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Aug 31 2017, 10:04 AM
A superkick fired from Rebecca narrowly misses Kelsey’s head. She retaliates by going for a sharp elbow shot to her opponent’s head, which is caught by Rebecca’s sweaty palm. “You’re going to have to hit me harder than that!” she declares, tightening her grip on the elbow. Channeling her resourceful nature, Kelsey delivers a kung fu-style straight kick to Rebecca’s sternum to generate some distance between them, giving her time to plan her next move.

Training is coming along swimmingly. After Kelsey had recovered enough from ingesting the large amount of alcohol, the girls continued practicing each other’s movesets. Slowly but surely, they’re phasing out their own bad habits and picking up on their partner’s good ones. With only two more full days of training to go, they’ve really got to work on blending their movesets if they want this new strategy of theirs to work.

Kelsey charges for Rebecca again with another elbow strike, but Rebecca sidesteps and traps Kelsey in a sleeper hold. Kelsey quickly slips out, tossing Rebecca over her head with a snapmare. She quickly applies a bow and arrow submission hold to control her partner.

She doesn’t hold onto it long, however, as she’s stunned by the voice projecting from a presence entering the warehouse.

“Kelsey!” the voice bellows.

“Oh my… Dad?!

It’s as if he hasn’t aged a day. Kelsey’s childhood tormentor storms into the room, most likely aggravated by the sight of his daughter wrestling. Professional wrestling caused a rift between Kelsey and her alcoholic father, eventually leading to Kelsey running away from home at age 15 to train.

That was twelve years ago. Now, somehow, he’s found her - and he’s certainly not happy.

“What the hell are you doing?” he shouts angrily, as Kelsey flinches slightly. Even after all these years, the intimidation is still there.

“We’re… training for a wrestling match…” Kelsey clenches her fists by her sides, her eyes welling with tears as her anger brews. She’s held it all in for so long that it’s almost impossible to do it any longer. Just as she’s about to blow, an annoyed Rebecca steps forward.

“We’re busy here, old man,” she declares, striding toward him. “So why don’t you get the hell out of here. Whatever you’re selling, we are not interested.”

Kelsey’s father doesn’t respond verbally. Instead, he strikes Rebecca down with a hard right slap that Kelsey herself was on the receiving end of many times. Helplessly watching her unconscious best friend fall to the floor, Kelsey screams with anguish as tears stream down her face.

“Kelsey! Kelsey! Wake up, Kelsey!”

All of a sudden, Kelsey finds herself in bed with Rebecca looking down on her. Dazed and confused, Kelsey looks around the room for any sign of her dad - nothing. “It was a dream..?” she mumbles with a sigh of relief.

“It looks like you were having a nightmare. Alcohol can sometimes do that to you,” Rebecca informs her, folding her arms as she takes a seat on the edge of the bed. “I am sure that’s even more true when you scull a full glass of wine and have never been drunk before.”

Lifting her head from the pillow, Kelsey experiences the sharp pain of a hangover for the first time in her life, clutching her head with her right hand. “What time is it?” she groans.

“Just after four in the morning. The sun should be up soon, no point in trying to get back to sleep.”

“I’m sorry if I woke you,” Kelsey says as she finally sits upright, next to her tag team partner.

“Forget it, no big deal,” Rebecca unfolds her arms momentarily to wave it off. “I was having trouble sleeping. That junk you forced me to eat yesterday has my stomach in cramps.” She notices Kelsey struggling with her headache, and passes her a bottle of aspirin she had at the ready, anticipating this very moment. “What were you dreaming about any way? It sounded intense.”

“Just stuff with my dad,” Kelsey weakly replies, refusing to elaborate further while popping one of the small tablets into her mouth and washing it down with a gulp of water. “Was I yelling in my sleep or something..?”

“Quite loudly, actually.” Embarrassed, Kelsey buries her head in her hands, but Rebecca assures her that all is well. “Don’t worry about it, I feel you. My father was a scumbag, I’d be screaming and yelling if he were in my dreams.”

“You had a mean dad too, huh..?”

“Mean doesn’t even begin to describe it, he would…” She looks over at Kelsey, who’s listening intently, and realises she almost spilled her repressed memories. Rather than scramble to change the subject or end the conversation completely, Rebecca feels a strange sense of security speaking to Kelsey in this setting. She always knew there’d come a time to talk, and that time is now.

