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 Ruckus 56
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Jan 1 2018, 10:58 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The show starts up with the camera panning across the massive crowd within the Melbourne Showgrounds. The crowd are hyped and ready for action after their two week break from Wrath of the Gods ended. The camera rests upon the announce table as we begin our night.]

BM: Welcome back mates we are here for Ruckus 56!

TR: Miss us? Of course you have.

BM: I think everyone, fans and wrestlers alike, are still buzzing from what happened at Wrath of the Gods!

TR: I too am heartbroken that Diamond Jack Sabbath didn’t take back what is rightfully his….

BM: I was talking more along the lines of Shawn Fox reigning supreme and of course, new Tag Team Champions!

TR: You always have to look at things from the gloomy side.

BM: All a matter of opinion, Tats. I just know a lot more people were happy with how Wrath turned out than you were. But it’s in the past, tonight we’re back in action with some rather, uh, fascinating new people.

TR: That’s right, you can bet your ass that Minka Carter is here to stop those pesky DEMONS! DEMONS!

BM: And we’ll also see the debut of Southern Hostility who on Twitter have lived up to their hostile name.

TR: And we’ll see Katie Hanley, who wasn’t at Wrath of the Gods, back in action against Derrick Daze.

BM: Also missing from Wrath of the Gods, we’ll see the return of Layton & Fenric as they go head to head with Church of Illusionism

TR: DEMONS! DEMONS! That’s actually quite fun to say.

BM: Speaking of demons, in our main event The Hellhound faces off against Sean Hazard who defeated The Banshee at Wrath of the Gods. Do you think Sean is hoping to take down all of the Bad Omens?

TR: He can hope, I will laugh as he fails!

BM: I will laugh harder when he succeeds. That’s our show for you tonight so let’s go straight to the action.

user posted image

Singles Match
Kieran Thompson vs Minka Carter


[The match kicks off with Minka Carter having a strong footing against Kieran as she knocks him back with various punches and kicks. She whips Kieran to the ropes but when he catches her off guard with a dropkick she rolls back to her knees with her jaw dropped before pointing at him screaming “DEMON!” This seems to motivate Minka more to stop the dreaded “demon” or Kieran as the rest of us like to call him. Minka is back to her feet with a fire in her eyes as Keiran charges at her for a clothesline, but she ducks underneath it. Keiran runs into the ropes then back at her before knocked on his arse with a spinning wheel kick. Minka picks up Keiran before irish whipping him into the corner, charging in with a back elbow to the jaw. She stares at Keiran with pure hatred in her eyes as she goes back to the corner on the far side, charging in with another back elbow to the face. She does it one more time, Keiran’s head whiplashing against turnbuckle. Minka steps out of the corner as he stumbles out after her. She screams in his face “DIE DEMON” before hitting him with the Snake Strike (Jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick.) She hooks the leg.]

TR: What a kick! She put that waste of space’s fucking lights out!

BM: She calls that the Snake Strike, and she got all of it!





TH: Here is your winner, Minka Carter!

[“Sick Like Me” by In This Moment plays through the arena again as Minka gets her hand raised by the ref, a triumphant look on her face.]

BM: Well no matter how you might rate her personality, you can’t argue with her dominating performance tonight.

TR: People are just way too sensitive these days. I for one think that Minka’s mission to get rid of all the demons is a selfless one.

BM: And I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact she is physically attractive?

TR: No comment.

[Minka leaves the ring as the cameras cut away.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts to the ring where announcer, Tommy Henderson does a quick check of a cue card before he begins to announce the next match.]

TH: Ladies and Gentleman, next up we have a tag-team match. Introducing first, at a combined weight of....

[Henderson is cut off in mid sentence as “OH I'M A GOOD OL REBEL” by Hoyt Axton begins to play over the Showgrounds PA system. The Melbourne crowd looks confused at first by the interruption and the unknown theme. Half the crowd begin to boo as Clayton Travis leads Colton Travis and Amanda Hayes through the curtain. Having heard the reports about the team's coming arrival and seeing some of their comments on twitter, most the fans had already made their minds up about the team.]

TH: Uh...ok, I guess we are being joined by Southern Hostility.

[The team waste no time making their way to the ring. Clayton walks over, grabs the microphone out of Tommy's hand, and directs him to exit the ring. As Tommy quickly does so, Clayton turns towards the hard camera and starts to address the Australian crowd.]

Clay: Let me make something clear right off the bat. We are not a team that is interested in following formats or doing things the way other people want em' done. The quicker the staff, the powers that be, the so called stars in the back, and you ignorant ass fans get it through your head, the better off y'all will be.

[This immediately brings on a chorus of boos from the Melbourne crowd. You can hear random fans yelling out “you suck” and “go back home” in the team's direction.]

Clay: You can boo and scream whatever the hell you want. Y'all are gonna learn real quick that we don't give a damn what any of you think. We know who we are, where we're from, and what really matters. Your opinions, don't make that list.

[The chants and jeers from the fans at ringside grow louder after that comment.]

