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Aug 23 2017, 12:59 PM
After weeks of not getting what she wants in IYHWF Krissy Spencer has decided to do things her way now. That started with her violent attack on her opponent in the OUTBACK federation’s championship tournament. However Krissy also is tired of seeing her cousin Kelsey Spencer not get what she deserves in IYHWF and in OUTBACK so Krissy has decided to do Rebecca Saint a favor and toughen of Cousin Kelsey. Krissy and Kelsey arrive at a secluded warehouse somewhere in Australia/

Krissy: “Now Cousin I assure you what we are about to do will toughen you up and next time you and Becky will win those tag titles in IYHWF and in OUTBACK.”

Krissy leads Kelsey inside the warehouse where Kelsey’s eyes get huge as inside is a bunch of different types of weapons and a man wearing what appears to be a protective outfit made up of something foamy.

Krissy: “Low and behold Kelsey here is where the rebuilding of Kelsey Spencer begins!”

Kelsey looks around her immediate area with a concerned look on her face, inspecting the weapons before looking back at Krissy.

Kelsey: “Uhh… I’m not really sure what you’ve got in mind here..? I thought we were doing some kinda wrestling training?”

Krissy just grins at her cousin

Krissy: “We are doing so much more than that cousin. Tonight I am going to make you into a warrior that will be unstoppable. You and Becky will win those tag belts no problem because you will finally do whatever it takes to win! Now I want you to do exactly what i do ok.”

Krissy walks over to the guy in protective suit and punts him between the legs dropping him. She then grabs a kendo stick and starts beating on the poor guy. She hand the kendo stick to Kelsey

Krissy: “Your turn cousin. Let out your anger! Give into your hate! Give in to the dark side and let the power flow through you!”

Krissy smiles hoping Kelsey has never seen Star Wars. Horrified, Kelsey can’t even grasp the kendo stick firmly, dropping it to the floor. She glances down at the man with concern, only stopping to glance back at her cousin.

Kelsey: “What the heck was that about? You could’ve seriously hurt that guy!”

She sounds slightly angry as she speaks to Krissy.

Krissy: “Good I can feel the hate flowing through you! Now think about what IYHWF and OUTBACK have done! They have been laughing at you and Becky! They think you are a joke so now you and Becky need to prove them wrong! Do you want to win those tag titles?”

Krissy stares at her waiting for an answer

Kelsey: “You want me to cheat? I’m not gonna do that! If Rebecca and I can’t win the Tag Team Titles without cheating, then we don’t deserve to be the champs.”

She points down at the man writhing in agony.

Kelsey: “This isn’t how you’re planning on facing Craig for the Rapid Fire Title, is it?”

Krissy for one of the few times since she has known Kelsey is getting angry with her innocence

Krissy: “I will do whatever it takes to win that Rapid Fire Title at IYHWF!! I will do whatever it takes to win the Outback title in OUTBACK!! This week I will do whatever i need to do to Jessica to send a message to Craig! That is the only way you get respect out there is to take it!

Krissy starts pacing back and forth

Krissy: “Kelsey i love you and i get that you think I am being mean to you but all i want to do is make you prepared! I want you to succeed in everything you do in that ring.”

Krissy slams her fist onto a table not realizing she just smashed a perfectly good box of Tim Tams. Kelsey cringes at the sight of the delicious chocolate biscuits being crushed, but she tries to pretend it’s okay. She watches Krissy pacing back and forth in front of her.

Kelsey: “Can’t you see the difference between what’s right and wrong? If you’ve gotta cheat to win, what are you really accomplishing..?”

Krissy notices the broken Tim Tams for the first time and starts eating the pieces as she ponders Kelcey’s question

Krissy: “Kelsey answer me honestly. Will you be happy if you never win the tag titles because the feds you are in look at you as a joke? Will Becky be happy with that?”

Krissy looks at Kelsey and feels bad for the first time about bringing her here so she tosses her a unbroken box of Tim Tams off the table. Kelsey watches the box fall, looking down at the ground with disappointment.

Kelsey: “I’m… not sure how she’d feel about that, actually… She wants to be Tag Team Champions as much as I do, but...”

Krissy: “But what? Kelsey why does wanting to be these people’s hero mean so much to you? Why does playing fair when nobody else will matter to you?”

Krissy picks up the box off the ground and places it in Kelsey’s hand. She then puts a finger under Kelsey’s chin and lifts her head up

Krissy: “Why Kelsey?”

Kelsey: “Because I never had anyone I could look up to!”

