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 Dawn of the Immortals, Night One
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: May 15 2018, 01:57 PM

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[The cameras start rolling within the Qudos Bank arena in Sydney for the biggest and final IYHWF show of the season. The camera pans across various fanmade signs before resting on the announce table.]

BM: We made it guys, it’s been a long journey but it’s finally Night One of Dawn of the Immortals and what a show we have for you tonight.

TR: Kicking things off is the bittersweet match against Ash Fi and Jessica Anderson. It’s of course bittersweet cause my love, Jessica Anderson, has decided not to renew her contract here at the company. I LOVE YOU JESS, CALL ME!

BM: Jessica will absolutely be missed here, but we all wish her the best in her future. Last week, Sean Hazard decided he was going to take his losing streak out on Serena Maxwell and got his face slammed against some of the equipment backstage. Cryptic decided to throw those two in a match tonight before things erupted further. Fans are hoping Sean walks away with the win, but with how he’s been lately, it’s really anyones game.

TR: Then in the first championship match of the night, “The Blue Dragon” has a chance against Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley. People have been calling Stella “the weak link” of The Bad Omens since she failed to become the IYH champion in her match with Shawn, not to mention the disgusting allegations about how she is protected due to her relationship with Mr Cryptic. She has all the ammo in the world to prove people wrong here tonight.

BM: Following that, Mr Cryptic decided to reward some of the tag teams by making a triple threat tag team match and the prize is a guaranteed shot at the Tag Team Championships in season three. But who will walk away with the prize, Jetpack, Southern Hostility or Layton & Fenric? It really is anyones match.

TR: And in the Main Event, the Proving Grounds Championship is on the line in a thirty minute iron man match. What better competitors to compete in this match than “The Ikiryo” Seth Iser and “The Devil” Michael Diablo?!

BM: It’s one hell of an ending for night one and as we remember from last years Dawn of the Immortals, anything can happen tonight. Lets get on with the show.

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[The operatic sounds of "The Flower Duet" echo through the corridors, but no one dare go near the open lockerroom door it's coming from. Well- except us, of course! As we get closer, we peak around the corner to see inside, where a face stares back at us. Its...Diamond Jack Sabbath!

Well, a giant portrait of him, anyway.

Sat cross-legged facing the painting, Serena Maxwell is unaware of our presence, it seems. As she inhales slowly, she continues to murmur whatever it was she was saying before we appeared.]

SM: ...And they'll never understand. Not like you. Not like you do. You saaaaiiidd sooooo...

[She reaches forward, putting her hand on the painting with a big bang.]

SM: But after tonight, it begins. The Biggest Day. The day the Great Foretold told me would come. We need to be safe, Jack. We need to be safe from what's going to happen. That's why I need you to bond with me at World's Collide, I need your SPECTRAL ENERGY and you need me. To TRANSCEND. As the world ends, we will become beings of mere conscience with myself as your BRIDE and you as my HUSBAND. They'll all see it. The prophecy will come true. The stars will go out in Winter, and all the world had to do to stop it...

[Serena stands up and turns, holding her arms out. As we see her more closely, it is clear she is in a black and white version of her ring gear...but head to toe in black body-paint, pure red contacts in her eyes. Her teeth are covered by Jack's mouthguard, her hair is half-braided and half-messy and she is wearing the tiara of a bride on her head. She looks positively demonic.]

SM: ...was Tell Me I'm Special. Beginning tonight...I Am Immortal.

[Serena briefly notices us, but clearly this camera man has seen enough as he darts off, leaving us with the sound of Serena's horrific, screeching laughter in the distance as we go to our next segment.]

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Singles Match
Jessica Anderson vs Ash Fi


[The match begins with Ash offering a hand to Jessica, which the Englishwoman is momentarily suspicious of, but eventually the two shake hands and step back. Both move in for a lock up, with the bigger Welsh woman driving her opponent back into the corner. The lockup gets broken almost immediately, but once they’re separate, Ash hits a knife edge chop across Jessica’s chest that echoes through the room, drawing “oooooo”s from the audience. Jessica stumbles from corner to corner, but Ash just follows her, delivering a chop in all four corners. She goes to the well once too often, though, and as she winds up a fifth chop, Jessica ducks underneath, spinning behind Ash and dropkicking her into the corner.]

[Jessica wastes no time, grabbing a side headlock on her Welsh opponent, springing off the middle rope and dropping her with a bulldog. Ash starts to get up, but Jessica hits a dropkick to the ribs that knock Ash to her back. The Worcester native gets back to her feet, then drops into a senton, all of her weight across Ash’s stomach. She hooks a leg for a quick pinfall...]




BM: Jessica almost had the win, but Ash kicked out just in the nick of time


BM: Stop it.

[Ash kicks out, but Jessica doesn’t bother arguing the count. She just goes back to work, stomping on Ash’s midsection to keep her down. She glances over her shoulder a couple times, then moves to the nearest corner, springboarding off both middle and top rope into a moonsault...but Ash rolls out of the way! Jessica eats nothing both canvas, and the Welsh woman has a few valuable moments to catch her breath, and pulls herself to her feet. As Jessica gasps for air and pushes herself up, Ash rushes in and hits a strong knee lift, straightening Jessica right up--and setting her up perfectly for a reverse headlock backbreaker! Ash hooks the far leg...]




TR: PHEW! I Knew Jessica would kick out in time.

BM: Barely. What an upset it would have been.

[Jessica rolls her shoulder up, just in time. Ash gets up to her feet, keeping one eye on Jessica, before moving to the ropes...she hits a springboard of her own, twisting into a Crann Tabhaill (corkscrew roundhouse kick)...but Jessica’s able to duck out of the way, rebounding off the ropes and knocking Ash on her back with the Ass Kisser (Hip Attack). Jessica pulls Ash back up to a seated position, and hits the Ass Kisser a second time! She hooks the far leg with her arms, the near leg with her legs...]






BM: I know you want Jessica to win, but the ref made the right call.

[Ash throws her shoulder up at the last possible second, and Jessica actually looks frustrated at this point. She exhales a long breath, then gets up to her feet, pulling Ash up with her. Ash fights back, punches and forearms to the midsection driving Jessica away, before a strong forearm to the jaw rocks the Englishwoman. Ash takes a deep breath, rushing in for the Gae Bulg (Nomisugi Knee), but Jessica pirouettes out of the way, catching Ash by the head and dropping her with Bonne Nuit (Headlock Driver)! She doesn’t seem to think it’s going to be enough--or maybe just wants to steal one more show in front of the IYH faithful; either way, she drags Ash into place, climbs to the top rope, and hits the Show Stealer (Corkscrew 620 Senton)! She stays laid across Ash, not even physically able to hook the leg by this point.]




TH: Here is your winner….JESSICA ANDERSON!!


BM: An amazing match by an amazing competitor, you will be missed Jessica.

[As Jessica gets back to her feet she has her arm raised in victory by the referee. The crowds start a “THANK YOU JESS” chant which leaves Jessica looking a little emotional. Jessica Anderson calmly requests a microphone. She stands as she receives a standing ovation from the audience, who are thanking her for all her efforts in the company.]

Jessica Anderson: Lord, is Ash Fi a tough competitor or what? She pushed me to my limit tonight. She's got a bright future ahead of her.

[Jessica begins to massage herself, feeling the effects of the hard fought victory.]

Jessica Anderson: As I'm sure most of you already know by now, tonight is my final night as a member of the IYHWF roster. It's been a truly incredible feeling, a humbling experience. I've wrestled some incredible matches here. I've had my ups, I've had my fair share of downs. I feel like I've truly paid my dues here in this beautiful country, and the fantastic 2017 I had started right here. I've put my heart and my soul into this company, so it fills me with immense pride to know that the Rapid Fire division will be in tremendous shape when I leave. That's my baby; my lasting legacy in this company.

[Jessica almost starts to cry, touched by the crowd's support.]

Jessica Anderson: Season Two has been absolutely fantastic, and I am thrilled to have played an integral part of it. I hope, and predict that Season Three will bring with it even more excitement, action and in the way that only this company can: ruckus. It breaks my heart knowing that I won't get to experience it first hand, but to have been given such a beautiful send off tonight is more than I could have ever asked for. So thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Without you, there would be no Jessica Anderson!

[Jessica bends over to carefully place the microphone on the canvas, before waving and blowing kisses to the crowd. With a few tears flowing from her eyes, she makes her way to the back to a huge fanfare.]

BM: Are you ok Tats?

TR: I’m not crying, you’re crying. Lets cut to backstage...something is going on there I’m sure.

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[In a quiet corner backstage, we join half of a team who've got themselves in a bit of trouble over the last week or so, based purely on conjecture. Adam Fenric plants his forehead on the ground (with his cloak acting as a little carpet), pushing his back up, placing his hands behind his back and locking his knees, sort of looking like an ostrich with it's head in the sand, rolling between his forehead and the very top of his head. After a few seconds of this, he stops and safely drops his knees to the ground before squatting to a standing position.

On top of a big black box, he has a stopwatch, a small notebook and a pen. With a 'beep!' he stops the stopwatch, observing it for a few seconds before turning his nose up at it and writing in his notebook. He can do better- he knows he can. But he hasn't enough time to think about this- as he turns to continue his exercise warmup, he stops right in his tracks. Stood at the other side of the corridor is a ghost from his past.]

??: 'It's Pikey and the Brain! It's Pikey and the Brain! One is a gypsy, the other's insane!" Well, you could make an argument for her too, I guess, but I don't wanna say that when she's not here to defend herself. That'd be unfair of me and I'm all about fairness, as we all know.

AF: What on Earth are you doing here?

[Stepping into our view is none other than Richard J Maxwell- former General Manager of XWA Massacre, creator of Whisper's War, Mastermind for hire and all-round sleazy lunatic. Though you wouldn't think it- he's still as sharply-dressed as ever.]

RJM: You're not very welcoming, Adam. What did I ever do to you?

AF: You turned my entire family against me and attempted to deliberately sabotage the careers of both myself and Emery because we wouldn't join your group.

RJM: See that's just you focusing on the bad stuff. Actually, where is your silly little friend these days?

AF: Resting. She is recovering from a concussion.

