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 Wrath of the Gods
 Posted: Dec 6 2016, 02:06 AM

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[A wide sweeping shot of the crowd is seen from the inside of the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, signifying the opening of Wrath Of The Gods! The fans seem amped and ready for one hell of a supershow, cheering and waving at the cameras as one of them moves to the announce desk.]

Brian Morris: Ladies and Gentlemen, we come to you tonight from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre as tonight we are going to see who is gonna be able to grab that brass ring: welcome to Wrath Of The Gods! I am “The Voice of The House” Brian Morris here with my broadcast partner, Tats Richardson.

Tats Richardson: The pressure is on tonight as all three titles will be on the line! We’ve got our second ever steel cage war, and this time it's for the IYH Championship between the Angel and the Devil! Second time’s the charm, maybe? I wonder what will be Angelica’s excuse this time if she loses…

BM: Anyway, Snarktastic’s defending the IYH Tag Team Championship against State of Anarchy, and Ken Nagasaki faces Iris Black for the Proving Grounds Championship in his first ever title defense! Besides that, there’s more of course as heated rivals collide, so let’s get this show underway! Over to you, Tommy!

[The camera cuts to Tommy in the ring as “Random” by G-Eazy plays throughout the arena and the crowds jump to their feet in anticipation of the arrival of Zoe Alverez. As she appears from behind the curtains the cheers get louder. She takes a moment at the top of the ramp to bask in the cheers with her arms raised before heading down the ramp.]

TH: Making her way to the ring from Los Angeles, California. Weighing in at 56Kg…Zoe Alverez!

[Zoe grabs a few of her fans hands before running the last few steps to the ring and slides in beneath the bottom rope. She throws her arms up one more time before her music is cut off and replaced with “Mind of a Beast” by The Glitch Mob. The cheers instantly turn to boos as Connie Craven walks out behind the ramp with a cocky grin on her face.]

TH: And her opponent from Christchurch, New Zealand; weighing in at 46Kg…she is ‘The Craven Kiwi’…Connie Craven!

[A few fans reach out in an attempt to get Connies attention, who turns up her nose in disgust at them and snarls, ignoring their request to be touched. Connie takes her time in climbing the steps and entering the ring, which seemingly makes Zoe become more and more impatient. Once inside of the ring Connie paces around, keeping her eyes locked with Zoes.]

Singles Match
Zoe Alverez vs Connie Craven


[The women pace around the ring momentarily as the referee calls for the bell, Connie lunges at Zoe, hoping to get a cheap shot to the side of her head. But Zoe saw it coming and throws up her arm to block the shot. Zoe shoves Connie back and starts to chop at her chest until Connie is backed up against the ropes. Zoe grabs Connies wrist and whips her to the opposite side. As Connie rebounds back Zoe takes her down with a clothesline. Connie is straight back up to her feet, only to be taken down again. She’s slow to get up one last time and is only met with a DDT for her efforts.]

TR: Zoe has this match in the bag!

BM: Keep your biased out of this. Connie may be small, but she has every chance of winning this match; just like Zoe does.

[Zoe had ran to the ropes in hopes of connecting with a Lionsault, but Connie rolled free and sprung back to her fight, wildly stomping down onto Zoes back before ending it with a double foot stomp to Zoes spine. Connie grips hold of Zoes hair and pulls her back up to her feet, the referee warns Connie about the hair pulling who lets go after a four count and connects with a DDT of her own. Connie scrambles to the corner and climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, before diving off with a Flying Elbowdrop to Zoe. She hooks Zoe’s leg for a pin, but Zoe kicked out after two.]


BM: Your overreactions are over the top, Tats.

[Connie got back to her feet and instantly started arguing with the referee over his ‘slow count’, this allowed Zoe time to slowly pull herself back to her feet using the ropes as an aid. She wraps her arms around Connie from behind and grips on tight. Connie tries to squirm free, wildly throwing back elbows which Zoe manages to evade, before hoisting Connie up in the air with a Belly-to-Back Suplex. Connie rolls on the mat, gripping at her back in pain as Zoe still seems to be feeling the effects of the stomps on her back from earlier in the match. She gets back to her feet and stumbles towards the corner, jumping up on top of the turnbuckle while sizing up Connie.]

TR: This is it, end her baby!

BM: …baby? Ok, now you’re just taking this beyond creepy.

[Zoe gets into position and leaps off the turnbuckle with a Phoenix Splash, but Connie rolls out of the way at the very last second. Zoe crashes into the mat as Connie gets back to her feet, laughing at her opponents mistake. Zoe tries to push herself up, but crumbles back to the mat, not able to make it past pushing herself to her knees. Connie sees this as the perfect opportunity to connect with a Headscissor DDT before hooking Zoe’s leg for the pin.]





BM: Connie did it, she defeated Zoe with ‘Oh So Craven’

TH: Here is your winner...CONNIE CRAVEN!


BM: …On a pin?


BM: No!

[Connie celebrated by jumping around the ring and laughing at Zoe, before dropping to her knees and rolling out under the bottom rope. She heads up the ramp still looking back at Zoe with a smirk proudly on her face.]

BM: I think the real downfall for Zoe tonight was missing that El Chapoteo, wouldn’t you agree Tats?

TR: I don’t want to talk about it.

BM: Really? Ugh. Fine. Despite my partner’s dismissal of the ending of this match, I believe both women fought hard and it really could have gone either way. But let’s not dwell on the opening match, we have LOTS more action here tonight at Wrath of the Gods. All Championship belts on the line, but not just the belts, pride too. Which brings us to the next match…Suzanne Carlisle versus Julian Savell. For weeks he has tormented Suzanne and she has finally had enough of it. The question is, will she be able to overcome the taunts, or will she become a victim of his?

user posted image

[The feed cuts to Stevie Trelain backstage, where she stands with Suzanne Carlisle. The wrestler seems a little uneasy as if feeling out of place but she gives Stevie a warm smile nonetheless.]

ST: Hi Suzanne, I’m glad to have caught you before your match. May I ask a few questions?

SC: Yeah, Stevie, go ahead.

ST: So… how are you?

SC: I’m good. Just feeling the usual pre-match nerves, ya know?

[Stevie nods, the professional smile now becoming more sympathetic and genuine.]

ST: Of course. Which is why I have to ask, how do you feel about getting this match with Julian Savell tonight?

[The look on Suzanne’s face hardens as she looks to be choosing her words in response.]

SC: Um… Pumped?

[She gives a sheepish smile and shrugs her shoulders slightly. Chuckling, Stevie prompts her further.]

ST: It was interesting to see how you handled him last week at Ruckus. I understand you kinda laid low for a long time while he constantly berated you on Twitter and interrupting your matches.

[Suzanne averts her gaze momentarily and bows her head, suddenly feeling inferior.]

SC: Yeah… It’s just, you know, I wasn’t sure what he wanted from me. Julian’s a very confusing person. One minute, he was nice. Kinda. Then the next, he just yelled at me for whatever reason. Threatening to kill me and all that. Am I supposed to take that seriously? You know, Stevie, I really have no idea.

ST: Me neither, honestly.

SC: Yeah so then I realise, I can keep trying to figure out forever and I still won't know the answer.

ST: So how do you approach this match then?

[Stevie tilts her head in concern as Suzanne grows more serious.]

SC: I know he’s upset, ever since Rise To The Throne. Perhaps he’d already been on the edge before then so losing to Ken probably sent him over it. I know that match with Ken was important to him, that it meant so much more than he said. Maybe he doesn’t want to admit it. Whatever his reason may be, it doesn’t matter. He had started to mess with my matches and that needs to stop. Plain and simple. I’m not gonna let him go on like that with no repercussions to his actions. I’ve done nothing wrong to him, at least not on purpose. So there’s no reason for him to attack my chances at success here.

[Smiling again, Suzanne gives a confident nod.]

SC: It’s time I stand up to him. If he wants a match, I’m gonna give him one.

ST: Inspiring! Glad to hear, Suze. Best of luck!

SC: Thank you!

[Suzanne grins before walking out of shot as the camera pans to Stevie.]

ST: Now back to you, Tommy!

user posted image

[The camera cuts back to the ring as Tommy prepares to announce the next match.]

TH: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

[“To Be Free” by Tonight Alive plays throughout the arena and the crowds jump to their feet for Suzanne Carlisle, who comes out from behind the curtains. She still looks somewhat intimidated at what is about to transpire here tonight, but she tries to remain focused as she makes her way down the ramp, cautiously looking around as if she is expecting Julian to appear from out of nowhere.]

