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 Ruckus 60
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Jan 31 2018, 06:02 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The camera pans across the arena to the sold out crowd in the Melbourne Showgrounds before resting on the announce table to the smug face of Tats Richardson and Brian Morris.]

BM: Welcome back In Your House fans and thanks for joining us on our go home show right before Unearthed!

TR: Team Shawn versus Team Bad Omens is on everyones minds lately but let’s not sell sort the tag team division which has also been kicking up a Ruckus lately.

BM: It’s what our In Your House competitors do best Tats. But before Unearthed we still have Ruckus 60 to get through and what a stacked card we have for you all tonight. Opening the show we’ll see Nate Gloria go head to head with former War Enforcement member, Serena Maxwell who has been in a questionable state of mind as of late.

TR: Questionable? There aint no question about it, Bry. She’s bat shit insane. Following that match we’ll see another bat shit insane woman, Minka Carter, try to rid Rick Kreiger of his demons.

BM: Rick Kreiger isn’t someone to be taken lightly but neither is Minka. This should be an interesting match tonight. Then we jump into some triple threat tag team action as we search for our number one contenders to the tag team championships. Will it be Southern Hostility, Hyphy Machinery or Layton & Fenric that go on to face Team Fury at Unearthed?

TR: Given how much determination she shows in trying to rile up the champions, people think Southern Hostility will win this one, but lets not count out the fan favorites tonight. Speaking of fan favourites, Sean Hazard has a rematch against The Banshee. We saw him defeat her once before but now she’s out for revenge.

BM: Then our Tag Team Champions, Team Fury, are in action against Super Nash Bros who are….interesting young men.

TR: I see a lot of myself in them, Bry.

BM: And that’s why all three of you will probably be on a government list soon enough.

TR: I resent that. And in our final match of the night, Shawn Fox and Michael Diablo will try to slay The Kraken and The Dragon in teaser match for the five versus five at Unearthed. It’s sure to get messy, Bry!

BM: It certainly is Tats. But before we get into the action tonight, let’s take a peek at what Katie Hanley had to say earlier in the week.

[The camera cuts.]

user posted image

[We cut to footage of the same training school that we saw Serena Maxwell in last week--only, this time, it’s not Serena Maxwell. And, fortunately, there’s no surrogate Katie Hanley--only the real one, sitting on the apron of the ring, swinging her feet in place. She sighs a little bit, glancing toward the camera once it’s clear she’s being recorded, but she doesn’t say anything just yet, the events of last week clearly weighing on her mind still. When she does speak up, it’s lacking her usual energy.]

KH: Hey, guys...filming this just to apologise for not being there this week, I’ve spent some time back home, trying to make sure everything’s okay here after...everything that happened, last week.

[Katie’s sorta stuck for words for a moment, licking at her top row of teeth as she goes over everything in her mind.]

KH: And I’m filming this to let Serena Maxwell know something--I said on Twitter, you made a big mistake coming here. You made a big mistake breaking into this place, assaulting someone that did nothing to you, all because you need to prove something to yourself, or to those people, or to...whoever; you sit there and convince yourself that you’re doing the right thing, that you’re living up to...whatever, clinging to the past, more like. All you’re doing is making the wrong person, very angry.

KH: I love this sport, Serena; I love the competition. I like stepping into that ring and testing myself, against anyone and everyone--and I know, wanting that kind of test, wanting that kind of competition, I know that sometimes, I’m going to come up against someone that’s a little more ready than I am on that night--that’s life, everyone runs into things like that.

KH: Angelica Layne was more ready than I was last week--I’m not happy about it, but to be honest, of everything that happened last week, a loss against someone of that caliber? Far from the worst thing.

[For a second, Katie frowns, clearly not thrilled about having lost her match, even as she says it's not that big a deal--but she takes a breath in, then releases it and opens her eyes to look into the camera.]

KH: pushed all this far beyond competition. You pushed it far beyond just the match we were inevitably gonna have. You had better have eyes in the back of your head, Serena. You better hope those prophecies are true, and that you know every single thing that I’m gonna do on every single night I’m gonna do it. You better hope that you really have that foresight that you think you have.

KH: I’m not JUST a wrestler, in this case, Serena--I’m this gym’s big sister. I’m every student here’s big sister, I’m every student’s protector, and assaulted my family, for no reason.

KH: Soon enough, I’ll get you in a ring, Serena...but until then, you should watch your back...and hope he’s actually watching over you.

[Not in a mood anymore, Katie draws a thumb across her throat, and the scene abruptly cuts to black.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Serena Maxwell vs Nate Gloria


[The match kicks off with Nate Gloria making a charge towards Serena, but Serena ducks beneath his arm and runs to the ropes. She springboards from the ropes and catches Nate with a roundhouse kick before pouncing on top of him, wildly clawing at his face until the referee orders her to stop. She gets back to her feet with a crazed look in her eyes while squaring up to the referee who admittedly looks a little uneasy as he begins to back away from her. This gives Nate enough time to get back to his feet, he creeps up behind Serena and wraps his arms around her waist, ready to hit her with a belly-to-back Suplex, but Serena throws her elbows back to hit him in the face a few times until he releases the hold. Serena grabs his wrist and whips him towards the ropes and when they meet in the middle of the ring she hits him with a Single leg running dropkick. Serena instantly takes to the top rope before diving off with The Rising Tide (Moonsault). She covers his shoulders for the pin.]





