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 In Search of Babylon: Four, CD Piece
Flex Johnson
 Posted: Aug 29 2017, 11:23 PM

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“I have a question to ask you,” Myung said as she turned a bit to her left. She and Misha had been soaking up the sun at her outdoor pool area. Myung lay lay reclined in a chair as she sipped on a glass of wine; Misha laid on her stomach as the sun’s rays tanned her back.

“I shall do my best to answer your question,” Misha replied as she closed her eyes a bit.

Myung didn’t normally get nervous around Misha, but she was this time. It took a moment or two for her to finally spit out her question.

“Misha, do you ever regret teaming with me?”

There was an odd stillness in the air after the question had been asked. Misha quickly opened her eyes and shifted her body in Myung’s direction.

“What?” Misha tone had become stern, almost aggressive. Even still, Myung repeated her question.

“Do, do you ever have regrets about teaming with me within In Your House?”

Misha glared at her for couple of seconds before she grunted, turned back around and re-closed her eyes.

“I never thought I would have to say this to you of all people, but that was an utterly foolish question, love.”

The Korean born woman took a long sip of her wine.

“You came to In Your House to focus on your singles career. You wanted to make a new name for yourself in a untapped market. Had it not been for me, perhaps you would have been IYH Champi—”

“Stop it—stop it right now!” Misha shouted.

Silence persisted for a couple of moments. Once again, Misha turned towards Myung.

“You are correct. One of my primary goals was to come over here and make my name in an untapped market. Well, I have done just that, with your assistance.” Misha nodded her head. “Our path to glory was filled with many twists and turns. And at times, it was painful. However, I would not trade that journey for the world. You and I accomplished something great. And I am thoroughly grateful to have you at my side for said journey.”

“I…” Myung paused for a moment. “Thank you, Misha. I needed to hear that.”

Satisfied with the answer she had received, Myung finished her her glass of wine. She then leaned back even more in attempts of letting her body fully relax.

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