Clay: This ain't the first time in this miserable Country's existence that a group of Confederate flag wearing warriors from the Southern States showed up. Just about 153 years ago, the Confederate Navy was twenty minutes from where WE stand today. Led by the great Commander James Waddell, the CSS Shenandoah docked at a port in Williamstown. Most of you idiots probably don't even know that.

[Boos continue to rain down at being called idiots.]

Clay: You see, the Shenandoah was tasked with taking out Union merchant ships and sticking it to their economy. They stopped in Williamstown to do repairs to the ship. Your ancestors were not disrespectful bastards like so many of you, here today. They put together several official functions for the crew and officers of the Shenandoah. Thousands showed up every day just to get a look at the awesome vessel. They held galas in their honor at the Royal Hotel and Melbourne Club. Officers would later state that the best times of their lives was given to them by Melbourne women. So if you go back in your history about five or six generations, the women of your families were no doubt, getting that Confederate D.

[The blatant disrespect further enrages the crowd but Clayton doesn't miss a beat.]

Clay: As the ship was repaired and they left this pathetic Country, 42 of your people hid below deck and joined the Rebels in their cause. The Shenandoah would go on to cause disorder and devastation around the globe for Union merchant ships. The Confederate cruiser claimed more than 20 prizes valued at nearly 1.4 Million. Today, that would be around 22 Million. They continued their destruction three months after the Civil War “ended”. They were the only ones who would circumnavigate the Earth with the the Confederate flag flying and were the last combatant unit to lower it in the Civil War. They are credited with firing the final shots of the war as well. They were real heroes, unlike the jokes we are gonna destroy in a minute. But that is enough from me. I'll let my son and one half of the future IYHWF Tag Champs tell you why all this matters.

[The upset crowd continues booing as Colton takes the mic from his father. He smirks with disdain before starting to speak.]

CT: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Just like our great ancestors, we are stopping in Australia under a cloud of interest from fans and enemies alike. Just like they did some 150 years ago, we are here to cause disorder and devastation. Like them, we proudly dawn the Confederate flag and don't give a damn who doesn't approve of it. Despite what revisionist history teaches, we know that the flag is really a symbol of Southern Pride and standing up for what's right. They searched the seas for prizes and we're here to claim the gold currently held by Team Fury.

[A pop is heard at the mention of Team Fury but this doesn't deter Colton a bit.]

CT: People today have many misconceptions about us and about this flag. They will say that it is about racism and that we are racists. They will say that we practice incest and fuck animals. This is all bullshit and nothing we haven't heard a thousand times before. It is not original at all and doesn't have any effect. The people who will no doubt take this road are just displaying how truly weak they are and how little they can actually come up with. That being said, save this clip because it won't take long for some asshat to try it. Trust me, I have no interest in barnyard bullshit. Amanda and I are family and we are gonna be IYHWF Tag champs. That's all there is to it and despite people's lies, there is nothing any of you in the crowd or in the back, can do about it.

[Colton pauses for a seconds and lifts his shirt to expose his abs.]

CT: Oh, and just like our forefathers did, I have no doubt I will give some of the lucky Melbourne women this Southern D. You can bet the South will rise again!

[A couple women can be heard screaming out but it is quickly drowned out by the boos. Colton points at a couple women in the front row.]

CT: Definitely not that fat bitch and not that one. She got beat half to death with an ugly stick. Hell nah!

[Amanda just shakes her head at the whole display before Colton hands her the mic.]

AH: Knowing one's history is important but right now, I wanna talk about the future. Whatever the tag division's future in this company was, that all changes starting right now. This place is called In Your House. Well, we are coming to your house and we ain't selling no fucking girl scout cookies. There's gonna be a home invasion and we don't give a damn who is hiding inside. We ain't the type to knock on the door or ring the bell and wait for someone to answer. We are the the type who will show up, kick the fucking door in, and walk inside. We heard they got gold stored away In Your House and we are coming to take it. We will go from room to room, clear it, and move to the next in search of said gold. It don't matter if they have it in a safe or if Team Fury is in a panic room with their grasps firmly on it. We have cut the alarm wires and there is no help coming. No amount of joyful backstage hugs or pudding is gonna help. We are here to grab the gold and that is exactly what we are gonna do. We will do whatever we need to do to get it and half of the current Tag champs, knows this already. See, I have a long history with Kelly Fury. She knows me and I know her. She'd be the first to tell you that I have done shit in the past that some call over the line. This time around, I told her to the face that I'm coming for the belts and she won't be surprised this time. I'd imagine it is like having an in-law call and say they are planning a visit to your house. Then they get there, take over the place, and never leave. While this may be your “house” right now Team Fury, it is just a matter of time before we bust through the door, find the room where the gold is, and take what's ours.

[The angry crowd boos even louder at the thought of Southern Hostility taking the belts away from their beloved Team Fury.]

