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 Ruckus 64
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Mar 13 2018, 11:19 AM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The show kicks off in the Melbourne Showgrounds with the camera panning across the excited crowd, zooming in on a few fan made signs before finally resting on the announce table.]

BM: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ruckus 64!

TR: We have just one more show to go before Ground ‘n Pound after tonight, but I can see tonight stirring up a lot of things for that show.

BM: In our opening match we’ll see Monster versus The Beast as Marcus “The Kraken” Blackbeard takes on Rick Kreiger.

TR: And following that, Craig Anderson becomes the hunted as Minka Carter is out for blood!

BM: But then we can almost tone things down a little as two fan favourites go head to head in tag team action. Layton & Fenric versus Jetpack!

TR: Following that Sean “Lightning” Hazard hopes to shock The Devil of IYH, Michael Diablo

BM: And then in our main event we’ve got more tag team action as Rapid Fire Champion Katie Hanley teams up with the former RF Champ, Jessica Anderson


BM: And they will be taking on Serena Maxwell and Brien Storm!

TR: It’s about time Jessica was in a main event to be honest.

BM: We’ll get more into this later Tats, as I’m receiving word that Mr Cryptic has an announcement to make...

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[The camera cuts to Chris Cryptic in his office, the man sitting at his desk as per normal.]

CC: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, apologies for interrupting tonight’s proceedings but I have an important announcement. As Angelica Layne has cashed in the Proving Grounds Championship for the Golden Ticket briefcase, this leaves the Proving Grounds Championship itself without, well, its champion. Therefore, tonight will mark the start of a two week series of qualifying matches, three matches tonight, one match next week, with the winners earning their spot in a fatal four way for the vacant Championship at Ground n’ Pound. The Kraken versus Rick Kreiger is one, Minka Carter versus Craig Anderson is the second, and finally Sean Hazard versus Michael Diablo is the third.

As for next week, the final match will be Seth Iser versus Owen Gonsalves!

[The fans cheer at the announcement.]

CC: Now without further adieu ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the show.

[The camera cuts away.]

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Singles Match
The Kraken vs Rick Krieger


[These two big beastly wrestlers barely and we mean barely wait for the referee to get out of the way after calling for the bell before they clash like a pair of bulls in the center of the ring, the sounds of meaty fists smacking flesh enough to gain some winces from the ringside crew! The fans though are eating it up and there’s a split second of almost surprise on Marcus Blackbeard’s face as Rick Krieger deadlifts him right off of the mat and hits a huge Sidewalk Slam, bouncing the heavier man off of the mat! WOAH echoes out from the fans but The Kraken is right back up on his feet and grabs Krieger for a huge Overhead Belly-To-Belly Suplex! He’s up slightly ahead of Rick and he yanks him up the rest of the way, his turn to lift his opponent as he sets up and delivers a huge Running Powerbomb into the near turnbuckle that makes the ring shimmy alarmingly for a few seconds!

There’s a few sharp whistles from the crowd after that and both men get up to their feet and charge right back in on each other. A Sideslam Backbreaker sees Marcus retain control but a cover nets him only a bare two count as Krieger powers out. Marcus shakes his head and hits a couple of fast elbows to Krieger’s head before he comes up off the mat, the fans booing him a bit despite the fact that frankly they don’t care much for either man but they are loving watching them kick the crap out of each other! Ringside of course is Stella Winters who is enthusiastically cheering The Kraken on, and telling him to ignore the fans, so much that she turns and widely gestures at them before yelling at them to shut up!]

BM: Well this is super exciting, with Cryptic’s proclamation just moments ago, this went from a match against two of the most monstrously gifted men on the roster to a straight up…


BM: ...quite.

[The mid portion of this match is more of the same, with neither Marcus nor Rick able to quite maintain an advantage for long, even trading out a few near pinfalls with Stella cheering Marcus and booing Krieger of course. Momentum shifts however as Krieger finally is in charge of the match, ruthlessly battering Marcus with huge overhand fists and hard elbows much to the dismay of Stella, then he whips him into the corner, setting up for his BltizKreig, ready with the spear as Marcus staggers out of the corner but NO! At the last moment Marcus rolls to the side and Krieger hits the turnbuckles and goes through, striking his shoulder on the post! Stella laughs that screechy laugh and points at him, even miming the wiping away of tears before Marcus moves to pull Krieger away from the ropes.]

BM: Things are not going well for Rick Krieger here tonight, but you can’t deny the man is a pure beast in that ring!

TR: Well I sure wouldn’t want him to hit me, but it looks like of course that The Kraken as guided by Ms Stella has things well in hand!

[Sure enough Tats was right, as while Rick unleashes a hellacious barrage of fists and punches, Marcus weathers them all and drops an elbow hard on the hurting shoulder of Krieger! He shouts and grabs it, leaving him open for the Sydney Smash, the high impact Elbow Smash dropping Krieger to the mat like a ton of bricks! With a snarl The Kraken drops and covers.]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… THE KRAKEN!

BM: That’s all she wrote, it will be none other than The Kraken who moves on to the match at Ground and Pound!

TR: Well I can’t say as I’m surprised, but you can’t say that he didn’t take a beating to get there!

[Shattering The Skies Above by Trivium plays as Stella joins Marcus in the ring, celebrating his victory and pointing at him to the fans as the very next Proving Grounds Champion, “just watch!”]

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[“Oh I'm A Good Ol Rebel” by Hoyt Axton begins to play and the crowd immediately starts booing. This week, the three members of Southern Hostility come out with a much more serious look on their faces. They waste no time getting to the ring and all three are handed a mic. Clayton begins to speak as their theme is still playing.]

Clay: Cut that music off. We ain't here to play around this week. All you fucking garbage Aussie bastards sit down and shut the hell up. You're even less important than you normally are.

[The Melbourne crowd is triggered by the blatant disrespect and lets Southern Hostility know it.]

Clay: What you saw last week was the act of cowards. I shouldn't have to explain to you idiots what a coward is since 95% of you see one every time you look in the damn mirror. But the “stunt” the Oakland bitches attempted to pull last week was not only weak as hell, but it was some real coward shit.

[The crowd pops for the HM mention and then goes back to showing dislike for SH.]

Clay: Those two bitches try to sell y'all on how they do things the right way and they stand up for what's right. That is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever heard. They are cowards plain and simple. We told them we wrecked their shit. We laid out all the evidence in front of them. We didn't threaten any one with the shit. We said we did it, do something. Just like the little bitches they are, they didn't want to fight.