TH: Here is your winner….SERENA MAXWELL!

TR: Well that was….fast.

BM: Serena just proved she is NOT here to play around tonight.

TR: Is she ever here to play though? I’d say she’s here to creep people out….and it’s working.

user posted image

[We fade in on Hyphy Machinery, whose presence on screen is enough to pop off a wave of cheers from the live crowd. We find the duo in a silver convertible, presumably their ride for the night, looking relaxed as ever as they lean back in their reclined seats.]

JM: How y’all doin’ tonight?

[More cheers from the crowd. The duo reach down to start bringing the seats back up to their usual position, but they don’t wait until they’re sitting upright again to start talking.]

DP: So y’all remember that tape they ran on New Year’s Eve, right?

[Jason turns his head to look at Dontell.]

JM: Which one?

DP: The one where we told ‘em we was Melbourne bound.

JM: Okay!

DP: The one where we read ‘em our ghetto report card.

JM: Okay!

DP: The one where we warned ‘em we came to take over.

JM: Okay!

[Jason turns his gaze back to the camera.]

DP: And now look where we at. Just like the NFL…

JM: ...just like in ZLL this time last year…

DP: ...what’s January mean to Hyphy Machinery?

JM: Playoffs!

DP: Damn right!

JM: See, last year, if we wanted to get back the ZLL Parejas Championships, we had to run the gauntlet against the entire division just to earn the opportunity.

DP: We was the first ones in.

JM: Last ones out.

DP: ONLY ones standin’.

JM: And now tonight, we got our first shot at becomin’ #1 contenders to the In Your House tag titles.

[Jason turns to look at Dontell again.]

JM: But Dontell…

[Dontell returns the favor to Jason.]

DP: Yeah, Jason?

JM: Who we gotta dig through to get that title shot at Unearthed?

[Dontell turns to the camera again, a mischievous glint in his eye, and Jason follows his lead.]

DP: Man, I been waitin’ for you to ask…

JM: Tell ‘em, Dontell!

DP: See, we know the competition out here gon’ be hella fierce, ‘cause we gotta get through Layton & Fenric.

JM: Oh, damn!

DP: And even if we didn’t have the same manager as them…

JM: Hi, Amy!

DP: ...and even if we didn’t fight side-by-side with ‘em against the Survivors…

JM: Buried!

DP: ...we would know how good they are.

JM: HELLA good.

DP: I mean, c’mon, they was XWA’s tag champs most of last year, Fenric’s had the Hardcore AND TV titles, Em’s the Supreme Champion…

JM: That’s some stiff competition, huh?

DP: But as good as they are, we ain’t fazed, ‘cause we got somethin’ on ‘em they can’t match

JM: What’s that?

DP: See, they only got one ring general…

JM: ...we got two.

DP: And we know ‘em so well from working together, we can spot a weakness that much faster...

JM: Hit it that much harder.

DP: ...‘till we score that 1-2-3.

JM: But that’s not the only team we gotta beat to get that #1 contender’s spot, huh?

[After a moment’s silence, Dontell starts laughing to himself and rubs his hands together a few times. Jason just gives the camera a knowing look.]

DP: Man, I been WAITIN’ to go off on these other dudes…

JM: Here we go.

DP: See, if we won that opportunity at tag title gold, we don’t just gotta deal with Layton & Fenric. We also gotta get through Southern Hostility.

[The crowd boos at the mere mention of Southern Hostility’s name.]

DP: And people been drawin’ a LOTTA parallels between us and them.

JM: Like what?

DP: Like that they signed here about the same time we did.

JM: Okay!

DP: Like that they ride for where they’re from.

JM: Okay!

DP: Like that they got a 2-0 record out here so far.

JM: Fair enough.

DP: But they wanna strut around here like everybody else ain’t shit ‘cause they come from down south?

JM: Bitch, please.

DP: Like, don’t get me wrong, the South knows their football, but that Dixie flag they run around with only means two things.

JM: What’s one?

DP: Racism.

JM: What’s the other?

DP: Failure.

JM: And failure’s all they gon’ taste tonight.

DP: ‘Cause while y’all get stuck in the mud…

JM: ...we’ll be doin’ donuts around you.

DP: While y’all look to your manager for directions…

JM: ...we create our own gameplans.

DP: And while one of y’all’s lookin’ up at the lights and the other’s knocked out on the outside…

JM: ...we’ll pick up that W and have our own little Super Bowl against Team Fury.

DP: And once that’s done?

JM: Those tag titles’ll be around our waists, EXACTLY where they’re supposed to be.

