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 Ruckus 69
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: May 1 2018, 03:56 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The camera pans across the Melbourne Showgrounds arena, showing the excited crowd before eventually resting on the announce table where Brian and Tats are ready for all the action tonight.]

BM: Welcome back once again, we’re just two weeks away from Night One of Dawn of the Immortals which means we’ve almost come to the end of season two.

TR: But fear not, knowing these crazy bastards there is still a lot of action to be had along the way.

BM: Not to mention XWA and IYHWF will clash at Worlds Collide in June. But lets not get ahead of ourselves and focus on the action we have in store here tonight. Starting things off for us is Ash Fi as she takes on Captain Fabulous.

TR: It’s no secret that Stella Winters aka The Blue Dragon now has her eyes set on the Rapid Fire Championship and Katie Hanley was more than willing to accept that challenge. However, she must first prove she can handle the pace of the Rapid Fire matches and what better way to do that than to take on former Rapid Fire champ, Jessica Anderson.

BM: This must be put you in a really awkward position, being a fan of perving on them both.

TR: And what better way to continue my fantasies by hoping one of their shirts gets…

BM: ENOUGH! At Unearthed one of the things everyone couldn’t stop talking about was how Banshee failed in sucking away Michael Diablos soul. Tonight, they go head to head in a singles match and the fans are eager to see what happens this time between these two.

TR: Hoping she kicks his head off. Chris Cryptic is fond of clusterfucks, and what better way to have a clusterfuck than a fatal fourway tag team match which also serves the purpose of finding a new number one contender to the tag team championships.

BM: Tensions are already running high with some of these teams from what Bad Omens did to Southern Hostility and Team Fury last week during their match. Layton and Fenric are convinced Cryptic is out to get them in some sense of the word given his relationship with Stella Winters and her hatred for Emery Layton. Throw those teams together and you already have enough to boil over. Toss Jetpack into the mix who have been desperately awaiting another shot at the champions? Well, let’s just say the fans can’t wait to see what happens in this match either.

TR: You know what I’m excited for though? That Main Event. Where Seth Iser is going to finally get some vengeance on the things Angelica Layne has said AND done to him.

BM: Unlikely. She thrives off of his saltiness towards her and she’s still pissed from Minka Carter screwing her out of her win against Shawn Fox. A pissed off person is a dangerous thing, a pissed off Angelica Layne though? She becomes downright murderous!

TR: I’m keen for this match, lets get on with the show so we can find out who goes home broken hearted.

user posted image

[The professional Stevie Terlain is wandering around the halls looking for the person she wants to interview. As she walks on down searching her head with the microphone in hand she finally ends up finding The Ikiryo slouched against the wall with headphones in and the IYH Proving Grounds title around his waist. Although the moment she stepped closer toward him his eyes just open while he still has his arms crossed noticing her. After a couple of seconds she realizes she’s been watched and find Iser...the target of who she wanted to talk to anyway. Iser soon lowers the hood on his warm up hoodie and looks a little jet lagged and sore anyway considering his schedule but gestures her to come on over with his left index finger while taking off his headphones.]

ST: Hello Seth…

SI: What do you want to know today, kid?

[Iser uncrosses his arms and just raises his eyebrow wondering what she wants to ask this time.]

ST: You have a title defense coming up against the woman who ended your previous title reign in Angelica Layne...

[Iser’s eye twitches at the mention of the name but verbally he doesn’t respond yet.]

ST: ...and I want to know where your head is at all things considered.

SI: Different than the last time I faced her.

[Iser just pauses for a brief moment after giving what seems to be a stock answer while Stevie is waiting for him to elaborate.]

SI: ...I hate that woman’s guts. I hate what kind of poison she is to the industry and I hate that so many of these naive kissasses in the back just worship the damn ground she walks on without realizing she’s the terrorist and cancer that makes the industry that gives us all our jobs a punchline because of her actions and I hate the fans even more that cheer for it because they just enable that narcissist's behavior. But if I fight with those thoughts like I did last time Stevie...guess what happens?

[Stevie raises her eyebrows wondering if she gets a chance to answer that question but Iser doesn’t give her the opportunity.]

SI: It played out last time. I lost. She won the title. I got the cold shower. But part of why I am the Ikiryo...part of why I declared myself Wrestling’s Greatest Mind...hell...before I had to take time off...I was called the world’s greatest cheat. Why? I wrestled with a man who had all that experience. I didn’t do that at the end of the day against Layne last time. I wrestled like a twenty-five year old still in physical prime or even yet to peak. And I’ve never made my money like that...though I have often pondered in my life...what my career would’ve been had I came into the industry with two good knees instead of just one.

[Iser taps his chin for a moment before shaking his head.]

SI: But alas...that’s the way the cards are dealt. I just happen to know every night how to maximize the hand I’ve been dealt. And I’m not going to go in there all angry...or pissed as much as those sycophants in the audience want...and dig my own grave like that. You can’t beat me the same way twice. And she’s going to have to wrestle MY game...not the other way take this championship from me.

[Iser ends up taking off the championship and pushing it toward the camera.]

SI: This isn’t about my personal hatred for you tonight. No. There will be another day for us to sort that issue and believe me that day is coming. I’m not going anywhere. But tonight? It’s about this. The championship. You’ll have to take this from my cold, dead hands...and you're not woman enough or wrestler enough to do it. The fans will have to go home disappointed knowing that The Blue Dragon wins her match against Jessica Anderson...Banshee kicks Diablo’s ass, Hellhound and The Kraken end up coming number one contenders for the tag titles...and I’ll still be your Proving Grounds champion. And if you don’t think that’ll happen…

[Iser then just starts to walk toward the camera in an intimidating manner with a scowl etched on his face.]

SI: Then it’ll be a Bad Omen for you.

[With that closer Iser snatches his headphones and walks off to go back to getting his mind right for his title defense while Stevie just raises her eyebrow at what Iser is saying.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Captain Fabulous vs Ash Fi


[The match started with a lock up, the bigger Captain Fabulous backing Ash into the corner. The official stepped in immediately, asking, and actually receiving a clean break. But the flamboyant Captain spent a moment playing to the crowd, swiveling his hips and blowing Ash a kiss - which the Welsh Woman responded to with a bicycle kick that could have sent the Captain into a Spartan pit. Luckily for him, there is no pit but it did knock him on his ass, and Ash followed him to the mat, battering the stunned Captain with forearms.]

