crowd cheers as Owen Gonsalves walks out, followed by Ken Nagasaki and Shawn Fox. Angelica smirks at the fans waiting in anticipation for the mystery final member replacing Michael Diablo.]

BM: Here comes Angelica and her team! We’ve all been waiting to find out who takes Michael’s place in Team Angelica tonight. Who could it be?

TR: So many speculations. Twitter poll named names from Kelly Fury, Diamond Jack Sabbath to Cheesecake. My bet’s on Fury!

[As Angelica steps to the side, a man walks out last from the back. It’s none other than Gordon Fury, and the arena just explodes in more excitement. Meanwhile, Matt’s team just glares at the named replacement except Blyss who just looks shocked. Angelica then leads her team to the ring.]

TH: And their opponents, the team of Owen Gonsalves, Ken Nagasaki, Shawn Fox, Gordon Fury and Angelica Layne!

BM: Oh my god, is that who I think it is?!! It’s Gordon Fury, Tats!!! Gordon has returned to In Your House!!!

TR: Holyyyyy!!! This just changes everything!!! I was half right, it’s the OTHER Fury!!!

[The atmosphere in the arena grows more electrifyingly intense the longer the staredown between the two teams goes. Hostile words are hurled back and forth. The referee tries his best to keep them separated. Eventually, they do back off one by one to their respective corners except Shawn, Angelica, Matt and Blyss. Angelica and Shawn appear to be in a quick discussion before Angelica retreats as well. Seeing this, Blyss immediately steps in front of Matt in a protective manner, saying she’s got this. Matt shakes his head as they argue for a bit before she grudgingly joins her teammates. Staying on his side of the ring, Shawn smirks. The referee then signals for the opening bell.]

5-on-5 Elimination Tag Team Match
Angelica Layne© & Owen Gonsalves & Shawn Fox & Ken Nagasaki & Gordon Fury
Matt Stone & Vivian Lee & Blyss Lockhart & Murphy’s Law


[The crowd cheers for the much anticipated showdown between Matt and Shawn. Matt beckons for Shawn to approach, but Shawn refuses to take the bait. They circle the ring before Shawn closes in to fake a right punch for a left. Matt ducks, wrapping his arms around Shawn’s torso. Shawn staggers backwards all the way into the corner. At the same time, every single member of Team Matt suddenly swarm into the ring to attack Shawn as well. Team Angie rushes to Shawn’s aid. Total mayhem ensues with all ten competitors in the ring beating the shit out of one another; Matt stomping away on Shawn in the corner; Blyss in a heated clinch with Owen; Murphy’s Law viciously attacking Angelica and Ken; Vivian trading shots with Gordon. The referee struggles to get the match back in order while the whole arena screams in excitement.]

BM: An explosive start to the biggest match of the night!

TR: It’s so loud, I can’t hear myself think!!!

[Very quickly, Team Angie start to gain control of the match. The fans burst into cheers as Angelica tosses .PAAK out of the ring. Her team mates follow her lead, throwing every member of Team Matt to the outside floor one by one. Without wasting time, Gordon, Owen and Ken then hit a triple suicide dive onto their opponents. The crowd goes absolutely wild.]

BM: Picture perfect triple suicide dive onto Team Matt!

TR: Feeling reckless already? That’s gotta affect them later!

[Shawn pulls Matt from the wreckage, no doubt looking for revenge, and sets him up against the barricade. Matt fights back with weak punches. Shawn blocks before smashing Matt’s face into the barricade. Shawn sets him up again against the barricade and charges at Matt but misses when Matt dives out of the way in the nick of time. The fans cringe as Shawn crashes hard into the barricade, causing part of it to cave in. Matt drops next to him, taking his time to recover.]

BM: Shawn and Matt really taking it to each other tonight! Shawn could be hurt after that mishap!

TR: What goes around, comes around! Next time he’ll think twice before going around punching people!

[Meanwhile, the other competitors have slowly recovered. Blyss escapes under the ring while Vivian slowly pulls herself up into the ring. Angelica meets her in the centre, and the two begin trading shots before Angelica pulls her in for a knee lift into the lower abdomen. Clutching her midsection, Vivian staggers back as Angelica pursues her for multiple forearm shots to the head. Vivian falls on her behind, protecting her head. Angelica immediately mounts her and lets loose a series of vicious head punches. The referee steps in to separate them, warning Angelica to calm down. Angelica stops for a moment when Vivian lifts her head to blow some substance into Angelica’s face. The referee shouts another warning, this time to Vivian, as Angelica frantically backs off towards the ropes behind, wiping her eyes furiously.]

