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Sep 1 2017, 12:16 PM
The video starts with a head shot of a visibly exhausted Kelsey Spencer, giving the impression that she’s just finished a workout. Sweat drips from her brow as she tries to catch her breath, the tin wall of the warehouse her only backdrop. In the right hand side of the screen, one can see dark hair draped over a sweaty shoulder with an olive complexion, presumably belonging to Rebecca Saint.

“The day’s almost here,” Kelsey speaks with a pause, lifting her chin slightly and taking a deep breath. “We’re only two sleeps away from The Fall. And with The Fall comes the biggest Tag Team Championship Match in the history of In Your House. A Gauntlet Match - six of IYH’s top tag teams all competing with each other, vying for those prestigious In Your House Tag Team Titles. As you can probably tell, we’ve just finished up another grueling training session, and we thought it would be nice to check in and let you know how we’re going.

Before we get into that, I wanna make it clear that our decision to leave In Your House forever if we lose this Sunday was entirely our own; no-one put us up to it, Mister Cryptic didn’t pass the verdict down. We both agreed that at this stage in our careers here, it’s the only way to go.”

There’s something different about the way she pronounces her words; a lot less peppy and lively than we’re used to; it’s as if spending all this time with Rebecca has started to rub off on her speech patterns. Not one smile has crossed her face the entire time she has spoken, and judging from her expression, you wouldn’t be able to forecast one arriving any time soon.

“We’ve been working on a few new tricks recently,” she reveals as she spins the camera lightly, Rebecca’s face now fully in frame. “A couple of surprises for our opponents on Sunday night. We wanted to do something special for the biggest tag team match this company has seen - for what could be our very last In Your House match. Something you guys have never seen before.”

The camera shifts, and Rebecca becomes the focal point of the video.

“The general belief when we were added to this match was that we were ungrateful,” she reminds us, referencing the social media backlash the pair received for not speaking out on their involvement. “We did not speak about it publicly, and in the eyes of the wrestling community who only take things at face value, we either didn't notice we were added to this match, or simply did not care.” She smirks with amusement, almost a sense of disbelief that anyone could make such a false claim. As quickly as the smirk arrives, however, it’s gone with the wind.

“Allow me to clarify,” she continues, her voice harbouring a hint of vexation. “We did notice. We noticed the way Misha spoke about us with utter disdain and disgust, as if our very existence in this division is a personal insult. What did you expect us to say, Misha? Were you waiting for us to lick your ass and thank you for graciously bestowing this opportunity upon us? What purpose would that serve, other than feed your ego and the public perception that Murphy’s Law is the top of the tag team food chain. You should have known we are not a team who enjoys title shots being handed to us like little children. Whether you added us to the match or not is irrelevant, we would have earned our way in, much like War Enforcement did this past week.”

“War Enforcement - the team that’s been raising hell in IYHWF,” Kelsey adds. “I’ve gotta admit, it’s a little disheartening to see them get the same opportunity as us; I’m guessing they grew up listening to punk rock like I did, and took the phrase “Spread Anarchy” too literally, because they’ve been causing chaos and disorder by attacking whoever they please. I’m not saying they aren’t a great team, because they’re tremendously talented wrestlers, but their ideals are all outta whack. To see Chris Cryptic come out and give War Enforcement an opportunity to earn their way into this Gauntlet Match after everything they've done… It stung a little bit. It made me think that all the hard work in the world is meaningless if you can just cause chaos and get noticed that way. I wondered if he’d do the same thing for us if we were the ones left out, if he’d even care. The answer I came up with is… I don’t know.”

As a disheartened Kelsey slinks away momentarily as a fiery Rebecca continues her tirade.

“The reason we did not respond to Murphy’s Law’s announcement right away was simple… I wanted to conduct a little experiment… Wait and see if this was going to be a general theme to their announcements, or if it would be exclusive to us. An uninhibited expression of opinion in regards to us. As I had suspected, we were the only ones announced in such a manner. In a roundabout way we do not care… We don't care for the disrespect you have shown us after harping about our alleged negative views of you, and we don't care for the suggestion that a single victory over us means you are the better tag team.”

“They expressed excitement in facing Layton & Fenric again,” Kelsey reflects Rebecca’s statements. “They can’t wait to take on Team Fury. ‘You have earned your entry into this match’, they spoke of Jetpack. What’d they have to say about us?” She hesitates, glancing at the cement floor beneath her feet. A silent moment later, she brings her eyes forth to meet the camera once again, an impulse that was noticeably absent can clearly be seen. Her expression shifts to one of passion and determination as she repeats Misha’s words from last month. “They told us to prepare for another heartbreak - that it would be an honour to put us out of our miseries. That’s the very same team who’ve spent months upon months demanding respect, claiming that other teams have looked down on them, doing the exact same thing to us. You two should know by now that underestimating any challengers - not just us - is about the worst thing you can do. It’s the mistake we made when we faced Jetpack - Rebecca more than me, but I was guilty of it, too. Jetpack are former Tag Team Champions, they’re an amazing team… we shoulda taken them much more seriously than we did, and if you’re watching this, guys… I’m sorry we didn’t.”

There’s a quiet pause.

“I don’t blame Murphy’s Law for wanting to face Layton & Fenric again,” Kelsey speaks once more. “We faced off against them last Sunday night; the match was highly competitive, as I’m sure everyone expected it would be - my partner might not be a fan of these guys personally, but I’m a fan of Emery Layton. And, yes, Adam Fenric as well. I respect hard work in this industry, and teams who don’t take shortcuts.”

“Is this really how you pictured your careers turning out?” she questions. “People crow endlessly about the dynamic between Kelsey and myself, how I supposedly bully her into situations she’s not comfortable with, neglecting the fact that if I attempted to force Kelsey into doing anything she would sock me in the jaw. When I look at the team of Layton & Fenric, I see a control freak who falls to bits when his little orange-haired pet won’t follow his every order. I said from the moment you walked in the door that we are not friends, nor will we be.”