[From a roar of cheers, the noise in the Melbourne Showgrounds coalesce into chants of “HY-PHY! HY-PHY!”, and as Dontell encourages the crowd to get even louder by fist-pumping and bobbing his head in time with their words, Jason leans forward, stares right into the lens with a wry smile, and starts the car’s engine…]

user posted image

Singles Match
Rick Kreiger vs Minka Carter


[Minka is focused and aggressive as the bell rings despite the huge difference in size between her and Chris Cryptic’s bruiser Rick Kreiger. She evades a shoulder block and hops up as he goes by, landing a surprise Axe kick to the back of his head. It staggers the mass of muscle, he stumbles and Minka is on him like a rabid raccoon on a half empty jar of peanut butter. A Sliding Forearm Smash gets him reeling and she follows up with an Enzuigiri that takes him to a knee! Minka grins and slaps him as she wheels back around, but OH NO! Kreiger is up from that kneel with a BltizKreig! The Spear is huge and Carter is driven across the ring into the corner, where Kreiger hits a set of shoulder blocks to the gut. He lets her fall out of the corner and he drops to pin, but the referee waves it off as Minka’s foot is on the ropes. Kreiger is pissy as he comes up to his feet, yelling in the referee’s face before he bends and pulls her away from the ropes, putting her limp body down and he orders the referee to count as he puts his boot on her chest.]

BM: That’s exceptionally crass and unnecessary behavior from Rick Kreiger.

TR: He better watch it, Minka is gonna get mad as a wet hen out there.

[It does prove to be a mistake in judgement as Minka coils up and brings her legs up to grapevine around Kreiger’s leg, twisting it sharply and causing the big side of beef wrestler to topple down to the mat! She slaps him all about the head and shoulders as he sits up to check his knee, haranguing him for being a dick before he starts to lever up to his feet. Minka scrambles up and jumps on him, applying a Cobra Clutch with a Bodyscissors, and Kreiger howls but ultimately is able to use his superior size and strength to batter around the ring and get Carter to release the Cleopatra Clutch! He taps his temple then and tells the fans to shut up as they boo him, having not forgotten his past actions. He is so wrapped up in telling them off that he leaves himself wide open as here’s Minka again with a Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick!]


TR: Oh he hit the mat hard. Dang man.

[Minka grins and she drops to cover, hooking the meaty leg of Kreiger as the referee drops and counts!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… MINKA CARTER!

BM: If he wasn’t such a Jerk-a-Doodle I might feel sorry for Rick.

TR: ….the fuck did you just say? Don’t ever do that, again, ever.

[Sick Like Me by In This Moment plays again as Minka demands adoration from the fans, the referee raising her hand in victory making her seem pleased for at least a moment or two.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to the Southern Hostility locker room. The trio are sitting around a table in the middle of the room. Amanda looks directly into the camera and speaks first.]

AH: Tonight, we are taking the next step in our journey to the IYH Tag Team Championships. Tonight, we are gonna go out there and do what we do best. We're gonna take our opponents best shot, overcome it, and keep on trucking. Tell em' Colton!

[Colton smirks before continuing.]

CT: So far, we have been put up against one team in our matches and we have done everything we planned to do. The Modern Day Zeros were no challenge. Jetpack thought they had what it takes to stop us but they were wrong. Now, we have a triple threat match against Layton & Fenric and those two Oakland bitches. There may be two teams instead of one in front of us but that won't change the outcome. We're coming out there to do what we do best, beat people up and knock em out of the way.

[Clayton laughs at this and then starts to speak.]

Clay: I've set back and heard a lot of bitching over the last two weeks. People making excuses for not getting the job done. That is some weak minded bullshit. If you lost, deal with it. If you don't like the way it happened then get better and do something different the next time. The simple truth is that their ain't a single team in IYHWF that have what it takes to stop Southern Hostility from getting to where they're going.

[Clayton points and Colton and Amanda before continuing with his point.]

Clay: We've said since day one, those tag belts will be around their waist and that's exactly what's gonna happen. Team Fury can say they ain't worried and feed you ignorant fans all the BS they want, but they know that it is just a matter of time before we kick down their door.

[Hayes agrees with Clayton and picks up where he left off.]

AH: That's right. My ol' friend Barbie went out her way to talk about us in the last two weeks. While I remember the day that she would mock people for not having the guts to tag the people they were talking about, she still spent a good amount of time talking about us. There is a reason for that. She knows like every one else knows, we are the team they need to worry about. We are the biggest threat to their young title reign. They are hoping and praying that any team other than us wins the match tonight. They might say they don't care who wins and that they're ready for whoever emerges but that is a lie.

[Amanda motions for Colton to add his thoughts.]

CT: Yeah, us winning tonight would be a nightmare for Team Fury. Speaking of dreams, I saw that tweet Layton threw out about her dream. She framed it in a manner to say it was a prediction of what will take place in the future. She wanted to have people believe that she and Fenric were going to just destroy us and the Oakland bitches. While it may be true that the Oakland bitches can and will be easily disposed of, you're barking up the wrong tree thinking you are gonna do anything like that to us. Having dreams is nice I guess, but when it comes to this one, it is just that. Tonight in that ring, you are gonna get a rude awakening and you'll quickly realize that it was just a dream and nothing more. We ain't got any problem crushing your dreams.

[Clayton shakes his head as he agrees with everything his son said.]

