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Jul 14 2018, 04:08 AM
Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you
Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you?

Shawn Nathaniel Fox if asked, would say that he never felt like a good man. Much as many children who grew up in a less than ideal circumstance, for a very long time, he simply... existed and then one day realized that he was not the sum of his past or his parts, but a whole human being.

So while he might say that he was not really a good man, and definitely no White Knight, once he found her, found his little bird Lark who made him want to be a better man, he could at least hold his head up and say that he was a man. Whole, flawed and imperfect but more likely than not to find his feet on the righteous side of the line.

He'd once held Blyss Lockhart in almost as high a regard as the woman he now watched as she lay sleeping, her face slack with the sort of perfect relaxation given only to those blessed with the best dreams. Lark was vibrant, so full of motion and life, impulse ruling her heart and with a limitless and creative imagination. He could still remember the first time he'd flown to meet her and the grin that crossed his lips was just slightly less than a leer.

That creativity she had extended to the sensual realm for certain. But that way she'd given herself to him was different than any other woman he'd been with and it didn't take long for his teasing quotes from Roy Orbison's song to become actual reality. Anything that woman wanted, Shawn would get one way or the other with zero hesitance. She was loved, but more, Lark was love and deserved no less.

Blyss had in contrast seemed untouchable, a goddess as he named her, and while she was beautiful on the outside and smart, so smart, there was always something else there that kept him from ever trying to take that step, to steal a kiss or even ask her out on something so mundane as a date.

Of course, things change.

Now he saw Blyss more for who she actually was, and found it disquietingly fitting that she had adopted the mask of a soul sucking horrorshow to get her foot firmly wedged back in the door of the company that had tossed her career in the bin after she lost to Gordon Fury.

But he had in some strange way grown to trust Blyss, and she knew that. She knew it, and pulled it up and let her little minions take the piss and laugh at him for it.

It didn't bother him that Stella mocked him about it, at least not the way Stella might think it would. He was used to being mocked, and had learned that his uncanny ability to land on his feet no matter how much shit he had to slog through to get to the summit was a far better retort than any "Fuck you" no matter how satisfying it might be in the moment.

It bothered him that Blyss knew that he'd given her the precious gift of his trust, and she spat on it and laughed along with the rest.

Now though, she wanted him to forgive her and her tune was changing.

Part of him wondered if she realized it would be like this and took that risk that he'd forgive her right away simply because he had always treated her as if she were precious and worth any amount of goodness that could come her way.

She was wrong.

He might forgive her, one day. Forgiveness was a concept that he'd struggled with for years, and only recently made the breakthrough that had gotten him his best friend back. It was still something he was learning his way on.

But vengeance, that was a familiar thing, a ride or die emotion and oh, oh Shawn knew just what do to, to satisfy that.

Right now though... he had a moment of peace as he looked over the sleeping form of his wife, and he vowed that no matter what he intended to do, Lark wouldn't bear that cost.

He wasn't a good man, but he was a better man than before.

Take my hand,
Take my whole life, too
For I can't help falling in love with you
Feb 8 2018, 10:12 AM
Feedback the show pls and ty!

I'll do mine below this I just wanted the thread >.>
Sep 8 2017, 05:15 AM

Over all to state that this was a fun show to read, and I was really surprised at some of the outcomes - like Jetpack being champs again, I had no idea LOL

The matches over all I'll try to touch on something from each that I liked (except the ones I wrote because lol)

I really enjoyed for example Seth vs Shawn, was a lot of action and mannerisms packed in that I felt displayed both characters effectively. That's the sort of thing you hope for, that match that gives you things to work with going forward.

I liked the first character seg from DJS a lot - nice little ominous bit of build, showing that here is a man who knows who he is and what his goals are, and doesn't particularly care how he gets there.

BOO Stella, Dante, and The Banshee! Uh oh War Enforcement, better look out... well all the tag team division if they're a stable now

Nice announcement bit from Jessica and Craig to break the tension, then a Krissy bit and the match. All together flowed well as a "Bit" that inadvertently highlighted the short fast match rules.