“My father was a drug dealer,” she blurts out, catching Kelsey’s undivided attention from the beginning. Kelsey has been trying consistently to get Rebecca to open up about her feelings, get it all out there in a therapeutic manner. “He did some terrible, reprehensible things… To others, and to me. Like many dealers he also used his own supply, and as the drugs he dealt became harder, he would become increasingly irrational and violent.”

She glances over at Kelsey, who is clearly distressed. She knows about her history of abuse and how this story is probably bringing up repressed memories. “That wasn’t even the worst of it,” she continues, believing that telling the full story will put Kelsey at ease about her own situation. “One of my father’s favourite games was to inject me with heroin and see what would happen when my little body could not handle it. The youngest I remember him doing that was when I was seven.”

“That’s horrific… What did your mum think?” Kelsey sheepishly asks, remembering her own mother would often go along with her father’s abuse to alleviate most of it from her.

“She was powerless. My mother was a prostitute that my father supplied in exchange for… Well, I am sure you can figure it out. One day, she accidentally fell pregnant with his child: me. So I was unwanted from the beginning.” She shrugs her shoulders to try and leave the impression it doesn’t phase her all that much. “By the time the abuse happened, my mother was too frail and messed up on heroin and cocaine to actually do anything about it. She died when I was young, leaving me alone with him.” Rebecca takes a deep breath, brushing her hair from her eyes. “I am sorry, this is difficult. I have not spoken about any of this before.”

“It’s okay,” Kelsey assures her. “Take your time, you’re doing fine.”

“When I was pregnant earlier this year, I felt as though I did not have it in me to be a good parent,” she confesses, concealing the tears in her eyes as best she can. “But losing Kailey hit me hard. It was soul-crushing. It brought up bad memories. It made me feel helpless. I failed her right from the very beginning.”

“You didn’t fail her!” Kelsey’s quick to refute her claims. “What happened wasn’t your fault, you couldn’t control it…”

“If I had not allowed myself to be treated the way I was as a child, perhaps all would be well and she would be here. But I was so young, and I certainly was not ready to handle something like that. I hated that feeling of helplessness. I never wish to let anyone make me feel that way again, which is largely why I have isolated myself from the rest of the world. If no-one is around, no-one can harm me.”

It’s a pain Kelsey is all too familiar with. Up until a few years ago, she had a similar philosophy - if you don’t have friends, they can’t hurt you when they leave you. She’s since changed her mind about the way she lives her life, obviously, but she knows it won’t be so simple to get Rebecca to do the same. Unlike Kelsey, Rebecca is not a forgiving person, and is known to hold grudges. Not over childish petty things such as someone beating her in a match, rather deeply personal issues like an individual going out of their way to try and ruin her life.

“Long story short my piece of shit father was arrested before long, I was adopted out, and I never saw him again,” Rebecca concludes with a shrug. “He was eligible for parole a handful of months ago, but it was denied.”

“Does Tyron know any of this..?” Kelsey of course referring to Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend, Tyron Bickerton. The pair were together many years, although it took several for her to accept his romantic advances. She put an end to their eight-year-long relationship following the irreparable strain the stillbirth of their daughter had brought on. Since the break-up, they have barely spoken.

“Some, but very little.”

“I still don’t get why you guys broke up… You were perfect for each other, and now you’re both unhappy being apart…”

“It is not fair on him,” Rebecca states with a shake of her head, concealing her face behind her hair. “He wants a family and I am physically incapable of providing him with that, it has been proven. Perhaps the heroin injections when I was younger led to these reproductive deficiencies, I am not sure. Though even if by some divine miracle I could give birth to a healthy baby, I could never get over my fear of failing as a mother. I don’t want him to waste his life with me.”

Kelsey stares a hole in the opposite wall, trying to find the words to say; she’s become skilled at talking about her problems, but helping others feel better about their own? Not so much. “This is a lot to take in,” Kelsey speaks, hunching over and holding her head in her hands. “I had no idea about any of this stuff…”

Rebecca remains silent, nervous that her friend would not be accepting of these new facts. Even to this day, she herself has a hard time accepting that this is who she is. “Please don’t hate me for keeping all of this from you.” She seems to have forgotten that this is the same girl who forgave her for all she’d put her and her family through.

