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 Rise To The Throne
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Oct 27 2017, 12:49 PM

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[The camera pans across the sold out arena before resting on the commentary table to the smiling face of Brian Morris and the forever smug face of Tats Richardson.]

BM: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to one of our biggest shows of the year!

TR: Every year Rise To The Throne proves to be one of our most memorable nights and tonight will be no different. Opening the show for us tonight, State of Anarchy attempt to get vengeance on The Banshee and The Hellhound, Dante Locke.

BM: The fans here tonight are definitely rooting for State of Anarchy, but they are absolutely torn for our second match as Craig Anderson defends the Rapid Fire Championship against his wife, Jessica Anderson.

TR: Those rooting for Craig are idiots. Jessica has been on a roll, Craig is more concerned in eating rolls and biscuits AND PROFITING OFF THE GOD DAMN THINGS I SAY, YEAH I SAW THAT T-SHIRT, CRAIG, AND I WANT MY SHARE OF THE PROFITS.

BM: The fans are also absolutely looking forward to see Layton and….sorry, excuse me...Pirate Emery and The Plague Doctor go head to head against The Dragon and The Kraken.

TR: Why though? They should just accept the loss before they embarrass themselves further against Marcus and Estella. Stella has been 10 steps ahead of everyone this far.

BM: I wouldn’t go that far, but sure Tats. Up next we’ll see Seth Iser and Owen Gonsalves compete in what I’m sure will become one of their most historic battles and the vacant Proving Grounds championship is on the line.

TR: Owen wants it to try and climb the ladder back up to the IYH Championship, but I’d be surprised if Seth Iser doesn’t come out here with his usual tricks. Not a complaint by the way, if you’re dumb enough for fall for it, you deserve a fireball for the face. CoughSHAWNFOXcough.

BM: We also have more tag team action for you as Jetpack take on not only War Enforcement, but also Team Fury and yes, the tag team championships WILL be on the line.

TR: War Enforcement have got this. In fact, I predict War Enforcement will leave here tonight with the original IYH belts. The tag belts and the IYH Championship.

BM: A bold prediction Tats, especially since Diamond Jack Sabbath has the In Your House Championship on the line against Michael Diablo.

TR: Michael Diablo may have been the IYH champion this time last year, but this is a new season, Bry. We don’t need the dusty heroes of last year when we have the likes of the shiny and new War Enforcement.

BM: “Shiny” is not a word I would use to describe War Enforcement, but whatever makes you feel better Tats. Anyway, before we kick off the action, lets take a quick look at what’s happening backstage.

user posted image

[The feed cuts to backstage in a dim isolated part of the Sydney Super Dome arena where three men and two women already dressed for tonight’s battles stand in line before the camera. The Kraken, The Dragon, The Hellhound, The Banshee and of course Seth Iser. They are the five individuals known collectively by many names; like, the uninvited, the wreakers of havoc and the bad omens of In Your House. Unlike the other tag teams and stable, they answer to no one name yet but their purpose is clearly singular. You can see it in their faces right now as they stare down the camera lens, the silence heavy with tension.]

B: Maxxxxxx Thunder….. Ssssssean Hazard….

[The first to speak is the most mysterious one of them all. Banshee points an accusatory finger at the camera with a snarl, her white and blood red face paint made more haunting in the dim lighting.]

B: Do not play with ussss…. Do not tempt Faaaaate…. Two times. Not too kind. No, no, you are not kind at all! What happens, Sean? Max? What happens when you mess with the design? What becomes of you now? You REVERSED the Hand of Fate! Never! You should never ever ever do that! No! TELL ME, what happens now??

[She starts pulling out her dark hair in deep agitation. Dante Locke, also known as The Hellhound, looks at Banshee with an almost affectionate smile as he places a hand on her shoulder.]

DL: I’ll tell you what happens now.

[Dante’s eyes move away from Banshee as he glances up towards the camera. Banshee covers her face and turns around to calm herself down while Iser just calmly nods his head as he listens intently himself.]

DL: The end of Anarchy is upon you. I find it funny that Sean and Max call themselves State of Anarchy, because there is nothing chaotic or disorderly about them. Oh, but they’ve got pierced ears, some tattoos and some punk rock clothes, so that makes them tough, right?

[The Hellhound scoffs and rolls his eyes.]

DL: Please! They’re generic and they might as well call themselves something corny like the Gym Class Heroes. But here’s the thing, that ‘heroes’ part? That’s what SoA tries to be but sadly, they can’t even save themselves. I think the most fitting part of their names is Sean’s last name; Hazard.

[The Hellhound looks around at the group standing next to him before his eyes stop on Banshee who’s still got her back turned and he continues to speak.]

DL: Fucking with us was a ‘Hazard’ to your own health. So, Banshee, you want to know what happens now?

[With her black hair in disarray hung mostly over the right side of her face, Banshee appears behind his shoulder as she clings onto him and nods in answer to his question.]

DL: You and I? We end them and we show the world what the words, ‘State of Anarchy’, truly mean. But much more than that, we show the world what we’re truly capable of when we take Sean and Max’s souls and drag them straight down to hell!

[A sadistic grin spreads across Banshee’s painted lips.]

B: Yessss, that would be sweeeeet…

[Estella gives a smirk and then steps forward to the center of the group with Marcus moving to the right of her while Seth Iser stands to the left.]

SW: This is where I should stand right? Up front and center since Owen Gonsalves thinks I’m the leader…

[She looks at each member of the group with a chuckle.]

SW: I’m glad he’s at least smart enough to know that I hold more power than he could ever comprehend. I mean, I’m the reason his buddy Ace Watson is sitting outside the arena right now, shamelessly using another company's name to try and sell his shitty punned T-Shirts. I won’t get into Owen, that’s this big guy's job…

[Stella points to Seth but keeps her eyes locked on the camera.]

SW: Instead I will get into Emery Layton and Adam Fenric…oh…my apologies, I mean “the pirate and the plague doctor”…

[With a roll of her eyes Stella scoffs.]

SW: I guess I should appreciate the enthusiasm, you know Layton & Fenric weren’t enough to get the job done so a pirate has stepped forward to try and slay the undefeated Kraken while the Plague Doctor…has come to…hmm…not really sure how you’re supposed to stop a Kraken and a Dragon but I’ll give ya a solid B for effort, those masks are pretty cool. But you both need to understand something. It was not our names that beat you last time, it was not cheap gimmicks and fancy dress that outsmarted you. That was just wits. See, I hid behind a mask for months, playing up to that “Dumb Manager Girl” role and every single person bought into it…

MB: Except Craig…

SW: Yes, except Craig. But it still took him a few days before the match to actually figure it out. The wrestling world has seen me hit a flawless Dragonrana twice, that sweet sweet Dragon's Breath; and I’ve lost count how many times I have yelled out release the Kraken just to watch what carnage would unfold inside of that ring. People in the back may call us a disruption, a headache, shitheads…but yet they fall for our tricks every single time. It’s time the earth was scorched so that a new era can begin….OUR era.

[Stella gives a final smirk before she glances over at The Kraken, Marcus Blackbeard, signaling for her friend to speak.]

MB: Touching on what my dear friend Estella said, the old era is dead. Yes, remnants of it still remain but for how long? How long will the old and decrepit of In Your House last with a group of monsters like us? While all of you follow rules and some kind of holier than thou moral code, we follow our own code.

[Marcus pauses as his eyes glare into the camera.]

MB: Do you want to know what our code is? It’s destruction. It’s destroying the fucking nostalgia acts that parade around here in In Your House. The Kelly and Gordon Fury’s. Craig Anderson. Shawn Fox. Rick Kreiger. Owen Gonsalves. State of Anarchy. They all need to be disposed off. But most of all?