[Amanda and Colton both shake their heads in agreement.]

Clay: Nah, instead of standing up and trying to fight they had to take the cowards way out and throw paint in peoples faces. If they were as real as they try to say they are, they would have tried to fight us right then and there. We've known from day one you were just a couple of bitches from Oakland, but last week you proved to the world we were right.

[The crowd boos and some of them break out in “HY-PHY” chants.]

Clay: Then you pick up the hunting knife we threw on the ground like that was supposed to impress somebody. Are you fucking kidding me? You two bitches don't know a damn thing about hunting or how to use a knife like that. Hunting hood rats, drugs, and stolen car parts don't make you a fucking hunter. You bitches are beyond a joke and ain't nobody that is from the South, scared of anything you two got to offer.

[The crowd still lets SH hear it but Amanda Hayes just ignores them and starts speaking.]

AH: For real, you two thing we are worried about you holding a knife that you don't know the first fucking thing about. You acting like you are tough with hunting knife in you hand is equal to if we acted like we were cool holding a crack pipe in ours. We don't pretend to be crackheads and you shouldn't pretend to be hunters.

[Clayton and Colton smirk a little at the comparison but that quickly fades as Hayes continues.]

AH: And to make it very clear, if you had tried to pull a stunt like that in the South, we would have shot both your bitch asses where you stood. Cause unlike pussies in Oakland and most of California, we ain't afraid to use guns for the right reasons. Sure, in Oakland drug antics might hold up a convenient store to fund their next fix or one piece of shit might shoot another down the street for the colors they rock or the gang they claim. That garbage might fly in Oakland, but not where we're from. We use them to take out scumbags and wouldn't have blinked an eye eliminating you.

[The crowd boos some more at the thought of HM being gunned down. Amanda turns and looks out at the crowd.]

AH: I wouldn't expect any one in this crowd to get gun culture. You stupid motherfuckers handed over your guns a long time ago. I have no respect for people like you. In fact, you disgust me.

[The crowd gets louder after hearing this.]

AH: Hell, a couple of weeks ago your bitch ass Prime Minister, Malcum Turnbull met with a real Head of State, POTUS Trump. He got asked by the press what he thought about America's gun laws and the socialist gun control effort. He quickly said, “We certainly don't presume to provide policy or political advice on that matter, here. You have an amendment to your Constitution that deals with gun ownership. You have a very, very different history and I will focus on our own political arguments and debates.”

[All three members of SH shake their heads at this.]

AH: He knew fucking better then to push the gun grab agenda on us and on a President like Trump. No, he bowed down like the coward he is and didn't dare try to tell us what to do. He might be the only smart Australian in the entire Country. Either way, he knew he was Trump's bitch. The same way Hyphy Machinery is our bitch. The same way all you motherfuckers are the world's bitch.

[The crowd response reaches a fever pitch after those comments.]

AH: You see, we got a lot in common with POTUS Trump. We say what we wanna say and don't give a damn who does or doesn't like it. As long as it is true, fuck everybody else. Unlike the Oakland bitches, when we make a claim, it is the truth. They play on stereotypical myths about people from South. We deal in facts. When we say they couldn't make it in football, that's true. When we said Oakland is garbage dump, it is. When we say run a shady repair shop, they do. When we say the war has just started and they are going to regret ever running across us, they will.

[Amanda looks over towards Colton who takes his turn.]

CT: Speaking of Oakland being a garbage dump, just look at recent events. The idiots who live there put a treasonous mayor in charge. The stupid bitch cares more about protecting criminals who ain't even from the US than she ever did about her own people. We ain't just talking about your average border hoppers. We are talking about bastards who broke the law to illegally come there and then committed additional crimes since they got there. That is who Oakland thinks is important. With criminals protecting criminals, is no wonder why Oakland is the way it is. There ain't one good thing that comes from Oakland. You idiots in the stands have that in common with them.

[The enraged crowd continues to voice its displeasure with Southern Hostility.]

CT: But back to the two Oakland bitches specifically. We welcome war. We will happily send you back where you came from. Getting the tag belts is still the ultimate goal but taking the trash out is something we will enjoy doing along the way. You can bet your........

[Suddenly, all the lights cut out in the arena, much to the audience’s confusion. But it gets Southern Hostility to stop talking, so it’s a relief for the crowd in at least one respect.]

[When the lights come back on, the big screen starts to show a live camera feed. We find Dontell Porter and Jason Moana waiting for us in a parking lot, arms folded in front of their chests, looking right down the lens.]

DP: A’ight, a’ight, that’s enough of y’all Chattanooga cousin-fuckers’ bullshit.

JM: Y’all ready for some real shit, Melbourne?

[As expected, Melbourne cheers the interruption from Hyphy Machinery.]

DP: So we ain’t got a match on the card for tonight, but bein’ the hard-workin’ dudes that we are, we thought we’d show up.

JM: Sign some autographs.

DP: Sell some T-shirts.

JM: Show some support to Layton & Fenric for their match tonight.

DP: But while we was out here, we done found somethin’ HELLA interesting…

[Both members of Hyphy Machinery develop mischievous smiles, and as the camera pans to the left, we see a white lifted pickup truck with two flags sticking out of the bed, though we can’t see what the flags have on them just yet.]

JM: C’mon, let’s go check this out.

[Dontell and Jason turn and walk towards the car, and the cameraman dutifully follows.]

CM (under his breath): At least it’s not demon hunting…

[As we get closer to the pickup, we see a few more details we couldn’t before. We learn that the flag on the left side of the truck bed is one of a Confederate “Rebel”, much like the ones Southern Hostility love to fly as they conduct their business in the ring. The other, on the right side, displays the word “TRUMP” in large white letters on a blue background, and beneath it, in smaller letters, the phrase “Make America Great Again.” We also find an array of bumper stickers on the back of the car, displaying slogans about guns, legalizing weed, Southern pride, and not trusting the “fake news media.”]

DP: Hey, Jason?

JM: Yeah, Dontell?

DP: Ain’t those hicks tell us last week that leavin’ your ride sittin’ all alone is an open invite for somebody to come along and wreck it?

JM: Yup!

DP: They ain’t listen to their own advice too well, do they?

JM: Nope!

DP: But hey, props for havin’ somethin’ half-logical to say for once, ‘cause we gon’ take that advice to heart right here.

JM: And we gon’ do it with efficiency!

[Jason reaches into the front pocket of his Oakland Raiders hoodie with both hands. He pulls out a large wrench with his left hand and a screwdriver with his right, then turns to the car and lets Dontell handle talking to the camera.]

