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 Ruckus 62
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Feb 27 2018, 06:17 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The show opens up with the camera panning across the screaming fans, who are showing their excitement for tonights show. The camera finally rests upon the announce table to the smiling faces of Brian and Tats.]

BM: Welcome to Ruckus 62! We have another action packed night for you, kicking things off for us is Kieran Thompson vs Serena Maxwell. We’ll see how she’ll bounce back from her loss at Unearthed.

TR: Probably by bouncing Kierans skull off the mat repeatedly. Following that, Hyphy Machinery go head to head with Layton & Fenric in a friendly match which I’m sure I’ll hate for that reason alone.

BM: You may hate it, but me and the fans are excited for it. Then we have former Rapid Fire Champion Jessica Anderson back in action as she takes on Caleb Cross.

TR: She was ROBBED! But I digress, next we’ll see more tag team action as The Bad Omens blind The Vision.

BM: Banshee and The Hellhound are the ones in action tonight for the group, but I don’t think she’ll be leaving with any souls tonight.

TR: Debatable. And in our main event, Michael Diablo faces off against the Proving Grounds Champion, Angelica Layne in her third and final defense. I for one think she’s going to choke.

BM: Choke you, maybe. These two are 1-1 against each other in singles combat, anything can happen here tonight! Lets get on with the show

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[We find Stevie Trelain outside Hyphy Machinery’s dressing room, waiting to get a word with the team before their match later tonight. From the sound of their muffled voices, they’re going over strategy at the moment, but it’s not entirely clear. Stevie knocks on the door, and the talking stops for a moment before Jason Moana opens the door.]

JM: What’s up?

[Jason notices the camera pointed at him.]

JM: Sorry, hold up one sec…

[He turns his head to face the camera.]

JM: Y’all miss us, Melbourne?

[The cheers from the crowd answer the question for him, and Jason gives a smile and a nod before he turns back to Stevie.]

JM: A’ight, what’s up?

ST: I was just wondering if maybe we could get some thoughts from you and Dontell about facing Layton & Fenric again after losing the #1 contender’s triple threat a few weeks back.

JM: Look, we ain’t gotta talk shit this week. Em and Adam beat us in the triple threat. We took the third team outta the equation at Unearthed. Ain’t no hicks to distract us this time, ain’t no cheap shit comin’ our way, so we just gon’ do what we do best: read the field, shut down the other team’s offense, pick up the W. And after that...I don’t know, seems like us and Jetpack’d make a good #1 contender’s match.

[Jason looks to the camera again.]

JM: Just a hint.

[Jason winks and turns back to Stevie.]

ST: Any particular strategies in mind, or—?

JM: It’s a surprise. Y’ those beautiful rides we always bring out to the ring.

[Just then, we hear a chime from Jason’s phone, and he reaches in his pocket to check his notifications.]

JM: Speakin’ of which, I hate to cut this short, but we gotta head off in a minute to run those final checks. Next week, though, for sure, we’ll have a real one.

ST: No worries. See you again then!

JM: A’ight, take care.

[Jason closes the door, and Stevie turns back to the camera.]

ST: Looks like we’re done here. Back to you.

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Singles Match
Kieran Thompson vs Serena Maxwell


[The fans of course are of course firmly behind the popular underdog Keiran Thompson, and he’s clearly feeling invigorated despite the outcome of his last match. He immediately goes to engage Serena who is staring hard at Tats, and BOOM! Surprise, a Suplex! The fans gasp and then cheer loudly, chanting his name over and over. However, as he gets to his feet and pulls Serena up for another she grabs him by his head and tucks it under her arm, delivering a very short range DDT. From there she sits up, rolls him over on his back and sits on him, all the while glaring at Tats again. She starts unwrapping the black tape around one wrist and then lightning fast she chokes Keiran with it, as the fans boo heavily. The referee tells her to stop immediately or he’ll throw out the match and surprisingly she does! She stands up and holds her hands out and shrugs like she didn’t just choke someone and she moves around the ring, starting at a light jog to build up some momentum and when Keiran gets up disoriented she’s there and bears him back down to the mat with a classic Lou Thesz Press! She strikes him over and over but her gaze drifts back to the announcers table and she yells out.]