BM: Aww c’mon now! Vivian’s not even hiding it anymore!

TR: If you got it, flaunt it! I think this war’s gone far past playing nice at this point!

[At this point, Blyss suddenly reappears to grab Angelica’s leg from below. In the struggle, Vivian marches over to throw punches at Angelica before taking her down with a running hair pull facebuster.]

BM: And now Blyss and Vivian are double-teaming. This could spell big trouble for the IYH champ!

TR: I’d tell Angelica to watch out but… HAHAH!

BM: …Really?

TR: What? It was right there!

[Laughing, Blyss climbs up onto the ring apron when Ken dashes over for a dropkick to her knees, dropping her face first into the apron.]

BM: Here comes Ken to even the odds! Good thing too ‘cause you never know what other acts of mischief those two might be up to!

TR: Spoilsport! Blyss and Vivian were doing so well together too, taking out the champ!

[Ken meets Vivian inside the ring and goes for a solid leg kick. Vivian sidesteps it but gets caught with a second kick. Vivian’s knee nearly buckles as she grips her leg. Ken looks to irish whip her to the opposite corner when she reverses the throw, sending him there instead. Ken expertly flips himself out of there just before Vivian runs into him. Ken continues to roll his way to run up the opposite corner for a corner springboard moonsault, landing right on Vivian.]

BM: Perfect timing with the offense by Ken! His movements are sharp tonight!

TR: Wait till he fucks up! He ALWAYS fucks up!

[Outside the ring, Matt has pulled himself up, reaching for the ring apron for balance. Shawn isn’t too far behind as he grabs Matt. They start trading punches, clearly determined to put the other down again. They then go for a tie-up before Matt connects with a hammerlock. In the struggle, Shawn drops on one knee. Matt releases him, but only to stomp down hard on Shawn’s back.]

BM: Those two are still going at it on the outside. That stomp by Matt was vicious!

TR: I’ve always been a fan of Shawn, but can you really blame Matt after what he did? Matt’s out for blood!

[As Shawn falls on his face, Matt gives a self-pleased grin before pulling Shawn back up. Matt prepares to irish whip Shawn to the barricade when Shawn reverses the throw, sending him there instead. Without wasting time, Shawn follows up with a running clothesline that sends Matt toppling over to the fan section. Surprised, some of the fans clear out. Matt lies on the hard floor, clutching the back of his head in agony. Climbing the part of the barricade that still holds, Shawn uses a big-sized fan for extra support before going for a diving senton onto Matt. The fan doesn’t look too happy but the rest of the crowd is on their feet, gleefully whooping and hollering.]

BM: Did Shawn really have to step on the fan’s shoulder for that?

TR: THAT’S what you have to say after seeing that perfect diving senton!??

BM: I thought you’re on Team Matt?

TR: Leave me alone, I’m a Shawn fan too, okay!!?

[Back inside the ring, Ken goes for the cover on Vivian when he sees .PAAK sliding into the ring. As Ken rises to his feet, Misha goes for a chop block from behind. Together, Murphy’s Law take out Ken’s knees before delivering a big shoot kick to his chest to complete their Foxtrot double-team move.]

BM: Murphy’s Law cornered Ken with the Foxtrot!

TR: That’s the advantage of being the only tag team in this colossal match!

[The crowd jeers suddenly turn to cheers as Owen now enters the fray, taking down .PAAK with a slingshot flatliner. .PAAK rolls out of the ring and Misha grabs Owen to wrench his arm before connecting with a suplex. As Misha rises to her feet, Gordon slides into the ring before charging at her. Misha ducks and runs the ropes. Gordon drops to the mat. Misha sails overhead, bouncing off the ropes again. On the next rebound, Gordon hits her with a running calf kick. The crowd roars with excitement.]

TR: This match is going so fast, I’m on the edge of my seat!

BM: Every time Team Matt gains some momentum, Team Angie snatches back control just like that! Despite all the trash talking about the champ’s team being a random bunch, it looks like they’re operating like a well-oiled machine tonight.