AH: That is all taking place in the near future. But let me talk about tonight. It seems that IYHWF management has decided to roll out the resident tag-team “welcome mat” in hopes we clean our boots off, before busting down the door. That welcome mat is the Modern Day Zeros. I refuse to even acknowledge their name. Modern Day Zeros is a lot more fitting. They have been around since the first “Dawn of the Immortals”. It was there one and only PPV appearance. They have come out time and time again on Ruckus and the results are always the same. They come out, get cheered by you idiots, and then lose. They are literally Zeros. They stand at an astounding 0-12 in IYHWF. How they even still have jobs here is beyond me. I don't know who they are screwing or what kind of blackmail they have on management, but they are an absolute joke. That being said, we will have no problem turning twelve losses into an unlucky thirteen, tonight. We're gonna make an example out of these lovable losers and then move on to the next room In Your House. Team Fury, enjoy your tag title reign while it last, we'll be there to collect the gold, soon enough.

[Amanda tosses the mic in the direction of Tommy Henderson as she and Colton wait in the ring.]

Tag Team Match
Modern Day Heroes vs Southern Hostility


[The fans are excited to see Modern Day Heroes back in action tonight, which doesn’t sit too well with newcomers Southern Hostility. While Terry and Dave happily get distracted by the cheering crowd, Amanda and Colton attack them from behind before double-teaming on the slower Terry with a quick whip to the ropes and their flying knee and running chop block combination. Clutching his knee, Terry rolls on the mat in agony. Dave tries to rush to his partner’s aid but the referee gets the match back in control, throwing him and Amanda out of the ring. Meanwhile, Colton continues to dish out punishment on Terry with an hammerlock just as he pulls himself up. Terry circles the centre of the ring as he tries to find an escape before slipping out of the hold and reversing it, forcing Colton to double over with a hammerlock. But it doesn’t take Colton long to reverse it and drop Terry on his face with a hard double leg trip. Colton stays on Terry with a facelock, keeping him down. Colton’s father Clayton nods with approval from ringside. Terry slowly rises to his feet but Colton switches up with a snapmare and looks to connect with a headlock. Terry looks like he’s fading but with Dave and the crowd behind him, he continues to fight on and eventually pushes himself up to his feet. Colton switches side and as Terry spins out of the hold, Colton quickly takes him back down on the mat with an armdrag. Terry sits up after the landing, only to get rolled onto his belly by Colton. But Terry continues to fight back as he flips Colton on his back with an armdrag and hooks his leg for a back cover. Unfortunately, that allows Colton to easily roll Terry over, pinning his shoulders on the mat. The referee barely gets to one when Terry kicks out, much to the relief of the fans. Both wrestlers scramble to their feet, a quick staredown ensues.]

BM: Despite the cheap shot Southern Hostility took earlier in the match, Colton is making an impression in his debut tonight.

TR: Cheap shot? But Terry and Dave should know better than to take their eyes off their opponents once the bell rings!

BM: Terry’s technical skills are often overlooked due to his playful personality in the ring but the guy can wrestle! Look at him holding his own against Colton!

TR: Sure, for now. But when was the last time Modern Day Heroes won a match?

[Colton charges at Terry for a clothesline but Terry ducks, hitting the ropes behind. Colton runs after Terry just as he bounces off the ropes, only to get kneed in the gut. Colton tags in Amanda and sets up Terry for a backbreaker before she comes in with a diving leg drop, completing their double team move.]

BM: Great double team effort by Southern Hostility with the backbreaker and diving leg drop combo.

TR: That was pretty neat, yeah!

[Amanda goes for the pin, but only gets a two-count, thanks to Dave. Amanda yells at Dave to back off, to which he grudgingly obliges. The match continues with Amanda stomping the shit out of Terry, prompting fans to jeer. Amanda pulls up Terry in the corner and continues to lash out with punches before taking him down with a running bulldog. Amanda goes for the cover but Terry gets his shoulder up at two. They both trade shots in the centre with Amanda getting in a few good punches but it’s Terry almost hitting an exciting kung fu strike combo when Amanda retaliates with a body kick that hits too close for comfort. The referee shoots Amanda a warning as she proceeds with head punches that sends Terry in a daze. Amanda looks for a vertical suplex but Terry slips out of it and runs for the hot tag. Dave gets it, much to the fans’ delight, and rushes Amanda with a leaping shoulder block. Amanda returns to her feet, only to get knocked back down with another leaping shoulder block. Excitement rises in the arena as Dave heads to the top turnbuckle while Amanda pulls herself up. Dave hits a beautiful missile dropkick that sends Amanda rolling far across the ring. Dave continues to feel fired up as he kips up to his feet and signals to the crowd, looking for the end. But Colton charges the ring and and grabs Dave from behind before throwing him up and over in a huge German suplex. Clayton starts throwing instructions from ringside as a groggy Amanda gets to her feet. Colton hoists Dave in an electric chair position while Amanda slowly scales up the corner. Colton then runs towards Amanda before she hits a diving lariat, taking down Dave with their impressive Hostile Takeover finisher. Amanda goes for the cover on Dave.]

BM: Southern Hostility with the Hostile Takeover! This could be it!



[A panicked Terry rushes for the save but trips over his own feet instead. Colton quickly throws him out of the ring.]

TR: HAHA Terry tripped over himself!



TH: And here are your winners… Southern Hostility!

[“Oh I’m A Good Ol’ Rebel” by Hoyt Axton blasts through the sound system, prompting jeers from the crowd. The referee attempts to raise Amanda’s and Colton’s hands but they refuse. Clayton enters the ring and gives the ref a pointed look that makes him retreat. Clayton then stands with Amanda and Colton as they look out at the fans with arrogance, clearly owning the space inside the ring.]