BM: This is making me so nervous Tats. I mean she’s unstable, add that to what she did last week and Keiran could be in real danger, don’t you think? Tats? You okay?

[Serena gets up and pulls Keiran with her, he tries to fight back but is quite overwhelmed by Serena’s aggressiveness, Repeated Forearm Smashes keep him docile as she drops him in the near corner and then runs in with a Corner Cannonball Senton! The fans wince as he sort of falls to the side and she drags him out of the corner. She keeps up this sort of cat playing with a bird thing for a bit, the fans growing increasingly unhappy and uncomfortable.]

BM: This is just terrible, why doesn’t she end the match?

TR: ...because Diamond Jack isn’t here to tell her what to do.

BM: What?

TR: You heard me.

[Finally though she drops Keiran into position near the ropes, and climbs up to go for The Rising Tide, her lovely Moonsault a thing of beauty as she lands flush and then lazily hooks a leg to cover.]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… SERENA MAXWELL!

BM: That’s… that was awful. Poor Keiran, the fans are so unhappy.

TR: You can expect a lot more of this I bet.

[Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon plays as Serena rolls to her feet and gets her hand raised in victory, though she yanks it back and then goes to stomping on Keiran for a bit, just for funsies it seems and then she rolls out of the ring to head towards the back.]

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[The feed cuts to backstage, the painted faces of The Hellhound and Banshee fill the screen with their wicked smiles. Banshee pulls the camera just a bit closer with one hand before speaking.]

B: THIS is the day I’ve been waiting for. For weeks, I've longed to meet Owen in that ring. Yessss, I know I had that chance at Unearthed but I… want… more.

She laughs and licks her lips hungrily. Then shoves the camera back a bit.

B: At Unearthed, Bad Omens picked apart Shawn and his team, completely left them broken. Ruined. And tonight, Dante and I get to play with the carcasses of Owen and Craig. What a gift Fate has given us! Don’t you think?

[The Hellhound looks over at Banshee and gives her a nod.]

HH: once again we get to show why the Bad Omens are superior. Once again we get to show the world that Craig Anderson and Owen Gonsalves are weak and that their alliance will never stand a chance against ours because us?

[Dante points at Banshee and then back at himself.]

HH: We are a family with the same goals. We aren’t trying to one up one another, we want to rule In Your House together, equally. That’s what puts us above the rest, it’s what puts us above these fucking idiots. Tonight, Craig and Owen will simply be toys for us to play with, that we’re going to chew up and spit out.

B: All week, there’s been silence from both of them. Perhaps they’ve finally learned that there’s nothing they can do to stop us.

[Banshee places an arm around Dante.]

B: They know what we’re capable of. We destroyed one tag team, SoA is still never the same again. Will The Vision be next?

[A low, dark chuckle escapes Banshee’s lips as she gently bites her finger. Dante looks over at Banshee for a moment with a smile on his face before looking back up at the camera.]

HH: They’ve been quiet because they know that the Bad Omens are coming for them. They know that the Hellhound is coming to catch them and tear them to shreds before the Banshee steals their souls.

B: They can’t outrun The Hellhound. They can’t hide from The Banshee. This match is their trap. It is Fate.

[Banshee turns to face Dante and pretends to bite as she snaps her jaw at the air just an inch from his cheek, just to emphasize her point.]

HH: And their fate?

[Dante holds out his hand.]

HH: Is in our hands… And we’re going to show no mercy as we crush them.

[He collapses his hand into a ball as he snarls at the camera while Banshee lunges right at it with her mouth open and eyes wide before the scene abruptly cuts away.]

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Tag Team Match
Hyphy Machinery vs Layton & Fenric

BM: Now this should be fun, Hyphy Machinery is fresh and making a mark in the In Your House Wrestling Federation, and Layton & Fenric are always something to behold in the ring.

TR: I can’t say I like either of the teams right now.

BM: You’re mad that Emery is engaged to AJ Morales, aren’t you.