“I’ve learned friends are meaningless in this sport,” a droning Kelsey adds. “If you can’t help them get what they want, they’ll stab you in the back or toss you to the side like you’re nothing.”

“You are taking opportunities from us with your very presence,” Rebecca continues. “The way Fenric ran his mouth following the announcement of our encounter, claiming we need to try harder as if we were not taking this seriously… I cannot describe the feeling of joy when my elbow collided with his partner’s cranium this past week. Perhaps you should be telling her to try harder, or better yet, stop treating her like a less-than and start treating her as an equal.

I have no qualms with your work ethic. As Kelsey pointed out earlier, you are both incredibly hard workers, and are certainly an impressive pair of individuals. But when you come in here and take a main event spot, claim it’s ‘no big deal’ but then proceed to brag about it on Twitter… Come on. What kind of fools do you take us for? Yeah, great, you are the XWA Tag Team Champions. What does that mean here? Or what should it mean, rather? You should be showing the IYHWF fans why they should pay their money to see you in the featured match.

Speaking of this main event controversy, we cannot omit Gordon and Kelly Fury from this discussion. Or ‘Team Fury’, I suppose we are calling them. Of all the people to have a problem with my complaints that Layton & Fenric were given a main event spot in their first match here together, these two were especially offended. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps they felt the same about the idea of us main eventing instead. I was told numerous times that placement on the card does not matter in the slightest, then told moments later that they were there because they were facing the champions, champions get main events…

The whole thing gives me a headache. It’s contradictory, let’s leave it at that. I am of the old school mentality that the main event is the show’s featured match, it is the match fans pay their hard-earned money to see, the match they remember when they go home... The one they tell their friends about online. And aside from being the champion, that’s where everyone should strive to be.”

“Being the champion and in the main event go hand-in-hand,” Kelsey’s quick to remind her.

“You’re right, how could I have forgotten?” Rebecca snaps her fingers with approval. She turns back to the camera. “Look, when it comes to Team Fury, I am not going to underestimate what the pair of you can do in the ring. That would be foolish. You did what we could not do last week, and that’s defeat Jetpack in that ring. I am merely going to suggest that if you are just working out a name and entrance theme the week before In Your House’s biggest tag team match ever, you may need a little more experience before you are ready to be at the top of the mountain.”

She looks back to Kelsey for a moment, then back to the camera with an arrogant chuckle.

“Then again, if you two are complacent enough to be happy with wherever you’re put on the card, winning this match can’t be that important to you.”

“Gordon and Kelly were two of my biggest supporters towards the end of Season 1,” Kelsey reveals with a serious tone. “In a time when I had no idea which way my career could go, they were there to encourage me to give it my all and not hold back. It’s actually thanks to their kind words that I stepped out on my own and became Proving Grounds Champion; I probably couldn’t have done it without them.

But they were just as quick to try and tear me down after that.

The only conclusion I can come to is some people are happy to see you succeed - they just don’t want you to have more success than them. Maybe that’s why so many people are doubting what Rebecca and I can do, because they just don’t want us to be champions, I don’t know.”

Kelsey appears to be getting increasingly frustrated with the topic. “Just about everyone back there’s saying we can’t get it done when it counts - they're saying we're not even half decent wrestlers now - and it’s starting to piss me off, to be quite honest. I don’t care what anyone says, we work harder than any other team in this company, because we want nothing more than to be the In Your House Tag Team Champions. There isn’t a championship on the face of this planet more prestigious, and you can’t convince us otherwise. During their time with the titles, Murphy’s Law boosted them to the next level; we want our chance to do the same. And the reality of this situation is we're at a fork in the road when it comes to the legacy of the Uncanny Socialites - either we get the job done on Sunday, or we go home and that's it.”

“You don’t get to play the victims anymore!” Rebecca loudly declares, speaking of the reigning champions in a paroxysm of aggression. “You are no longer the team that is constantly overlooked, despite your obvious talents. The fact of the matter is you have done what no other tag team has been able to here, you have proven your detractors wrong and become the only team to defend the IYH Tag Team Titles on two separate occasions. You can stand on your pedestal and grant tag teams access to a title shot all you like, but you cannot deny that you have risen above every challenge you have had to face as Tag Team Champions. However, this is where it ends.

Regardless of how many teams have been thrown between us… Jetpack, Layton & Fenric, Team Fury, War Enforcement… It matters little. Because Kelsey and I are destined to become In Your House Tag Team Champions, and we will go through every one of you in order to do it. "

"It's gonna be do or die this Sunday," Kelsey concludes. "On Father's Day, if there were ever a more fitting holiday for this moment to take place - we will be walking into the Perth Arena with one thing on our minds, and that's beating anyone they put in front of us to leave as the In Your House Tag Team Champions.”

She tosses the camera to the floor - it catches a shot of the pair's feet before it fades to static.
Aug 30 2017, 11:08 AM
It’s Wednesday, and our favourite pair of Socialites are approaching the halfway point of their intensive training regimen, in preparation for the IYH Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match at The Fall this Sunday night. The days have been harsh, the nights have largely been sleepless, but Kelsey and Rebecca have, thus far, managed to persevere.

But today, they face their biggest challenge yet… Pretending to be each other?!

It’s a cold winter’s morning, as you’d come to expect inside a steel shed at 8am. Rugged up on the couch in a doona (large quilt) is a shivering Rebecca-- Erm, that is “Kelsey” Saint, who is nursing a bowl of Froot Loops and watching cartoons. She has been parked on the couch since 5, committing to the role as best she can.

The actual Kelsey - “Rebecca” Spencer - drags herself out of bed, trudging through the living area as she makes her way to the small bench in the corner.