Clay: If you wanna talk about people who have unrealistic dreams, than the Oakland bitches take the cake. I swear I about fell outta my chair when I read that horseshit about em wanting to play pro football in the new XFL. Are you chumps shitting me? You played high school football. You were clearly not smart enough or good enough to even go play college ball. Now, we're supposed to believe you could play pro football. Come on, guys. Let's be real. The closest you two will ever get to being in pro football is if you get a job parking cars outside the stadium. I get it that you two know you have no real future in this business and want a back up plan but that shit ain't gonna work. As long as Amanda and Colton are in IYHWF, you two will always be just another team they walked over.

[Hayes begins to speak as she looks to sum it all up.]

AH: Tonight, we're gonna make a statement. You can bet the house on that. We ain't got a personal beef with Layton & Fenric other than the fact they are standing in our way. When we remove them it will just be business. However, the Oakland bitches have been looking for a beating since the first day they joined this company and they are finally going to get exactly what they asked for. Don't act surprised when we punch you right in the mouth. You two had it coming for some time now. Tonight, we show the world we were 100% right when we said their ain't nothing good to come out of Oakland. That's enough talking though, it is time to back it up. That just happens to be something we are great at. Tonight in our ring, both teams are gonna find out first hand what Southern Hostility really means.

[The camera fades out and all three members smirk confidently.]

user posted image

Number One Contender
Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Hyphy Machinery vs Southern Hostility vs Layton & Fenric


[Dontell Porter starts for Hyphy Machinery as Jason Moana goes out to the apron, Amanda Hayes goes out and lets Colton Travis start for Southern Hostility, and Emery Layton decides after a bit of lively song and dance that she’ll start for Layton & Fenric. At the bell the trio start to circle and as they move around toward the SH corner, here comes Amanda Hayes with a Diving Bulldog off the top rope that drops Emery Layton to the mat! She and Colton fistbump as the referee starts to order them out of the ring, but here comes Adam Fenric with a Tope Con Hilo and he wipes out both members of SH and clips Dontell Porter! This brings in his partner Jason, and all six wrestlers are in the ring and brawling wildly! The fans enjoy the action but finally the referee gets them all sorted out by threatening to throw the entire match out! Back to the original trio, until Emery peels away and tags in Adam Fenric and he goes hard after Colton, putting on a clinic in his Catch Wrestling style until Dontell ends the run with a well placed Flying Knee!

This leads to the first pin attempt of the match, Dontell stacking up Adam but it’s handily broken before two by Colton. Dontell rolls to the ropes and uses them to get to his feet but as he goes for the tag with Jason, the SH manager Clayton inserted himself into the action by picking Dontell’s ankle and tripping him up! Jason comes running around the ring and Clayton bolts like a spooked polecat, and Jason chases him for a bit but stops when he ends up back in the HM area. He gets back up on the apron and tags in, ignoring the hot glare from Amanda at his actions. She calls for the tag from Colton and then goes into the match and yells at Jason calling him a snowflake and stating he should eat the ass end of a dead rhino! Of course he takes offense and shoves Emery out of his way, freshly tagged in as she is. Jason starts raining blows on Amanda but she grins and slaps him hard across the face and the referee misses what made the noise, believing that it was in fact a tag! Colton and Amanda take full advantage of this and double team the hell out of Jason, who finally escapes and dives for a tag to his partner, aided by a Moonsault from Emery that wipes out SH, but as she rolls through they grab Jason by the ankles back towards their side of the ring but he’s made the tag though they don’t realize it!]

BM: … okay wait, who’s the legal wrestler for each team?

TR: Are you serious right now? It’s Amanda, Dontell and Emery.

BM: Are you sure?

TR: What the hell of course I am! Right now Jason is caught in No Man’s Land, and Southern Hostility obviously believe he’s legal despite the referee warning Colton out of the ring and Jason too. Dontell is fighting with the smoothly oiled machine that is Layton & Fenric, I gotta give him props he’s really bringing a fight.

[Which is true, Porter holds his own even against constant hot tagging but he’s distracted by Jason fighting off Colton and Amanda! Finally it’s academic, Jason breaks free and drops Colton with a hard right, but too late as Dontell falls to the Prikasa from Emery and Adam protects the pin as SH and Porter rush to try and break it!]





TH: And here are your winners via pinfall and number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships… Emery Layton and Adam Fenric... LAYTON & FENRIC!

BM: Fantastic match! It could have gone any which way.

TR: But did it HAVE to be them? Ughhhhh Emery.

BM: I thought you liked her?

TR: I like parts of her. Shut up.

[Come As You Are by Nirvana plays as Emery slips out of the ring to celebrate with the fans, who gladly embrace her antics. In the ring Adam raises his own hand before rolling out of the ring to stand near Emery as she pogos without a stick around the ringside area. In the ring HM recover themselves and there’s a bit of a brawl between them and SH, but the earlier interactions lead HM to end this quickly and vow that this is far from over!]
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Jan 31 2018, 06:03 PM

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user posted image

[On the corridors backstage, Ruckus' sixtieth episode presses on, and we join two competitors who will take part in a tag team match later on tonight. With a opportunity at becoming number one contenders to Team Fury's IYH Tag Team championships, Layton & Fenric loiter on the halls of the Showgrounds, right next to a big table of coffee - Adam Fenric in his gear and long, flowing cloak and Emery Layton in her beanie and jacket, scoffing away at a box of chicken chow-mein. With chopsticks, obviously.]