“I could never.”

“Thank you, Kelsey.” Although she’s welling up, she manages to keep her cool. “You annoy the shit out of me most of the time, but you are the first real friend I have ever had.”

Kelsey smiles, feeling a sense of accomplishment wash over her. "You can make many more," she claims. "You've just gotta put yourself out there. And don't be so cranky all the time!"

"That's easy for you to say," Rebecca scoffs at the idea of going out and making friends. "You are likable. I don't know how to be."

"It's hard to talk to people you're not really familiar with at first, but it gets easier the more you do it. Just talk about stuff you like, get to know what they like and dislike. Pretty soon, people will be seeing you for the awesome person that I know you are."

Rebecca's not so sure. "You'll have to give me a chance to think about it."

“So who adopted you, anyway?” Kelsey tries to lighten the mood, and the pep in her voice certainly puts Rebecca at ease. “Are you guys still in contact?”

Rebecca pats Kelsey’s leg with a smile. “I believe that is enough secrets for one day, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess so…”

“The less time we spend talking, the more time we have to train,” she reminds her partner, knowing that’ll certainly turn her frown upside down.

“Oh, you’re right!” Kelsey springs out of bed, despite her intense head pain. “We’ve still got a lotta work to do! But, uhh…”

“What is it?” Rebecca questions as she stands.

“I don’t have to pretend to be you anymore, do I..? I don’t think I can handle another glass of wine…”

“It is probably best if we try a different approach,” Rebecca laughs as she helps her friend to her feet. “That way did not work out well for either of us last time. Let’s work on expanding our repertoires without the impressions, shall we?”

“Sounds great to me!” Kelsey attempts to muster up the energy to be enthusiastic.

The Fall is fast approaching. With secrets out in the open and our girls back on the same page, they can finally focus on these last few days of training. Will it be enough to finally rise to the top of the tag team division of IYHWF? Or will the Supershow’s name have a poetic meaning for their career as a team? Rest assured, the other five teams in the Gauntlet Match are working just as hard as they are for the same result.
Aug 29 2017, 09:50 AM
“This is still kinda tricky,” Kelsey announces as she runs on the treadmill. She’s still getting used to the packed on weight that she’s carrying, thanks to Harley Saint’s innovative weighted clothing technology. Factoring in the suit and arm bands, she weighs north of 100 kilograms, and it’s almost guaranteed she’ll make gains - if her body holds out long enough to take the added strain, that is.

Over the other side of the room, Rebecca’s not fairing much better with the new challenges these suits are bringing. Both ladies have doubled their weight, and are pushing their bodies well beyond their physical limits. With memories of their previous Tag Team Title shot still fresh in their minds, they’re determined to rectify their loss and prove that they’re worthy of the elusive championship. They’ve set a personal challenge for themselves - do or die. If they can’t capture the IYH Tag Team Titles at The Fall in less than a week, they’ll leave IYHWF forever. The pressure is on as time ticks away.

“Be careful not to throw your back out,” Kelsey calls out as she climbs off the treadmill, noticing Rebecca performing squats. Kelsey’s right to be concerned, as they only added the extra 15 kilos the day before, but Rebecca’s in complete control of her movements and knows what her body can and cannot do. Satisfied with the sweat she’s worked up, Rebecca exhales deeply and joins Kelsey for a hydration break. “You okay, Bec?”

“It’s definitely going to take some getting used to,” a breathless Rebecca confesses, taking a sip from her water. “How about yourself? Are you doing alright?”

“I think so…” The young blonde stretches her arms out, growing accustom to the bands. She lifts and lowers the 10kg weight strapped to her right wrist with a pleased smile on her face. “I never woulda thought that adding weight could make the easiest exercises so much harder.”

“We should be used to this change before long. We have been training with weighted clothing for a couple of weeks already, mind you. We can start practicing moves and preparing a strategy later, but I would say now’s a great time to take a break, wouldn’t you?”

“I guess…” It’s plain to see from Kelsey’s tone that she’s not satisfied with the work she’s put in so far today, believing she can do much more. Rebecca’s quick to remind the hasty Kelsey that she’s getting ahead of herself.

