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Jul 5 2018, 10:51 PM

Wrestler Real Name: Tyler Adrian Storm
Wrestler In Ring Name: Tyler Storm
Height (meters): 1.93 (6'4")
Weight (kilograms): 98 (215 lbs)
Alignment: Face
Hometown/Billed From: Tuscaloosa, AL
Gimmick: Tyler Storm is currently in the middle of a year where he is returning to the squared circle after a year and a half out of having a crucial back surgery that could have very well ended his career had he ignored getting it sooner. Being still at a young age of 26, Tyler has built together nearly 7 years of wrestling experience all over the globe. Although he certainly must be a lot more methodical and wise about the limits he goes to in his in-ring work, Tyler's ability to connect with the every day working individual and his broad knowledge from being a former wrestling company owner and current fitness company co-owner have made him a very knowledgeable individual who has built a following throughout the years with his never give up attitude and ability to persevere in the face of adversity. Storm is now looking to rebuild his legacy and regain his fire that has brought him plentiful success in the industry.
Pic Base: Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Ring Attire: Consists typically of wrestling tights with a long claw mark that goes from just below the waistband all the way down to the knee on the sides, the word "STORM" on the back, and "TYLER" on the front with both in Slant font. The tights will always include a white waistband and range in color for the rest of it from blue with black designs in white outlines (most common), red with white designs in black outlines, black with blue designs in white outlines, or white with silver designs in blue outlines. Tyler also has a gold outline and waistband variant to these along with a gold design variant to his white tights design for when he is a champion. Along with this, coming to the ring Tyler will typically wear a shirt/jersey/shirsey related to the area they are wrestling in or will wear some of his merchandise.
Twitter: @TlrStorm

Wrestling Style: A Southern US-inspired strong style, tad more focus on striking abilities with knees and fists mixed with technical amateur style with focuses around submissions and timed out attacks.

Strengths (3):
1. Calculation (Tyler's biggest strength comes from his years of experience learning ways to scout his opponents and to learn from not only their mistakes but also work off his weaknesses to an opponent's style. This allows him a wide knowledge of putting a match plan together capable of success the vast majority of the time.)
2. Physicality (Embracing a more strong-style approach to wrestling over the few years along with his focus on improving his body after injury issues early on has allowed Tyler to be able to pack a punch much harder in the stuff he dishes out now days. The elbows and kicks Tyler can deliver and brutal in their collision to his opponents, and the striker-esque was of wrestling now has allowed him much more ease of overpowering an opponent.)
3. Patience (One thing Tyler has kept throughout his years has been his ability to relax when inside the ring and be very patient with allowing his opponent to come to him and open the doors to his various moves he can pull off. It's rare Tyler let's his head get the best of him against an opposing foe, and the great demeanor in the ring has offered a lot of success in getting his opponents to frustrate themselves out of a match against him.)
Weaknesses (3):
1. Injury History (If anything plays against Tyler greatly, it's going to be his list of injuries he has had to deal with over the years. Although he has been safer when it comes to concussions and what not, the biggest spot that always seems to haunt Tyler is his lower back. Also considering this will be his return to wrestling following back surgery a year and a half ago, it's obvious from here on Tyler will have a big target on his back whenever facing more methodical opponents in the ring.)
2. Ring Rust (Along with the injuries, Tyler is still in some ways trying to get fully used to now returning to wrestling after a good absence from the ring. He has attempted to keep up a consistent training regimen for in-ring action, and the few months back in have helped him get adjusted to the basics, but the 1+ years outside of being in front of a live audience competing creates a big question mark on how Tyler will be able to get himself back into a normalcy with his lifelong passion, especially when it comes to performing high risk or very complex moves in his arsenal.)
3. Protector (Although Tyler is very good with keeping his cool, the big thing that can get Tyler out of his loop revolves around protecting his friends and family. Because he focuses so much constantly on being there for the people he cares for, sometimes this can throw his focus out of whack and cause him to be a bit too reckless in the ring. If an opponent can manage to get Tyler into this sort of mode and push through the added physicality that can come with it, he leaves plenty of open doors for someone to seize opportunity and outsmart him.)

