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Jul 5 2018, 12:57 AM
The adrenaline slowly seeps out of his body as he sits on the floor of the locker room, his eyes gazing at the monitor watching the rest of the Worlds Collide Rumble go by. He had essentially wrestled two matches tonight, nothing overly special, he's wrestled more in one night before and a lot of the talent had pulled double duty tonight as well...

...but the action was intense out there, everyone was throwing everything they had like they were fighting for their careers, some of them might have been. But it was especially the case for the lanky Australian seated on the floor. He was never threatened in regards to his place in IYH...not truly anyway, and realistically, he could sign anywhere and be set for a new chapter...but to him, matches like the ones he had tonight were made to define the character of a person.

A "make it or break it" type of match. A match where the world would watch, waiting to see if you'll step up.

He's had plenty of those in his career, and a lot of the time he's made it and a lot of the time he left broken. Regardless, Owen Gonsalves was a wrestler who had eyes on him constantly, whether it be from those who disliked him and wanted to seem him fall flat, or those who respected him and wanted to see him succeed, he had people watching...waiting.

His body hurts. Anyone clever who's seen his schedule would be able to figure out the same thing, but he was in pain, especially right after a match, right after being bent out of shape by Adam Fenric and right after being belted in the ring by some of the best professional wrestlers in the world. His body hurt but felt numb in certain areas, and his vision blurred so everything he was looking at was double, triple even.

He wanted to move but he was experienced with this sort of thing, so he just sat there and kept his eyes on the monitor sitting up in the corner of the room. His vision cleared and Seth Iser's face formed on the screen, having just being thrown out of the rumble himself. Gonsalves let out a light chuckle through a wry smile as he turned to his gym bag sat next to him, unzipping it and pulling out a water bottle. He casually screwed the top off and took a swig of water as Colton Travis enters the fray.

His eyes flicker over each participate, working out that there are five left. Chris Novak and Austin Carter for XWA, Gordon Fury, Penelope Kaplan and Colton Travis for IYHWF.

Owen Gonsalves: "Let's go guys..."

Gonsalves playfully muttered through his breathe, words that mean nothing to most but Owen still loved what he did, he still had so much passion for professional wrestling. A few moments pass and the final XWA entrant enters, Tempest. Gonsalves smirks a little, nodding along at the XWA legend. He turns his attention away from the monitor over to his bag, wincing slightly at the movement, he rummages through the bag before pulling out a small container.

Orange, white lid. He looks around the room, checking for something, looking in each corner.

No cameras.

He looks back down at the container and as he pops the lid off, Travis and Kaplan are eliminated. The clock counts down as Gonsalves knocks out a tablet...and then one more before throwing them in his mouth and taking a swig, on the buzzer.

He swallows and stares down at the floor he sits on as the crowd anticipate who entrant number 30 for IYHWF is.

Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, aus.

The thick German accent alone and he knows exactly who it is. His head swings up just as she walks through the curtain. A sensation comes over his body, a shiver...but yet a wave of heat. Anger? No.

A wry smirk forms on his face.

Owen Gonsalves: "I knew you'd come..."

He leans his head back in satisfaction, a sick satisfaction, like everything finally makes sense, like all the planets aligned. Owen Gonsalves and Artemis Kaiser...under the same roof, in the same promotion.

Have mercy on us all.
Sep 17 2017, 11:43 PM
September 16th 2017

"Do you know what it's like to watch everything you worked for crumble in front of your very eyes?"

The lights in a darkened room flicker as it showers the broken man underneath it with a shade of white. The location is unknown but it appears to be something similar to a locker room as the former IYH Champion sits on the cold, concrete floor leaning against a cold, steel locker with a cold expression on his face. He's dressed in one of his own shirts with black jeans on. The frustration seeping through his teeth along with those words before it's slowly followed be an exhale.

Owen Gonsalves: "After four years of not having won a championship, it finally happened for me this year. I came home and rose to the top as quickly as I could manage, despite what everyone said, despite what everyone thought, I won the most important championship in this country."

There's a pause before he lets out a scoff.

Owen Gonsalves: "Outback Pro, be damned, that title is the best professional wrestling championship in this country today and I fucking had it, man. I took it wherever I went, whether it be America or Japan or the United Kingdom or Scotland..."