[Marcus laughs before cracking his knuckles.]

MB: Emery and Fenric. They haven’t learned their place despite the fact that Stella and I have put them in it physically and verbally over and over again. But like an annoying dog, begging for attention, Emery and Fenric have continued to prod and harass Stella. Guess what? I don’t take too kindly to people who bother Stella and that puts you two fucking morons number one on my hitlist. Tonight, The Dragon and The Kraken will make an example out of the goofy pirate and retarded doctor. Count on it.

[Marcus nods confidently before the camera pans to Iser as he moves his hand around with his right index finger tapping his forehead briefly after digesting everything that’s been said so far. The painted black streak is now on both eyes going down.]

SI: I’ve thought about a ton of things that have been said. And I’ve come to a conclusion after seeing and observing everything. There’s something that all our enemies this evening have in common. Adam Fenric, Emery Layton, The State of Anarchy duo, and Owen Gonsalves are all on a suicide pact. Just their methods in how they’re going about it differ slightly.

[Iser lets out a semblance of a laugh. Not out of joy but there’s a sinister quality to it mixed with his usual anger.]

SI: Someone who wonders and sees everything...even if they have to leave in some respects while seeing all the negative energy others have and using it to destroy them one way or another. That’s an Ikiryo. That is what I’ve become. What I am. And Owen...I heard some of that negative energy when you tried to slander everything anyone’s ever done to you in terms of a victory. That dark sense of pride and the envy that you’re no longer in that position.

[The man now known as The Ikiryo sneers darkly, just putting that piercing glare of us into full use.]

SI: But let’s speak some truths here since I sense your hostility even now. There will be a day where what you said comes to pass when I’m a relic and passed by in the industry. But it sure as hell isn’t today, boy. And you’re the one that says I’m envious when I’m doing the right thing even if the audience doesn’t see it? I have some people here around me that disagree with that notion quite strongly. Where are the people that come with your viewpoint that aren’t fickle, sin laden cretins that buy the tickets to these shows?

[After cracking his knuckle calmly, he peers to the entire group around him. Banshee stares intimidatingly at the camera, snapping her jaw. Iser continues his speech.]

SI: The irony here is Owen...with what you’ve done in your past and the people coming for your head all over this industry, it’ll be YOU who will have to worry about people passing you by far sooner than me. Just your own hubris won’t allow you to see that truth. Same as the hubris of your tag partner that can’t admit that he got his ass kicked by The Dragon!

[There’s the slightest semblance of a smirk that’s on Iser’s face after that last sentence but he continues.]

SI: But in all the years you’ve known me Owen and in all the times you’ve ever been in the ring...not once have you put my shoulders down to the mat for a three count. Not once have you made me submit. And everything you stand for in terms of your claim to being the best is on the line in the limited time you have left. It’ll be a shame when in this Proving Grounds you’ll come close...but once again no prize. No victory. And all those dark feelings of feeling inferior and unable to face that...that’ll eat you up and manifest itself one way or another.

[Whatever semblance of his smirk vanishes as it’s obvious he’s all business.]

SI: The same feeling four other poor bastards are going to endure. The Hellhound and The Banshee are going to enjoy a marvelous feast on the decaying souls of State of Anarchy all because they tried to enforce an arbitrary form of law and order because Kelly Fury’s soul needed collected.

[Iser puts up two fingers for that.]

SI: The duo of Layton and Fenric for thinking you can be a couple of damned pirates that can match up against The Dragon and The Kraken...after you try to sail your little ship down there...everything burns and when you’re lost out to sea...The Kraken’s going to tear what’s left of you two apart. Maybe you can actually find a real doctor if you’re still able to crawl away from the carnage you can endure.

[Iser then has four fingers up in the air counting the victims.]

SI: And Owen? As you worry about those four souls being sent out to wander in a fate worse than a career know what the hell is coming for you. The title comes home with me and all that darkness will consume you. The Ikiryo sees all. And there’s not a god damned thing you and the rest of those on this suicide mission to try to stop us are going to do to stop us.

[And with that last name Iser has the number five up and then he closes his hand in a fist concluding his speech. Banshee lets loose a shrill laughter as she suddenly jumps at the camera before the scene cuts to black.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
The Banshee & The Hellhound vs State of Anarchy


[Banshee tells Dante she’ll start the match and the two oblige. Max and Sean play rock, paper, scissors to decide and Max wins as he gets to start the match for his side. The two circle each other tentatively before Max goes for the first shot, a speedy shoot for Banshee’s legs. Banshee sidesteps it, kicking him away. She immediately goes on the attack, driving hard elbows into Max before sending him to the ropes. Max leaps to the top rope and springboards backwards with a flying forearm. Banshee catches him with a shotgun dropkick. She pins him but Max kicks out just after the two count. Banshee goes right back on the attack, screaming at Max before she grabs a handful of his hair and pulling him to his feet. Max pulls himself free, diving towards the corner and tagging in the other half of State of Anarchy, Sean Hazard. Sean hops over the rope, ready to get started. Banshee and Sean lock up. Sean looks to try and wrestle Banshee to the corner, but Banshee manages to hold her own.]

[Sean hooks Banshee by the neck, looking for a stiff suplex. But Banshee tangles her leg between Sean’s, blocking the lift, and counters with a snap suplex of her own. She immediately rolls over for a cover but Sean kicks out out right before the two count. As Banshee gets back up to her feet, Dante Locke yells at her to end him. Banshee glances over at Dante and lets out a sickening laugh before focusing back on Sean. She kicks Hazard in the gut hard, making him keel over. Banshee goes to pick Sean up but when she does, he shoves her off of him. Bashee stumbles back as Sean gets his balance up onto his feet. She goes to attack Sean but he nails her with a brutal discus clothesline. Sean pins Banshee but he only gets the two count. Sean waits for The Banshee to get to her feet and when she does, he charges her and goes for an enziguri but at the last moment, Banshee ducks it, and Sean misses before stumbling into Banshee and Dante’s corner. Dante drives her elbow to his temple, rocking him. Sean takes a few steps back, shaking the pain out of his head. Banshee charges up behind him, taking him down with a hard Russian legsweep. Rather than go for another pin, Banshee grabs Dante’s hand, tagging him in but she holds onto it for a moment as an evil grin crosses her face. Dante smiles back at Banshee and nods before getting into the ring.]

[Dante and Banshee both pick Sean up and hit him with a double suplex, causing Max to get into the ring and charge at Dante and Banshee but the referee cuts Max Thunder off. This gives Dante and Banshee the opportunity to both stomp on Sean over and over again relentlessly. Max finally obliges the referee’s orders and exits the ring to his corner. Banshee then turns and gets in her corner as well. Locke looks over the down and out Hazard with a smirk before he grabs his legs and puts him in a sharpshooter. Sean is in obvious pain as he struggles to reach the ropes. He finally pulls himself to the ropes and grabs a hold of them and Dante has to break up the hold but he decides to hold on and Banshee reaches her hand out to Dante’s and he grabs it, using her as leverage to apply more leverage on the submission move. The referee counts to four and just before the five count, Dante let’s go of Banshee’s hand and breaks the submission. Dante taunts for a minute before glancing over at Banshee and smirking. This gives Sean time to stir and Banshee warns Dante to stay on the offensive. Dante nods and goes back after Sean but it’s too late and Sean tags Max in. Max leaps to the top rope and dives off, taking Locke down with a crossbody but the move takes the referee down as well.]

