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Dante Locke


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Jul 7 2018, 09:44 PM
Team Name:
Bad Omens

The Hellhound (Dante Locke), The Kraken (Marcus Blackbeard)

Combined Weight:
220.9 kilograms

Team Gimmick:
They’ll do whatever it takes to dominate all of IYHWF. They’ll hurt and maim whoever gets in their way and do not have a second thought about it.

Team Finisher:
Depths of Hell - Marcus pops opponent into the air for Dante to hit a bicycle knee to the face on the way down.

Well-Practiced Double Team Moves:
1. Running big boot/zig zag combo (marcus boot, Dante zig zag)
2. Superkick into a German suplex combo
3. Double powerbomb
4. Flapjack/double knee facebreaker combo
5. Backbreaker hold/diving elbow combo

Entrance Theme:
"Vicious" - Parkway Drive

Team Background: Marcus and Dante became close through the forming of the group Bad Omens. They will do anything for each other and will never turn their back on their one another. They won’t hesitate to hurt and destroy anyone who stands in front of them. They don’t care about anyone else except for The Bad Omens.
Jul 31 2017, 12:09 AM
Wrestler Real Name: Dante Locke
Wrestler In Ring Name: Dante Locke
Nickname (If Applicable): The Hellhound
Height (meters): 1.8288 (6'0")
Weight (kilograms): 91.6257 (202 lbs)
Alignment: Heel
Hometown/Billed From: New York, New York
Gimmick: Dante is laid back and casual outside of the ring, though he isn't afraid to get mouthy and share his opinion. In the ring, his MMA/Muay Thai takes over and he's aggressive and relentless, sometimes even ruthless; which is how he garnered the nickname The Hellhound.
Pic Base: Zachary Wentz
Ring Attire: Black sleeves, no shirt, black tights with gray hounds on them with red eyes going down the legs. The butt of the tights says "Hellhound". Black boots.
Twitter: @HellhoundDante

Wrestling Style: MMA/Muay Thai/High flyer
Strengths (3): Anticipates his opponents moves, athleticism, IQ
Weaknesses (3): Too aggressive, temper, cocky

Finishers (Max 2): 1. Dante's Inferno (Kimura Lock)
2. Straight To Hell (Underhook Front Facelock Drop)
Signature Moves (Max 2): 1. Lock-Jawed (Coqunia Clutch)
2. Vestibule of Hell (Running knee strike to head)
Well-practiced Moves (Max 10): 1. Bicycle Kick
2. Pele kick
3. Superkick
4. Corkscrew shooting star press
5. Diving high knee, sometimes while springboarding
6. Enziguri
7. calf kick
8. crooked arm lariat
9. crane kick
10. German suplex

Entrance Theme: "Wolves of War" by Burn Halo

Character Background: Dante grew up loving wrestling despite his father, who was an MMA fighter before the sport became a worldwide sensation. Dante's father, Giovanni or better known as Gio, fought in underground MMA fights in New York. This is how his father put money on the table. Gio was one of the best in the underground circuit, but during his last fight, he took a bad blow to the head. The people there told Gio to quit but he kept on going, he didn't want to lose. So Gio kept fighting and fighting that night and he won. Despite his head injury, he pushed through and showed why he was the best. Giovanni, exhausted, asked a friend to take him home. Once Giovanni made it inside, he greeted his family. He would eventually have a seizure and collapse and his wife called 911. Giovanni's brain had swollen and he went into a coma. The doctors would inform his family that he was brain dead and he would never wake up.

Dante was a teenage wrestling star during this time but he had a background in Muay Thai and MMA tactics from his father. Dante would change course, dedicating his life to Muay Thai and MMA in honor of his father, who his mother refused to pull the plug on. Dante's mother, Mary, would barely ever leave her husbands' side, constantly staying with him at the hospital. Dante and family did what they could to support Mary and Dante had to make a decision to get away. He hated seeing his family like this, stuck in this rut. So he moved to Thailand to compete and master his Muay Thai abilities. A majority of the money he made, he would send to his family to help out his mom. In Thailand, he became one of the best fighters in Thailand, but wrestling was always in the back of his mind.

Rewind to three years ago in 2014 when, after one of his fights, Dante's eyes caught Blyss Lockhart in the crowd. He would approach her, being a fan of hers and she complimented his MMA skills. The two hit it off and became friends, spending time together while Blyss stayed in Thailand. Dante confided to her that he had always wanted to be a wrestler and Blyss convinced him that he had the ability and desire to be one, to be one of the best. Dante believed her and she helped get him started before she had to leave. Dante would travel to Japan to truly hone his wrestling abilities, and this is where he garnered the nickname, The Hellhound. Dante has done all that he could in Japan and is now ready to take his talents to Australia after watching the competition here in IYHWF and how, despite it being a smaller company, IYHWF is one of the top competitively places in the business. Dante knows he will thrive here.
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