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 I Knew., Post-Worlds Collide CD [OFF CAMERA]
 Posted: Jul 5 2018, 12:57 AM

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The adrenaline slowly seeps out of his body as he sits on the floor of the locker room, his eyes gazing at the monitor watching the rest of the Worlds Collide Rumble go by. He had essentially wrestled two matches tonight, nothing overly special, he's wrestled more in one night before and a lot of the talent had pulled double duty tonight as well...

...but the action was intense out there, everyone was throwing everything they had like they were fighting for their careers, some of them might have been. But it was especially the case for the lanky Australian seated on the floor. He was never threatened in regards to his place in IYH...not truly anyway, and realistically, he could sign anywhere and be set for a new chapter...but to him, matches like the ones he had tonight were made to define the character of a person.

A "make it or break it" type of match. A match where the world would watch, waiting to see if you'll step up.

He's had plenty of those in his career, and a lot of the time he's made it and a lot of the time he left broken. Regardless, Owen Gonsalves was a wrestler who had eyes on him constantly, whether it be from those who disliked him and wanted to seem him fall flat, or those who respected him and wanted to see him succeed, he had people watching...waiting.

His body hurts. Anyone clever who's seen his schedule would be able to figure out the same thing, but he was in pain, especially right after a match, right after being bent out of shape by Adam Fenric and right after being belted in the ring by some of the best professional wrestlers in the world. His body hurt but felt numb in certain areas, and his vision blurred so everything he was looking at was double, triple even.

He wanted to move but he was experienced with this sort of thing, so he just sat there and kept his eyes on the monitor sitting up in the corner of the room. His vision cleared and Seth Iser's face formed on the screen, having just being thrown out of the rumble himself. Gonsalves let out a light chuckle through a wry smile as he turned to his gym bag sat next to him, unzipping it and pulling out a water bottle. He casually screwed the top off and took a swig of water as Colton Travis enters the fray.

His eyes flicker over each participate, working out that there are five left. Chris Novak and Austin Carter for XWA, Gordon Fury, Penelope Kaplan and Colton Travis for IYHWF.

Owen Gonsalves: "Let's go guys..."

Gonsalves playfully muttered through his breathe, words that mean nothing to most but Owen still loved what he did, he still had so much passion for professional wrestling. A few moments pass and the final XWA entrant enters, Tempest. Gonsalves smirks a little, nodding along at the XWA legend. He turns his attention away from the monitor over to his bag, wincing slightly at the movement, he rummages through the bag before pulling out a small container.

Orange, white lid. He looks around the room, checking for something, looking in each corner.

No cameras.

He looks back down at the container and as he pops the lid off, Travis and Kaplan are eliminated. The clock counts down as Gonsalves knocks out a tablet...and then one more before throwing them in his mouth and taking a swig, on the buzzer.

He swallows and stares down at the floor he sits on as the crowd anticipate who entrant number 30 for IYHWF is.

Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, aus.

The thick German accent alone and he knows exactly who it is. His head swings up just as she walks through the curtain. A sensation comes over his body, a shiver...but yet a wave of heat. Anger? No.

A wry smirk forms on his face.

Owen Gonsalves: "I knew you'd come..."

He leans his head back in satisfaction, a sick satisfaction, like everything finally makes sense, like all the planets aligned. Owen Gonsalves and Artemis Kaiser...under the same roof, in the same promotion.

Have mercy on us all.

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