“Good morning!” Rebecca enthusiastically calls out. “How are you feeling today?”

There’s no response. Kelsey fills the kettle halfway, placing it on its stand before flipping the switch.

“Kelsey? Did you hear me?”

Kelsey folds her arms, staring at her bare feet.

“Kelsey? Kelsey? Helloooo?”

“Oh, for crying out loud!” Kelsey angrily shouts, smacking her open palm on the bench. “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a dozen times! Don’t talk to me before I have my coffee!”

“Gosh… You’re sounding a bit cranky, Kelsey…” Rebecca sinks back into the couch. “Why don’t you come watch some anime with me?”

“I’m busy.”

Rebecca looks between Kelsey and the television. “But… It’s One-Punch Man!” she declares, in the whiniest voice she can produce.

“I’ll show you one punch in a minute,” Kelsey threatens as she finishes preparing the black coffee. She takes a sip, and recoils with disgust. “You should know I don’t…” she pauses to splutter, struggling with the taste - or perhaps trying to force the words out of her mouth. “...I don’t like watching anime.”

“I’m sorry, I know you don’t,” Rebecca snidely answers, turning to face the television. “Do you think we can start training soon?”

“In a minute,” Kelsey responds, having to fight every basic instinct she has to decline the invite to train. “I just need to finish my coffee first.”

Even though she is able to commit to the bit quite well, Rebecca is really struggling to keep her mood in check. For the longest time she has woken up to a piping hot cup every morning, so skipping out on it this morning has been difficult, akin to a smoker quitting cold turkey or a chubby man abstaining from cheeseburgers.

Once Kelsey has choked down her coffee, the two climb into the ring to figure out how to wrestle each other’s styles - Kelsey has to quickly learn how to put her technical knowledge in the back of her mind, and rely solely on strikes to deal damage. And Rebecca must adapt to neutralising Kelsey’s strikes, wrestle a more defensive style.

“Those shots are good, keep it up!” Rebecca praises, as she deflects stinging closed-fist punches with her forearms. When Kelsey rears back for a haymaker, Rebecca sees her chance… She quickly goes behind and locks her arms around her opponent’s waist. Kelsey’s instinctive reaction is to sweep the legs, but instead, she elbows Rebecca in the side of the head to escape the hold.

Rebecca groggily staggers back, holding her forehead as Kelsey spins around, taking on a Muay Thai fighting stance.

“What’s that stance? You’ve had some training?”

“I learned a thing or two in Ukraine a couple of years back,” Kelsey reveals, jogging on the spot to stay limber. “I went back for a refresher course not long ago.”

“Impressive,” Rebecca praises with a snicker. “Too bad for you the guy who raised me was a Graeco-Roman wrestling expert.” Rebecca gets into a starting position, Kelsey believing it all to be a bluff.

It isn’t.

Rebecca takes Kelsey down with a very impressive Saito suplex, one that you wouldn’t expect to come from a wrestler primarily known as a striker.

“You’re really good,” an exhausted Kelsey compliments Rebecca, before remembering she’s supposed to be playing a role. “I mean… Is that all you’ve got?”

“I bet you weren’t expecting something like this,” Rebecca taunts, trying to channel Kelsey’s cheeky, smartalec attitude. Kelsey’s stomach growls, and she can’t help but reach for it to tend to the hunger pains. “We can break for lunch, if you want. I hope you know that means I win, though.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You sure? I bet you’re starving!

“I don’t want to eat anything, Rebecca!”

Whether it’s desperation or simply withdrawals from the lack of caffeine in her system, Rebecca decides she’s going to act passive-aggressive. “I’m sorry. I do this a lot, don’t I? I should respect that and stop pestering you to do things you don’t want to do.”

Kelsey picks up on the sarcasm, and takes offense to her mocking statement. She decides to retaliate. “Oh, don’t apologise. If I wasn’t such a cranky poo pants, I might be open to doing things you enjoy for a change.”

“It’s not your fault. I should not try and guilt you into things,” Rebecca snaps back, taking a few steps forward. “You’ve got enough to stress you out already, you don’t need me being an immature little baby when I don’t get my own way!”

“You wanted to break for lunch, right?” Kelsey questions, still maintaining a sense of hostility in her voice. She climbs out of the ring, strides to the kitchen area and rummages through the small cupboard that serves as a pantry. Rebecca hastily follows, arriving as her partner produces a jar of peanut butter. Rebecca watches Kelsey pop a pair of bread slices into the toaster, and becomes nauseated as she unscrews the cap of the jar, filling a large tablespoon with the oily paste. “I know how much you love eating peanut butter, so I’m being a thoughtful friend for once and making you some lunch. But the toast might take a while to cook, so feel free to have a spoonful while you’re waiting.”

If you hadn’t guessed by now, while Kelsey adores the greasy goo, Rebecca absolutely despises the taste. However, as someone who is playing the part of Kelsey today, she has to eat it regardless. It’s only fair - Kelsey had to down the black coffee.

Rebecca’s hand trembles as she lifts the spoon to her lips, before finally biting the bullet and popping it into her mouth. She screws her face up, the paste swirling in her mouth as she chews it, sticking to every nook and cranny it can. One hard swallow later and she’s still left with the irritating feeling of a sticky, dry tongue.

“How was it?” Kelsey asks, slightly impressed that Rebecca actually managed to ingest the paste.

“Delicious,” Rebecca lies through her teeth… As if there were any room for that beyond the sticky peanut butter. “But you’re looking a little thirsty to me.”

Kelsey watches nervously as Rebecca rummages through the bottom cupboard with determination. “We have plenty of water,” she anxiously reminds her.

“Oh, no, this is a different kind of thirst… I know it is.”

Kelsey’s eyes widen, seeing Rebecca has pulled out a big bottle of vintage red wine and a glass. She begins pouring the brick red liquid into the glass, and doesn’t stop until it’s close to the brim. Not a word needs to be spoken - Kelsey knows that’s going to be for her.