EL: ...then I was all like 'okay dude, we won't do it, then. Let's all just go home!' And so we did, and that was that.

AF: So what was the point of that story?

EL: I dunno. I just don't like dead air, y'know? Sometimes I just talk in between actual conversations just to fill in time. Keep my brain going, know what I mean? Some teams go entire days without having proper conversations. You wouldn't want that now, would you?

AF: Chance would be a fine thing.

EL: Oi! Don't think I don't know what that means! Dead smart sometimes, me.

[Suddenly, not even a second after Emery dips her chopsticks into her noodles, she is immediately shocked as she looks up to see "Unexplainable" Serena Maxwell jump into her line of sight. She backs up behind Adam.]

SM: Hello Emery.

EL: Oh my God. No. Nonono. Swear to God, don't you come any closer, alright? I have chopsticks. Come any closer and I stick them right up your nose.

SM: Don't be like that, Emery. We're still friends, I'm just...I'm MORE now.

EL: We're not friends! You ruined our friendship years ago just like you ruin everything else! You never leave, you're always where I am and you always attack my REAL friends! Why don't you do the world a favor and just--

[Emery drops her chow-mein on the floor, with chopsticks still in her hand, raising them in the air and lunges forward...until Adam pushes her back with his entire arm. He turns around, shaking his head.]

AF: No.

EL: She said--

AF: I don't care.

EL: You ain't my boss.

AF: I'm your partner. We have a match tonight. We do not have time for this. Show some restraint.

[Em looks at Adam, then Serena, then at the floor. Taking a few deep breaths, she looks back up at Adam.]

EL: Wasted my noodles now...

[She turns and walks off with it taking every fiber of her being to not do anything to Serena. The latter smirks, waving her off as she walks away. Adam turns...until her feels a hand around his wrist. Stopping right in his tracks, he turns back to see it belongs to Serena. Her voice is notably softer as she speaks.]

SM: I need you.

[Adam wafts away her hand like it's a fly.]

AF: No thank you.

[He begins to turn around and walk away, but this time Serena turns with him, her head tilted and a smile on her face. Every time Adam tries to move around her, she immediately moves in front of him each time. Finally, with a big stomp, she puts her foot on Adam's cloak, which is trailing along the floor.]

SM: I really need you.

AF: Lift your foot.

[Adam glares until Serena's mania abruptly comes to a halt and she lifts her foot. Now, finally, Adam turns and begins to walk away. But as he goes off to find his partner, he hears a noise and stops to listen. There it is- wimpering. Adam turns around to see that Serena is holding her chest, breathing heavily, but trying to do it quietly (and glancing over at Adam Fenric to see if he's looking every few seconds or so). There was a time where Adam would leave her keep walking and leave her. But not today.]

AF: Why?

[Serena struggles to get her words out, a sharp intake of breath each time.]

SM: I--I-I- just *breath* I just wanted your help *breath* and no one wants to help *breath* me *breath* and, I...

[Muttering and stammering. She looks to be on the brink of a panic attack, flapping her hands, her eyes wide and full of terror. Anyone else may struggle to deal with this or may try to offer support. But after last week? The Futurist rolls his eyes.]

AF: Please spare me the act. I don't have the patience but I have a feeling you'll follow me anyway if I leave, so what do you want?

[And just like that, she stops. It's like a switch just turned off her 'panic' setting. Her eyes are wild. Desperate.]

SM: Katie Hanley. You were there at the beginning. You were the one who found the key to defeating us. You were not supposed to win that night. It goes against the prophecy. It goes against everything I was taught. Somehow, someway, YOU managed to discover the secret. I need to know what it is. You need to tell me. I need to know how to beat her, just like you did.

AF: No.

SM: Dr. Fenric, you don't understand how important this is to me. I...I was chosen.

AF: You were chosen.

SM: Yes. Only I can be the enemy of Katie Hanley. Fate drew us together. It was destiny.

AF: Attacking an innocent trainee and then Katie herself was destiny.

SM: YES! Yeeeeesss. You understand! She attacked me two weeks ago, and it was the universe. It possessed her. It took control, drew me in, showed me who my enemy was supposed to be, gave me something to focus my cosmic enemy into. I have to defeat her. I have to!

[Adam, having listened to this entire thing, scratches his nose. His expressionless eyes look to the floor for one brief moment while contemplates whether what he's about to say is a good idea. And the conclusion he comes to is that indeed, yes, it's a good idea.]

AF: Would you like to know what I think, Serena?

SM: Yes, yeeess, please - tell me!

AF:I don't think you believe anything you say. Not really. I don't think you really feel you need to beat Katie Hanley at all. You've just convinced yourself that's what you need, because Katie Hanley is the antithesis of everything you are. She is well-liked, she is optimistic and comfortable in her own skin. You, on the other hand, are none of these things, and it is quite tragically obvious. With War Enforcement, the Sabbath Regime, the Survivors, no matter what the group, you've spent your time following others. You've known nothing else. Oh, perhaps this can stem back to your childhood, growing up with your brother. It is no secret your brother and I did not see eye-to-eye and I am sure his own mental issues played a part in your genesis, or perhaps lack thereof. But now, you're alone in the world, and you've not the faintest idea what to do with yourself, because there is no one to tell you. So, you spew the words of a fantasist but you don't believe your own invented words, you just want to be noticed and acknowledged as something more than a regular human being, because you cannot bear to consider the idea that perhaps, despite what others have told you to keep you around and appease you, there's absolutely nothing extraordinary about you at all.