[Vivian now returns to the ring and jumps onto Gordon’s back for a sleeper hold. Gordon struggles to escape until Ken rushes to his aid with a springboard kick to her back. Vivian lands safely on her feet before Ken irish whips her to the corner. Ken charges at Vivian who then dives out of the way, sending him crashing into the turnbuckles. As Ken staggers out of there, Vivian takes him down with a running one-handed bulldog. Ken rolls under the bottom rope, taking a moment to recover on the apron. Vivian marches over to Ken before pulling him up. With the ropes in between them, they trade shots until Ken catches Vivian with a stiff uppercut. Clutching her face, Vivian backs off. Ken waits for Vivian to turn back around before springboarding off the top rope. Vivian dives out of the way before rolling back up. That’s when Ken executes his butterfly kick finisher, The Nuke. It connects, and Vivian goes crashing down on the mat. Ken goes for the cover.]




TH: Vivian Lee has been eliminated!

BM: First elimination of the match! Great back and forth by Ken and Vivian towards the end, but he seized the perfect moment to strike her down with The Nuke!

TR: Yeah but can he do that four more times, what with everyone just jumping in and out as they wish? I don’t think sooo!

[By now, both teams have all their members except Shawn and Matt standing in the respective corners. Blyss rushes in while Ken rises to his feet. Ken ducks as Blyss turns back around with her jumping spinning knee strike. Clutching his face, Ken stumbles to the mat. Blyss marches over to pick him up when he starts fighting back with body jabs. Blyss retaliates with a knee to his face before preparing to irish whip him, but he pulls her back, his feet planted firmly on the mat. Ken then blocks her forearm shot attempt before delivering a sharp body kick. Blyss backs off, holding her side. Ken immediately kicks again and again, forcing Blyss to drop on one knee. Ken follows it up with a gamengiri that crushes Blyss straight to the mat.]

BM: What a devastating gamengiri! That’s gotta give Ken the opening he needs!

TR: Probably knocked some of the crazy out of Blyss too!

[Ken rolls to his feet in the corner. Gearing up for The Nuke for the second time, Ken charges at Blyss. But Blyss drops in time, tripping him in the process. Blyss quickly rolls through to catch him in a schoolgirl pin. Ken kicks out and rolls over on his knees, pausing to regain his bearings. Blyss seizes the chance to run behind him and grabs him in her crossface chickenwing finisher, Possession. Ken struggles as Blyss falls back on the mat, locking it further with a bodyscissors. The crowd cheers louder for Ken, but he soon taps.]

TH: Ken Nagasaki has been eliminated!

BM: And that evens up the teams! Ken nearly had Blyss there, but once that Possession is locked in, there’s very little chance he or anyone can do to escape!

TR: You’re right, Bry. So far no one has escaped the Possession!

[By this point, Shawn has already returned to his team’s corner. Blyss tags in .PAAK as Shawn takes over Ken’s spot. .PAAK and Shawn circle the ring before .PAAK ducks around Shawn for a waist lock from behind. Shawn runs .PAAK into the ropes behind, forcing her to release him. When she does, Shawn throws her over in a snapmare. Shawn misses a dropkick as .PAAK rolls away and back up to her feet. .PAAK charges at Shawn who counters with a back body drop, but in mid-air, .PAAK reverses with a tornado DDT. Shawn rolls far upon impact towards his team’s corner and quickly tags in Gordon before seeking refuge on the outside floor.]

BM: Great reversal by .PAAK with that tornado DDT in mid-air!

TR: .PAAK’s like a tiny bullet ricocheting everywhere!

[.PAAK and Gordon start trading shots when he doubles her over with a kick to the midsection. Gordon then follows up with a spinning back kick to her head before connecting with a swinging neckbreaker. .PAAK rolls over on the mat, clutching the back of her neck. Gordon pulls up .PAAK to irish whip her to the corner when she pulls him back towards him for a knee to the gut. .PAAK then tosses Gordon into the corner. As Gordon lands there, Shawn jumps up on the apron and tags himself back in with a tap on his teammate’s shoulder. Without realising, .PAAK charges at Gordon who dives out of the way in the nick of time. Gordon rises to his feet as .PAAK pulls herself up in the corner. At this point, Shawn rolls into the ring. Gordon then hits .PAAK with a flying dropkick that has her stumbling out of the corner and right into Shawn’s waiting arms. Shawn then takes her down with his double underhook finisher, Go Fox Yourself. The crowd bursts into cheers, more so at the sequence of events, as Shawn hooks her leg for the cover.]