His words trail off again as he leans his head back against the locker, his eyes drifting up at the flickering white light.

Owen Gonsalves: "I wanted to defend it wherever I went but the company didn't really want that, so I respected them and made sure that wherever Owen Gonsalves went, that belt was in the picture. That belt was incredibly important when I got hold of it, former champions like Layne and Diablo and..."

He pauses and his eyes narrow, before his head drops slowly forward towards the concrete he sits on.

Owen Gonsalves: "...Krieger...had made it so."

The hand resting on his lap rolls into a fist as his fingers dig into his palm, careful not to lose his cool. He exhales once again and unclenches his fist, recomposing himself before continuing.

Owen Gonsalves: "They made that championship mean something here and I like to think I did my damndest to live up to that and raise that championship's stock even more. But you see, it won't be looked at that way anymore, I can't continue to do that because I was robbed of that..."

Suddenly, he smashes his fist against the row of lockers he leans again creating a dent in the weak metal. Owen holds his hand there for a moment before bringing it in and scratching the stubble on his jaw.

Owen Gonsalves: "I was thrown to the fucking wolves and the wolves were fucking hungry! That bastard was hungry and it didn't matter how he did it, so long as he got his fill. Fuck knows he couldn't beat me the right way, fuck knows he couldn't beat me on his own, fuck knows he wouldn't be worth a damn if he hadn't beat me on that night...but he did."

Gonsalves shakes his head as a wry smile, perhaps of disbelief, forms on his face. Gonsalves grabs hold of his foot and brings it in to him and does the same with the other, sitting cross legged now before rubbing his chin. He wags his finger at the camera.

Owen Gonsalves: "You're a smart man, Sabbath, maybe it's unlike me to admit something like that but you're one clever motherfucker. You devise this plan to bring in the only former IYH Champion stupid enough to help you, it worked all in your favour, I mean goodness knows Krieger can't wrestle a competitive match without someone in his ear and I was a fool to think otherwise. You got in his ear and brought him back because if anyone can carry you to relevancy it might just be the Alpha Beast, right?"

An eerily genuine laugh resonates from the young man as once again he waves his finger at the camera, almost jokingly scolding Jack. The laugh slowly dies out but that smile remains on his face, it disguises the disappointment deep in his gut.

Owen Gonsalves: "I mean, Angelica Layne wasn't going to do it for you, she hates your guts maybe as much as I do. Michael Diablo? It would've been timely considering he's well on his way to a return but he does things on his own, that's well documented. Nobody knows where Tiffany went, so your only hope was the Alpha Beast and to your luck, he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He got you there though didn't he? It took a former IYH Champion for you to get your win over me but you got it in the end. So there you stand, on top of the mountain with your soldiers of war surrounding you."

The smirk hangs there for a moment before it slowly falls away and that expressionless look we started with returns. The cold eyes of the former champion glaring right into the lens, right into the heart of the viewer.

Owen Gonsalves: "I know you're sitting there watching this, that shit-eating grin on your face with that championship...MY championship on your shoulder. I want you to pull it off your shoulder and put it in your hands..."

The former champion does the matching gesture, putting his arms out in front of him and looking down into them. Everytime before there was a championship, the fact that there isn't one now still irks him and it does throw him off ever so slightly but he remains on track.

Owen Gonsalves: "...Jack, I want you to look right into the gold plate, find your ugly fucking mug if you must but look past the intricate detail, look past the IYHWF logo and look into the smoothest part on the belt, maybe that's the name plate. Look into that Jack and find your eyes. I want you to look at your eyes in that championship title and I want you to find the fear that's in them because I promise you, no matter how high and mighty you think you are, no matter the smug facade you've put up since winning it, I want you to know that there's fear within you, I want you to know that what you see in that gold plate is what I looked at every single fucking day for 113 days."

A beat.

Owen Gonsalves: "I want you to see the fear that I saw, Jack because now that you've reached the top you've got every single wrestler in this company targetting you, you've got people you despise chasing you now. How long before Raine and Serena want their shots at gold? How long before Krieger pulls his head out of his arse and realizes that he could be the first ever three time IYH Champion? How long before Shawn Fox reaches his destiny and becomes the first Proving Grounds Champion to actually win the IYH Championship? It's only a matter of time, Jack. I want you to look into your reflection in the gold and I want you to find the fear within you, I know it's there, you know I'm coming."