BM: People thought Ash would have been at a disadvantage given her size compared to Captain Fabulous but she’s holding her own beautifully inside of the ring.

TR: That she is Bry, I think in IYH history we have learned never to underestimate the smaller opponent.

[The Captain eventually fought back to his feet, and when Ash charged in for a high knee lift, he simply spun her like a dance partner before hooking her up and tossing her with a Butterfly Suplex. Ash fought back, and the two traded a series of arm drags and hip tosses, but it was the power advantage of the Captain that saw him drop Ash with a Northern Lights Suplex, but only got a two. Once again the Captains Fabulousness got the better of him and his gyrating toward one of the more handsome men in the front row gave Ash time to recover. So when he went for a full speed Hip Attack toward his cornered opponent, Ash was able to move out of the way. As the Captain nursed his sore behind, Ash struck with Gáe Bulg (Nomisugi Knee).]




TH: Here is your winner via pinfall….ASH FI!

[Ash gets to her feet excitedly clapping her hands over her win. She gives the Captain a respectful nod as she has her hand raised before leaving the ring.]

BM: What a great opening match to set the tone here tonight.

TR: You know what? Even I don’t have a snarky comment to make. Both of these competitors gave their all and if Captain Fabulous spent less time showboating here tonight, it could have been a much different result.

user posted image

[We move backstage where Stevie Trelain is joined by the Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley. As usual, the two women seem to be in the middle of an unrelated discussion when filming begins, but straighten up once the interview begins.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m joined by The Rapid Fire Champion and someone who will surely have a keen interest in the match between Jessica Anderson and Stella Winters. I’m talking, of course, about Katie Hanley and Katie, this must be a match that’s been on your mind all week.

KH: Yeah, definitely. I’ve said for...feels like months, Jessica Anderson should get a rematch that we’ve yet to have and I’ll stick to that. I think if she can beat Stella, there is no reason that match shouldn’t happen. You can’t discount Stella as a competitor though. She’s done what she needs to do so she can succeed. Like the stipulation or not, she was likely moments from behind In Your House Champion after The Bad Omens won at Unearthed. She’s been successful, now she wants gold.

ST: You answered Stella’s challenge almost immediately on Twitter. Would you rather face her or was that just you reacting to the challenge?

[Katie hefts her title onto her shoulder, gripping the faceplate to keep it there. She licks her bottom lip just once as she considers her answer.]

KH: I don’t really have a preference, I guess. Both are brilliant competitors in their own right. But it’s like I said on Twitter, and like I’ve told you before, Stevie; I’ll face anyone, anytime, anywhere. I’m not going to back down from a challenge, be it from Serena Maxwell, Brien Storm, Jessica Anderson, Stella Winters, all the way up to Shawn Fox himself. All I need is a ring and a referee. So, I guess who I want is the winner, whoever that may be. I’m looking forward to it and may the best woman win.

ST: Fair enough, it should be a great contest. I’ll let you go enjoy it. Katie Hanley, folks!

[Katie flashes a peace sign to the camera, smiling her usual big smile as we cut back to ringside.]

user posted image

Rapid Fire Rules
Singles Match
The Blue Dragon vs Jessica Anderson


[Stella is super aggressive right off the bell, apparently taking the referee’s words about the Rapid Fire time limit to heart! Of course the time limit does nothing to curb Stella’s mouth as she runs it full speed and insults Jessica before she plows her back towards the ropes and then rebounds off with a Springboard DDT! Jessica however rolls through and gets up to her hands and knees, rushing up as Stella kips up and hits a huge Backstabber! She flips over and rolls Stella into a pin but Winters kicks out at two! The pair scramble to their feet and shove for better position, Stella jumping up and sliding into place for a Reverse Rana! The fans are on their feet as these two exciting ladies fight each other and the clock, trading off moves that just ramp up the intensity!

Stella gets in the driver’s seat and drops Jessica with a Dragon Screw after a failed kick from Anderson, she hangs on for a pin but no, Jessica rolls up the shoulder! The fans give a relieved gasp and Jessica pushes clear of Stella, rolling backwards and gracefully to her feet! She runs the ropes and as Stella gets up to her feet she hits her with a Hip Attack, her Ass Kisser! BANG! Down goes Stella and Jessica floats over for the pin…

NO! Stella kicks out strongly at two and a half!]

BM: No one is more aware of the clock in this Rapid Fire Rules match than the former champion herself, Jessica Anderson! But being aware may not be enough to put the wily Stella Winters away, she wants this win badly!

TR: She’s got a point to prove, and she aims to start tonight!

[Jessica takes a deep breath, not letting the close fall failing rattle her. She takes stock, looking at the clock and then grabs up Stella and drops her with a huge One-Handed Bulldog, but this too only nets her a two as Stella gets her foot on the ropes! The fans groan as the referee waves off the count and Jessica sighs. She pulls Stella up but this is a mistake as Stella catches her in the Blue Dragon Sleeper! Jessica fights and fights, but she’s clearly starting to fade, Stella cracks a huge smile as she shouts at the fans, but she tries to tighten the hold and force a submission or a pass out as she sees the time creeping closer!

But Jessica manages to get free using her feet and the ropes, flipping out of the hold! She’s clearly disoriented but still trying to fight as Stella rakes her hands through her hair, getting desperate as that clock winds down, seemingly faster and faster!]

BM: Stella knows that she’s GOT to put Jessica away, and fast… but Jessica isn’t going down without a fight!

TR: Stella is just beside herself, Jessica didn’t tap, didn’t fade, what does she have to do to take down Jessica Anderson! OH MY GOD!

BM: Apparently…? That!

[Stella is on the short end of the most recent attack, she tries to get Jessica off the top turnbuckle before Jessica can unleash some of her high flying fury but in their fighting Winters somehow comes up under Anderson and then both of them fly off the top as Stella executes a HUGE SUPERPLEX! The fans are silent for a second as this happens, so shocked are they at this move from the two ladies, and then there’s a sudden roar of approval from them just from the surprise of it all. Both women are laid out on the mat, the referee checking them and the clock and it’s almost too late before Stella flips over and drapes her arm across Jessica’s chest!!!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… Stella Winters… THE BLUE DRAGON!

BM: Holy crap Tats.

TR: I guess she wasn’t playing when she said she really wanted this win!