“Physical preparation is only half the battle; you have to prepare yourself mentally to face your opponents as well, remember?” It’s a very important part of the process that they both seem to forget all too often: studying your opponents for weaknesses you can exploit, situations in which you can take advantage. Kelsey is especially guilty of this, preferring to rush in like a bull at a gate rather than devise an effective strategy. Vincent Moretti, the manager of former Proving Grounds Champion Seth Iser, spent a considerable amount of time teaching them what to look for when studying their competition. The time’s come for them to put that knowledge into practice.

Rebecca turns her back to her friend, and motions toward the living area. “Come on, let’s take it easy for a while and watch some tape. We might learn something new.”

Rebecca kicks back on the couch and Kelsey sprawls out on the floor watching match after match, promo after promo, trying to learn all they can about their opponents. Repeats aren’t off the table, either - important pieces of information are easy to skip over, if you’re not paying close enough attention the first time around.

“I’ve noticed something,” Kelsey pipes up, interrupting their viewing of Jetpack versus Murphy’s Law from March’s Ground ‘n Pound Supershow.

“What’s that?” Rebecca questions, peering over her glasses.

“All these teams… They’re made up of members who’ve been teammates and that’s it; I mean, they have their back stories and stuff of how they became a tag team, but none of them have the kinda past we do. We were partners, then bitter enemies, now we’re partners again… It’s like we’re closer because we tried to destroy each other, if that makes sense..?”

A young Kelsey Spencer (then known to wrestling fans as Blue Thunder) met a very young Becky Saint when the two faced each other on an episode of FBW Unbreakable, way back in December 2010. Noticing the pair had potential, FBW President Heath Williams encouraged them to work shows together as a tag team - Becky Saint would later adopt the moniker “Red Lightning” to compliment her partner’s ring name, and the plucky upstarts would go on to have a relatively successful run as a tag team across Australia and New Zealand for the next few years up until Kelsey’s injury.

The two engaged in a rivalry over the DUW Women’s Title in 2014 following Kelsey’s return, with both ladies going by their current ringnames. The feud carried through into 2015, which led to them eventually reuniting and travelling to the United States to become the Bellis Street Socialites; the original incarnation of their current pairing. When the BSS dissolved, Rebecca broke out to lead the Saint City cult, vowing revenge on Kelsey for “betraying” her.

The rivalry became deeply personal, with Rebecca desecrating Kelsey’s grandfather’s grave and beating her mother senseless. It became so heated, in fact, that the pair went all-out in a bloodbath of a match that almost resulted in both of their careers coming to an end. Kelsey, being the overly forgiving person she is, reached out to Rebecca months after these events when she heard she was in trouble. Many would see this trait as a detriment, but it led to Rebecca Saint actually becoming one of her strongest allies! A series of events led to them getting the band back together - this time, as the fan favourite Uncanny Socialites.

Not many friendly pairings have a history quite like theirs - and even fewer tag teams do.

“You’re certainly not wrong there. But that could be a problem rather than an advantage. We are both incredibly stubborn, perhaps that’s what has held us back all this time.”

“Maybe… But it’s who we are,” Kelsey claims, bringing herself to a seated position on the rug. “I think we’re watching these matches, trying to figure out how we can be more like Murphy’s Law, more like Jetpack… That’s not right, we shouldn’t try to be something we’re not. We’re so different; unique. That’s gotta count for something.”

“You have a point,” Rebecca nods. “We may look the part on the surface, but we are not a conventional tag team, nor will we ever be. We need to figure out how to best make that work to our advantage.”

Rebecca and Kelsey have proven they can work effectively as a cohesive unit, working a conventional tag team style of wrestling against the likes of State of Anarchy and Modern Day Heroes. However, in addition, they have shown they can also work an unorthodox style, as demonstrated in their encounter with Layton & Fenric this past episode of Ruckus.

Kelsey pushes herself to her feet, dusting herself off as she does. With Day 2 of their intensive training drawing to a close, they’ve adjusted well enough to their 60kg suits to move around comfortably enough. “We should get back in the ring,” she suggests. “We’re not gonna work it out just sitting here.”

