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Southern Hostility


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Dec 8 2017, 11:48 AM
Team Name: Southern Hostility

Members (must make a separate singles app for each):
Amanda Hayes
Colton Travis
Clayton Travis (Manager)

Combined Weight: 360 lbs (163.293 kg)

Team Gimmick: Amanda and Colton are cousins and are both very proud of the South and what that means. Having wrestled all over the US and the World separately, this is the first time they have come together to form a team. They don't like most people and don't care who likes them. They have no problem telling you exactly what they think. Neither would do well if they tried to form a team with other people but because this is about family, it could work.

Team Finisher: “Hostile Takeover” - Colton picks opponent up in an electric chair position and runs toward the corner. Amanda dives off as Colton comes in and hits a diving lariat. The Lariat is a staple of the Hayes family as it was the move Sam Hayes was most known for. This is an attempt for the cousins to keep the family tradition going and also have it see an evolution.

Well-Practiced Double Team Moves (Max 5):
Backbreaker hold, diving leg drop combination (Colton - backbreaker/ Amanda- leg drop)
Slingshot catapult, diving bulldog combination (Colton – slingshot/ Amanda – diving bulldog)
Flying knee, running chop block combination (Colton – flying knee from front of opponent/ Amanda – running chop block to back of opponents knees at same time)
Spike Piledriver Combination – (Colton – lifts opponent up for piledriver/ Amanda leaps off top rope and grabs top of opponents feet, adding additional force to the piledriver


Team Background: Colton and Amanda are cousins who have wrestled all over the world in various promotions but have never been in the same organization at the same time. They have decided to come together to conduct a Hostile Takeover of IYHWF's Tag-team division. Colton's father, Clayton Travis, will serve as the teams manager. It has been said that people from the South are known for having Southern Hospitality but this family has no interest in being hospitable to anyone and so they changed the term to Southern Hostility. This represents exactly what the team and the family is about. They are very proud to be from the South and are hostile to just about everyone else.
Dec 8 2017, 11:43 AM

Wrestler Real Name: Colton Travis
Wrestler In Ring Name: Colton Travis
Nickname (If Applicable): The Confederate Cowboy
Height (meters): 6'2”
Weight (kilograms): 200 lbs
Alignment: Heel
Hometown/Billed From: Lakewood, South Carolina
Gimmick: An asshole who loves fighting, family, his heritage, and himself. Doesn't care who like him or his world views.
Pic Base: Donald Cerrone
Ring Attire: Black Jeans w/”Southern” & “Pride” written on the left/right side/ A rebel flag on the back. No shirt, custom cowboy boots and a black Cowboy hat.
Twitter: @TheColtonTravis

Strengths (3):
1) Striking Specialist: Colton has trained most of his life in various martial arts and uses a wide range of striking both from punches and kicks.
2) Submission game: Colton is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and as a result, is able to use creative and affective submissions to take out opponents.
3) Endurance/Toughness: As a life long athlete, Colton is in very good cardio shape and was raised to have a never give in/up attitude both in combat and in his opinions.

Weaknesses (3):
1) Ability to be a team player : While this doesn't apply to family or causes he believes in, Colton has been known to not work well with others who are outside a very small circle of individuals.
2) Abilty to weight future consequences of his actions: Many times in his life, Colton has said or done things that in the moment, he felt were right. That being said, he doesn't always weigh how doing or saying something to the “wrong person” could affect his career.
3) Need to get vindication: If Colton feels he or his family has been wronged, he won't let it go until he feels vindicated. This can at times be harmful to the “larger picture” issues.

Finishers (Max 2):
1) “Battle of Bull Running Powerslam” - a motified version of the Oklahoma Slam.
2) “Lights Out in Georgia” - Rear Naked Choke (Doesn't always use this but when locked in properly, it is a show stopper. Colton is a black belt and his opponent will tap or go to sleep.)