[Alice Cooper’s Poison plays over the P.A. as the fans boo heavily, Stella though is cackling madly as she rolls off Jessica and then gingerly surges to her feet, screaming at them that she TOLD THEM she could do it! That she EARNED this, she DESERVES this! The referee raises her hand and she gives him a glare at not doing so quickly enough. Jessica sits up on the mat and shakes her head, rolling out under the bottom rope and leaving Stella to her celebrations.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts to a live shot inside the Southern Hostility locker room where we see all three members sitting around a table. They all have a particularly pissed off look on their faces. Never known as the happiest bunch, this time it's clearly another level or two up from that. Not waiting any longer, Clayton Travis speaks first.]

Clay: A lot of people have wondered both backstage and on social media how we would react to the Bad Omens getting involved in our match last week and costing us a chance to pick up a win over the current Tag Champs.

[Clayton shakes his head as Amanda and Colton just sit there, fuming.]

Clay: Well, how the fuck do you think we would react? We come from a place where you don't get in business that doesn't involve you. We ain't Saints and never claimed to be but when we do something, there is a reason for it. Sure, we'll attack some assholes in a second and not think twice about it. However, when we do it there is a reason for it. Whether it be a team was running their mouths to much or they wronged us in some way, we have no problem handling that. What you don't see is us just getting involved in random people's business that ain't got shit to do with us.

[Clayton pauses again in an attempt to keep his composer.]

Clay: So when these overrated motherfuckers who call themselves the Bad Omens come down and not only attack us but fuck up our opportunity to beat the current Tag Champs and become the number one contenders, you best believe we ain't gonna let that slide.

[Hayes interrupts Clayton.]

Amanda: You God Damn right we ain't letting that shit slide. Not now. Not ever.

[Amanda knocks a centerpiece off the table in anger. Clayton waits a few seconds before picking up where he left off.]

Clay: So these idiots thought it would be a good idea to stick their nose in our business when we have never said a word about them. Before last week, we didn't give a damn what you were doing in IYH. You had stayed out of our way and we did the same. I don't know exactly what your plan was but I do know what the result of your actions is. You went from being a group who wasn't on our radar to being a target which will pay for bad decision. That ain't a threat as we ain't in the threat business. That is the simple truth. You motherfuckers will pay for costing us that match. You will pay for attacking us at the end of a match that had shit to do with you. You will pay for sticking your nose in our business. You can take that anyway you want but it won't change a damn thing.

[Amanda takes her time before she begins to speak.]

AH: We went from being in a spot where all we had to do was beat the current Champs and there would be no choice but to name us the number one contenders to being placed in a four way clusterfuck of a match with three teams who don't deserve it. I am not one to bitch and moan about shit not being fair but how the other teams are in this match is indefensible. All of them have had shots against the current Champs and failed to get the fucking job done. None of them have done a damn thing to be warrant being rewarded with a match like this. Quite frankly, this whole situation is a bunch of bullshit.

[The fans in the arena start to boo for the first time at that.]

AH: Since there is so much injustice, I'll just break things down one team at a time. Let's start with Jetpack. These sorry sacks of shit had the belts before Team Fury. They got their ass kicked and their belts taken at Wrath of Gods. Showing how truly weak they are, they didn't give a damn. They actually cheered for Team Fury and acted like it was no big deal and showed zero desire to get them back.

[The crowd cheer the mention of Jetpack but that quickly turns to boos for Amanda's breakdown of them.]

AH: So what did Jetpack do after proving how irrelevant they really are? They came back and faced the best team in the entire division, Southern Hostility. And yes, we beat the hell out of them just like we said we would. Then, IYH management must have felt really bad for them so they gave em a couple of cans in the form of the Super Nash Bros and Tag-team Greatness that ain't Super nor Greatness. Those wins mean nothing and every one knows that. Then they got a match with Layton & Fenric. For once, they actually beat some team that is not a complete pushover. Wow.

[The crowd continues to voice their displeasure.]

AH: After that, Jetpack would disappear for 5 weeks and to be honest, nobody noticed. Then last week they are in a match against a team well past their prime and with two members who have one foot in IYH and the other in whatever random company they are wrestling in that week. The Vision are blind when it comes to seeing IYH tag gold any time soon. That means it was another meaningless win. So to recap, they lost to the 2 teams who had credibility and beat three pushovers and one ok team. Somehow, this has landed them a spot in a match they have no business being in. Let's be honest. They should do what they do best. Grab some pom poms and be cheerleaders at ringside for the match.

[The crowd try to get a “Jetpack” chant in support of one of their favorite teams.]

AH: Next, you have Layton & Fenric. These two jackoffs also have no business getting another opportunity. While I can admit that they put in enough work to earn a Tag-Team Title match at Unearthed, that is where the credit stops. They got the shot they wanted so bad and they failed to get the job done. After that, they picked up a win over Hyphy Machinery. They followed up that by losing to Jetpack. You already know what I think of that. Then they had a gimme match with SBYA. After which they didn't fight at the PPV and did nothing for 3 weeks straight. Are you kidding me?

[Amanda shakes her head in disbelief.]

AH: So they showed up last week and didn't wrestle. Big surprise! No, they came out and bitched and cried about how they weren't getting opportunities and how it was the fault of Stella and the boss. Somehow, them fucking is why they couldn't beat Team Fury and why their only notable win in months has been against Hyphy Machinery. They went on to threaten IYH management and say they would side with XWA at the Worlds Collide event. This should come as no surprise as these two have shown they are not dedicated to IYH. They spend most of their time wrestling outside of IYH and then cry when they aren't getting Title shots they haven't earned. What is stunning is how the hell that bitchfest resulted in you two getting rewarded and put in this match.

[The fans start chanting “asshole” at this point.]

AH: The fact that Chris Cryptic gave into you guys and rewarded your crying and threatening tells me a whole lot about him. We don't typically care who he is or isn't fucking behind the scenes but if people mentioning it and crying about favoritism gets people put in matches they don't deserve to be in, then we have a problem. Now, who you're fucking or your sensitivity to it being talked about is messing with our career. Either stop fucking the Blow Dragon or man up and tell the world you are and you don't care who doesn't like it. Whatever you decide to do, you better not let it keep screwing us over.

[Clayton and Colton both shake their heads in agreement with that.]