[The referee quickly runs down the rules and it’s decided that Dontell Porter will start for HM and Emery will start for Layton & Fenric. The other two go for their spots on the apron as the referee waves for the bell.]


[Emery is beyond jovial tonight as she flits about the ring, chatting up the referee a bit and laughing as the fans appreciate her… Emeryness. Dontell is a little less enthused with that of course and goes after her directly, though for a few seconds she just sort of evades him around the ring! He eventually catches her however and pulls her up for a Vertical Suplex, holding her up in the air to make it a little more like a Stalling variety and showing off his strength before he brings her to the mat. He then rolls her over to attempt to apply his Inverted Reverse Figure-Four Leglock, but Emery squirms and makes it to the ropes and he releases it as he hadn’t had it locked in yet. He lets her get up, backing up before he tries to plow her with a Rugby-style tackle, but NO she evades and low-bridges the ropes and Dontell goes sailing over! She of course is right on that money and goes for a Suicide Dive right through the ropes and she wipes out Porter on the floor!

Smartly she waits for him to start to get up on his own before she leads him back to the ring and slides him under the ropes, he catches her as she comes in with a punch but she spins away and dives for her corner, allowing Adam Fenric to tag into the match. Oh dear. He pulls Dontell up for an Abdominal Stretch, striking him across the gut to add some pain but Porter drops to the mat and shoves the planted leg of Fenric, escaping the hold. He does a fast crawl to his team corner and tags in Jason Moana, who is very eager to meet The Plague Doctor in his element, so to speak. A Spinebuster ended their first exchange and then Jason props him up in the neutral corner before he delivers a huge Stinger Splash, his Lake Merritt Tides dropping Adam. Jason goes for a cover but only gets two as Fenric powers out strongly.]

BM: Hyphy Machinery working well together tonight as we’ve come to expect, but so are Layton & Fenric!

TR: Definitely the case. Watch now how smoothly Adam and Emery tag in and out, Jason was in charge of the match mere moments ago but these two are keeping him cut off from his corner and his partner with these lightning switches and attacks.

BM: They know that teamwork makes the dream work.

TR: You know, not a judge in the world would sentence me, Bri. Just remember that.

[The latter portion of the match saw a lot of straight up good teamwork from both sides, Jason breaking free of the quarantine that Adam and Emery had him locked down under by planting Emery with an Over-the-shoulder Facebuster that netted him a two-count before Fenric broke the pin, this causes a bit of a Donnybrook as Dontell charges in and smashes Fenric to the mat with a huge Rugby style tackle that has the fans gasping, but Adam is made of sterner stuff than that and he and Porter exchange blows hand for hand until Fenric backs up and delivers a Spinning Wheel Kick! The referee orders them out of the ring and it takes a moment to get the match back under control but he manages! Emery and Jason go at it then, Jason’s Tatum Takedown Spear almost smashing her into 2D and he gains another two, but Emery throws the shoulder up, the fans cheering both competitors. Emery wrests control back however as they rise up and she catches Moana in a Dragon Sleeper! Jason’s at such an awkward angle that he can’t use his superior strength, he bucks and tries to rise up but she’s got him good! Porter breaks this hold before he can tap however, knocking Layton ass over teakettle and dragging his partner to his corner for a tag.

This was not as smart as it seems on the surface because Emery recovers enough to tag in Adam then she charges Dontell as he enters through the ropes! She hits him with Eat the Music, her Busaiku Knee Attack stunning him and she gets out of the way as here’s Adam pulling his dazed form through the ropes with his Pumphandle lift transitioned into a reverse STO, The Division Bell! Emery cuts off Jason as he tries to interfere, and the referee slides in for the count.]





TH: And here are your winners via pinfall… Emery Layton & Adam Fenric... LAYTON & FENRIC!

BM: WOW what a finish! That was amazing!

TR: Eh it was all right I guess.

[Come As You Are by Nirvana plays as the referee lifts Emery and Adam’s arms in victory after the hard fought match, Dontell and Jason are a little disappointed but with good sportsmanship they nod to the team of Layton & Fenric.]