RJM: *Tut* Always 'recovering from', never 'suffering horribly', I am frequently disappointed. You've not kicked Morales to the curb yet either, I'd think. I didn't match you two up just for her to go off gallivanting with other people.

AF: You are avoiding answering my question.

RJM: Relax, Adam! I'm just popping in, having a look around...but mainly, I'm here to see my sister, have a little chat about this whole 'wedding' business.

AF: Ah. Well...someone needs to, I suppose- it's getting rather ridiculous.

[Maxwell grins.]

RJM: Ridiculous? No way, I think it's wonderful. She's the happiest I've ever seen her! Why Serena wants me to give her away. It's gonna be the Biggest Day!

AF: She's sick, Maxwell. How could you honestly believe that a person could marry someone's 'spiritual energy'?

RJM: Oh I never said I believed it, I just said she's happy.

AF: I cannot believe you. She clearly needs psychological help and you are encouraging her to follow her...her fanatical delusions.

[Richard J Maxwell shrugs.]

RJM: Who am I to tell my family what they should and shouldn't do? I mean look how that worked out for you- you tried to lead yours like a cult and they came to me. Although to be fair, they were a bit useless. War Enforcement did me a huge favor the day they got rid of them for me. Made a massive stain on the carpet though--

[Adam takes a big, forceful step forward, his eyes locked on Maxwell. The Consulting Aggressor puts his finger out, waving the Futurist off]

RJM: Ah-ah-ah! I really wouldn't, Adam! Think about it- first you accuse Aussie boss of conspiracy, next you're found beating the hell out of your ex-boss at the BIGGEST show on IYH's calendar...doesn't bode well, does it? I thought you were a logical person.

[And that's enough. Adam backs up, using every fiber of his being to not hit Maxwell. The former Massacre General Manager smirks.]

RJM: There. Much nicer. Well it's been lovely to chat but I better be off.

[Maxwell turns and begins to leave. But in true Columbo fashion, he raises his finger up in the air as he turns.]

RJM: One more thing, actually, thought you might know this- has Emery managed to find her lost friend yet?

AF: What lost friend?

RJM: ...Oh. Suppose not then. Nevermind.

[And off he goes, leaving Adam alone- confused and alarmed- with the one thing he didn'tknow about Emery Layton.]

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[The scene opens up backstage to “The Blue Dragon” Stella Winters finishing up getting ready for her match later tonight against Rapid Fire champion, Katie Hanley. There is a knock on the door which causes Stella to look up while mumbling “come in” as she continues to lace up her boots. “The Ikiryo” Seth Iser enters with his championship on his shoulder, which Stella looks at momentarily adoring it, before giving Seth a soft smile. Iser returns it with a nod.]

SW: Hey champ, Banshee send you to read me my last rites in case I fuck up again tonight?

SI: On the contrary...I came here of my own accord.

[Iser soon ends up taking a seat next to Stella before placing his title on the bench behind them as he straightens his tie. He’s not changed into his ring attire yet.]

SI: And trust won’t fuck up tonight. Hell...there will be more gold for the whole group after you win.

[Iser sees after he says that...that nothing is really sinking in yet. His face contorts to a frown thinking things over.]

SI: Look. I don’t know where you have it in your head that you’re going to fuck up or that you’re going to be replaced but you won’t be replaced and you sure as hell won’t fuck up. I hear and see everything and I saw that conversation you had a few weeks ago with Marcus. But there isn’t a motherfucker in this building who can do what you can do. Not a single one of them. And if they’re pissy about the whole who you are dating thing...let them be pissy. To hell with them. They don’t understand how the industry works. Never have never will. They’re idiotic fanatics.

[The audience is of course booing this statement but the Omens duo can’t hear this and even if they did I doubt Iser would care since he has a different objective here. Stella sighs, letting his words sink in despite having her reservations.]

SW: I get what you’re saying, but Banshee...she’s a whole other level of insanity. I love her like a sister, but we all know she has a very violent streak also and if her grand plan isn’t carried out to the fullest by the end of both nights of Dawn of the Immortals...who can really say what she’s going to do. I’m just sick and fucking tired of being seen as the weak link of the group. To those idiots backstage and ringside, it doesn’t matter how well I compete in the ring. It doesn’t matter that I defeated that bitch Angelica Layne through any means necessary, they don’t even care that I made The Devil, Michael Diablo bleed. All they see is the girl who will do anything to win and how I now apparently hide behind Chris, it’s fucking bullshit. Sure, he didn’t punish us when he maybe should have, but I have no say in who gets booked and who doesn’t, maybe if Layton & Fenric weren’t so shit at what they do they would get booked more.

[The crowds boos get louder and louder throughout Stellas rant.]

SI: You know what I say about those people?

[Iser’s voice has more authority to it now when he asks that question.]

SI: To hell with them too. Maybe even play in satanic traffic with a Devil that’s going to populate it later after I’m done with him. It’s obvious that they don’t know how this industry actually works at the end of the day. All that has ever who has won and who has lost. And I guarantee you that after tonight...there won’t be a motherfucker who will see you as the weak link. After you take that championship away from one of the better strikers in the game...they’ll just wonder what the hell they’ll have to do in order to beat you. You, me, Banshee, and everyone else knows deep down you AREN’T any weak link. We’re all equally formidable forces of a dominant chain that can’t be broken. And seriously if anyone thinks I said...TO HELL WITH THEM!

[The shout puts a vein on Iser’s forehead but after that shout he takes a second to recompose himself.]

SI: But tonight...that fantasy that they think about ends and they’ll just have to deal with the reality of the situation. And the reality is The Blue Dragon isn’t someone to be fucked with. The reality is The Omens right at the doorstep and after both’ll come to pass. The reality is...Katie Hanley, as talented of a striker as she is...will have no answer for the fire of The Blue Dragon. The reality...will be that Diablo’s going to endure an exorcism in the most brutal 30 minutes of his career that he’ll wish he was injured and missed this damn event two years in a row!

[Iser’s face then softens slightly after he takes one more deep breath.]

SI: And the reality is...if these people and the rest of the locker room can’t accept that...they can kiss all our asses.

[The fans, already pissed off by Stella’s rant don’t have their mood improved when Iser dumps gasoline on to that fire and they boo even more.]

SI: Now we’re going to go out there tonight...and when we’re done...we’ll have so much damn gold that it’ll make this country want to re-adopt the gold standard for their economy. The plan will follow through. And it’ll be because you get it all going on the right foot that it’ll happen.

[Stella practically grins from ear to ear from the encouraging words of her friend and team mate.]

SW: Thanks Seth. Let’s both go out there tonight and show them dirty cunts in the audience who have nothing better to do with their lives that it’s US they should have been cheering all along!

[Iser stands up from his seat and puts the Proving Grounds title back over his shoulder and in a rarity for him there is a smile on his face but it feels more natural than the sickening smirk that he had when he confronted Diablo.]

SI: Agreed.

[The duo end up walking out of the room with Iser not too far behind Stella watching her back similarly to how Marcus would in this situation and when he sees the camera man he just gives him an intimidating glare gesturing for him to get lost and to not follow them.]

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Singles Match
Serena Maxwell vs Sean Hazard


[The referee calls for the bell and Sean is immediately on the attack, there's no way he wants to come out of this match with another loss, that's clear. Sean moves quickly and lashes out with a boot, Serena is startled but she catches the foot on instinct, however this was not great for her as Hazard follows up that catch with a perfect Enzuigiri that hits home on Serena's head with a huge CRACK that can be heard in the nosebleed seats. Selena's eyes go wide as she topples hard to the mat and the fans cheer the popular Hazard. Sean moves as she does so and lays another kick on her, this one a stiff move getting a gasp out of the fans in the front row and another round of cheers as Serena not only is dangerous and crazy, she flat creeps these people out.

Serena on the mat screams with ferocious outrage but manages to evade the basic Knee Drop that Hazard tries next, she rolls out of the way leaving Sean's knee to hit the mat. Hazard winces as Serena comes up behind him and manages to get a nice hammerlock on him. She lifts Hazard up and tries to control him but in her rush to try and hurt him she fails to notice how close they are to the ropes and Sean puts his boots on the ropes and uses them to push himself up and over behind Serena to break the hold and puts himself into position to deliver a One Handed Bulldog that sends Serena crashing to the mat!]

BM: Sean Hazard is ON FIRE tonight, he hasn’t let up for an instant!

TR: But he hasn’t managed a pin either! Neither one of them seem super concerned with that at the moment and it could cost them later on down the line.

[This seems to light a fire under Serena and she hits Sean in the side hard with two Knife Edged Chops before managing to get to her feet, but Sean is quick to hit her with a Backhand Chop! She tries Repeated Forearm Smashes before trying to lock him in a Standing Armbar, Sean twists and fights out of the hold and quickly grabs Serena up for a Back Elbow before he sends her across the ring with a hard Irish Whip. On the rebound he catches her with a classic Lariat and sends Serena crumpling in a heap to the mat.

Once there though when Hazard moves to get her up again he is met with a flurry of Repeated Forearm Smashes again and this is followed with a few hard knees to the ribs and belly that send him staggering back. Serena gets back up to her feet and takes several deep breaths, and Sean takes a moment to calculate his next attack, showing not one ounce of frustration as he advances despite everything that is on the line for him tonight. Serena measures him and brings up her fists, leaps at him and hits Sean with a Lou Thesz Press and bears him over to the mat, peppering his face with closed fist shots that the referee warns her about and she screams in his face to shut up shut up shut up! She's a bride! While this goes on Sean slides free of her and hits a surprise Double Mule Kick! The fans are cheering again and he fades back to the ropes and as Serena sits up here is Hazard with the Lightning Strike, his Running Yakuza Kick about taking her head clean off! OH!

He goes for the cover, the first pin attempt of the match but at the last second Serena kicks out! Sean sighs, he thought he had her but no. He rolls to his feet as Serena manages to stagger to hers and she's back after Hazard and trying for a Spin Kick but Sean is still fast enough to deflect Serena's attacks! She goes up for a Crossbody and he catches her and counters into a Tilt-a-Whirl but his knee seems to give a little and he just simply drops Serena and she smacks into the mat hard even as Hazard moves towards the ropes.]