“You won’t be joining me..?” Kelsey asks, trying to buy any extra time she can to come up with an excuse to get out of this.

“You know me, I don’t like this stuff.” She hands the glass to Kelsey, who is certainly not eager to drink it. Nevertheless, Rebecca eggs her on. Fidgeting with her eyes and eyebrows to mock Kelsey’s Tourette’s out of spite, she forces another spoonful of peanut butter into her gullet before she continues speaking. “I know it’s a little early, but why wait? Since you are such a colossal bitch it should calm you down. Unless you don’t think you can handle it.”

Rebecca knows which buttons to push to get the highly competitive Kelsey to do what she wants. By eating more peanut butter and taunting her while doing so, she’s saying Kelsey doesn’t have the guts to drink the wine - which is going to get her to do whatever it takes to prove her wrong. Telling Kelsey Spencer she can’t do something is throwing down the gauntlet.

But Rebecca couldn’t have anticipated what happens next - Kelsey downs the full glass of wine in one gulp! It’s enough to stun Rebecca to silence as Kelsey places the now-empty wine glass on the bench, still reeling from the powerful taste. She lets out a loud belch and brings her balled fist to her mouth, trying to make sure that nothing else comes out.

“Are you alright?” Rebecca asks, with slight concern.

“Of course! I’m perfec--” Hiccup! “...tly fine!”

Defeated, Rebecca throws her arms to her sides with a deep sigh. “Look at what we’re doing,” she groans, dissatisfied with how today has turned out. Rather than helping each other learn new techniques and tactics, they’re squabbling like little children. “All we are accomplishing right now is hurt feelings. This is getting ridiculous.” She notices Kelsey teetering in her place, and maneuvers her to the nearest seat. “Are you sure you are okay?”

“I feel a little funny…” Kelsey slurs her words, wobbling back and forth as she clutches her forehead.

“You are in for a long afternoon,” her partner informs her, standing before her with arms folded. “That was a lot of wine to drink in one hit. You should forget about training right now, you need to rest before all of that hits you.”

“No, I’m fine!” Kelsey declares with defiance, jumping to her feet, eager to get back to work. Her body betrays her though, as the sudden movement shakes up what’s inside her just enough for most of it to come back up in a hailstorm of projectile vomit. Rebecca closes her eyes at the sight, waiting for the sounds of heaving to cease.

Spent, Kelsey flops down onto the couch. Rebecca stands over her, shaking her head as she looks to the pool of smelly vomit that has decorated the rug red and brown. “Do you believe me now?” When Kelsey groans and says something incomprehensible, Rebecca covers her with the quilt she’d been wearing earlier. “Rest for now. There will be plenty of time to train when you are not drunk.”

She heads off to work on her cardio, but not before glancing over her shoulder at her best friend. With a guilt-stricken expression, she feels a strong sense of remorse as she quietly whispers at the sight.

“I am sorry for putting you in this mess.”
Aug 28 2017, 10:12 AM
“Are you sure this is where she said to meet her?” Kelsey asks her partner for clarification, gazing up at the somewhat rundown warehouse they’ve parked in front of.

“I am certain,” Rebecca bluntly responds, leaning with arms folded against the hood of her car. “This is the address the GPS led us to.”

With a little under a week to go until what will no doubt be the biggest match of their career, Kelsey and Rebecca already have three weeks of solid preparation tucked under their belts. Unsurprisingly, they want to make the most out of these final days, so Rebecca reached out to her former follower Harley for a little help. The response? A makeshift training centre in a storage warehouse, where the two could be free of any distractions, focusing solely on their training.

“It looks a little… plain.”

“Oh, I suppose you were expecting a palace?” Rebecca snaps, flaring her nostrils.

“I guess not,” Kelsey sighs, kicking at the dirt as the pair wait in awkward silence. They don’t have to wait long, as a Ford Focus pulls into the car park, the wheels kicking up dust as it enters. Kelsey approaches the car as its driver steps out, courteously covering her nose to catch a sneeze. “Harley! You made it!”

“Sorry guys, I got tied up at home,” the young inventor explains, removing a baby girl from the baby car seat in the back. “I hope I didn’t keep you too long.”

Rebecca steps forward. “Kelsey was becoming restless, but then again, when is she not.” Kelsey chuckles with a grin on her face in response, taking baby Kelsey off Harley’s hands while Harley fumbles around with her keys. Deciding she’s found the correct one, she approaches the large padlock on the front door of the warehouse. “How did you manage to set this up, anyway? Do you know the owner of this place?”

Harley glances over her shoulder momentarily to answer Rebecca’s queries. “Sort of. I arranged a deal with a friend of a friend. In exchange for a couple of those suits I gave you guys, he’s letting me use this place to store some of my junk.” Eventually, the old lock clicks open and she raises the roller door with one mighty heave. “I thought you guys could get some good use out of it as well.”

“Here’s hoping,” Rebecca adds, following Harley and the Kelseys inside.

Flipping the switch for the generator, Harley quickly illuminates the warehouse with the use of its makeshift lighting system. She takes her baby back from Kelsey as her and Rebecca stand impressed, inspecting the large room they’re standing in - it’s cramped, yet spacious. Bits and pieces of junk and scrap metal are crammed up in the far corner (presumably Harley’s spare parts), adjacent a small living area, complete with a small couch and a pair of beds. Spread across the room is an assortment of weight machines, treadmills and other workout gear, with a motivational poster on the wall that simply reads “Today’s pain is tomorrow’s gain”.

However, the main part of the room that catches their eyes is a platformed area that is fenced off with ropes, transforming it into a wrestling ring.

“This is incredible!” Kelsey reacts, jumping around the area excitedly before she rushes over to the ring to check out the ropes.