TH: Making her way to the ring from Sydney, New South Wales; weighing in at 68Kg…Suzanne Carlisle!

[Suzanne takes her time climbing the steps, still looking around before slipping into the ring. Her music is abruptly cut off by "Shepard of Fire" by Avenged Sevenfold as a furious Julian Savell appears from behind the curtains.]

TH: And her opponent, from Providence, Rhode Island; weighing in at 98Kg….Julian Savell!

[He wastes no time and marches down the ramp, yelling obscenities at Suzanne while waving his umbrella around. Suzanne shakes her head at Julian, more than prepared to stand her ground with him as he hops up onto the apron. Suzanne backs off, allowing Julian space to enter the ring. He walks up to Tommy as he is leaving the ring and holds out his hand demanding the microphone. Julian’s music fades as he ditches the jacket and umbrella at ringside.]

JS: Now Suze, I know you’re scared, I mean of course you are. You are facing a wrestling god, and you obviously don’t want to be humiliated and brutalised by me again. Now, I won’t let it be said that I’m not a merciful god, so I am going to give you a chance to escape your inevitable fate. Lie, down, Suze. Lie down and let me take my obvious victory, save yourself the career ending injuries.

[The fans boo loudly, Suzanne just looking at him, her confidence fading a bit. He drops the microphone outside of the ring before pointing at Suzanne, and then at the canvas.]

Singles Match
Suzanne Carlisle vs Julian Savell


[The crowd is deafening as they shout at Suzanne to not lie down. Julian closes in and all but yells in her face, telling her to get on the ground. Suzanne shrinks away from Julian a little, bowing her head.]

BM: I can’t believe this. After everything he has put her through, does Julian really expect Suzanne to lie down for him?

TR: It’s a smart move, Brian. It robs us of a match, but you have to give the guy credit for being so gracious to Suzanne.

BM: You are full of it, this is disgusting.

[The fans are chanting Suzanne’s name, and she stands her ground a little, but this just causes Julian to shout in her face more, once again backing her down. She slowly moves down towards the mat, Julian smirking at her, revelling in his handiwork. He glances out into the crowd, shushing them, and as soon as he takes his eyes off her, Suzanne suddenly springs to life, grabbing Julian by the neck and trapping his head under her arm, pulling him down with her. She puts her legs up between them, using the momentum to flip him over her onto his back, using her own momentum to flip with him, the front facelock still applied. She pulls him into a seated position, wrapping the body scissors around him, letting out a battlecry as she wrenches on a vicious dragon sleeper, the East Coast Pride! The fans to absolutely mental as Julian is trapped in the hold.]

BM: East Coast Pride is locked in! She suckered Julian in and caught him, he has nowhere to go!

TR: No way! Julian has reportedly never submitted before, he can’t let this happen!

[Julian tries to struggle, but Suzanne cranks the neck even more, using her position and leverage to prevent any movement. Julian finally recognises his situation after one last failed escape attempt, tapping out.]


TR: No fucking way! What the hell just happened?!

BM: Suzanne just made Julian tap out, for the first time ever, in under a minute, Tats! THAT is what just happened, and I for one am so happy to see it!

TR: This is a travesty!

TH: Here is your winner, by submission… Suzanne Carlisle!

[Suzanne releases the hold, before “To Be Free” by Tonight Alive plays through the arena again. The crowd is in full support of the young lady, cheering louder as she mounts the turnbuckle and pumps her fists, getting somewhat emotional. The inspiring scene is the last thing you see as the camera cuts away.

user posted image

[Backstage we see our infamous interviewer, Stevie Trelain, holding her microphone tightly in her hands, looking forward at the camera. She looks a little nervous, like she’s expecting something to go wrong with this endeavor, but it is her job.]

ST: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight my guest at this time will be teaming up with her partner Shawn Fox to defend their tag team titles against State of Anarchy. She is the Snarktopus, Nessa Wall!

[The petite blonde’s sigh is clearly picked up by the microphone before she speaks, sarcasm dripping from every word.]

NW: Stevie, honey, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re terrible at your job. It’s simply not true. I’m sure you’re wondering why I asked you to meet me here, aren’t you?

[Before the intrepid employee can answer, Nessa interjects.]

NW: Of course you are. The entire world is. All those people out there right now are holding their collective breaths because they want to hear what I’ve got to say.

[Stevie just eyes Nessa for a moment, expecting something more, but pulls the microphone back to ask her.]

ST: Well? What do you have to say?

[She takes a big breath, adjusting her half of the tag team championships that rests over her shoulder.]

NW: Max and Sean are in for a rude awakening tonight if they think they’re going to steamroll us. Quite frankly, this match against State of Anarchy is a joke.

ST: Funny you should mention that, given that little display you and Shawn pulled last Ruckus.

NW: Meaning?

ST: Well…

[Stevie pauses for a moment to get the wording right on her next question as Nessa turns toward her, keeping the belt in frame as she puts her hands on her hips..]

ST: You two did sort of make jokes at not only your opponent’s expense, but also at the majority of the tag teams here at In Your House. Do you really think that was called for?

NW: Listen, sweetie, I don’t tell you how to do your job so I think it’s only fair you repay me the same courtesy. For instance, I could critique the way you state the obvious and always go for the easy fluff statement rather than delving into anything worthwhile - lucky for you, I’m just not that kind of person. As for the Wheel? In all honesty? They had it coming. Sure, we have a deep and diverse tag division here at In Your House, but do you honestly think any of them can be taken seriously? Be honest, Stevie. For once in your pathetic career.

[Stevie thinks for a moment, looking trepidatious towards her next comment, but deciding to go through with it anyway.]

ST: Honestly? I don’t see the difference between you degrading the tag teams here and what Matt Stone’s been going around saying with regards to tag teams. You took offense to his comments last week, so what is the difference?

[Nessa rolls her eyes, tapping one finger against the faceplate of the belt.]

NW: One thing, Stevie. I’m qualified to comment on the tag division, being a champion and all... while Matthew Stone is most certainly-

ST: Not a champion, I get it. I guess me not being a champion made that hard for me to see, too.

[Stevie has a bit of an attitude towards Nessa now that she’s been talked down to several times in the span of a minute.]

ST: One more question, Miss Wall. Last week we saw your ex-boyfriend Matt Stone recieve flowers from someone, and you wasted no time in destroying them. Why did you do that if you don’t have feelings for him as you claim?

NW: Excuse… me?

[She almost chokes on her incredulity, struggling for words.]

NW: That’s the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard! I have allergies! Hayfever, to be exact and flowers set me off the worst. There was nothing malicious intended, I can assure you of that. You know, when you wash out here, you might have a job writing for the Weekly World News.

[Stevie fights back a laugh at that.]

ST: Right, okay…allergies. Be that as it may…

[Before the interviewer gets to her next point, she’s cut off by the appearance of the Straight Shooter himself, Matt Stone. Much like Beetlejuice, they made the mistake of saying his name too much and here he is. He shoos Stevie back away from the shot, backing her away.]

MS: That’s great, bang up job as always Stewie, now if you don’t mind, I need to borrow Nessa for a moment.

[Stone doesn’t wait for a reply from either of them, putting an arm around Nessa’s waist and turning her around, walking her several feet off camera, or so he thinks, but the camera follows their movement.]

MS: I still haven’t received any compensation from you for your abhorrent actions towards me last week.

NW: Compensation? For what? Those stupid flowers from some random stalker? Honestly, Matt. That’s the saddest, most disturbing thing I’ve heard all night…

[She cocks her head in Stevie’s direction.]

NW: And I just endured that.

MS: We’ve all had to endure that, you’ll get over it. You want to talk about sad and disturbing, you should have a look in the mirror, sweetheart. You might be able to fool all these idiots, but I know you did that on purpose.

[She steps closer, poking a finger into his chest.]

NW: Are you calling me a liar right now?

[Matt’s eyes narrow looking down in the shorter woman’s eyes, not backing down.]

MS: Well, Pinoc...if the nose fits.

NW: You are just the absolute worst!

[She huffs in outrage, lifting her hand as though she’s about to slap him in the face and instead very deliberately adjusts the championship belt instead. Hesitating for just a second, she looks like she’s about to say something before abruptly turning and storming away.]

MS: Yeah, that’s right, just walk away. I like seeing you go and I love to watch you leave….but don’t think that gets you off the hook!