BM: That doesn’t bode well.

TR: What? That Sean Hazard is abusive this lovely Bride tonight here at Dawn of the Immortals? You’re right, it’s a jerk move!

BM: You know, there are times when you just come up short Tats and this isn’t the first time tonight I bet.

TR: ...that better not be what I think it is.

[Sean is back in the driver's seat however as Serena misses a shot for a Bridging Dragon Suplex, Hazard fights free and he hits another Backflip Kick! Air rushes out of Serena as Sean is on her again and strikes her in the ribs with a sort of Shoot Kick, brings her up off the mat and boosts her towards the ropes. Serena twists and gets to her feet just as she rebounds off of the ropes into Hazard, who tries to catch her around the waist for a slam but Serena straight hits him with a Throat Thrust and brings both knees up to jam into Sean's belly as she wraps her arms around his neck. BANG! A huge Chest Blower!

It looks like it's over for Sean as she floats over to cover but he throws the shoulder up at two! Serena screams she's so mad about it, and starts to get up only for Sean to roll to the side and get up a hair faster to drop her with a Wheelbarrow Arm Drag! Sensing his shot he goes up top for The Ultimatum, the 630 Senton simply gorgeous but OH GOD NO! Serena gets her knees up! OH! Sean is rolling around holding his midsection and Serena isn't much better with her knees jacked up after the impact but she manages to flop over onto Sean and hold him down as the referee sides in to count!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… SERENA MAXWELL!

BM: Oh man, I thought he had it.

TR: NOPE! The downward spiral of Sean Hazard continues!

[Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon plays thought right that moment Serena isn’t quite ready to get up. The referee raises her hand anyway and then goes to check on the disconsolate Sean.]

user posted image

[We head backstage, where Stevie Trelain is with Katie Hanley, who has a t-shirt with the WCS Wrestling World Cup logo on it, with the New Zealand flag superimposed over the logo. As usual, the Rapid Fire Champion has a big smile on her face, thumbs hooked under the front plate of her title as Stevie gets set.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time defends her title against “The Blue Dragon,” Stella Winters, in just a few minutes--please welcome, the Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley.

[Katie flashes a peace sign to the camera for just a second, then glances back to Stevie.]

ST: And Katie, first, since it was announced recently, and I see you’ve already got a t-shirt for it, congratulations on qualifying for the World Cup!

KH: Yea, thanks! It was one of those things, like, the opportunity came up, and I couldn’t NOT try to make it. There’s not enough eyes on Kiwi wrestlers, so...y’know, hopefully I can help turn some eyes toward our little family back home, and who knows? Maybe even get a little scrap with Owen, somewhere along the line in the tournament, little bit of Pacific bragging rights before the All Blacks take the Rugby Championship again.

[Katie winks at the camera, unable to suppress a bit of a giggle.]

ST: Well, either way, best of luck--looking at something closer to home, though, obviously, last week we saw you team with Team Fury against Stella Winters, Dante Locke, and Markus Blackbeard, and...well. I think calling it a hard-hitting match is putting it lightly.

KH: Yea, no, that match was...brutal barely does it justice. Let’s not get it twisted, whatever you may think of the Bad Omens, they’re a bloody good team. They don’t always play fair, but they’re determined to succeed, and that...

[Katie whistles, biting at the tip of her tongue for a second.]

KH: That makes every single one of them dangerous.

ST: You took...a lot of punishment in that match, how are you feeling now, heading into this title defense?

[Katie shrugs her shoulders a little bit, raising a hand to rub at the back of her neck.]

KH: I’d be lying if I said there’s not still soreness, y’know? I mean, fucking hell, a guy three times my size spent a good bitta time beating the stuffing outta me, I don’t think I’m spilling classified information or anything by saying I’m still aching from it some.

KH: But is it gonna affect me, tonight? Nah.

ST: Really?

KH: Can’t let it. Listen, whatever else people want to say about Stella Winters, you can’t argue one simple fact: she’s good at what she does. I’m not going to stand here and tell you otherwise, I’m not going to pretend like she’s not been impressive since she actually stepped foot in the ring. I mean, she beat Jessica Anderson in a Rapid Fire Rules match--how’s that for a statement of intent, hey?

ST: You’re not kidding.

KH: Stella’s been damn close to being the IYH Champion, too. Say what you like about how she got there, people can make all the accusations they want, this, that, or the other...I’m not going to disrespect her talents, by implying she’s done anything but compete.

KH: Did she rise up the ranks quick? Yea, maybe, but if Mr. Cryptic were really that biased toward her, Shawn Fox wouldn’t be IYH Champion right now. He’d have every reason, after Ground’n’Pound, to say she was unfairly cost that match, and say she deserves either another opportunity, or to the champion.

KH: Instead...we all moved on, yea? And Stella did what she said she was going to--she fought anyone and everyone she had to, to establish herself as my next challenger. I’ll be honest? I can’t not respect that.

ST: Taking a step back for a second, I know you’ve campaigned for several weeks for Jessica Anderson to get a rematch for the title--with tonight being her last match in In Your House, are you disappointed that never materialized?

[Katie screws her nose up a little bit, clearly unhappy to see a friendly face leaving...but it doesn’t extinguish the Kiwi’s smile for too long.]

KH: Disappointed? Yea, maybe. More surprised, than anything. But, y’know, didn’t work out. Whatever’s next for her, good luck.

KH: I can’t think too much about that, though--Jessica’s not the one trying to take this title from me tonight. And as far as tonight goes? Like I said, Stella’s good. She’s very good.

[A coy little smirk rises to the face of the “Kat Scratch Kiwi,” who glances in Stevie’s direction for a second, taking her focus off the camera.]

KH: But...she’s not unbeatable.

KH: This is going to be a big test for me, Stevie. No question about that, this is going to be a match that tests my mettle as both a champion, and a wrestler in general. The Bad Omens have been on a roll, even despite the way Ground’n’Pound ended, and it wouldn’t be unbelievable to think that every single one of them could walk out as some champion in this company.

KH: But, as good as Stella is, as good as she’s proven she is, and as determined as she is to prove herself--if she thinks hopping on Twitter and saying it’s a guarantee she’s taking my title is enough to get it done, she’s sorely mistaken. I’m not going into this match believing the hype, Stevie. I’m not listening to the people saying there’s no stopping the Bad Omens.

KH: For as much as Stella Winters wants to take this belt--I want to keep it more.

KH: For as much as Stella Winters wants to prove herself as a wrestler--I want to prove myself as a champion more.

KH: For as much as Stella Winters wants to win this match--I want to win it more.

KH: She’s good. No doubt there.

KH: But tonight? I’ll be faster. I’ll be stronger. I’ll be tougher.

KH: I’ll be better.

KH: And I’ll walk out of that ring...still Rapid Fire Champion.

[Unlike usual, Katie doesn’t stick around for the pleasantries with Stevie, just flashing her peace sign and turning to leave. Stevie looks in Katie’s direction for a second, then just lowers the mic and we cut back to ringside.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts to another area backstage where Sean Hazard is leaving his locker room, now dressed in his normal attire. Kevin Rose enters the shot and walks up to him.]

KR: Hey Sean, tough loss tonight man, but you gave it your all out there. Everyone wants to know now that season 2 is done, what’s next for Sean Hazard?

[Sean gives a defeated chuckle.]

SH: What’s next? Nothing is next Kevin. Fucking nothing.

[With that Sean leaves the shot leaving Kevin stunned into silence. The camera cuts away.]

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Rapid Fire Championship
Singles Match
Katie Hanley © vs The Blue Dragon


[The fans are cheering as the clock set for the ten minute time limit appears on the screen, the referee reminds Katie and Stella that they must defeat the other inside of ten minutes or the match ends regardless. Stella rolls her eyes a little but nods and Katie nods before the referee calls for the bell. Katie confidently moves to engage Stella who flicks her fingers at her to get under the Champion's skin but Katie grabs that hand and twists it into a nicely executed Hammerlock. Stella yelps with annoyance and rolls to counter out of the hold, popping back up to her feet and yelling at Katie to watch what she's doing much to the fan's amusement. Winters backhands Katie then as she closes with her, and Katie narrows her eyes before she hauls back and lays an elbow right into Stella's jaw!

Stella cries out and plays hurt only to step back and hit Katie with a quick DDT that brings the Rapid Fire Champion down on the mat. Katie lays there a moment, Stella rolls to her feet and turns just as Katie surges up to her feet, Stella comes at her to try a Dropsault but Katie manages to evade the move and grabs her around the waist, yanking her up and over with a hard German Suplex. When her shoulders hit the mat her breath rushes out and Stella fights to regain it - but still kicks out at two!

Stella quickly rolls to the side and free of Katie's clutches, she moves to her knees as Katie jumps up and to her feet to try and catch the rising Stella with a Swinging Neckbreaker, Hanley shoots the ropes to gain momentum for the impact. However she's given the Blue Dragon too much time to recover as she simply spins towards the ropes and drops, leaving Hanley to hang herself up on the second strand. Katie slides off the rope and falls on her side, laying there holding her thigh as Stella regains her feet, and she struts up to Katie grabbing her upper arm to drag her away from the ropes! Katie though had been playing a little possum and yanks her arm away as she explodes up with a Switchblade Kick that connected hard with Stella's head. It rocks Stella back a moment and she drops to slide out of the ring for a breather but Katie smelling a victory grabs her by her ankles and yanks her towards the middle of the ring!]

BM: What a crazy match, neither one wants to give in and they’re both racing the clock!

[The referee is close and Katie moves carefully so as not to trip over him, she glances fast at the clock on the screen only to turn into Blue Dragon Sleeper! The fans freak out thinking this is it but NO! Katie breaks free! Stella though stays on the attack with a lightning fast Armdrag that takes them both to the mat where Stella goes for a cover attempt, but no Katie kicks out at two. As both women get to their feet Stella executes a lovely Snapmare and when Katie rolls to her feet again Stella grabs her and Hiptosses her back to the mat, laughing at her! Stella backs off as Katie rises, only to run past her at the ropes behind her, using them to gain momentum as she jumps at the set closest to Hanley and uses them for a Springboard DDT. Both women hit the mat and then roll to their bellies near simultaneously and push back up to their feet as Stella's back is to the turnbuckles and Katie charges at her with an attempt for a Corner High Knee but Stella drops at the last second and Katie hits the ropes again! Both women now are taking quick looks at the clock and redouble their efforts as they see it counting down!