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[The camera cuts backstage to Stevie Trelain, microphone in hand.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, the number 1 contender to the Proving Grounds Championship, Michael Diablo!

[The camera zooms out to show Mike standing next to her, already in his ring gear.]

ST: Tonight you go head to head with your girlfriend Angelica Layne, but this is not the first time. Do you feel that your match tonight is different to the previous two?

MD: Yes and no. I respect Angelica more than anyone else in this business, and no matter the match type, I will always give her everything I have. It would be disrespectful to give her any less. However, when we first faced off, I was on the throne, and she was fighting to usurp me. This time we are both fighting to establish ourselves as the top wrestler in this company. Both of us have found the secret path to the throne room, but only one of us can walk it, and if there is one person on this planet who wants this as much as me, that person is Angelica Layne. To become In Your House Champion again without beating her is out of the question, this is the only way. One of us will rise, the other will fall, and we both wouldn’t have it any other way.

[Stevie nods.]

ST: Thank you for your time Michael.

[Mike nods before walking out of shot, the camera cutting away.]

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Singles Match
Jessica Anderson vs Caleb Cross


[From the moment the bell rings, Caleb attempts to take a cheap shot at Jessica by faking a handshake before the match, but the former Rapid Fire Champion suspected as much and ducked below his fist and side stepping him. As he turned back to Jessica, she caught him with a Spinning Heel Kick which knocks him against the ropes. Jessica hits him with a few chops across his chest before hitting him with a one-handed Bulldog. Jessica continues to keep control of the match by working over Caleb with her quick speed and motivation she pours into every match. As Jessica ran the ropes, Caleb catches her with a drop toe hold and attempted to quickly lock in the Crossface, but Jessica broke free and they both get back to their feet. Jessica kicks him hard in the stomach and quickly hits him with the Bonne Nuit (headlock driver) before covering him for the pin.]




TH: Here is your winner….JESSICA ANDERSON!

[Jessica’s music starts to play again as the crowds go wild. Jessica gets her arm raised in victory and takes a moment to soak in the glory before rolling out of the ring to head backstage.]

BM: An impressive victory from Jessica Anderson here tonight.

TR: Jessica has those quick wins down to an art now after her time as Rapid Fire Champion. She is still absolutely a contender for that belt.

BM: No one is going to argue with you there, Tats. Which is probably a first for you.

user posted image

[The show cuts to backstage where Angelica Layne is standing by with Stevie Trelain. Stevie gives Angelica an appreciative smile before looking back towards the camera.]

ST: First of all, a huge thank you to Angelica Layne for joining me here tonight. Tonight Angelica once more goes head to head against Michael Diablo but this time the Proving Grounds championship is on the line. Last time these two fought, it was the IYH Championship on the line in a steel cage match where Angelica won the belt in dramatic fashion…

[Angelica chuckles, nodding in agreement.]

AL: If being dangled over the top of the cage while Mike is refusing to let go of my hair, but then does after I smash his face onto the cage a few times, lose my footing and fall through the announce table below is “dramatic fashion”....then yes.

ST: It is. Now you two wont be facing in a cage tonight, but that doesn’t change the fact that Michael, your boyfriend, was one of the people that accepted your open challenge last week. How did it make you feel? I know you two are always professional once inside of the ring, but were you mad that wanted the match?

AL: Are you insinuating that I’d be pissed that he can’t let me have a belt without trying to fight me for it? Nah. I mean, that was pretty much how I was with him in season one. Everyone always expects a couple who has to fight, to then let personal issues slip out inside of the ring. That’s not the case here. I was happier that Mike answered the challenge than I was when the terrorist came out first. Mike and I always consider these matches and additional little “date night”. We respect each other inside and outside of the ring and wouldn’t dream of half assing a match for either side. End of the day, if I want to REALLY prove myself here in In Your House again...then I HAVE to beat Mike again. Beating him is the reason why I was the In Your House Champion in the first place, and tonight...he will be the reason why I continue on that path….once I beat him…

[Angelica grins at the camera.]