Rebecca agrees, and in a matter of moments, they’re in the ring to put some ideas into practice. Locked in a test of strength, though she’s slightly smaller than her partner, Kelsey’s able to inch Rebecca back toward the ropes behind her. Just as she’s about to lose the struggle, Rebecca’s competitive side kicks in - she breaks out of the collar-and-elbow, and swings for Kelsey with her devastating elbow strike. Kelsey’s cat-like reflexes kick in a micro-second too late, and she takes a shot to the forehead, falling flat on her behind.

Rebecca’s eyes widen as she realises what she’s done. “Kelsey!” she calls out with concern, rushing to check on her friend.

“I’m okay, I think you just grazed me,” Kelsey assures her with a groan, rubbing her forehead. Rebecca breathes a sigh of relief as she inspects her own elbow and forearm. “But man, you’re getting fast! If I wasn’t paying attention, you mighta taken my head off! Just imagine how fast you're gonna be when we take the weights off! We're sure to win!”

Rebecca’s adamant. “No, not with that move,” she disagrees with Kelsey’s claims.

“Huh? What’re you talking about? That’s your best one!”

“They’ve seen it too many times,” Rebecca explains, glancing down at the seated Spencer. “Remember what Moretti taught us? Study your opponent’s movements. Learn their habits… I’m sure they’re doing the same thing. I can assure you Fenric's sitting down right now, analysing every possible set-up I have for Saint-Hearted. And they are doing the same to figure out when you’re getting ready for the Blue Thunder Bomb, before you can even get into position.”

“Oh, darn… what do we do about that?” a slightly-disheartened Kelsey questions, watching her partner take a seat on the canvas opposite her. Rebecca sits with her eyes closed, arms and legs folded.

“That, I am not sure of. We need to find a way to change our behaviour in the ring… In a way that still feels natural, but also different enough that our opponents can’t read our movements.”

After an extended moment of silence, Kelsey snaps her fingers, an idea for a solution popping right into her brain.

“Hey! What if we swapped styles?” Rebecca’s head raises slightly with intrigue at the suggestion, and Kelsey elaborates. “What if you wrestle with more technical moves, and I throw a lot more strikes? We’ve spent enough time fighting with and against each other - we pretty much know what each other’s thinking in the ring. And, I mean… the way you throw a clothesline’s different from how I do, so I’m sure it won’t be too easy for them to figure us out.”

“Kelsey! You are a genius!

“I am..?”

“Yes! That plan is perfect!” Rebecca slaps her own knee and launches herself to her feet, the suit practically a part of her body at this stage. “But we are going to need to practice to pull a trick like this off effectively.”

“How’re we gonna do that?” Kelsey quizzes, rising to her feet to stand with her partner.

“You need to mimic me in every sense,” she explains her plan. “And, as much as the very idea makes me sick to my stomach, I need to mimic you. Tomorrow, we will act like each other the entire day… Not just our moves, but also our diets, our mannerisms… Everything. Are you up for it?”

“Gosh… I mean, I guess I could try it. It sounds a bit tricky, though…”

“Tell me about it… Alright, let’s start with the basics. Walk me through a typical day in the life of Kelsey Spencer... How do you start your day? What do you do when you wake up?”

Kelsey purses her lips, directing her eyes to the high ceiling above them as she escapes into her thoughts. “Well, the first thing I do is have a nice big stretch,” she states, instinctively reenacting the motion. “Then, I say good morning to the birds, the trees and every other little critter outside my window. Oh, and I thank the sun for coming up and think about what a great day it’s gonna be!”

A large smile sweeps her face, and she lowers her gaze to meet her partner’s - Rebecca’s not so thrilled by the sound of her morning ritual. She cringes at the details, her expression telling a story of reluctance and even a slight hint of regret.

“Everything okay?” Kelsey questions with a modest tilt of the head.

“Yes, I have just never known anyone to do all of that.”

“What do you do to get ready for the day, Rebecca?”

“Coffee,” Rebecca candidly responds. “A lot of coffee.”

“Oh…” Kelsey’s never been the biggest coffee advocate. Sure, she’s been known to enjoy a mochaccino now and then, but more often than not the bitter taste coffee harbours has been a deterrent. “What kinda coffee do you have?”

“Black.” When Kelsey doesn’t react, Rebecca takes it as a cue to continue her explanation. “No milk, no sugar, no cream… Just coffee beans and hot water.”