Katie spins to catch Stella in a Waistlock which she quickly transitions into a Sunset Flip. The crowd is really getting into it as the referee slid into place but he only got a quick two count before Stella fights hard and shoves Katie off! As Stella moves to get to her feet she is struck with a surprise set of Shoot Kicks to the chest that bring her right back down on the mat. The referee hasn't even risen off his knees and quickly moves to count as Hanley tries to pin her but NO! NO! Stella kicks out, holding her chest afterwards. Katie looks up in surprise at the referee who holds up his fingers to indicate that it was just under three, not enough to pin. Hanley sighs and glances at the clock before she strikes the rising Stella with an elbow and then grabs her arm to draw her into an Armbar! Stella howls but she manages to break the hold, and grabs Katie by her arm and flips her over and then with surprising speed takes her by an ankle and applies a Single Leg Boston Crab! Stella pulls Katie towards the ropes so she can step up on the turnbuckle and adds pressure to the move! The referee is there telling Stella to get off the ropes but the Blue Dragon just grins at her and torques the hold some more.

Katie screams and flails for the ropes, using her flexibility to get her there before Stella could change her mind and drag her back to the middle of the ring. The instant that she saw that Katie has reached the ropes Winters releases the hold, not even waiting for the referee to call it or warn her again with a huge smirk on her lips. Using the ropes she brings herself back up to her feet, Katie waits until Stella looks at her before springing away from off the ropes and hits her with a that High Knee she had been looking for before! Both women collapse to the mat as the crowd freaks out cheering and screaming.]

BM: And both women are down! The clock isn’t stopping they need to get up before it’s too late!

TR: Thank you, Captain Obvious. What you should be pointing out is that Stella is down here all by herself!

BM: Hmm… you think that means there’s trouble in the Bad Omens?

TR: What? NO! Shut up B-ry.

[Heaving to get her breath she rises, Stella pulls Katie towards the corner and pulls her up to sit her on the top turnbuckle. Stella jumps up on the turnbuckle, and climbs her way to the top. She sneers to the crowd as she balances on the middle ropes and then yanks Katie up in her arms, and pulls her into her Front Flip Piledriver, Dead of Winter, right off the ropes! There is a moment of silence as the ladies hit the mat with a huge BAM!! of impact as they both hit hard. Both the ladies are down, and the referee quickly goes to look at first Katie and then Stella. Stella suddenly sits up as the crowd gasps, and she rolls Katie to her back before she hooks the leg and collapses over her! The clock is down to less than two minutes as the referee slides in to count!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall, and NEW Rapid Fire Champion… STELLA WINTERS!


TR: I have to agree, these two left it all in the ring and Stella did it! I almost can’t believe it!

[Alice Cooper’s Poison plays as Stella sits up, clearly winded and blinks as the referee hands her the belt. She pauses for a few moments to almost tenderly look at it, letting the referee help her up and raise her hand. He goes to check on Katie and Stella leaves the ring, it really hits her then that she’s done it and she does a full on Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo Di Caprio HAHAHAHA Fuckers laugh at all the fans who are booing her heavily. She raises the belt up over her head before she heads backstage. The fans cheer as Katie sits up and she glares after Stella, clearly looking as if she will chase after her old title once more.]

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[The cameras cut backstage to find Penelope Kaplan and Wyatt “Jet” Blanchard, the two members of Jetpack as they’re sitting outside a locker in a side hallway, quietly talking between themselves. Penny’s brows are drawn in with the cutest worry wrinkle between the two as she whispers urgently to her tag partner and friend.]

PK: So let me get this straight, your Grandma is out there in the crowd tonight? Why isn’t she back here, I wanna meet her!

[Jet chuckles and shakes his head.]

JB: She said nah, she wants to wait until after the match. Then, she said we can go get her and you can meet her. I was…

[He almost sheepishly rubs his hand over his close clipped hair, and smiles at her again.]

JB: ...well I was a lil worried, you know it ain’t been that long since I came out. She said she didn’t care, but sayin’ it from a half a world away is hella different than havin’ it in your face.

[Penny smiles softer and reaches to hug him, patting his back.]

PK: She seems pretty cool, I bet you’re worrying about nothing. At least we got a nice big match to show off in.

[Penny sighs, then shakes her head.]

PK: I hope we win, but even if we don’t? We’re sticking right here, right? We got a record to break and teams to fight.

[Jet nods and then chuckles himself.]

JB: Yep - we were here at the start of this go, and we’re gonna be here til them doors shut for good.

[The cameras cut elsewhere as the two continue on talking about strategy for the match.]

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Moments before the Triple Threat match the cameras cut backstage and we see Southern Hostility walking out of their locker room. They start down the hallway in the direction of the ring. Standing against the wall in between the group and the cameraman is IYH's own Stevie Trelain. Despite not having the most successful past when it comes to getting Southern Hostility to speak to her, she gives it another shot.]

ST: Hey Amanda, I was wondering if I could get a few....

[She is immediately cut off by Hayes.]

AH: No!

[Amanda doesn't even look at her as she storms down the hallway. She is in no mood to talk, which is different as usually she never runs out of things to say.]

ST: OK....

[Stevie quickly regroups and turns her attention to Colton Travis.]

ST: Colton, do you think I could get a quick word with you?

[Colton slows down long enough to respond but it isn't much more helpful.]

CT: Nah, we ain't got shit to say, right now.

[With that, Colton picks back up his pace and walks out of camera view. Stevie sees that this is clearly strike two in her attempt to talk to the team.]

ST: Really?

[Lastly, we see the teams manager, Clayton Travis. Stevie decides to give it one last go.]

ST: Clayton, I just want to know what Southern Hostility think about the last couple of weeks and their match tonight at Dawn of the Immortals?

[Clayton looks Stevie over, spits some tabacco juice at her feet, and answers her.]

Clay: Make it quick!

[Stevie is not happy that he just spit at her feet in such a disrespectful manner but overlooks it because he did stop long enough to answer some questions.]

ST: OK....uh...let's start with why Colton and especially Amanda haven't chosen to speak leading up to this match? Usually, we hear their thoughts in full.

[Clayton looks at her and probably instantly regrets stopping at all.]

Clay: You wanna know why they ain't talking? Probably because they are madder than a hornet's nest right now and who could blame them?

[Trelain follows that up with another question.]

ST: They normally seem pissed off. What makes it so different this time?

[Clayton just shakes his head as he can see that she clearly doesn't get it.]

Clay: Look, I know you're a few bricks shy of a load, but focus. They hate a lot of things and having their plans messed with is one of the big ones. The fact is that they were gonna beat Team Fury a couple weeks ago when the latest version of the Bad Omens stuck their nose where it didn't belong and took that away from them.

[Stevie cautiously asks the next question.]

ST: Well, while I agree the Bad Omens messed that match up, what about two weeks ago when they were put in the four-way match to determine the new number one contender?

[Clayton rolls his eyes at the question but decides to answer anyway.]

Clay: The point is there never should have been a number one contender's match. If we hadn't been screwed over by those goofs, we would have beat the current Champs and would be the ones who got the Title Shot. That was a clusterfuck of a match and it should have never taken place.

[Stevie takes a second to think about how she wants to word her next question and then asks it.]

ST: Well, your team was not successful in that match but get another chance...

[Clayton cuts her off at this point.]

Clay: Look bitch, every one stumbles from time to time but like I said, we should have never been put in that match because we woulda beat the Champs the week before. Losing is another thing that really pisses them off. I wouldn't wanna be either of the two teams that have to deal with Amanda and Colton,

[Stevie begins to ask the obvious follow up to that.]

ST: Speaking of the match tonight, how do you see it playing out?

[Clayton looks at her and just starts to laugh.]

Clay: Seriously? I see this playing out very badly for the other teams in this match and in this company. You think these two are normally angry and aggressive? You ain't seen nothing yet. They look to beat the hell out of their opponents and make a point when they have talked a lot of shit. You, Jetpack, and Layton & Fenric are all about to learn that when they stop talking, that's when you better start worrying. This ain't a team that needs extra motivation to beat up people. So what the hell do you think is gonna happen when they have it?

[With that, Clayton walks away to go join Amanda and Colton before the match.]
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Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Winner gets a tag team championship shot in season three
Southern Hostility vs Layton & Fenric vs Jetpack


[Starting off for their teams are Amanda, Emery and Penelope and they circle the ring warily before Emery delivers the first hit with a kick to Penelope. As the two trade shots, Amanda stays out of it and bides her time until Emery has Penelope staggering backwards into the corner. Amanda attacks Emery from behind with forearm shots to the head that leaves Emery doubling over. Amanda follows up with a snap DDT and Emery rolls away to recover as Penny returns to the fight with a clinch to connect with a wristlock. Amanda fights out of it but gets kicked in the stomach before Penny sets her up for a snap suplex. But Amanda blocks it and irish whips her to the corner. Amanda charges at Penny who counters with an elbow shot to the face, leaving Amanda to stagger out of the corner. Penny then takes her down with a snap suplex, drawing cheers from the crowd.]

BM: Nice snap suplex by Penelope! That oughtta take the wind out of Amanda for a bit! All three women are off to a great start to this huge triple threat tag team match, where the winning team will get a shot at the IYH Tag Team championship next season!

TR: And if you ask me, Bry, I know EXACTLY who will walk away victorious tonight!

BM: Good thing, I’m not asking!

TR: Hey! ...It’s Southern Hostility by the way!

BM: You’re so predictable, Tats.

[Emery now grabs Penny to toss her to the ropes. Penny ducks Emery’s clothesline attempt and rebounds again. This time, it’s Emery who dodges Penny and when Penny bounces off the ropes, Emery catches her with a slingblade. As Penny pulls herself up in the corner, Emery goes for her repeated running corner dropkicks that has the fans split between excitement for her and sympathy for Penny. It leaves Penny crumpled against the bottom turnbuckle and Emery gears up for one last dropkick when Amanda intercepts, tackling her hard from the side. The crowd goes “ooh!” as Amanda punishes Emery with hot series of punches from the top mount, leaving her completely dazed. Amanda then tags in Colton and together, they hit their backbreaker hold and diving leg drop combo that has Emery in vulneration position by the end.]