[The ring then fills with all four competitors and there is a huge battle. Banshee starts to fight with Max Thunder as Dante is still battling it out with Sean Hazard. Sean drops Dante with a wheelbarrow armdrag. When Dante gets up, Sean is already charging and Sean nails him with Lightning Strike (Running Yakuza Kick). On the other side of the ring, Max Thunder gets the better of Banshee as he nails her with a superkick. She stumbles around before Max lifts her up, going for Thundershock (Suplex Double Knee Backbreaker), which he ends up hitting to perfection. Max grabs Banshee and tosses her out of the ring. Sean then pulls Dante to the center of the ring and Max pins him but the referee is still down. Sean tries to tug at the referee’s shirt but it’s no use and the referee isn’t moving whatsoever. Max is still pinning Dante while Sean continues to wake the referee but they don’t notice Banshee sliding into the ring with a chair in hand. She steps up behind Sean and she screams out at him. Sean is startled as he turns around and Banshee decks him in the face with the chair, sending him out of the ring.]

[Max gets up and tries to avoid Banshee but she swings the end of the chair into Max’s gut before hitting him on the back with it. She screams as she hits Max in the back repeatedly over and over again until the chair is bent in half, no longer being able to be used. Dante is now back up to his feet and he looks at Banshee and the bent chair in her hand and begins to laugh. The referee starts to stir and Banshee tosses the chair out. She then picks Max up off of the mat and throws pushes his limp body towards Dante who picks Max up and nails him with Straight To Hell (Underhook Front Facelock Drop). Dante pins Max and the referee starts the count.]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… DANTE LOCKE AND THE BANSHEE!

BM: I can’t believe they won that way.

TH: What way? They won fair and square!

BM: No! They cheated!

TH: Did the referee see it?

BM: ...No.

TH: Then it didn’t happen!

[Dante walks over to Max and puts him in the Dante's Inferno (Kimura Lock) and Max furiously taps out in pain. Sean gets into the ring to help his partner but The Banshee catches him with the Lady of the Lake (fast and unsuspecting) to arm-trap crossface (aka Crippler Crossface). Max and Sean are both tapping out and the referee yells at Dante and Banshee to let go. A few moments pass and they finally relent. Dante lets out a loud bark at Max as Banshee bends over Sean’s face as if to suck the life force from him. “Wolves of War” then blares over the PA system and Dante grabs a hold of Bansee’s hand before lifting it up. Banshee’s eyes stay on Dante as a sickening grin crosses over her face.]

user posted image

[Craig Anderson is seen backstage, walking through the hall with the Rapid Fire Championship draped over his shoulder. Stevie Trelain approaches him, with a microphone in hand.]

ST: Excuse me, Craig. I understand that tonight is a big night, but could I ask you a few ques--

[Craig places his hand on top of the microphone, cutting her off.]

CA: It's funny you'd ask that, because I was actually looking for you. Like you said, tonight is a big night. Huge, even. It's not every day you get to defend your Championship against your own wife, is it?

ST: I suppose not. Which leads me to ask, what's going through your mind tonight? Is there any awkwardness surrounding this whole thing?

[Craig gives off a quick chuckle and a heavy exhale through his nostrils, before giving Stevie the answer she's looking for.]

CA: Why would it be awkward? There's nothing awkward about two professional wrestlers going head-to-head for a Championship that they both want to hold. Yes, Jessica and I are a happily married couple. But we're also wrestlers, and whenever we step in between the ropes we put our feelings for each other to one side. I love Jessica, more than anything in this world. But it would be an insult to this Championship if I were to go easy on her, and she'd absolutely not want me to either.

ST: This isn't the first time you and Jessica have competed against each other. How do you think this will compare with your other matches?

CA: Our other matches were great, but none of them will hold a candle to this one. I walked out of both matches with the victory, but that was quite a few months ago. Since then, Jessica has been on the form of her life. She's going for her second title win in just three days, and while I'd absolutely love to see her achieve all the success in the world, I'm the only person standing in between her and her goal. I'm not moving, she's going to have to get past me. We know absolutely everything there is to know about each other, so what you're going to see tonight is one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time. We only have ten minutes to work with, but I can promise you that those ten minutes will be filled with fast-paced, breathtaking action that you absolutely do not want to miss.

ST: You've pointed out the ten minute time limit. How much of a factor will that play in this match tonight? Have you had to take it into account when coming up with a strategy?

CA: I've said before how I think it's a damn shame to limit this match to just ten minutes, but it's called the Rapid Fire Championship for a reason. I've pinned Jessica in less than ten minutes before, back during the beat the clock challenge. Coincidentally, that was the longest of all the beat the clock matches. Jessica is no push-over, and is not going to be easy to beat. But if I want to keep my title – and I do – I need to defeat her in ten minutes or less. There's no ties here, this is a matter of winning or losing. The Championship will be vacated if the time limit is reached, and that would be a damn shameful way to end things. But, that's how the Rapid Fire Championship works.

ST: Craig, this is my final question. How do you--

[Before Stevie has the chance to finish her question, Jessica Anderson appears on the set. Craig turns around, and the two get into each other's face. They mutter towards one another, before Craig holds the Rapid Fire Championship in front of her face.]

CA: I know you want this, but you're going to have to go through me to get it.

JA: No problem!

[Craig and Jessica continue to stare into each other's eyes, and this continues for a good half a minute until Craig places the Rapid Fire title back onto his shoulder. Jessica gently dusts it off with her hand.]

JA: There's a bit of dust on the title. Actually, never mind. I'll clean it off tonight, after I've defeated you for it!

[Jessica gives Craig a wink as she exits the scene. Craig smirks and shakes his head, knowing that the time for talk is now over.]

user posted image

Rapid Fire Championship
Singles Match
Craig Anderson © vs Jessica Anderson

[The referee takes the championship from Craig even as the fans are chanting for him, his eyes glued to his belt as the referee lifts it up in the air for all the fans to see what’s under contention. He gives them both a quick rundown of the rules and they smile at each other and nod before he waves for the bell.]


[The second the bell rang though, they were off to the races, both working as fast and efficiently as they could, knowing that time is definitely a factor due to the Rapid Fire Rules! Nearly out of the gate he grabs her up for his patented Rich Tea-Bone Suplex, and it’s clear that neither is holding back in this match. He gains only a one count off the cover, Jessica kicks out fast. He hits a quick forearm smash and covers again, forcing her to kick out again this time closer to two. He stays on her, as they move to rise he captures her with an Inside Cradle, and this is harder for her to free herself out of, but she does at about two and a half. She kicks him in the high inner thigh to gain herself a little space to get a little breather, and she looks focused, knowing that he is doing this to use up as much of her energy as he can, as quickly as he can. Payback was had however as she caught him with her Scissored DDT, the Veneno! She scrambles into the cover and she gets a two and three quarters as the fans cheer!]

BM: Wow we almost had a new champion right there!

TR: Lots of hot action, they’ve got to bring it or time will run right out on them!

BM: That’s what fans love about the Rapid Fire Championship matches. There’s no time for a long slow build towards an end, it’s go go go go!

TR: You… you’re that guy that stands in front of a microwave and yells at the Pizza Rolls to hurry up, aren’t you.

[Craig takes charge for the latter half of the match, Jessica struggles to get some offense going after he plucks her out of the air during a crossbody attempt with his Craigslist, the over the shoulder cutter almost knocking Jessica out on impact, but she throws the shoulder up in the nick of time! Craig runs his fingers through his hair, and tries a new strategy, kipping up for a Standing Shooting Star Press but NO! At the last possible second Jessica gets her knees up and he lands across them awkwardly as the fans are split, some cheer for the plucky Jessica and others for the standing champion Craig. They both stagger up to their feet and Jessica darts in, kissing Craig on the lips!]

