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 Ruckus 70
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: May 9 2018, 08:08 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The camera pans across the Melbourne Showgrounds arena, showing the excited crowd before eventually resting on the announce table where Brian and Tats are ready for the final Ruckus event of season two.]

BM: My oh my what a long journey it has been but we have finally made it to Ruckus 70 aka the final Ruckus of season two.

TR: We’ve had lots of memorable moments from the return of Michael Diablo, Angelica Laynes return, the Era of The Bad Omens, the insanity of Serena Maxwell after the disappearance of Diamond Jack Sabbath and many many more.

BM: And there are still a lot of memories to be made within our last three shows with Ruckus tonight and the two night event that is Dawn of the Immortals.

TR: But I guess we have to get tonight over with first, starting with Brien Storm testing his luck against Sean Hazard.

BM: Neither of those men have had a lot of luck lately, so either way one if walking away happy and the other a little sour pussed. Following that, Minka Carter will take on Captain Fabulous...but how insane do you have to be to constantly disrupt Angelica Laynes matches?

TR: It all reached a boiling point last week and security had to pull them apart but something tells me it’s still not over between these two.

BM: Next up we’ll have Craig Anderson taking on Ash Fi in what is sure to be a good match. Ash has been somewhat impressive since her debut, but will she have what it takes to beat our former Rapid Fire Champion?

TR: Speaking of former champions, we’ll see two former In Your House champions go head to head as Michael Diablo takes on Owen Gonsalves.

BM: It’s currently 1-1 between the two men so fans are definitely excited for how this one turns out. Not to mention our main event were we will see the tag team champions, Team Fury, join forces with the Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley to take on The Bad Omens Kraken, Hellhound and Blue Dragon.

TR: Their individual matches are already set in stone for Dawn of the Immortals but in true Cryptic fashion, he wants to give the fans a teaser of what's to come.

BM: Well let’s not waste anymore time and dive right into the action.

user posted image

[The show cuts to backstage where Minka Carter is walking down the hallway dressed in action for her match later tonight. As she turns the corridor she is hit violently with a steel chair. The camera pans out to reveal Angelica Layne who refuses to stop the attack, smacking Minka again and again with the steel chair until officials come to pry her away from Minka. Angelica threatens to hit a few of them, swinging the steel chair wildly until security tackle her from behind and forcing the chair from her hands and dragging her down the hallway while Minka is checked on.]

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Singles Match
Brien Storm vs Sean Hazard

[The match begins with a lockup, and Brien twists Sean’s arm into a hammerlock. Sean struggles against the hammerlock, trying to maneuver his arm free, but everything he does, Storm follows and adds more torque to the hold. Sean eventually breaks loose with a series of elbows to the side of Storm’s head, eventually backing him into the ropes and whipping him off. Storm comes back and drops Sean with a shoulder tackle, wrapping up a rear chinlock, and getting mouthy with his opponent, telling him in no uncertain terms to “just give up.” Sean eventually squirms free, but Brien wraps him up and tosses him overhead with a German Suplex.]

BM: Nice German Suplex attempt from Brien Storm…but Sean lands on his feet!

[Sean, however, lands on his feet behind Brien, and as the Sheffield man gets up and motions to the crowd that he has the match in hand, Sean leaps up and spikes him into the mat with a reverse hurricanrana. He throws a fist into the air, then runs forward and flips into a Shooting Star Press, hooking a leg.]




[Brien pops his shoulder up, and actually looks annoyed by Sean even getting a near-fall on him. Sean tries to catch Brien with another hurricanrana, but Brien catches him instead and powerbombs him down to the match, immediately turning him over into a high-angle Boston Crab! Sean’s face contorts in pain, scratching and clawing for the ropes. He alllllllllmost reaches the ropes, before Storm pulls him back into the centre of the ring, leaning even further back to increase the pressure on Sean’s back.]

BM: This isn’t looking good for Sean…

TR: Any State of Anarchy fangirls here tonight need to be consoled once Sean is snapped in half...I’m here for you.

[Sean writhes in pain, a hand hovering over the mat like he might tap at any moment. Storm growls for him to tap, but Sean refuses every request from the official. Eventually, he manages to squirm into a better position, and flips Brien over to escape the lock. Sean pulls himself up to his feet by the ropes, lining up with Brien as he gets to his feet in the corner. Sean charges in, looking for his Lightning Strike (Yakuza Kick), but Brien gets out of the way, and Sean crotches himself on the top rope. Storm slugs Hazard in the back of the head with a forearm, dragging him into the centre of the ring before dropping him with the Unforecasted Storm (Michinoku Driver)]




TH: Here is your winner….BRIEN STORM!

[As Briens music plays he gets back to his feet raising his arms in the air victorious, Sean rolls on the mat for a moment before pushing himself to his knees, seemingly frustrated at the turn of events tonight. He smacks his fists down on the mat before rolling out of the ring to head up the ramp completely defeated.]

BM: Sean isn’t happy…

TR: Hahaha such a loser!

BM: Shut up Tats, Sean has given his all to his company, it’s never good to see someone so down on their luck like this.

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to Chris Cryptic in his office sitting at his desk.]

CC: Ladies and gentlemen, apologies for the interruption but I have an important announcement regarding night one of Dawn of The Immortals. As we saw two weeks ago, The Bad Omens won a fatal four way match to challenge Team Fury for the tag team championships. However while the other three teams may have not been successful on that night, they are all credible tag teams and so I have decided to set up another Tag Team #1 contender’s match involving those three teams. So at night one of Dawn of the Immortals it will be Layton and Fenric versus Southern Hostility vs Jetpack!

[The fans cheer at the announcement.]

CC: Also, as Angelica Layne decided to attack Minka Carter earlier tonight I have been forced to cancel Minkas match. Angelica Layne has been ordered to leave the arena. Given how these two women have an obvious hatred for one another I have decided at Dawn of the Immortals it will be Angelica Layne and Minka Carter in a Street Fight. Now without further ado, please enjoy the rest of the show.

[The camera cuts away.]

user posted image

[The feed cuts back to ringside as the arena lights dim down before “The Daughter of Darkness” by Peter Gundry starts to play. The fans go quiet as Banshee makes her appearance at the top of the stage with a twisted smile on her creepy painted face. Banshee stalks down the ramp before picking up a microphone from the announcers table. All the lights go to normal and Banshee slides into the ring. The crowd murmurs, unsure of what to expect as she has never made a public address in the middle of the ring before.]

TR: Well, this is new…

BM: And she’s alone too. The rest of Bad Omens are not in sight.

TR: Are you sure?

BM: Um… Like 80% sure…

[Banshee stares out at the sea of faces looking back at her before raising the microphone to her lips. Her voice purposeful and strong.]

B: Last week, I beat The Devil.

