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Jun 5 2017, 09:13 PM
In Mirage We Trust
June 8th, 2017

Paint is peeling off of the walls and there's an odd odor. The blinds in front of the window are down and the room is dimly lit by cheap lights. If ever there was a shitty hotel room to house murders in a horror film, this would be the one. Inside the room, a man sits at a table while a woman sits on a bed, her legs hanging down the side of it. She's holding something in her hand. It's hard to distinguish just what it is, but it appears to have been burned and is simply what remains. She stares at the item, turning it with her hand and examining every inch of it. The man at the table looks at her with irritation and sighs.

???: "Staring at it's not gonna bring him back."

???: "He'll come back. Maybe not today, tomorrow ... this week, this month, this year ... but he'll come back."

The man shakes his head and stands up. He walks over to her and snatches the item out of her hands, forcing a look of cold anger on her face.

???: "Listen to me, Jenna; he's - not - coming - back. We made an oath to him and we're gonna keep it, but we're doing it by ourselves."

???: "Give it back, right now."

The two stare at each other. It's very clear that this can turn into a very bad situation at any moment. Eventually, the man nods.

???: "Fine."

He hands the item back to the woman, who pulls it away with force, before he goes back to sit down at the table. The woman goes back to observing the item, but speaks to him as she does so.

???: "And don't call me Jenna. You know that's not my name anymore, just as yours isn't Nathan. We're Bloody Mary and Nightmare. That's what he chose."

Nightmare: "I still don't get those choices. I mean, you're named after a fuckin' urban legend."

Bloody Mary: "He had his reasoning for everything he did, the names included. Your doubt is why I was his star pupil. I've never questioned him."

Nightmare: "I still did everything he asked. I mean, I'm here, aren't I? I'm still with you. I just didn't get the names and I'm smart enough to know that he's gone."

Bloody Mary: "Ignorance is not bliss, Nightmare."

Mary stands up and steps over to the table, placing the item on it. She points at it.

Bloody Mary: "As long as we have this, he's here."

Nightmare: "Mary, it's a burnt mask."

Bloody Mary: "Have you forgotten what this mask represents? Everything he did, everything he saw - tinted behind this. He saw his vision of the world from beneath this mask. Our vision. This mask was as much Mirage as the mouth that gave us orders. We still have him with us."

She takes the mask off of the table as Nightmare looks up at her.

Bloody Mary: "But if you need to bring everything to its most literal iteration, Mirage himself will be back one day. And, on that day, I want him to be proud of what we've accomplished. We're gonna burn this world to the fucking ground and stand in its ashes with Mirage by our side. Until then, we keep this."

Mary holds up the mask as she says that, before sitting back down on the bed. They sit there in silence for a few moments before Nightmare breaks the silence to bring up a new subject; a former member of their group, who recently competed in IYHWF.

Nightmare: "Our former comrade, Abaddon, was a part of the Australian company we're about to go to, under his birth name. From what I understand, that traitor wasn't able to accomplish much. It's a shame he's left as we're coming, though. I would've loved to mash his idiotic brain into the ground."

Bloody Mary: "Vengeance isn't our priority. Joseph was a coward and a fool, who lost the right to be called Abaddon when he attacked Mirage, but his time will come when it comes. For now, this company, In Your House; we do what we're meant to do there. Chaos, Nightmare. That's our only goal."

Nightmare: "Fair enough. Any update on who we'll be facing first?"

Bloody Mary: "Not yet. I've just been told we won't be fighting on the premier of their second season."

Nightmare: "Well, not officially, right?"

Mary lets out an amused chuckle at Nightmare's insinuation.

Bloody Mary: "Of course. The first thing Mirage taught us is that attention is necessary to spread an ideal. And the most important step in gaining attention is the first impressions. We'll make our presence known."

Nightmare: "Excellent. Anyone in particular you've been looking at?"