BM: Oh uh….

TR: EW PDA…. wait! OH SHIT!

[That kiss leads to the Stunned Silence, Jessica’s Swinging Snap DDT! She floats Craig over and stacks him up on his neck, using her body weight to hold the pin down as the referee slides in to check his shoulders and count the three!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall at eight minutes and fifty two seconds… and your NEEEEEW Rapid Fire Champion... JESS ANDERSON!

BM: This has to be a dream come true for Jess!

TR: She’s ecstatic!

["I Wish" by Cher Lloyd ft. T.I. plays as Jessica gets up and accepts her newly won title, she holds it up for the fans tearfully before she turns and checks on Craig. He’s up to his feet and he approaches her, they embrace as the fans cheer on.]

user posted image

[Rise of the Throne’s been a big noisy show of cheering and screaming and lots of madness but now…we’re in quiet. Backstage we join Stevie Trelain. But right next to her, sat on a stool in the middle of a dimly-lit area backstage, is what appears to be Adam Fenric. However, he has his back to us. Draped over his back is a long cloak as he stares down. Stevie seems to be waiting until she looks to us, almost startled.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m currently stood here with Adam Fenric, one half of the team who will face Estella Winters and Marcus Blackbeard later tonight. Now, I’ve been trying to speak to him before we went on the air here but he’s not been…well, not too responsive. But hopefully, we can now get some answers from him.

[She turns to Adam. We go in closer and he appears to be holding something. Staring at it, mesmerised in a way we’ve never seen the usually very cool, collected Futurist before. Not here, anyway.]

ST: So, Adam Fenric, we were promised on Ruckus that tonight we would not see the regular Layton & Fenric, rather your alter egos ‘Pirate Emery’ and ‘the Plague Doctor’. For those of us who don’t know what the Plague Doctor is, could you explain it to us in your own words.

[No response. Nothing. He doesn’t even flinch or appear to register her presence. Stevie hesitates.]

ST: …Okay…so, you’re all about strategy. What is the strategy we can expect from the Plague Doctor tonight?

[Still nothing. She looks off, clearly uncomfortable. Normally Adam has at least something to say, even if it is aloof. She looks down at what he’s holding- we still cannot see it- and decides to go a little simpler.]

ST: Hey, what’s that there? Could I take a look? I’ll just—

??: Ah ah!

[She reaches out, but before she can do anything – snap! – she feels something against her neck and she flinches. It’s a sword. She can’t tell whether it’s real or not, but having just figured out who it belongs to, the jury is out. We back up slowly. Very slowly. Once we stop, we see it is in fact Emery Layton. But gone is the beaten-up leather jacket and beanie. Instead, she is wearing a large, brown coat. Her hair is fashioned into orange dreadlocks with beads in it. She’s got a trident hat with massive feather in it and noticeably strong eyeliner. Pirate Emery is here.]

EL: Don’t touch him, yeah? I wouldn’t.

ST: …Can you take the sword away from my neck?

EL: Sure?

ST: Yeah, I’m sure.

EL: Can we trust you?

ST: Em, come on.

[Curling her lip, Emery nods and puts her sword back in it’s holder, but not before tapping it.]

EL: Ah, don’t worry. Plastic! Seriously though, stay off him. He’s been quiet for like the last forty minutes or so, it’s been great. I been saying all sorts of shit and he didn’t even care!

ST: How are ‘Pirate Emery’ and ‘the Plague Doctor’ different to Layton & Fenric, Emery?

EL: Stevie, I main evented a pay per view once dressed like this. It was kinda just a joke but we beat someone who held a top title at the time. I don’t believe in luck a whole lot, Stevie…but, I dunno. Being Pirate Emery’s brought me a whole lotta luck. When I was a kid, before we started living on settlements, my Da used to tell me we were ‘like Pirates’ ‘fore I understood what being a Traveller was. So that’s how I thoughta myself for a while, y’know? Now, I bring it out for moments like this where someone wants to try get one over on me. This is me-times-a-thousand. Maybe Stella gets one over on Emery Layton, but no one mugs off Pirate Emery, and tonight, I’ll prove it.

[She takes out the sword again, pointing it to us.]

EL: We slayed demons and monsters in the past, fella, and tonight we’re gonna slay us a kraken and a dragon. This ship’s just been plundered, people, and it all belongs…to Pirate Emery. Savvy?

[And just as Emery finishes her ode to the piracy, we hear it. An effect we have not heard in nearly a year now. That echoing, elongated, deep rumble of breath, rolling backwards and forwards. Stevie stops. Emery stops. Neither of them were quite prepared for the sight of Adam Fenric, decked out in full Plague Doctor gear- the hat, the mask, the long cloak- for the first time since last November. He is still. Unmoving. Even at his height, he appears to toward over them both. Stevie- after a few moments of silence- raises the mic.]

ST: Ah…um, okay. So, you’re ready to speak, I guess. Uh…having assumed the Plague Doctor persona, just how ready is Adam Fenric for the Dragon and the Kraken tonight?

[The Plague Doctor leans in- slowly, carefully, leering- as a leather glove reaches out from the cloak and holds the microphone towards his mask. Stevie makes no effort to stop him. The breathing is only amplified by the mic. And with a distorted voice- though still clearly Adam, but like he’s speaking through a radio- he says…]

AF: Adam is gone. I’m going to change them.

[And after that, he leaves, as Em and Stevie watch him stomp off into the night. He’s ready. The final fear-driven strategy of Adam Fenric is alive. We close in on Em, who Stevie looks to in disbelief. The Swashbuckling Emery shrugs.]

EL: Sound ready to you?

[And off she goes, following Adam. Stevie is left alone as Rise to the Throne continues.]

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Tag Team Match
Layton & Fenric vs The Dragon & The Kraken


[The match looks like it’s going to kick off with Stella and Emery, but as the bell rings Stella turns back to her corner to tag in Marcus, the crowd booing loudly that she’s once again doing this. But not this time, Pirate Emery would never stand for this, she charges after Stella, grabbing hold of her hair and dragging her back to the center of the ring. Stella twists around and throws a few shots at Emery to break her hold, but it only works for a moment as Emery instantly leaps in the air toward Stella, knocking her down onto her back with Emery on top. Emery starts to throw various lefts and rights down to Stellas head, the crowds eating up every punch. Emery pulls Stella back to her feet and whips her against the ropes, Emery hoped to catch her with a lariat but Stella ducked beneath her arm and as they both turned back to each other, Stella caught Emerys chin with a Superkick. Emery got back to her feet a little dazed, Stella positioned herself behind Emery before hooking her up and connecting with a Dragon Suplex. She makes a cover on Emery, but Emery kicks out just before the two count with major determination in her eyes.]

BM: I think I’m seeing a pattern...

TR: What? She calls herself The Dragon, she has a tattoo of a Blue Dragon fish, she has more of a reason to hit those dragon moves than anybody else. All the rest are just posers, you hear me? POSERS!

BM: Yes Tats, I hear you being an idiot loud and clear.