BM: Look out, In Your House. We’ve got a new tag team that’s made an impressive debut tonight.

TR: The tag division is growing, Bry. And I’m excited for it! Bye Modern Day Losers!

[Terry quickly pulls Dave out of the ring and helps him to the back while Southern Hostility take their time to survey the crowd before exiting the ring as well.]

user posted image

[The lights in the Melbourne Showgrounds go dark, and a video starts to play on the big screen.]

[We open on an empty press conference table inside California Memorial Stadium. It’s a clear night in Berkeley tonight, and the stadium lights above illuminate the scene. The wall behind the table is filled with the logos of Taylor Promotions, IYHWF, and MP Customs, placed over and over again in a checkerboard sort of arrangement. The press seating area stretches back about a dozen rows, filled with sports reporters from all over the world, all making a commotion as they await tonight’s speakers...]

[Suddenly, an engine revs somewhere nearby, causing the crowd to stand up and look around in their confusion. Finally, they find the source; from the tunnel where the California Golden Bears normally make their entrance, an old purple Pontiac muscle car emerges, driving forward on its own, the doors swinging, E-40’s “My Shit Bang” thumping through the speakers at maximum volume, flanked on either side by two men in flashy tailored suits and oversized sunglasses. Once it’s clear the car’s slowing down, the duo hop back in, close the doors, and make sure they ride out all the way up to the side of the stage, slowly turning the volume down as they make their approach.]

[Finally, once they’re where they need to be, the man in the driver’s seat, the one with dreadlocks piling down to his shoulders, hits the brakes and takes the keys out of the car. Cameras flash wildly in the crowd as the duo get out of the car and make their way up the short set of steps onto the stage, take off their sunglasses, and take their seats at the table. They find the most natural camera to focus on...]

???: Allow us to re-introduce ourselves. I’m Dontell Porter.

???: And I’m Jason Moana.

DP: And we are the tag team known as Hyphy Machinery.

JM: If you follow XWA, you already know exactly who we are. If you don’ me, you’ve still heard of us before.

DP: See, back in July, there was a certain someone who couldn’t make it to Ruckus ‘cause he was about as far north of Melbourne as he could be.

JM: A Destroyer of Eras.

DP: And him and his minions phoned in from backstage, sayin’ they had some upstarts to teach a lesson.

JM: He meant us.

DP: And then at XWA The Frozen North, we took on Diamond Jack Sabbath and War Enforcement, 2-on-3…

JM: ...and we won.

DP: We took the first cracks outta the Diamond. And all these months later, where is he now?

JM: Shattered.

DP: And where’s Raine?

JM: Dried up.

DP: And where’s Serena Maxwell?

[Jason looks over at Dontell.]

JM: I’on know...eatin’ her own toenails?

[Dontell looks at Jason.]

DP: Yeah, she’s the only one that stuck around, huh?

[The two shake their heads, realizing they’re sidetracking themselves, and turn their attention back to the camera.]

DP: But that’s just the highest grade on our ghetto report card. See, we’re also two-time—

JM: Two-time!

DP: —Zapatista Lucha Libre Parejas Champions.

JM: That’s a West Coast precedent.

DP: We got a trios title shot comin’ up out in Mexico with A.J. Morales.

JM: AKA the dude who retired Jack Sabbath.

[Jason puts his sunglasses on as Dontell keeps talking.]

DP: AKA our version of Takeoff.

JM: Doitlooklikehe’sleftoffthecard?

[Dontell and Jason look at each other for a moment.]

DP: I mean...this time, it does.

[They turn back to the camera as Jason takes his shades back off.]

DP: See, we wanted to branch out.

JM: We wanted some new competition.

DP: We wanted XWA to stop forgettin’ to leave us off the damn card.

JM: Seriously, did y’all see what we did the first time?

DP: We wanted to test one of the best tag team divisions in the world.

JM: So Amy Taylor pointed us here.

[The duo point back at one of the IYHWF logos on the wall behind him.]

DP: And when we come to Melbourne, it’s gon’ be the best tag team division in the world.

JM: Congratulations!

DP: And it’s not like it’s totally new territory for us either. We got friends and fellow clients here…

JM: Layton & Fenric.

DP: ...we got old enemies here…

JM: Maxwell & Minka.

DP: ...and that’s before we start makin’ new enemies here too.

JM: You know who you are.

DP: But until then, Team Fury, you keep those belts shined up real nice for us, ‘cause when we finish climbing this mountain, we want opponents we can be proud to say we beat.

JM: And to the rest of y’all...better stay sharp. 2018, we takin’ over.

DP: No further questions.