[Serena, like a small child, is growling.]

SM: You're wrong. I'm special. Tell me the truth, Adam. Tell me I'm Special!

AF: I'd prefer not to lie. Now, I have to converge with my partner, as we've a very important match tonight, I've spent much time researching both our opponents tonight and the Tag Team champions and I would rather that time not go to waste. Although, as you came to me seeking my opinion, I will impart at least some 'words of wisdom' for you to take away and consider in your own time- you do not need to beat Katie Hanley. You do not need a doctor, Serena. You need therapy.

[And with the swish of his cloak, the Futurist leaves. Serena is livid, like a boiling, bubbling lump of hate, hands balled up into fists. After a few seconds, she screams at the absolute top of her voice and turns to the table full of coffee to the side of her over, throwing it all to the ground. The glass jug of milk shatters as it hits the ground. Serena picks up the coffee machine and throws it as hard as she can against a wall. Finally, after destroying pretty much everything in the area, she picks up the table cloth that was over the table and wraps it over her shoulders, as she sinks down the wall, slowly, into a sitting position.

With her knees to her chest, Serena sits in a fetal position with the table cover around her. She's all alone on the corridor and she's bawling her eyes out.]

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Singles Match
Sean Hazard vs The Banshee


[Banshee charges at Sean right off the bat and ducks around behind him, grabbing his waist. Sean breaks the hold and counters with a quick arm drag. Banshee rolls back to her feet and doesn’t waste a beat, running to Sean again. Sean this time aims for a clothesline but Banshee ducks it and spins around for a running headscissor takedown. Sean manages to land on his feet and lets the momentum bounce him off the ropes behind as he cartwheels back to Banshee with a backflip kick. It connects and the crowd bursts into cheers while Banshee drops on the mat. As Banshee pulls herself up, they both lock up in the centre. They keep blocking and reversing as they jockey for position until Sean successfully cuts Banshee down on one knee with a stiff leg kick. Sean then zips across the ring before bouncing off the ropes, looking for a dropkick. But Banshee rolls away on the mat till she’s out on the ring apron. Sean charges at Banshee who flips herself over him. Sean deftly runs up the ropes for a springboard corkscrew roundhouse kick that hits Banshee right in the face as she turns around. Banshee crashes on the canvas. Sean looks for the cover but Banshee kicks out at two. As they both return to their feet, they trade kicks till Banshee blocks Sean before doubling him over with fast multiple middle roundhouse kicks. Banshee then finishes off with a spinning heel kick to Sean’s face, sending him spiralling on the mat. As Sean slowly pulls himself up, Banshee gears up for her high speed spinning knee strike but misses when he moves out of the way. The momentum leaves Banshee crashing right into the corner and Sean takes advantage with a well-timed inverted frankensteiner, reigniting the crowd as SoA chants starts to break out all over the arena. While Banshee holds her head, Sean executes a flawless standing shooting press with the cover. But somehow Banshee gets her shoulder up before three.]

BM: These two have faced each other a few times already recently, they’ve got to know how the other moves in the ring like the back of their hand. Sean saw that spinning high knee a mile away! And that standing shooting star press was highly impressive!

TR: Yet that flippy dippy shit’s not enough to put away Banshee! I’m telling you, Bry, Sean may be holding his own well enough these days but he’s gonna fall soon!

[Sean pulls up Banshee and she grabs both of his wrists and runs him backwards into the corner with a snarl on her face. Banshee snaps her jaw at Sean in intimidating fashion before headbutting him. The crowd jeers till Sean makes a quick recovery by putting some distance between them with his back on the turnbuckles supporting his weight and his feet climbing up to her shoulders to hit her on the head. It takes two hits with his heel to stop Banshee, allowing Sean to get out of the corner and connect with a northern lights suplex. Sean hooks both legs but Banshee still kicks out at two. Sean takes to the outside apron again before waiting for Banshee who’s taking her time to get to her feet. When Banshee finally does, Sean launches himself into the air but she runs out of the way, forcing him to change course and land with a safe roll. Sean pops back up, only to get struck in the back of his head by a high speed spinning knee strike from Banshee, making the fans cringe at the impact. With a sick smile, Banshee crawls over for the cover but Sean somehow rolls his shoulder off the mat. Banshee stomps down hard on Sean, forcing him to drag himself faster to the safety of the bottom rope. But Banshee continues to stalk Sean with a choke on the rope, wasting absolutely no time to jump on his back to use her entire weight on it. It causes an uproar among the upset IYH crowd as Sean struggles for air and the referee has no choice but to intervene. On the fourth count, Banshee finally backs off with her hands over her mouth, seemingly stifling her laugher at Sean’s misery. Grabbing Sean’s hair, Banshee then pulls him back down hard on the canvas. Sean rolls over on his side, holding his head in agony. Banshee continues to toy with Sean as she stomps on his leg but when she looks for another, he rolls out of the way fast. The fans cheer on Sean as Banshee charges at him. Sean counters with a well-timed arm drag but when he lets go of Banshee, she has curled up in a Lady of the Lake ball on the mat. Sean retracts his hand but not before Banshee kicks his stomach to double him over and grabs his arm. Banshee then immediately takes Sean down with her arm-trap crossface finisher, Hand of Fate. The fans are on their feet as Sean struggles to break free but it doesn’t take him long to finally tap out.]