[Instantly, some voices in the crowd begin to protest but Banshee whips her head around with a glare, annoyed at the interruption. They quickly fall hush. Banshee looks down on the canvas at her feet.]

B: Right here… Right in the centre here… 1… 2… 3…

[Banshee counts it off with her fingers as she stares at them.]

B: The Devil has no soul, he says…

[Banshee slowly looks over at the crowd again.]

B: And so The Devil cannot beat me…

[A grin plays on Banshee’s black lips.]

B: If The Devil can’t, no one can…

[The grin grows wider.]

B: Which means… I am the NEW number one contender for the IYH championship!

[Banshee laughs again and this time, the defiant crowd voices their disapproval.]

B: The Devil has fallen… Banshee… Bad Omens… We now RISE!!!

[Banshee raises her right fist and punches the air.]


[The fans get louder in their protest, verbally battling with Banshee who continues shrieking away repeating the same word. That’s when “The Final Countdown” by Europe interrupts as Chris Cryptic makes his entrance. He steps through the curtain with microphone in hand, glaring at Banshee in the ring.]

CC: Banshee, while your enthusiasm is… appreciated, you seem to be confused as to how things work around here. You don’t make the calls on who is number one contender. You are not running things. You are not special. You are simply another wrestler on my roster that will get a shot when /I/ book it to be so.

[The fans cheer as Banshee narrows her eyes and smirks.]

B: Of course, because how else would you protect your precious Shawn Fox? The only reason he has held the In Your House Championship for so long is because you have carried him the whole way, protecting him from the Bad Omens, protecting him from /me./

CC: Nice story, but I’m afraid I don’t wrestle any of my roster member’s matches for them. If I did, you would win more.

[The fans let out an “OHHHHHH” which riles up Banshee further.]

B: You have protected him since the day he won that belt! You are a biased crook and I demand you do the right thing!

CC: We’ll see who needs protecting. You want to fight him so badly? Fine. In tonight’s main event it will be Banshee versus Shawn Fox in a non-title match. If you win, you get your shot at the In Your House Championship at Dawn of The Immortals.

[The fans boo at this announcement as Banshee smiles.]

CC: Oh and one more thing. If any of the Bad Omens interfere in the match is any way once that bell rings, you’re fired.

[The fans go ballistic at this stipulation, “The Final Countdown” playing again as Cryptic heads back through the curtain, leaving Banshee seething in the ring.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Craig Anderson vs Ash Fi


[As the bell rings Ash Fi lifts her hand to invite a classic Test of Strength which gets a murmur out of the crowd and a weird look from Craig Anderson, he looks about like 'is she joking' before he shrugs and steps forward. But just before his fingers slide to mesh with Ash’s, Fi suddenly elbows him in the face! He reels back but grabs her by the hair and flips her forward with a Snapmare! Craig moves to stomp at the downed Ash but Fi moves quickly and strikes, grabbing Anderson’s leg and yanking it out from under him as she gathers her legs and comes into a crouch. The submissionist in her has a goal, she lifts Craig's leg and brings it down knee first to the mat, before she stands up still holding Craig’s foot and applies a standard Ankle Lock! Craig fights and wriggles to attempt to break free, reaching with his arm toward the ropes as Fi grins and torques the hold even harder hoping to make Anderson really feel it, but his strength gives him what he needs to push up and then roll out of the hold in a counter that gets Ash chuckling.

He gets up to his feet a little gingerly, testing his weight on the ankle and seems satisfied, Ash tries to charge in but Craig grabs the top rope to balance and lashes out with his boot landing flush against the side of Ash’s knee, making her crumple to the mat! He waits until moves to rise and catches her with an Oklahoma Roll into a pin but Ash kicks out at two! They kip up and Ash lashes out with her free arm and hits a pair of forearm smashes to Craig’s chest and arm, he winces but appreciates her hustle, shaking his head as he realizes what's going on.]

BM: That’s good strategy from Ash Fi, if she can keep Craig grounded, that takes away some of the most effective moves in his vast arsenal.

TR: You said arse.

BM: What… no I didn’t! I said arsenal… Tats, just calm down.

[Ash catches Craig with her Crann Tabhaill, the Springboard Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick flashy and effective. Craig rolls toward the ropes after his impact with the mat, and uses them to get to his feet. Ash gets to her feet and rushes at Craig who drops down and pulls the top rope with him, sending Fi up and over! Craig stands up and taps the side of his head, but the crowd yells a warning and Craig turns just in time to see that Ash has caught herself on the apron instead of tumbling to the floor and she leaps over the top rope, diving at Craig! They fall over and hit the mat hard, Craig stirs first and sits up, rubbing at his jaw. Ash pops up behind him and then grabs Anderson in an Inverted Facelock! She then puts her leg between Craig's and pushes her near leg's knee against Craig's back, pulling his head backwards with her arms and pushing Anderson's leg far out with her other leg setting up what looks to be a ridiculously painful submission... but no! No!

Craig slips the hold and rolls up to his feet before he lunges in to yank Fi over for an Armdrag Takedown! Ash rolls and gets to her feet, shoves Craig away and delivers a Spinning Heel Kick! Ash goes for a cover but Craig kicks out at two. She sets him up for her Cwlwm - an effective Bridging Inverted Deathlock but no, Craig's got his foot on the ropes!]

BM: Neither Ash nor Craig wants to come out on the short end of this match but no matter what Ash is trying it seems that Craig has got a counter!

TR: He’s a hype, total hype and I don’t like him or his stupid import biscuits. Everyone knows Anzac Biscuits are the best!

[There’s much back and forth after this and finally Craig is in the driver’s seat of the match, catching Ash on a rebound from the ropes with his Zig-a-zig-ah, the Swinging Lifting Inverted DDT putting her down as he scrambles for the cover!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… CRAIG ANDERSON!

BM: A fantastic showing from Ash Fi here tonight ladies and gentlemen but Craig just had a little more of what it takes!

TR: You sicken me. Craig is all that is evil in this world. He disturbs poor Stella!

[One Step Beyond by Madness plays as the referee raises Craig’s hand in victory, he nods to Ash as she sits up before he exits the ring to celebrate with the fans a little bit before he heads to the back.]

user posted image

[In the backstage area a sort of lounge is set up with furniture from various waiting rooms, a TV hooked up to a live feed of the show - including various things that the cameras have caught. There with his feet on a table and a huge bowl of popcorn in his lap is none other than In Your House Champion, Shawn Fox himself. He’s watching something on the TV that has a bit of a crease between his brows, but he shrugs and takes a handful of popcorn to his mouth just as his friend and former IYHWF Tag Team Champion Jet Blanchard comes running from down the hallway and nearly slides around the corner into the little lounge area so fast is his motion. He’s a little out of breath and he points vaguely towards the TV.]

JB: TELL me you SAW that!