[Dontell and Jason grab their microphones from off the table, yanking the cables out as sound and flashes swarm up from the crowd behind them. But the duo ignore all that in favor of throwing their mics at the camera, knocking it over, and walking back to the car as the scene fades out, giving way to a simple text overlay:]


Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Jan 1 2018, 10:59 PM

Group: Admin
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user posted image

Singles Match
Katie Hanley vs Derrick Daze


[Derrick is very focused as the match starts, circling Katie before going right at her with his Running Crane Kick, The Fall! And it’s a fitting name as fall she does! But when he drops to cover she easily kicks out at one and shoves him away so she can quickly regain her feet! He was up soon after and he aims a Throat Chop at her, but Katie dodges neatly and comes back around with a Switchblade Kick that takes him right in the head! The fans OOOOH as he hits the mat on his knees, swaying. Katie comes in and peppers him with Shoot Kicks to the head, back, and chest and he finally topples over! When she goes to pin him however he throws the shoulder up at two!

Katie takes a breath and keeps her cool, even when Derrick rights himself and gets up, his temper gets the best of him and he goes all out on Katie with kicks to her legs that sound like a butcher tenderising meat! Katie reels and cries out , but she toughs it out and finally gets an opening, leaping up she grabs Daze and locks in a Sleeper Hold!]

BM: Oh man those were some wicked wicked kicks from Derrick Daze, but Katie seems to have gotten back in the driver’s seat with this match.

TR: She’s tough I’ll give her that, but what happens when his experience takes over? Though with him showing his temper that way who knows?

[Derrick fights free finally just as he is starting to fade, he grabs her by the head and flips her as he bends deeply forward, breaking the hold! He goes for a Kneebar on the downed Katie but she squirms away out of his hands fast! The pair trade off kicks and other small attacks until Katie finally gets her a fresh opening and trips him with a Drop Toe Hold but as he recovers she strikes with her Superkick, The One Kick (to Drop Them All)! It does, and she covers, hooking the leg deep.]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… KATIE HANLEY!

BM: Decisive win there for young Katie Hanley.

TR: If Derrick could just control his temper….

[“Get Up” by Dorothy plays again as Katie jumps to her feet, seemingly thrilled to have beaten a veteran like Derrick Daze! The referee raises her hand and Derrick stares her down, she offers him her hand to shake but he just shakes his head and leaves the ring.]

user posted image

[The scene cuts to backstage where the newly crowned IYH Tag Team Champions, Team Fury, are standing by. Gordon has his championship draped over his shoulder while Kelly has hers proudly wrapped around her waist. Kelly gives the camera a perky smile and a wave.]

KF: Heeeey party people, I’m awfully sorry that at Wrath of the Gods I was totes too choked up to speak…, I’m not sorry. I have always been a proud defender of Tag Team wrestling and winning these belts was one of the proudest moments in my entire career. For too long have people looked down at tag team wrestling and tried to take a poop all over it just because they think it’s “easy”. It’s not easy. Have you met my partner?...

[Gordon gives her the side eye as she continues to speak.]

KF: Y’all know how difficult grumpy is to work with? It took us months to find our stride with one another. No tag team in this company has walked the path that we have to be here. I’m not saying y’all didn’t put in work, cause you absolutely have, but we worked that little bit harder. We came together as singles competitors on a mission to try and stop War Enforcement and don’t think we haven’t noticed that during their downfall a newer evil has risen to try and take the reigns. Should those stinky Omens try to come for us, we’ll take them down too. We’re the team everyone wants to beat, just ask the newbs that have walked through the door. Hey Mandy gurl, hey creepy dude that has a crush on me without realizing I had a, I won’t mention your tag partner...since you didn’t have the respect to mention mine.

[Gordon lets out a chuckle before stepping forward.]

GF: We are the team to beat, despite our rough beginning I always knew this. And now that we hold these championships, and knowing what we have gone through to get them, I dare a single fucking person to tell us we don’t deserve it. We aren’t transitional champions, we aren’t fluke artists, we are the mother fucking best tag team in this damn company. Full stop. Whether you’ve already got a room here or are just wiping your feet on the welcome mat, it doesn’t matter what team decides to step up, we will knock you the fuck down. If anyone wants these championships they are going to have to pry them out of our cold, dead hands. And Fury doesn’t die.

KF: You had all better be ready to… now?

[She looks at Gordon expectantly, and he gives a nod.]


[A big smile spreads across her face as Gordon can’t help but crack a smile.]

GF: Mate.

[With that, the camera cuts away.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
Layton & Fenric vs Church of Illusionism


[Bloody Mary starts out for her team, though it seems she’s a little more than impatient with Nightmare than usual. She faces off with Adam Fenric to start, though she’s keeping a weather eye on Emery Layton as she moves in on Adam. She shoots the ropes and ducks under Adam’s grab, rebounding off with a Jumping DDT but she’s unable to get Fenric under control to try a pin. This close to Adam is bad news for Mary as his technical prowess in close is rarely matched and he proves it in spades, pulling Mary off the mat and right into an abdominal stretch! The classic move is wearing Mary down and she tries to kick at his legs, unbalance, even dead weight to try and get him to break the hold, but only when Nightmare comes in with a Diving Clothesline is she saved. She sprints for a tag as Fenric recovers, but he smartly rolls to his own corner for a breather and tags in Emery as Mary tags in Nightmare.