BM: Great double team by Southern Hostility with that backbreaker hold and diving leg drop combo! Emery could be in trouble here!

[Colton goes for the cover but Penny dives in for the break. Colton and Penny trade shots until he completely overpowers her with his MMA prowess, forcing her to back into the ropes. Penny manages to get a few good shots in but receives punishment with a dangerous liver shot and an impressive belly to belly suplex for her troubles. Meanwhile, Emery has crawled her way to Adam and tags him in. As Colton goes for the cover on Penny, Adam practically pries Colton off Penny and sets him up in a side headlock. Colton fights out of it and engages Adam in a clinch before striking his midsection with knees. Adam bears the pain and repositions for a takedown that rolls into an armbar on the landing, catching Colton somewhat by surprise.]

BM: Colton’s MMA background got him much of the control here until Adam strikes with his catch wrestling skills!

TR: Sure Adam knows his shit but don’t count Colton out yet. I mean, did you see those body shots he served? That’s gotta slow Penny wayyyy down now! And Colton’s just getting started!

BM: Though he’s kinda stuck in this armbar by Adam and it looks painful!

[Colton struggles in the hold for a while, doing his best to grab the bottom rope. Amanda tries her best to reach out when Penny, back on her feet, breaks up the submission. While Colton recovers, Adam goes after Penny who counters with a hip toss. As Adam gets up, Penny takes him down with a monkey flip that tosses him right to the other side of the ring. Penny slowly makes her way towards Jet while clutching her midsection. The crowd urges Penny on to tag in Jet but the hope gets dashed when Colton grabs Penny’s left leg, preventing her from moving anywhere. From where he is, Colton suddenly connects with an ankle lock, dropping Penny on her chin. Penny clutches her jaw then struggles to escape while Jet looks on helplessly from his corner. Keeping the hold intact, Colton drags Penny by the ankle closer to Amanda who tags herself in. While Penny screams out in agony, Amanda steals her chance to verbally torment Jet before stomping down hard on Penny’s ankle. Penny again screams in pain as Colton lets go to retreat to his corner. Amanda continues to dole out punishment on the ankle in clear view of Jet, which only makes him furious.]

BM: Southern Hostility doing what they do best—bullying!

TR: What? But it’s all legal though! In fact, it’s a great strategy. With one leg out, Penny won’t be able to perform as fast as she’s known for or take high risks that pay off. It’s genius!

[Jet has his own few choice words too and Amanda charges at him with a forearm smash, knocking him off the apron. The crowd jeers before bursting into cheers again when Adam returns to the fight with a surprising spinning wheel kick to Amanda as she turns around. Adam motions for Amanda to stand up and as she does so slowly, he charges at her but she counters with a desperate but downright effective superkick. Adam immediately crushes on the mat and it seems to have taken a lot out of Amanda too as she collapses in exhaustion. Now, all three legal participants are down on the mat with Colton and Emery calling for their tags while Jet slowly recovers on the outside.]

BM: Penny isn’t doing too well, Jet needs to get the tag!

TR: And Adam and Amanda are also looking for the tags. Those kicks were brutal!

[The excitement is at an all-time high as Amanda and Adam finally tag in their partners; Colton and Emery waste no time to charge at each other. Emery ducks Colton’s clothesline attempt and he quickly spins on his heels as she bounces off the ropes. Colton hits a spinning backfist that practically has Emery flying to the side, crashing into the adjacent ropes. As Emery backs into the corner for balance, Colton sets to work with a devastating series of body shots. Emery doubles over in agony as Colton lands a liver shot that leaves her crumpling on her knees. Colton pulls up Emery to her feet, leaning her against the turnbuckles. This is when the crowd comes alive as Penny finally tags in Jet who enters with all the energy as he drops Colton with a chop block. With Colton on one knee, Jet hits the ropes for some power behind a speedy shining wizard.]

BM: And there goes Jet with an amazing shining wizard on Colton! That precision though!

TR: Speaking of precision, now what did I tell ya about Colton’s striking skills? That shit’s unreal!

[Jet now turns his sights on Emery with a corner leaping clothesline. Emery falls forward on the mat, allowing Jet to go for the cover, but only gets a two. Clutching her abdomen, Emery is unable to fight off Jet who sets her up for a suplex. By this time, Colton is back on his feet and he staggers over to stop Jet. As Jet is forced to let go, Emery hits him with a hard headbutt and Colton takes down Jet with a German suplex. While Jet rolls away to recover, Emery hits Colton with a hard headbutt too, much to the amusement of the fans. Clutching his face, Colton staggers back and Emery knocks him down with a forearm smash. Colton springs back to his feet, only to get taken down again with another forearm smash by Emery. The crowd is getting more excited as Colton goes down for the third time with a forearm smash. At this point, a furious Amanda enters the match charging at Emery but she’s ready to duck and counter with a fourth forearm smash. As Amanda slowly rises to her feet, Emery takes her down once and for all with a slingblade. Holding her head in agony, Amanda rolls out of the ring while Colton does the same on the other side. With a smile, Emery goes after Colton with a suicide dive through the ropes. Adam, back on his feet, goes after Amanda with a tope con hilo, completing their double team combo. The crowd goes nuts!]

BM: Holy shit! Layton & Fenric with their suicide dive and tope con hilo combo! THIS is what the fans paid to see! Hear their appreciation!

TR: Shit, nothing stops Emery when she’s on fire, huh? And where the hell did Adam come from??

[Southern Hostility and Layton & Fenric take their time to recover, with the latter team back on their feet first. As Emery and Adam slowly pick up Amanda and Colton, Jet and Penny climb to the top of two separate turnbuckles above them. As the four look up, Jetpack launches into the air with a double diving crossbody, landing right on all of them with Southern Hostility taking the brunt of it. The entire arena shakes with great excitement.]

BM: OH MY GOD!!! Jetpack just took to the sky with a double diving crossbody right off the top turnbuckles!!! And now everybody’s down!!!

TR: What the!!! Are they insane?!?! They just wiped out the entire competition while taking punishment too!!! That’s gotta hurt them as much as it did to Southern Hostility and Layton & Fenric!!!

[Jetpack and Layton & Fenric slowly start to show signs of life as they peel themselves from the wreckage while Southern Hostility still struggle to get up. Jet and Adam enter the ring to continue the match while their partners stay in the respective outside corners. The two men exchange shots until Adam grabs Jet in a side headlock. Jet fights back by throwing him into the ropes. On the rebound, Jet catches Adam in a fireman’s carry before dropping him in a seated jawbreaker. As Adam slowly rolls to his feet, Jet tags in Penny and together, they hit him with their chop block and bulldog speedy combo, Bam! Penny goes for the cover but only gets a two.]

BM: Oh so close!!! Jetpack needs a little more to keep Layton & Fenric down!

TR: Adam looks out though! In fact, all of them look exhausted right now!

BM: And Southern Hostility are still recovering on the outside floor!

[As Penny pulls up Adam, he suddenly counters with a small package pin and nearly gets the three. Penny looks frazzled as she rolls to her feet while Adam rushes for the tag on Emery. Emery knocks down Penny with a forearm smash before hitting again with a dropkick. As Penny slowly pulls herself up, Emery waits for her to get up before hitting a back handspring cutter. Penny rolls away and Jet tags himself in and the match picks up the same pace again, this time Jet and Emery almost on par with each other until she counters with a baseball slide and a reverse hurricanrana. Feeling the fire, Emery tags in Adam, ready to seal the deal with their finisher combo — Emery’s top rope diving cutter finisher, The Prikasa, and Adam’s bridging grounded double chickenwing finisher, Goodbye Cruel World. Jet screams out in agony and Adam cranks up the pressure on the hold, ever determined to hang on.]

BM: It’s locked in!!! Adam’s got Jet in Goodbye Cruel World!!!

TR: Jet’s in complete misery right now!!! Can he escape?? How much longer does he have??!!

[Penny is nowhere near capable to help Jet. By this point though, Amanda and Colton have gotten back to their feet.]

BM: Southern Hostility are up! Can they break up the submission in time?!


[Seeing Adam pressuring the hold on Jet, Southern Hostility frantically slide in to break it up but it’s too late. Left with no choice, Jet finally taps out and most of the fans burst into cheers for Adam and Emery.]


TH: And here are your winners… Layton & Fenric!

[As “Come As You Are” by Nirvana start to play through the sound system, the arena celebrates Adam and Emery’s victory. They both roll out of the ring to celebrate with the happy fans in the front row.]

BM: They did it!! Adam and Emery are getting their title shot at the IYH Tag Team championship next season!!

TR: But who will they be facing though?? The tag titles are on the line next week for Night 2 and who knows? It might not be Team Fury!

BM: We’ll see how that goes next week. But tonight, Layton & Fenric are celebrating! Uh oh… Wait a minute...

[Back inside the ring, Amanda and Colton exchange unhappy looks before turning their attention to Penny and Jet as she checks on him. Without warning, Southern Hostility pounce on Jetpack with repeated merciless punches. The referee tries to break it up but Amanda and Colton are relentless in taking out their frustrations on poor Penny and Jet.]

BM: Oh come on, there’s no need for that!! The match is over!!

TR: You think they care about that?? Southern Hostility lost a title opportunity for the second time in a row. They’re NOT gonna let that go. Not yet anyway!

BM: But still? Do they have to take it out on Jetpack like this?? Where’s security??

[Right on cue, security officials run down the ramp to separate Southern Hostility from Jetpack and escort them backstage. To the jeers from the crowd, Amanda yells at them to shut up while Colton snarls at them.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to Kevin Rose standing in a backstage hallway.]

KR: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Michael Diablo!

[The camera zooms out to show Michael, already in his ring gear, looking focused.]

KR: Now Michael, tonight you are going head to head with Seth Iser for the third time, and the second time for the Proving Grounds Championship. Not only that, but in a 30 minute iron man match no less! What is going through your mind right now?