“Eww, yucky!” Kelsey screws her face up at the thought of it. All those things are what makes coffee bearable!

“That’s not the worst of what you’ll have to drink if you’re living my life for a day. I often enjoy a nice glass of red wine late in the evening.”

“What? Wine?!” Kelsey’s quick to reject the idea, memories of her tasting the beverage during a night out with Rebecca still fresh in her mind. “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted! Worse than vegetables! No way am I ever gonna drink that again!”

“If I can spend my morning speaking to tiny little lizards, you can suck it up and have a glass of wine,” Rebecca hisses.

With only five days to go until the big Gauntlet Match, will the girls' experiment prove to be effective? Can they find a perfect blend of each other's movesets and their own?
Jun 25 2017, 09:18 AM
Somewhere along the Pacific Highway, early 2011

The road can be a tough place to live, especially for two youngsters who aren’t used to traversing this vast land. The two youngsters - Kelsey Spencer (23) and Becky Saint (20) - had just finished up wrestling a show together in Sydney, and were on their way up to the Gold Coast for another tomorrow. The poorly lit highway didn’t make it any easier for them on a narrow highway through rural New South Wales, with large transport trucks making a difficult task into a life-threatening one; if a tired truck driver fails to see their tiny car in time, it can all be over.

Luckily, that night, the resourceful and witty Becky (as was her preferred referral at the time) was behind the wheel. Though she wasn’t as wise as she is now, she was still a lot more alert than Kelsey. She was the obvious choice to get the pair of acquaintances to their destination.

While Kelsey napped in the passenger seat, Becky quietly sobbed to herself. It hadn’t been the best night for her personally, and she’d yet to develop that tough exterior we see her display in the present. Try as she might to mask it, she wasn’t able to keep it from her sleeping passenger as long as she’d like.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” a weary Kelsey questioned, barely able to keep her eyes open.

“Nothing, I’m okay,” Becky flinched, startled by her question. She was constantly on her guard, making sure the massive vehicles surrounding them wouldn’t accidentally run them off the road.

“But, you were crying… Are you sad?”

“It’s just some mean things those guys were saying when we left, that’s all.”

The “mean things” she was referring to involved a group of male fans shouting racial slurs at her in the carpark after the show. One in particular, “boong”, upset her more than the rest. Australia may be a diverse country, but that doesn’t mean the entire populace is accepting of everyone.

Kelsey sat up straight in her seat and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. “They hurt your feelings?” she asked, trying to understand. Let’s not forget, while present day Kelsey has at least some idea, 2011 Kelsey was utterly clueless in social situations.

“Those words really get to you when you hear them all the time,” Becky explained, her eyes glued to the road. “I’m tired of being treated like I’m less than everyone else because of how I look and where I came from!”

“What did they say to you?” Kelsey placed a finger on her chin as she tried to remember.

Becky choked on her words before forcing them out of her mouth. “They called me a... boong.”

“A boong?” Kelsey repeated for clarity. “What’s that?”

“It’s an insult,” Becky explains. “It’s like the n-word for Aborigines.”


“I am not saying it.”

Confused, Kelsey rested back in her chair and watched the trees whizz by on the side of the road as they traveled north of 100km/h. “I dunno why they’d be mean to you,” she commented. “We’ve only known each other for about a month, but I think you’re very nice.”

Becky hid a smile while she listened to Kelsey’s kind words. Coming from an adolescence most would call privileged, she didn’t have much opportunity to make friends, or even have a deep conversation with another person.

“It doesn’t bother you that I’m Aboriginal?” she asked Kelsey quietly. The answer should be obvious, but she mainly wanted to hear it to boost her own wavering self-esteem.

“I don’t even know what that is,” Kelsey replied honestly. She began to slip back into slumber, but not before adding one final comment. “You’re just Becky, and I like just Becky.”

Becky was sceptical about working with Kelsey when the idea was first proposed to her. Little did she know, Kelsey had more than her fair share of reservations, too. But that night changed her perception.

They’d both come to realise in the coming years that it wouldn’t be a happily ever after scenario.