Bloody Mary: "There are plenty of targets. For specifics, they've got this duo. Very popular, crowd loves them. Might be a good place to start."

Nightmare: "Alright. I'll look into it. We should get some rest for now. Our flight's pretty early."

Bloody Mary: "Yeah, we wouldn't want to miss it. "

Mary places the remains of Mirage's burned mask on the bed table next to her.

Bloody Mary: "See you soon, Australia."

Mary lies down on the twin-sized bed as Nightmare lies down on the floor, the cheap hotel room not having two beds. Before falling asleep, the two simultaneously say the Church's motto.

The Church of Illusionism: "In Mirage we trust."
May 27 2017, 03:43 AM
Team Name: The Church of Illusionism

Members: Bloody Mary & Nightmare

Combined Weight: 154.7kg

Team Gimmick: Mary and Nightmare worship Mirage, the split personality of Danny Diamond, almost as a god. They joined his Church a few years ago, but Mirage has since disappeared due to Danny finally getting the mental help he needed, yet they maintain their belief in what he stood for which, in a word, in simply chaos. Mary does all the talking for the team while Nightmare stays quiet, but they both look to continue what Mirage started in the way of bringing out the most animalistic, savage parts of the world.

Team Finisher: N/A (Either Mary uses her finisher or Nightmare copies the opponent's finisher/signature)

Well-Practiced Double Team Moves (Max 5):
Ode to Chaos (Nightmare sets the opponent up for a middle rope-hung DDT. Mary springboards off of the top rope and lands a Double Foot Stomp into the elevated opponent's back, right as Nightmare drops for the DDT)
Specter's Humanity (Nightmare lifts the opponent onto his shoulders Ricola Bomb-style while Mary springboards off of the top rope and the opponent is taken down with a Bomb/Blockbuster combination.)
Tiger Suplex/Running Front Dropkick combination (Nightmare does the Tiger Suplex, Mary does the Running Front Dropkick.)

Entrance Theme: "I Worship Chaos" by Children of Bodom

Team Background: Mirage's message of chaos and his slogan 'Sanity is just a mirage' got the attention of these two individuals, who've dedicated their lives to spreading his ideals. After Mirage's disappearance, they've laid low for a while, but have finally decided it's time to continue what he first began years ago. Mary has an obsessive denial that Mirage is truly gone, while Nightmare seems to have come to terms with it, but their goal is the same regardless; bring out the chaos.
May 27 2017, 03:18 AM

Wrestler Real Name: Unknown
Wrestler In Ring Name: Nightmare
Nickname (If Applicable): “Incubus Incarnate”
Height (meters): 1.85m
Weight (kilograms): 95.3kg
Alignment: Heel
Hometown/Billed From: A Madman’s Mind
Gimmick: Nightmare is the quietest member of the Church of Illusionism. He uses his appearance to intimidate his opponents, as well as trying to wrestle in styles that focus on their weaknesses, and lets Bloody Mary do all of the speaking. He never speaks on camera, only talking to Mary in private.
Pic Base: Prince Devitt (w/ Face/Body Paint)
Ring Attire: Various designs of face and body paint, changing weekly; black trunks; black knee pads; black wrist tape; black boots
Twitter: N/A

Wrestling Style: Nightmare is a very well rounded wrestler who likes to use a style that best counters that of his opponent, while oftentimes going as far as to mimic his opponents to dig further in their heads
Strengths (3): Learns his opponents’ weaknesses and how to exploit them, very intelligent, uses his painted look and exploitation of opponents’ weaknesses to intimidate
Weaknesses (3): No areas of wrestling that he excels at, sometimes focuses too much on playing mind games, not as ruthless as his comrade (despite his appearance)