DP: See, unlike these Fixed-Or-Repaired-Daily deserters out in that ring, we know cars inside and out, ‘cause we been fixin’ ‘em since we was 12. So we know that when you wanna practice fixin’ a scratch…
[Jason takes the screwdriver and starts slicing away at the side of the truck, leaving long, jaggedy diagonal slashes everywhere he connects.]

DP: ...all you gotta do is take a screwdriver, make a mark someplace, and then get out whatever you wanna use to patch it up.

[Once Jason’s finished doing a number on the driver’s side door, he stops and turns around, switching off which object is in which hand.]

DP: But that ain’t all we can do. Ever seen somebody leave a dog or a kid in a hot car? If the keys ain’t around—or worse, the keys got locked inside—you ain’t gotta stand around, waitin’ for the cops to respond to an emergency call.

[Jason takes the wrench and, with one fluid swing, smashes the glass of the driver’s side window.]

DP: If you got somethin’ heavy enough on you, like a wrench, all you gotta do is smash the window, unlock the car from inside, and get whoever’s inside to safety.

[Just for good measure, Jason goes and smashes the side mirror, then goes to the hood of the car and starts battering away.]

DP: Can y’all believe some people think wrestling’s just mindless entertainment? We out here teachin’ people life-savin’ skills!

[Jason walks up to the camera, and Dontell steps aside to let his teammate have the floor.]

JM: Now, there’s also some shit you learn not to do as a mechanic. Dontell’s gon’ give y’all a demonstration.

[Dontell walks over to the car and pulls out a can of soda from the pocket of his track jacket. As Jason talks, Dontell opens the gas tank, then opens the can, producing a small burst of fizz.]

JM: Now, we call it gas, y’all call it petrol, but either way, most cars need that, and ONLY that, if they gon’ get you where you need to go. All the mechanisms inside, they rely on that specific fuel.

[Dontell dumps the entire contents of the can into the tank.]

JM: So don’t get stupid and pour some other shit in, ‘cause if you try and drive it, after a few minutes, the engine’s finna seize up and die on you. And trust me, that shit is WAY worse than an empty tank.

[Dontell tosses the now-empty can into the bed of the trunk, then approaches his teammate again.]

DP: Hey Jason, wasn’t we supposed to show ‘em our latest creation?

JM: Yeah, yeah, let’s do it!

DP: Right this way, y’all.

[Dontell and Jason start to walk away from the truck, and the cameraman follows by their side.]

DP: So we got all sorts of clients at MP Customs, but since we became international superstars in this tag team game, we been gettin’ some REAL interestin’ offers.

JM: We can’t say who gave us this one, ‘cause they got, like, NDA’s and shit. But when y’all see it in an action movie next year, y’all gon’ know who made it.

[Dontell and Jason approach their car, which turns out to be a crossover SUV with a prominent grille guard on the front.]

DP: See, our job was simple: turn this Toyota to a muh’fuckin’ battering ram. That means armor up in front to plow through shit, plus a tune-up under the hood for quick acceleration off the jump.

JM: And right here, we gon’ run a live test drive, hyphy-style! Y’all wanna see that?

[Southern Hostility, watching in horror from the ring, clearly don’t want to see that, but the overwhelming cheers in the arena tell us how outnumbered SH are in their opinion.]

DP: A’ight, let’s ghostride the whip!

[Jason and Dontell take opposite sides of the car, opening both doors on each side before climbing in. The cameraman stays out, pointing our view right at the car. Jason starts the car up and floors the gas and brakes, causing the engine to rev and the back two tires to spin in place until smoke starts rising up from both of them. After a few seconds, Jason finally steps off the gas, and the car takes off with explosive speed, headed in a straight line directly for the white pickup truck.]

[After a couple seconds, Hyphy Machinery both jump out of the crossover and roll to absorb the impact. Not long after—SMAAAAAASH!—the crossover hits the pickup truck square in the back, crumpling its bed. Both of the flags go flying into the air, and all the remaining intact glass shatters on impact. The two cars continue to roll forward with what’s left of their momentum, but while the crossover remains unscathed, it’s unclear if the pickup truck will ever be drivable again.]

[Hyphy Machinery, meanwhile, celebrate the success of their test drive, whooping and hollering as they watch it all unfold. As the cameraman runs towards them, looking to get a better view of the chaos, Dontell finds the Confederate flag on the crowd and starts dancing on it while Jason goes up to the cameraman and stops him by grabbing a hold of the lens.


[Jason steps back, lets go of the camera, and starts pointing down the lens.]

JM: Y’all asked for this! Y’all asked for a civil war! Nah, nah, y’all DEMANDED civil war when y’all fucked with our business! This is what happens to the South in a civil war! Y’all LOSE! Y’all get y’all shit wrecked! And the WEST gets ahead in that aftermath, ‘cause the West is on the winners’ side!

[Jason steps back and heads for the crossover, screaming off his adrenaline, and Dontell takes that as a cue to walk up to the camera himself.]

DP: A’ight, Chattanooga this life, it’s like the wise man Earl Stevens said, err’body’s got choices. And right now, y’all got a choice to make. Either y’all swallow ya pride and accept that Unearthed proved we the better tag team, or y’all keep cryin’, keep startin’ shit we gotta retaliate for, and make us ground and pound y’all into the dirt where y’all supposed to be. Do us a solid. Make the right choice. Or else.

[Dontell turns his back on the camera and hops in the crossover, and without bothering to shut the doors, the two start doing donuts around the remains of the truck until the camera feed cuts out and the big screen goes blank again.]

[As the shot cuts back to the ring all three members of Southern Hostility, they are absolutely furious with the destruction of Amanda's truck but more importantly, the disrespect shown to the Confederate Flag.]

AH: That's it! These motherfucking Oakland Bitches are dead!

[Hayes slams the mic down and all three leave the ring and run to the back to try and find HM.]

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Singles Match
Craig Anderson vs Minka Carter

BM: There’s a lot more focus in Craig Anderson’s eyes right now and who can blame him after Cryptic’s announcement? This is big. Much like the match we just witnessed between Rick Krieger and The Kraken, high stakes are on the line!

TR: You know, I was going to reflexively disagree with you here, but the facts are facts. This is a big opportunity for both Craig Anderson and Minka Carter. They could punch their ticket into a match at Ground and Pound, right here tonight.


