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Jan 4 2018, 04:41 PM
[The scene opens up to the backstage of an arena but not just any arena, the Melbourne Showgrounds. This isn’t a John Blade special where the arena is randomly open any day of the week, no. It’s obvious there is still electricity in the air, the excitement of an event that just unfolded; it is the night of Ruckus 56. The night where people like Minka Carter and Southern Hostility had made their IYH debuts.]

[The night when Angelica Layne came home and painted Seth Iser as her first target.]

[As the night ended, stage crew still ran around backstage trying to pack up all of their equipment and there she stood, Angelica Layne, in all her bitchy glory. Angelica had found a camera guy who was about to leave and ordered him to set up his camera for one last recording before he could call it a day and head home to his family.]

AL: Ya know, I wasn’t able to say everything that I wanted to out there tonight. The crowds were cheering a little bit too loudly for that and I have no idea why, it’s not like I’ve ever treated them with a kindness. Sure, I’ve never exactly pissed them off either so I guess it all boils down to talent and the way I’d put my body on the line just to give each and every one of them a cheap thrill. Whether it be from the gruelling Best of Five series with Ken Nagasaki which saw us fight in a Parking Lot Brawl, Stretcher Match, MMA Rules and even a Ladder Match. How about that time I faced The Devil, Michael Diablo in a Steel Cage match where I became the IYH Champion in the most glorious of ways….

[Angelica chuckles.]

AL: By falling off of the side of the cage after he tried to desperately prevent me climbing down by holding onto my hair, only to have me fall through the announce table. That’s certainly one way to win a match. I can still hear Tats’ words, ringing in my ears. “I didn’t think Michael was ever going to let go of her hair and I certainly didn’t think in a million years that it would result with this carnage right in front of us. I could have died. She could have crushed us!”...

[With a roll of her eyes, she simply smirks.]

AL: Always the charmer that one. And do you new kids even know when that was? Of course you don’t, it was one year ago at Wrath of the Gods. I would have made my return then but it wouldn’t have been as wonderful as shitting all over Seth Isers parade, wouldn’t you agree? The man who I have called a terrorist for months, just to watch him get bent out of shape about it. But isn’t that what this group who go by the name The Bad Omens do? Don’t they go to the ring, terrorizing other competitors? Don’t they hospitalize, stir up fear, terrorize? They want all eyes on them as they have some big scheme in mind. Frankly, I think you are all acting like toddlers throwing hissy fits just for attention. Look at Estella Winters when she lost to Emery Layton, she threw a fit in the ring. Look at The Banshee when she loses, she throws a fit. Dante Locke forever acts like a puppy that gets angry because you yell at him for pissing on the rug. Marcus Blackbeard tries to throw his weight around like a poor mans Rick Krieger and Seth Iser?

[Angelica scoffs.]

AL: Terrorist. That’s ALL I have to say to get him to throw a bitch fit. Well, that and take the Proving Grounds championship away from him. When kids throw fits and misbehave they no longer get to keep their toys, it's that fucking simple. I’ll remind everyone at In Your House that the only person they should fear, is me and what I do inside of that ring.

[Angelica takes a deep breath, soaking in the air of the arena while a smile comes to her face.]

AL: It's good to be back....PS, fuck you Shawn.

[Her smile quickly turns to a smirk as she winks into the camera. The scene fades.]
Sep 12 2017, 10:15 PM

SUN, 17/09/2017 @ 8PM (ACST)

Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Jetpack © vs Murphys Law

Singles Match
Nate Gloria vs Jessica Anderson

Singles Match
Derrick Daze vs Kendall Roberts

Tag Team Match
Church of Illusionism vs Modern Day Heroes

Singles Match
Dante Locke vs Kieran Thompson

Sep 4 2017, 11:03 AM
[The scene opens up within the home of Kelly Fury who is recording from her webcam. She gives a sigh as she runs her right hand through her hair before leaning back in her chair with her arms crossed.]

Kelly Fury: So, like, I don’t usually do this sort of shooty thang, at least I haven’t in a long time. I came to learn words spoken are pretty much meaningless before a fight anyway, unless the goal is to get inside of an opponents head. But I grew out of silly wrestling games like that years ago. However, there I was just sitting at home, enjoying being off of my feet for the first time all freaking day. Between the gym with Gordon, being a mom which included a splashy bath time which was not as fun as it sounds when you’re the one cleaning it up. So frankly, the last thing I needed was to listen to Uncanny Socialities’ thoughts on the gauntlet match and all the teams involved….