[Stella makes the tag with Marcus who practically flings Emery into the air as he forces her up to her feet. Emery stumbles a few times before her feet before more steady. Her eyes widening as she notices she is now face to face with the Kraken. Emery yells out “ARRGH BEHOLD, TIS THE MONSTER OF THE SEA, THE KRAKEN!” which makes the crowds chuckle but Marcus remains unamused as he reaches out for her throat with his huge hand, Emery side steps the grab and hits him with a low dropkick to his knee. Marcus falls to the mat but begins to push himself back up instantly. Emery quickly runs behind Marcus as he stands upright once more, she uses the ropes to springboard herself onto his back. She wraps her arms into position, locking him into a Dragon Sleeper. Marcus stumbles around the ring like a blinded giant until he falls to his knees. Stella attempts to get into the ring but the referee instantly blocks her path. Right as it looks like Marcus is about to tap Stella fakes like she’s about to leave the ring, the referee turns back to the match taking his eyes away from Stella who uses the opportunity to burst into the ring, grabbing Emerys hair to viciously pull her away from Marcus. The referee orders Stella to leave the ring and watches until she does. Marcus and Emery get back to their feet, Emery grabs his wrist and whips him into her corner, hitting him with a dropkick before tagging in Adam, then hitting Marcus with yet another dropkick.]

BM: Emery with the tag.

TR: That pirate just realizes she’s out of her depth with this Kraken.

[Emery exits to the apron as “The Plague Doctor” takes a moment to assess the situation of the fallen Kraken. Marcus starts to get back to his feet with an assist from the ropes but Adam hits him with a running Enziguri. Adam starts to pull Marcus back to his feet before twisting his arm and hitting him with an Inverted Pointed Elbow Stomp. Stella has seen enough as she storms into the ring, running up behind Adam and jumping onto his shoulders from behind to connect with a Reverse Rana and then to Emery, hitting her with a hard closed fist punch right to her face. Emery attempts to get into the ring but the referee holds her back as Stella slips out beneath the bottom rope and back to the safety of her corner. Marcus crawls towards Adam going for a cover but Adam kicks out at two much to the fans delight. An irate Stella gives a familiar yell from the corner, “Release The Kraken!”. Marcus jumps to his feet with a sudden rush of adrenaline and pulls Adam to his feet, whipping him into the corner and charging at him with a hard spear. Marcus then proceeds to set Adam up on top of the turnbuckle, ready to lift him onto his shoulders, but Emery runs into the ring throwing lefts and rights at Marcus’ back. Marcus turns around with his hand squeezing Emerys throat, but as he lifts her up in the air, Emery kicks her leg and catches Marcus below the belt.]


BM: I think she just found The Krakens weak spot.

[As Marcus buckles to his knees Emery gives a smirk towards Stella and suddenly acts innocent, like it was a pure accident. Stella stands on the bottom rope yelling at the referee that she should be disqualified for stealing her bit. The referee ignores Stellas pleas as Emery heads back to her corner. Adam has already pulled himself to his feet by the ropes but Marcus has gotten up also. He stumbles backwards towards the ropes and Stella smacks his shoulder hard, tagging herself in but what she doesn’t know is that Adam discreetly tagged in Emery with a smile on his face before groggily stumbling around the ring. Stella leaps onto the turnbuckle and waits for Adam to stumble to the center of the ring before jumping onto his shoulders ready to hit the Dragonrana, but Adam suddenly over powers Stella and gets a firm grip on her attire to elevate her on his shoulders to bring her down with a powerbomb while Emery jumps to the top of the rope hitting Stella with The Prikasa.]


[Adam is quick back to his feet as he charges towards Marcus, hitting him with a hard elbow that knocks him off of the apron allowing Emery to hook Stellas leg for the pin.]




TH: Here are your winners...Layton & Fenric!

[The crowds roar with cheers for Layton & Fenric as Emery gets back to her feet with a huge smile on her face. She’s joined by Adam as they have their arms raised by the referee before they exit the ring. Stella has pushed herself to her knees in disbelief at what happened, letting out a heart wrenching “NOOOOOOO” as Emery looks back, smiling and waving from the ramp.]

TR: I can’t believe THOSE two fools actually pulled it off.

BM: The only fool in that ring tonight was Estella, thinking she could outsmart Emery and Adam yet again. They certainly “turned the tides” tonight and perhaps now Stella will think twice about her actions.

TR: What are you trying to say, Bry?

BM: Karmas a bitch, Tats. And so is Stella.
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Proving Grounds Championship
Singles Match
Owen Gonsalves vs Seth Iser


[Owen engages with Seth as soon as the bell rings, a pair of hard European uppercuts followed up fast with his version of the Jim Breaks Special seems to have Iser well in hand, but Seth’s superior stamina and strength aids him here to endure the pain and come across with several super stiff chops across Owen’s chest! Gonsalves weathers them well enough and now attempts to use his Finger Manipulation on Seth, but as he gets started Seth roars with anger and hits him with a heart punch from that massive right hand of his! Owen gasps like a fish as the punch winds him a bit, and he fades back to the ropes rubbing his sternum. Iser stays on him however, yanking him up for a vertical suplex that he transitions into a backbreaker! A sick smirk comes across his face for an instant as he covers to pin, Owen kicks out at two but Iser doesn’t seem to mind, keeping hold of him as he gets up off the mat. The pair struggle near the ropes as the referee warns them, Seth using his strength to get the upperhand as he dumps Owen over the top rope and turns to see him standing on the apron instead of in a heap on the floor!

He swipes at Owen with a haymaker but Owen dodges, Seth tries again and this time Owen slingshots over the top rope, grabs him by the head and drives Iser to the mat with a Slingshot Flatliner! Iser is stunned and Gonsalves covers, but Seth kicks out at two. Since they are prone on the mat, Owen tries for his Kimura Lock but as Iser stands with him and he tries for the bodyscissors to complete the Equivalent Exchange, Seth spins around and shakes him free, slamming him into the turnbuckles before picking Owen up for a modified Muscle Buster!]

BM: Oh God that looks painful but somehow, someway Gonsalves has kicked out at two!

TR: Look I may not care for Owen but he’s tougher than it seems you’re giving him credit for! The thing here B, is that both of these men want this Proving Grounds Championship badly.

BM: I’d say that’s an understatement. Seth wants a chance to prove… so to speak, that his winning it before wasn’t a fluke, and Owen is on a mission to prove… so to speak again, that he can in fact be better than Shawn Fox.

TR: But he… well I guess though if he became the new best Proving Grounds Champion…. Hmm.. OH GOD OUCH.

[Owen hit a pointed elbow stomp on Seth, causing the big man to roar with pain and rocket up to his feet in reaction! In comes Gonsalves with his Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike, the bicycle knee taking the bigger Iser back down to the mat! Seeing Iser was still stirring instead of going for the pin he hops up to the ropes and comes off as Seth sits up, bearing him back down to the mat with his Draco Meteor, the Meteora doing it’s damage as Owen rolls around a moment before he scrambles to cover, but only nets a two!]

BM: Owen has got to be wondering now what it’s going to take to whittle Iser down enough to keep him down. That kick to the leg though, wow solid!

TR: He does tend to favour that left knee, for sure. But he’s seemed pretty solid throughout tonight.

[Seth comes up off the mat and catches Owen by the head, striking him with repeated punches, the referee warning him about closed fists. He glares at him but complies, and as he lets up slightly Owen catches him off-guard for his Wristlock Short-Arm Lariat, the Darkest Lariat taking Iser off his feet! Gonsalves moves to catch Iser with his Wrist-Bending Omoplata, the Krukenberg but as he grabs the near wrist Seth unloads a huge European uppercut that staggers him back! Iser levers himself up fast and drops Owen on his head with the Deprivation DDT! He quickly floats over for the cover, the referee sliding in to count!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall, and NEEEEEEW Proving Grounds Champion… SETH ISER!

BM: He did it! He did it, Seth Iser is now a two-time Proving Grounds Champion!

TR: As much as I dislike Owen Gonsalves I have to say he really brought it here tonight, and Seth better watch his back… though we know his goal remains the same I doubt he’s going to want to let this stand.