“You really went all-out,” Rebecca quietly comments to Harley.

“You asked for simple yet practical. I hope it’s what you wanted?”

Rebecca nods. “It’s perfect. Thank you.”

Harley gives the pair a brief tour of the warehouse to get the familiarised with how everything works - how to activate the gas for cooking and showering, what to do if the generator fails, how to flush the non-functioning toilet - anything they’d possibly need to know to avoid having to leave their training to tend to their other needs. It’s clear they don't plan on leaving until the very day of the Supershow.

The tour ends on the far side of the room, by Harley’s gear.

“Before I leave you to it, I wanted to give you these.” She points to two new suits - both a dark, crimson red - complete with black sweatbands.

“New suits?” Rebecca questions with a raised eyebrow.

“These are upgraded versions of what you’ve been wearing,” Harley explains as baby Kelsey bursts into tears for seemingly no reason. Patting her back as comfort, Harley finishes her explanation. “I used the feedback you guys gave me to fix the problems with the old ones, making them fit a little better. I also added a few kilos into them to help progress your training.”

“How much heavier are those?” a curious Kelsey asks, peering over Harley’s shoulder.

“The main suit itself is forty kilos, and each wristband is 10. Lucky for me, baby Kelsey’s dad was more than happy to help me bring them over here.”

“Gosh, that’s… Sixty kilos!” Kelsey gasps, which is certainly a big step up from the 45kg they’ve been training in. “That’s more than we weigh!”

“If that’s too heavy, I can make some modifications to adjust them?”

Rebecca waves it off. “No, no. Sixty kilograms will be just fine. Thank you for all your help, Harley.”

“My pleasure. Give me a call if there’s anything I can do for you.”

With that, Harley leaves the two Socialites to their training. Kelsey lifts one of the arm bands, noticing the obvious weight difference - although that could be attributed to her still wearing the old one at the same time.

“I think we owe it to ourselves to go all-out,” Rebecca states, watching her partner switch sweatbands with the ones on the table. “This is going to be the last shot we get. We have to make it count.”

“I know, it’s all on the line.” She looks back over her shoulder at the setup they have to train in. Rebecca and Kelsey have voluntarily put their IYHWF careers on the line ahead of this match, vowing to leave the promotion if they can't become champions. Partially out of respect for the title’s prestige, they also have hopes that the idea of potentially losing everything can give them the extra push they need to succeed. “This is pretty crazy… I don’t think I’ve ever had a place like this to train in.”

“Let’s make this a priority. Total social lockdown from now until Sunday - no calls, no texts, no Twitter - no phone whatsoever.” Rebecca takes her phone out of her pocket and holds it up by her face with a smirk, before tossing it into a nearby barrel. “That way, we’ll know we did everything possible to actually prepare for what’s to come.” Kelsey takes her phone out and looks at it with concern. “Your boyfriend will still be there next week. This opportunity won’t be.” Rebecca reminds her.

Kelsey agrees, her phone hitting the inside of the barrel with a clang! that rings through the large room.

“I want you to understand that this is not going to be easy… For either of us,” Rebecca states. “You and I are going to work ourselves to the bone over the next seven days, which can be very taxing emotionally. There is a very strong possibility we will not leave this place the same way we have walked in. Are you prepared to make that sacrifice?”

Kelsey clenches her fist and gives a nod of determination. “I’ve never wanted anything more in my life than to win those titles. I’m willing to do whatever it takes!”

And with that action, it's unanimous; this week will be dedicated to getting in peak physical and mental condition for the biggest match of their career.
Aug 16 2017, 08:19 AM
Their match at Mind Your Own Fuckhole hadn’t gone the way they would have liked. Although they’d trained to their absolute limits, the Uncanny Socialites would not be leaving Canberra as IYH Tag Team Champions. With no foreseeable escape, Kelsey tapped out to Misha’s excruciating armbar to live to fight another day. Following the loss, morale was down - Kelsey felt bad, believing she’d just cost her team the championship, while Rebecca was annoyed by Misha’s refusal to immediately release the hold following Kelsey’s submission.

A win over Modern Day Heroes in the weeks that followed showed that they were somewhat back on track - and an announcement that same night gave them a goal to work towards. Murphy’s Law, after making history in becoming the first team to make two successful defenses of the IYH tag straps, announced a Tag Team Gauntlet match set for IYHWF’s next Supershow, “The Fall”. One of the teams included? None other than Kelsey and Rebecca.

While the idea of having another opportunity to win those elusive IYH Tag Team Titles is exciting and appreciated, they still had to deal with the magnitude of the situation. Leading up to MYOF, they pushed themselves harder than ever before in preparation for Murphy’s Law. But making their way into this match at The Fall, they have to develop strategies to face multiple tag teams. Being at their best against one team last month wasn’t enough - how could it be enough to beat each and every team they’ll face on September 3rd?

The answer, according to both ladies, is it won’t. In order to stand a chance against Murphy’s Law and the other teams involved in that match, they have to break through their own limits.

Today, they’re visiting someone who may be able to help.

“Really? She’s living here? Rebecca stands with arms crossed, inspecting the building with a scowl. It's a rather nice house, slightly bigger than her own.

“Uh-huh!” Kelsey happily replies, a spring in her step as she places herself by her partner’s side. “I helped her move all her stuff in the other week. It was kinda easy, she doesn’t have a whole lot.”

“We’re wasting valuable training time,” Rebecca claims, glancing at her wrist watch. “Can we get this show on the road?”

Kelsey steps forward and knocks on the front door. When there’s no answer, she tries the door handle - it’s unlocked, and the two invite themselves inside. “Hello?” Kelsey calls out, glancing around the immediate area. “Anyone home?”