This is a curious thing to watch, as Nightmare is of course silent and Emery ...well, is Emery. She’s talking up a storm, to the fans, to Nightmare, even Adam who almost facepalms but covers well. During this time Nightmare run past her, coming back with a clothesline that she counters with Rolling the Ball! She falls to her back and as he realizes she’s ducked he whips around only to find that she’s backflipped right up and she catches him with a quick step up Enzuigiri! He hits the mat and she gets a two and a half count before Mary dives in to break up the pin. When she tries to continue her attack however, Adam chases her out of the ring before he’s warned to exit as well.]

BM: I don’t think there’s much that could be more alarming than watching Adam Fenric run at you.

TR: I’m sorry… are you scared of him? He’s just a guy. He’s not even in creepy makeup like Nightmare and he doesn’t bite people like several of the wrestlers on this current roster.

BM: I can’t explain it, there’s just something about him Tats, jeez louise.

TR: Are you not feeling well? Have you been taking cold meds because nobody says jeez louise anymore. Nobody, B.

[As the referee regains control of the match, Nightmare tags out to Bloody Mary but Emery is recovered by then and she greets the entering Mary with a hard headbutt that echoes out over the rowdy In Your House crowd! They cheer The Lethal Lackeen as she clinches up with Mary and then they boo as Mary rakes her across the eyes to gain control of the match! This backfires as when she moves to haul her up for a German Suplex, Emery unleashes elbows on her, twisting in her grip to fire them off better into her chest! The fans even get to chanting as she does, and Mary lets her go and shoves her away, reeling back and trying to get her breath. Emery tries to clear her eyes but still manages a Drop Toe Hold on the incoming Nightmare as she wipes her eyes again and then tags in Fenric! Nightmare attacks Layton, not having heard the tag, and it’s Irish-Traveller-Whip time for Nightmare as Fenric slings him into the corner and then Irish Whips her at him as she delivers the dropkick portion! She rolls fast out of the way as Nightmare starts to topple, Fenric catches him into a Pumphandle Lift then shifts it into a reverse STO! The Division Bell is locked in and while Nightmare fights, Mary shouts at him to resist but in the end he has no choice but to tap.]





TH: And here are your winners via submission… Emery Layton and Adam Fenric... LAYTON & FENRIC!

BM: WOW. See I told you, look how dangerous Adam Fenric is!

TR: I never said he wasn’t dangerous in the ring, you’re acting like… never mind. It was a good match.

["Come As You Are" by Nirvana plays as the referee raises the hands of Adam and Emery in victory. Mary looks like she wants to attack but in the end she just helps Nightmare from the ring as they slink to the back and leave the pair to their celebration.]

user posted image

[The beginning rumblings of Gehenna start to play. The audience has grown to not like that sound and they’ve begun to boo fairly strongly. Soon enough barging through the curtain is The Ikiryo, the Proving Ground Champion himself...Seth Iser. He has the championship around his waist with his hair slicked back and the black and blue variation of a suit he’s got going though he’s got a comet pin on his jacket which gives a nod to the group he’s affiliated to and he starts marching down the ring much faster than he normally does with a stern expression on his face.]

BM: Seth Iser and he’s coming out alone. That’s interesting.

TR: He has business of his own he needs to take care of.

[Iser ends up ignoring the jeers of the audience as he uses the frame of his height to grab the ropes to pull himself up toward the apron and enter the ring. He ends up signaling for a microphone and when a man that’s as tall as he is that looks the way he does asks for something it’s easier for someone to give in to his demands and he just looks toward the booing audience.]

SI: I don’t want to take up too much time. Besides...I know you want to see The Hellhound kick Sean Hazard’s ass all over the squared circle.

[Iser pauses as the boo birds for that proclamation build up again and he just shakes his head in a scolding manner toward the crowd.]

SI: But I have business that needs addressed. And it’s about the championship that I wear right now. Technically speaking...I’ve survived three opponents already with this still in hand. Technically I really SHOULD be challenging Shawn Fox anytime I want right now. But unfortunately technicalities aren’t where reality is. And the reality is that I have to defend this championship one more time to finally get revenge for the worst defeat I’ve had in 2017.

[Iser pauses for a second and balls up his free hand remembering that particular loss.]

SI: On the positive end...I think I’ve proven time and time again that I’m not just blowing smoke when I speak on the microphone and that when I’m one of the game’s greats at what I do...I’ve begun to prove myself no matter how much you dislike it. Shawn Fox, Jessica Anderson, Owen Gonsalves, the monster Rick Kreiger. Now add the Devil himself to the list of asses I’ve just kicked in order to either win or retain this championship in the year 2017.

[The boos come in loud and heavy as Iser lists that impressive line of names.]

SI: Yes. The Devil was roughly given a coup because as great as he’s been as arguably the most accomplished wrestler in this company. And as much fight as he did give me...was he the one who won? No. Yours truly did. And I beat him just as he beat the damn monster and there isn’t a person there that can dispute it. Especially one as bitter, depraved and cynical as a fan of Owen Gonsalves or Owen Gonsalves himself.

[Iser has a semblance of a smirk etched in pride as he states this fact while spitting the name of Owen and the fans let out another round of boos.]

SI: But I stand here today wanting to know one simple question. I have one more defense. That is next week. So I need to know...which poor lamb is being lead out to slaughter? Chris Cryptic...front and center. I’m not asking for a pay raise...which I think the Bad Omens as a whole do deserve by the way...I’m not asking for a shot at Shawn Fox either right now. All I want to know is which poor soul is going to be given a bad omen next week.

