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 Before The Fall (Pt.4), Rebecca Opens Up
Rebecca Saint
 Posted: Aug 31 2017, 10:04 AM

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A superkick fired from Rebecca narrowly misses Kelsey’s head. She retaliates by going for a sharp elbow shot to her opponent’s head, which is caught by Rebecca’s sweaty palm. “You’re going to have to hit me harder than that!” she declares, tightening her grip on the elbow. Channeling her resourceful nature, Kelsey delivers a kung fu-style straight kick to Rebecca’s sternum to generate some distance between them, giving her time to plan her next move.

Training is coming along swimmingly. After Kelsey had recovered enough from ingesting the large amount of alcohol, the girls continued practicing each other’s movesets. Slowly but surely, they’re phasing out their own bad habits and picking up on their partner’s good ones. With only two more full days of training to go, they’ve really got to work on blending their movesets if they want this new strategy of theirs to work.

Kelsey charges for Rebecca again with another elbow strike, but Rebecca sidesteps and traps Kelsey in a sleeper hold. Kelsey quickly slips out, tossing Rebecca over her head with a snapmare. She quickly applies a bow and arrow submission hold to control her partner.

She doesn’t hold onto it long, however, as she’s stunned by the voice projecting from a presence entering the warehouse.

“Kelsey!” the voice bellows.

“Oh my… Dad?!

It’s as if he hasn’t aged a day. Kelsey’s childhood tormentor storms into the room, most likely aggravated by the sight of his daughter wrestling. Professional wrestling caused a rift between Kelsey and her alcoholic father, eventually leading to Kelsey running away from home at age 15 to train.

That was twelve years ago. Now, somehow, he’s found her - and he’s certainly not happy.

“What the hell are you doing?” he shouts angrily, as Kelsey flinches slightly. Even after all these years, the intimidation is still there.

“We’re… training for a wrestling match…” Kelsey clenches her fists by her sides, her eyes welling with tears as her anger brews. She’s held it all in for so long that it’s almost impossible to do it any longer. Just as she’s about to blow, an annoyed Rebecca steps forward.

“We’re busy here, old man,” she declares, striding toward him. “So why don’t you get the hell out of here. Whatever you’re selling, we are not interested.”

Kelsey’s father doesn’t respond verbally. Instead, he strikes Rebecca down with a hard right slap that Kelsey herself was on the receiving end of many times. Helplessly watching her unconscious best friend fall to the floor, Kelsey screams with anguish as tears stream down her face.

“Kelsey! Kelsey! Wake up, Kelsey!”

All of a sudden, Kelsey finds herself in bed with Rebecca looking down on her. Dazed and confused, Kelsey looks around the room for any sign of her dad - nothing. “It was a dream..?” she mumbles with a sigh of relief.

“It looks like you were having a nightmare. Alcohol can sometimes do that to you,” Rebecca informs her, folding her arms as she takes a seat on the edge of the bed. “I am sure that’s even more true when you scull a full glass of wine and have never been drunk before.”

Lifting her head from the pillow, Kelsey experiences the sharp pain of a hangover for the first time in her life, clutching her head with her right hand. “What time is it?” she groans.

“Just after four in the morning. The sun should be up soon, no point in trying to get back to sleep.”

“I’m sorry if I woke you,” Kelsey says as she finally sits upright, next to her tag team partner.

“Forget it, no big deal,” Rebecca unfolds her arms momentarily to wave it off. “I was having trouble sleeping. That junk you forced me to eat yesterday has my stomach in cramps.” She notices Kelsey struggling with her headache, and passes her a bottle of aspirin she had at the ready, anticipating this very moment. “What were you dreaming about any way? It sounded intense.”

“Just stuff with my dad,” Kelsey weakly replies, refusing to elaborate further while popping one of the small tablets into her mouth and washing it down with a gulp of water. “Was I yelling in my sleep or something..?”

“Quite loudly, actually.” Embarrassed, Kelsey buries her head in her hands, but Rebecca assures her that all is well. “Don’t worry about it, I feel you. My father was a scumbag, I’d be screaming and yelling if he were in my dreams.”

“You had a mean dad too, huh..?”

“Mean doesn’t even begin to describe it, he would…” She looks over at Kelsey, who’s listening intently, and realises she almost spilled her repressed memories. Rather than scramble to change the subject or end the conversation completely, Rebecca feels a strange sense of security speaking to Kelsey in this setting. She always knew there’d come a time to talk, and that time is now.

“My father was a drug dealer,” she blurts out, catching Kelsey’s undivided attention from the beginning. Kelsey has been trying consistently to get Rebecca to open up about her feelings, get it all out there in a therapeutic manner. “He did some terrible, reprehensible things… To others, and to me. Like many dealers he also used his own supply, and as the drugs he dealt became harder, he would become increasingly irrational and violent.”

She glances over at Kelsey, who is clearly distressed. She knows about her history of abuse and how this story is probably bringing up repressed memories. “That wasn’t even the worst of it,” she continues, believing that telling the full story will put Kelsey at ease about her own situation. “One of my father’s favourite games was to inject me with heroin and see what would happen when my little body could not handle it. The youngest I remember him doing that was when I was seven.”

“That’s horrific… What did your mum think?” Kelsey sheepishly asks, remembering her own mother would often go along with her father’s abuse to alleviate most of it from her.