Signature Moves (Max 2):
1) “Southern Invasion” - Colton mounts a downed opponent and unleashes a barrage of strikes (punches/forearms/elbows) meant to stun, tire opponent. Colton wants his opponent to give up their back so he can lock on the “Lights Out in Georgia”.
2) “Family Tradition” - A tribute Lariat to Sam Hayes, who was the first and arguably the most successful member of this wrestling family. - See: Stan Hanson's Lariat

Well-practiced Moves (Max 10):
Spinning elbow/backfist
jumping pile driver
single/double leg takdowns
sit-out powerbomb
spine buster
headkick (left and right)
body shots (various kicks/knees/punches to the body/liver of opponents)
suplex (belly-to- belly, belly-to-back, German, release)
ankle lock
armbar (from various positions)

Entrance Theme: "Son of the South" by Cody Cooke & the Bayou OUtlaws

Character Background: Colton was born into a family who knows who they are, where they came from, and what that means. As a kid, he idolized his father and wanted to be a fighter just like him. While Clayton was a pit fighter, Colton was introduced to various martial arts at a young age and has continued to train and perfect them his entire life.

In 2013, Colton took a gig as a pro wrestler to make an easy dollar but quickly fell in love with it. He had been inspired by his cousin success in the business and thought it would be cool to continue the family tradition.

Colton has bounced around various independent promotions, mainly in the Southern United States but has done a few tours overseas. With his father as his manager, Colton joined IYHWF to tag with his cousin Amanda Hayes.

(If your character has a manager, fill out the following, otherwise delete.)

Manager Name: Clayton Travis
Pic base: Don Frye (This version - )
Gimmick: Clayton is a no nonsense, tell it like it is, consequences be damned kind of person. He is all about the history of the South. He fought most of his life and still is not an old man you want to mess with.
Dec 8 2017, 11:15 AM

Wrestler Real Name: Amanda Hayes
Wrestler In Ring Name: Amanda Hayes
Nickname (If Applicable): “The Dixie Devil”
Height (meters): 5'10” (1.78 m)
Weight (kilograms): 160 lbs. (72.5748 kg)
Alignment: Heel
Hometown/Billed From: Amarillo, Texas
Gimmick: Amanda is not a very nice person and is fine being seen that way. She cares about her family, her heritage, and herself. She will do what needs to be done to get what she wants and doesn't care who likes it or doesn't. She plans to be successful in everything she does and is not a “good loser”. She will attack and has attacked anyone that she feels has wronged her or stands in the way of something she wants. She doesn't care what the fans or other wrestlers think. She will do and say whatever she feels like.
Pic Base: Jesse Belle Smothers
Ring Attire: Red top and red shorts with Confederate Flag on chest and shorts. Custom wrestling boots with “Southern” and “Born” on the left & right one.
Twitter: @AmandaHayesIW

Strengths (3):
1) Toughness: Amanda is tough as hell, both in mind and body. Not afraid of pain.
2) Intelligence: Amanda always has a plan to get what she wants done. If that is working the match a certain way or setting up an attack on an opponent, she has thought it out. She isn't above cheating but is smart enough to do it in a way that she won't get caught.
3) Cut-throat: Amanda believes that the ends do indeed justify the means. If she needs to bend/break the rules to win then she will do so. If it's a verbal assault or running someone down in a parking lot (ask Kelly Fury), then she is more than willing to do it.

Weaknesses (3):
1) Doesn't get along well with others: Amanda has a long history of not playing well with others and doesn't like 90% of people. Even some that she does tolerate can piss her off. She can let her ego get the better of her at times.
2) Issues with Authority: Amanda doesn't like being told what to do and this can present problems when it comes to listening or taking orders from Authority Figures.
3) Trust Issues: Amanda trust almost no one. If you are not close family or a handful of proven friends, she doesn't trust you at all. Even those in the circle risk being tossed out at the first sign of disloyalty.