[He has to shout the last bit as Nessa’s small stature hides how quickly she can move when she wants to, Matt turning to leave, noticing the camera was watching him the whole time.]

MS: Oh piss off!

[Stone storms past the camera, its sight shifting to Stevie who shrugs as we head back to ringside.]

user posted image

[The feed returns to Tommy in the ring.]

TH: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!

["Starting Over Again" by The Dollyrots fills the arena, prompting cheers from the crowd. Annabel Lee and Kelsey Spencer appear from behind the curtains before making their way down the ramp with their usual energy as they both hype up the crowd. They then slide into the ring.]

TH: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 110 kilos… The team of Annabel Lee and Kelsey Spencer, Sweet Anarchy!

BM: It has come full circle with this match; Murphy’s Law walked out on Sweet Anarchy and now they’re finally facing off at Wrath of the Gods!

TR: Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Murphy’s Law doesn’t show up?

[The music fades as “Akatski” by Babymetal starts to play, inviting a round of jeers from the crowd. Misha LeCavalier and .PAAK walk confidently through the curtain together before making their way down to the ring, with .PAAK’s manager Raiden Himura in tow.]

TH: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 121 kilos… The team of Misha LeCavalier and .PAAK, Murphy’s Law!

TR: Oh man… Sweet Anarchy doesn’t stand a chance tonight. Seriously, look at Murphy's Law. Tell me that isn’t a perfect team!

BM: That isn’t a perfect team.

TR: Oh har har, Bry!

BM: But really, Misha and .PAAK may be two of the most excellent athletes out of there, but that doesn’t change the fact that their attitudes stink!

TR: …You’re just jealous.

[There’s a bit of a staredown between the teams before they break off into their respective corners. Misha and Kelsey exit to the outside apron as the referee checks on .PAAK and Annabel. After everything’s fine, the ref signals for the opening bell.]

Tag Team Match
Sweet Anarchy vs Murphy’s Law


[.PAAK beckons Annabel to step to her. Feeling slighted, Annabel charges at .PAAK who rushes in as well to the middle for a traditional elbow-collar tie-up. Using her momentum, .PAAK manages to shove her opponent into the ropes. The referee intervenes to separate them. .PAAK eventually backs off with pure arrogance in her demeanor. Annabel shakes her head as she straightens herself while keeping her distance. As soon as the ref clears for the match to resume, the competitors circle the ring before locking up again in the centre. This time, .PAAK does it again, pushing Annabel right into the ropes. Annabel tries to reverse it but .PAAK turns it back around in the tussle. This time, .PAAK backs away without being told before suddenly kicking Annabel in the midsection. Annabel doubles over in surprise. At ringside, Raiden applauds .PAAK’s efforts.]

BM: .PAAK playing the intimidation game right off the bat here.

TR: Playing? Nah, Bry, this is for real! Do you know .PAAK to be any other way?

BM: Good point.

[.PAAK then hooks Annabel’s arms around the rope as she follows up with a vicious series of palm strikes to the chest. Trapped, Annabel cries out in pain with each strike. The referee shouts warnings at .PAAK who eventually backs off. Meanwhile, Kelsey protests from her corner, clearly upset at the brutality on display. Released from the rope, Annabel collapses on her knees as she clutches her chest. .PAAK drags her by the hair over to Misha for a tag. .PAAK takes down Annabel with a snapmare, setting up for Misha to go for a running dropkick. The crowd gasps then jeers as Annabel falls over sideways. Kelsey tries to shout encouragement to her partner while reaching out for a tag.]

BM: Murphy’s Law completely decimating Annabel right now. That snapmare and running dropkick looks absolutely crushing!

TR: Yeah, I almost felt that one!

[Misha goes for the cover when Kelsey rushes in to break it up, pushing Misha off of her partner. The referee then sends an agitated Kelsey back to her corner. With a smirk, Misha reaches down to set up Annabel in a hammerlock hold before going for a vicious arm stomp. Annabel screams in agony, clutching her arm. Kelsey tries to rally the displeased crowd behind her.]

BM: Okay now that’s just cold.

TR: She’s called the Ravenous Arctic Fox for a reason!

[Misha picks up Annabel only to take her down again with a wrist-clutch northern lights suplex, bridging it into a pin. Despite the pain, Annabel kicks out at two. Misha pulls her up and drags her over to .PAAK. After a quick tag, .PAAK wastes no time to irish whip Annabel to the other side. On the rebound, .PAAK goes for a shoulder block. It knocks Annabel backwards into the ropes. Bouncing off of them, Annabel ducks .PAAK’s forearm smash attempt before catching .PAAK with a swift arm drag using her good arm. As they both scramble to their feet, .PAAK throws Annabel onto the mat with a headlock takedown. Annabel immediately breaks the hold with a headscissors, and .PAAK kicks out right after. Back on their feet, they trade forearm shots. .PAAK gets the better of her opponent who starts to slow down and stagger backwards. .PAAK irish whips Annabel to the ropes. Annabel reverses the throw, sending her opponent there instead. On the rebound, .PAAK ducks just as Annabel leaps over her. On the next rebound, Annabel stops .PAAK with a back elbow to the face before connecting with a backflip kick.]

BM: Beautiful backflip kick by Annabel! This is the opening Sweet Anarchy needs!

TR: Nothing to celebrate just yet!

[The crowd roars as both competitors quickly tag in their partners. As soon as Misha enters the ring, Kelsey charges at her for a flying forearm smash before running to knock down .PAAK as well.]

BM: Kelsey’s on fire!

TR: She can’t do that, can she?!

[Holding her forehead, Misha rises to her feet, but only to be scooped up by Annabel for an airplane spin before getting hit with a springboard roundhouse kick by Kelsey. The fans cheer gleefully at the turn of the tide in the match as Kelsey and Annabel exchanges high-fives and smiles.]

BM: This is awesome! I love Sweet Anarchy! Great double team with the airplane spin and springboard roundhouse kick combo!

TR: Ugh, this is revolting! I like them better when they hate each other!

BM: What, why?!

TR: ‘Cause it’s fun to watch them implode!

[With Annabel back in the outside corner, the match resumes with Kelsey setting up Misha for a fujiwara armbar. With great effort, Misha struggles to escape. Every time Misha tries to reposition herself, Kelsey blocks her and cranks up the pressure on the hold.]

BM: Fujiwara armbar by Kelsey! Look at that death grip on the arm! It’s amazing to see Misha still surviving this! When will she tap!?

TR: No, she won’t! I have faith in her!

[True enough, Misha maintains composure as she finally manages to flip over on the mat to loosen the hold. Scrambling back to their feet, they clash in a heated exchange of punches until Kelsey fires up knife-edge chops that has Misha reeling for the ropes. Kelsey runs to the opposite ropes when .PAAK sneakily kicks her back. Kelsey lunges for a punch, swinging wildly. .PAAK easily evades before hopping off the ring apron. As Kelsey turns around, Misha capitalises with a half hatch suplex.]

BM: Hey .PAAK can’t do that!

TR: Tit for tat, Bry!

[Misha tags in .PAAK then sets up Kelsey in a cobra clutch hold. .PAAK then nails a stiff rolling sole butt kick to the stomach before Misha spins them around for a huge lariat, completing their Selectional Bias finisher combo. Misha blocks Annabel from entering the ring as .PAAK goes for the pin.]

BM: Selectional Bias! Kelsey’s down!

TR: Yesss!!! Count it, ref!!





TH: And here are your winners… Murphy’s Law!

[The crowd jeers as “Akatski” by Babymetal fills the arena. Misha lets go of Annabel who immediately checks on Kelsey. The referee attempts to raise Misha’s and .PAAK’s hands in victory, but they arrogantly turn away as Raiden enters the ring to raise their hands instead.]

BM: What a battle that was. I really thought Sweet Anarchy had it, but Murphy’s Law once again comes out on top.

TR: Told ya, Bry. Misha and .PAAK are two excellent athletes who are just on another level here. Against a baby team like Sweet Anarchy? Total annihilation!

BM: I just fear for the other tag teams, Tats. With this victory, you know what Murphy’s Law will be targeting next. And I’m sure they’ll be watching the tag team title match closely later tonight.

TR: I have no doubt about that.

[The camera shows Murphy’s Law and Raiden walking up the ramp with haughty grins before cutting to Annabel and Kelsey looking on, upset. The feed cuts to a commercial spot.]

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 Posted: Dec 6 2016, 02:11 AM

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[The feed returns to Tommy in the ring. The fans cheer in excitement for the upcoming match.]