TH: .PAAK has been eliminated!

BM: That was almost like teamwork by Shawn and Gordon, except Gordon didn’t know it. And now Team Matt’s down to 3 members!

TR: Did you see the way he drove .PAAK’s head into the mat? Merciless!

[Shawn pulls himself up with the aid of the ropes. Misha rushes in to take him down with a running clothesline, sending them both toppling out of the ring. Seeing that Blyss is the only one standing in her team’s corner at this point, Owen readily takes Shawn’s place. The crowd gleefully cheers as Blyss’ eyes widen in fear. Smirking, Owen beckons her. Blyss seems almost hesitant as she approaches him. Blyss suddenly turns to run the ropes. Owen hits the perpendicular ropes and runs her down with a hard shoulder block. Blyss hits the mat, gasping from impact. Owen immediately swoops down on her for a pointed elbow stomp. Blyss cries out in pain, clutching her arm again. She crawls to her team’s corner, but there’s still no one there, much to the crowd’s delight. Owen continues punishing her in his pursuit for payback with a malicious armbar. As Blyss struggles, Owen starts bending her fingers back hard.]

BM: This is the moment Owen’s waiting for!! It’s finally here!

TR: Stop, Owen! You can’t hurt Blyss like that! How is she gonna protect Matt?!!

[Blyss finally manages to reposition herself to pull herself up and throws face jabs with her good left hand. As Owen loosens his hold, Blyss rolls him up, pinning down his shoulders. Owen kicks out and scrambles to his feet. Blyss slowly pulls herself up, holding her hurt arm close. Owen hits the ropes behind him before charging at Blyss. Blyss rushes towards him as well to take him down with a moonsault side slam. Owen lies flat on his back while Blyss cries out in anguish again, cradling her hurt arm.]

BM: Beautiful counter with the moonsault side slam by Blyss, but I think that hurt her too!

TR: Tag, Blyss!

[Owen rolls close to his team’s corner and reaches for the tag. Gordon answers it before approaching Blyss. Blyss turns back to her team’s corner to find Misha. But as Blyss reaches for a tag with her unhurt left hand, Gordon is quick to pull her back. Blyss instinctively strikes the first punch with her right before immediately crying out in shocking pain.]

BM: Oh no, I think Blyss forgot to switch to her left hand with that punch!

TR: Ouch! I think I felt that one too!

[As Blyss staggers back holding her injured hand, Gordon irish whips her to the corner before charging at her. Blyss counters with a kick to his chest. Gordon falls on his behind against the ropes. Blyss pulls up Gordon and starts throwing knees to the body. As Gordon leans on the ropes, Blyss runs to the opposite ropes. On the rebound, Gordon trips her foot that causes her to faceplant. Grimacing, Blyss pushes herself up on her knees and holds her chin before turning to glare at Gordon.]

BM: Whoa, nobody wants to get a glare like that from Blyss!

TR: Nobody should trip her up like that unless you want a death wish! Gordon’s in trouuuuubleeeee!

[Blyss rises to her feet and turns around, only to get drilled in the face with Gordon’s stiff running knee strike finisher, Destination Fucked. Blyss falls limp on the mat, eyes closed. Gordon wastes no time to go for the cover.]




TH: Blyss Lockhart has been eliminated!

BM: Oh Blyss is out like a light! That’s called Destination Fucked, ladies and gentlemen! And that means Team Matt is only left with Misha and the captain himself!

TR: What??!! How did this happen!?

[Seeing Matt entering the ring, Shawn yells for a tag. When Gordon tags him in, Shawn comes storming in, looking for a lariat takedown. Matt hits the mat hard before slowly pulling himself back up. Shawn starts throwing forearm shots, forcing Matt staggering backwards into the corner. The referee steps in to separate them. Shawn raises his hands as he backs off, smirking at Matt trying to catch his breath. As the referee steps aside, Shawn marches back over to Matt who retaliates with an eye poke. Shawn staggers back, clutching his face. At this point, Blyss returns on the ring apron and starts making a show of screaming and gesturing to her hurt right arm that she’s cradling in her left. It catches the attention of the referee who tries to send her away. During the distraction, Matt goes for a low blow on Shawn. The fans rain down boos as Blyss stops to climb back down before leaving, obviously still feeling the effects of the match.]