AH: And that leaves us with the latest incarnation of the Bad Omens to try and butt their way into the tag division. I swear this whole group is like base kits of legos. They are interchangeable parts which keep getting inserted in different variations and get shot after shot. If you go to any hobby store you can find Lego packs that are different colors but are virtually identical. None of them are any better or worse then the other. This is exactly how the Bad Omens are. None of you are special. None of you offer anything that is truly different. None of you deserve another Tag Title shot. Hellhound and Banshee just had a Title shot they didn't really deserve and they got their ass kicked. Marcus failed in his match and then all five of you motherfuckers failed to beat Shawn Fox. That was all at Ground 'N Pound. So after that, Hellhound beat Sean Hazard which loses all the time these days and then two weeks ago the newest Lego pack to compete in the tag division picked up a MASSIVE WIN over the Modern Day Zeros who have never won a fucking match against anyone. That win and these two motherfuckers getting involved in our match with the current Champs last week was enough to warrant them being put in a number one contender's match. How the actual fuck does that make sense? Shit, maybe Stella fucking the bosses brains out is getting the Bad Legos spots they don't deserve. One thing is for sure. They didn't do anything to earn this opportunity. I will say, I am glad that they are in the match, though. Not because you deserve it but because it gives Southern Hostility the chance to get our hands on you clowns. Ain't that right, Colton?

[Amanda looks over to Colton who responds in kind.]

CT: You know it, cousin. You see, we don't need to switch out members to try and get another shot because we get things done the first time around or we find a way to get back to where we need to be. When you see Southern Hostility on the card you know it will always be Amanda Hayes and Colton Travis. Not some TBD bullshit. The only reason we ain't the number one contenders right now is because the Bad Omens got involved in our business. All these other teams have lost to the champs. We are the ones to beat them. Even the Champs think we deserve to have the match again. We came here to be tag champs. Not to cheerleaders, threaten to go to other companies when we don't get our way, cry about not getting booked, or fuck our way to the top. We are the best team in IYHWF and if we have to wade through this clusterfuck of a match and 3 teams who shouldn't be given this chance in order to prove it, then that is exactly what we're gonna do.

[The three stand up from the table and start preparing for their match as the scene fades.]

user posted image

[The scene cuts to a dimly lit room where shadows dance like black flames on the wall. In the centre is a large round ornate mirror with a small Michael Diablo poster, the kind that’s currently being sold outside at the merch stand, pinned on it. What’s even more peculiar is that it’s just from the neck up and his eyes are scratched out. At this point, some hissing can be heard. It makes no sense, just mere whispering filling the void of the dark room. Well, at least to the ears of the disbelievers.


The glass begins to fog up as if the room has suddenly gotten very cold. A hand slowly reaches from the underside of the surface beside the poster. Another hand hits the glass as a silhouette of a woman emerges behind the poster. The silhouette of the one known as Banshee.


The whispering now turns urgent and the hand on the left side of the video pulls back before slapping the underside. Again and again. As if trying to break free. The whispering grows more and more intense by the second, so much so that it becomes deafening. That’s when Banshee screams; the mirror cracks again, this time shattering the bottom half of the mirror. Through the gaping hole, Banshee now climbs through, reaching her hands out first before her head of dark hair emerges. Her skin a pale bluish tone in the scarce light. Her face painted black and white with a liberal splash of blood red across one cheek.

Then the whispering gives way to gurgles, thick and liquid.

B: Ssssoul……… Diablo………. Where is it………..

With wide eyes, Banshee reaches for the camera before the video abruptly cuts to black.]

Chris Cryptic
 Posted: May 1 2018, 03:57 PM

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user posted image

[The show returns from a Worlds Collide image to Angelica Layne giving Michael Diablo a soft kiss for good luck before he heads off for his upcoming match. As Angelica turns around she’s face to face with Kevin Rose, who is smiling adoringly.]

KR: Aww you guys are like, totally sweet.

[Angelicas nose begins to curl as she looks at him, not entirely sure of who he actually is.]

KR: Sooo Angie Layyyne, we haven’t been formally introduced; I’m Kevin Rose, In Your Houses’ newest interviewer.

AL: Where is Stevie?

[He seems a little disheartened from her response.]

KR: Oh, um, she’s taking a much needed coffee break. You know Stevie, always busy busy busy.

AL: Right? It’s like people are used to her cause ya know, she’s Stevie.

[He almost seems insulted at this point, but just smiles through the abuse to remain professional.]

KR: She certainly is Angie.

AL: Angelica.

[That’s when there is a very awkward silence as Kevin honestly doesn’t know where to go from this point, before Angelica suddenly cracks a smile before punching him playfully (yet still pretty hard) on his shoulder.]

AL: Ahhh I’m just fucking with ya, kid.

[Kevin rubs his shoulder and attempts to smile through the flinching pain.]

KR: Oh, ahh, ha-ha. So err, you excited for your match tonight?

AL: Of course I am! Once again I’m going to stop a terrorist in his tracks and watch as he throws a bigger hissy fit in the ring than Stella Winters.

KR: He really doesn’t like to be called that.

AL: That’s what makes it so funny, come on Kev, keep up.

KR: Right right….what about Minka?

[Angelica suddenly stops being playful as the pissed off look on her face becomes more evident.]

AL: Minka Carter is a sorry sack of shit that is going to regret ever getting involved in ANYTHING I do. The whole calling me a demon thing was hilarious at first, but now? Now I’m going to put her through a world of pain that goes beyond hellish. The world wont have to worry about Minka Carter EVER again.

[Angelica starts to walk down the hall as the camera zooms in on Kevin Rose, still gripping at his shoulder before looking at the camera.]

KR: Ow...that really did hurt, god damn. Can I get some ice?

[The scene fades.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Michael Diablo vs Banshee


[This is brutal from the get go, Diablo looking more than recovered from anything that happened at Ground N’ Pound, though his gaze is dark and stays locked on Banshee as he moves, a defiant gleam rising up as she hisses and snarls at him, snapping her teeth as if she can’t wait to dig them into his flesh! He snorts and then hits her with a Spinning Backfist she doesn’t get a chance to dodge, and he lays her out in the corner and works her over with repeated Gutter Stomps much to the delight of the crowd as they cheer the In Your House Original. Diablo takes a grim pleasure in his work, but when he moves to pull her out of the corner she tries to surprise pull him into her Arm-Trap Crossface, Hand of Fate! But she can’t quite get it locked in, as Diablo is fresher than she is and she did just endure a bone powdering stompfest from Diablo!