TH: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the In Your House Proving Grounds Championship!

[“Bitchcraft" by Electric Hellfire Club starts playing, and Iris Black appears from behind the curtains with a devilish grin. The crowd greets her with jeers, to which she glares in response and starts mumbling something. Then she snarls at the fans in the first row while making her way to the ring.]

TH: Introducing first, the challenger, from Kildare, Ireland, weighing in at 54 kilos… She is Miss Bitchcraft, Iris Black!

[Iris slides into the ring and shoots the crowd more dirty looks before the music fades out. Ken Nagasaki’s custom rap theme song comes on the sound system. Ken steps through the curtains with the shiny Proving Grounds championship belt wrapped around his waist, to the excited roar of the crowd.]

TH: And her opponent, from Melbourne, Victoria, weighing in at 65 kilos… He is the IYH Proving Grounds champion, Ken Nagasaki!

[In the ring, Ken’s eyes stay glued to his Proving Grounds Championship belt as he hands it over to the referee. The official holds it up high so that the In Your House faithful fans can get a good look at what’s being contested for tonight. The referee does his best to rundown the rules though it’s painfully clear that Iris doesn’t care about what he has to say, her eyes rolling as Ken shakes his head at her. She stares at him and he goes to his corner and climbs up on the turnbuckles as the fans cheer for the popular young wrestler slash rapper. He smirks as he turns and jumps down while Iris huffs and the referee calls for the bell.]

Proving Grounds Championship
Singles Match
Ken Nagasaki© vs Iris Black


TR: I hope Iris beats some sense into that Rapping Dandy.

BM: The what the when there? You know full well he goes by “The Nuke”, Tats.

TR: I was just trying it out to see how it sounded. It just doesn’t fit his flow.

[Ken circles Iris cautiously as she drops into a more fight-ready stance, ignoring the fans who are giving her static to focus on her opponent. Ken finally rushes in, going for a takedown only to be met by the very ready Iris's spinning heel kick!]

BM: Ouch I don't think he was expecting that!

TR: He still moved quickly enough to take some of the force from that kick though. Moving with the strike was the smartest thing he could have done here.

[As Ken spins back from the foot to his cheek Iris leaps at him, her hands catching his wrists before she judo throws him to the mat. Ken’s leg sweeps right up and he hits her with a surprise Pele kick that knocks her to the canvas. She kips up at the same time that Ken does, the fans giving a mild pop at the show of athleticism.]

BM: I hear he calls that the C Bomb? Oh wow what a shot!

TR: I hear he calls that one the F Bomb.

[Iris takes the huge superman punch and skids across the mat but doesn't fall, so when he turns to pursue her she is ready to dodge his stiff running lariat, her quick reaction time giving her the opportunity to kick at his outer knee. Ken is able to dodge this in turn, though his expression grows more serious as he goes past, his forearm striking Black across her cheek.

The blow isn't as solid as he'd have liked but her cheek instantly reddens from the friction of the clubbing hit though it continues through to strike her shoulder and makes her dip down. He turns and tries to land a back elbow aimed at her chest but she pushes forward and her chin takes the blow rather than her chest or throat. Iris backs off with one hand to her jaw, shaking off the sting and giving him a hard stare.]

BM: He needs focus here, she's going to keep chipping away with blows like that kick to the knee until she can take out a leg and nullify his biggest weapon in this match.

TR: Yeah take out the leg, there’s no kicking and then The Nuke is out of the question!

[Nagasaki precisely lands a textbook flying dropkick that takes Iris off her feet, the crowd getting into the action and cheering loudly as Nagasaki gets to his feet and Black kicks out at his knee again. While it is wise strategy she doesn't have the angle she needs to make it effective and while he gets clipped he is able to blunt part of the force by hopping to the side. He jumps in swinging and gets a good strike at her cheek, then hooks his hands under her arms.

Ken pulls her up and with surprising speed sends her off to the ropes with a hard Irish whip and on the rebound he hits another F Bomb! He drops and covers her but only gets a two count before Iris kicks out.]

BM: And our Proving Grounds Champion with his first pin attempt of the match. [Ken doesn’t question the referee though he tries to keep her docile with a few punches before he rises up to flip her over for a simple ankle twist, Iris stops struggling long enough to plant her feet on his thighs before he can flip her and then she piston kicks him in the gut causing all the air to rush out of him in a huff. Nagasaki drops Iris hard almost flapjack style and she rolls toward the ropes to end up lying on her belly. As she begins to get to her hands and knees Ken spies his chance, sliding up to land on her back with both knees and she collapses to the mat.

Miss Bitchcraft yells out as Ken drives another knee into her spine, but when he tries to move her away from the ropes she wriggles free of his grip and gets him with a surprise neckbreaker! It’s her turn to attempt a pin, but Ken gets the shoulder rolled up at two.]

BM: The crowd is really behind our Proving Grounds champion but he’s got to be careful, Iris is wily.

TR: Wily or not, she’s pound for pound a dangerous woman alone or with her tag partner Connie Craven.

BM: So you think Iris will win?

TR: I think there's nothing that she can't do, but I can't count out Ken either. I have to admit it, sometimes I like Ken as much as these fans seem to!

BM: Why am I not surprised that it comes back to that for you?

[Iris lunges up to her feet, using top rope to vault up to her feet and step up enzuigiri to Nagasaki, both of them hitting the mat hard as the referee stands there a moment and blinks as if even he is surprised at what has just happened. The crowd goes wild as Iris floats over for a pin attempt on Ken, the referee shaking himself and dropping down to count, but they are still too close in with the ropes and it is clear that Nagasaki has his foot on the bottom strand as Iris looks up for confirmation.]

BM: Ring awareness serving Nagasaki here tonight.

TR: Though Iris has really stepped it up tonight, I’d say.

[Iris rises to her feet slightly ahead of Ken, backing up to the side a bit and hitting the near ropes she comes back as Ken is nearly to his vertical base and attempts a hard-hitting facebuster, but at the last second Nagasaki displays more of that ring-awareness and drops back to the mat faster than she can fully connect. Her leg clips him but he rolls out from under the bottom strand to the floor below to get a breather and to regroup his strategy.

Iris follows, but Nagasaki recovers fast and he grabs her wrist whipping her into the apron back first. Black arches and shouts out in pain, an elbow strike to the face is payback for Nagasaki but he bodysplashes her against the apron again before he picks her up and rolls her into the ring. A kick from Iris as he closes with her strikes his forearm and inner elbow, leaving him shaking the arm out to get the feeling back as Iris slides farther away from Ken, and back into the ring before the referee can start a count.]

BM: There's nothing being held back between these two, Tats!

TR: You can't hold back in a match like this, not with a title on the line if you want to win!

[He pursues though, unwilling to allow the ever-elusive upper-hand in this match to escape him so easily. Ken pulls Iris to her feet and even as she draws a fist back to strike him and he dodges, moving to the setup for his Butterfly kick, The Nuke! He misses though and Iris runs quick to the corner, jumps up to the top and then dives off for a diving Corkscrew stunner!]

TR: Bitchcraft! Oh man!

[The referee drops and counts.]




[Ken’s shoulder goes up but it’s a second too late!]


TH: Here is your winner via pinfall and NEW Proving Grounds Champion...IRIS BLACK!

BM: Oh man, Iris Black has captured her first taste of gold here at In Your House Wrestling!

TR: Shouldn’t be that surprising, really… she’s great!

[Electric Hellfire Club’s Bitchcraft plays as the referee raises Iris’ hand in victory and hands her the Proving Grounds belt, Ken sits up in disbelief but shakes his head as he sees the title in Iris’ hands.]

user posted image

[The scene opens up backstage with Angelica walking the halls, she suddenly stops in her tracks and raises an eyebrow. The camera zooms out to see what has caught her attention. It is a blonde woman who seems to be leaving the office of Chris Cryptic. She sees Angelica and gives a perky smile and huge wave in her direction.]


[Angelica lets out a heavy sigh and lowers her head as she slowly makes her way towards her ‘friend’, Kelly Fury.]

AL: Shouldn’t you be out in the crowd with the rest of the fans and not, nah you know what? I don’t even wanna know what the fuck you were doing in Cryptics office.

[Kelly gets a sheepish grin on her face and chuckles lightly. Then her eyes go really big and wide as she frantically shakes her head.]

KF: OH GOD, EW NO! Isn’t he like, married or something? That’s not what I was doing Angie Pangie…

AL: Don’t call me that, ever.