BM: A low blow?? Really??? Even when in pain, Blyss still tries to help Matt!

TR: What? Blyss was just complaining to the ref who didn’t bother checking on her arm just now!

BM: Yeah, yeah, and now Matt has Shawn when he wants him!

TR: Break his pretty face, Matt!

[Shawn struggles to pull himself up with the aid of the ropes. As Shawn staggers from there, Matt takes him down with his codebreaker finisher, C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker! The arena erupts in jeers. Matt goes for the cover on Shawn.]




TH: Shawn Fox has been eliminated!

BM: C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker out of nowhere! And now Team Angie’s down to three!

TR: Payback’s a real bitch, ain’t it? Even with two members left, Team Matt continues to look strong!

BM: Thanks to the stunt Matt pulled!

TR: Don’t be a hater!

[Misha runs in to meet Gordon in the centre, ducking around him for a waist lock. Gordon runs Misha into the corner behind. Upon release, Gordon quickly gets some distance. Misha delivers a swift kick to his midsection, doubling him over. Then irish whips him to the ropes. Misha bends over in early anticipation, allowing Gordon to easily counter with a kick. Clutching her chest, Misha staggers back before Gordon prepares for a running enzuigiri. Misha moves out of the way in time, accidentally bumping into the referee. As Gordon pops back up, Misha strikes him back down with a high roundhouse kick, much to the fans’ disappointment.]

BM: What a skull-crushing roundhouse kick by Misha! But the ref’s knocked out!

TR: Wasn’t her fault! He was in the way!

[Misha takes her time to recover. Seeing the referee still down, Owen rushes into the ring, but only to get thrown right out by Matt through the other side. Angelica prepares to enter the ring but .PAAK has returned to yank her leg, causing her to faceplant on the ring apron. The fans jeer even more as .PAAK slides into the ring behind Gordon who’s just risen to his feet. Matt and Misha slowly approach Gordon from the other side. Gordon’s face falls, realising he’s outnumbered at this point.]

BM: Hey! What’s .PAAK doing back here? She’s already been eliminated!

TR: Yeah but Misha’s still here! You don’t leave no man or woman behind!

BM: Does Team Matt know how these elimination tag matches supposed to work?? Somebody wake up the ref!

[Turning back to Misha and Matt, Gordon sets to kick Matt in the midsection first, doubling him over. The crowd cheers as Gordon immediately blocks Misha’s punch attempt before firing back a knee to her gut. But then the crowd goes “ooh!” as .PAAK strikes the back of Gordon’s leg with multiple vicious stomps. Gordon nearly buckles, clutching his thigh. The fans jeer as .PAAK delivers a stunning superkick before Misha strikes the back of his head with a stiff knee, completing their team finisher, Ruinous Requiem. .PAAK then rolls out of the ring as Misha drops for the cover. Meanwhile, Matt quickly wakes the referee up to count the pin.]




TH: Gordon Fury has been eliminated!

BM: Are you kidding me?! Murphy’s Law just took out Gordon with the Ruinous Requiem!

TR: That new finisher kicks serious arse! Nice seeing you again, Gordon! Later!

[Matt returns to his team’s corner with a self-pleased smirk on his face. Misha now turns her sights on a very furious looking Angelica. They start trading punches, Angelica backing Misha into the corner with each shot. Angelica irish whips Misha hard to the opposite corner. As Misha staggers out of there, Angelica takes her down with a vicious sling blade. Angelica then drags Misha to her team’s corner. After a quick tag, Owen enters to lay multiple foot stomps on Misha.]

BM: Solid takedown with the sling blade by Angelica! And now Owen’s in the match. See how they’re keeping Misha far away from Matt.

TR: Guess Captain Layne is feeling a little paranoid, huh?

[Owen sets up Misha sitting in the corner before executing his shining wizard, Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike. As Owen is about drag Misha, she quickly grabs the ropes to push herself up. Misha looks for a kick counter that has Owen stumbling backwards. Owen scrambles to his feet before charging at Misha. Misha grabs nothing but air as Owen slides under her, connecting with a rolling single leg boston crab.]