He pulls her to her feet and slings her off to the ropes with a hard Irish Whip, he sets up for a quick Backbody Drop as she comes hurtling back but No! She hits him with a glancing knee to the face!]

BM: Boy that’ll rattle the teeth in your head! These two have no care about the welfare of the other!

[Diablo reels and goes down flat on the mat after the knee to the face, Banshee rolls through and comes to her feet, and then skips over to the ropes on the side and screams with a bit of rage and delight when the fans boo her heartily. She makes a 'brush off' motion towards them, unaware that behind her Michael has gotten to his feet and charges towards Banshee, hitting her with a huge Cactus style Clothesline that sends them both over the top rope to the apron!

Banshee rolls under the bottom rope and gets back in the ring, Michael is quick to follow as she tries a Lariat of all things but misses as he dodges to the side, comes up and grabs the arm still extended from the failed Lariat and then yanks it hard, spinning the smaller woman and then he whips her towards the near ropes and smashes her to the mat with a huge Spinebuster! Diablo is firmly in control it seems until he moves to cover and Banshee yanks him right into a massive Headbutt! The sound of their skulls smacking against each other has fans in the front row recoil as Diablo falls back and Banshee sits up, clearly feeling it but much better moving than he.]

BM: Jesus that sounded like a car hitting a wall!

TR: That’s exaggerating a bit but it did sound painful as all hell!

[The next few moments are very much not for the squeamish as the Banshee attempts to bite Diablo’s face and he punches her square in the nose, blood gushing everywhere and instead of dropping her, Banshee laughs at the hit! They keep fighting with Diablo often with the upper hand until Banshee gets the break she’s needed, catching him with a Mushroom Stomp off the top rope, sending him crashing to the mat before she follows up with a Rope-Bounce Reverse Neck Snap! That looks immensely painful of course but Diablo isn’t down for good yet, managing to kick out at two! Banshee screams in his ear but he drops her with a huge straight punch to the chest! He picks her up for a Belly-to-Belly throw, but NO! She slips behind him and over the near ropes, catching him with the Omen, the Figure Four Neck Lock cranking on the neck of Diablo!

Of course the referee makes her release at four, but Diablo is reeling, his hand on his neck as he glares at the Banshee! He attacks relentlessly, dropping her with his Santos Impaler but no! She has her foot on the ropes! The fans deflate, they were sure he’d gotten her! He starts to get up but Banshee is there and she catches him with a Standing Moonsault Side Slam! She stacks him up and hangs on tight as the referee slides in to count, the pressure definitely on Michael’s neck.]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… THE BANSHEE!

BM: Jesus.

TR: She did it! The Banshee beat the Devil! Man this changes everything… doesn’t it?

BM: Look I can’t say for certain, just that it never bodes well when the Bad Omens are coming out on top and this is two in a row, Tats!

[The Daughter of Darkness by Peter Gundry plays as the fans are stunned by what they’ve witnessed, The Banshee not bothering to try and ‘steal’ Michael Diablo’s soul, she just stares down at him before she throws her head back and shrieks, the lights flicker and when they come back, she’s gone!]

user posted image

[The cameras cut to the back to find a Jetpack that’s a little more intense, a little more serious, nay even focused than usual as Jet is doing a little pre-match warm up with a speed bag and Penny is checking her boots. She looks up and sees the camera, then straightens and puts her hands on her hips as she starts to speak.]

PK: Tonight is big. We’ve already set ourselves on the path for our big goal - to be the first tag team to hold the In Your House Tag Team Championships three times. We want to break from the pack, and to do that we have to make our way back up to what we’ve managed to gain twice.

[She sighs, tossing her head a little so that the thick ponytail her hair is in flips.]

PK: There’s a lot of people aiming to try and stop us - besides the tag team champions of course!

[A cheeky grin as she lifts a hand to fingerwave and mouth HI KELLY before continuing on.]

PK: Tonight we get our spot in the newest Number One Contenders match, and we have to face two teams that I’m sure despise us with Southern Hostility and Bad Omens… SH because we’re better in every single conceivable way there is to BE better as a team including giving a damn about the company, the division and the fans… Bad Omens because well, we’re known associates of the IYHWF Champion Shawn Fox himself and well they failed to take him out. What’s to stop them from trying to get a little pay on his friends?

[Jet sort of snort laughs as he keeps working the bag, looking over his shoulder to call back.]

JB: Ain’t a message to nobody, don’t matter who that person might be. They wanna try and use us to deliver a message, man go hire some fool for that.

[Penny nods and continues.]

PK: Frankly I’m looking forward to meeting Layton & Fenric again! But too bad our match is going to be spoiled somewhat by those bad apple teams. But you know, that’s alright. I have a feeling sooner rather than later we’ll get another chance. Right now though we can’t think about what we don’t have, but what we do. One way or the other, we’re going to get our shot… whether it’s tonight, or facing whoever has the championships after the fallout of this… it’s exciting. For us, and for the fans.

[She smiles big and then shoos away the camera so they can finish getting ready.]

user posted image

Fatal Four Way Tag Team #1 Contenders Match
Southern Hostility vs Jetpack vs Layton & Fenric vs Bad Omens (Hellhound & Kraken)


[The match begins with Jet Blanchard and Amanda Hayes in a centre-ring tie-up. Jet goes for an arm wrench before Amanda reverses it and delivers a body kick. As Jet doubles over, Amanda wastes no time to follow up with a barrage of punches before taking him down with a running bulldog. Amanda pulls up Jet and irish whips him to the ropes. Amanda misses a clothesline as Jet ducks to hit the next set of ropes and takes her down with an arm drag. Amanda rolls to her feet and charges at Jet, only to get caught with another arm drag. This time, as Amanda pulls herself up, Jet goes for a leaping clothesline that has her flat on her back. Amanda slowly rolls over to return to her feet when Jet looks for an enzuigiri. But then Amanda moves out of the way, leaving Jet to stumble. Luckily for Amanda, she’s in the right place as she tags in Colton who comes in hot with a bridging German suplex that catches Jet by surprise. Yet Jet manages to kick out of the pin in time. Colton stalks Jet like a predator before they close in for a clinch in the middle but Colton fakes it as he delivers a body punch that stops Jet for a second. This is enough for Colton to get the upperhand as he continues with more dangerous body shots, forcing Jet to back up into the corner where Amanda is. Clayton is yelling a mix of encouragement and instructions from ringside as Colton tags in Amanda before they both bury Jet in the corner with punishing strikes. Penny and the rest of the fans are not happy with Southern Hostility who then makes things worse for Jet with their slingshot catapult and diving bulldog combo. Amanda goes for the cover but luckily, Jet manages to get his shoulder up at two.]