KF: Well geez ok Miss Cranky pants. Anyway, I have like been doing this cryptic tweeting thang…HA, CRYPTIC…YA GET IT…

[Angelicas face remains emotionless as Kelly playfully nudges her with her elbow, trying to get a reaction, saying “ah..ah…ah?” over and over before finally stopping.]

KF: OH MY GOSH, I forgot you were totes no fun on show nights, or any nights, or days. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. My super “cryptic” tweets over the last month or so about new beginnings and yadda yadda, didn’t really have anything to do with my divorce, more so with the fact I was offered an opportunity to come here and wrassle; and I took it. I gripped it tight like it was my last ever pudding cup.

AL: Seems fitting you would compare one last shot in the ring to pudding, especially with that flabby pudding gut of yours.

[Kellys jaw drops, shocked and disgusted and probably a little hurt at what Angelica just said.]

KF: I do NOT have a flabby belly. I am not ‘Jelly Fury’ mmkay. I have been working really hard, training really intensely. My abs are rock hard again. No baby fat, no pudding gut, just awesomeness. You’ll see. I’ll be hitting that ‘Simply Flawless’ like nobodies business and you KNOW you aint ever seen a double rotation moonsault quite like mine…

[Angelica starts to cackle.]

AL: Like that time you miscalculated it and landed on your face?

[Kelly stomps her foot down in outrage.]


[Clearing her throat, Kelly brushes her hair back off of her shoulders and smiles ever so sweetly at Angelica.]

KF: Beeeesides. You shouldn’t be worrying about little old me, trying to vent frustrations through wrestling again. You have a big match tonight, dust to avoid, all that jazz ma tazz. I’ll be good, I’ll go back to my seat meow and enjoy the rest of the show and I promise during my time here, I’m not going to get in your hair. This is about me, not you, sheesh. Get outta here will ya.

AL: Whatever, Barbie. Enjoy the show.

KF: Call me later, kaysies? We will totes go for drinks or lunch tomorrow or something, we’ll figure it out.

[Angelica just shakes her head and continues down the hall as Kelly smirks and looks into the camera.]

KF: Sooo umm, hiiii everyone. Tis true. For those of you who know my past, very soon you will see ‘The Furious One’ return to the ring, and I don’t mean that fake Fury dude who used to wrestle here. Gavin or Graham or whatevs…

[Kelly giggles.]

KF: I’m kidding, I have mad love for Gordon Fury and his grumpy face. But he’s still not the one I’m talking about. I’m talking about me, Kelly Fury! I’m not going to stand here all serious face and try to stake claims to any championship belts. I’m not going to take shots at any competitors here, I’m simply here to fill the void in my heart that I have had for the past few years since retiring to be a stay at home mom. Now I’m just a single mom so I surprisingly have more time now that the manchild is out of my life…OH I’M KIDDING CHRIS….*cough*kinda*cough*. Anywho, I just wanted to say howdy and I cannot wait to put on a show for you guys and gals here in Australia

[She starts to blow kisses at the camera before ending it with a little wave with her right hand.]

KF: Until we meet again, toodles!

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[The feed returns to the ring, just as “Whoa is Me” by Down With Webster starts to play. Matt Stone appears from behind the curtains, met with some jeers from the crowd. He walks down the ramp with an arrogant smirk on his face.]

TH: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way first to the ring, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada… Weighing in at 99.8 kilos… “The Abominable Showman” Matt Stone!

BM: Matt Stone has made no secret about where he thinks he is here at In Your House

TR: Yeah, he’s in Australia, it’s great!

BM: No, I meant he’s been claiming to be the Number 2 contender to the championship without ever earning it.

TR: Well where he’s from, they say possession is nine tenths of the law and he laid claim to it first!

[Matt takes his sweet time to enter the ring before posing for the fans who continue to boo their hearts out. Then the music fades out, replaced by “Red Flag” by Billy Talent. Owen Gonsalves bursts through the curtains with confidence in his step. The mood lifts at once as the jeers turn to cheers by most in the audience upon recognition of the familiar face. Owen flashes a huge smile, waving at the fans, as he jogs down the ramp.]

TH: And his opponent, from Melbourne, Australia, weighing in at 93 kilos… “Indestructible” Owen Gonsalves!

BM: Here’s someone that has something to say about that!

TR: Well he can talk all he wants, but he won’t shut up Matt Stone!

BM: We’ll see about that, Tats. He didn’t have a problem the first time these two met.

TR: You’re living in the past, Brian. You have to live in the here and now, and right here at Wrath of the Gods, Matt’s going to beat!

[After entering the ring, Owen takes off his jacket then sets it aside. Matt simply waits in his corner, a smug look on his face. The referee checks on both competitors before signaling for the opening bell.]

Singles Match
Matt Stone vs Owen Gonsalves


[With the sound of the bell, Stone charges out of his corner towards Owen who’s a step quicker ducking an opening clothesline and spinning on his heel, catching Matt with a backfist to the back of the head. Stone stumbles to the corner and Owen stays on him, driving his shoulder into matt’s midsection once, twice, then a third time. The referee doesn’t even have time to start a count before Owen has grabbed Stone’s arm and starts bringing him down to the mat, looking for an armbar but Matt fights him off and slides out under the bottom rope, shaking his head. Owen, to his feet, dashes at the ropes and sees Matt dive down for cover, stopping his own momentum. Stne gets up and looks for Owen, thinking he crashed and burned, but before he spots his opponent, Owen is leaping off the near ropes and springboarding over the top ropes with a senton splash, knocking Stone down!]

BM: Owen is starting out like a house of fire here tonight Tats!

TR: Yeah, yeah, I see it. Matt might not start out strong, but no one finishes like Matt Stone.

BM: You would know.

TR: …

[With the crowd going nuts, Owen picks Matt up and tosses him into the barricade, Stone hitting it chest first and flipping over into the front row! Owen watches him struggle to get up, taking off at a sprint and leaping off the steps over the rail on top of Matt, pinning him to the concrete and unloading right after right after right. The referee is screaming for them to get back in the ring, but he can’t be heard over the roar of the crowd. Matt getting to his feet after pushing Owen off takes a knee to the gut followed by a European uppercut, flipping him back over the rail. Owen takes a few moments to slap the hands of the fans that have gathered around the action before going back to Matt, who’s rolled back into the ring now.]

BM: Would you look at that? Matt’s begging for mercy!

TR: Strategy I tells ya, strategy!

[Back in the ring, Owen just smiles at Matt who’s holding both hands up, asking for a reprieve. Owen just grabs his right hand and starts pulling Matt’s fingers back, causing the Canadian to scream in pain. Matt gets to his feet, trying to rake the eyes for some sort of escape, but Owen is keeping him at a distance while bending his fingers back. Matt gives up on that defense and reaches out for the ropes, but can’t quite get there as Owen is pulling his fingers in the opposite direction. Stone raises his foot and quickly stomps on Owen’s, forcing the break out of sheer surprise and Matt hits the ropes, looking for a stiff lariat, but Owen ducks under it and wraps his arms around Matt’s waist, lifting him up with a devastating release German suplex, Matt landing on the back of his head and rolling backwards to his feet, back into the corner. Owen calls for Matt to come out, hitting the far corner and coming back, executing a handspring and leaping up, catching Stone’s head with a cutter straight to the mat, hitting his Executioner's Sword. Owen rolls Matt over and gets a 2 count.]

BM: Owen has been dissecting Matt since the bell rang here, but he hasn’t put him away yet.

TR: And he won’t! Matt’s coming back, just keep watching.

[Owen picks Matt up off the mat and backs him into the ropes, shooting him off and lowering his head, Stone stopping in front of him and kicking him square in the chest, backing up and catching Owen in the face with a superkick, the Go Go Gadget Foot! Matt gets a two count for that, but stays o owen, lifting him to his feet and trapping his head in his arm, ducking behind him and dropping him straight down over his own back for the Stone Cutter. Another two count for Matt and he picks Owen up once more, hitting the ropes behind him and charging for an STO, but Owen blocks, trapping Matt’s arm and spinning him around, catching him in the head with a roaring elbow! The crowd cheers as Stone collapse to the mat, Owen going for a cover and getting a long two count. Looking to put Stone away for good, Owen rolls Matt over on his stomach to set up for his Krukenberg when Stone reaches his foot out on the bottom rope]

TR: Stone showing veteran instincts there Brian.