To Be Continued…
Jun 18 2017, 03:14 PM
The shot shows Kelsey and Rebecca in their training gear, standing in a practice wrestling ring. Rebecca stands with arms folded, leaning back against the turnbuckle while Kelsey uses the top rope to stretch out. It doesn’t take much study of the tape to recognise they’ve just finished another rigorous training session; Kelsey steps forward to put her thoughts on tape.

“It started with State of Anarchy,” she begins, as she slowly begins pacing back and forth between the camera and her partner. Rebecca’s eyes are fixed squarely on Kelsey. “Last week, In Your House got their first taste of the Uncanny Socialites, and boy, what a taste it was! We promised we’d go out there and give the best performance possible - that we’d pick up a win to create a wave of momentum - and that’s exactly what we did. It wasn’t easy, not by a long shot, but we managed to beat the three-time champions. I wanna say that’s a shock, but… it really isn’t.”

Rebecca takes her eyes off Kelsey, instead fixating on the canvas with a prideful smile on her face. She had been longing for the day Kelsey would show a little confidence.

“We’ve been working our butts off in this ring, day and night,” Kelsey claims, her index finger directed firmly at the sweat-soaked canvas beneath her feet. “And there’s a very specific reason for that. The Tag Team Division in IYHWF is stronger now than it’s ever been, and if we don’t stay on our toes, we’re gonna be left behind. You guys saw the results of our training so far last week when we faced State of Anarchy, but there’s no time for rest - tonight, we take on another set of former Tag Team Champions. We take on Jetpack.”

“A truly inspiring story,” Rebecca cuts in, prompting Kelsey to stand aside as she steps toward the camera. “The team no-one thought would make it, yet did. They caught the admiration of In Your House fans nationwide when they stepped up and accepted State of Anarchy’s open challenged, seized the opportunity of a lifetime and won the Tag Team Titles.”

She glances over her shoulder at Kelsey for a brief moment, then back at the camera.

“Last time I checked, they are not the only ones with a history of seizing opportunities,” she continues. “They are also not the only ones to defeat State of Anarchy in recent memory. I like Jetpack, I really do. They set a great example to the younger, more impressionable members of our fanbase. It is important for children to have positive role models.”

Kelsey watches Rebecca with intrigue, her most recent statement in particular catching her attention. Rebecca generally doesn’t overly care about trivial things such as wrestlers influencing fans… what’s going through her head?

“Tonight, though… Jetpack are obstacles,” Rebecca declares. “We want to be the very best tag team In Your House has to offer, and in order to do that, we need to establish our dominance by defeating every team they put in front of us. Penelope, Jet… When you walk into Ruckus 37 tonight, you’re stepping into that ring with two opponents who want what you’ve already had. And the only way we can achieve that is to go right… through… you.”
Apr 23 2017, 10:30 AM
“What do you call this disgusting slop again?”

“A Double Whopper with Cheese!”

“...I wouldn’t feed this garbage to my dog.”

“Aww, come on, Rebecca… It’s not that bad!” Kelsey grins at her heavily-hungover friend from across the table at their local Hungry Jack’s establishment. Last night’s still a blur for the young Indigenous Australian, and ironically, it’s a night her orange-haired best friend would sooner forget. “How’s your head?” she asks, before taking a big bite of her burger.

“Not so loud,” Rebecca complains. “Really do you have any respect for my condition?” She raises her hand to discourage Kelsey from speaking with her mouth full. “Actually, don't answer that. Just remind me why I have to eat this again?”

“We haven’t been home yet,” Kelsey states. “I had to carry you outta that place because you couldn’t even stand up. Don’t you remember?”

“No I don't remember anything,” Rebecca responds, pressing her hand against her temple in a futile attempt to alleviate some of the pain. “All I remember is buying that bottle of wine, that's it.” She buries her head in her hands, frustrated.

“Well, I guess that’s probably for the best. Hey, since I took care of you and made sure you got here safely - not to mention bought you breakfast - do you think maybe we can call us even..?”

“Fine, we can be even. This still doesn't fix my money problem. But we shall in time, I guess.” She takes a bite from the burger, and screws her face up almost immediately after. It’s not unlike Kelsey’s face when she tasted the wine last night. “You sure this will help? If anything, it makes me feel more sick.”