AL: And then, I stop the Fox once again in his tracks. Better be prepared Shawn, I can cash in ANY time I want to. Remember that.

[Stevie nods as she looks back at the camera.]

ST: There you have it folks, tonights main event will surely be one hell of a fight. Back to you boys at ringside.

[The scene fades.]

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Tag Team Match
The Bad Omens (Dante & Banshee) vs The Vision


[Craig Anderson and Dante Locke were the first two competitors in the action. The two men circled one another, throwing jabs and kicks at each other than the two countered, it was obvious that they had each other scouted. The continued to fight back and forth until Dante was the first one to mount any sort of offense when he connected with a knee to Craig’s gut before dropping him with a snap DDT. Dante got back up to his feet quickly and he taunted Craig before taunting the crowd as well. As Craig made his way up to his feet Dante came in with strong kicks that backed Craig into the corner. Pushing back against the turnbuckle Craig fired out with a strong right hand that knocked Dante back. Having Dante on his heels, Craig used his unbelievable athletic ability to take advantage as he dropping Dante with a hurricane that was followed by a running shooting star press. Craig pinned Dante but Locke kicked out after two. With Locke down, Craig used this time to tag in Owen.]

BM: Craig with the tag.

TR: Boooo!

[Stepping through the ropes Owen went right after the downed Dante. Leaping high into the air before driving both of his feet down onto Dante’s chest. Gonsalves popped up back to his feet and picked up Locke with him before he Irish whipped Dante into the ropes, but on the rebound he was able to leapfrog Owen before catching him with a strong bulldog on the rebound. With Owen laid out face first on the mat, Dante made the move toward his corner bringing Banshee into the action. In the early stages of her turn Banshee was able to keep Owen on the mat where she worked her over with a variety of suplexes and strikes. Owen tried to counter and he shoved Banshee off before going for a clothesline, but Banshee ducked it before catching him and putting him in The Hand of Fate submission. Owen fought through the pain, and refused to tap out. Owen somehow managed to drag himself towards the ropes and Banshee had to let go.]

BM: Owen didn’t want to give in so easily and it’s paid off.

TR: She’ll get him next time with it though, just watch!

[Banshee let go and when he got up, Banshee took him out with a clothesline. As Owen stirred, he reached towards Craig in desperation for a tag and Craig reached towards him as well but it was just too far away. Banshee was able to grab hold of Owens ankle and pull him back to the center of the ring as she flipped Owen over onto his back Banshee was greeted with a strong upkick which provided enough distance for Owen to finally get Craig back into the action. Amped up Craig came flying into the ring dropping Banshee with a strong clothesline, before turning his attention to Dante, who charged into the ring but Craig took him out with a leaping dropkick, which sent Dante flying right over the ropes to the outside. Focusing back on Banshee who had now made it back to her feet, but she was quickly on her back after Craig grabbed her and took her out with Rich Tea-Bone Suplex, Again Craig attempted the pin but Banshee was able to get her left foot on the bottom rope.]

BM: This crowd is not happy.

TR: Too bad! She got her foot on the ropes. Neither side wanna give in here tonight.

[Frustrated Craig pulled her back up to her feet and delivered a snap suplex. Over the next few moments of the match Craig and Owen were able to keep Banshee trapped in their corner of the ring, as they used the classic tactic of cutting off the other side of the ring. Neither Craig nor Owen were able to keep her down for the count. With Owen now the legal competitor in the match Banshee worked on pushing herself out of the corner, but Owen’s speed proved to be too much for her. Throwing those quick feet Owen was able to guide the match exactly where he wanted it. Popping up to the top rope Owen leaped off and landed a huge driving crossbody, but Banshee was able to transition that right into a pin attempt of her own. Kicking out just before the three count Owen got to his knees, looking in shock that Banshee had countered after everything they had done. Banshee inched her way over to her corner making a tag to Dante at the same time Owen's hand connected with Craig’s. Craig tried to grab Banshee but she kicked him off of her and Craig collided into the referee, knocking him down.]