TH: And here’s your winner… The Banshee!

[The atmosphere grows heavy as “The Daughter of Darkness” by Peter Gundry fills the air, prompting the IYH fans to voice their displeasure at the match result. But it doesn’t faze Banshee when she lets go of Sean, only to gaze down at him almost lovingly as he recovers. That’s when Banshee grabs Sean and bends over him to perform her dreaded post-match ritual. The referee intervenes at this point, trying his best to remove Banshee from poor Sean.]

BM: Oh come on, that’s enough, Banshee!

TR: Man, that creepy as fuck life force-sucking ritual is back!

BM: Get her out of here! Why? Why is it back???

TR: You asking me?? Guess she’s just in a happy mood, celebrating tonight’s win!

[Banshee finally releases Sean who immediately collapses in a coughing fit. Holding her head, Banshee laughs a silent, eerie laugh as she slides away and out of the ring. The crowd has grown silent seemingly with fear, not wanting eye contact with Banshee who quickly disappears backstage. The referee checks on Sean who doesn’t look too happy as he rubs his throat.]

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[The show cuts to backstage where Stevie Trelain is standing by with the Super Nash Bros. She seems a little uncomfortable as Chad isn’t subtle at all as he leans back to get a glimpse of her ass before smirking at his brother, who also sneaks a peek. Stevie takes a few steps back until she is up against a wall but keeps her composure as she smiles at the camera.]

ST: Thanks for joining me before you match guys, how are you feeling before going up against the tag team champions, Team Fury?

CN: Look Stevie, we’ll keep this brief. Everyone thinks we are a joke ok, but tonight our targets are set and I’m hitting someone with my “One True Spear”

[Tyson chimes in.]

TN: And I am also going to hit someone with my “Also The One True Spear”

[Stevie blinks a few times, unsure of how to really respond to that, before moving swiftly along.]

ST: But what do you think your chances are against….

TN: Aren’t you listening to us, Stevie? We’re going to hit the One True Spear and the Also The One True Spear...there will be no stopping us after that.

CN: Cause we are DTF!

[Again, Stevie just blinks a few times but in this occasion, she decides to speak up.]

ST: You know online “DTF” actually means “Down To Fuck” and NOT “Damn Talented Fucks”.....right?

[The brothers stare at each other for a moment, shock covering their faces as they each go wide eyed imagining all the things they have said. How they specifically told the likes of Owen Gonsalves he’ll find out first hand how “DTF” they are.]

CN: Wow, uuuhhh….

TN: Ummmm….

[Amongst the confusion, Chad starts to get a smirk on his face as he looks Stevie from head to toe to breasts.]

CN: It still works though

TN: Yeah booooi, I don’t care, I’m still using it. But Stevie just so you know, DTF works both ways for us. Mostly me. Tonight. At your place.

ST: No.

[Stevie pushes away from the wall and the brothers as she heads down the hall, the guys checking out her ass as she leaves.]

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Tag Team Match (non title)
Team Fury © vs Super Nash Bros


[Gordon and Tyson start things off and Gordon wastes no time, ducking acollar and elbow tie-up attempt before hitting him with 2 back to back dropkicks. He irish whips Tyson into the corner before hitting a running dropkick to the face. He picks Tyson up and Irish whips him into the his corner, but Tyson reverses, sending Gordon in as well. As he hits the corner Kelly takes the tag as Tyson charges in, Gordon moving out of the way. Tyson manages to stop himself just in time, locking eyes with Kelly. He moves his head closer to her chest, her eyes going wide before throwing the point of her elbow into his jaw. Gordon moves and grabs Tyson as Kelly springboards in, nailing him with a complete shot/springboard dropkick combination. Kelly keeps up the pressure as she rains punches down on him. Tyson pushes her back into the ropes, but she uses her momentum to come back and leap for a hurricanrana. However, as she does Tyson very visibly sticks his tongue out, as well as taking two handfuls of her bum, causing her to scream and falter mid-move, allowing him to counter into a powerbomb.]

BM: This is disgusting, what kind of offence is that?

TR: Effective offence, Bry. You do whatever it takes to get an edge, and Tyson has found what works.