[He takes a deeper breath as his tag partner Penny Kaplan joins them in the little space, having been moving far slower than Jet. She’s got a look of concern on her face, as she looks around at Shawn, dressed of course in his street clothes, jeans and boots with a t-shirt advertising the last PPV, Ground N’Pound. A ring flashes on his finger as he scoops up more popcorn and he looks between the TV and Jet, before he shrugs a little.]

SF: Yeah, and so did all the fans. It’s… interesting.

[Penny blinks, her jaw drops, and she squeaks.]

PK: Interesting? Are you kidding? Banshee is dangerous!

SF: And?

[Jet shakes his head, he laughs a little before he takes another deep breath, getting himself in check.]

JB: You seen what she did to Diablo just like the rest of us, sug. What makes you think this here ain’t a big ol problem you don’t want, just waiting there like a fat old black widow spider hanging out in your pappy’s garage? Waiting for you to mess up but good.

[Shawn sighs, setting the bowl of popcorn down so he can turn a little where he’s sitting and better look at his friends.]

SF: She’s a Bad Omen, Jet. I’ve been in the ring with her before. Is she dangerous? Sure, in as much as she doesn’t care about things normal people care about. But this is wrestling Jet, there are people like her everywhere that don’t care about the people they work with, the fans, or whether or not they hurt somebody else on the way to whatever weird ass goal they’ve taken a shine to, today. I mean hell, we’re in a company with a truck load of people like that and really the only one that actually concerns me at all is Serena Maxwell because any beef that comes up with me and her has to be personal because of what I did to her precious Diamond Jack Sabbath.

[He takes a breath and gestures towards the TV.]

SF: She has to beat me, to get to the next step of her plan, a plan she just spilled really to Cryptic in front of everyone and their dog, so to speak.

PK: What if she does though, Shawn? What if she wins tonight? It’s not like you’re prepared for a match with her.

[Shawn throws his head back and just laughs, it’s really sort of rude but then Jet starts laughing too as Penny looks between the two men.]

PK: What? What’s so funny?

[Shawn wipes a tear from his eye and reaches for his popcorn.]

SF: Penny honey, I’m the good goddamn CHAMPION of In Your House Wrestling Federation and if my fine ass isn’t ready for anybody that wants to roll up on me in a match then I have no business being the face of this company. Facts are, yeah. She could beat me in this match and I’d have to face her again at Dawn of the Immortals.

[He holds up his hand then.]

SF: Maybe, though, I want her crazy ass focused on me, because then? She’s not out here fucking up other people while she goes even more stir crazy. We’ll see. It’s not shaking me either way. If she wins, great, I know who I’m facing at the pay-per-view and you know me, Jet. You know me. I’m most dangerous when my title is on the line and that’s no joke. If she loses, well… heh who knows maybe Cryptkeeper himself will come out of retirement and face me. There’s no use getting all bunched up until what happens, happens.

[Shawn grins.]

SF: For now, I got popcorn and this show has been just fire. Sit down, and watch.

[The pair join him as the cameras cut elsewhere.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Michael Diablo vs Owen Gonsalves


[Oh boy, the fans are loud and rowdy as this match begins as both men are very popular with the In Your House fans! There's some high pitched appreciative whistling as the the pair clash in the ring for the first time, Michael Diablo showing off his striking power with a huge European Uppercut that staggers Owen Gonsalves hard but he shows his durability by keeping his feet! Diablo stays on the heavy striking attack, catching Owen in a clinch and delivering a series of very stiff knees to Owen's core! Owen weathers the attack and takes control after sending Michael off with a hard Irish Whip to the far ropes and catching him on the rebound with his Santos Impaler DDT! The fans shoot to their feet to see if the match is over this early but no! Owen kicks out at two to some massive cheering and Diablo rolls up to his feet without questioning the referee, keeping his focus on Gonsalves. Owen gets to his feet and turns toward Michael who comes in with a Thrust Kick aimed to the chest!

But Owen rushes forward, jumps up, and hits a surprise move - a Leaping Calf Kick that connects and takes Diablo right off his feet! As Owen closes with him however, Michael elbows him in the face and gets up to drive him to the mat with a Spinebuster! But as he drops to cover Owen grabs him and struggles with him to lock in the Crossface Oblivion Wing! He almost gets the Arm Trap Crossface on, but they are too close to the ropes and Diablo gets a foot on the bottom rope. Owen breaks at the referee's prompt as Diablo rolls to his feet as Owen rolls to his back and takes a deep breath before kipping up to his feet, the crowd cheering in response as they circle each other. Owen darts in and gets a hard chop to Diablo's chest! The pair exchange hard Knife Edged Chops to the delight of the fans who cheer each hit.]

BM: Oh my God it sounds like a wet towel hitting cement every time they chop!

[The pair lock up after this and begin to fight back and forth, Owen getting Diablo into an Armbar and Diablo counters and shoves Owen away from him. Wickedly hard kicks are then exchanged, the pair almost match for how hard they are impacting, the sounds echoing over the fans as they cheer on their favorite between the two. Finally Owen misses a Draco Meteor that Diablo ducks away from but Owen recovers before he can crash and burn on the mat! Diablo then uses a Double Leg Takedown to put Owen on the mat and then flips him over, looking for his Indian Death Lock, Welcome to Hell! Owen manages in desperation to get hold of one of Diablo's hands and he manipulates the fingers, Diablo rearing back and losing the opening to lock in his hold to preserve the integrity of his fingers! Owen gets loose and holds up a hand showing him that he'll break them if he has to and well...

...this pisses off Diablo. As you imagine so. Owen stays in the driver’s seat of the match for a good bit however, his ‘flippy shit’ serving him well until he goes for a Springboard Corkscrew European Uppercut, surely the Sky Uppercut would lead him to getting Diablo vulnerable for the Krukenberg, but no! Michael catches him mid-air and drops him with a huge Spinebuster! OH!]

BM: And just like that the match shifts into Diablo’s hands!

TR: To a nicer guy it couldn’t have happened!

[Owen still has some fight left in him, it takes Michael two tries to set up and execute the Diablo Driver, but in the end he gets it! He stacks Owen up and holds in him place for the count!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… MICHAEL DIABLO!

BM: Diablo bouncing back after his ordeal at the last Ruckus, Owen was close many times in this match however and could have taken it!

TR: Yeahhh but he didn’t.

[Badlands by In Hearts Wake plays as Diablo gets up, he lets the referee raise his hand before he simply exits the ring, leaving a disappointed Owen behind him.]

user posted image

[“Into the Badlands” fades as Owen heads down the ramp and back through the curtain while Mike stands in the centre of the ring, microphone in hand.]