BM: Take nothing away from him in the ring, I just don’t like the guy.

[Tilting his head, Owen knows he has to do more damage to Stone so he grabs Matt, who springs to life and leaps up in the air, hitting his C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker! Owen falls backwards and Stone scrambles over to cover, hooking both legs.]




BM: He kicked out! Owen got the shoulder up!

TR: Count faster!

[The look on Stone’s face is pure frustration, the crowd cheering Owen on louder and louder. Stone shouts at the referee a similar sentiment to Tats and grabs Owen, lifting him up, but Owen now starts fighting back, the two of them go back and forth with right hands, cheers for Owen and boos for Matt. Stone breaks off from the exchange and hits the ropes, looking for his S-T-Owned again but finding a second roaring elbow for his trouble! Crowd pops huge as Owen sets Stone up for his piledriver, but the lights go out!]

TR: Where are we, in Iraq?

BM: What the heck happened?

TR: I can’t see my hand in front of my face!

BM: Ow! That was my face!

[The lights are only out for five seconds or so before they come back, we find Owen standing over Stone who’s seemingly not moving. Owen grabs him for his piledriver again, but Stone traps his head quickly and drives it straight down with a C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker! Matt grabs both of Owen’s legs and flips over him for a jackknife cover to the chagrin of the crowd.]





TH: Here is your winner...Matt Stone!

BM: Son of a…

TR: HE DID IT! Matt Stone wins!

BM: Give an assist to the power outage.

TR: Excuses excuses, Matt won!

[Matt releases Owen immediately and rolls out of the ring, holding up his arm, woozily standing next to the apron, using it for support. Owen is stirring, holding his head in the ring as Matt is making his way up the ramp, stumbling every third step, but a smirk is still seen plastered on his face as the camera catches him looking back at the ring.]

BM: I don’t like it, but he took advantage of that black out.

TR: He took advantage of everything here tonight Brian and that’s why he’s a future champion! Vivian better get that humble pie ready.

BM: I doubt he’s heard the last of Owen, though.

TR: Based on their Twitter interaction, I wish we’ve all heard the last of Owen.

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[The camera cuts to show Sean Hazard in the locker room, having seemingly “borrowed” a camera man. He is dressed in his ring gear, looking dead into the camera.]

SH: You know, I usually let Max do the talking to the camera thing. He’s the one with the gift of the gab, and I find the concept of being in front of a camera talking kinda… lame. Yet, here I am, because there are things that I need to say, and I need to say them without the adrenaline of a match getting me hype. Now, Max and I aren’t exactly the Michael Diablo style silent and brooding, but we don’t tend to talk a lot of trash. We’re passionate about what we do and the goals we have, and we aren’t afraid to vocalise that, that’s how we do, and it's how we’ve always done it. We’re not strangers to other wrestlers and other teams talking trash, but when ignorance permeates your very soul from people that talk like they think they have a clue, well, everyone has their limit, right?

Shawn and Nessa, we have talked about the match, how much it means to us, but not about you, not about the apparently “undefeated” tag champs, Shawn Fox and Nessa Wall. Now see when I address you, I don’t need to put it in a sea of bull crap about other people. You both seem to think that this is YOUR place, that you are the team to beat, that all other teams are being compared to /you./ You are not the benchmark for tag teams in this federation, kids. WE are. This is not bragging, this is not bull crap, this is FACT. Look at what happened to some of the roster mainstays once the doors of In Your House opened to the world: Tiffany Zyron was the first female In Your House Champion, Derrik and Jacob were the previous tag champions, and Rick Kreiger was quite possibly the most dominant In Your House champion in history, but where are they now? Gone? I honestly don’t know. But I’ll tell you who isn’t: State of Anarchy. We’ve had our rough patches, but here we are, fighting for the tag titles once again despite the critics thinking we no longer had what it took. In Your House would not HAVE tag titles without State of Anarchy, and you both are surrounded on all sides by the SoA Nation, because that is what this federation, what this entire country is. And it’s for them, for the legacy of those belts, and for US, that we beat you, and State of Anarchy become the only three time tag champs in the history of the company. Now, the time for talk is over, and I can’t wait for you to watch this back and see this, knowing that every word I said was right, as you both seethe at no longer having those belts around your waists.

[With that, the camera cuts away.]

user posted image

[The feed returns to Tommy in the ring while the fans continuously chant “In Your House!”]

TH: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall, and it is for the In Your House Tag Team Championship!

[Suddenly cutting through the noise, “Behind Closed Doors” by Rise Against comes on the PA system. Max Thunder and Sean Hazard burst upon the scene, looking completely hyped for the upcoming match. The crowd jumps to their feet as they go crazy at the sight while waving their fan signs. Max gushes directly into the nearest camera before jogging to the ring. Sean dashes past him, exchanging high-five’s with the screaming fans along the way.]

TH: Introducing first, the challengers! Weighing in at a total weight of 144 kilos… The team of Max Thunder and Sean Hazard… State of Anarchy!

BM: Excitement is truly in the air, ladies and gentlemen! State of Anarchy is looking to reclaim the tag titles for the third time!

TR: In their case, third time’s NOT the charm! SoA is in wayyyy over their heads with this one. Snarktastic is too smart to let them get the victory!

[Sean climbs up the ring post as Max slides into the ring before rushing up another turnbuckle. They wave their hands up and down to pump up the crowd even more before hopping back down as the music dies down, quickly replaced by “Don’t Drag Me Down” by Social Distortion. Shawn Fox and Nessa Wall enter the arena to the chorus of jeers from the crowd. Nessa casually turns to Shawn with raised eyebrows and a smirk. Ignoring the fans as always, Shawn takes her hand as they make their way to the ring. They wear their championship belts proudly around their waists.]

TH: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 142 kilos… The team of Shawn Fox and Nessa Wall, they are the In Your House Tag Team Champions… Snarktastic!

BM: Here comes the ever arrogant tag team champions, Shawn and Nessa.

TR: What makes them so dangerous in the ring is that they know each other very well!

BM: Well, Sean and Max are long-time best friends. They’ve got just as much in-ring chemistry!

TR: Nah tonight, Shawn and Nessa are gonna work them like puppets!

[Shawn and Nessa take their sweet time to reach the ring. Shawn enters first before making a gap through the ropes to let in Nessa. They get in their opponents’ faces with a smirk then raise their championship belts. The referee separates them before the champs hand the belts over for safekeeping. After a quick discussion, Max and Sean do their SoA handshake. Sean takes his starting position while Shawn moves to the outside corner as Nessa steps forward. The ref then signals for the opening bell.]

In Your House Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Snarktastic© vs State of Anarchy


[Immediately, Shawn re-enters the ring as he and Nessa charge at their opponents like bats out of hell. The teams clash in a furious exchange of forearm shots in the middle of the ring before Snarktastic simultaneously irish whips State of Anarchy into the ropes. On the rebound, Nessa takes down Sean with an arm drag while Shawn throws Max over with a back body drop. Sean pulls himself up in a corner as Nessa wildly stomps on him. Shawn yanks Max to his feet to deliver a vicious jab to the nose. State of Anarchy tries to fight back but the champs easily stops them with more strikes. Snarktastic readies their opponents on opposite sides of the ring before irish whipping them to the other side. State of Anarchy ducks the champs’ clothesline attempts and continues running the ropes, gaining speed. On the next rebound, the challengers successfully knock them down with stereo dropkicks. Shawn and Nessa roll away in different directions after impact. The crowd bursts into excited cheers.]

BM: The tag team title match starting off with a bang! Can’t say I appreciate what Snarktastic tried, but I’m glad State of Anarchy managed to turn things right around!

TR: Snarktastic are the champs for a reason. You think a little bit of that is gonna keep them down for long?

[Emotions continue to run high as Max lifts Nessa onto the top rope while Sean hops over the ropes to the outside apron. Before Sean can springboard off of the ropes, Shawn is back up to foil their double team move by tripping Sean. Sean hits his groin on the ropes before crushing onto the mat. Seeing this, Max immediately releases Nessa who lands safely on her feet. Shawn and Nessa quickly swarm in with forearm shots on Max, leaving him in a daze. The champs then follow it up with their reverse STO and enzuigiri combo. Jeers ring out from around the arena as Shawn and Nessa are left standing tall at this point. They take their time to soak in the hostile reception with smirks.]

TR: Now THAT’S what you call champions! What did I fucking say!? You don’t mess with Snarktastic, baby!

BM: This doesn’t look too good for the challengers!