BM: Punishing offence from Southern Hostility in the early going of this match.

TR: Its the only offence they know, Bry. The other two teams better be careful or this match could be over before they even get in the ring.

[Penny tries to rally the crowd with clapping as she reaches out for a tag. Amanda now goes for a Texas cloverleaf that has Jet struggling for a rope break. Behind the referee’s back, Amanda pulls on the rope to unfairly cinch the hold even tighter which upsets the fans. Penny begins protesting from her corner, alerting the referee. The referee counts to four before Amanda is forced to let go. Amanda picks up Jet, looking for a tag. But Jet pulls back and retaliates with forearm shots. Amanda tries to fight back then ducks to reach for the tag with Colton but Jet grabs her to irish whip her to the corner. Jet hits Amanda with an enzuigiri. Feeling the momentum, Jet rushes to knock Colton off the apron with a forearm smash before tagging in Penny. Together, they go for their Shine On double front kick before taking down Amanda with their Doublemint double DDT, much to the delight of the crowd. But as Penny goes for the pin, Dante storms in with a vicious kick to her back. Amanda takes refuge in the nearest corner, that just happens to belong to the Bad Omens, and Dante rushes back out to take the blind tag. Dante and Penny trade shots before he nails her with a crooked arm lariat. The impact leaves Penny gasping for air as she slowly pushes herself up. When Penny gets to her feet, Dante springboards off the top rope with an impressive diving high knee. The crowd jeers as Dante tags in Marcus who picks up Penny for a running powerbomb into the turnbuckle, leaving everyone horrified. Penny crumples on the canvas, no longer moving. Jet rushes in, much to the delight of the fans, and takes out Dante with an effective chop block. Jet then grabs Dante for a vertical suplex. But the momentum is cut short as Marcus strikes down Jet with a huge boot right to the face. Marcus tosses out Jet before pinning Penny in the middle of the ring. This time, Amanda breaks it up and with revenge for last week on her mind, she lets loose a barrage of punches but it doesn’t seem to affect Marcus at all. In fact, The Kraken barely blinks as he seizes her by the throat with a glare. Pulling himself up, Marcus squeezes Amanda’s neck tighter when Colton comes rushing in to his partner’s aid but Dante is back to intercept, tackling him straight down. That leaves Marcus to take down Amanda with a chokeslam backbreaker. Dante throws Colton over the ropes, much to the annoyance of Clayton. Dante laughs and shrugs before the referee instructs him to return to his corner. Dante pretends to argue as Marcus chokes out Amanda on the bottom rope behind the referee’s back. At this point Emery decides she is done being ignored and runs along the apron to boot Marcus in the head. Emery retreats back to her corner and Marcus follows, throwing a huge right hand that Emery ducks. Adam uses the opportunity to grabs Marcus’s head and snap his neck over the top rope, the ref calling for the tag.]

BM: Clearly Layton and Fenric got tired of staying on the sidelines.

TR: They attacked Marcus and they weren’t the legal competitors! That’s cheating!

BM: ...Are you serious?

[The fans voice their approval as the referee acknowledges it. Amanda looks to her corner as Clayton is still on the outside, and that distraction allows Adam to come up behind her and throws her back with a german suplex. He keeps his arms locked before lifting her up again and rushes her forward into his corner, allowing Emery to take the blind tag from him. Adam then steps back and does another german suplex, this time bridging as Emery slingshots over the top rope into a leg drop. Colton comes in to break up the pin, and Adam takes exception to that as they start trading blows. Emery goes to help her partner as Marcus slides back in from under the ring looking pissed, before running the three of them down. This causes Dante and both members of Jetpack to hit the ring as a massive brawl ensues, everyone getting their respective shots in. Jet ends up on the apron looking for “Oh Good Lord” (springboard lariat,) but as he leaps to the top rope Colton is there and pulls him onto his shoulder, driving him down with the “Battle of the Bull Running Powerslam” (modified oklahoma slam.) Before he can ever get to his feet properly Emery is already flying across the ring, nailing Colton dead on with "The Prikasa" (Top Rope Diving Cutter.) Emery then gets a taste of her own Medicine as she is completely blindsided by Penelope who takes her out with “Penelope Code” ( running corkscrew neckbreaker.) Penelope takes a breather on the ropes and pays as Amanda comes in and takes her up and over the top rope to the floor with a clothesline. She moves over to the downed Emery and pulls her into a powerbomb position, looking for “Texas Death Sentence” (triple powerbomb.) she lifts her up, but Adam cuts her off with a chop block to the back of her knee, causing her to drop Emery. Adam hits a step up enzuigiri on Amanda before Emery blasts her with a superkick, taking her down.]

BM: Amanda has taken a whole heap of punishment in this match, and she has put up a heck of a fight, but this might be over!

TR: Wait… Where are Marcus and Dante?

BM: ...I’m not sure.

[Emery climbs up to the top rope as Adam stands by in the ring, but in almost an answer to their question Dante leaps up onto the apron from the floor, slaps Emery on the leg to get the tag, before shoving her sideways off the top rope and to the floor on the other side. Adam barely has enough time to register what is going on before Marcus slides in the ring and blasts him with the “Sydney Smash” (impact elbow smash.) Adam rolls out of the ring as Marcus picks up Amanda. He shoves her into the ropes and when she comes back pops her up into the air. On her way down Dante runs in and hits her with a vicious bicycle knee to the jaw! Dante hooks the leg for the cover.





TH: Here are your winners, and the #1 Contenders to the In Your House Tag Team Championships… Bad Omens!

[Their music plays as Marcus and Dante get to their feet grinning down at their fallen opponents before vacating the ring to head backstage.]

TR: YES! Bad Omens will be taking on Team Fury at Dawn of the Immortals for the tag team championships.

BM: This is pretty huge, but Bad Omens track record at the big supershows isn’t exactly impressive. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying Team Fury won’t exactly be shaken by them.