MD: I am aware I have been absent from Ruckus shows for more than a few weeks. This was intentional, as getting time to recoup and recover is important, a fact which others are two dim witted and closed minded to understand. Anyway, I decided to make my return this week, and I requested it be against Owen. Owen and I have traded wins between us, and whether I like him or not, he is an incredible wrestler. An incredible wrestler that another member of the roster knows too well. Seth Iser, currently we are 1 and 1 against each other, our score is far from settled, and I am driven now more than ever to win that Proving Grounds Championship. Due to injury I had to miss out on Dawn of The Immortals last year, and while I can lace up my boots and step into this ring I REFUSE to miss it again. So you have two choices, Seth. Show that you deserve to get your second defence of that Proving Grounds Championship, or hide like a coward.

[The moment his name is called on the call out there’s a few seconds of anticipation whether he’ll answer the challenge directly. Before long the music doesn’t even hit but Iser does walk through the curtain to a huge chorus of boos from the audience. The Proving Grounds champion is ignoring the reaction and he’s just eyeballing Diablo with a little bit of caution but instead of stopping at the ramp he’s marching all the way down to the ring.]

BM: Here he comes.

TR: He didn’t have to.

BM: But he is.

[The white and purple suit dressed Iser, with the championship over his shoulder and the Bad Omen’s pin on his jacket soon steps into the ring and he does reach into his jacket to pull out a microphone of his own and he just glances at Diablo again...keeping enough of a distance with him while sharing the ring.]

SI: First of all compliments on disposing of Owen Gonsalves like the piece of garbage he is.

[The audience boos Iser’s statement on the matter but Iser couldn’t resist kicking his rival when he is down.]

SI: But let’s not beat around the bush since my brothers and sister in the Omens are going to give three unfortunate souls a taste of their fate coming up. You want one more match with me with the championship I’ve won as the prize to contest for.

[Iser lets those words hang out and the fans cheer the implications of that but it’s almost as if Iser doesn’t hear the crowd as he’s just maintaining full eye contact.]

SI: On one condition...I accept your challenge.

[The fans pause for a minute when Iser holds up the number one as he says that for a brief moment but he’s just waiting to get a reaction out of the stoic Diablo but he’s not getting anything from him.]

SI: In terms of singles matches between the two of is indeed one to one. We’re even. I don’t think a normal singles match between the two of us is the best way to showcase which one of us deserves to be the champion or who is better because I’m the one person who won’t tell a lie even if these idiots in the audience hate it. We’ve both proven we can defeat the other in the middle of this ring.

[Iser then just takes one step toward him not out of aggression but so Diablo really gets the point here from him.]

SI: The Devil of IYH Michael Diablo vs The Ikiryo Seth a Thirty Minute Iron Man match.

BM: What!?

TR: My God!

[The audience lets out a collective gasp at the challenge from Iser to Diablo and for the first time in a few months there’s a semblance of a smirk etched on Iser’s face almost as if he’s really looking forward to this.]

SI: That’s it isn’t it? An Iron Man match between us. We have thirty minutes to determine who is the superior wrestler between the two of us...and I’m wagering the Proving Grounds championship in that match to show that I am indeed a better wrestler than you. And Dawn of the Immortals...appropriate name really…

[Iser then pauses for a minute as he seems to remember some history he’s read up on.]

SI: You didn’t get to wrestle at this event last year did you because of that attack right? Don’t’ll be a memorable experience for you when we settle our dispute and when that dust settles and that thirty minutes expires...guess’ll be me standing over you as if an exorcism happened in this ring and you’ll wish you never had a memory associated with that event because I will STILL be THE Proving Grounds Champion and well...if you don’t like that…

[Iser pauses for a minute and again that smirk is etched on his face.]

SI: It’ll be a thirty minute bad omen for you. See you at Dawn of the Immortals.

[Iser soon glances at Diablo for a minute before he does cede the ring.]

BM: An Iron Man match between perhaps the two most prideful individuals in the company?

TR: They’re both trying to mark their own legacies and territory in their own way.

BM: Diablo’s is more than secure here with how long he’s been here and all that he’s accomplished and Iser’s trying to add Diablo to his own personal legacy while expanding his name and the Bad Omens name in this company and abroad. Who will win between THESE two in thirty minutes?
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: May 9 2018, 08:12 PM

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[The camera cuts backstage to Serena Maxwell in one of the hallways. She is holding a dead bunch of flowers sing to herself.]

SM: I’m getting marrrriiieed…

[Sean Hazard walks into the shot looking frustrated after his loss earlier in the night. He sees what is going in and in a burst of anger grabs the flowers out of her hand and throws them on the floor.]

SH: Its not real you fucking psycho!

[Sean turns to leave as Serena’s bliss turns to anger. As he takes a step she comes up behind him and grabs him by the hair, bouncing his face off of a steel equipment chest.]

SM: You are not invited!

[With that Serena storms out of shot as the camera cuts away.]

user posted image

Six Man Tag Team Match (Non-Title)
Team Fury© and Katie Hanley© vs Bad Omens (Blue Dragon, Kraken, Hellhound)

[The bell rings and Gordon and Dante immediately launch into one another with strikes, Gordon a little upset about the Omen actions understandably and Dante being one of the more hot tempered among the normally hot tempered Omens to begin with! The strikes are fast and heavy and the emotionally charged Gordon has the advantage and he starts driving Dante back. Stella is putting verbal badmouth to Gordon from afar but Kelly tags in as Gordon’s wrestling a more aggressive game than usual. They end up going with their inverted atomic drop, dropkick, bridging reverse chinlock, dropkick sequence before Kelly goes to make a cover but Dante kicks out at one. The Blue Dragon continues barking verbal abuse this time toward Kelly as well with a vulgar middle finger salute but she’s ignoring it due to a more pressing threat. She ends up going double hop moonsault in a quick fashion while she has the opportunity and again a quick cover and again Dante kicks out at one but this time the hot headed Dante uses the momentum of the kick out to roll to his corner and the monstrous Kraken tags in.]

BM: That monster of a man is now in.

TR: And that means everyone is in trouble.

BM: I hate to agree with you but…

TR: Why’s that?

BM: It’d take three entire seasons to divulge into all the reasons why but…

[Kelly ends up scaling the top rope and the monstrous Kraken just gestures for her to try it and she launches up with a missile dropkick and that gets him on his back foot wobbling a little. She immediately kips up and starts firing more rights to try to get him to wobble more and then she starts to dash and try to get a running move to finish him off but Kraken just catches her coming in and slams her down as hard as he can with a vicious spinebuster. Stella cackles from the corner in joy as the cheers that the audience were going off with turns into viciferous boos. He does a cover but Kelly does kick out at two and she’s coughing for breath and at this point Stella is tagged in and the cocky demeanor is gone from her at this point...she’s sneering down at her in disgust. Kelly is trying to get to her feet as fast as possible but a step up enziguri puts her back down and she just goes right for a camel clutch. A more determined look...intent on proving herself. Kelly uses her flexibility to get out of the predicament and as soon as Stella turns around...Kelly just dares her to give it a whirl...and The Blue Dragon charges with a clothesline but Kelly does the matrix to get out of the blow before rolling forward to tag Katie and she sprints in and takes the Blue Dragon down with a running STO and she smartly ends up rolling toward her corner after the blow and Dante tags right back in and Katie has to be on her high horse.]