[Craig is only a little wary of Minka as the match begins, and considering some of the opponents he’s had in the past in this very ring, that’s not surprising! He moves confidently as the pair do a little light clashing, Minka seeking to gain control of the match early with a Sliding Forearm Smash and then backing up for a classic Roundhouse Kick, but Craig weathers the smash and catches her foot, sending her around with a Dragon Screw Legwhip! Minka looks surprised as she hits the mat but pops back up quickly and tries another tactic, feint charging at Craig who meets her with a sweeping Clothesline but she grabs on tight and drops for a Double Knee Armbreaker! Craig sure is feeling that as he rolls around on the mat holding his elbow, but as he gets smoothly to his feet he shakes out his arm and seems fine.

He zips past Minka and hops up to the top rope, flips around like a flippy bastard and BANG off he comes and takes her right down to the mat with his version of a Meteora, The Bee’s Knees! The fans cheer, and he floats over for a pin attempt but no, only nets a two! He isn’t discouraged however and he draws Minka up with him from the mat and sends her off in an uncontrolled Irish Whip, and waiting on the rebound there’s Craig with a Handspring Headscissor Takedown, his Arse Over Tit! He goes for another pin but Minka throws her shoulder up at two and three quarters, leaving Craig shaking his head as he gets to his feet and Minka quickly rolls out of the ring and to the floor to get a tiny bit of a breather.]

BM: Minka has a plan, I’m sure but you’ve got to stay on a guy like Craig Anderson, he can get you when you least expect it, just ask Stella!

TR: You’re a creep for that, and I hope she gets you… no I take that back. Not after how Serena did me and you tried to help.

BM: Hey it’s cool… I mean…

TR: Just shut up and call the match.

[And of course here’s Craig with a pure Sasuke Special, cartwheeling out and over the ropes to crash right into Minka on the outside! Oh the fans are eating this up, cheering mightily for Anderson and he gets up, a little woozy but waves at them before he hoists up Minka and gets her on the apron, rolling her back into the ring. He’s got a little wince as he hops up after her, he slides into the ring and rises up, shaking out his arm from earlier - not that the dive to the floor likely helped, mind - and then turns to find Minka… no Minka? He steps away from the ropes and then turns to see if she’s weaseled back out to the floor and that’s when she strikes! She sees her chance and she rolls him up as tight as anything, putting her full weight on him as the referee dives in to count!]

BM: I don’t know if this is enough...

TR: ...she got him oh shit!





[A split second too late, Craig breaks free but he hears the bell and lays on his back on the mat, his hands up to his forehead.]

TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… MINKA CARTER!

BM: Wow she really got him, I thought he had her but Minka Carter turned the tables on Craig tonight.

TR: A win is a win, B-ry. And she looks so damn happy, who cares if she’s crazier than a tourist looking for drop bears!

[Sick Like Me by In This Moment plays again as Minka shoots up to her feet, a wide and pleased smile on her lips as she briefly lets the referee raise her hand before she slides out of the ring. Craig pops up and shakes his head, frankly at this point glad that Minka hadn’t grabbed a handful of tights or worse considering some of the chaotic things she’s been known to do. The fans give him a rousing chant however, letting him know that they appreciate his efforts in the match tonight.]

user posted image

BS: I don’t really like tag team matches with people I don’t know.

[Brien Storm gets out of his 67 Camaro. Sunglasses, brown LaCoste, denims. Looking as good as ever. He takes his key and sticks it in the boot to open and grab his bag. Brien closes the boot, puts his bag on the floor, and pulls out his cancer paraphernalia. Lights up. Picks the bag back up and he starts making his way to his locker room.]

BS: The best you can hope for is that your partner hold up their end of the deal. If you watch my work from my past two appearances, you can see that I can hold the British end up. After having a glance at my opponent she seems very capable and looks like she is going to harness her rage onto a specific opponent of our, Katie Hansley. I’m okay with that. Sure, beat the shit of her. I’ll just take care of her partner and we have a win-win.

[Walking through the corridor, Brien turns and finds his locker room. It’s a simple room with a wooden actors closet taking up the whole left side of the room, on the right side there’s a curved Smart TV. Under it is a glass table with a Xbox One on it with a control and some games surrounding it. A simple steel foldable chair occupies the middle of the room. Brien takes a seat in that chair.]

BS: So if Maxwell is going to take care of Katie Hansley, that means my main focus of attack is going to be Jessica Anderson. The wife of the famous Craig Anderson. Unlike her husband she’s going be easy to beat. Inconsistency and predictability, two things that I feed off of. Also two things that are hard to fix in the short week that you have to prepare for me. I’m still expecting a good match, and me of course being me am going to propel this match into a great one. Then it’s 3-0 in IYH, and that much closer to my first belt here. Now that I’m on the topic of my first belt here and seeing as my opponent one of my opponents is said champion, I’ve decided that it’ll be the Rapid Fire Championship that I’ll be going for first. 10 minutes time limit. I think combined my first two matches are 10 minutes. And the result of this match’ll help me know what I need to do to get that belt. Win or lose, I take note of what every person I might have a match with in the future after I’ve been in a match with them. I know we’re going to have a match in the future for your belt. That’s because I said so. I don’t give two shits what Cryptic grants. I’ll be seeing you.

[The segment ends and fades back to ringside]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
Jetpack vs Layton & Fenric