“I dunno,” Kelsey shrugs. “It usually helps me… at least until I need to poo. It doesn’t always come out the other end so good…”

“That's really an image I need while I'm eating. Thanks.” She makes a gagging noise as she can’t help but picture the image of Kelsey defecating. She pushes the burger across the table, offering it to a delighted Miss Spencer. “That was your plan all along, wasn’t it?” Rebecca notes as she watches Kelsey scoff down what was once her burger. As you’d expect, Kelsey’s too busy eating to answer verbally; instead, she flashes a (literally) cheesy grin, causing Rebecca to roll her eyes.

A few minutes pass, and Rebecca’s really left to think about last night. Trying to piece together missing scenes of her night out, she decides to interrogate her gourging friend. “Kelsey, I didn’t say anything out of the ordinary last night, did I?”

Kelsey raises her head from her meal. “Like what?”

“I didn’t mention anything about someone I’ve never told you about, did I?”

“Uhh…” Kelsey slips into a state of recollection, staring up at the fluorescent light above her head. “I don’t think so… Why?”

Rebecca breathes a sigh of relief. “Good. Don’t worry about it.”

“Are you keeping secrets from me?” Kelsey questions, tilting her head slightly with curiosity. Her meal is no longer top priority.

“Now why would I do that?” Rebecca tries to reassure Kelsey, while eyeing her “food”. “I think your patty is falling out of the bun.”

The truth is, Rebecca hasn’t been completely forthcoming with Kelsey. Before contacting her about hanging out yesterday, she was researching the parole status of convicted rapist and murder, Malua Napangardi, for reasons she will only keep to herself. When she learned the date of his parole hearing, she panicked and looked for a desperate escape from reality… The best way would certainly be helping Kelsey make new friends, wouldn’t it? Her main concern was she’d let his name slip while she was in the throes of a drunken haze last night, but it looks like she’s safe in that regard.

Rebecca’s attempts to distract her friend from her earlier question would normally work just fine, but this morning, Kelsey’s on the ball. However, her concern lies elsewhere.

“If you’re not keeping anything from me, then I guess you’d have no problem talking about your feelings since losing your baby?”

“What? You really want to talk about that? Don't you think that's a little inconsiderate?” Rebecca begins to get more frustrated. “Particularly in the state I'm in? Right now, that's the last thing on my mind.”

“I’m just worried about you, buddy… You haven’t talked to anyone about it yet, that can’t be good for you…”

“Like how you refuse to talk about your dad?” Rebecca snaps back in an attempt to get Kelsey to lay off the baby talk.

Kelsey gasps. “That’s not fair,” she whispers, trying to avoid causing a scene. “I’m only trying to help.”

“You might be a better help if you just kept your mouth shut.”

Kelsey’s stunned to silence at her best friend’s little outburst, focusing more on what she’s eating rather than what Rebecca’s going through. She can’t shake the feeling of guilt and worry, though - what if she had kept a closer eye on her last night? Maybe she wouldn’t be in the state she’s in currently. She was under the impression that Rebecca would be taking care of her, she didn’t even consider the other way around.

She eyes the time on her phone.

“We should probably get going soon,” she pipes up as she scrunches the Whopper wrapper into a little ball. “We’ve both got matches tonight.”

“Oh, dammit!” Rebecca curses, holding her head in pain. “I completely forgot about that.”

“It’ll be okay,” Kelsey assures her with a soft tone of voice, before offering a solution. “We’ll just get you some Advil and some coffee, and then you’re good to go!”

“Well, I sure hope that works,” Rebecca grumbles. “The last thing I need right now is to go out there and lose a match thanks to a stupid hangover. I hate the taste of coffee and taking tablets, but I guess it's my only choice.”

Kelsey collects the rubbish from the table and tosses it in a nearby bin. “Do you need me to carry you back?”

“I can walk on my own!” she responds, her pride not allowing her to accept any form of assistance while she’s at least slightly capable of doing it herself. Kelsey watches on with a concerned expression as Rebecca fights the forces of gravity to rise to her feet.

“You sure you don’t want to do at least carry your purse for you or something..?”

“I’m fine, Kelsey! Let’s just get the hell out of this dump.”

Kelsey rushes to the door to hold it open for a groggy Rebecca. She chews her out once more, and the two bicker between themselves as they begin the long walk back to Rebecca’s place.
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