Finishers (Max 2):
Nightmare tries to finish opponents off with their own finishing maneuver, or a signature of theirs, if the finisher is too difficult for him to pull off
Signature Moves (Max 2):
Specter’s Snare (Ricola Bomb)
Specter’s Sword (Straight-Jacket Brainbuster)
Well-practiced Moves (Max 10):
Boston Crab
Diving Clothesline
Dragon Suplex
Hung DDT
Inverted DDT
Senton Bomb
Sleeper Hold
Suicide Dive
Tiger Suplex

Entrance Theme: "I Worship Chaos" by Children of Bodom

Character Background: Unlike Bloody Mary, whose real name is at least known, nothing is known about this man before he joined the Church. He doesn't speak and he follows Mary's orders. Other than that, he’s a mystery.
May 27 2017, 03:15 AM

Wrestler Real Name: Jenna Isaacs
Wrestler In Ring Name: Bloody Mary
Nickname (If Applicable): “The Dark Queen”
Height (meters): 1.76m
Weight (kilograms): 59.4kg
Alignment: Heel
Hometown/Billed From: A Madman’s Mind
Gimmick: Very violent and very devoted to what the Church of Illusionism believes in, Mary is quite similar to her 'mentor' Mirage in many ways.
Pic Base: Amy Lee
Ring Attire: Red tights with black and white stripes going down the side; red sleeveless top, cut off just below her chest, with Mary in white, outlined in black on the front; red boots with white laces and black soles
Twitter: @IllusionistMary

Wrestling Style: Having been trained by Mirage, she has a similar style of mixing technical wrestling with strikes, but she’s added her own aerial essence to it
Strengths (3): Agile and athletic, good with reversals and takedowns, strikes fairly hard
Weaknesses (3): Obsession to the Church's beliefs, reckless, anger issues

Finishers (Max 2):
Bloody Wrath (Shining Axe Kick)
Signature Moves (Max 2):
Fall of Humanity (Springboard Blockbuster)
Illusions (Jumping DDT; Dolph Ziggler style)
Well-practiced Moves (Max 10):
Cross Body
Cross Chop
Discus European Uppercut
German Suplex
Northern Lights Suplex
O’Connor Roll

Entrance Theme: "I Worship Chaos" by Children of Bodom

Character Background: There’s not much known about Mary prior to her meeting Mirage, outside of that her name was Jenna Isaacs until he gave her the urban legend-inspired title. It’s unclear why exactly she’s so devoted to him, but it’s clear that she’ll do anything she needs to in order to make him proud, in hopes that he'll return.
May 4 2017, 05:40 PM
Upon the start of the video, Joey Miles’ face is instantly seen and it’s not a happy one.

Joey Miles: “I got some shit to say. Before anyone asks ‘are you recording this on your camera phone’, yes, I’m recording this on my camera phone. Shut the fuck up.”

Miles stares into his phone’s camera, taking a moment to gather his thoughts and think of exactly how he wants to go about this.

Joey Miles: “In 2005, I joined the wrestling industry as a commentator, working behind the desk for the brand new company 2 World’s Wrestling Federation. I spent seven years - seven whole fucking years - behind that table, constantly being looked at as a joke. Just some loudmouth who doesn’t have any real talent, cursing and making people laugh by being an idiot. By the time 2WWF closed, I was sick of it. I was finally ready to truly make something of myself. So then I trained - and I trained and I trained and I trained. I eventually stepped into the ring and I was good. I was actually doing it. I had talent.”

Despite talking about a time when he began to turn his life around, the only expression Joey can muster is one of disgust. His mind is wrapped around the thoughts of his critics in such an obsessive way that he can’t even force himself to let out the grin most are used to seeing on him.

Joey Miles: “But was I taken seriously? No. I’m just the guy who curses a lot. I make jokes on social media. Never mind the matches I won. Never mind when I became HKW’s first ever Gold Ring holder. I’ve spent my entire life being laughed at and mocked and, when I finally do something to warrant getting a little bit of respect, all I get is more mockery. Just a fucking joke, that’s what my career is?!”