[The men start off the match with a traditional collar-elbow tie-up in the centre, tugging at each other around the ring until Adam has Jet in the corner. The referee forces the hold to break and Adam relents, backing away some. They meet in the middle again and this time in the clinch, Adam goes straight for an arm wrench and Jet systematically rolls on the mat and breaks it off with a kick to Adam’s wrist. Adam immediately lets go before moving back in, only to get caught with a waist lock by Jet. Jet quickly transitions to a side headlock and Adam wastes no time to throw him into the ropes. Upon release, Jet runs to the opposite side and Adam knocks him down with a clothesline before setting him up in an abdominal stretch. Jet cries out in anguish as Adam cranks up the pressure on the hold, keeping him grounded. Penny starts to rally the crowd from her corner, to which the fans respond with vigour. Feeling the love and support, Jet slowly but surely rises to his feet as he fights back. Jet tosses Adam to the ropes and catches him with an armdrag. Feeling a little more pumped up, Jet hits the ropes as Adam rolls over on his belly. After Jet bounces off the next set of ropes, Adam rises to his feet and prepares to leap over Jet but instead lands on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position. Jet fails to hold Adam who manages to slip down his back and grab him in a waistlock. Jet runs to the ropes fast, forcing Adam to release and bowl over backwards from the bump. As Adam rolls back to his feet in a bit of a daze, Jet seizes the opportunity to leap off the middle rope for a springboard twisting crossbody. Jet goes for the cover but only gets a two. Jet tags in Penny and together, they hit their Bam! signature, a speedy chop block and bulldog combo that has the fans screaming with delight. But it leaves Adam rolling near the ropes so when Penny tries to drag him away for the pin, he grips onto the bottom rope and kicks her off of him. Penny backs off, only to return with open hand chops once Adam is back on his feet. Adam staggers back, clutching his chest, before fighting back with a body kick. Penny retaliates with a sharp leg kick that has him backing into the corner behind. While Adam catches his breath there, Penny takes position on the opposite side before charging at him. Adam counters with a back body toss but Penny lands safely on the outside ring apron. As Adam staggers out of the corner, Penny springboards off the top rope with a diving crossbody. Penny goes for the cover but Adam kicks out at two. Penny takes her time to rise to her feet while Adam is still flat on his back. Penny comes over to pull up Adam and that’s when he suddenly grabs her wrist to pull her down into a triangle chokehold. The crowd leaps to their feet in nervous excitement as Penny struggles to escape and reach for the ropes but Adam holds on. The referee checks on Penny who looks to be fading slowly until she stays alive just barely enough to reach just a little bit more to grab the nearest rope. Adam lets go but the damage has been done as Penny is sprawled out on the mat, trying to recover. Clearly concerned, Jet calls out for a tag.]

BM: What an intense match here so far! Both teams are really showing off what they can do. Did you see how Adam just snatched up Penny like a predator and its prey with that triangle chokehold?

TR: Adam is an expert at that, it’s no surprise. But he’s gonna need more than that to keep Jetpack down.

[Gripping his stomach, Adam himself struggles to keep his balance as he pulls himself up. Adam pulls up Penny and tosses her into the corner where Emery is. With a tag, Adam then irish whips Emery right into Penny as she completes their Irish-Traveller-Whip combo with a running dropkick to the chest. Penny drops on her knees from impact before eventually falling on her face. Emery rolls Penny over on her back and with a salute to the crowd, she executes a picture-perfect standing moonsault senton. Emery hooks Penny’s leg for the cover but the former tag champ gets her shoulder up just before three. Emery turns to the referee in disbelief while Penny painstakingly drags herself towards Jet who’s got his hand outstretched. Cheers ring out through the crowd as Jet gets the tag and with a leap into the ring, Emery looks for a clothesline but he ducks to run the ropes. Emery spins around and catches Jet with a slingblade that has him rolling far across the ring. When Jet is back on his feet, Emery charges at him and he ducks again, leaving her to dive over him to avoid collision. Emery gracefully rolls back to her feet and hits a back handspring to catch Jet with a cutter as he turns around. The crowd is fired up and so is Emery as she tags in Adam who throws her across the ring with a release German suplex, resulting in her landing with their Assisted Moonsault combo on Jet. Adam goes for the cover but Jet kicks out just in the nick of time. Adam pulls up Jet and wrenches his arm when he fights back with kicks. Jet irish whips Adam to the far corner but as Jet charges at him, he counters with a drop toe hold and connects with the Muta lock. The fans look on in surprised glee. Unfortunately, it doesn’t live long as they’re too near the ropes and Jet grabs the bottom one and hangs on for dear life till Adam lets go. After slowly returning to vertical base, they charge at each other and Jet manages to stop Adam with a kick, followed by a stunning seated jawbreaker. Adam goes rolling across the ring, just landing within reach of Emery who tags herself in. Emery storms into the ring with a forearm smash that knocks Jet down on. As Jet gets back up, Emery hits another forearm smash. This time, Jet is slow to return to his feet as he pulls himself up in the nearest corner. Emery signals to the now fired-up crowd and lands a beautiful running corner dropkick. Knowing her style, the fans know it isn’t enough as Emery gears up for another. It connects and Emery is too excited to pass up a third attempt. Unfortunately, this time, Jet dives out of the way, leaving Emery to charge right into the turnbuckles. With her quick thinking, Emery hops onto the top turnbuckles to stop herself from the collision. But she doesn’t get enough height as she misses her footing and falls backwards on the mat as Jet tags in Penny. There’s a collective gasp from the concerned crowd and Emery carefully rolls over on her knees in agony, only to get struck down with a shining wizard by Jet. Jetpack then looks for the end and takes out Emery with their springboard lariat and spinning elbow drop finisher combo, Lift Kit. Penny hooks Emery’s leg for the pin while Jet keeps a lookout for the still dazed Adam.]





TH: Here are your winners… Jetpack!

[“Stand Up (For The Champions)” by Right Said Fred starts to play through the sound system, earning Jetpack cheers from their many fans. The rest of the crowd though give their support for Emery and Adam who are taking their time to recover. The referee checks on both of them, especially Emery after that fall she took. Before taking off to celebrate, Jetpack checks on Layton & Fenric as well to make sure they’re okay. When Emery gives them an assuring nod, the entire crowd cheers for all of them and Jetpack gets their hands raised by the referee.]

BM: What a great display of sportsmanship! Jetpack’s always a class act. Congrats to them on a well-earned victory!

TR: Jet totally took advantage of Emery’s botch though! Sneaky bastard!

BM: I don’t think Jet realised what happened and neither did Penny, they probably just thought she crashed into the corner. But at least they’re checking on her now.

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[We move backstage, where the Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley, is joined as usual by Stevie Trelain, and as has become increasingly common, the two women are sharing a little bit of small talk when the recording begins. Katie even shows off her new t-shirt, a big grin on her face until, off-screen, the cameraman clears his throat, getting Stevie’s attention, at least--Katie takes a second longer, and playfully pokes her tongue out as her conversation’s interrupted, but eventually, we’re able to get started.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at the time, of course--the Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley, and’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen you, how are you doing?

KH: I’m...actually doing fantastic, Stevie. I had a chance to go back home during the time off, and...well. I can’t really share what it is yet, but I got some very exciting news while I was there, and I just hope I can share it with you guys soon.

ST: Oh, now that’s just teasing!

KH: I knoooow! I’m sorry, if I could tell you, I would, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy until it’s time, so...I can’t do it.

ST: Alright, well, we’ll just have to try to forgive you in the meantime...maybe. If we can.

[Katie grins, teasingly placing her hands over her heart, as if she were hurt that Stevie MIGHT not forgive her.]

KH: Come on, Stevie, a girl’s got to be allowed some mystery, yeah?