Layton and Fenric seg which to me seemed to give a little insight to the team which is nice.

Then Seth's bit, which to me really shows how in his mind he's the one that's been insulted and offended, not a bad guy, which is great.

That tag gauntlet tho. What a really great set of matches really, a stand alone as far as that would be a good read no matter what show it was in. I certainly never saw that finale coming! Just a whole lot of fun with a whole lot of things to sell as it highlights one of the big strengths that IYHWF has, with the tag division.

lol and I hope Chelle saw the little ASL shoutout to Shawn's girl Lark in his bit.

Really can't stress enough how much I liked all the facets of the 2 of 3 Falls match. SO MUCH TO HAVE.



But really I didn't see that coming I thought he'd like BBQ one of them. But I liked the match and I can't wait to see Owen try to get revenge on DJS. LOOOOL DJS IS CHAMP LOOOL WE'RE IN FOR IT NOW

but really this is what you want from a show, things that make you look forward to what's coming up

Jun 18 2017, 02:14 PM
*OOC obviously not for the show, just a bit of a story I'd written in the past and posting here.

Claire snuck down to the kitchen in the middle of the night, putting each foot so carefully on the steps so not to get given away with a creak. She felt a little like a ninja on a mission as she tiptoed past her brother who had fallen asleep on the couch, and she dragged one of the dining room chairs up to the counter as quietly as she could before carefully climbing up on it so she'd have the height to get the recipe book out of the cabinet. She felt she was old enough to learn how to make stuff, even though she wasn't supposed to mess with the stove – she could read well and follow directions, and knew better than to touch anything hot without a pot holder so why not? But every time she asked her mother told her that 'maybe next time, I need to do this' or the current nanny would, there was always an excuse. She'd at least gotten her mother to say it would be okay to make 'something' as long as her brother was around, assuming that Claire would use the privilege to heat up some microwave popcorn or put a pop tart in the toaster.

Well ...her brother was technically around, he was right in the other room snoring away. Every move was a bit of agony though as Claire got down the mixing bowl and then all the ingredients from the pantry and fridge. A deep breath, and she scooted the chair to the stove so she could stand up and reach over to turn on the oven, and then she climbed down and padded over the tiles to the counter. She was barely tall enough to look down at the bowl sitting on the counter, and some of the instructions didn't make a lot of sense. How did she soften the butter? Let it sit on the counter or what? She bit her lip thinking about that and then turned on the hot water to let it run over the fully wrapped bar of butter, and then carefully she measured and sifted the dry ingredients first.

She barely got the butter out of the sink before it became more than just soft, her heart pounding a little as she moved it from hand to hand so she didn't burn her fingers on the water droplets clinging to the paper. Okay, not so bad.... Claire had a little happy smile on her face as she mixed everything together (which was harder than she thought it would be, because she was little) and then used another spoon to carefully portion out each cookie before putting it on the sheet. She'd just turned to pick it up and take it to the stove when Shawn's sleepy voice startled her. “Whatcha doin' Claireycakes? Huh? You're supposed to be in bed!”

Claire almost shrieked, clapping a hand over her mouth to keep it in before she turned to her older brother trembling. “Wanted... to make cookies...and no one has time for me. To show me I mean... I...” Her voice kept getting quieter and quieter. “Are you gonna tell?” He gave her an inscrutable look, before padding over and looking at the recipe and then the oven, adjusting the temperature. “Nah, as long as I get the first couple. Here, see you had the oven too hot, they'd have burnt up. You gotta be real careful with that, okay? Next time, make sure I'm up I'll help.”

He patted her on the head (a little too firmly, but Claire didn't care) and she smiled up at him. “...'kay, I will.”

They were lumpy, chewy where they shouldn't have been, but he ate his anyway and told her they were good.

May 7 2017, 01:13 PM
It's amazing what you can learn just by watching Twitter scroll by. Add to that off the cuff comments, unguarded words stack up.

Fucking Proving Ground Championship.

A fatal fourway, but no that wasn't even close to enough - a ladder match.