Finishers (Max 2):
1. Eye of the Storm (Electric Chair Driver/Main)
2. Tiger's Cage (Double Underhook Crossface)
Signature Moves (Max 2):
1. Hybrid Crackdown (Inverted Headlock into Rolling Elbow)
2. Bite Wound (Crucifix Cutter)
Well-practiced Moves (Max 10):
1. Hardcastle Treatment (Springboard Roundhouse Kick) [Comeback-move only due to it's high flying nature]
2. Rolling Tide (Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker) [Can be used as a comeback from a ground submission or as a normal move on grounded opponent]
3. Alabama Slam
4. Jumping Knee Strike
5. Spinning Heel Kick
6. European Uppercut
7. Bicycle Kick
8. Spinebuster
9. Spear
10. Yakuza Kick

Entrance Theme: "Eye of the Tiger (Metal Cover)" by Leo Moracchioli feat Rob Lundgren

Character Background:
Tyler Adrian Storm was born on April 8, 1992 in Tuscaloosa to Phyllis Storm and indy wrestler Tracy Storm.

Tyler knew from his early days that he would be stepping into the squared stage. His father, a wrestler himself, began training Tyler as soon as he could. Some of his dad's old promoters say Tyler was doing dives off the top rope before he was even 5-years-old. Tyler not only got to learn hands-on, but he got to watch all of his father's matches from ringside.

However, what really opened the young Storm's eyes to the wrestling world was his father's last match. Tyler was 15, and his father was competing in a Texas Death Match for the company's coveted World Title. The two were of equal strength throughout the brutal match, but tragedy struck following the conclusion of the match when Tyler's father collapsed from an epileptic seizure just seconds after being declared winner and new world champion. Although Tyler's father did manage to make a pretty speedy recovery, the event scarred him not only physically but mentally as well. Because of this the elder Storm announced his unwanted retirement, surrendering the one title he sought after for so long after holding it for just 1 week. After watching his dad give his emotional retirement speech in front of the many people who supported him through the years, Tyler got the spark he needed to begin the journey to becoming the man he is today.

Tyler trained vigorously under his own supervision until he turned 18, when he tried out and earned a spot on the roster of his local wrestling organization. Although Tyler never captured the gold, he did impress some scouts enough that he earned a contract under the Shootclub Wrestling Alliance. After training for a few months at Shootcamp, the developmental territory for SWA located in Atlanta, Georgia, Tyler earned his stripes (enough that this is where he earned the nickname "The Tiger") and was upgraded to the Shootcamp Championship Wrestling roster in Arizona.

During his SCW stint in which he was a one time Television Champion, Tyler's main objective was his rivalry with the notorious group Monolith led by the mastermind of evil at the time, Tony Hardcastle. Hardcastle and Storm battled for months, both having moments where one got the upper hand on the other. Sadly, the rivalry and Tyler's SCW stint was short lived as the SWA shut its doors due to massive breakdown in the upper management of the organization. Tyler feared he would have to start back from the bottom, but he learned from several of his friends of a new home...the NEXT EVOLUTION WRESTLING ALLIANCE.

Tyler and several other SWA stars signed on to the NEWA, and after going through a screening process in The Training Facility the stars were distributed among the leagues set up at the time. Tyler was signed on to 3CW, where he accomplished a good bit of success in defeating stars such as Dennis Anderson, Ace "ARW" Watson, and David Dreadful. Tyler also really put together some friendships while in 3CW, mainly with Owen Gonsalves whom he had met in Arizona and the two are now on/off tag partners in the team known formerly as All Sold Out (now as Young Scratch Reborn in honor of Old Scratch, a trainer for Tyler and Owen). Sadly, Tyler's stint in 3CW was cut short because of a leg injury, some serious family issues, and the closing of the league itself due to budget reasons.

Tyler was reassigned to Florida State Wrestling following the closing of 3CW. Sadly Tyler's journey in Florida took a massive halt due to emotional stress from a separation with his then wife Lacey Adams and her death via impact with a drunk driver along with his then newborn son Cooper, and this experience changed Tyler. He became more vicious in how he handled situations, and slowly the kind, loving, forgiving lifestyle was infused with new emotions. Mean. Hating. Unforgiving. Some called it a new personality...but to Tyler he considered it a new way he was. He was, in his own words, a hybrid of his old self and this new personality.