ST: Okay, okay. Speaking of the meantime, though, during those couple weeks you were off, quite a few potential contenders for the Rapid Fire Championship have emerged, and...well, they all seem to be involved in our main event tonight. Obviously, the former champion, Jessica Anderson, who you’ve gone on record as saying deserves the first opportunity--

KH: I think she does, yea. Not only is she a former champion, and frankly, due for a rematch, but she’s been amazing since bouncing back from Unearthed. She looked so, so good a couple weeks back, I’ve got nothing but respect for her, and I really think she deserves that opportunity.

ST: Brien Storm’s also been turning heads, beating quite a few opponents in very quick fashion.

[Katie grins a little, nibbling on the tip of her tongue just a bit.]

KH: Yeah, all credit to him, honestly--he came in with a plan, and he’s been very good since he arrived. He’s talented, he’s determined, I can’t say anything negative about him, except that I think he’s looking too much into the future, thinking he’s going to just breeze to claiming every IYH title...but if he keeps performing like he has done so far, you never know.

ST: And last, but not least...obviously, Serena Maxwell...

[And now we come to the part where Katie’s mood sours, more than a little, as her big smile turns into something of a grimace. She huffs a little and lifts her belt back up onto her shoulder, licking at her top row of teeth for a second.]

KH: Listen...I’ve said everything I need to say about Serena Maxwell. Yes, she’s talented. Yes, she’s someone who brings a fight. But the sooner she can stop dropping my name like it’s going to get her a discount at her favourite restaurant, the better. If I’m being completely honest about it, Stevie, our paths could never cross again, and I’d be perfectly fine with that...

KH: But since she seems determined to keep talking about me...I guess she’s right about one thing, we’ll inevitably have to face each other again. And, hey...I’ve given her credit before, she’s a talented wrestler, but after everything she’s done--or tried to do--to me and people I care about? You’ll have to forgive me for not just jumping up and down at the prospect.

ST: Fair enough, that’s obviously a touchy subject, all things considered--but tonight, you’re in a match with all three of those potential challengers, teaming with Jessica Anderson against Serena Maxwell and Brien Storm, and with everything in mind, you’re kind of in a precarious situation, don’t you think?

[Katie mulls over the question for a second, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth. She rubs the back of her neck a little bit before turning back to Stevie.]

KH: I don’t know about precarious, Stevie--I mean, I guess, if she absolutely wanted to, Jessica Anderson could skip teaming with me, feed me to the wolves or what have you, but I’d like to think she’s a better person than that. Honestly, this match is great for me, personally, because it means I get to see how I fare against someone like Brien Storm, who I’ve never faced, or someone like Serena, who...say what you like, she’s been a force, and that hasn’t changed since Unearthed.

KH: You called them potential challengers, and you’re absolutely right--all three of them are very talented, very solid contenders. I said a couple weeks ago, Stevie...I want the challenge. I want anyone and everyone to step up and try to take this belt from me. That three people have proven they deserve to be talked about, at once, is amazing, and whatever I think about them personally...each one is a massive test for me.

KH: But...I’m the champion for a reason, and I intend to remain so for a good long while, which means I’ve got to be better than everyone in that match, and everyone that wants to step up--friend...or foe.

[Katie gives the faceplate of her title a pat, then holds up her usual peace sign, just barely poking her tongue out before turning to leave, and we cut back to ringside.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Sean Hazard vs Michael Diablo

[The bell rings and the two previous Unearthed teammates have a lock up and Diablo swiftly ends up going behind Hazard and he’s looking to german suplex him over right away but Hazard ends up hooking that left foot with both his feet to prevent being dumped. The Devil of IYH ends up letting go rather than going with a standing switch and as soon as Hazard turns around he’s blasted with that european uppercut and that rocks the smaller man to his knees. He fires up with a second european uppercut, intent on keeping this upright as much as possible and this does floor Sean right away. Sean is instinctively getting to his feet just to be floored back down with a third european uppercut strike.]

BM: Diablo is all business tonight with a methodical approach to this.

TR: When isn’t he all business?

[Sean gets to his feet and Diablo presses the advantage with an irish whip but Sean, showing off his agility, scales the top rope in one motion and then quickly leaps off with a corkscrew moonsault! This scores a huge knockdown on Diablo and he does swiftly go for a cover but Diablo kicks out just after one. Sean presses his advantage though while also doing his best to entertain the audience with that no hand summersault senton of his! Diablo ends up pushing away another cover attempt this time just after the ref hit the hand for a two count and the third time Hazard goes for an aerial assault he springs off the ropes...but Diablo catches him and just flings him overhead with a release belly to belly and he crashes in a heap!]

BM: Contrasting styles Tats. Diablo’s one of the more methodical wrestlers in terms of pace with his striking where as Hazard wants to move and end it fast.

TR: Which pace is the best pace?

[Diablo ends up delivering a well placed knee to the sternum to a Hazard who is trying to get to his feet as fast as possible. And another knee strike...and a third one. He’s methodically throwing strikes to the midsection to take the air out of Hazard. A right handed punch to him in the corner aimed at the stomach follows before he short arm pulls and knees him directly in the gut again. He does go for a cover but Hazard does kick out immediately after two. Diablo just continues the methodical attack delivering a stomp to get him recoiling up before kicking him in the midsection to send him back to the corner before finally going upstairs with that elbow strike! It’s at this where Sean crumples to the mat and Diablo goes for the cover but it only gets him a two. But there’s almost no reaction from him even though the fans are impressed by that exchange.]

BM: No wasted movement. The Devil is a stubborn man sure but this is more his pace in a situation with a faster wrestler.

[Hazard is guarding the midsection much more as he gets up but that leaves him open to a right handed punch from Diablo to the face and then another one that again sends him toward the ropes. Diablo ends up charging toward him but Hazard slides between the ropes and Diablo crashes into the turnbuckle and soon Sean springs off the top and goes sunset flip and tries a pinning predicament here but Diablo does kick out at two! Diablo pulls himself up but Hazard had quickly scrambled up and springs off the middle rope just to get extra momentum to armdrag Diablo down and then as soon as he rebounds and starts to pull himself up he leaps up onto his shoulders. Diablo stands perhaps trying to think electric chair but Hazard spikes him with a reverse rana! There is a loud ‘ooo’ to that move from the crowd. He goes for a big cover but Diablo kicks out at two and a half!]

TR: Pace going faster than your mom dropping he---

BM: No. We’re not starting this. But I can agree that Hazard is trying to quicken everything.