TR: Seems like a pretty valid request to me.

BM: Or an arrogant one.

[Iser then slouches with his back on the ropes just waiting for the person he called out to do what he said. He doesn’t have to wait long before “The Final Countdown” by Europe plays through the arena, the fans cheering as Chris Cryptic walks through the curtain, microphone in hand. He walks down to the ring and enters through the ropes, the music fading out as he raises the microphone.]

CC: So I couldn’t help but hear your request from backstage Mr. Iser, and while your history lesson isn’t entirely factual, your request is reasonable.

TR: See?!

CC: I have gone through the roster and considered who would be worthy of your third title defence, and your opponent next week made a convincing argument. Let me introduce your challenger…

[The crowd falls silent as Chris turns to the entrance, suddenly “Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play throughout the arena. The crowd erupt with excitement as Angelica Layne appears on the ramp with a smirk on her face. She takes a moment to scan the crowds before walking up to Chris who is holding out the microphone for her, knowing she will want to say a few words. Angelica waits for the crowds to die down before speaking. Seth doesn’t look happy about the return of the former IYH champion.]

AL: Who in the fuck let that dirty looking terrorist in MY RING?

[Seth starts to yell at Angelica and threatens to exit the ring to shut her up. Seth tries to say something into the microphone, but his mic has been cut. He starts tapping the top of it, trying to get it to work again as Angelica just cackles at him before raising the microphone to her mouth again.]

AL: Instead of being dicks to the crew in the back, maybe you should try being friendly to them, like I am. Keep banging on that microphone Seth, it’s not coming back on. It’s real fucking cute how you talk about “Bad Omens” while believing your actions will have absolutely no consequences whatsoever. Allow me to teach you a severe lesson in karma. I’ve been cleared to wrestle...

[The crowds pop at the news.]

AL: And you can bet your ass that I’m coming back for what’s mine. But I respect that things have changed since I was last here. That ladder isn’t as simple as just returning and demanding a shot at the top. Besides….

[Angelica points directly at Seth Iser.]

AL: I’d rather knock you off of your pedestal before I go get my belt back from that sly Fox. Mama is home, kids. It’s time to clean house.

[As Angelicas music hits again, she hands the microphone back to Cryptic with a grin on her face as Seth tosses his microphone to the ground. He takes the Proving Grounds champion and holds it high in the air yelling about how it will be his forever if needs be. Angelica places her hand behind her ear, faking like she can’t hear him and he needs to speak up before cackling and exiting back to the backstage area.]

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Singles Match
The Hellhound vs Sean Hazard


[There’s absolutely no love lost between the two men as Dante starts throwing insults at Sean who looks unfazed, keeping his distance. The hometown crowd is completely behind Sean with their loud SoA chants and Dante points to them while almost yelling at Sean something the cameras can’t quite pick up, scowling at him. Dante approaches the centre with a challenging look on his face, trying to intimidate Sean but the fan favourite comes forward to step toe to toe with him. That’s when Dante gets in a cheap shot with an uppercut to Sean’s jaw, sending him staggering back a bit. The match officially begins with Dante pummeling lefts and rights before grabbing Sean in a side headlock. Sean runs Dante into the ropes and tosses him to the other side. As Dante rebounds, Sean catches him with an armdrag but Dante manages to land smoothly on his feet and immediately looks for a clothesline. But Sean drops on the mat, leaving Dante to nearly stumble forward. This allows Sean to take down Dante with an inverted frankensteiner. The crowd cheers as Sean goes for the cover that earns him a two-count. Dante rolls away before pushing himself up as Sean charges at him. Dante ducks to hook his arms for a backslide pin but Sean flips out of it and hits a back kick that doubles over Dante. Sean follows up with a hard kick to the chest, sending Dante staggering back. Then Sean aims to finish off with a high roundhouse kick but Dante catches his leg and throws it away, forcing him to spin around. Dante then grabs Sean from behind for a well-timed German suplex that tosses him right into the ropes. Sean lands awkwardly on the canvas near the ropes and Dante swoops down to stack him on his shoulders for the pin. But Sean reaches up for the bottom rope to break the pin. Dante drags Sean to the centre of the ring and makes the cover again but Sean kicks out at two before clutching his neck.]

BM: Whoa, two!! How did Sean kick out of that?? I think that landing hurt his neck there, Tats.

TR: With the way he’s holding it, you could be right. That German suplex did look nasty. But that’s how The Hellhound operates; just all-out brutal.

BM: As much as Sean wants to take out Bad Omens for what they did to Max, he needs to be really careful too. What good is there if he gets injured too?

TR: That’s true, Bry. But then again, that’s what Bad Omens want to achieve here too. They want to dominate the competition here, starting with State of Anarchy!