MD: What is going through my mind right now Kevin, is that sooner or later, the Devil always claims what is his. When we first fought for this championship he defeated me, but he was barely standing, he had to let a referee’s 10 count finish the job. Because he couldn’t. When I was victorious I defeated him with my own power. The Ikiryo may be some kind of abstract ghost, but Seth Iser is a man. He can bleed, and he can be broken. Both his body and his spirit. We have all seen the cracks. That is the difference between myself and Mr Iser. He likes to talk, he likes to give lessons, he likes give insight. Me? I fight, and I win.

KR: And if you don’t win?

MD: Then I learn why, and repeat the process. I may lose, but I can never truly be defeated for I always rise again. I avenged my loss to Owen Gonsalves, I have already proved that I can defeat Seth, now its time I put the nail in the coffin and send his arse straight to fucking hell.

[With that Michael simply leaves the shot, leaving Kevin there looking stunned.]

KR: Dammit, not again…

[The camera cuts away.]

user posted image

[The scene cuts to Estella Winters walking the hallway with her new Rapid Fire Championship on her shoulder. She has a huge smile on her face, more so once she notices Stevie Trelain down the hallway. Stella practically runs up to her, grinning in Stevies face and goes all the way to rubbing it in, except literally rubbing the championship in Stevies face. But she does however raise it up high in the air as Stevie rolls her eyes, but she does force through a smile.]

ST: Congratulations Stella…

SW: Oooooh I bet this is just breaking your little heart, hmm? Especially since you once DARED to show your professionalism by thanking Shawn for taking care of the Bad Omens. And not what Stevie, NOW WHAT? I am walking away with the Rapid Fire Championship, in just over thirty minutes time Seth will be walking away with the Proving Grounds Championship….but don’t worry Stevie, that’s not all, next week, we’ll show the entire fucking world why we should be both feared AND respected…

[Stella chuckles.]

SW: I hope y’all are ready for the Era of The Bad Omens, cause at night two, I promise you….it will be a night people will NEVER forget.

[Stellas laugh is almost maniacal as she turns and walks down the hallway, gloating about her win to everyone she passes.]

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Proving Grounds Championship
Thirty Minute Ironman Match
The Ikiryo © vs Michael Diablo


[The bell rings in this main event of night 1 and Diablo and Iser aren’t even staring down or even going for a lock up. The two are engaging in a pier six brawl that is atypical of how most Iron Man Matches start. Iser being the bigger and stronger of the two is throwing the bombs to back the devil up but Michael is able to duck two of the blows and start chopping the larger man to the corner. Iser then is able to swap as well and start throwing lefts and rights to the body. The ref is having a hard time administering the standing five count but after Iser goes for a wild left, Diablo is able to duck and back body drop Iser over the top rope and he just narrowly misses landing on the stairs in what would’ve been an absolutely horrific landing!]

BM: Seth Iser, like the special attire he’s wearing, is embracing the love of a fight montra in this match as if he were a Viking and he’s hoping that might be his advantage in these thirty minutes! But Diablo just sent him over the top!

TR: We’re really fortunate he didn’t land on the steps there. That could’ve been REALLY awful.

[Iser takes a few seconds to compose himself on the ground not rushing to his feet while Diablo is opting for a more patient route for now letting the ref use his ten count. Iser ends up standing up slowly and moves his jaw to the side before taking a breath to not go berserker. He ends up breaking the ten count at five before sliding back out to a chorus of boos as he just takes this moment to re-strategize and continue to compose himself. At the re-exiting, Diablo has had enough and slides to the outside to engage Iser again for a brawl and the two start trading fists again. Diablo being the quicker of the two having an advantage before Iser goes to his old bag of tricks and pulls out his reliable thumb to the eye before he irish whips Michael into the ring steps he narrowly avoided and the steps go flying off from impact and bounce off the side of the announce desk!]

BM: Seth Iser just utilized his brute strength advantage and sent Diablo crashing into the steel steps!

TR: That nearly hit me!

BM: That nearly hit US!

[The ref’s count has reached four before Iser rolls in to break it up before rolling back out intent on trying to do more damage on the outside as the first couple of minutes have ticked down. Iser is methodical in heading back toward Diablo and as Michael is stumbling up Iser fires a hard right hand to get him stunned before he goes to send him to the ring post that busted Michael open in their first encounter. Diablo ends up switching the momentum but Iser puts on his breaks before he crashes into the ring post. He then turns around and is taken inside out with a clothesline on the outside!]

BM: There is no slowing down the pace with Diablo on offense even in an Iron Man Match!

TR: I wonder if that is what Iser was banking on later knowing his tactical mind.

[Diablo hears the ref’s count approaching five again and this time grabs the groggy Iser and chucks him into the ring to press the advantage and to try to score a pinfall or at least wear him down more. Michael scores a one count before Iser just powers out not wanting to trifle in the position. It’s at this point where Iser is okay with crawling toward the ropes to pull himself up and as soon as he gets up he’s peppered with a kick to the back of his knee to drop him to his knees before a group of chest kicks follow that get him wobbly and the audience is chanting ‘KILL’ for the first kick, ‘Diablo’ on the second, and ‘KILL’ again on the third in that pattern. After nine vicious kicks Diablo then just goes spinning backfist and this floors the champion and he goes for a quick cover but Iser kicks out at two this time.]

BM: Advantage challenger in the striking game and that’s usually Iser’s main offensive weapon!

TR: Give Seth plenty of time and there is in this match and he’ll more than solve it. He’s a veteran.

[We are approaching five minutes past with these two and Diablo is still trying to press his advantage. He’s looking for a fisherman’s suplex but Iser’s just trying to break his grip before he can launch the suplex. Iser ends up floating over the back landing on his knees and you can see him grunt but the adrenaline allows him to press an advantage and chop block Diablo’s left knee that he took out in the ring post figure four at Ground ‘n Pound! After the move and Diablo’s holding his left knee you can see Iser just stretching out his own left knee to make sure it’s working properly before he can press an advantage. Plus he knows how the clock is. As soon as he gets to his feet though he grabs hold of Diablo’s left wheel and places his foot over the bottom rope before using the bottom rope to get a little momentum in a leap before dropping his braced knee over Diablo’s left knee! The risky tactic puts strain on both but Diablo is worse for wear right now!]

BM: Very aggressive strategy by the champion even if a tie is favorable to him.

TR: It’s ultimate irony that his knee his a long weak point but he saw an opening and is going after Diablo’s legs himself!

BM: Any risky move or any opening Iser can look for...he’s going to take it. He’s truly obsessed with passing Diablo, Layne, and Fox for the Omens and for himself!

[About seven minutes passed and Iser is continuing to press his advantage going after Diablo’s knee choosing to not rush. He just drags him to the center of the ring and the challenger is kicking at Iser with his free, good wheel. Iser tanks a couple of those blows and despite being a little wobbly he ends up just dropping the point of his left elbow across that knee joint in the center of the ring. He ends up doing this a second time...and then a third and on the third he clamps down to bend the leg while putting pressure using the point of his elbow. Some people in a strategy play would tap out but Diablo is choosing not to. Instead he’s kicking Iser with his free leg to get him to relinquish or change strategy and this does force Iser to break the hold for now but keeping hold of Diablo’s left leg. He soon slides outside of the ring keeping hold of that and he’s approaching the ring post.]

BM: He’s going to do it again. The son of a bitch is going to do it again and try to tear that knee up!

TR: All is fair in love and title matches.

BM: But it’s an illegal hold! He’d only have five seconds to do damage.

TR: Those five seconds could be enough.

[Iser ends up ramming Diablo’s knee into the ring post once...and the fans are booing. Iser is completely ignoring the negativity because he’s too engrossed with the task of beating Diablo and decides to ram the knee into the ring post a second time with a heartless expression etched on his face. The third time that he normally goes to follows and then he starts to cross those legs up to try to set it up but Diablo ends up pulling his legs and that sends Iser into the ring post! Iser did get his hand up to prevent going face first but it still wobbled him and he has to relinquish his grip for what he was going for. Diablo gets himself some time to recuperate while Iser just makes sure his jaw, head, and hand are all in working order before he goes to try to get back on the attack. As soon as he slides in and gets to his feet, Diablo explodes from his position with a shoulder block that stumbles Iser back into the corner and this stuns him!]

TR: How the hell did he do that!?

BM: There are few who have the heart that The Devil has in that ring! It’s what has brought him success in this company.

[Diablo goes for the quick advantage while Iser is trying to recuperate and starts with a corner elbow smash that rocks him and then the mudhole stomps start to come! He’s using his weakened leg to kick so he doesn’t have to put all his weight on it for a base and this is still just as effective as he stomps down Iser and the crowd cheers louder for every single stomp! The ref finally hits four and Diablo stops stomping on the battered looking Iser but the fans are loving this and Iser is slouched in the corner in some serious trouble.]

BM: Diablo could be in position to try to score that advantageous first fall!

TR: It’d allow Diablo to really be even more offensive and make Iser all the more desperate.

[Diablo shakes off his knee pain for a moment as Iser is getting to his feet but he soon drags him toward the center and sees an opening for his Santo’s Impaler(Impaler DDT) but Iser recognizes where he is at and spins out for a counter turning it into a Russian Leg Sweep! Iser senses a quick advantage and he’s trying to go figure four to continue the work on the legs but Diablo this time counters into a small package! The count goes to two before Iser is able to JUST kick out. Iser does see Diablo getting to his feet so he rushes to get there first and the Wrestling II knee lift stuns the brawler before a kick in the gut follows and then he is looking for that Deprivation DDT(Jake Roberts styled DDT)...and as soon as he lets out that primal yell...Diablo counters but breaking the grip and then Belly to Belly suplexing Iser out of the ring and he crashes there with a thud on the floor and with how he landed he’s again stretching out that left knee a little on the floor while trying to catch his breath!]

BM: What a sickening thud onto the floor!

TR: NO! Iser’s taken some serious punishment in this one and we’re approaching twenty to go!