Kelsey realises she’s shouting and covers her own mouth for a second, then starts speaking quieter.

Kelsey: “I wanna be someone little kids can look up to and be proud of, someone who sets an example. Too many people take shortcuts in this industry, someone’s gotta step up and say that’s not okay. Besides, I won the Proving Grounds Title with nothing but my own skills. I know Rebecca and I can do the same for the Tag Team Titles.”

Krissy looks at Kelsey for a moment, staring daggers into her actually making Kelsey a little nervous. Krissy then looks toward the guy in the ring just now getting up

Krissy: “CLear the ring and remove the weapons. Me and Cousin Kelsey have wrestling training to do.”

Looks back at Kelsey who is smiling again although slightly.

Krissy: “I may not agree with the way you see things cousin but I can respect your point of view so i will not try to change you into something your not. However I am going to help you win those tag titles by making you the best in the ring. So let’s go train Kelsey.

Kelsey wears a wide smile.

Kelsey: “Thanks a lot, cousin!”

Krissy snatches the Tim Tams back

Krissy: “By the way you don;t get any of these unless you can actually pin me in that ring”

Krissy laughs as Kelsey’s mouth opens in unfair shock. She soon gets into a traditional wrestling starting stance.

Kelsey: “Now you’re just giving me more of a reason to beat you! Give it everything you’ve got, cousin!”
May 2 2017, 11:28 AM
[We open up inside a nice looking studio where Veronica Chandler is sitting in a chair on the left side while Krissy Spencer is sitting in the chair on the right and in between them on the wall is a poster]



Veronica: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first edition of Blonde Bombshells TV!! I am your host Veronica Chandler and this is my Co Host Krissy Spencer. Say ho th the people Krissy.”

[Krissy waves to the camera’s]

Krissy: “Hi people”

[Veronica rolls her eyes and shakes her head]

Veronica: “Ok then. Well we are here tonight to go over the day one card for….”



NIGHT 1 — SUN, 07/05/2017 @ 8PM (ACST)

Veronica: “First up is….”

Singles Match

Nathan Baloff vs Nate Gloria

Krissy: “Well Veronica I look at this matchup and i have to give it to Nate Gloria. I really feel he is going to go out there and put on a show and take this match. No disrespect to his opponent but Nate has this one.”

Veronica: “Well Krissy i have to disagree with you on this one. Nathan Baloff is the Butcher and that is what he is going to do to Nate in that match. So Krissy as usual you have picked the wrong horse to bet on. Sorry babe”

[Krissy shoots Veronica a look]

Veronica: “Well next up is…..”

Singles Match

Krissy Spencer vs Connie Craven

Krissy: “Well I truly think Connie has it all. She is small in stature but she is a little fireball and a cutie at that. She is going to go all out in this one and walk away with it.”

[Veronica shakes her head]

Veronica: “Um Krissy this is your match. You are wrestling Connie in that match.”

Krissy: “Oh. Um my bad! Well everything i said stands except for the winner because yeah I am totally kicking her ass for all that yelling she did to me in the back. Connie is going down and going down hard Vee.”

Veronica: “You really need to pay attention Krissy. You don't pay attention then you will get got out there but with me in your corner Connie will get what she deserves. Anyway that takes us to our next match up….”

Tag Team Match

Sam Amos & Vivian Lee vs Craig Anderson & Jessica Anderson

Krissy: “This will be a great match as i expect great things from both teams but in the end look for the brother, sister team of Craig and Jessica Anderson to come out on top.”

Veronica: “Wait isn’t Craig and Jessica married? I mean i know Australia is a backwater country but i don't think even here you are allowed to marry your sister and incest would be nasty and illegal as well”

Krissy: “Hmm you sure because I saw somebody on twitter say they were brother and sister.”

[Veronica looks disgusting]

Veronica: “I truly hope you are mistaken but regardless of if they are married or sick siblings the fact remains that Sam and Vivian are going to have their way with them. Why you ask? Simply put ring rust. We all know that Jessica is rarely booked and the only person booked less is Kelly Fury thus why they have started the Team Unbooked club so that ring rust will cost them a win against Sam and Vivian!!! Now our next match is…..”

Tag Team Match

State of Anarchy vs War Enforcement

Krissy: “A lot like the previous match Veronica I expect this to be a really exciting match. Tag matches are always a crap shoot especially considering one referee can never see everything but you also get the excitement of double team moves and those hot tags. Now saying that i am going to go with State of Anarchy to win this match and move up those tag team rankings. Hmmm I wonder why Cousin Kelsey has not asked to team with me yet? We would totally win those tag titles.”