“She was powerless. My mother was a prostitute that my father supplied in exchange for… Well, I am sure you can figure it out. One day, she accidentally fell pregnant with his child: me. So I was unwanted from the beginning.” She shrugs her shoulders to try and leave the impression it doesn’t phase her all that much. “By the time the abuse happened, my mother was too frail and messed up on heroin and cocaine to actually do anything about it. She died when I was young, leaving me alone with him.” Rebecca takes a deep breath, brushing her hair from her eyes. “I am sorry, this is difficult. I have not spoken about any of this before.”

“It’s okay,” Kelsey assures her. “Take your time, you’re doing fine.”

“When I was pregnant earlier this year, I felt as though I did not have it in me to be a good parent,” she confesses, concealing the tears in her eyes as best she can. “But losing Kailey hit me hard. It was soul-crushing. It brought up bad memories. It made me feel helpless. I failed her right from the very beginning.”

“You didn’t fail her!” Kelsey’s quick to refute her claims. “What happened wasn’t your fault, you couldn’t control it…”

“If I had not allowed myself to be treated the way I was as a child, perhaps all would be well and she would be here. But I was so young, and I certainly was not ready to handle something like that. I hated that feeling of helplessness. I never wish to let anyone make me feel that way again, which is largely why I have isolated myself from the rest of the world. If no-one is around, no-one can harm me.”

It’s a pain Kelsey is all too familiar with. Up until a few years ago, she had a similar philosophy - if you don’t have friends, they can’t hurt you when they leave you. She’s since changed her mind about the way she lives her life, obviously, but she knows it won’t be so simple to get Rebecca to do the same. Unlike Kelsey, Rebecca is not a forgiving person, and is known to hold grudges. Not over childish petty things such as someone beating her in a match, rather deeply personal issues like an individual going out of their way to try and ruin her life.

“Long story short my piece of shit father was arrested before long, I was adopted out, and I never saw him again,” Rebecca concludes with a shrug. “He was eligible for parole a handful of months ago, but it was denied.”

“Does Tyron know any of this..?” Kelsey of course referring to Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend, Tyron Bickerton. The pair were together many years, although it took several for her to accept his romantic advances. She put an end to their eight-year-long relationship following the irreparable strain the stillbirth of their daughter had brought on. Since the break-up, they have barely spoken.

“Some, but very little.”

“I still don’t get why you guys broke up… You were perfect for each other, and now you’re both unhappy being apart…”

“It is not fair on him,” Rebecca states with a shake of her head, concealing her face behind her hair. “He wants a family and I am physically incapable of providing him with that, it has been proven. Perhaps the heroin injections when I was younger led to these reproductive deficiencies, I am not sure. Though even if by some divine miracle I could give birth to a healthy baby, I could never get over my fear of failing as a mother. I don’t want him to waste his life with me.”

Kelsey stares a hole in the opposite wall, trying to find the words to say; she’s become skilled at talking about her problems, but helping others feel better about their own? Not so much. “This is a lot to take in,” Kelsey speaks, hunching over and holding her head in her hands. “I had no idea about any of this stuff…”

Rebecca remains silent, nervous that her friend would not be accepting of these new facts. Even to this day, she herself has a hard time accepting that this is who she is. “Please don’t hate me for keeping all of this from you.” She seems to have forgotten that this is the same girl who forgave her for all she’d put her and her family through.

“I could never.”

“Thank you, Kelsey.” Although she’s welling up, she manages to keep her cool. “You annoy the shit out of me most of the time, but you are the first real friend I have ever had.”

Kelsey smiles, feeling a sense of accomplishment wash over her. "You can make many more," she claims. "You've just gotta put yourself out there. And don't be so cranky all the time!"

"That's easy for you to say," Rebecca scoffs at the idea of going out and making friends. "You are likable. I don't know how to be."

"It's hard to talk to people you're not really familiar with at first, but it gets easier the more you do it. Just talk about stuff you like, get to know what they like and dislike. Pretty soon, people will be seeing you for the awesome person that I know you are."

Rebecca's not so sure. "You'll have to give me a chance to think about it."

“So who adopted you, anyway?” Kelsey tries to lighten the mood, and the pep in her voice certainly puts Rebecca at ease. “Are you guys still in contact?”

Rebecca pats Kelsey’s leg with a smile. “I believe that is enough secrets for one day, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess so…”

“The less time we spend talking, the more time we have to train,” she reminds her partner, knowing that’ll certainly turn her frown upside down.

“Oh, you’re right!” Kelsey springs out of bed, despite her intense head pain. “We’ve still got a lotta work to do! But, uhh…”

“What is it?” Rebecca questions as she stands.

“I don’t have to pretend to be you anymore, do I..? I don’t think I can handle another glass of wine…”

“It is probably best if we try a different approach,” Rebecca laughs as she helps her friend to her feet. “That way did not work out well for either of us last time. Let’s work on expanding our repertoires without the impressions, shall we?”

“Sounds great to me!” Kelsey attempts to muster up the energy to be enthusiastic.

The Fall is fast approaching. With secrets out in the open and our girls back on the same page, they can finally focus on these last few days of training. Will it be enough to finally rise to the top of the tag team division of IYHWF? Or will the Supershow’s name have a poetic meaning for their career as a team? Rest assured, the other five teams in the Gauntlet Match are working just as hard as they are for the same result.
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