As the two walk through the living room area, the faint sounds of a circular saw can be heard coming from the opposite end of the house. Kelsey leads Rebecca through the beautifully-furnished home - most of which must have been purchased post-move - to a small corridor that leads to a garage. There’s no doubt about it, the sound is being produced from inside. The pair glance at each other and, after Rebecca’s insistence, Kelsey enters first. Upon entering, she quickly recognises the blonde-haired woman sharing the room with them; she has her back to them, hunched over a workbench. Kelsey rushes across the room with excitement, tapping her on the shoulder to grab her attention.

“What in the-?!” The girl spins around, peering through her safety goggles with widened eyes. “Oh, Kelsey, it’s you! You startled me!”

“Sorry, Harley… We’re here, like you wanted!”

Harley Saint first came into Kelsey and Rebecca’s lives as one of the children in Rebecca’s Saint City cult back in the day, originally a disciple brainwashed to carry out Rebecca’s bidding. When Rebecca fell pregnant and left her position behind, Harley remained behind on the island with her “sister” Mimi, who took over as the cult's leader. It didn’t take long for Harley to defect, leaving Saint City when she wanted to live a normal life; she retained the Saint surname, however, having long forgotten her real one.

When Harley found out she was pregnant with Ace Watson’s child, Kelsey selflessly let her stay at her apartment (sometimes to her own financial detriment), and the two became very close friends. So close, in fact, that Harley insisted on naming her daughter Kelsey in honour of her kindness. Since then, Harley has moved out and is living with baby Kelsey - a nickname they’ve affectionately given the little girl to distinguish between her and “big” Kelsey.

Harley recently decided to channel her passion for creating and follow her dreams of becoming an inventor. She invited Kelsey and Rebecca over, with promises of helping them in their training. Who could resist?

“Thanks for coming over,” Harley speaks with grace, shifting her safety goggles from shielding her face to sitting atop her dirty hair. The stench wafting from the 18-year-old makes it apparent that she’s missed her shower today. She smiles at Kelsey, then looks to Rebecca with an awkward pause. “Hi, Miss Saint.”

Rebecca gives a small wave and a nod, putting Harley at ease. Their interactions have been minimal since they both left Saint City, which has been a contributing factor in Harley’s social withdrawal. Even when she was a disciple of Saint City, she wasn't Rebecca's favourite - Mimi was. However, knowing that Rebecca harbours no resentment toward her helps her breathe easy.

“What’s this thing that’s gonna help us train?” Kelsey asks, peeking over Harley’s shoulder with curiosity, trying to catch a glimpse of what Harley’s been working on. Harley’s quick to dismiss the project, waving it off with a shake of the head.

“That's just the next thing I’m working on,” she explains, as Rebecca flares her nostrils with a hint of impatience. “What I’ve got for you guys is over here.” Wiping sweat and grease from her brow, she leads them to a table on the opposite end of the garage, where they come across what look to be skin-tight sleeveless suits - one red, one blue.

“What’re those?” Kelsey questions.

“These, my friend, are specially-designed training suits!” Harley proudly replies, stepping between the girls and the suits. “You mentioned you needed help training, and I read on Twitter that you were looking into weighted clothing.”

“Yes..?” Rebecca pipes up, suddenly becoming invested in the conversation.

“I’ve been watching your matches and some of your training sessions, and noticed a common trend. Both are very physical. I know how bulky and uncomfortable those weighted vests can be, and they would seriously be a nuisance when you’re practicing moves.”

“Weighted clothing we can practice wrestling moves in?” Kelsey asks for clarity. She’s heard weighted clothes were for strengthening muscles while running, so this concept is both intriguing and exciting.

“It’s not fully tested yet, but I’ve run every possible algorithm and it works in theory,” Harley responds while she moves to the table, where she lifts the blue suit off the surface with what appears to be a bit of a struggle. “I developed this technology to evenly distribute the weight across the whole body, not just the torso. It has thousands of tiny weights sewed into the fibers of the suit to give you the same effect of the vest, but in a way that makes it almost unnoticeable.”

“How much does that thing weigh?” Rebecca asks, noticing Harley struggling to hold it comfortably.

“They’re twenty-five kilos each. I’m sure it looks like they weigh much more, but I’m not a wrestler, remember?” She lets out a laugh.

“Oh, yeah, that makes sense…” Kelsey comments, stepping forward and as she feels the suit’s material - it resembles a swimsuit.

“Would you like to try it on?” Harley asks with a smile.

“Heck yeah, I would!”

Harley relinquishes the blue suit into Kelsey’s care, and hands the red one to Rebecca. She furls her brows as she holds the suit up to test its weight, she looks back to Harley.

“Is there a place we can get changed?” she asks.

“Yeah, for sure!” Harley points past where Kelsey’s standing, to the doorway. “There’s a bathroom to your left--”

Both of them are stunned to silence, noticing that a now-naked Kelsey is standing three feet from them, changing into the suit then and there. Harley swiftly adjusts her eyes to the floor, her face bright red with embarrassment. Rebecca’s reaction tells a different story - she rolls her eyes to meet the ceiling, letting out a slight groan. It’s apparent this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

“Are you even aware that we are standing right here?” Rebecca questions with a glare.

“What do you mean?” a dumbfounded Kelsey asks a follow-up question, trying to figure out why Rebecca would think she’d forgotten they were in the garage.

“Just put your damn clothes on,” Rebecca snarls as she walks by to get changed.

Several minutes later, both ladies are moving around the garage in the suits, trying to adjust to the added weight.

“How is it?” Harley asks, mildly amused by Kelsey’s attempts to maintain her balance.

“It’s… kinda tricky…” Kelsey replies, stumbling in her place.

“They’re designed to adjust to your body shape. They should start to stick to your skin soon. Aside from the obvious added weight, it’ll end up feeling like you’re not wearing anything at all.”

Kelsey stands in her place, trying to concentrate on what the suit’s doing. She looks up with a goofy grin. “Hey, I think mine’s doing it! It kinda tickles!”

