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 Before The Fall (Pt.1), The Road Starts Here
 Posted: Aug 28 2017, 10:12 AM

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“Are you sure this is where she said to meet her?” Kelsey asks her partner for clarification, gazing up at the somewhat rundown warehouse they’ve parked in front of.

“I am certain,” Rebecca bluntly responds, leaning with arms folded against the hood of her car. “This is the address the GPS led us to.”

With a little under a week to go until what will no doubt be the biggest match of their career, Kelsey and Rebecca already have three weeks of solid preparation tucked under their belts. Unsurprisingly, they want to make the most out of these final days, so Rebecca reached out to her former follower Harley for a little help. The response? A makeshift training centre in a storage warehouse, where the two could be free of any distractions, focusing solely on their training.

“It looks a little… plain.”

“Oh, I suppose you were expecting a palace?” Rebecca snaps, flaring her nostrils.

“I guess not,” Kelsey sighs, kicking at the dirt as the pair wait in awkward silence. They don’t have to wait long, as a Ford Focus pulls into the car park, the wheels kicking up dust as it enters. Kelsey approaches the car as its driver steps out, courteously covering her nose to catch a sneeze. “Harley! You made it!”

“Sorry guys, I got tied up at home,” the young inventor explains, removing a baby girl from the baby car seat in the back. “I hope I didn’t keep you too long.”

Rebecca steps forward. “Kelsey was becoming restless, but then again, when is she not.” Kelsey chuckles with a grin on her face in response, taking baby Kelsey off Harley’s hands while Harley fumbles around with her keys. Deciding she’s found the correct one, she approaches the large padlock on the front door of the warehouse. “How did you manage to set this up, anyway? Do you know the owner of this place?”

Harley glances over her shoulder momentarily to answer Rebecca’s queries. “Sort of. I arranged a deal with a friend of a friend. In exchange for a couple of those suits I gave you guys, he’s letting me use this place to store some of my junk.” Eventually, the old lock clicks open and she raises the roller door with one mighty heave. “I thought you guys could get some good use out of it as well.”

“Here’s hoping,” Rebecca adds, following Harley and the Kelseys inside.

Flipping the switch for the generator, Harley quickly illuminates the warehouse with the use of its makeshift lighting system. She takes her baby back from Kelsey as her and Rebecca stand impressed, inspecting the large room they’re standing in - it’s cramped, yet spacious. Bits and pieces of junk and scrap metal are crammed up in the far corner (presumably Harley’s spare parts), adjacent a small living area, complete with a small couch and a pair of beds. Spread across the room is an assortment of weight machines, treadmills and other workout gear, with a motivational poster on the wall that simply reads “Today’s pain is tomorrow’s gain”.

However, the main part of the room that catches their eyes is a platformed area that is fenced off with ropes, transforming it into a wrestling ring.

“This is incredible!” Kelsey reacts, jumping around the area excitedly before she rushes over to the ring to check out the ropes.

“You really went all-out,” Rebecca quietly comments to Harley.

“You asked for simple yet practical. I hope it’s what you wanted?”

Rebecca nods. “It’s perfect. Thank you.”

Harley gives the pair a brief tour of the warehouse to get the familiarised with how everything works - how to activate the gas for cooking and showering, what to do if the generator fails, how to flush the non-functioning toilet - anything they’d possibly need to know to avoid having to leave their training to tend to their other needs. It’s clear they don't plan on leaving until the very day of the Supershow.

The tour ends on the far side of the room, by Harley’s gear.

“Before I leave you to it, I wanted to give you these.” She points to two new suits - both a dark, crimson red - complete with black sweatbands.

“New suits?” Rebecca questions with a raised eyebrow.

“These are upgraded versions of what you’ve been wearing,” Harley explains as baby Kelsey bursts into tears for seemingly no reason. Patting her back as comfort, Harley finishes her explanation. “I used the feedback you guys gave me to fix the problems with the old ones, making them fit a little better. I also added a few kilos into them to help progress your training.”

“How much heavier are those?” a curious Kelsey asks, peering over Harley’s shoulder.

“The main suit itself is forty kilos, and each wristband is 10. Lucky for me, baby Kelsey’s dad was more than happy to help me bring them over here.”

“Gosh, that’s… Sixty kilos!” Kelsey gasps, which is certainly a big step up from the 45kg they’ve been training in. “That’s more than we weigh!”

“If that’s too heavy, I can make some modifications to adjust them?”

Rebecca waves it off. “No, no. Sixty kilograms will be just fine. Thank you for all your help, Harley.”

“My pleasure. Give me a call if there’s anything I can do for you.”

With that, Harley leaves the two Socialites to their training. Kelsey lifts one of the arm bands, noticing the obvious weight difference - although that could be attributed to her still wearing the old one at the same time.

“I think we owe it to ourselves to go all-out,” Rebecca states, watching her partner switch sweatbands with the ones on the table. “This is going to be the last shot we get. We have to make it count.”

“I know, it’s all on the line.” She looks back over her shoulder at the setup they have to train in. Rebecca and Kelsey have voluntarily put their IYHWF careers on the line ahead of this match, vowing to leave the promotion if they can't become champions. Partially out of respect for the title’s prestige, they also have hopes that the idea of potentially losing everything can give them the extra push they need to succeed. “This is pretty crazy… I don’t think I’ve ever had a place like this to train in.”

“Let’s make this a priority. Total social lockdown from now until Sunday - no calls, no texts, no Twitter - no phone whatsoever.” Rebecca takes her phone out of her pocket and holds it up by her face with a smirk, before tossing it into a nearby barrel. “That way, we’ll know we did everything possible to actually prepare for what’s to come.” Kelsey takes her phone out and looks at it with concern. “Your boyfriend will still be there next week. This opportunity won’t be.” Rebecca reminds her.

Kelsey agrees, her phone hitting the inside of the barrel with a clang! that rings through the large room.

“I want you to understand that this is not going to be easy… For either of us,” Rebecca states. “You and I are going to work ourselves to the bone over the next seven days, which can be very taxing emotionally. There is a very strong possibility we will not leave this place the same way we have walked in. Are you prepared to make that sacrifice?”

Kelsey clenches her fist and gives a nod of determination. “I’ve never wanted anything more in my life than to win those titles. I’m willing to do whatever it takes!”

And with that action, it's unanimous; this week will be dedicated to getting in peak physical and mental condition for the biggest match of their career.
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