[Diablo is trying to pull himself up by crawling to the corner from the quick assault and Hazard just takes this chance and cannonballs him! He again goes for the cover but it’s another two and a half. He ends up blitzing a rising Diablo to the corner and starts to walk over to the opposite corner to deliver his Lightning Strike. He starts running but as he does that Diablo then explodes from the corner with a huge lariat that turns Sean Hazard inside out! He ends up going for a cover but Hazard kicks out...barely.]

TR: Sean is in la-la land.

BM: Diablo just exploded from the corner and The Devil...the brawler just delivered a huge shot that was almost a knock out shot.

[Diablo ends up dragging a virtually KOed seeming Hazard and tries to get him up but Sean just plops back down to the canvas, that kick out might’ve been all he had left. He stubbornly starts to drag him to his feet and then has him in that headlock going for his “Santos Impaler!” but Sean was playing possum and gives him a small package roll up! But Diablo ends up kicking out just in time!]

BM: Clever move. When Sean Hazard WANTS to win a match...and he seems to really want to win this one, he’s very capable.

[Diablo ends up going with another strike to the stomach as soon as both are back on their feet and this doubles over Hazard, the repetitive blows to the ribs taking their toll. He then pulls Hazard toward him and delivers a vicious spinebuster to continue to drive the air out of the man. He goes for a quick cover and Sean does kick out at two. As soon as he does, Diablo doesn’t waste time, keeping a laser like focus before dragging him up and delivering his Santos Impaler!(Impaler DDT) and he swoops in for a cover but at two Sean gets his foot to the bottom rope!]

BM: Hazard is really making the only two time IYH champion work for it.

TR: I hate to admit it but Sean Hazard’s toughness here is quite impressive to stand up to The Devil.

[Diablo ends up thinking Diablo Driver now and he doesn’t want to waste much time as he drags Hazard up but Sean just drops down to the canvas again. Diablo just yanks him up and clubs him in the back a few times to try to provoke him to get up but Hazard ends up drop toe holding Diablo to the outside! Sean lets out a cough as Diablo starts to pick himself up and Sean sees this chance and baseball slides Diablo in the forehead but not going outside the ring fully so it knocks him back down for a second. As soon as he sees Diablo starting to stir he sucks it up, holding his ribs before he starts his charge and soon he leaps off with a tope over the top and both men crash down on floor in a heap!]

TR: He’s out of his mind!

BM: Taking to the air to please the fans and that might actually be his ticket to try to beat Diablo!

[They are down for a few seconds before Sean fires himself up and the fans, who had been split, are applauding everything at this point! They are up to five on the outside count though the ref had been counting slowly to grant them some leniency on this match. Sean picks Diablo up and chucks him to the ring and he sees that the man is down. He starts climbing to the top rope...clutching at his ribs and agonzing at every step as the fans will him to do it. He soon sees Diablo down before he leaps off going for his 630 Senton but Michael Diablo rolls out of the way and Sean Hazard falls with a splat! With this, Diablo pulls himself up and drags a groggy and very much hurting Sean to his feet before spiking him with the Diablo Driver(Piledriver)! The crowd counts along with the cover!





TH: Here is the winner of the match...Michael Diablo!

BM: What a hard fought victory for The Devil as Sean Hazard brought everything to the table and put up one hell of a fight.

TR: How the hell did he survive some of those blows I’ll never know.

[Diablo has his hand raised and he glances down at his fallen adversary and teammate and gives him a nod in respect before he rolls out of the ring. Meanwhile Sean Hazard is holding his ribs coughing and very much sore from this encounter.]

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[An empty hallway that’s just illuminated by one light gives it a lonely feel. It doesn’t help entirely when there aren’t a barrage of busy people. Some might be intimidated to go through there simply because you have Seth Iser slouching against the wall. The Ikiryo just has a look of determination though through his face and some of his body language he’s not in the best of moods. He is dressed in a black and purple suit with a comet pin on his jacket.]

SI: Look. I’m not going to scream...yell or holler but I want everybody to listen to what I’m about to say. And it won’t be pretty to hear for some of you. Doesn’t matter if your the world champion Shawn Fox or the newcomer Ash Fi. I want everybody to listen to the message I have. And I’m going to get right to the point.

[Iser glances at the camera with a thoughtful expression etched on his face and his jaw tilted slightly as he has his left hand under his chin. Soon enough the coldness in his eyes just comes in.]

SI: Last week I lost. That one is on me more than anything. Fox caught me and I got pinned. No denying what happened. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s feeling the fact that he was in the ring with me in that tag match. He’s a little sore. Maybe a little stiff in the neck. And Angelica Layne is equally sore...and truthfully I wish I could’ve done even more to her in particular. If she cashes in...anytime soon...she’s gonna answer to me. Her contract will be like TNT and I’ll be the blasting can to make sure it explodes in her face one way or another because this company deserves better than to have her unprofessional slandering ass represent all of us as the main champion.

[Iser’s words carry a weight to them as he pauses and there’s just a glare etched on his face as he has made his first declaration.]

SI: Secondly...the Proving Grounds Title. There’s only a pair of two time champions...Shawn Fox and yours truly. And...guess what? I’m breaking that tie. I am going to win the gold for a third time and this time there won’t be a damn thing that’ll stop me to achieve being able to run the gauntlet to cash in. I never had my proper one on one rematch but I get my chance. If I have to face Marcus...after we’re done demolishing whoever is in our path...may the better man win in that situation.

[Iser then pauses for a minute as he maintains that steely glare etched on his face.]

SI: And last...certainly not least...The IYH title. One way or the end of this season I foresee it coming home to the Bad Omens. And Fox will indeed have a bad omen. The Ikiryo sees this...and it will come to pass. That might not be the only other championship...we as a whole are interested in. And just like the five of us showed our united front in winning that elimination match...we will also be united in this goal. All for one. The one of a Bad Omen…

[Iser soon walks off with that ominous warning as he has indeed stayed calm and didn’t yell...but there’s still a boiling anger there.]