BM: The referee is down! This is not good

TR: This is perfect!

[With the referee out, Dante Locke quickly grabbed a chair and slid into the ring and before Craig could do anything, Dante laid him out with a chair shot to the face. Owen then entered the ring and tried to take Dante down but Banshee hit him with a superkick. Dante then slammed the chair over and over again onto Owen’s back until it was bent in half. Locke threw the chair out of the ring and grinned as he glanced over towards Banshee, who had an evil look on her face. She bent down and screamed over Owen before Dante lifted him up and dropped him with Straight To Hell (Underhook Front Facelock Drop). Banshee then applied her Hand of Fate submission onto Craig. The referee came to and he saw Craig tapping before calling for the bell, giving The Bad Omens the victory by submission.]

TH: Here are your winners….THE BAD OMENS!!

[The crowd erupt into boos as Banshee and Dante vacate the ring, looking back at the carnage in the ring while laughing.]

BM: Dante used a chair on Craig, how is this fair?

TR: Everything is legal as long as the referee doesn’t see it Bry, suck it up!

user posted image

[The cameras cut to the outside behind the building where inside In Your House fans are enjoying the show to find none other than In Your House Champion Shawn Fox as he mans a BBQ grill. Yes, you guessed it, the Champ is in the middle of his own sponsored Sausage Sizzle, a line of fans around the building waiting for their food as others who have already gotten their servings mill around eating the sausages on white bread. The smell of the food is definitely enticing and the camera moves closer as Shawn expertly makes the food. He looks up with a cheeky grin and gestures with tongs as he flips the sausages.]

SF: What, you thought I was going to go and make some huge in ring spectacle speech and hold up the whole show?

[A wide grin, because he has in fact done this in the past. He finishes up another platter and hands it over to his helper and then lays out fresh sausages.]

SF: Make sure you all come on back here and get some food, it’s good stuff. Anyway, I’m sure that you’re wondering if I’m all that concerned by the fact that Stella, whom Craig Anderson pinned, has the power to choose the stipulation in our upcoming match for my In Your House title.

[He seems thoughtful, then he cracks up and shakes his head.]

SF: There are all kinds of matches she could choose, but you know, Stella for all her vitriol and volume, that screeching voice of hers man oh man… for all that? Stella isn’t stupid. Nope, not a bit. She’s loud, crass, rude, scheming and living in a state of denial, sure. But the thing is, the fact that she isn’t stupid is why I’m not worried. Because you see…

[The sausages pop and sizzle, Shawn steps back a bit not to get splattered, and laughs.]

SF: No matter what she chooses, she’s gotta be in that match with me, and whatever she picks, she has to endure too. So… bring it on, Stellar Stella.

[He flips the tongs, showing off and catches them expertly as he winks at the camera, and it cuts elsewhere as he serves up more fans.]

user posted image

Proving Grounds Championship
Singles Match
Angelica Layne © vs Michael Diablo


[The match starts off with a heated clinch in the centre. Michael aims for a knee strike but Angelica anticipates it as she readily blocks it with a smirk. Michael releases the hold to back up and Angelica swings her leg up for a high roundhouse kick but misses as he ducks before catching her in a side headlock. Angelica pushes Michael into the ropes behind, looking to launch him to the other side, but he drags her down on the mat, keeping the hold. Michael carefully pulls them both up and Angelica takes the opportunity to run him into the ropes again. Michael once more drags Angelica down on one knee, wearing her down slowly. With nowhere to go, Angelica improvises with a waistlock, squeezing hard to force a break. With both back on their feet now, Angelica continues to fight back with multiple knee strikes to Michael’s back to loosen his grip before shoving him into the ropes to completely break the hold. Michael goes running to the other side and Angelica catches him with a sling blade on the rebound. Michael looks caught off guard as he slowly pulls himself up, only to get taken down with a DDT. Angelica goes for the cover but barely gets a two-count. Michael rolls away before rising to his feet to get some distance. Angelica waits before marching over to engage Michael in a boxing combo that leaves him dazed. As Michael falls back into the ropes, Angelica throws him down with a snapmare. Then gets into position for a swift roundhouse kick to the face. Michael falls to the side and Angelica wastes no time to hook his leg for the pin. But Michael gets his shoulder up at two, adding to Angelica’s growing impatience. Despite that, Angelica can’t help but smile as she pulls Michael to his feet.]