[With Max and Nessa out of the ring, the match resumes with Shawn doing the Garvin stomp on Sean. Clutching his stomach, Sean tries to get back up but Shawn calmly removes Sean’s hand with his boot before stomping down hard on his wrist. Shawn smiles with satisfaction, knowing fully well that he has his opponent at his mercy. The smile grows wider when he sees Max finally emerging from the outside corner and yelling in protest. Shawn continues to brutalise his opponent, making sure to pause and look at Max before each stomp. Outraged, Max tries to rush in to his partner’s aid but the referee quickly stops him. Shawn continues to taunt Max, laughing as well, as he turns his attention away from Sean.]

BM: Shawn’s enjoying this a little too much, don’t you think?

TR: Everybody enjoys tearing the SoA boys limb from limb!

[With Shawn distracted, Sean rolls him up from behind in a schoolboy pin, using his body weight on him. But the referee is also distracted at this point as Max continues to argue with him so Nessa simply steps in to break up the pin with a hard stomp on Sean’s back. As Sean arches his back in pain, she rolls her eyes and calls him an “idiot”.]

BM: Did she just call him an idiot?

TR: To be fair, he is one. They both are. His own partner is keeping the ref distracted. L-O-L!

[Sean reaches for a tag, but Shawn pulls him back to take him down with a snapmare. Sean clutches the back of his neck before lying back down on the mat. Shawn goes for a running senton and hooks his leg for the pin. Sean kicks out at two with great effort. Max tries to rally the crowd, clapping in support. After tagging in Nessa, Shawn sets up Sean in a pendulum hold. Nessa leaps off the ropes for a springboard elbow drop just as Shawn drops Sean in a backbreaker for their Demolition Decapitation combo.]

BM: Snarktastic continues to wear down Sean with the Demolition Decapitation.

TR: Also known as Tag Team Titles Dream Demolition, am I right?!! Triple T Double D, yo!

BM: …Stay weird, mate.

[Nessa goes for the cover and Sean kicks out in time. Sean pulls himself up in the corner. Nessa charges at him. He hops up, sending her to crash shoulder first into the turnbuckle. As she pulls herself out, she staggers backwards. He climbs up to the middle tier turnbuckle before leaping off of it for a headscissors takedown. But Nessa expertly counters with a sunset flip. Sean powers out of it. As they both scramble to their feet, Nessa aims for a body kick. Sean catches her leg and throws it away. Nessa spins around for a leg lariat but Sean catches her first with an inverted frankensteiner.]

BM: Nice inverted frankensteiner by Sean! This could be the opening he needs!

TR: Aww dammit!

[With Nessa dazed on the mat, Sean quickly leaps for the tag. The crowd grows excited as Max goes for the rolling thunder while Sean gets ready. That’s when Shawn rushes in to spin Sean around for punches. The crowd jeers at the interruption when Sean fights back with his own punches before going for a standing moonsault anyway. It kicks Shawn in the chest, pushing him backwards into the ropes, as Sean lands on Nessa. And Max hits the jumping somersault senton simultaneously to complete their Thunder & Lightning combo.]

BM: Thunder & Lightning!!! This could be it!

TR: Watch out for Shawn!

[Max stays on the cover but Shawn strikes his head with an axe kick. Max rolls away, clutching his head in agony. This gives Nessa time to recover as she pulls herself up. Nessa looks to irish whip Max to the corner, but he reverses the throw, sending her there instead. Shaking off the effects of the earlier kick, Max regains his bearings long enough to charge at her to execute the bicycle high knee. But Nessa dives out of the way. Max crushes in the corner before sinking to the mat. Nessa sets him up in a tree of woe position, much to the despair of Sean and the fans. Sean tries to re-enter the ring but the referee stops him, shooting him warnings. During this distraction, Shawn sneaks to retrieve one of the tag team title belts and taunts a distressed Max with it. He then holds the belt against Max’s face as Nessa goes for a baseball slide dropkick to it, smashing him with the title plate. Shawn then removes the belt before the referee turns and pretends to check for damages and polish it with his elbow before placing it back at the announcers table area, laughing at Max’s misery. The crowd jeers while Sean looks on, upset.]

BM: Mocking SoA with the title belt again! Truly despicable!

TR: God I love those guys!!! Snarktastic, champs for life!!!

[Nessa drags Max down on the mat and confidently goes for the pin. Sean dives in for the save. That’s when all hell breaks loose as Shawn joins the fray, tossing Sean back out of the ring. Meanwhile, Nessa pins Max again and this time, Max gets the shoulder up just before three. As Max pulls himself up, Shawn hits him with his super stiff Pele kick signature, Fox Your Face. Max drops sideways, like falling timber.]

BM: Fox Your Face! You know what’s next!

TR: Snarktopus Splash!

[But before Snarktastic can follow up with the rest of their NSFW finisher, Sean leaps off the ropes for a springboard corkscrew roundhouse kick to Shawn, sending him rolling right out of the ring. Nessa turns her attention to Sean, a forearm strike at the ready. Sean ducks to counter with a fisherman buster then drags Max over on her for the pin. Nessa kicks out before three, much to the disappointment of the crowd.]



[Clutching the back of her head, she rolls over to get back up. With the crowd completely behind the challengers, Sean sets up Nessa for the Canadian destroyer just as Max begins to stand. The crowd is on their feet with nervous excitement as the match suddenly kicks into high gear when Shawn comes rushing in for an enzuigiri on Sean. With Sean dazed on his knees, Nessa charges at him for her running enzuigiri signature, Truth Hurts. But Max rushes in sideways to take her down with a shoulder block. Shawn then charges at Max for a clothesline, but Max counters with a brutal kitchen sink. Meanwhile, Sean kicks Nessa in the midsection, doubling her over. Without wasting any more time, Sean takes her down with the Canadian destroyer and Max finally gets to complete their Pandemonium finisher with the bridging tiger suplex. The crowd goes wild as they count along with the referee.]







TH: And here are your winners… AND NEW In Your House Tag Team Champions, State of Anarchy!

[“Behind Closed Doors” by Rise Against bursts through the speakers as the arena erupts in cheers. Completely spent, Max continues to lie on the mat next to Nessa who's barely moving. Sean checks on his best friend before helping him up. The referee rewards them with the title belts then raises their hands in victory.]

BM: What. A. Match! Oh my god, I’m shaking, Tats! That has got to be the most nerve-wracking fight to the finish ever!

TR: How the how?!! Please tell me that didn’t happen!

BM: They did it, Tats! State of Anarchy is the new tag team champions!!!

TR: Unbelievable! Snarktastic had them! They could have!!!

BM: They nearly did! If they had completed the NSFW, it might be a whole different ending tonight!

TR: Somebody pinch me!!

BM: State of Anarchy is now 3-time champions! Congrats, boys!

[The feed shows Sean and Max celebrating with the screaming fans in the front row before it cuts to a commercial spot.]


[The feed returns to the ring where a steel cage is being lowered onto it. Completely captivated by the sight of it, everyone in attendance immediately respond with delighted whoops and hollers.]

TH: The following contest is your main event of the evening, and it is a Steel Cage match for the In Your House Championship! And it can only be won by escaping the cage, either over the top of the cage wall or by escaping through the cage door. Both feet must then touch the arena floor.

[“Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch fills the arena, and the crowd jumps to their feet in excitement. Angelica Layne walks out to mostly cheers with confidence in every step. As her gaze falls upon the steel cage, a devilish grin spreads across her lips.]

TH: Introducing first, the challenger, from New York City, New York, USA, weighing in at 56 kilos… Angelica Layne!

TR: Aww yeah, cage time!

BM: You can say that again, Tats! It’s been a night packed with exciting matches, and the main event will be no exception! Angelica beat two others for this round 2 against the IYH champ! It’s gonna be a fantastic one!

TR: No doubt about that. But this time, Angelica has to escape the cage to win and that means she needs to knock the Devil the fuck out to do it. She must finish the job. Can she? Well, Bry, that’s actually pretty tough to say.

BM: We’ll see, Tats.

[After the referee checks on her, Angelica enters the ring and starts testing the cage structure. She then opens and closes the door a few times. With one last satisfied smack on the steel wall, she turns towards the stage, smiling. The music fades out as “Badlands” by In Hearts Wake takes over. The arena breaks into more cheers. Michael Diablo walks through the curtains with authority in his steps and the IYH championship belt hung proudly over his shoulder.]