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Tag Team Match
Katie Hanley © & Jessica Anderson vs Brien Storm & Serena Maxwell


[Brien tries to communicate with Serena but she rushes past him and straight for Katie without warning. Serena attacks the champ wildly in the centre of the ring before bumping Jessica off the apron with a forearm smash, drawing jeers from the crowd. As Serena whips back around to charge at a dazed Katie, Katie counters with an arm drag. The cheers return in the arena as Serena gets back up, only to get thrown down with another arm drag. This time, Katie kips up to her feet and catches Serena with a shoot kick that drops her on one knee. Katie continues to keep Serena down with another solid shoot kick to the chest before taking her down with an enzuigiri. Brien can be seen shaking his head from his corner as Katie tags in Jessica who’s back up on the apron. Jessica’s jaw is set as she hits a standing senton on Serena, possibly as payback for earlier. Jessica goes for the cover on Serena but only gets a near two-count. Jessica pulls up Serena who starts fighting back with punches to the midsection that has her staggering back some. Serena then charges at Jessica who sidesteps her, using her momentum against her to throw her into the corner. Jessica strikes Serena’s back with a dropkick, leaving her to fall backwards from impact. As Serena slowly pulls herself up, Jessica flies off the top rope with a diving crossbody, landing with the cover. But Serena kicks out before three.]

BM: Serena is really taking it to Katie and Jessica here tonight, almost like wild animal.

TR: She’s batshit insane is what it is, also refusing to work with Brien.

BM: He's not happy about that at all.

TR: It’s his first main event in IYH and he’s not being allowed in the action—it sucks!

[Jessica tags in Katie while Brien calls for a tag but Serena ignores him, whether intentionally or not, in her daze. Though when Serena spots Katie returning to action, she snaps back to life as she prowls towards the champ. Katie catches Serena in a clinch and buries a couple of knee strikes to the body before irish whipping her to the corner. Katie charges at Serena who quickly moves out of the way, leaving her to crash hard into the turnbuckles. Brien calls again for the tag and this time, Serena hears him and waves him off. Clutching her chest in agony, Katie staggers out of there before Serena takes her down with an effective backstabber. Katie grips her back as she rolls on her side. Brien calmly insists on the tag but Serena returns her attention to Katie and aggressively pulls her back onto the mat for the pin. Katie kicks out at two, which just pisses off Serena as she goes for the top mount to passionately unleash repeated forearm smashes to her face. Seeing no end to this madness, the referee practically has to pry Serena off of Katie. Brien once more calls for a tag but this time, Serena screams at him to shut up. At this point, Brien starts complaining to the referee a bit but there’s nothing that can be helped. Once both Serena and Katie get their distance, the match resumes with a dash to the centre for a clinch. Serena grabs Katie in a side headlock, forcing her down on one knee. Katie fights back with punches before pushing herself up but Serena stubbornly cranks up the pressure on the hold and Katie runs into the ropes to break it. It works and when Serena comes rebounding, Katie ducks around her to counter with a schoolgirl pin. Serena nearly gets caught before kicking out with authority just before three. The force lands Katie near the ropes and Serena right where Brien is, allowing him to finally tag himself in. As the referee acknowledges it, Serena’s eyes widen as she slowly turns her head towards Brien who rushes past her for Katie. Serena lunges towards Brien but luckily, the referee is quick to block her and he instructs her to head to the outside corner. It takes the referee to reluctantly tell her that she’s special before she relents. Meanwhile, Katie has Brien doubled over with a shoot kick but after running the ropes to gain some speed, he catches her with a pendulum backbreaker. Brien takes his chance with a cover on the champ but she gets her shoulder up at two.]

BM: Brien finally in the match now! Beautiful counter with the pendulum backbreaker too.

TR: Look at Serena, just fuming in the corner. I’m really scared, Bry.

[Katie rolls away to the ropes to pull herself up and Brien goes after her for a stiff knife-edged chop that echoes around the arena. The crowd cringes as Katie howls in agony before she gets pulled to her feet. Brien looks for a kick but Katie catches his leg and throws it away, sending him in a spin, before taking him down with a STO. Katie looks for a tag, gripping her back in anguish. The crowd cheers as Jessica accepts the tag and positions herself on the top rope while Brien regains his bearings. That’s when Serena comes running around the ring to trip up Jessica who takes a rough tumble inside the ring. As Jessica pushes herself up on her knees, she gets knocked down with Serena’s single leg running dropkick signature that leaves Jessica rolling towards the bottom rope from impact. Jeers ring out through the arena before a score of cheers explodes as Katie wipes out Serena with her running Yakuza kick signature. After recovering a bit on the outside ring apron, Jessica grips onto the bottom rope as she struggles to pull herself up. Brien kicks Jessica in the face and she nearly falls backwards but he catches her leg, only to leave her dangling dangerously over the apron. Brien then positions Jessica’s legs in a figure-four and steps on her right foot, trapping her in the unique hold. Jessica cries out in pain as she pulls herself up and struggles to escape. The referee shoots Brien a warning and counts to four till he grabs Jessica to pull her back safely inside the ring. Jessica quickly counters with a small package pin, nearly getting a three-count. Brien kicks out with a surprised look. As they rise to their feet, Brien charges at Jessica who leaps over him. When Brien bounces off the next set of ropes, Jessica takes him down with a dropkick. Brien rolls to the far side as Jessica gets the crowd pumped up with newfound energy. Jessica then starts running the ropes, ducking Brien a couple of times, to gain momentum before connecting with her hip attack signature, Ass Kisser. The fans are now completely behind Jessica as she prepares for the end, setting up Brien for her headlock driver finisher, Bonne Nuit. But Brien seems to have sensed it coming as he blocks her and counters with his triple rolling suplex combo aka Tres Amigos. By the end, Jessica is so out of it that Brien goes for his Michinoku Driver finisher, Unforecasted Storm, without any resistance.]

BM: Brien with the Unforecasted Storm! Jessica’s out!!

TR: What the!? Not Jessicaaaaa!!


[Katie prepares to rush in for the save but Serena stops her with a vengeful spin kick that has her rolling right out of the ring from impact.]




TH: And here’s your winner… Brien Storm and Serena Maxwell!

[“Brianstorm” by Arctic Monkeys blasts through the arena as the referee raises Brien’s hand in victory and tries to do the same with Serena, she snarls at him before rolling out of the ring. Brien gives an indifferent shrug in response.]

BM: Despite the clear lack of communication between Serena and Brien, they manage to pull off a win here tonight against the Rapid Fire champ Katie and the former champ Jessica. That’s pretty impressive!

TR: It sure is something to brag about! But they better not talk shit about Jessica!

[Katie receives her Rapid Fire title back and as she takes her leave, she exchanges disappointed looks with Jessica who just shrugs and walks away, shaking her head.]

BM: Katie is not happy, I don’t think this is over between any of the people involved in this match tonight.

TR: Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next week to see what comes of this. Thanks for joining us everyone!

BM: Goodnight!
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