[She takes a moment gathering her thoughts, wondering how it all came to this.]

Kelly Fury: Kelsey, sweetie...Gordon and I respect the shizz outta you. YOU. Not Rebecca. You were an amazing Proving Grounds champion, one who I wanted to see win that belt back. But then Rebecca came along and now you’re stuck doing the same thing you were doing with Sweet Anarchy. Don’t you see the issue? You have fought hard in the tag team division only to come out with a close call for the big win. But when you were on your own? You fought hard and you got the gold without barely breaking a sweat. That ladder match will go down in history and part of that is thanks to you, it even won Match of the Year in the season one awards. Anything Gordon and I have said has been out of the tough love mentality. Any time anyone comes down hard on Uncanny Socialites it’s not because of you, it’s because of Rebecca’s big mouth. You both seemed to miss the point at all the backlash you received over not commenting on this match sooner. You didn’t get backlash for not paying attention….Emery Layton got backlash for that. You both got the backlash because this is one of the biggest tag team matches not only In Your House has ever seen, but it’s more than some companies out there would even attempt. This isn’t just a huge thing for one single company or the teams involved, it could be a massive thing for the wrestling community as a whole and even inspire other tag teams to step up and say “We’re here and we can put on just as much of a show as any singles competitor out there”.

[Kelly rolls her eyes but smiles ever-so-sweetly into the camera.]

Kelly Fury: But what do I know right? According to you two, I’m pretty much new to all of this. I will say, one thing I noticed when you were speaking Kelsey is that you just don’t see very happy with what you were saying. Not one person, that I have seen, has ever said Chris Cryptic would release you two if you lost. No one ever said that if you lose, you should quit…except for you two. And I mean, that is absolutely fine. If you ladies believe your talents would be put to better use elsewhere, no one would fault you for leaving. Sometimes little fish just cannot swim in the big tanks with the bigger fish. The big fish get hungry and eat the little ones for lunch. Then other times, the little fish use the big tank to their advantage and they grow big and flourish, like Murphys Law. Those two never teamed before stepping into an In Your House ring together and lemme tell ya something about my girl Meesh. She beat my own students The Pistols, back in a company called Inferno Wrestling. When she beat them to become the Inferno Tag Team Champions, she was randomly teamed up with Joey Miles. Instead of worrying over mix-matches, she used them to her advantage and made them champions. Another little fun fact too, I myself have had a lot, A LOT of mix-matched tag team partners some of which I became a tag team champion with. Ladies, I aint some tag team rookie. It’s my speciality. So when you go out of your way to insult my abilities in tag team matches, I have to call bullshit on it.

[It is obvious that Kelly is getting more frustrated with Uncanny Socialities as she speaks.]

Kelly Fury: Rebecca claims you don’t want to be handed title shots like children, you’d rather earn it like War Enforcement. Then Kelsey chimes in with how it was disheartening to see them get the same opportunity as you?...Maybe the reason why Uncanny Socialites don’t work, is because one contradicts the other? Just some food for thought. The contradictions between you two are insane, I never noticed it until I listened to that little shoot. You talk crap about how Adam treats Emery when you treat Kelsey the same way. You tried to say we contradicted ourselves with that whole match placement Rebecca just cannot seem to get over. We didn’t. Match placement does not matter, however, if a champion is booked on the show they will take the main event spot. The champions are the faces of each division. It’s not freaking rocket science. If Owen had of been booked that night, he would have been in the main event spot over Murphys Law because he’s da big daddy champ, namsayin? However, you were not wrong with how the main event is the shows featured match. Which is why if there is only one Champion booked on the show…..

[Kelly starts to wave her arms around in a “come on, you can finish that sentence” manner before resting her arms at her side again with a giggle.]

Kelly Fury: I think you get it. I’ll have my son Jackson draw you a picture with crayons though. He’s three years old and probably understands how wrestling works better than you two seem to. You both absolutely have skill in the ring, no doubt about that. You have the fighting spirit and the desire to achieve it all. But you haven’t found your tag team mentality yet. The one where you don’t even have to rehearse the same moves over and over until it’s drilled into your head like a routine; you can go out into the ring and freestyle because in the moment, you’re on the same page. Watch mine and Gordons match from last week, do you really think it was planned for me to springboard off of his back? No, in the moment, it all clicked and we got the job done. But wait, you two basically blasted every single team saying how you’re the only legit one of us all? Since Mind Your Own Fuckhole, Gordon and I have not lost a singles tag team match. A loss that we fully intend to return to War Enforcement tenfold. THAT is why Murphys Law gave Team Fury the opportunity to be part of this historic night. Yes, we may have only just worked out a tag team name, theme, a few cool little tricks...but isn’t that what being a tag team is all about? Team Building exercises for everybodyyyyyy

[Kelly starts to wave her arms around like Oprah when she’s excited before laughing while rolling her eyes, if they only bothered to do research before speaking, they’d maybe have found a better point to swing and miss from.]