[Diablo takes the slightest moment to catch his breath as he’s endured some heavy onslaught early and Iser isn’t moving a ton on the floor though you do see him reaching into his boot for something even between the occasional yell of pain as he’s trying to catch his breath. The ref does administer the ten count though giving Iser some leniency to not want to give a fall via a countout. Diablo soon ends up getting to his feet and instructs the ref that he doesn’t want a countout of any sort to taint this in any manner and the ref gives a protest for a second before Diablo starts to march over to lean over the ropes to try to pull Iser in. Iser had gotten to his knees and let out a grunt before Diablo pulls him by the hair to try to drag him in. It’s at this point you can see there’s a sharp pointed object in Iser’s hand and he knows the ref can’t see it so he jabs Diablo in the forehead with it under the disguise of a punch and Diablo flies down hard before he disposes of the object under the ring and the camera sees that it’s the dreaded spike! The fans are booing relentlessly at the cheating that Iser just got away with.]

BM: What in the hell!?

TR: HAHAHAHA! Iser has so many tricks up his sleeve you’d think his secondary job was a magician!

BM: This is bullshit! What WON’T Seth Iser do to win a match!?

[Diablo is very much hurting from that one blow and you can see him starting to bleed as he has in both other encounters with Iser. It’s at this point that Iser slides into the ring gingerly before he applies the Injection of Poison on the bloody Diablo! He wants a submission of some sort but Diablo’s shoulders are pinned to the mat with the move and the ref has to count! The fans are booing as loudly as they have all night with this tactic.]





TH: Seth Iser has scored a pinfall. The score is One to nothing in favor of Iser! One to nothing!

BM: That egomaniacal bastard…

TR: We aren’t that far from halfway home and Seth Iser just scored a HUGE advantage!

BM: Unfortunately he must’ve prepared for a situation like this...and now we’ll see how sadistic Seth Iser will be with this advantage.

TR: Bad Omens style sadistic.

BM: That’s...what I was afraid of.

[Diablo’s knee is hurt but now he has to deal with the blood loss on top of it! He gets that repreve that you normally get after a decision and Iser does have to relinquish the hold and it is there when there is that momentary breather that Iser truly sees the damage the spike has done. It’s at this point that after that breather is over and he sees that there’s seventeen minutes to go on the clock that he turns up the sadistic factor and starts getting in the mount, trapping Diablos’s arm behind his leg and he starts throwing piston like right hands to the open wound to lacerate him further! He’s teetering on the edge of legality and breaks just before the dreaded five and he raises his hands up to the ref and they are indeed bloody. It’s at this point though that the audience is grossed out as the desperate and incensed Iser ends up biting Diablo right on the open wound!]


TR: I didn’t think he’d go THIS sadistic…

[Iser ends up spitting the blood out in the direction of the camera and some fans are obviously grossed out by this but Iser’s fully embracing what he has to do here. He then just throws one last big right hand on that laceration before he ends up rubbing the blood off of his hand on the canvas just so he doesn’t have to worry about it as much. A print of war almost. He ends up stretching his bad left wheel and his back to make sure his tailbone isn’t killing him after that rush of adrenaline before he lowers the pad on his right knee and delivers a knee drop over the wound on Diablo’s head. As soon as Diablo recoils up Iser shoves him back down to try to get another cover but he only scores a two this time as Diablo has a little bit of energy to spare still even after surrendering one fall. Iser just glances at the ref and shows him three fingers and the ref just replies with two fingers. At this point Iser then just delivers a pointed stomp to the open wound which gets Diablo to recoil up before he boots him back down and with this opening he can finally grab Michael’s bad wheel and twist it into that figure four he’s been looking for earlier on two different occasions! The ref goes over to count Diablo’s shoulders down bit he sits up at two and growls in obvious pain as Iser is doing his best to crank up the pressure of the hold as we’re approaching the halfway mark! Diablo is shouting ‘No!’ repeatedly trying to show all the fight he can as the fans are urging him not to tap!]

BM: It might be the more strategic move to tap.

TR: He’s too damn egotistical and prideful for that!

BM: Look at this though!

[Diablo raises his hand up as if he’s going to tease tapping and Iser is frantically shouting that either he taps or he’ll ‘snap his fucking knee in half’ and the moment those words are uttered there’s this demonic, soulless look etched on the bloody Diablo’s face as while he lets out a yell in pain...this even spooks Iser for the brief moment and you hear him yell ‘Oh shit’ before Diablo ends up raising his arm and leaning his body to turn the pressure of the figure four over into a Reverse Indian Death Lock, almost his ‘Welcome to Hell’ but he can’t quite do it fully due to the damage on his own knee but now Iser’s wheels are being battered and Iser is shaking his head no when asked for the submission HIS pride perhaps getting in the way of the more logical solution.]

BM: Now its Iser who is in deep trouble!

TR: And the pride of BOTH of these men could be doing more long term damage to them!

[Iser is letting out a yell as he’s crawling toward the ropes digging into the canvas looking for it...and Diablo feels this so in a rare bit of technical prowess that he doesn’t often show...he transitions the reverse deathlock into a sharpshooter to put more pressure on those legs! Diablo’s own knee isn’t bending all the way due to the work done on it but the pressure is making Iser flip out in anger. Though he does recognize this as he just pushes upward and then uses his raw strength to move his legs and flip Diablo out of the hold but the damage to the wheels of both wrestlers has most definitely been done as we are past halfway!]

BM: Iser is in some deep trouble now.

TR: The blows on the outside and the abuse on the knees throughout…

[Iser is trying to get to his feet but his knee is buckling and giving him issues and it’s obvious it buckles back down. He probably should’ve tapped out in that situation but his pride didn’t let him do it. Diablo, while a crimson mask and limping, seems to have found a new lease on life as Iser stumbles over to his direction really hobbling on that knee and this time Diablo just headbutts Iser in the head and you can see his knee really buckle and fight as he’s trying to stay vertical before he kicks Iser in that bad wheel...making him bend over as he can’t put any weight on that knee for the time being and then he drops him on his head with the Diablo Driver(Piledriver)! The fans erupt for the sequence as with thirteen and a little bit of change to go...Diablo has the cover!]





TH: Michael Diablo has scored a is now tied at one fall a piece!

BM: Tie game now!

TR: NO! That might also be the advantage Diablo needs!

[There is that brief reprieve that everyone gets between pinfalls and when Iser is trying to instinctively sit up but can’t you can see the headbutt also lacerated him and for the first time in their trio of singles matches...Iser has finally been busted open at the hands of Michael Diablo.]

BM: Iser is busted open. He’s bleeding!

TR: This is even worse!

BM: Diablo is going to try to give back everything Iser has ever done to him or anyone else on that roster for that matter! He’s trying to also exercise the preverbal demon of not performing here last year due to injury from that cowardly attack!

[After that brief reprieve that Iser has it is now Diablo who is on the attack and the fans are loving every minute of Iser getting what he had delivered earlier as he starts mounting and throwing those vicious right hands that he is known for! Iser is trying to defend himself as best he can but the ref’s five count is what really saves him in this instance. Diablo ends up breaking the mounted punches on the count as Iser ends up rolling to his stomach instinctively to make it harder for him to be pinned as well as closer to the ropes but he’s still feeling the effect of that piledriver. Diablo’s fuse is erupted here though and he’s looking to take out that anger out on The Ikiryo!]

BM: There’s Diablo’s temper!

TR: When he’s erupted he’s more focused on hurting a man than finishing him off for a pinfall. Unfortunately for Iser I think Diablo knows he has just less than twelve minutes to beat the hell out of him.

BM: And score just one pinfall in that timeframe to win the match assuming Iser doesn’t score one of his own. When the bell rings he doesn’t have a soul at all! Banshee found that out...and now Iser is truly finding this out the hard way!

[The Devil sees the bloodied Ikiryo able to get up on his knees and a couple more right hands follow over that laceration to widen it and deepen it and both wrestlers are now wearing the proverbial crimson mask! After those punches Iser ends up trying to get to his feet and does briefly before flopping on the mat face first and you can see the stain of blood on the canvas where he lands. Diablo soon enough rolls Iser to his back to try to get a cover. He gets to two but Iser uses his long limbs and ring awareness to get his right foot on the bottom rope and prevent going behind. Barely.]

BM: Once again Iser’s brain and size have bailed him out.

TR: That was dangerously close.

[Michael is showing some frustration at not taking the lead there but he knows there’s still plenty of time. Eleven minutes and thirty seconds to be exact. Though he’s a little woozy from the blood loss and his knee is also weakened Iser has started to pull himself up to the ropes and the two lock eyes again...fury in Diablo’s heart and Iser, while beaten, is still completely defiant. He barks out the word ‘HEY’ before he delivers a double middle finger salute and the fans gasp at this level of defiance shown. The anger in Michael is even worse now as he seethes there for a minute before he charges from this rush of adrenaline to headlock Iser and then start throwing wild knee strikes from a clinch! Each one more brutal looking and sounding than the last until it totals six and Iser drops down on all fours from the brutality of it all. Diablo soon lets out another yell and he’s going for his second Diablo Driver of the match...but with that rush of adrenaline wearing out and the strain the knees took delivering those well knees...he can’t lift Iser up and keep that base on top of Iser just...deadweighting him. Not wanting to get dropped on his head like that a second time and Diablo is getting frustrated at the tactics and the wear and tear of the match.]

TR: He couldn’t get the bigger man up.

BM: Iser might be worn down and hurt but his brain and mind are obviously still working.

[The time is ticking down as Diablo again struggles to try to lift Iser up into the air but Iser is this time hooking Diablo’s left leg to put more strain on that knee and Diablo has to relent on that tactic. Less than ten minutes to go after all that time he did burn trying to get that second Diablo Driver. It’s at this point that he does drag Iser further up to his feet this time and now he’s trying to go for the ‘Santos Impaler’ for the second time of the match. But Iser feels the counter and uses one burst of acceleration to spin counter and quickly hook Diablo for HIS DDT...The Deprivation DDT and he spikes Michael onto the canvas. He can’t cover him right away but he does lunge for the cover. The fans seem deflated thinking Iser stole the advantage...but Diablo kicks out after two! It’s just barely...but Diablo is still alive and well and Iser looks shocked that this has happened!]