TR: Everyone gets shook eventually Bry. This could be the end of Team Furys championship reign.

user posted image

[Stevie Trelain is seen hurrying down the back hallway, a microphone in hand as she pursues a figure up ahead, her other hand frantically waving as she calls out.]

ST: SHAWN! Wait up, Shawn!

[The figure up ahead freezes, and then turns slowly back around to see that Stevie is catching up at a rapid pace so he just relaxes, stuffing his hands in his jeans pockets. When Stevie gets there he lets her catch her breath a moment and then nods for her to go ahead.]

SF: Stevie, for a minute there I thought you were practicing for the Olympics, hundred yard dash!

[He laughs as she blushes slightly but smiles at him, holding up the microphone.]

ST: I’m here in the back with our very own IYH Champion, Shawn Fox! Shawn, you don’t have a match tonight, and with the climate backstage since Ground N’ Pound are you sure you should be here if you’re not in action?

[Shawn lifts his brows and gives Stevie an incredulous look before he laughs.]

SF: I’m at every show, Stevie. I’m the Champion, and whether the Bad Omens like it or not, I’m the face of this company. That means I get seen, Stevie. I come to every show, I watch the matches, I go out among the fans, I sign their poster and hand out swag with the company name plastered on it. I take selfies with people that travel hours to see one of our shows, and man… I’m happy to do it.

[Stevie nods, and holds up the microphone again.]

ST: Do you have any words about the revelation that Joseph is actually…

[Shawn laughs again, shaking his head.]

SF: Nah, other than really if I’d have sat and thought about it, I’d have figured it out after all the studying up I did on Michael Diablo. It was one of those hide in plain sight, turn your eyes a certain way to reveal the hidden sailboat picture things. It just didn’t click, and that’s fine. You only get to reveal a big surprise once, and let him have his fun. And before you ask, no, I still don’t care that he’s dating Stella.

[There’s a light shrug and then a wicked laugh.]

SF: Barring him coming out and directly interfering in one of her matches I’d have to say that there’s nothing there to really worry about at all.

[He gently patted Stevie’s shoulder.]

SF: Things are looking up. You’ll see.

[Stevie looks as if she wants to ask him another question but he turns around, whistling as he walks away.]

user posted image

Proving Grounds Championship
Singles Match
The Ikiryo © vs Angelica Layne

[The bell rings in this Proving Grounds title opportunity and the two are jawing at one another...talking a bunch of trash. Layne is more animated while Iser is a little more stoic in his body language. The fans are chanting loudly ‘Angie’s gonna kill you’ and Layne is smirking at the chant and Iser just has a frown. It’s finally at this point that Iser just spits right in her face in a show of blatant disrespect, hatred, and disgust and a notable ‘Oooh’ from the crowd the moment that happens. Layne just stands there...infuriated and as soon as she charges Iser, Iser just ducks his head under the top rope and the ref is pulling her back. The fans are all over this.]

‘YOU F***** UP!’

‘YOU F***** UP!’

‘YOU F***** UP!’

BM: Iser’s playing with fire doing that and the fans are letting him know it.

TR: He’s obsessed with passing her and Fox. He HATES her guts to boot. But I think this is a strategy ploy.

BM: Layne’s greatest strengths can be her greatest weaknesses. Maybe Iser has a different way to try to attack that.

[Layne is growing increasingly impatient and agitated at the antics of the champion. As soon as Iser dislodges himself from the ropes and the ref steps aside...Layne decides to go on a full blown charge but Iser just ducks under the ropes and slides out of the ring to a huge chorus of boos and again the ref has to do his job and keep her from going after him while Iser just slowly walks around the outside of the ring. The boos are getting louder from this ploy and he even offers a vulgar middle finger gesture toward an audience member delivering verbal abuse while turning his head and ordering the ref to keep her back.]

BM: I don’t think the fans appreciate this.

TR: I don’t think Iser cares.


‘F*** YOU ISER!’


‘F*** YOU ISER!’

BM: Listen to this crowd!

TR: I’d rather not!

[At this point Iser starts pacing around the ring and using the ten count to his advantage as Layne’s patience grows even thinner. Iser ends up hearing the count go to six before he rolls in to break the count but as soon as he does that and Layne starts to charge to try to engage...again Iser rolls out to another loud chorus of boos from the audience and he can just see her visibly getting angrier and angrier at this display especially after the spit in the face.]

TR: Iser is just taking his time.

BM: He’s starting to agitate me too with how often he’s sliding out of the ring and not engaging.

TR: He just doesn’t want to rush in. It’s strategy!

[At this point Angelica has had enough with the champion’s antics and rolls out of the ring on the other side and sprints toward Iser and as soon as she charges in Iser goes to swing at her. She ducks the swing and the brawl is on as she starts lighting him up with lefts and rights to the ribs and then the jaw and that gets the bigger guy reeling and the fans are happy at this. Soon enough Layne just delivers a standing roundhouse that connects to the back of Iser’s head and that gets him staggered...he turns on his heel...and then flops face first on the outside. And the moment that happens the entire arena explodes in cheers!]

BM: The action is finally starting and Layne just lit up Iser!

TR: The ref should’ve restrained her! He didn’t do his job!

[A few mounted punches on the floor follow to the back of Iser’s head but Iser is covering up to minimize as much of the damage as possible before elbowing her off with his superior strength advantage. He soon rises and he’s again lit up with punches by the boxing specialist. To get some distance Iser does weave through enough of the blows with his head, being in his fair amount of brawls as well, to minimize contact...and then as soon as he sees the opening...he thumbs her in the eye and then grabs her by the hair and flings her into the barricade as hard as he can.]

TR: An eye for an eye can’t work if you already took their eyes. HAHAHA!

BM: While a masterful tactic...Seth Iser proves week in and week out, especially in this title reign, that he knows how to use and abuse the rules and now more than ever he will do ANYTHING to win and then keep that title.

[At this point Iser ends up grabbing her by the hair again and using her to break the ref’s ten count, currently at five before he, himself, slides into the ring and slides back out...just sticking Layne’s head out over the apron and delivering a pointed elbow across the jaw. The fans are booing and Iser just spits toward the audience in disgust before delivering a second elbow strike, this time to the temple before he pulls himself up on the apron and then delivers an apron leg drop! Layne rolls into the ring coughing from the blow while Iser himself is wincing slightly going to a move he hasn’t gone to in years.]