BM: Angelica showing exactly why she’s a defending champ! If she beats Michael tonight, she gets to cash in the title for a shot at the IYH championship!

TR: After the crazy battle he went through with Seth last week, how much do you think Michael has left in him anyway? Angelica’s got most of the control here already, she’s bringing this straight home already!

BM: Have you learnt nothing from all the matches Michael’s ever been in? He may not be the biggest guy on the roster, but he’s already been a fighter and a survivor against the toughest wrestlers in IYH. In fact, you can even say he’s THE toughest wrestler around here. He’s the fucking Devil of IYH!

TR: Sure doesn’t look like it right now!

[As Michael sways on unsteady feet, Angelica says something that the camera doesn’t catch before landing a jab cross that leaves him reeling for a second. But Michael recovers fast this time as he retaliates with a punch of his own and Angelica staggers back from impact. While Michael collects himself, Angelica lashes back with another solid jab that causes his head to whiplash. Michael comes back stronger with a stiff forearm shot and Angelica answers with her own right after, but he’s just as quick with a couple more shots. This time, Angelica staggers back, clutching her face in anguish. As Michael gears up for a spinning back fist but Angelica sidesteps it and irish whips him into the corner. Angelica prepares for a jab when Michael ducks around her. As Angelica turns around, Michael doubles her over with a kick and immediately connects with his Impaler DDT signature, Santos Impaler. Excitement explodes around the arena as Angelica lands hard on her head from impact and Michael goes for the cover.]

BM: Santos Impaler out of fucking nowhere!!!

TR: New champion?!!!





BM: So close!!! But Angelica stays in the fight!!!

[The match resumes with Michael now taking the lead as he sets Angelica up for a couple of clotheslines in the middle of the ring before turning up the heat with a huge corner elbow smash. It leaves the champ dropping on her knees in the end, slowly crumbling on the mat. Angelica hangs onto the bottom rope for support as she clutches her chest. While Angelica catches her breath, Michael steps through the ropes to the outside apron and sizes her up before slowly walking over. The crowd is on their feet in great anticipation. Angelica drags herself up on both knees and Michael helps to pull her up on her feet, looking for a suplex. But as Michael raises Angelica in the air, she fights back with one effective knee strike to the head and drops back down inside the ring. Michael swings a punch but misses and Angelica hits a well-timed roundhouse kick that stuns him temporarily. With Michael dazed, Angelica comes out through the ropes and takes him down with a STO right on the apron. The crowd goes wild at the display, with some even staring in horror, and Michael crashes further onto the outside floor. The referee begins the count while Angelica hangs onto the middle rope for balance, looking quite exhausted at this point.]

BM: Angelica with the STO right on the apron!!! Holy hell!!!

TR: I don’t know how Michael’s gonna come back from that!!!

BM: Angelica’s buying herself some good time!

[The referee restarts the count when Angelica goes after Michael who’s only just slowly pulling himself up on all fours. Angelica struggles to help him up before throwing a body punch for good measure. But as Angelica looks to throw Michael back into the ring, he counters with a hard clinching knee strike that has her backing away while clutching her stomach. Seeing Michael just standing there trying to catch his breath, Angelica charges at him, only to get tossed up and over with a belly to belly throw. The fans can’t believe their eyes as both wrestlers take their time to recover from the devastating landing. Angelica is rolled over on her side, holding her back in anguish, while Michael struggles to push himself up on one knee.]

BM: Oh my god, what a belly to belly throw by Michael!!! Angelica landed hard on that concrete floor!!!

TR: I think she’s dead, Bry!!! She’s gotta be!!!

BM: The Proving Grounds title hangs in the balance! Angelica can’t let that get away from her!

TR: If she even knows where she is right now!