Shawn was pretty sure that Chris Cryptic wanted one of them to die.

Motives were simple enough to figure out. Iris wanted "her" title back, what former champion didn't want that? Kels wanted to keep hers, again - simple, clean. Joey's was even more simple at the root. He was a man who made jokes who was tired to death, sick to the back teeth of being called one.

Shawn wanted something else, but then no one here really seemed to understand what he was about except for Angelica. SHE knew. They didn't know his past, frankly neither did she, but out of everyone she seemed to get it. She knew why he fought, why he wanted to face her. But that's not what had been in the cards, not this time. It would happen again, the quality of match they'd had demanded it.

He was too good to have nothing going at the PPV, which couldn't be denied considering the level of work he was capable of. He'd gotten a team together and made it work despite everything and captured those titles, and defended them successfully.

He supposed he should pretend to care that Kelsey likely saw him as the least threatening to her title in this match because he hadn't yelled at her on Twitter or cared enough about her facade to call her out on it. There was something intrinsically wrong with the Spencer Chick, but he figured as long as she showed up sober for matches and didn't deliberately botch moves to injure someone that was just fine.

He didn't think Kelsey Spencer was a bad person, but really did it matter if he did or even if she was?

He would kick her in her face and knock her off that ladder as sure as he drew breath and worry about how she landed after it was over.

Iris was a bigger threat because she was in that precarious position of NEED. Kelsey wanted to keep what she'd earned because she was clearly the type to hang her self esteem on a hunk of gold and leather. Shawn had seen guys with half the amount of time wrestling under their belt that had it worse than that but that avarice was clear.

But now that Kelsey had won that title away from Iris, she was in the same boat as Ken Nagasaki.

That title had taken Ken up from being an entertaining sideshow of a wrestler / musician to Proving Grounds Champion and things had changed for him. The perception of who he was, changed for him (even if just for a brief moment) just as it had for Iris.

Iris wanted to be the one, and Shawn knew that feeling well - she wanted to be the one that got back what had been hers from Kelsey.

Joey though. While Iris was a bigger threat than Kelsey, Joey thought he was the biggest threat of all. His balls had dropped and he was all about showing those fuckers off to anyone that would look when he shouted SEE MY BALLS.

The best thing about Joey (besides how ridiculously easy it seemed to wind him up) was that he was super up front about what he wanted out of this match (besides the obvious win).

No, it wasn't boobplexes for all though Shawn cracked a little smile as he remembered Joey being nonplussed about how he'd reacted to the #NadBuffet.

Joey wanted the recognition that he'd already fought for, that he'd already earned and people had decided not to give him. Whatever the reasoning was behind it, be it real or perceived past behavior, it seemed that someone was always breathing down his neck or trying to piss in his Post Toasties, and he went from zero to nuclear over getting called a joke.

Anyone who called him that would pay, pay, pay ... said Joey.

Shawn wondered if it was really a trap to see if someone would be a big enough smartass to try and wind him up over it mid-match. To say, make him fall off a ladder in the middle of a tantrum.

Shawn poured a cup of strong hot tea as he patched through his Skype to Lark, waiting for the connect so he could see her face. They'd been most recently to Spain during his last lull in booking and he could picture so clearly how she smiled under the Spanish sun. It was different from Paris, so very different because at least there his Spanish was 'acceptable'and his French, despite his family's geneaology and ties was pretty sad indeed.

Her smile lit up the dark kitchen and he grinned at her, making those little expressions that would set her to giggling.

Kelsey, Iris, Joey... they wanted to win, or needed to win because they had tangled up their insides so much over this that they couldn't see what was on the other side, after it, because three of them were going home disappointed.

If he left the winner of the ladder match, the Proving Grounds champion? He'd be a double winner because at the end of the day, he still had the little bird that made him light up in a way that still terrified him just a little bit.

It would be worth besting a burning a candle at both ends champion, a woman versed in "bitchcraft" and a volcanically violent ball of rage taking human form, just to see her smile when he told her he'd done it.

They could try to stop his rise all they wanted. They might in this instance even succeed.

It would still happen.

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