[“Gehenna” by Slipknot plays as Seth gets up, he mock kicks at Owen’s head before he lets the referee raise his hand, and he takes the title belt from him before he leaves the ring, holding it up high with his right hand as he goes to the back, leaving Owen in the ring to recover.]

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[The cameras open up near the talent entrance to the parking structure, as Wyatt Blanchard, better known as Jet to the In Your House fans is holding the door for his tag team partner, Penelope Kaplan. Jet's got both their gear bags slung on his strong shoulder while Penny carries the soft carry case for their Tag Team title belts. Behind them is Shawn Fox, Mr. Golden Ticket dressed in street clothes and he pauses in the doorway to take a selfie to send to his girl Lark. Jet shakes his head at his long-time though recently reconciled friend, a chuckle on his lips.]

JB: You always on that thing, talking, texting FaceTiming that girl. You got it bad.

[Without missing a beat Shawn turns the phone so that a tiny Lark can be seen waving at Jet.]

SF: Look at that face and tell me that you blame me.

[Penelope rolls her eyes then laughs, as Jet gives him a look in return.]

JB: She's not my type.

[Shawn laughs a bit as he ends the call with Lark and puts his phone away. A look of curiosity comes over him and he lowers his voice as Penny walks ahead.]

SF: Whatever happened with that Landon guy you liked...?

[Jet looks pained for a moment, then shrugs.]

JB: Dunno, he got busy I guess? Stopped showing up on Twitter except maybe once in a blue moon. Kinda made it easier not to get on Twitter myself. Penny's more social, maybe she'll make us a new one. Wouldn't have worked out anyway, him being in Vegas and me here in Melbourne.

[Shawn gives him a skeptical look but chooses not to pursue it as they both look up and see that interviewer Stevie Trelain has caught Penny. For a moment they seem to consider ditching her to her own devices but with a sigh Jet starts over and Shawn follows. Jet flexes for the camera showing off his windbreaker and new Jetpack logoed t-shirt and politely takes the belt case from Penny as she puts her hands on her hips.]

ST: Glad I caught you all, if you don't mind taking a few moments of your time to answer a few questions. Now tonight, Penny, you and Jet will be in a triple threat match defending your tag team championships against Gordon Fury and Kelly Fury...

[Penny pipes up.]

PK: Team Fury.

[Stevie pauses and continues.]

ST: As well as the team of War Enforcement...

[Penny pipes up again.]

PK: Serena Maxwell and Raine.

[Penny pauses, a thinking look on her face.]

PK: Frankly doesn't matter if Diamond Jack shows up with them or not.

[At this Shawn grins widely.]

SF: If he's stupid enough to do it with a major match like he's got looming on the horizon? Maybe that Main Event won't be for the title after all.

[At the startled look on Stevie's face Shawn shakes a finger, all along having a wide smile on his face.]

SF: I'm just... saying, Stevie. That a man would have to be awfully shortsighted to let himself loose in the wilds of the ringside area while his chief supporters are all wrapped up with four other folk. Just SAYING, that it would be just an overall bad idea for Jackie Boy.

[Stevie blinks, before she continues.]

ST: Oh well I suppose... then I guess I don't need to ask what will happen if Sabbath interferes.

JB: Nope, guess you don't sugar.

PK: Yep yep yep!

[Shawn grins charmingly and pats Stevie on the shoulder as Jet speaks.]

JB: We're focused on one thing, Stevie - going out there, and putting on the best match possible for the fans. That's what matters at the end of the day, or should always matter. They pay their hard earned money, they travel, they put up with a lot just to watch us and it's a damn shame more people don't appreciate that.

PK: And this show is stacked, racked, and packed with potential Match of the Year Candidates, mark my words! You can feel the excitement in the air!

JB: Sure can. Excuse us Stevie, got to go on and get everythin' squared away. Take it easy .

[Shawn grins and shrugs, following the pair. Stevie is alone with her camera operator and she nods at him to indicate that they should go on and find the next potential interview, and she turns to walk away when a low scream of startlement is ripped from her lips as she spies behind them the Iwasaki Sisters Akihiko and Etsuko, dressed exactly like the ghost sisters from The Shining, they don't speak at first, just stare at her creepily until finally they break the silence.]

AI: Hello Stevie.

EI: Come play with us, Stevie. Forever… and ever… and ever.

[Speechless she retreats with speed, the cameraman calling after her.]


user posted image

Tag Team Championship
Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Jetpack © vs War Enforcement vs Team Fury

[Team Fury is the first to enter the ring but War Enforcement doesn’t waste any time to attack them from behind as soon as they step through the ropes. The crowd jeers seeing Serena slamming Kelly face first into the turnbuckle and Raine tossing Gordon out of the ring. In methodical synchronisation, Serena and Raine run Kelly down with a double shoulder block. Wild cheers return when the tag champions Jetpack come running in to engage with Serena and Raine.]

BM: Yes, go Jetpack! Don’t let War Enforcement get away with this!

TR: It’s a fucking war for the tag titles, Bry! Raine and Serena will do anything to bring home the championship!

[Jet stops Raine with an effective chop block, sending him rolling out of the ring to recover. Penny pulls Serena away from Kelly to throw furious forearm shots that daze her momentarily. Penny irish whips Serena towards Kelly who has risen to her feet. Kelly bends backwards in evasion. As Serena stops herself from crashing into the corner and turns around, Kelly takes her down with a handstand tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Serena tumbles out of the ring from the impact, prompting satisfied cheers from the fans. Meanwhile, The referee frantically tries to restore order as the other participants finally make their way to their respective corners.]


[The match officially begins with Penny and Kelly locking up in the centre. Penny connects with a side headlock before Kelly escapes to kick her in the midsection. With Penny doubled over, Kelly attempts to irish whip her to the corner. But Penny reverses the throw to send Kelly back-first there instead. Penny then charges at Kelly for a perfectly executed monkey flip. Holding her back, Kelly pulls herself up, only to get taken down by Penny with a diving crossbody that lands with a pin. Raine rushes in to break up the pin after one and attacks Penny with a knife-edge chop across the chest before wearing her down with trapping headbutts while Kelly slowly rolls out of the way. As Raine lets go of Penny, she immediately collapses on the mat, clutching her forehead in agony. Jet looks furious as Raine tags in Serena to keep Penny down with their springboard moonsault combo, Springboard Madness. The crowd jeers passionately as Serena hooks Penny’s leg for the pin with a grin. But Penny kicks out at two.]

BM: War Enforcement with a huge statement on the champs with that Springboard Madness!

TR: Damn right it is! That double-team combo was smooth as fuck!

[By this time, Kelly is crawling across the ring towards Gordon, only to get kicked in the gut by Serena. While Penny recovers, Serena goes after Kelly to drag her by the leg to the centre. Penny returns with a body kick on Serena and the two begin trading shots. Getting overwhelmed, Serena grabs Penny by the hair and screams in her face. The women tussle along the ropes in the tangle before Penny starts fighting back with body shots. Penny looks for a back suplex but Serena flips herself over her shoulder to counter with a backstabber. The crowd gasps as Serena goes for the pin but Jet rushes in for the save, replacing Penny in the match. Serena and Jet battle it out with their fists in the centre of the ring before Jet blocks to irish whip Serena to the other side. Serena reverses the throw to send him there instead. On the rebound, Jet ducks to hit the ropes again and this time, he takes her down with a leaping clothesline. Jet goes for the pin but Serena kicks out at two. Kelly returns to the fight, catching Jet with a spinning heel kick right to the jaw. Kelly hooks Jet’s leg for the pin when Serena dives onto her back with a double axe handle to break it up.]