There's an unforgettable smirk, if a face told a story the face of Owen Gonsalves right now would be a novel as his eyes dart back into the camera for a moment.

Owen Gonsalves: "I don't care how long it is before I get to you, I don't care if I have to get through Krieger or Raine or Maxwell, fuck, I don't care if I have to go through the rest of the roster. It won't be long before you see Owen Gonsalves standing across from you in a ring and when you do, I'll see the same fear you see right now, Jackie boy. They don't call me indestructible because I don't think I can be beaten, no, they call me indestructible because I know I can't be killed. You've gone and fucked with the wrong man, because now? Now I'm not just coming for my championship..."

"...but I'm coming for your head."

The flickering light stops flickering and leaves us in darkness with those words lingering still.
Aug 15 2017, 10:06 PM
|| August 12th 2017 ||

Static. An image flashes of the current IYH Champion in the ring celebrating upon winning his championship. Static.

The sound frequency screeches as the static prolongs before the screen flashes white, fading into the present day. The aforementioned IYH Champion takes his seat on a recliner arm chair in his humble abode, the coffee table next to him is where the championship sits, freshly polished. Gonsalves is dressed in his "Submission Alchemist" sweater and a hat on backwards.

Owen Gonsalves: "I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I'm a man of no fears, because that just wouldn't be true. Fear is human nature they say and maybe there was once a time, when I truly was not afraid of anyone or anything."

Gonsalves scratches his cheek before pausing and scoffing for a moment.

Owen Gonsalves: "I've done some stupid shit for a variety of stupid reasons, things that could've killed me, things that shortened my career, my life. The things I had once put my body through almost had numbed me to this idea of fear, it didn't matter who the fuck you were, how big you were, how bad you were, it didn't matter what match it was, where it was or the stakes at the end of it, I had this type of energy that can't be described, this adrenaline that put me on top of the world and made me un-fucking-touchable. Some people call it arrogance, but you see arrogance is control. Arrogance is purposeful."

The words seep through the IYH Champion's gritted teeth, speaking about his past certainly boils his blood.

Owen Gonsalves: "Some would've called it ignorance, and perhaps they were right but a part of me believes that deep down I knew what I was doing. That's why the closest description I can have for that time period in my life is simply having not a drop of fear in my body. I did not believe that fear is human nature, but it's crazy what can change in a person when everything you know is taken from you."

"It's a common cliche, but I had my livelihood taken away from me, and that barbaric night threatened to steal away my wife and children. That's all I really know, it's all I've ever known and that's my biggest is having my livelihood threatened, having the livelihood of my family threatened the way it was. That's also the reason why I won't say I regret doing the violent things I did to another human being back in the years of 2012 and 2013, because I would've have never have gotten this..."

This is where the championship is picked up off the table, Owen unclasps it and drapes it over his shoulder for emphasis.

Owen Gonsalves: "While that fear still dwells in me, it acts as a motivation, it acts as a proverbial gun to my head, it's why this means what it does to me. I've said it before that this championship doesn't just symbolise that I am the best professional wrestler inside an IYH ring, this symbolises much more than that..."

Gonsalves leans forward and slides the championship off his shoulder, back into his hands. He strikes the championship with his index finger, right on the name plate.

Owen Gonsalves: "...This is my children getting some awesome fucking toys for their birthday this month..."

He strikes the championship again, in the same spot.

Owen Gonsalves: "...This is my wife getting to one day chase her dreams of going back to college and becoming a certified businesswoman..."

He strikes the championship like the previous times.

Owen Gonsalves: "...This is food on my table..."

He strikes the championship again.

Owen Gonsalves: "...This is being able to provide for a third child on the way..."

He strikes the championship again.

Owen Gonsalves: "...This is making sure that those fears never come to fruition, that's what this means, because truth be told to most others this is just another accolade but this is my solidification, this championship is not only my life but this championship holds the quality of life that my family gets to live in. It's all I have right now, I'm working my ass off to create more for my family but right now, as of today, this is all I've fucking got."