[Somehow, Michael manages to get Angelica inside the ring before the tenth count and goes for the cover. But Angelica rolls her shoulder off the mat just in time. Looking for the end, Michael slowly sets Angelica up for his piledriver finisher, Diablo Driver. But again, Angelica stubbornly prolongs the fight as she reverses it early and doubles Michael over with a body kick. And when Michael straightens back up, Angelica stuns him with a european uppercut before running him down with her discus clothesline signature! The crowd is on their feet as Angelica goes for the cover but Michael kicks out at two. Angelica immediately pulls Michael back in with a rear naked choke. Michael struggles to escape, his arms flailing about, before he finally reaches the middle rope. Angelica backs off, only to hit a fierce stomp on Michael’s back without even letting him a second to breathe. But it doesn’t stop Michael from pulling himself up by the ropes and Angelica gets to work with multiple jabs to the back of his head. Michael turns, dazed, and Angelica continues to batter his face with jabs. As Michael sinks into the ropes, Angelica backs up to hit the ropes, looking for her spinning Unprettier finisher, Demise. But Michael reverses it and staggers back. Angelica throws herself at Michael with a running forearm strike, hitting the ropes behind. Angelica bounces back while Michael hangs on before she comes charging at him. Michael counters with a back body toss. Angelica lands safely on the ring apron and the two trade shots until Michael retaliates with a thrust kick to the chest. Angelica nearly falls back from impact but Michael pulls her back to him, only to hoist her up on his shoulders and heads to the centre of the ring. Here, Angelica worms her way back down and grabs Michael’s arms, looking for the Demise again. But Michael powers out of it, sending her running right into the corner. As Angelica staggers out of there, Michael regains his bearings before taking her down with a huge german suplex. But the move seems to have worn out Michael just as much as he struggles to pull himself up.]

BM: So many false finishes! So many attempts to put the other one away! But both are still hanging on, the fight isn’t over yet!!

TR: Damn that german suplex by Michael! Angelica’s gonna need a chiropractor after tonight!

[Angelica groggily returns to her feet as Michael marches over to her. They trade punches, taking their time in an intense battle with the fans cheering both on. Angelica gains momentum with her boxing combo, only to get cut short by Michael’s thrust kick to the chest. Michael hits the ropes behind but Angelica charges at him with a knee strike to the body. Michael leans back into the ropes, clutching his stomach, while Angelica hits the opposite set to pick up speed. But Michael catches her with a huge boot to the face that sends her spinning from impact. Without wasting any time, Michael charges at Angelica who dives out of the way, leaving him to crash hard into the ropes and bowling over backwards. As Michael returns to vertical base, Angelica sets him up with her Demise finisher. It connects and Angelica struggles to hook Michael’s leg for the pin, the crowd going nuts in anticipation.]

BM: Demise!!! Angelica connected with the Demise!!!

TR: Michael’s out!! This has gotta be it!!




TH: Here’s your winner… AND STILL the Proving Grounds champion, Angelica Layne!

[“Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch blasts through the arena and the crowd explodes in a frenzy. The referee carefully raises Angelica’s hand in victory.]

BM: She did it!! Angelica has defended the Proving Grounds championship THREE TIMES!!! That means, she’s got the chance to cash in the title for a shot at the IYH championship!!!

TR: Well, that’s not looking good for the current IYH champ, Shawn, is it?! Shawn’s already got his plate full with the notorious Stella and now he’s gotta watch his back with Angelica?? I really don’t envy him right now!

BM: That’s up to Angelica! She’s been on FIRE since returning to IYH. Whichever path she takes, everyone better look out!

TR: Well, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to be a two-time IYH champion?? So far, only Michael has achieved that status.

BM: You’re right, Tats. But we’ll have to wait and see! I’m sure Angelica will let us know her thoughts on this next!

[Angelica turns to Michael who’s slowly pulling himself up to his feet. Once he’s up, Michael takes Angelica’s hand and raises it high to the IYH crowd before they embrace in a quick hug. Angelica smiles proudly before approaching the roving camera and shows off the Proving Grounds championship to it as the show goes off the air.]
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