[Veronica rolls her eyes at the mere mention of Krissy teaming with Kelsey]

Veronica: “Well I agree with almost everything you said about this match and about how exciting tag matches can be. Hell you and me were the greatest tag team ever in the USA when i wrestled and won us all those titles. However where we disagree is in the talent department as i see War Enforcement as the better team and the team that will undoubtedly come out on top in this one. They are also future champions in my book and my book is pretty damn good!!! Now that takes us to the Main Event of night 1…..”


In Your House Proving Grounds Championship

Fatal Four Way Ladder Match

Kelsey Spencer© vs Iris Black vs Shawn Fox vs Joey Miles

[Krissy seems almost giddy to talk about this match]

Krissy: “Well this be without a shadow of a doubt the best match on the entire day 1. We will see four of the best in IYHWF and we will get to see 3 of those fall to the best champion here my Cousin Kelsey Spencer. She has been training real hard for this match and she will continue to do so right up until match day and i promise you it will pay off. However for those hoping to see Joey grab Cousin’s boobs and boobplex her you are in for a huge disappointment as that will not be happening. Kelsey Spencer for the huge win!!!”

[Veronica shakes her head in disgust]

Veronica : “Once again you make the STUPID pick!! Kelsey is going to get killed in this match! She will not even be a factor in this match as it is really a triple threat match pitting Joey, Shawn and Iris and even if Kelsey gets to climb that ladder she won’t even be able to reach the belt. As for boobplexes i fully expect Joey to grab a handful of Kelsey and Iris multiple times on his way to victory. Even if Joey does not win we will have a new champion! Kelsey is pathetic and for the record she is probably not even your cousin but just using your family name to further her mediocre career……”

[Krissy has heard enough and stands up and flips over the table in front of them]


Veronica: “Krissy! Stand down!!! Krissy I mean it!!”

[Veronica runs off the set with Krissy close on her heels chasing her. The show then ends by once again zooming in on the Kelly Fury poster before going dark]



Mar 3 2017, 08:11 AM

Wrestler Real Name: Kristina Spencer
Wrestler In Ring Name: Kristina Spencer
Nickname (If Applicable): “The Wicked”
Height (meters): 1.7 m
Weight (kilograms): 56.7 k
Alignment: Heel
Hometown/Billed From: Miami, FL.
Gimmick: Girl next store with a Jekyll / Hyde personality when she gets angry
Pic Base: Laura Vandervoort
Ring Attire:

Twitter: @Krissy_Spencer1

Wrestling Style: Striker/Technical
Strengths (3): Speed, Can take punishment and suplexes
Weaknesses (3): Can get distracted, can get wild and uncooperative when angered, Not the Strongest

Finishers (Max 2):
1. Hand Of The Wicked (Heart punch).
2. Extreme PMS (Crippler Crossface)

Signature Moves (Max 2):
1. Handful Of Fun (Boob Plex)
2. A Wicked Good Time (Krissy leaps off the top rope with a moonsault but she brings her knees in and lands on the opponent knees first.)

Well-practiced Moves (Max 10):
1. Springboard Stunner
2. German Suplex
3. Capture Suplex
4. Northern Lights Suplex
5. Snap Suplex
6. Bulldog
7. Step up corner Enziguri
8. Spin kick
9. Second rope missile dropkick
10. DDT

Entrance Theme: “Hand Of The Wicked” by Goldy Locks

Character Background:
Krissy lived in LA and worked as a model before joining the ranks of wrestling to help out her friend Veronica Chandler. Was told she had D.I.D. after being committed for several brutal attacks on people but she has control now for the most part and is seen as a cheery if not goofy/child like at times. Is one of the many Twitter Wives of Annie Dupree and Has a love/hate relationship with the Chase family as she is quite tight with Ashley Chase but has been partners and enemies with Taylor Chase. Was mentored by Mary Beth Mallory who honed her psychotic side and would gladly do anything for her.

Has been a multiple champion in the past especially in the tag team ranks where she is a 14 time Tag Team champion. Has been a singles champion 14 times as well. Took time off from wrestling before joining HKW with new partner Tanja but the team did not fare well and the team left HKW with Krissy deciding to ply her craft elsewhere.

(If your character has a manager, fill out the following, otherwise delete.)

Manager Name: Veronica Chandler
Pic base: Alexis Reyn
Gimmick:  Think Lana but American. She will do what she feels is best for Krissy
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