[Tyson goes and tags in Chad, and the two of them hit her with a double back suplex. Chad takes his time messing with her, slapping her upside the head as she tries to get up saying “What’s wrong with Tyson? He’s a respectful young man and he’d treat you good!” He goes to slap her one more time but Kelly catches his hand, rearing back and slapping the taste out of Chad’s mouth, leaving an obvious red mark on his face. She then dives for her corner, tagging in Gordon who springboards halfway across the ring and plants Chad with a DDT! Tyson goes to step through the middle rope to help his brother, but as soon as he lowers his head Gordon almost takes it off with Destination Fucked (Boma Ye) knocking him off the apron and onto the floor with a thud. The fans go nuts as gordon motions to Kelly who runs in full speed as he picks Chad up, slamming him to the mat with Maximum Fury! (Thunder Express) Gordon hooks the leg as Kelly watches for Tyson.]





TH: Here are your winners, the In Your House Tag Team Champions… Team Fury!

[“Aftermath” by Sonic Syndicate plays through the arena as the ref moves in and raises their hands after handing them back the tag team championships.]

BM: And the champs get another impressive victory tonight.

TR: The Super Nash Bros were in with a chance there, but Team Fury are on fire right now, and they are no doubt looking forward to Unearthed where they will defend against Layton and Fenric.

BM: I for one can’t wait for that match, but we are getting ahead of ourselves Tats, we still have our no doubt explosive main event coming up next!

[The cameras cut away.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts to Chris Cryptic in his office, sitting at his desk as always.]

CC: Ladies and gentleman, I have one final announcement to make in regards to the Unearthed supershow taking place next week. At this point in time, Jessica Anderson currently has no challenger for her Rapid Fire Championship. Therefore, I have decided to give the opportunity to Katie Hanley, due to her already defeating Jessica as well as an impressive showing against Proving Grounds Champion Angelica Layne. However, there is the not so small issue of Serena Maxwell. I am well aware of the animosity between these two, and due to a series of wins on her part, I have decided to add her to the match as well. Therefore at Unearthed Jessica Anderson will defend the Rapid Fire Championship in a triple threat match against Katie Hanley and Serena Maxwell. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the show.

[The camera cuts away.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
Shawn Fox © & Michael Diablo vs The Kraken & The Blue Dragon


[Stella looks set to kick things off for her corner so Shawn Fox happily obliges on kicking things off for his to give the fans a preview for what he has in store for the number one contender to his In Your House Championship, but once he gets so close to her, she lets out a loud “NAH! Not yet!” before tagging in Marcus who has been out of action for a few weeks and it shows with how he charges into the ring. The Kraken instantly takes down The Fox, much to the squealing delight of Stella who applauds his work. Diablo stands in his corner unamused and unphased by the match so far (but what’s new, hmm?) The Kraken attempts to continue to pick apart The Fox and he almost had him in a two count after the Blackened (Single underhook DDT) but Shawn showed why he is the IYH Champ and powered out. Marcus took this as a personal insult as he got back to his feet, forcibly pulling Shawn up with him and tossing him against the ropes like a ragdoll, but again Shawn showed his resilience and only used this opportunity as a chance to springboard off the ropes into a jumping roundhouse kick. As the crowds loudly cheer for the champ, Stella yells out boo to try and mask them. While Marcus was down, Shawn hit him with a Garvin Stomp, to his wrists, ankles and chest. Stella steps up onto the bottom rope, practically leaning inside of the ring just to boo Shawn louder. He turns to her and charges right at her but she jumps off of the apron to the safety of the concrete floor just in time.]

TR: How dare he charge at her like that, what does he think he is, a bull?

BM: Smart. He’s very smart.

[Shawn turned to see Marcus getting back to his knees so he attempted to bounce off of the ropes to elevate him towards Marcus, but Stella grabbed hold of Shawns ankles tripping him. Shawn turned around visibly pissed off as Stella used her athleticism to leap up onto the apron, wrap her hands behind Shawns head, and force his neck down against the top rope. The crowds erupted with loud boos as Marcus capitalized on this attempting a pin, but Shawn got his foot on the bottom rope. Stella shoved it off quickly, but not quick enough for the referee to see. While Stella stood on the apron arguing with the referee over how he needs to have his eyes examined she failed to notice how Michael Diablo has seen enough of this and has hopped off of the apron and is walking around to confront Stella. The crowds go wild as Diablo stands behind her, she slowly turns to see what all the fuss is about and reacts by jumping onto his shoulders ready to hit that reverse rana but Diablo catches her and starts setting her up for the Diablo Driver until the lights go out and a blood curdling scream fills the arena. As the lights come back on, Stella has broken free from Mike and he’s currently being triple teamed by her, The Hellhound Dante Locke and the Ikiryo Seth Iser. Meanwhile inside of the ring The Banshee and The Kraken are laying into Shawn. The arena fills with heavy boos until a cheer breaks out, Owen Gonsalves, Craig Anderson and Sean Hazard are sprinting towards the ring. Owen and Craig fighting on the outside while Sean daringly slides into the ring, taking Banshee down with a clothesline before laying punch after punch into Marcus. It’s not long until security has arrived, prying the competitors away from one another.]

BM: All hell just broke loose here tonight.

TR: WOOHOO I CANNOT WAIT FOR UNEARTHED BRY! These Bad Omens are out for blood!

BM: Fawn over them all you want to Tats, Team Shawn has clearly had enough of the Bad Omens shit and once and for all they will put an end to their reign of terror. That’s all we have for you tonight everyone, be sure to tune into Unearthed this Sunday, goodnight!
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