BM: I feel absolutely sorry for the ref trying to keep track of all of this.

TR: I kind of envy him a little considering who we are looking at.

BM: You would but I don’t. The Omens could manipulate things at any time.

[Katie starts to soften Dante up with high speed strikes to the quad. It’s at this point that Marcus does start to make a move from his corner and when the ref sees that, Stella manages to climb the top rope from a neutral corner and Katie sees this just a second too late and she leaps off with a blockbuster before rolling out of the ring. Gordon barks out angrily at the ref and at this point Dante begins a methodical, cocky assault where he ends up deciding to show off a little bit with a standing moonsault just because he could. Katie does kick out at two but this doesn’t seem to threaten him much. In fact he’s almost amused and happy by this before he ends up tagging Marcus in. Marcus soon catches Katie in a vicious looking side backbreaker and holds her there and then Dante leaps off the top rope and comes down with a leg drop over Katie’s sternum in a double team move. Marcus doesn’t even bother going for a cover though...he’d want to punish her a little bit more and this time tags Stella in. Marcus ends up putting Katie in that electric chair position and Katie is trying to rana out of the position but Marcus won’t let her at all and flings her back into position with his strength before Stella leaps high into the air and clotheslines her and when that happens Marcus just flips Katie into the air to make her landing even worse on the canvas! At this point Stella goes for the cover but Kelly baseball slides Stella at two in to make sure there’s no three count!]

BM: Any combination of the Omens can come up with a tandem move. Any single one of them.

TR: That’s why they’re the most dangerous faction in the world!

[Stella’s the most frustrated of the three Omens that she didn’t get the pinfall and she does lash out with a kick to the small of the back before Dante is tagged back in quickly and he’s lining her up for that Vestibule of Hell(running knee strike to the head) and as soon as she gets up he delivers that move and goes for the cover with Stella pointing at Dante to keep an eye for incoming Team Fury but Katie does kick out on two all by herself. It’s at this point that Dante again just smirks down in arrogance and he’s trying to go for the Straight to Hell((Underhook facelock drop) but moment Katie feels that coming she spins out...kicks Dante in the stomach and then hits that switchblade kick but that took everything she had for the moment!]

BM: Beautiful counter but she needs to get to the corner.

TR: But there might be bigger problems coming around the corner here.

[Dante is moving his jaw and starts rolling to his corner while the crowd is willing Katie to crawl to her corner. Stella aggressively tags in but Katie leaps into the air and tags in Gordon! Gordon soon runs in and clotheslines Stella as hard as she can once...and then twice as soon as she gets right back up and a third time. He sees The Kraken coming in and he springsboards off to go shining wizard and that wobbles the big man. At this point Kelly comes in and the duo launch a pair of dropkicks to get him wobbled a little more to disrupt him and at this point the ref is losing complete control of this situation trying to shoo off any and all illegal parties opting not to want to DQ anyone. Dante uses this opportunity to pull Kelly out of the ring and chuck her into the apron to try to end any and all double teams while he has that chance. He then gets on the apron to gloat about it to infuriate the audience and then turns back toward the ring and into a spinning backfist from an angry Gordon that sends down. This is all the opportunity Stella needs though as just leaps on Gordon’s head and spikes him with a reverse rana before legally tagging The Kraken in.]

BM: Once again the Omens attack in swarms.

TR: This time it’s Gordon who feels it. I think he might be getting wrecked.


[Marcus stalks his prey as Gordon gets up and he’s hammered down by this behemoth of a man with one clubbing blow and when Marcus hits go down. He soon pulls Gordon up by one hand and hooks him and hits Blackened(Single underhook DDT) and he goes for a cover but Katie Hanley this time has recovered enough to at least break up the pinfall and that just gets her a stern stare from this monster before he just blatantly chokes Gordon while the ref is shooing Katie away to her corner. The ref returns and does his usual five count and Marcus just breaks at four raising his hand up at five and Stella shouts from the corner ‘He had until five anyway fuckhead!’]

TR: Stella would make a better official than the idiot we have in there now.

BM: I’m sure she’d enforce every single rule when an Omen member is breaking it…

[Kelly has found herself back into her corner and she’s in slightly better shape than Katie considering the mass amount of punishment Katie took earlier but Gordon continues to have to deal with this mountain of a man because the assault on the spine continues with a chokeslam backbreaker. At this point a tag to Stella follows before she then swiftly tags Dante. Marcus picks Gordon up and bodyslams him as Dante starts to climb to the top rope. Stella springboards in with a splash before rolling out of the way before Dante then completes the triple team with a corkscrew shooting star! He goes for the cover but Kelly breaks it up at two.]


BM: The Omens sure as hell are inventive at manipulating that five count.

[Dante’s temper starts to go through as he throws a few mounted punches growling that Gordon should’ve just stayed down. Soon enough the moment he starts to get up and glares at the ref about being admonished about the punches Gordon sees an offensive opportunity from the ground and wraps his legs around Dante to take him down and then he just delivers a grounded shining wizard rather than a usual springboard one seeing a chance. Soon he rolls to his side and tags Kelly in and as soon as Dante starts to get to his feet he’s decapitated with a Sweet Dreams! She ends up floating into a cover but Stella ends up pulling Kelly off of the cover from the outside at two after sneaking her way there. Stella ends up mouthing off to Kelly but Katie sees a big chance and runs on the apron from one side to the other and as soon as Stella turns around she’s kicked hard in the jaw!]

BM: I think Stella’s next tattoo might be an imprint of Katie’s foot on her chin!

TR: That was illegal!

BM: Just like the many things the Omens have done in this match?

[It’s at this point where Marcus makes a protective move going after Katie and Katie is trying to chop the big redwood down but he just flings her over the top rope into the ring while Kelly turns around and sees this mountain of a man try to come in...but both she and the resilient Katie dropkick him away and he lands on the apron. The ref isn’t using his five count because of all this mass insanity. Marcus again tries to make a move toward the apron but this time it’s Gordon who leaps in as best he can and springboards with his shining wizard and that drops him to a knee and the second is a buzzsaw kick to complete The Double Tap and that finally gets him to fall. While this is going on Dante ends up chucking Katie to the outside on the opposite end. Kelly doesn’t hesitate though and just quickly scales to the top and then leaps high to the outside and drops the Kel-bro drop to the outside to try to incapacitate the monster! She’s hurting for sure but Marcus for the first time all match seems out for a bit!]