BM: Smooth roll-through to the single leg boston crab by Owen!

TR: You’ll be surprised for how long Misha can withstand punishment!

[Wanting to be safe than sorry, Matt rushes in for a reverse chin lock on Owen. Despite that, Owen refuses to let go of Misha while also screaming in agony as Matt cranks up the pressure on the hold. The entire arena buzzes in excitement at the sight of the double submission.]

BM: Oh my god, Matt with a reverse chin lock on Owen who STILL has Misha in the single leg boston crab!
TR: Let go, Owen! It’s over!

[It doesn’t take long for Owen to release Misha, but he continues to struggle in the chin lock. That’s when Angelica runs in to break it up with a forearm smash to the back of Matt’s head. The collision forces Matt to drop Owen who rolls away. The referee intervenes to restore order in the match. Angelica and Matt returns to their respective corners. Angelica starts yelling for a tag as Owen struggles to pull himself up. The crowd roars when the tag is finally made. Angelica begins to stalk Misha who’s slowly rising to her feet and unable to register Matt’s frantic warnings. Angelica kicks Misha in the gut before taking her down with her spinning unprettier finisher, Demise. The crowd counts along excitedly with the referee.]




TH: Misha LeCavalier has been eliminated!

BM: Angelica just eliminated Misha! That means Matt’s the only one left on his team!

TR: Okay, this isn’t fair! Matt needs to be extra careful now!

[Before Angelica can even stand, Matt comes storming in with a foot stomp to her back. Matt viciously stomps on her a couple more times before pulling her up and taking her back down with his inverted headlock backbreaker, Stone Cutter. Owen rushes over to stop Matt. They trade furious shots before Owen looks to toss Matt into the corner. Matt reverses into a side headlock, quickly pushing Owen down on the mat. Owen kneels before eventually fighting back with elbow shots to the body. As Owen rises to his feet, Matt quickly counters with a jawbreaker. Owen rolls away, clutching his mouth. Matt walks over to Owen to smirk down on him as the crowd jeers.]

BM: Matt just single-handedly took down Angelica and Owen!

TR: Get. Fucking. Stoned!

[Matt raises his hand when Angelica returns to the picture with a vicious roundhouse kick to the back of Matt’s head. The impact sends Matt straight down on his knees. Angelica backs away to her corner as Owen immediately pulls Matt down for his omoplata armbar finisher, Krukenberg. The crowd goes wild at the sight of Matt struggling to escape.]

BM: Roundhouse kick and into the Krukenberg! Matt’s got nowhere to go!

TR: No! Fight your way out, Matt! It’s important that you do! ‘Cause no one else will! I believe in you! Come on!!!

[The crowd is on its feet in nervous excitement as Owen continues to relentlessly stomp on Matt’s shoulder multiple times. Matt tries his best to break free when Owen kicks his head, determined to end the war right now. Seeing no way to escape, Matt finally taps.]


TH: And here are your winners… Owen Gonsalves and Angelica Layne!

[“Blockbuster Night Part II" by Run The Jewels blasts through the arena, prompting the arena to erupt into cheers. Owen releases Matt who collapses onto the mat. Angelica joins Owen as the referee raises both their hands in victory.]

BM: Oh my god, what a match! Incredible win for Team Angelica, particularly the IYH champion and Owen! I think that’s gotta shut Matt up, yeah?

TR: Hey now! Tonight’s battle may have ended and songs may be sung, but the war is far from over. Sure Angelica gets to pick the match stipulation for when she next defends the IYH championship against Matt at Ground n Pound. But his dream to capture the top gold might still be within reach! Have faith, world!

BM: Yeah… I didn't think it would actually keep Matt quiet. Just hoping! Anyway, it’s been a monumental show tonight. Cheesecake comes out on top, Nessa Wall proves she's better than ever, State of Anarchy and Iris Black have retained their titles, Angelica Layne gets to pick the IYH championship match stipulation, Owen Gonsalves taps out Matt Stone and Gordon Fury has returned to In Your House! Thank you to all the fans for being a part of this. Join us again when we return in two weeks back home at the Melbourne Showgrounds. I am “The Voice of the House” Brian Morris, here with Tats Richardson. Goodnight!

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