Tyler's journey to finding who he truly was led him to a short leave from the NEWA and him joining the FedWars Wrestling Alliance. While under the FWA and it's many brands, Tyler managed to accomplish several things that helped reform not only his career, but also his mentality. As a member of KAPOW he became the KABLAM (the second brand of the company) Champion, and also met the lovely Jennifer "Zelda" Lawson, whom he eventually married later on and is still with to this day. From there he moved on to International Championship Wrestling where he won his first ever World Championship as well as the Transcontinental Championship in the short time of 3 months, feats that are still 2 of Tyler's highest to this day. Along with success in these 2 companies he also had short stints with next Generation wrestling and New Edge Wrestling during their affiliation with the FWA, which due to some small problems didn't last and Tyler never had tastes of glory.

During all of this Tyler also managed to start up his own brand in the FWA as he, along with his brother Scott Storm and wife Zelda Lawson, founded STRIKE! Enterprises and created the STRIKE! Wrestling Alliance, which enjoyed moderate success during it's lifespan, and Tyler renovated a run down arena in Birmingham, Alabama to become the STRIKE! Centre which is still open today and hosts regular events for local and traveling wrestling promotions as well as other entertainment events. Tyler took time off to focus on the feat of running his own wrestling brand but this did not last long as Tyler sought a return to the ring, even going as far as placing himself into the STRIKE! roster and winning his own company's World Championship, which he vacated very quickly as he found it unfair for a company owner to hold their own title, and Tyler also eventually closed his Wrestling Alliance as he found it unreasonable to have his own company ran by someone else. Tyler still continues to this day to run STRIKE! Enterprises, which recently has taken a focus on opening fitness centers around North America and plans are in progress to bring the STRIKE! name worldwide.

With Tyler's life getting better, he managed to end his affiliation with FWA and return the NEWA and FSW for a short time with a new attitude about the aggressiveness of wrestling. However, as soon as Tyler returned he was faced with something unexpected...the NEWA was closing. So, again Tyler was out of a job and he had to go out and establish a new path for himself, which for the time being he did. Tyler continued to wrestle around in several other promotions throughout the world, including a re-established NEW and NFW which was ran by a former friend of the NEWA owner, but eventually Tyler decided to call it quits for a while and took a full on break from competition to focus on building up STRIKE! Enterprises and fully healing the injuries that have bugged him since the beginning of his career. Of course, as time went on he missed the action, the thrill of being in the ring hearing the fans cheer. This led him to Visionaries of Wrestling off the advice of his friend Owen Gonsalves, and VoW brought many things to Storm's plate.

Upon entering VoW, a big tragedy struck Tyler and he lost his father to an overdose following a years long battle with pain killer addiction. This broke Tyler for an extensive period of time, resulting in him losing his debut in VoW and forcing him to take an immediate leave to mourn. He did eventually return though, making an impact in a big way by qualifying and eventually winning the Quest for the Case match over many worthy competitors including long-time rival Ace Watson. Tyler's case awarded him the newly created Eye For An Eye Championship, or I4NI for short, and Tyler held this title on two separate occasions which included stints during a long and brutal feud with Scarlet Flint. While in VoW, Tyler's wife Zelda gave birth to his first child since the tragic loss to his son years ago, Elena Marie Storm. However despite the new addition to the family, Tyler and Zelda went through a lot of stress with one another over Zelda's lifestyle and past catching up to her, and this resulted in the two divorcing one another peacefully where they both care for Elena to this day. Around this time is also when Tyler got his with what would be the worst moment of his career in a match against Elskerinne at one of VoW's PPV events when he collapsed in the ring very scarily during a post-match nod to the fans. It was learned afterwards Tyler had ruptured a disk in his back and would require surgery, putting him out of action long enough to miss VoW being forced to close it's doors and putting Tyler out of a company to work for.

Tyler has now been out of the ring for over a year and a half, during that time having a pair of twins with widely scorn wrestler Jamilyn Cornett. This resulted in him marrying Cornett to prevent the kids of being born out of wedlock, but more than a couple of months ago the relationship between Jamilyn and Tyler dissolved and they have since separated. Now wanting to focus on rebuilding his family and his wrestling career to help support them, he turns now back to his lifelong passion that is professional wrestling. With FGA and newly signed to IYHWF now giving him the opportunity to write a new chapter in his legacy, it will only be time now that tells us what Tyler Storm writes into the history books.
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