BM: Oh my God! That wasn’t the normal Maximum Fury but that was certainly a hell of a way to take someone out!

TR: It’s not fair! Why do they always gang up on Marcus like this!?

[Kelly grunts up shaking her arm and side from this crazy high risk that almost had to be taken in this situation as the ref has to do a ten count as she is still legal. Gordon finally returns to his corner as some order is starting to be had. Stella has recovered from the kick and ends up slamming Kelly face first onto the apron before rolling her out of the ring but Dante had pulled the ref’s attention there by mouthing off. Gordon is growling in agitation about the ref’s lack of consistency from his corner now. But soon Dante tags in Stella and the two flashiest wrestlers of the Bad Omens end up combining Stella’s dragon suplex with Dante’s bicycle kick in a combination and it’s a pinning predicament! But Gordon sweeps Stella’s legs to break up the pin.]

BM: Another double team we wouldn’t expect.

TR: Stay in your corner Gordon!

BM: After what the Omens started are you kidding me!?

[Stella ends up climbing the top rope and just begging for Kelly to get to her feet with her eyes frothing with rage and determination to intensely prove herself. As soon as Kelly is able to stumble up Stella launches the Dragon’s Breath but Kelly moves out of the way and Stella crashes hard on the mat. The two ladies roll to their corners and both make a tag. Stella to Dante and Kelly to Katie. And Dante tries to fire up some wild strikes but Katie chops him down to size with stiff kicks to the back of his leg and then the Running Yakuza Kick! She ends up going for a cover but Stella in her desperation fighting through the pain launches through and intervenes and breaks up the cover. At this point Gordon comes in and chucks Stella out of the ring, sick of her intervening and having her land hard. Marcus is trying to rise up but the impact on the apron and the elbow make it hard for him to get back up.]


BM: He has a five count to leave and only used two seconds of it.

[It’s at this point that Dante ends up realizing he’s kind of on an island to himself for the moment...and he tries to get up and launch an angry assault at Katie just to kick kicked in the kneecap as hard as he can and then Katie hits the One Kick(to drop them all)! Instead of going for the cover she notices Stella slinking around and tags in Gordon who then quickly tags in Kelly and they have their own triple team plan! Katie ends up diving to the outside in a preemptive strike to neutralize Stella and then to make sure Dante is down for good Gordon and Kelly end up doing their team finish...Maximum Fury! Kelly shakes her elbow from having to do that elbow drop a second time in the match but makes the cover on Dante!]





TH: Here are the winners of the match...Team Fury and Katie Hanley!

[‘Aftermath’ by Sonic Syndicate plays as the three champions have their hands raised and at that point Marcus has risen and looks pissed off from the outside. Stella is muttering darkly to herself about this but the two Omens drag Dante from the ring and the three have to retreat while the champions celebrate to the extremely happy and adoring audience raising up the tag titles.]

BM: The champions prevail tonight in a breathtaking contest but the Omens will have their eye on revenge.

TR: It’s their final hope before it gets crushed.

BM: That might be the case but it might not...we have one last show where we answer those questions and many more in our season finale!

user posted image

[Craig Anderson and Owen Gonsalves, collectively known as The Vision, are stood in the ring to huge fanfare. The two men, each fantastic performers in their own right, nod at one another.]

OG: Aye, are we enjoying the show tonight?!

[The crowd responds positively, which causes Gonsalves to beam.]

OG: Bloody alright then! With that in mind, please excuse a pair of acrobats like us getting in here and stopping the flow. Craig will agree when I say that we've both spent a lot of this season putting our work in this ring instead of talking in it but...this is quite the different occasion. So please do bear with us...

[Owen takes a step back, allowing Craig to take the spotlight.]

CA: For the past eighteen months, In Your House has been a home to me. I was part of the very first season, and now season two is coming to an end and I have no idea where all the time went. Time flies by in IYHWF, because each week is something completely different. Ruckus by name, ruckus by nature huh?

[Craig takes a pause to capture his thoughts, but it's very brief.]

CA: With the end of a season comes speculation about the future, though - and there's rumours going round about pretty much everybody on the roster. There's excitement on who we will see in season three, but equally apprehension about who we will be losing in season two. This is the nature of the beast. It happens in every sport. Now, usually I'd not address the rumours head-on. But you wonderful people have welcomed me for a year and a half - except that one time with the flag, but we'll let that slide.

[Craig shares a laugh with the crowd.]

CA: I love coming to Australia. The atmosphere in the crowd is incredible, unlike anything else. There's not many places you'd get an entire venue singing "My Heart Will Go On" just because a British idiot made a joke on Twitter. That's a memory I'll laugh about every single day.

[Right on cue, the audience bursts into the chorus of the aforementioned song, much to Craig's amusement.]

CA: I have so many wonderful memories here, and I'm sure that season three has so much more in store. I'm truly excited about the future of this company. Unfortunately, my contract is up and I won't be renewing.

[The crowd boo, not wanting him to leave.]

CA: Now, now. This was by no means an easy decision to make. If you remember, before season two started there was the very real possibility that I would be refused a new visa. I've had an extra year here, and during that time I became the first ever Rapid Fire Champion.

[The crowd turn to cheers, before chanting "Thank you Craig-o!" repeatedly.]

CA: No, thank you. Thanks to all of you, I've had the greatest eighteen months of my life. If it wasn't for you, I'd never have made it in Japan. You're a hostile crowd, and I love it. I make one honest mistake on my first day and I get pounded for it. It's beautiful. You've given this flippy douchebag the chance to live his dream, and for that I'll be forever in your debt.

[Craig wipes a tear from his eye.]

CA: Now, in terms of individual thank yous, I'd like to start off by thanking Mr. Cryptic for taking a chance on me. I'd like to think that I've given him a return on his investment, but still. I'd also like to thank my wife, who before she even started wrestling here came to every single show that I was at. Although, I probably shouldn't be thanking her because she's bloody well better than me now!

[Craig laughs again, before the crowd give Jessica a round of applause.]

CA: Thank you to the man stood in the ring with me: Owen Gonsalves. He's a nutter. Probably the only person on the roster who wrestles more than me. He's a tremendous father, and a wonderful friend. I don't know what the future holds for him in this company, but I can promise you that our time as a team is not coming to an end. We're just getting started!

[That announcement brings the biggest pop so far.]

CA: I'd like to thank each and every person who has ever shared this ring with me. I couldn't do what I do without each and every one of you!

[Without warning, E-40’s “Go Hard or Go Home” starts blasting over the PA, cutting Craig off and confusing both halves of the Vision. A couple seconds later, a purple convertible emerges from backstage, rolling forward as Hyphy Machinery stand perched atop it. The crowd give Dontell and Jason a warm reception, which the two gladly soak in before Dontell pulls out a mic from the front pocket of his hoodie.]

DP: Hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up a second!