BM: I can’t breathe, I can’t blink! The match is going so fast!

TR: Did you see that spinning heel kick to the jaw by Kelly?! I think Jet’s eyes just rolled so far back in his head!!

[Serena drags Kelly by the hair to toss her towards the corner. Kelly scrambles to her feet and ducks before grabbing Serena for a backslide driver. Kelly goes for the pin but somehow Serena kicks out before three. Kelly sets up Serena on the top turnbuckle, looking for the top rope frankensteiner. That’s when Serena stands up to throw Kelly over her shoulders before jumping down on the mat, sending Kelly face first into the turnbuckle. The crowd goes “ooh!” as Kelly crumples down on the mat, clutching her face. Serena takes this time to regain her bearings before slowly crawling over to pin Kelly. Gordon rushes in for the save, much to the relief of the crowd. With Kelly still down, Gordon attempts to take over in her place but Raine tags himself in with a hard slap on his back. The crowd jeers as the referee sends an annoyed Gordon back to his team’s corner while Raine attacks Kelly with a few foot stomps before picking her up to toss her into the opposite corner. Raine then charges at Kelly who rolls out of the way and he crashes hard into the turnbuckles. Kelly immediately zips past her for the hot tag with Gordon and the arena explodes in excitement. Serena steps through the ropes to chase after Gordon on the ring apron and he stops her with a huge Muay Thai head kick, sending her collapsing hard onto the outside floor. Raine charges at Gordon who counters with a shoulder thrust into the midsection. Raine staggers back, clutching his stomach. Gordon launches himself over the ropes to take down Raine with a springboard implant DDT. The crowd goes wild as Gordon takes the pin, but he only gets a two-count before Jet breaks it up. Gordon and Jet trade shots until Gordon gets the upperhand, forcing the champ backwards into the ropes. Gordon attempts to irish whip Jet to the other side but he reverses the throw, sending him there instead. Gordon rebounds with a running calf kick that has Jet crashing onto the mat. Gordon marches over to Jet as he struggles to his feet. Gordon kicks out Jet’s knee before grabbing him in a front chancery. Jet counters with a single leg takedown, sending Gordon rolling on the canvas. As they both scramble to their feet, Jet drops Gordon with a neckbreaker. Gordon writhes on the mat, clutching the back of his neck. Jet tags in Penny and together, they do their double front kick, Shine On, to the Gordon’s gut before hitting a double DDT, Doublemint. The arena explodes with nervous excitement as Penny goes for the pin when Kelly comes in for the save. In complete awe, the fans are split down the middle with their cheering]

BM: The champs gaining back their momentum fast tonight!

TR: But what good is there if you can’t keep it??

[Kelly hits a snap suplex on Penny and takes the cover but the champ rolls her shoulder off the mat before three. Kelly picks up Penny who starts fighting back with punches. Penny then drops Kelly in a quick roll-up, only getting a two-count. As they both scramble to their feet, Kelly charges at Penny who counters with an effective hip toss. With the crowd fired up, Penny looks to the ropes and jumps up for a springboard move but Raine suddenly leaps in from out of nowhere with a springboard dropkick to hit the rope Penny is standing on, causing her to fall flat on her face. As Kelly gets to her feet, Raine charges at her but she bends over backwards in matrix-style evasion. Raine stops himself and turns around, only to get doubled over with a body kick by Kelly. Gordon pops up behind Raine and takes him down with a german suplex into the turnbuckles. Gordon moves out of the way as Kelly flies from the adjacent corner to land a missile dropkick onto Raine. Gordon then ends it with a hesitation dropkick on Raine. The crowd goes nuts as Kelly goes for the cover on Raine, but Jet breaks up the pin.]

BM: Team Fury showing off what they can do tonight! They are FIRED UP!

TR: Anything for the tag titles, am I right? This match is just synchronised chaos and I LOVE IT!!

BM: This right here is why we have THE BEST tag team division!

[Feeling the effects of the match, the participants take their time to recover. Jet and Gordon square off in the middle of the ring, trading shots, until Jet drops Gordon with a vertical suplex. The crowd cheers in appreciation as Jet goes for the cover but Gordon manages to roll his shoulder off the mat. While Gordon regains his bearings, Jet steps through the ropes to stand on the apron, signalling for the end. The fans are on their feet in nervous excitement when suddenly Serena cuts Jet down with a sly hit to the back of his knees, causing him to tumble to the hard floor. Serena climbs up onto the apron just as Gordon pulls himself up with the aid of the ropes. Serena attacks Gordon with a vicious forearm shot and he retaliates with a back elbow shot, whiplashing Serena’s head as she desperately hangs onto the rope from the force. With the fans cheering him on, Gordon grabs Serena to set up for a throw. But Serena fights back and as Gordon lets go, she counters with a slingshot backstabber. The fans look on in shock and despair as Serena now heads to the top rope, clearly looking for her finisher, The Rising Tide. That’s when Jet gets to his feet and yells out Serena’s name from below. The distraction pays off as Serena turns angrily towards Jet, allowing Kelly to climb up after her. Kelly successfully takes down Serena with a top rope frankensteiner, reigniting the fans once more. Kelly goes for the cover but Penny returns to break it up and surprises her with a quick rollup. Kelly reverses the pin before three but only gets a two, much to the relief of many in the crowd. The match kicks back into high gear as they scramble to their feet. Kelly goes for a spinning heel kick but Penny ducks before countering with a bulldog. Kelly rolls out of the ring from impact as Serena slowly rises to her feet, holding her head. Penny zeroes in on Serena just as Jet climbs up on the apron with a signal to the crowd who roars back in excitement. Penny grabs the still dazed Serena and Jet leaps inside the ring with his “Oh Good Lord” springboard lariat as Penny hits the spinning elbow drop, completing their Lift Kit finisher. The crowd goes ballistic, counting along with the referee as Penny goes for the cover.]







TH: Here are your winners… AND STILL, the IYH Tag Team Champions… Jetpack!!

[“Stand Up (For The Champions)” by Right Said Fred starts playing as the fans explode with joy. The referee hands Jet and Penny their title belts and the champs hug each other before celebrating with the fans.]


TR: How dare Jet distract Serena!! War Enforcement could’ve been champs!!

BM: Nah, Kelly wasn’t too far behind and the match would've still gone any way! Incredible effort from everyone. Congrats to Jetpack for defending their championship tonight! And that’s two multi-team title matches that they’ve come out on top!

TR: Whoa, ok, that’s a pretty huge deal!

BM: It really is. Jetpack’s truly flying high right now!

[The camera shows Jetpack standing on separate corners while raising their titles high above their heads before the feed cuts away.]