[Dante proceeds to strike Sean’s head with punches as he struggles to push himself up. Dante irish whips Sean to the far corner, making Sean collapse on his knees. As Sean falls back on the middle turnbuckle, Dante marches over for multiple hateful facewashes with his boot, prompting jeers from the crowd. Dante smirks as he mocks them, clapping his hands as if to rally them together for Sean. Then gets some distance in the adjacent corner before charging Sean. But Sean scrambles out of the ring well before the collision. Dante quickly goes after Sean and the two battle it out on the outside floor, trading forearm shots. Dante smashes Sean’s face into the steel post and leaves him crumbling to the ground. The fans in the front row protest angrily but Dante just tells them to fuck off. Dante pulls up Sean by the hair and with an evil smirk, he prepares to irish whip him hard into the ring apron but Sean leaps up on it and backflips over Dante. As Dante turns around, Sean hits him with a high roundhouse kick. With Dante on his back and the fans cheering for him, Sean climbs onto the apron and hits a 450 splash. The crowd goes wild!]

BM: What a picture-perfect 450 splash by Sean!

TR: This guy can fly from anywhere! Come on, Dante! This ain’t over yet!

[By the time the referee gets to the seventh count, Sean rolls Dante back inside the ring and looks for a standing shooting star press. But Dante pulls up his knees to ruin Sean’s landing, causing him to writhe on the mat as he clutches his stomach. Seeing the opening, Dante struggles to his feet, followed by Sean. Dante beckons to Sean before hitting the ropes behind. But at the same time, Sean charges at Dante to strike him down with his running Yakuza kick finisher, Lightning Strike. The crowd is on their feet once more as Sean takes the pin on Dante.]

BM: Sean just hit the Lightning Strike!!! Dante’s out!!!

TR: How the fuck did that happen???





TH: And here’s your winner… Sean Hazard!

[“Behind Closed Doors” by Rise Against fills the arena as it explodes with joy for Sean. The referee helps steady Sean to stand on his feet before raising his hand in victory.]

BM: What a win for Sean! He’s doing so well on his own, fighting for his partner Max and the SoA Nation!

TR: Pfff fuck that! That was a lucky shot at the end there!

[Dante is still on his back, barely moving. Sean looks down on his adversary and the camera captures him saying, “2 down”. That’s when the music cuts and a woman’s blood-curdling scream can be heard throughout the arena, startling everyone.]

TR: Whoa, what the fuck???

BM: Is that a banshee scream? You know what that means! The Banshee and possibly the rest of Bad Omens are coming!

TR: Sean, you’d better run!

[The lights above the ring flicker and “Shattering The Skies Above” by Trivium starts playing. Out come the rest of Bad Omens as they rush down to the ring.]

BM: Yup, there’s Bad Omens!

TR: Holy shit, that’s a scary sight! The Banshee just charged right through the curtains!

[The Banshee is first to reach and chases after Sean but it’s all a strategic play as he slips out under the bottom rope to escape and ends up running right into Marcus Blackbeard aka The Kraken who seizes him by the throat. The Kraken shoves him hard back into the ring and The Dragon stops him from rolling any further with her boot before stomping down hard on him. Meanwhile, The Ikiryo scares off the referee to clear the ring.]

BM: Oh come on, leave Sean alone! This is an unfair 5 on 1 assault!

TR: You can keep saying that but ya think Bad Omens care? Hell no! They want Sean’s blood… and soul!!

[The Dragon cuffs Sean to the rope in the corner, leaving him trapped with no way to escape. The Kraken and The Dragon take turns punching and kicking the helpless Sean as he struggles to defend himself. Sean lunges to fight back but only to get hit in the stomach by The Ikiryo with his Proving Grounds championship belt. Meanwhile, The Banshee is tending to The Hellhound who’s starting to come to. Once The Hellhound is back on his feet, he staggers over to Sean and spits in his face before doubling him over with a hard kick in the midsection. Clearly the most enraged, The Banshee grabs Sean’s face with both hands and squeezes, digging her fingernails into his skin. Sean screams in agony and tries to push The Banshee off with his free arm but The Kraken swats his hand away and pummels him with vicious forearm smashes while The Ikiryo bashes his head in with his Proving Grounds championship belt. The whole time, The Dragon taunts Sean with the handcuff key and gets some good kicks in, here and there. By the end, Sean is so out of it that he’s literally hanging from the rope where he’s handcuffed to. The arena is deafening with passionate jeers from the crowd. With the rest of Bad Omens stepping aside, The Hellhound takes position on the apron behind Sean to seize him in his Coquina clutch signature, Lock-Jawed. Sean struggles but he quickly fades.]

BM: This is sick. THIS IS SICK!!!! Can we get help for Sean?? Where’s security??? Where’s anybody????

TR: Shit… This is hard to watch… Sean’s completely helpless here. He’s all alone and there’s 5 of Bad Omens. Sean may have Banshee and Hellhound beat in matches but right now? He’s on the receiving end of a very brutal beatdown by the most dangerous group of people on the IYH roster.

BM: This is NOT the way I thought this cycle was gonna begin.

TR: Neither did the rest of us, Bry. It’s clear that Bad Omens are on a definite warpath and nobody here is safe.

[Finally, security members swarm to Sean’s aid and to escort Bad Omens out of there. The group oblige, only because their work here is done. The camera shows Sean slumped over on the canvas in the corner with his cuffed arm raised over his head before the feed cuts away.]

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