“It’s not too tight?”

“Nuh-uh, it feels fine!” As the suit slowly melds with her skin, she glances over her shoulder at her partner and notices it’s happening to her, too. She lets out a giggle. “Hey, Rebecca! I can see your boobies!”

“Shut up, Kelsey.”

“Obviously you’ll wear your workout clothes or wrestling gear over the suit,” Harley speaks, concealing a smile behind her hand. Rebecca is not so amused.

“One thing I’m wondering is how do we remove these suits once they’ve stuck to our skin like this.”

“Simple!” a smiling Harley claims. “Take your thumb and index finger and pinch the fabric. Rub it like you're sprinkling salt, and it should come away nicely.”

Rebecca spot tests the technique Harley described while Kelsey walks around the immediate area, trying to adjust to the added weight on her body. Once Rebecca lets go of the fabric, it slowly begins to blend back into place.

“I’ve lined the inside of the suit with moisture wicking fabric. You shouldn’t need to worry about sweat chafing you.”

“You designed this from scratch?” Rebecca questions, taking a few steps on the spot, noticing the obvious change in carried weight. “This is ingenious technology. I had no idea you were capable of such work.”

“It comes from when I was a kid. I remember I used to play with broken gadgets all the time. I loved trying to find ways to fix things. Growing up, I figured out I could make my own devices from scratch. It’s always been my passion to fix and create things.” She motions toward the suit. “This is the result of all the skills I’ve developed over the years.”

Rebecca remains silent, reluctant to respond. When she finally does, it is soft-spoken and direct. “I feel as though I should have already known all this. You know, considering…”

“It’s okay,” Harley interrupts, forcing a smile. “Don’t feel guilty for what happened. Just knowing you care is apology enough.”

“Look at me!” Kelsey exclaims, jumping up and down a few feet away from them. "I'm so big! This has gotta be how Mister Marcus feels!" She starts making strongman poses in an attempt to imitate fellow IYHWF wrestler Marcus Blackbeard.

“I’ve got something else for you both. Kelsey, come here.” Kelsey skips over, stopping by Rebecca’s side as Harley fumbles around in the top draw of her workbench, soon producing what look to be sweatbands. “These are made from the very same material as your suits. They’ll add five kilos a piece.”

“So we are talking thirty-five kilograms in total?” Rebecca asks. She notices Kelsey already slipping the bands on, and not to be outdone by her eternal rival, she does the same.

“You two can hang out here and get used to that, I have to go and check if baby Kelsey’s done with her nap.”

“It might pay to have a shower while you’re at it!” Rebecca calls out behind her with a hint of sarcasm, Harley’s foul sweat-soaked stench still lingering in her nostrils.

“This is pretty sweet, huh?” Kelsey quietly speaks to Rebecca, lifting her arms up and down as the wristbands stick to her skin. “It’s like I’m doing bicep curls, but I’m not holding anything!”

“Yes, it certainly is a new experience… Look, I think we should make the most out of these suits.”

“We should?” Kelsey glances up at her partner. “How do we do that?”

“Aside from showering, we should wear these suits from now until the championship match,” Rebecca explains. “Training, eating, sleeping. By the time the match comes along, we will be as strong and fast as we possibly can be.”

“Uhh, are you sure we should..? Harley didn’t say to do that…”

“She didn’t say not to either, did she?” Rebecca wags her finger back and forth, trying to dismiss Kelsey’s concerns. “You want to be Tag Team Champion as much as I do, right? Then this is the way to do it. Shatter our limits. It very well may be our last chance.”

“Well, when you put it like that...” Kelsey doesn’t need more than a moment to ponder. She extends her hand to Rebecca, who firmly grasps it and accepts the gesture, making the deal official. “Let’s do it.”
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It’s a cool, crisp Friday morning in Australia’s capital. The stars of In Your House are in town for the upcoming Supershow, Mind Your Own Fuckhole, taking place this Sunday night from GIO Stadium. Two IYH stars in particular are taking a much-needed break from their gruelling training regimen to spend the morning with the Canberra fans. It’s an impressive turn-out, with fans occupying the small venue with hopes of meeting the Uncanny Socialites. Although Rebecca is less than enthusiastic to participate in the autograph signing, Kelsey is over the moon; she loves meeting new people, and making others smile any way she can.

After signing an autograph and snapping a picture with a young fan, she glances over at the seat next to her and notices Rebecca isn’t having a good time; she’s leaning with her elbows on the table, her head resting in her hands like a school kid trying to stay awake through Advanced Algebra.

“Are you okay?” a concerned Kelsey asks between fans coming up on the stage. “Do you want an Advil or something..?”

“No, I’m fine,” Rebecca groans. “I am simply not in a good mood. Let’s get this over with so we can get some work done.”

“What’s bothering you?” Kelsey asks, after signing another poster for a fan. “For real, you can talk to me.”

“Nothing is wrong,” Rebecca claims. But, her tone betrays her. She’s definitely got something on her mind.

Kelsey glances around the immediate area, making sure there are no young fans within earshot. “If this is about losing your baby, it’s completely understandable. But you shouldn’t keep all those yucky feelings to yourself… Share them with me, it’ll help you feel better!”

Rebecca doesn’t respond. She simply continues going through the motions, greeting fans with a false smile and signing their merchandise as they make their way through. Growing more concerned, Kelsey decides to take one more stab at cheering.

“Look around, Bec! This is why we’re here!” She stands up for a moment, her outstretched arm washed over the fans waiting in line. “We get to meet all these awesome people!”

The fans cheer and applaud, bringing a smile to Kelsey’s face and a scowl to Rebecca’s.

“I miss the days when you were a hermit,” Rebecca comments. “Zoey has ruined you.”

