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 End of Season Awards
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: May 21 2017, 07:06 PM

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Alright guys, since it is the end of season 1, it is literally the only time to do end of season awards! Now I know each place does awards slightly differently but here is the layout:

Each handler gets to put forward up to 3 nominations for each category. Each nomination is ooc, but is to be based on IC accomplishments as if you are a fan of the company. Then Nina and I will Tally all of the votes, and the top 3 voted options of each category will be the official nominations. From that point, Nina and I will choose the winner of each category and therefore the winner of the award.

The categories are:

-Extreme Moment Of The Season
-Rivalry Of The Season
-Breakout Wrestler Of The Season
-Match Of The Season
-Tag Team Of The Season
-Wrestler Of The Season

You all have one week to send in your nominations via pm to either Nina or myself, with the deadline being 11:59pm on 28th May (my time.) If your votes are a little later than that we will still count them as long as Nina and i haven't counted them up yet.

This is a fun way for us to acknowledge the cool shit that characters did this season, but it literally needs you guys. So even if you don't usually send stuff to the boards, make this your only one if you have to pick one.

Thanks guys.


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