Gonsalves takes a monentary breath before falling back into the arm chair, dropping the championship across his knee.

Owen Gonsalves: "I do fear. I fear losing this championship because losing this championship means I risk losing everything again. Richard is a big, bastard of a human being but his aggression doesn't scare me, Jack is a cunning, intelligent weasel but his ring smarts doesn't scare me...This championship in their hands is what scares me."

"...but you see the confidence in my ability overwrites that fear, what eases my fear is that I'm not indestructible because it's a cute tagline to put on a shirt, I'm indestructible because I have to be. So I'll say it every single time, come one, come all...find out for yourselves, find out just like Jack Sabbath and Alpha Beast will."

Gonsalves repositions the championship back onto his shoulder, an air of confidence building up in his tone once again.

Owen Gonsalves: "I am the first, last and only line of defence when it comes to protecting the livelihood of my family, and to most threats that wouldn't seem so bad, but man, what a line of defence it is."

Jun 6 2017, 09:49 PM
Angelica Layne looks back and forth between the two men and makes her decision, running back to Jack who frankly, deserves this more, grabbing onto the second rope and driving her left shoulder into his midsection. She then hooks her arm around his head, pulling Jack above the top rope but balancing him there for a moment before hitting her Dragonscrew Neck Whip, much to the fans delight. But Angelica seems to stagger as she gets back to her feet and completely forgot about Owen, who stalks up behind her and as she turns he kicks her in the stomach and quickly gets her with a Double Underhook Piledriver before hooking her leg for the pin.

Upon impact, the video cuts out leaving just the audio of the pin to play over a black screen.




The immediate roar of the crowd upon the three count nearly sounds like a static effect as the video cuts back in, to fully recognize the moment.


Brian Morris: "Owen with that Double Underhook Piledriver, NEW CHAMPION, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!"

Tommy Henderson: "Here is your winner, and NEW IN YOUR HOUSE CHAMPION….OWEN GONSALVES!!"

Jack looks up from the mat in disbelief, almost screaming out while Angelica lays motionless on the mat, probably not even realizing what has happened yet. Even Owen has a look of mild disbelief as he is handed the In Your House Championship by the referee and pulled to his feet with his arm raised in victory. The crowd is going nuts for Owen, giving him a standing ovation for the long journey he has taken to reach this moment.

Brian Morris: "This is your moment, kid! Congratulations!!"

The words of Brian Morris resonate for a moment as the flashback of Owen's crowning achievement in IYH fades to black once more. However, this time it cuts to the hallways of the Qudos Bank Arena. The live Sydney audience have all filed out of the arena and gone home happy, but there's still a buzz backstage. The camera files through the corridor and into a lockeroom, finding the new IYH Champion, pouring with sweat still from his match only moments ago. The new champion is looking at his warped reflection in the hardware.

Owen Gonsalves: "For all I've said about them, Angelica Layne and Jack Sabbath came out and gave me the fight of my life tonight and for that I am grateful. But tonight I got the chance to prove that, undoubtedly, I am the best to wrestle inside an Australian ring."

His voice quivers with emotion as he takes a deep breath before swiftly reaching for his neck, surely crushed upon the impact of a DDT at the hands of Angelica Layne earlier.

Owen Gonsalves: "After reaching, what I thought was, the glass ceiling here in Australia within the first two or three years of my career, I ventured out and made my way overseas to prove to the world that Australia breeds the best fucking wrestlers in the world. I fought hard for that but I lost my way, I picked up things I shouldn't have and I forgot all about that mission statement..."

The Submission Alchemist readjusts the title so that it's draped across his body now, his eyes slowly pan up towards the lens of the camera as he begins to unravel his wrist tape.

Owen Gonsalves: "I got frustrated and resorted to doing stupid stunts in order to get recognition and it worked, it worked for a short amount of time until it nearly cost me my career. I embarrassed myself and questioned everything I thought I knew about myself, but at the end of it all, I worked out that I had to start over..."

He sighs heavily for a moment before wiping the sweat from his forehead before going back to unravelling his wrist tapes.