[Dontell hops off the front of the car and onto the entrance ramp, while Jason climbs down into the driver’s seat to stop the car, then grabs a mic of his own from the cup holder in the middle and steps out.]

JM: We ain’t tryna be y’all feelin’, Melbourne?

[As the crowd responds with a wave of cheers, Hyphy Machinery walk up into the ring to stand face-to-face with the Vision.]

JM: A’ight, look, Craig, we REALLY ain’t out here to spoil your moment.

DP: Nope.

JM: We know how tough of a decision leavin’s gotta be.

DP: Yup.

JM: We know how much love these people got for y’all, ain’t that right?

[Hyphy Machinery lower their mics for a few moments and just let the crowd noise and the chants of “VISION! VISION!” speak for themselves until they feel like it’s quieted down enough to start up again.]

DP: But before you go, Craig, we got a lil’ somethin’ we need to ask the both of y’all...

[The Oakland duo turn to look at each other.]

DP: Want me to tell ‘em, Jason?

JM: Tell ‘em, Dontell!

[The two turn their focus back to the Vision.]

DP: See, we came to this house for one reason and one reason only

JM: What’s that?

DP: To go toe-to-toe with greatness.

JM: Okay!

DP: To get a challenge we can’t get no place else.

JM: Okay!

DP: To show the whole fuckin’ world that the most elite tag division on the planet lives right here in this house.

JM: Okay!

DP: And every time we come to Australia…

JM: ...every time we go back to Oakland…

DP: ...everybody we meet that knows what we get up to out here, they wanna know the same damn thing.

JM: When we gettin’ Hyphy Machinery versus the Vision?

[Almost immediately, a jolt of anticipation hits the crowd like lightning. Dontell and Jason look around, listening to the response, and start nodding, their smiles even wider than before. This is exactly the reaction they were hoping for, and then some.]

CA: I dunno guys, I'm not sure that's a match that people want to see…

[Of course, Craig was baiting the crowd. But they take it anyway, erupting to show they want it to happen.]

CA: Well, that's me sold on it. Now you've just got to convince Speedy Gonzales!

[Craig turns to Owen, with his trademark cheeky grin.]

OG: Gonsalves! That's G-O-N...S-A-L...V-ES!

[Gonsalves’ response gets a pop from the crowd and a chuckle from his tag team partner.]

OG: First of all, let's get one thing out of the way...Let it be known that there would not be an IYHWF without Craig Anderson, he is the very essence of what this company is about and he has left his grubby hands all over it. He's part of the DNA that makes this place, but when the world comes calling our Biscuit Hero responds. It'll be a true loss losing this flippy fuck, but that's for another time...We got business to attend to, ladies and gentlemen...HYPHY MACHINERY!

[Gonsalves smirks and points up to the ramp at the two men who respond with nods as the crowd give them a receptive cheer.]

OG: Right? Right? Two men who have brought life to one of the best tag divisions on planet earth today. They bring diversity, intensity and a global level of athleticism that, some might say, have yet to have been matched yet. But them boys? That machinery? They ain't never stepped in the ring to deal with some...flippy shit. So this, this could be special and I say we do it!

[With the approval of all four men, the crowd roars with approval at the prospect of such a match.]

OG: ...But I say we use this to give Craig Anderson a bloody good send off, this is a match that needs to be seen on the biggest stage possible here in In Your House. So lads, if you're free...say on Dawn Of The Immortals night? We can do this then.

[Hyphy Machinery look at each other with practically the same “Ooooh, shit!” face, then turn back to the Vision.]

JM: Y’all want us at Dawn of the Immortals?

[Jason turns to the crowd.]

JM: I said, y’all want us at Dawn of the Immortals?

[The crowd immediately cheers their answer at all four men.]

DP: Y’all fuckin’ got it! Let’s go!

[Dontell and Jason reach in for sudden, firm handshakes, which the Vision accept after they get over their initial surprise, and we fade out on the two teams in a friendly staredown as the crowd breaks into dueling chants for both sides.]

user posted image

Singles Match (Non-Title)
Shawn Fox© vs Banshee

[Before the match begins, Banshee waits inside the ring while the rest of Bad Omens greet Shawn Fox as he makes his entrance. Stella Winters screams at Shawn, daring him to “come get it”. Dante Locke too throws insults at the IYH champion while Marcus Blackbeard and Proving Grounds champion Seth Iser are the calmer ones yet still glare at him menacingly. At this point, the fans are not having it as they jeer their hearts out at Bad Omens for this unfair tactic. Shawn takes another step forward down the ramp before jerking back when the four of them do the same, keeping themselves nicely spread out at the foot of the ramp. There’s just no way for Shawn to go past them without getting attacked which he’s sure they would do, sensing from their snarling faces.]

BM: Oh no, this is bad… This looks really, really, bad. Mr Cryptic said earlier in the night that if the Bad Omens got involved once the bell rang Banshee would be fired, so it looks like they are making sure to get their licks in /before/ the bell rings!

TR: BRILLIANT play by the Bad Omens. With them all lined up outside the ring, how the fuck is Shawn gonna get in there for the match??

[And so Shawn continues to backtrack and scratches his head in clear distress. Banshee grins from inside the ring, clearly enjoying this. To make matters worse, Bad Omens promptly close in on the distance as they follow Shawn up the ramp. Shawn hurries backwards to the top of the stage and grasps his IYH championship with both hands like a weapon.]

BM: Careful, Shawn! This won’t end well!

TR: He’s not even gonna make it to the ring! Bad Omens are gonna torture the hell out of him first before tossing him to Banshee for an easy victory!

BM: That can’t be! How is Cryptic letting this happen??

TR: Well, technically, the match hasn’t started yet! The bell hasn’t rung!

[When Shawn’s back touches the stage curtains, the fans get in an uproar at the impending 4-on-1 assault until they break out into relieved cheers; the Tag Team champions Team Fury and Rapid Fire champion Katie Hanley burst through the curtains from either side of Shawn who cracks a knowing smile. The four champions rally and charge at the four members of Bad Omens, much to their shock.]

BM: Yes!!!! The cavalry is here!!!

TR: Cavalry?! It’s just Gordon, Kelly and Katie!

BM: And they’re champions!!! Time to put Bad Omens in their place!!!

[Despite that, Bad Omens fight back as a huge brawl breaks out on the stage that spills down the ramp. The fans go ballistic; Shawn goes through Dante first, then gets beaten up by Marcus, before ducking around safely past them, leaving Team Fury to keep their challengers busy. Shawn gets decked with a punch by Stella before Seth tackles from the other side. Katie quickly evens the odds by joining Shawn’s side and together, they hold their own against Stella and Seth. The fight gets more heated and soon enough, with his quick thinking, Shawn manages to fight his way through and enter the ring, where Banshee awaits.]