BM: The pride and heart of Michael Diablo allowed him to kick out of that!

[Iser just sits up in pure shock and holds up the three fingers toward the ref for the second time in the match and again...the ref replies that Diablo kicked out at two. The fans are LOUDLY and PROUDLY chanting ‘DI-A-BLO’ in support of the challenger and this isn’t helping Iser’s mood. Iser is almost wild eyed and crazy as that DDT might’ve taken a ton out of Diablo but he doesn’t want to try to pick him up for something else. In a rarity though he’s slowly starting to scale up the turnbuckle. The audience is all standing in anticipation wondering where this is going.]

TR: Iser never does this. What is his plan?


TR: You know?

BM: I think...I do.

[Iser is now on the middle rope and then the top and he does see the wave of people standing in anticipation to see what he’s going to do in a situation like this. The fans are just wondering what happens and then he again glances back to make sure Diablo is still KOed and he seems to be...and after that moment of hesitation he lets out a grunt considering the pressure on his knee before he leaps high into the air and performs for the first time in several years a moonsault! Because of that hesitation Diablo is just able to roll out of the way and Iser crashes hard into the canvas and both men are down on the mat...Iser holding his left knee from the landing and Diablo just stirring slightly.]

BM: Oh my GOD!


BM: Seth Iser went high risk and got NO reward going for a move he hasn’t done in YEARS to try to put The Devil away!

TR: Oh my God…

BM: What WON’T these two men do to one another to win the Proving Grounds Title?

[There’s six minutes left in the match as Iser has taken his momentum to roll on one side while Diablo is on the other side of the ring. The standing ten count is administered as Iser is crawling over to the corner and Diablo again complete opposite corner. Iser ends up taking off the middle turnbuckle pad to that corner behind the ref’s back. They’re trying to recoup as much as possible with both favoring their knees and deeply lacerated and bloody. Now it’s ticking down closer to five minutes and thirty seconds as the ref is trying to give them the liberty of getting to their feet and the two lock eyes from opposite corners. The proud warriors just glaring at each other with determination to try to see who is better. And for the second time in the match...and the two get to their feet and lumber toward one another...before Iser spits in Diablo’s face...and the fans BOO in almost a nuclear fashion.]

BM: Iser is insane.

TR: Genius and insanity are a thin line.

[Again Diablo’s temper is flared as he gets that rush of adrenaline to throw those punches on the weakened Iser and one spins Iser around so he waist locks him from behind and he dumps his head with a german! He tries a bridging pin but his knee buckles on two so Iser is easily able to avoid that predicament. But The Devil is still seeing red in more ways than one again. He wants to hook Iser up while he’s grounded for a proper Welcome to Hell...that Indian Death Lock of his! But Iser feels it coming and before he can get it applied he uses his right leg to shove Diablo and he goes face first into the exposed turnbuckle!]

TR: Wait did Iser do that!?

BM: Oh god damn it Seth! That Omen or Viking mentality to do ANYTHING it takes strikes again!

[Iser sees that opportunity and rolls Diablo up from behind and he puts his feet on the ropes for good measure so the ref doesn’t see it. The ref counts to two...but Diablo is again able to kick out and the gears in Iser’s head are spinning wilder and wilder before he grunts in pain...and knows what he feels like he HAS to do now. He straightens out his left knee with all the will and determination in his being as he then slashes his throat and the audience gasps knowing what he’s indicating for.]

BM: Diablo kicked out of that last one.

TR: But Iser’s calling for...something worse.

BM: Black Magic. That Tombstone Piledriver that has taken Rick Kreiger out of his element and game entirely since he spiked him with that one.

[Diablo is struggling to his feet as Iser just has his eyes locked on his target knowing what he’s going to deliver. He then scoops him up over his shoulder and now he’s upside down...the fans are gasping and some are even cringing in horror knowing what is about to happen. Diablo is squirming and trying to fight out of it...but Iser doesn’t give him the opportunity to fully counter...and he spikes him on the canvas with Black Magic!(Tombstone Piledriver) And with that...while not a full aggressive cover...Iser had fallen on top of Diablo after doing the move! The ref is counting!]





TH: Seth Iser has scored his second decision...the score is now two to one in favor of the champion!

BM: With just over four minutes left to go Iser has just taken the lead!

TR: He might have put the final nail in the coffin for the devil!

BM: Nothing is over yet.

[Iser rolls off of Diablo after that blow and he’s clutching at that left knee in obvious pain but he glances down and there is that smirk of relief knowing he has secured a narrow advantage once again. The blood sprinting down his face as he slouches over to the corner to recuperate and he’s holding that knee in considerable pain but Diablo really isn’t moving much at all after that Black Magic. And he’s content enough to let time tick down as he pulls himself up...barely...not putting much weight at all on that knee. But after several seconds Diablo is starting to stir ever so slightly.]

BM: He’s moving…

TR: My secured Iser an advantage. That’s what mattered.

BM: Diablo’s pure guts and determination to continue the fight even after truly unworldly!

TR: Banshee is right! Diablo truly has no soul! But Seth Iser is equally soulless in that ring!

[Iser senses that time is running low and doesn’t rush in again knowing he has that advantage...just content to try to straighten out his knee and let the seconds tick on by. Diablo has gotten to his knees now...after crawling to the ropes. Both men are exhausted and hurt. It’s approaching three minutes and finally Iser feels as if he’s recovered enough from dishing that move out to go back on the offensive. He puts Diablo in a headlock and starts hammering away with piston like fists over the wound but they don’t have the pop that they did in the early moments and Iser has to relinquish the hold and Diablo still staggers back down onto all fours. It’s at this point that Iser barks down ‘Stay down! I’ve proven I’m better damn you!’ before he boots Diablo in the head.]

BM: I think now even Iser’s mystified that Diablo is continuing to keep going.

TR: He’s thrown EVERYTHING at him.

BM: And while he has that narrow advantage...that might be just that. Iser could be on fumes.

[Iser’s spagetti legged after that kick he threw but he’s trying to anger himself into some additional adrenaline. He again yells down at Diablo ‘STAY DOWN!’ before delivering another boot. The time is not Diablo’s friend though and he’s getting back to his feet...and this time Iser goes three left jabs...and follows it up with a discus clothesline. He does go for a cover after that...but Diablo kicks out at two...barely. Iser throws a few more mounted strikes at the wound but like the clothesline and punches’s again obvious he’s just almost out of gas.]

BM: Iser’s going into a fury here much like Diablo was earlier.

TR: He feels he might need one more fall.

BM: You might be right…

[Again as Iser glances down at Diablo as he’s crawling to his feet...the Devil shaking his hands and knee...Iser again just realizes what he might have to do for a second time. He looks prepared to deliver a second Black Magic. Diablo pulls himself by the ropes and staggers toward Iser...before Iser scoops him over his shoulder...and you can see Seth’s knee buckling...hurting even more from when he had to do it the first time. Diablo uses this chance to squirm out of the situation getting behind Iser. Seth instinctively turns around before he’s kicked in the gut and the Santo’s Impaler scores and Iser is spiked on the mat. But he’s managed to roll onto his stomach! Diablo is worn out as we’re approaching the final minute of the match! Diablo manages to roll Iser onto his back finally...before covering him at long last! He scores 2 but for the second time Iser uses his frame to put his foot on the bottom rope!]

BM: Oh heartbreaker!

TR: He couldn’t move Iser or he’d waste more time.

[Diablo uses one last burst of adrenaline to pull himself he boots Iser in the face to get him to stir...knowing the clock is his enemy as much as Iser is. Seth staggers up just to get a boot to the stomach and with an almost primal yell Michael Diablo lifts Iser up and spikes him for the second time with the Diablo Driver! Once again though Iser has landed on his stomach and Diablo has to get on his hands and knees to push Seth to his back before making the cover!]





[The fans let out a loud roar thinking Diablo tied it and they have a chance at potential overtime. The ref gets up and starts to move toward the timekeeper and the two are having a discussion as Diablo rolls himself off of a virtually knocked out Seth Iser. Iser just twitches from the blow he just took before the ref grabs hold of the Proving Grounds Title...and then places it over the virtually comatose Seth Iser and the fans erupt in passionate hatred and boos.]

TH: The winner of this match at a score of two to one...and STILL The Proving Grounds Champion...The Ikiryo...Seth Iser!


BM: Oh my God...what a heartbreaker for Diablo...but the bastard pulled it out.

[With that announcement you can see Michael Diablo crawl over to the corner and he just looks absolutely devastated that if only he had one more second he’d be going into overtime and he’d probably would’ve won. Since Iser isn’t moving at all we see Stella jog over to ringside changed into street attire after having her match as well as The Kraken and that duo of the Omens helps pull Iser out of the ring. Iser is aware enough to clutch hold of the championship he just BARELY retained after literally pulling out all the stops.]

BM: While Michael Diablo has more than secured his legacy with one of the most prideful performances we’ve ever seen...Seth Iser just added a huge piece to his legacy and to the legacy of the Omens with that win.

TR: He did it! The biggest singles match he’s probably laced up in years at the main event of night one of our season finale...and he WON.

[Stella puts one of Iser’s arms over her while Marcus does the same thing and this does look a little comical...and Iser is slowly starting to come to a little more and a little more. He uses his right arm to raise high the championship he won before nearly collapsing back down onto the floor before the two Omens help Iser out to the back to get checked out after that brutal...hellacious war.]

TR: That would be a phenomenal way to close Season 2…

BM: But we still have one more Night! Night 2 of our season finale! Captain Fabulous vs Brien Storm! The Vision in Craig Anderson’s farewell take on Hyphy Machine in tag team warfare! The tag titles are on the line when The Omens represented by The Hellhound and The Kraken challenge the dominant team of Team Fury! Angelica Layne and Minka Carter finally settle their increasingly personal dispute in a match with no real rules...a street fight! And finally you have our grand prize...The Banshee challenges the IYH Champion Shawn Fox where Fox has been intertwined on some level with one of the Omens on and off since the start of the season! The Voice of the House Brian Morris alongside Tats Richardson...we say goodnight until Night Two of Dawn of the Immortals! Goodnight!

[The scene cuts to the IYHWF logo before fading to black.]
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