Kelsey’s response is simple: that big grin she often wears that displays her innocence. It’s obviously a put-down from her grouchy partner, but Kelsey sees a silver lining; at least Rebecca’s making an effort. That means she’s actually okay!

Kelsey is busy signing an autograph for the child that has approached them onstage when she is startled by Rebecca suddenly rising from the seat next to her. The smile Kelsey had been wearing quickly fades as she locks eyes with one of her opponents this Sunday, Misha LeCavalier, standing directly opposite her across the table.

Slowly but cautiously, Kelsey stands alongside her partner. The public has been stunned to silence as the Uncanny Socialites and Murphy’s Law come face-to-face much earlier than anyone could have anticipated.

“Oh my, a quaint little meet and greet,” Misha LeCavalier says as she folds her arms. “How curious.” Her eyes quickly scan the room as she observes and notes the set up. She then turns her gaze back to Rebecca and Kelsey. “.PAAK and I were finishing up a riveting training session, and this she got this cute little alert on her phone about this event. So this is how you two spend your time before heading into the largest match of your careers? Hmm?”

“Watch your damn mouth,” Rebecca hissed, her arms folded in a similar manner to Misha’s. “You have no clue what we have been doing to prepare. You should be less concerned with what we are up to and more concerned that your training’s not enough to handle the pair of us.”

Rebecca’s comments elicit a hearty laugh from Misha. .PAAK simply shakes her head.

“Ms. Saint, you should know better than that.” Once again, .PAAK shakes her head. “Misha and I are not mere wrestlers. It is not our profession—it is a lifestyle.” Her eyes glance over at Rebecca. “You are not facing women who have spent a few days cramming for one match. Instead, you are facing two women have been training and wrestling for the majority of their adult lives.” She nodded. “You are not fool. You see where I’m coming from Therefore, there is no need for me break down just how asinine that comment happens to be.”

Rebecca lets out an amused chuckle that soon becomes a full-fledged laugh. “How ignorant,” she comments. “We know more about you the two of you than you could possibly imagine. We have done countless hours of research. And if you had bothered to do your homework, you would know every point you made also applies to us.”

“So, you have as much knowledge as anyone with a computer or smartphone. I see.” .PAAK shakes her head. “We have studied you, Ms. Saint. We take no team lightly.”

Noticing Rebecca is becoming increasingly agitated, Kelsey feels the need to interject. “Rebecca, there are kids here,” she quietly reminds her partner. Rebecca glances over the table, seeing several frightened children watching on. The statement calms her down, like a safe word calming a guard dog. Kelsey turns her attention to the Tag Team Champions; she wears a scowl, which is anything but intimidating on her. “So what are you two really doing here?” she asks. “Did you really just come down here to poke fun at us? Or is there more to it than that?”

Misha takes a look at the crowd and steps forward a bit. “Ladies and gentlemen, I want you all to take a good look at the people you admire so much.” She spreads her arm towards Rebecca and Kelsey. “These are the women you cheer. These are the women that your children look up to. These are the women that you’ve taken precious time out of your day to see. And look at them…” Misha shakes her head. “Arrogant. Aggressive. Foul-mouthed.” Misha shakes her head. “You may despise us all you’d like. But we’ve been genuine and true yourselves. We do not try to be anything that we aren’t.”

Rebecca has heard enough. Whether it’s the fact that they have caught her on a bad day or they are talking smack in front of whom are certainly Uncanny Socialites fans, it is unclear. Fists-clenched, she prepares to vault the table and lunge at Misha. But Kelsey is quick to react, stepping between them to subdue Rebecca. “Hey! Cool it!” she shouts. “This is exactly how they want you to react. Just calm down!”

Rebecca snarls, folding her arms and stepping toward the back of the stage.

“Rebecca, I sincerely believe that you in forever in debt to your partner. You say you’ve been studying us, yeah? Well, then I know you’ve read the articles that have come out this week.” The look in Misha’s eyes changed. There was dangerous calmness in them. “Had you laid a hand on me, I would have had no problem snapping your fucking arm right in front of little Timmy right there.” She motions to a nearby young boy.

“My name is Cedric!”

“Cedric…” Misha says. “Wonderful name; far better than Timmy. My apologies.”

Rebecca is anything but frightened. Although visibly aggravated by Misha’s words, her body language indicates she has no intention of acting on her emotions today, if only for the children's sake. She stands with arms folded, back against the wall, her eyes fixated squarely on Misha.

The crowd murmurs a bit before Kelsey regains order. “Alright, that’s enough!” Kelsey declares as she turns her attention to Misha and .PAAK. “This isn’t the time or the place for this. This was supposed to be a fun day for the fans, and all you’re doing is upsetting everyone here. We’re gonna settle this on Sunday night, but right now, I think it’s time for both of you to leave.”

“You are quite correct.” Misha nods. “Sunday—the day .PAAK and I become the first tag team to successfully defend the belts twice.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Kelsey mumbles as Misha and .PAAK turn to leave. However, .PAAK holds up her finger. “Ms. Saint, I have a word of advice for you. You may accept it, or you may ignore it.” She pauses for a moment. Rebecca shifts her attention to .PAAK. “Learn to control you emotions. It’s far too easy to get you riled up. Mr. Fury and Kelly would not reacted that way. Even our long-time rivals in State of Anarchy and Jetpack would have kept their cool.”

“Indeed they would not,” Misha said. She reaches into her pocket and hands Cedric $20. “Thank you Cedric. Sorry again for the mix up.”

Kelsey tilts her head to the side, confused by the currency exchange as Misha and .PAAK make their way to the parking lot. Rebecca watches on with an inscrutable gaze, her eyes not leaving the pair until they are out of the building. Kelsey approaches her partner.

“You good?” she whispers to her with concern.

Rebecca glances at Kelsey for a moment, then back at the door Murphy’s Law exited through. “I cannot wait to get my hands on them.”
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