Kelly Fury: Enough about them though, there are still three other teams in that match that Gordon and I may have the pleasure of meeting face to face. Jetpack, we respect the heck out of those two and we fully expect them to bring even more of a fight to us in that ring than they did last week.

[With her right hand, Kelly delicately strokes her jaw.]

Kelly Fury: I’m still aching from some of those shots. It was clear as day you two are wanting those tag team belts again, as we all are. But I saw it in your eyes, last week was essentially just practice to the two of you and you’re hungry for the gold. I can respect the heck outta that. If we happen to meet again in the ring this week, I know I’ll see that fire in your eyes once again. Speaking of fiery tag teams, we have Layton and Fenric who I absolutely adore. Emery more so than Adam, Adam tries to speak all proper and it’s totes exhausting, like loosen up a lil ya know? But Emery on the other hand? Yeeeah, she knows she’s awesome and I’d love nothing more than a shot at them. I’ve been a big fan of XWA for years, so she may have always been a dream opponent of mine.

[Kellys eyes almost grow cold again.]

Kelly Fury: But then there are those jerk-faces War Enforcement. I hate them, every last one, even Jack! He called me Dipshit Fury and I haven’t exactly gotten over it. I bet he’d love nothing more than to see Serena and Raine beat Gordon and I once more. To dash our hopes of being a legitimate tag team. But what do we say to the jerks of War Enforcement at The Fall?...Not Today. Not again. I won’t stop fighting until I make sure you NEVER see those tag team belts. War Enforcement will never rule over In Your House, it’s time you all realized that now and saved yourselves a lot of heartache.

[Once more, Kelly takes a sigh, pushing a soft smile onto her face.]

Kelly Fury: I have rambled on enough, but there is one more team who deserves its props and that is the current Tag Team Champions, Murphys Law. Both those girls know I love them and given how I pretty much defended them as a team in my rant to Uncanny Socialites, I know I don’t have to say much to them. But I will say this….thank you, both of you. No one really knows this but you and me, but no one has supported me harder in In Your House, than the two of you. No one has cheered for me to pick myself up when down, more than you two. The love you have shown both me and my son I am eternally grateful for and I couldn’t ask for two better friends. I know a lot of the teams will be gunning for you two especially at The Fall. The pride of saying “WE BEAT THE CHAMPS, WOO!” or perhaps a vendetta they have been gripping onto for awhile now. No one else says it, but I will. Thank you both, for being amazing champions for 176 days…but it’s time for you to “Fall”.

[Kelly gives a slight smirk into the camera knowing Misha will be proud of her fighting spirit within her final words. At The Fall all friendships will be set aside as the fight for the Tag Team Championships commences.]
Jul 25 2017, 08:17 AM

SUN, 30/07/2017 @ 8PM (ACST)

Singles Match (non-title)
Seth Iser © vs Craig Anderson ©

Tag Team Match
SBYA vs Modern Day Heroes

Singles Match
Brooke Mathis vs Krissy Spencer

Tag Team Match
Layton & Fenric vs Tag Team Greatness

Singles Match
Zack Roberts vs Caleb Cross

Singles Match
Marcus Blackbeard vs Keiran Thompson
Jul 12 2017, 07:17 AM

Live from GIO Canberra Stadium, Canberra
Sunday 16/07/17 @8PM (ACST)

In Your House Championship Match
Singles Match
Owen Gonsalves © vs Diamond Jack Sabbath

Rapid Fire Championship Match
Singles Match
Sam Amos vs Craig Anderson

Tag Team Championship Match
Tag Team Match
Murphys Law © vs Uncanny Socialites

Tag Team Match
Gordon Fury & Kelly Fury vs War Enforcement

Proving Grounds Championship Match
Triple Threat Match
Shawn Fox © vs Jessica Anderson vs Seth Iser

Singles Match
Cheesecake vs Suzanne Carlisle
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