BM: He’s never done that since he’s been in IYH.

TR: Never doubt experience and treachery.

BM: And Layne’s about to experience a ton of treachery from the Proving Grounds champion.

[Iser ends up going for a quick cover but as soon as Layne kicks out with her right arm, Iser just snatches it and slams it into the canvas before dropping his braced left knee onto her previously injured right shoulder. Layne lets out a grunt in pain as Iser does this a second time and then a third as soon as he saw the opening. The fans are again booing the veteran brawler from Morgantown but Iser isn’t caring at all as he’s just surgical...calm...and just puts her in a grounded crossface chickenwing to maximize the effect.]

BM: He went for this in their last encounter as well!

TR: But I’m noticing something different about it’s execution.

BM: He’s not...near as crazy looking as the last time he went for it. It’s much more...surgical. Precise.

TR: Calculated.

BM: Maybe even a touch desperate to end this match as fast as he can.

[Iser is cranking on the hold as best he can but Layne does at least twist and turn while letting out her agony before using her agility to then backflip over and she now has Iser in a pinning predicament! Iser lets go of the hold at two to try to maximize the damage he can with the hold. Layne growls in pain as she gets to her feet but calculates the moment Iser gets up before spitting in HIS face before he can follow up and time freezes for a brief moment as he stews after being spit on. Iser’s face finally turns a shade of red before swinging angrily at her and as soon as she ducks the wilder blow...Layne just drops Iser with a discus clothesline that nearly takes him inside out! She goes for the quick cover but Iser just puts his foot on the bottom rope using his long frame.]

BM: There’s the receipt! It doesn’t feel good when it’s done to YOU now is it Iser!?

TR: Relax. Calm know Iser always knows where he’s at in that ring.

BM: YOU are telling ME to calm down? The world has ended.

TR: I think there might only be one other person Iser hates on the planet more than Angelica Layne though…

[Layne ends up kicking the outstretched left leg of Iser to try to damage it and you can hear him growl from that. She then just barks out loudly ‘Get your ass up, Terrorist!’ as the fans are clapping for Seth to get to his feet and meet his end. Layne soon grabs the rising Iser by the neck looking for a dragonscrew neckwhip as the setup to Layne Personified, the move that won her their previous encounter...but Iser just uses his reach and strength to shove her off and as soon as she steps back forward he catches her and just flings her overhead with a belly to belly and she crashes hard on the canvas and Iser doesn’t even do his normal taunting pose after the fact...he’s just going for the cover...and she kicks out at two.]

BM: All business…

TR: I normally like that pose he does after the belly to belly.

BM: I think after testing Layne’s temper...he might have had to change gameplans mid swing when it wasn’t working for him.

[Iser is again maintaining composure as he just backs himself to the corner while pulling down his right knee pad before glaring down at Layne and delivering that high knee drop to the temple of Layne. The moment she recoils up is what he was looking for and he just drops the point of his elbow to the right shoulder, again testing it’s vitality. There’s this sneer etched on his face but Layne uses her left to elbow Iser in the stomach to give her space to get back to her feet, still feeling everything. It’s at this point that Iser is again going for the Crossface Chickenwing but Angelica counters into a modified victory roll and Iser is forced to kick out at two.]

BM: She might’ve seen that particular submission one too many times.

TR: It’s become human chess. Come on Seth.

BM: That is more Iser’s element than the wilder match from before.

TR: Just as he said…

[Iser is stumbling up from the shock of the pin a little cautiously and Layne takes advantage of Iser being a step slower than normal by lighting him up with a combo. Iser again has his arms up to try to absorb most of it while weaving away as best he can to minimize what impact could be done. Instead of going upstairs with punches she sweeps downstairs with a kick to Iser’s bad knee and he drops to his knees and a curb stomp follows! She covers but Iser again kicks out at two. Layne’s a little agitated muttering the word ‘Terrorist’ again.]

BM: The longer this match goes the more advantageous it could be for Angelica.

TR: It should be illegal to attack someone’s knee like that!

[Layne soon sees a rising Iser coming up and she’s going for Iser’s primary finisher in that DDT even if it’s one of her normal moves! Iser responds by turning that situation into a spinebuster! It’s at this point where he does go for a cover but she does kick out at two and at this point Iser is signaling DDT. He has her in position but Layne spin counters and turns it into a Slingblade! She doesn’t go for an immediate cover with Iser rolling near the ropes but she just glances down demanding ‘The terrorist’ get to his feet.]

BM: Iser’s in deep trouble now! History might repeat itself!


[Iser starts to pull himself up by the ropes as Layne is waiting impatiently. She has evil intentions in her eyes...but before she can do anything a figure has sprinted toward the ring and blown by the ref before the ref could intercept the interference and Minka Carter has blindsided Angelica Layne from behind. The ref sees this and Iser has pulled himself up by the ropes and sees this as well and there is a frown etched on his face...and the ref has no choice but to ring the bell and call the DQ. The moment Angelica is struck the boo birds begin in mass.]

TH: The winner by disqualification...Angelica Layne! But still the Proving Grounds Champion...Seth Iser!

[Minka Carter hears the announcement and has a devilish smirk before starting to trot off...but Layne, infuriated at this point, decides to pursue with a devilish intensity and the two start brawling on the rampway! Iser goes over to ringside and snatches his title belt before just waiting in the distance letting the two brawl and you see Minka trying to gouge at Angelica’s eyes and Layne just firing those rights and lefts from her boxing background as hard as she can and an entire mass of security is coming in to try to pull these two vicious women apart.]

BM: The devilish Minka just interupted her second main event in three weeks! What the hell is wrong with her!?

TR: I don’t think she’s that devilish since Iser kept hold of the belt.

BM: It doesn’t count as a successful title defense for Seth and that might be why he’s not too thrilled either.

TR: But he’s doing the smart thing...letting those two go at it.

[Security starts to get them apart before Layne bullrushes through the security and tackles Layne and again the fisticups are back on! Security again swamps her and starts to pull the two apart again. The fans are rabid for this fight…]

TR: I don’t think the Australian military can keep these two apart!

BM: But they’re going to have to wait. On behalf of Tats...good night from Ignite and we’ll see you next week!

[The scene cuts to the IYH logo before fading out.]
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