TH: And her opponent, from Melbourne, Victoria, weighing in at 75 kilos… He is the Devil of In Your House and the IYH Champion, Michael Diablo!

TR: Angelica’s got her jokes going into this match, but him challenging her with a steel cage stipulation might be the biggest taunt of all. The cage is her realm and that Devil bastard is so confident he can beat her for the second time right there!

BM: It’s definitely a bold statement by Michael. But that’s the kind of champion and wrestler he is, always pushing the envelope. It’s go big or go home!

[After the ref checks on him, Michael approaches the ring with an intense look in his eyes. He checks out the cage before his gaze falls on his opponent who greets him with a playful wave. He smirks back then hands over his championship belt for safekeeping. The referee raises the title belt high over his head to the screaming fans then locks up the cage door after him as the opening bell rings.]

In Your House Championship
Steel Cage Match
Michael Diablo© vs Angelica Layne


[The two competitors rush to the centre in a mad clinch. Angelica is quick to dodge Michael’s side headlock attempt as she throws a speedy jab before sidestepping for another. Michael throws up his hands to block the punches. Angelica kicks at his left leg then immediately steps around him for a rear headlock. Michael frantically blocks her as he spins on his heels. They start trading heated punches until Michael irish whips Angelica into the ropes. On the rebound, Angelica ducks his clothesline attempt before taking him down with a running neckbreaker. Wincing, Michael rushes to his feet. Angelica goes for a kick to the midsection, but Michael catches her leg and throws it down. Angelica follows it up fast with a jab to his chin. Barely flinching, Michael answers back with a forearm shot to her head before irish whipping her hard into the corner. Angelica uses the force to jump onto the middle tier turnbuckle, allowing her to nearly reach the top of the cage with ease. The crowd jumps to their feet as they burst into cheers.]


[Michael spins around to catch her by the waistband before pulling her back down. Angelica turns to him, only to get clobbered with multiple forearm shots. Staggering away, Angelica tries to get some distance. Michael chases after her to set her up for a pumphandle suplex, sending her rolling far across the ring. The fans go “ooh!” as she arches her back in pain on the final landing.]

TR: Yeah not so fast! Angelica’s not getting away that easily!

BM: Michael’s now found solid ground! That pumphandle suplex was a stunning display of power!

[Michael begins climbing up the cage wall when Angelica slowly pulls herself up. She races up next to him on the ropes. They exchange forearm shots to knock each other off-balance but neither seem to let up until Michael scores a brutal back elbow directly to her nose. With a death grip on the cage wall, Angelica manages to hold on though swaying dangerously now. Michael tries to take her down with a facebuster but in the struggle, Angelica manages to capitalise with a face smash onto the cage wall. It stumps him for a second as he blinks in a daze. She glares back at him, and before he can fully recover, she smashes his face again into the cold steel.]

BM: Somebody’s not playing around anymore! There’s no mercy with Angelica tonight!

TR: There’d better not be, unless she still hasn't learned her lesson from Rise To The Throne!

[As Michael finally falls back from impact, Angelica goes for a slingblade on the way down, sending both of them crashing onto the mat below. Angelica arches her back in agony upon the nasty landing while Michael clutches the back of his head, grimacing.]

BM: Oh my god, Angelica with a perfectly timed modified slingblade!!

TR: Did you see the height of that fall though!? That didn’t just hurt Michael! Her too!!

[Angelica is the first to actually start moving as she pulls herself towards the nearest corner, which is where the cage door is. The closer she gets to it, the louder the crowd becomes.]

BM: She’s just inches away!!

TR: And the cage door’s open!

[Seeing this, Michael pulls himself up with great effort before staggering over to her to pull her back by the legs. The cage door closes again as Angelica grabs onto the ropes for safety. Michael gives a sharp yank, allowing Angelica to land on her feet. Spinning around, Angelica aims for a high roundhouse kick but Michael ducks in time before throwing her a punch that sends her nearly reeling backwards. She quickly recovers and fights back with her own punches. They trade punches until she manages to block and kicks his stomach before taking him down with a DDT. Seeing an opportunity, she turns to scale up the cage wall. But she doesn’t get too far again as he makes a run for it to peel her off the wall. She kicks him several times before succumbing to his battering her lower back with vicious forearm shots.]

BM: Another close call by Angelica, but Michael’s not staying down just yet!

TR: Dammit Angie! FINISH THE DAMN JOB!!!

[Holding her in the corner, he further capitalises with a fiery combination of punches. before looking irish whip her into the far corner when she reverses the throw. On the rebound, she takes him down with a drop toe hold that sends him face first through the lower ropes into the steel. Shaking off the effects, he carefully rises to his feet. She charges at him but he counters with a back body drop that crushes her face first into the cage wall. Then takes her down with a spinning sideslam before climbing up the wall.]

TR: He’s so focused tonight. I don’t know how the hell she’s gonna turn things around now!

BM: There’s still a chance!!

[He’s close to the top when she scrambles to her feet and throws herself onto the ropes. This causes him to lose his balance and fall through the gap between the ropes and the steel structure. Not wanting to stay trapped, he frantically tries to turn around when Angelica wastes no time as she backs up, and runs at him full speed with a dropkick, driving him into the cage, sending him crumpling to the floor. Seeing her opportunity, Angie seems to have her second wind, slowly climbing the ropes over Michael, scaling the cage. Michael manages to rise to his feet, using the area between the ropes and cage to climb after her. The fans are going ballistic as the two of them scramble as best as they can despite how bad they have beaten each other. Angelica manages to reach the top, managing to get one leg over before Michael reaches up to grab the leg still in the ring, stopping her. He continues to climb, still holding her leg, as she kicks against his grip, trying to knock him off the cage. After a few attempts she manages to kick his hand off her leg. As Michael tries to keep hold of the cage with one hand, Angelica quickly swings her other leg over to the outside.]


TR: Not so fast, Michael’s got hold of her hair!

[As Angelica’s body was bent over the cage and before she could start climbing down, Michael reached up with his free hand and grabbed a fistful of Angelica’s hair. She screamed out, trying to force her head back and climb down to break free, but Michael’s grip was too strong and it would only tear her hair out. Michael uses Angelica’s hair to pull himself up to her on the inside of the cage. Angelica is able to take a few steps down, but Michael keeps his grip on her hair preventing her from going any further. Angelica kicks her feet, locking them between the links on the steel cage as best as she can before letting go of the cage with her hands. She grips hold of the hair at the top of his head, lets out a scream and forces it forward, ramming him face first into steel post at the top of the cage. Michael seems dazed but tries to shake off the effects and refuses to let go of Angelica’s hair. She lets out another scream, ramming his head forward again but Michael is relentless.]

TR: Come on guys, save it for the bedroom!

BM: He refuses to let go of his Championship...or her hair.

[Angelica does it one more time and Michael’s grip starts to loosen. Michael looks into her eyes, groggy from the effects and gives her a nod which causes Angelica to pause. Angelica gives him a nod back before letting go of his hair.]

TR: She’s got dust in her eye again!

[Angelica’s right hand quickly snaps to the back of his head and forces it forward one more time into the steel post before her left hand facepalms his face, forcing him backwards after the shot. Michael topples down off the steel wall and crashes into the mat below. As the only thing keeping Angelica balanced on the cage was Michael’s grip in her hair, she begins to wobble on the side of the cage. She attempts to reach out to grip onto the wall but she was too slow and falls off the wall, crashing through the announce table below.]


TR: champion….if she’s alive.

[The crowd begin a holy shit chant as Michael lies lifeless inside of the ring and Angelica is motionless on the outside.]

TH: Here is your winner and NEW In Your House Champion...ANGELICA LAYNE!

BM: What a match!

TR: You can say that again. I didn’t think Michael was ever going to let go of her hair and I certainly didn’t think in a million years that it would result with this carnage right in front of us. I could have died. She could have crushed us!

BM: You’ll get over it. What an event it has been here tonight, all championship belts have changed hands. New Champions coming into the New Year, this is going to change everything, Tats!

TR: That it will, Bry! And now the EMTs are rushing down to ringside to scrape up the roadkill left from this match, sheesh. I think Angelica Layne is bleeding on my new shoes, someone is going to pay for this!

BM: Wrath of the Gods certainly brought the carnage and we are glad all the fans could be part of it. What lies ahead for In Your House, well I personally cannot wait to find out. Thank you for joining us tonight, goodnight!

[The show fades on the EMTs checking on Michael while getting ready to place Angelica on a stretcher.]

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