TR: Boss fight!!! Somehow Shawn made it through the madness!

BM: And comes face to face with another brand of crazy! Will Banshee get her title shot tonight?!

TR: She’s doing everything she can to get it, that’s for sure!

BM: Let the match officially begin!


[While security finally breaks up the action outside, Shawn seems a little bit winded as he enters the ring and Banshee swoops in on him with forearm shots. Still on his knees, Shawn fights back with body shots before Banshee backs away, only to retaliate with a kick to his chest and an uppercut knee. Shawn falls sideways on the mat and attempts to roll away to get some distance. But Banshee isn’t letting him as she stomps away on him before pulling him up to bite his forehead. The referee rushes over to separate them while shooting warnings at Banshee. But luckily Shawn is prepared for it somehow and is quick enough to stop her before she can do any real damage. Back on his feet, Shawn then charges at Banshee who ducks, leaving him to bounce off the ropes. On his return, Shawn misses a clothesline attempt as Banshee drops flat on her belly. In the next collision, Banshee counters with an arm drag. Shawn gets up and dashes towards Banshee but she rolls out of the way. Shawn stops himself before the ropes before spinning on his heels, just in time for Banshee to charge at him for a wheelbarrow spike DDT. But it doesn’t connect as Shawn manages to block it and reverse with a semi awkward yet still effective flatliner. Shawn goes for the quick cover before Banshee kicks out at one.]

BM: Banshee nearly getting Shawn there with the wheelbarrow spike DDT but the champ reversed it just in time!

TR: His flatliner counter looked a little awkward though! He almost couldn’t pull it off, is someone getting tired?

BM: Probably or the angle is just a little off!

[Flipping over, Banshee quickly crawls away to get to the ropes and pulls herself up. Shawn goes for a body kick but Banshee catches his leg and throws it away, sending him in a spin. Shawn misses a leg whip as Banshee ducks before hitting him with elbow shots that has him backing into the corner. Banshee irish whips Shawn to the opposite corner but he reverses the throw, sending her there instead. Shawn charges at Banshee who counters with yet another elbow to the face, sending him staggering back. Banshee climbs up on the middle tier turnbuckle and lets out a bloodcurdling shriek before connecting with a missile dropkick. Shawn falls back on the mat, allowing Banshee to pin. But it only gets to two. Banshee wastes no time to climb to the top rope as Shawn slowly gets to his feet. Banshee hits a crossbody but Shawn uses the momentum to roll it into a small package pin, nearly getting himself a three. Banshee is livid as she slaps the mat, gritting her teeth. Shawn beckons Banshee over and she charges at him, only to get countered with a drop toehold that immediately connects with his Fujiwara armbar signature, Fox Me, Fox You. The crowd roars in approval as Banshee scrambles for the nearest rope while Shawn tries to lock it in fully. When Banshee graps the bottom rope, Shawn has no choice but to let go, much to the disappointment of the fans.]

BM: That was a short-lived Fox Me, Fox You, but I’m pretty sure that still dealt some damage on Banshee!

TR: I think so too, Bry! As much as I hate to admit it, Shawn is a smart wrestler and champion. He knows exactly where he is at all times in order to pull off moves almost out of nowhere!

[Banshee slowly pulls herself up as Shawn proceeds to ground her with forearm shots. Banshee drops back on one knee, dazed. Shawn hits the ropes behind before delivering an impressive axe kick. The fans cheer with full confidence for a victory here but Banshee manages to put her foot on the rope just before three, drawing boos around the arena. Shawn sighs with disappointment as he takes his time to catch his breath. Shawn slowly gets to his feet while Banshee pulls herself up with the aid of the ropes, still looking a little dazed. Shawn keeps Banshee down with more forearm shots before backing up for a leaping clothesline but she sidesteps him and this time, it’s her turn to turn his momentum against him by tossing him over the ropes. But unfortunately for Shawn, his arm gets caught with the ropes in the tumble. Taking advantage of the situation, Banshee immediately pounces on Shawn by yanking his shoulder like crazy, much to the vocal dismay of the crowd. The referee intervenes and Banshee eventually relents, leaving him to help free Shawn from the ropes. As soon as Shawn gets untangled, he kneels on the ring apron to recover. Banshee reaches out to grab Shawn’s arm to connect with an armbreaker on the bottom rope. Shawn cries out in agony as he grips his shoulder. Banshee drags the champ back inside the ring and hastily goes for the cover. But somehow Shawn kicks out at two, leaving Banshee absolutely frustrated. Banshee takes it out on Shawn with multiple stomps on his already hurt shoulder before the referee steps in to separate them. While the referee checks on Shawn, Banshee slips out of the ring to grab the IYH championship from its safekeeping by the announcers table.]

BM: Oh come on, Banshee! Really?!

TR: Wow, she’s pulling out ALL the stops to get that title shot!

BM: But right in front of the referee? What’s the point then? If he sees her smash Shawn’s face with that title, she’ll get disqualified!

TR: You’re right, Bry! But I think Banshee just snapped! She’s not thinking about winning, she just wants to hurt him! His shoulder gotta feel like it’s on fire right now!

[With Shawn still writhing in pain, Banshee raises the title belt as if it were hers which pisses off the crowd. Then Banshee grins before sliding back into the ring with the title, a sinister plot brewing in her head. But for some reason, when the referee turns around, Banshee tosses the belt away and he goes after it, shaking his head with a warning for her. As the referee turns to put away the title belt, Shawn finally gets to his feet before Banshee hits him with a low blow that has him crumbling to his knees.]

BM: Low blow!!! And the referee didn’t see it!!!

TR: You know the rules, Bry! Don’t see, don’t know!!!

BM: That’s not the rules and you know it!!!

[The entire arena is drowned out by jeers, seeing Shawn lying compromised on the canvas. The referee returns to the ring as Banshee rolls Shawn over to lock his hurt arm in her arm-trap crossface finisher, Hand of Fate. Shawn almost immediately taps out.]


TH: And here’s your winner… Banshee!

BM: I can’t believe it! Banshee’s the new #1 contender for the IYH championship!!

TR: Shit! And she nearly pulled Shawn’s arm off for it too!!

[“The Daughter of Darkness” by Peter Gundry fills the arena as Banshee continues to agonise Shawn, refusing to let go. The referee has to physically pull her away before she releases him. Pulling herself to her feet, Banshee soaks in the hostile reaction from the Melbourne crowd while Shawn lies on his back, gripping his hurt shoulder.]

BM: My god, she may have hurt Shawn. What could this mean going into Dawn of the Immortals?


BM: I fear you may not be wrong, but we've seen Shawn overcome the odds before. That's all the time we have for tonight, our final Ruckus show. Join us next Sunday in Sydney for night one of Dawn of the Immortals, GOODNIGHT!

[The scene cuts to the IYHWF logo, before fading to black.]
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