Finishers (Max 2):
1) “Texas Death Sentence” - Description: A triple powerbomb series in which Amanda will hold on after the first and second normal powerbombs and then finish with a Jackknife Powerbomb. (When Amanda hits this the opponent does not kick out!!! It is a very punishing move and when executed properly, should be treated as such.)
2) “Dixie Lock” - Description: Ankle Lock (Amanda is very adept at locking this move on and can do it from a wide variety of positions during the match. She will almost always get a submission out of it unless her opponent can get to the ropes or reverse it before she gets it fully locked on.

Signature Moves (Max 2):
1) “Dixie Drop” - Inverted DDT drop. Can finish an opponent with this move and will use on huge opponents.
2) “Southern Hospitality” - Amanda puts her opponent into a Fireman s carry position and then spins them around, hitting an RKO in mid air. She can also hit this move by catching an opponent in mid air and then transitioning into the Fireman s Carry.

Well-practiced Moves (Max 10):
Punches from multiple positions (DOES NOT SLAP FIGHT or PULL HAIR)
Multiple Stomps (When her opponent is on the ground and stunned during a match Amanda will stomp the hell out of her opponent.)
Bulldog (running or off the top rope on a stunned opponent)
Dropkick variations
Running leg-drop
Vertical Suplex
Texas Cloverleaf
Texas Piledriver
Snap DDT
The Lariat
Sidewalk Slam

Entrance Theme: “Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson

Character Background: Amanda was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. She is a very proud Texan and is proud of her Southern roots. While she is an attractive woman, she is a tough country girl and is not one of the girls who think they are a princess. Amanda despises women like that and will make it a point to tell them so. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and she believes she can do anything a man can do and do it as good or better.

Amanda is a very aggressive female by nature and isn't scared of anything or anyone. She can almost be a bully at times when it comes to establishing dominance over an opponent or enemy. She has almost no filter when it comes to her words or her actions. While she is a lady, she is not a lady you want to mess with or stand in the way of.

Amanda has little interest in making friends when she comes into a promotion. She has family and friends back in Texas and the South for that. Despite being a loose cannon at times, Amanda is very goal oriented and will do everything in her power to accomplish every goal she sets for herself.
Amanda was given the nickname “The Dixie Devil” while competing on the independent circuit by an announcer who claimed the name fit her because of her strong and vocal support for Southern Heritage and the fact that the majority of the time, she would be downright evil both in and out of the ring. The name caught on and has stuck with her over the years.

Amanda grew up watching Pro Wrestling and fell in love with it at a very young age. Some of her fondest memories as a child were spending a Saturday morning watching it with her entire family. Family is very important in the South and she always enjoyed coming together with the family for this.

The Hayes family has a ranch on the outskirts of Amarillo which happened to be just down the road from the Funk s infamous “Double-cross Ranch” . The Hayes and Funk family are very close and when Amanda decided she wanted to pursue a career in wrestling she approached both Terry and Dory Jr. about training her. After two solid years of training on every aspect of pro wrestling she could, it was time for Amanda to go out on the Independent circuit and apply what she had learned. Being so highly trained before hand, this was an easy transition for her and she had regional success all over the Country. Amanda also spent time in the UK and Japan in and effort to constantly add to her skill set. She spent several years traveling the globe, and has been approached by several major promotions both in the States and abroad. She retired from wrestling after leaving PWSI in December of 2012 but over time began to miss it and decided she had the rest of her life to be retired and should give it another go while still in her prime. This came to an end when Amanda joined the Inferno Wrestling roster. She had a decent run there, becoming the Unleashed Champion. This would come to and end as well as personal problems and outside interest led her to retire once again. That was three years ago. Since then, other then the occasional “training session” with Kelly Fury and one impromptu match a couple weeks ago, Amanda has stayed away from the ring. Recently the fire to do it one more time has come back and after agreeing to team up with her cousin, Colton Travis, she has decided IYHWF and its tag-team division is the place to do it.
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