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In Your House Championship
Singles Match
Diamond Jack Sabbath vs Michael Diablo


[The match begins with an intense staredown between Jack and Michael before the champion throws the first punch but the challenger blocks it and starts pummeling him with stiff strikes. Jack fights back with his own, causing Michael to back up a bit. Michael then counters with furious body shots. Jack staggers back, only to return with a front kick. Jack throws Michael to the corner and continues to punish him with forearm shots before getting some distance. Jack charges at Michael who moves out of the way, sending the champ to bump into the turnbuckles. Michael takes down Jack with a huge german suplex. Jack rolls over slowly before pushing himself up. As Michael grabs him, Jack shoves him hard into the corner behind him. Jack storms over to Michael who pushes him back with his legs, sending him bowling over backwards. As Jack scrambles to his feet, Michael charges at him but gets thrown over in a thunderous scoop powerslam. The crowd is loud tonight with nervous excitement. Jack goes for a quick cover, only getting a near two-count. Jack picks up Michael to set up for an underhook suplex. The impact has Michael arching his back in agony. As Michael slowly sits up, Jack strikes his back with a hard kick. Michael collapses on the canvas, gritting his teeth. Jack lands a few jumping foot stomps, causing Michael to roll around the ring in anguish. Jack yanks Michael to his feet in a front facelock when Michael shoves him hard into the turnbuckles behind. Michael staggers around in a daze before charging at Jack in the corner for a running elbow but Jack catches him in a bear hug and carries him towards the centre of the ring before throwing him over with a belly to belly suplex. Michael rolls under the bottom rope from impact while Jack smirks to himself, taking his time to catch his breath. While the referee checks on Michael, Jack steals the opportunity to remove the top turnbuckle pad in the corner. The crowd jeers. Jack then arrogantly makes his way over to Michael who’s slowly pulling himself up on the ring apron. Jack delivers a stiff head punch that has Michael swaying. Jack tries to steer Michael towards the exposed turnbuckle but Michael is starting to resist and Jack throws another punch. This time, Michael fights back with an even harder jab that sends Jack staggering back. While Michael regains his bearings, Jack suddenly charges at Michael for a low dropkick to his knees. Michael gets flung off the apron and crashes onto the outside floor. Snarling, Jack goes after Michael to set him up against the fan barricade and delivers a stiff chop across the chest which greatly upsets the local crowd. Jack drags Michael around the ring while slamming and throwing him against the steel post and barricade every few steps. By the end of it, Michael can barely make it to his feet as he pulls himself up by the ring. Jack climbs onto the apron with an evil grin, looking for a punt kick. The arena is buzzing with nervous anticipation as Jack charges at Michael but the challenger pulls back to dodge it and strikes the back of Jack’s knee and his lower back with effective forearm shots. Jack arches his back in shocking pain, allowing Michael to capitalise by hoisting him up on his shoulders and then stepping back to drop him face first into the hard apron. The crowd gasps as both men collapse on the ground, taking their time to recover.]

BM: Michael just rearranged Jack’s face with that drop!

TR: But not before Jack having most of the control in this match! The champ has been dead set on retaining his title. What Michael did was purely out of desperation!

BM: Don’t underestimate The Devil of In Your House, Tats!

[Michael is first to stand and he rolls Jack back into the ring before taking the pin. Jack kicks out at two. Holding his face, Jack pushes himself up. Michael rushes at Jack who ducks before coming back with a spinning kick, but Michael catches Jack and lifts him up on his shoulders to throw him down with a hard scoop slam. Michael quickly hooks Jack’s leg for the pin, prompting the fans to leap to their feet as the referee counts. But Jack’s hand shoots up in the air before three. Michael stands while Jack struggles on all fours, reaching for the ropes. Michael pulls up Jack in a seated rear headlock. Jack struggles in the hold, his arms swinging wildly for an escape. The fans are going nuts at this point, more so satisfied to see Jack in such a predicament. Eventually, Jack gets to his feet and fights his way out of the hold with a back suplex. Jack tosses Michael to the corner and hits a running clothesline before whipping him to the opposite corner for round two. Michael staggers out of there, doubling over in agony. Jack catches Michael with his Double-A spinebuster signature that has the crowd go “ooh!” Jack goes for the cover but somehow Michael kicks out just before three. Clutching his back, Michael struggles to his feet. Jack pulls himself up, also trying to shake off the effects of the match, before hobbling over to Michael. Jack grabs Michael in a waistlock from behind, looking for a german suplex. But as Jack lifts him up, Michael counters with a victory roll. Jack kicks out just in time. Both get to their feet almost at the same time. Michael pummels Jack’s face with repeated elbows, causing Jack to collapse on his knees. Jack attempts to crawl away towards the corner to get some distance when Michael charges at him, only to get tripped and lands face first into the exposed turnbuckle. Michael writhes on the mat, clutching his face. Michael slowly pushes himself up on one knee when Jack kicks him in the face and wrenches his arm but Michael catches him with his impaler DDT, Santos Impaler. The crowd fires up with excitement as both men lie on their backs, trying to regain their bearings. Now bleeding from a cut between his eyes, Michael slowly rolls over for the cover.]








[Michael wipes the blood from his face and drags Jack to corner before sliding out of the ring. Taking Jack’s leg, Michael slams the knee hard into the steel post. The crowd cringes away as Jack writhes on the mat, clutching his knee in agony. But Michael isn’t done yet; he pulls Jack’s leg again and does the same thing. Jack curls up, gripping his knee. Michael drags Jack out of the ring and aggressively tosses him aside on the ground. With a dark look in his eyes, Michael turns to the announcers table and yells for Brian and Tats to clear out. As soon as they do, Michael pulls Jack up to his feet before setting him up on top of the table. Michael climbs up after Jack and looks for his piledriver finisher, Diablo Driver. The crowd is on their feet, anticipating the violent end, but before Michael can lift him up, Jack resists it to counter with a table-shattering alabama slam. “Holy shit” chants break out through the entire arena as both men barely move from the impact, just bodies in a pile of wreckage.]



[Jack is first to show signs of life as he struggles to stand. Not without a few stumbles, Jack finally manages to push Michael back inside the ring. Michael rolls to the centre of the ring before forcing himself to rise to his knees. With one last rush of adrenaline, Jack charges at Michael for his roundhouse head kick finisher, The Crown Kick. The crowd looks on in astonishment as Michael crushes sideways onto the mat, allowing Jack to go for the pin.]





TH: Here’s your winner… AND STILL the IYH champion, Diamond Jack Sabbath!

[“No More Heroes” by The Stranglers fill the arena, to the chorus of disappointed jeers from the crowd. The referee returns the belt to Jack who snatches it and nearly collapses on the canvas next to Michael out of exhaustion. Jack cradles the title in his hands and looks down upon it with a reptilian smile, soaking up the hostile fan reaction.]

BM: Well say what you will about Jack, by hook or crook he got the job done.

TR: I told you Bry, Jack is the best. He just proved once again that-

BM: Wait what is this?!

[The fans suddenly explode in cheers as Shawn Fox, who has been at ringside watching the show, jumps the barricade, Golden Ticket briefcase in hand.

TR: Its Shawn Fox, what is he doing?!

[Shawn slides into the ring behind Jack, waiting as Jack turns around, right into getting blasted by the briefcase!

BM: Shawn just cleaned Jack’s clock with that briefcase! Does this mean what I think it means?!

[Shawn nods at the referee as he hands him the briefcase, the ref handing it off to Tommy as the bell rings.]

BM: He’s cashing in!

TR: What?! This is unfair! Jack’s not ready!

BM: That’s the rule of the Golden Ticket Bry, and Shawn is using that rule in a big way!

[Jack is busted open from the briefcase shot, as Shawn quickly moves over and picks him up, hooking both arms and spiking him into the canvas with Go Fox Yourself! He goes for the cover.]

BM: Go Fox Yourself connects! The cover!


TR: No!


TR: No no!




TH: Here is your winner, and the NEW In Your House Champion… Shawn Fox!

[The fans go absolutely ballistic as “Machine Gun Blues” by Social Distortion plays through the arena, the ref handing Shawn the In Your House Championship as he raises his hand.]

BM: He did it! Shawn Fox came out of nowhere with the cash in and is now the new In Your House Champion!

TR: This is a tragedy! A visionary was shot down in his prime, Bry! In his prime!

BM: In any case this is sure to have ramifications and could possibly change the very landscape of IYHWF. Only time will tell. Anyway ladies and gentlemen, that is all we have time for tonight. Until next time, goodnight!

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