Owen Gonsalves: "I thought that changing my style alone and reinventing myself inside the squared circle was enough but it took a long time for that to work and in the meantime I realized that starting over meant going back to where it all began. That's where this company came in...since my departure from the Australian wrestling scene this place has quickly become the number one promotion in this country. We are fucking selling out night in and night out and if you look at the players on court you'll know why..."

Owen smiles at the thought of the tough competition he's had to face since coming back to Australia.

Owen Gonsalves: "If I was going to reinvent myself and go back to what I really aimed to do in wrestling, then this was the place to do it and this was the championship that I needed to win. So not only does this signify that I am the best damn wrestler in this country, this also symbolises the 4 year journey I have been on..."

He fixes the championship title on his shoulder, before slowly pushing himself up onto the seat behind him before standing up, pain coursing through his body still as the wounds of war reveal itself to the camera now that he's fully upright.

Owen Gonsalves: "4 years ago, I sat in a pool of my own blood and piss, with a fractured orbital bone and numerous issues with my ribcage from mere brusing to severe cracks, I sat there thinking about where I went wrong and made the effort, through all the challenges, to fix it and tonight...I did it."

He slaps the gold and once again readjusts it on his shoulder as he continues to speak.

Owen Gonsalves:
"But now a new chapter begins, and it's not just Season 2...After taking time to return back to who I am, I find myself once again ready to bring light to the Australian wrestling scene. IYH, if you think what I achieved in Season 1 was good, just you wait! This new season brings new opponents and I welcome each and every one of them to step to the king, but remember...if you do decide to step to the king, you best not miss."

Gonsalves has gotten past the emotion of the moment, standing with his championship on his shoulder and a chip on the other, he realizes there is still a task at hand.

Owen Gonsalves: "I welcome all challenges in the new season, but you'll all learn just the same that Owen Gonsalves cannot be...."

Gonsalves stops mid catchphrase as he's interrupted by his beautiful wife wrapping her arms around his neck and planting a passionate kiss on his lips.

Ashley Gonsalves: "...destroyed."

She smiles and they embrace in a kiss once more as the camera cuts out to an infographic advertising the new season.
Dec 21 2016, 06:48 PM
The Vision

Owen Gonsalves & Craig Anderson

Combined Weight
170 kilograms (375 lbs)

Team Gimmick
Two talented singles wrestlers who happen to have unusually, breath-taking chemistry and agility inside a professional wrestling ring pay ode to their old employers by teaming up to do a lot of flippy shit like the spot monkeys they are.

Team Finisher
"Risk It For A Biscuit"
(Rolling fireman's carry slam by Owen, followed by the 'Viennese Whirl'/Corkscrew Shooting Star Press by Craig from the top and finished off with a 'Senton of Mass Destruction'/Corkscrew 630 Senton from Owen. // Essentially a more flippy version of The Young Bucks' "More Bang For Your Buck")

Well-Practiced Double Team Moves
"Doom Desire III: Harambe's Revenge"
(Desperation finisher. Owen lifts and holds the opponent up for the 'Doom Desire II'/Double Underhook Piledriver, Craig kicks the opponent in the head with 'Kicks Out For Harambe'/Superkick before Owen drops the opponent on their head to finish the move)

"Death By Digestives"
(Owen hits the opponent with 'Perish Song'/Ripcord Rolling Elbow and hits the ropes as Craig follows it up with a basement dropkick to the opponent's knee which drops them to one knee, allowing Owen to slide in with a diving knee to the side of the opponent's head, turning them on their back where Craig finishes the sequence off with a Standing Shooting Star Press // Done in a fast motion, ala Motor City Machine Guns)

(Stereo Sasuke Specials to both opponents on either side of the ring or the same side of the ring. Tats Richardson usually belts out the name of the move at the top of his lungs)

"Pretzel Crisp Clutch"
(Craig locks in the 'Quavers Clutch'/Koji Clutch before Owen joins in and wrenches on the free arm of the opponent as part of 'Krukenberg'/Omoplata Amrbar variation)

"Rich Tea Dunk"
(Reverse Frankensteiner by Craig, followed by a Bridging German Suplex from Owen)

Entrance Theme
"Hey Scenesters!" by The Cribs

Team Background
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