The disgust in Joey’s face turns to anger, as he begins to come unhinged, thinking about all of the times he’s been called a joke. The word joke in itself has become something of a trigger for Miles, no matter the context.

Joey Miles: “I win and I win and I win and I win and I win, over and over, but nobody wants to talk about that! I make Kelsey Spencer tap out and she gets a title shot, while I get put in fucking tag team matches! Tag team matches that I WON, by the way! I got the pins, not my partners who I didn’t want to team with from the beginning! I had to interrupt a match to kick everyone I could fucking see, just to get some Goddamn recognition from Chris Cryptic! WHERE’S MY RESPECT?!”

The camera is pulled away from Joey’s face in a hurry, almost as if Miles is about to throw his phone out of frustration. Deep breathing can be heard from the furious man, before he brings his choice of camera back up to his face.

Joey Miles: “Oh! And then - and then I offer, out of the kindness of my heart, to wrestle for XWA in a few weeks. What do they do? They ask if I’M A FUCKING JOKE! NO! I’M NOT A FUCKING JOKE! I’LL BREAK THAT IRISH CUNT’S NECK AND LEAVE YOU WITH ONE LESS WRESTLER, YOU PIECES OF SHIT!”

Referring to Emery Layton, the wrestler who’s been announced as his opponent for XWA On a Boat later this month, Joey lets out even more of his frustrations with the way the world views him - or, at least, the way he thinks it does. He stares forward, breathing heavily and trying to force himself to calm down, a task he does slowly but surely.

Joey Miles: “Is it so much to ask that I be taken seriously? Is it really that much? I’ve proven, time and time again, that I can go. I’ve beaten big names and won big matches. Yet, the word ‘joke’ is being thrown around left and right, like I’m the same fucking loser I was five years ago, just before I began putting in work to make myself something special. And the thing that’s really pissing me off are these assholes acting like I’m some fucking child because I’m upset about this. I’m supposed to just be okay with being looked at as a joke by the fucking industry I should be making waves in? What good is winning matches, winning championships, being a damn good wrestler, if everyone refuses to acknowledge it? Yeah, this is a job, but this is a job I take pride in. Money, believe it or not, isn’t the most important thing in the world. Respect is far more important to me.”

Joey looks down, going silent for a moment. He thinks back to all of the times his own family has shown him no respect, no matter what he accomplished. Being hated was always something he didn’t really have a problem with. In fact, he quite likes being hated because there aren’t many people that Joey himself doesn’t hate. But there’s a big difference between liking somebody and respecting them, and that’s where Joey’s issues come into play, starting with his own blood.

Joey Miles: “If you don’t like me, fine. That’s okay. Nobody does. But if you call me a joke - if you discredit everything I’ve done and will do, all that I’m capable of ... I’ll prove you wrong again by beating everyone and everything I’m put against. There’s a couple more days until night one of Dawn of the Immortals. I’m not gonna be around until then. No jokes on Twitter, no meaningless rants. All of my focus is going to one task and one task only - winning the Proving Grounds Championship.”

His determination is clear, perhaps more-so now than ever. Joey has had some big matches in his career, but they’ve never had this feeling of importance to him. He feels the disrespect he’s shown has reached a peak and he needs this win to shut everyone up. But would that truly get him the respect he feels he deserves? In his mind, whether by denial or not, it would, and that’s what makes this so important to him.

Joey Miles: “The frustration that’s been drilled into me by the disrespect I’ve received will be used as ammunition against Shawn Fox, Iris Black and, yes, Kelsey Spencer. One of the biggest moments in my career came from me winning a multi-person ladder match. I’ll leave the three of them down, drowning in their own disappointment and blood, while I stand on top of the ladder, holding my prize and listening to everyone showering me with the same disrespect and hatred I’ve been showered with for so long. But, no matter how much they boo and they yell, it won’t change the fact that night one ends with Joey Miles standing tall.”

The Proving Grounds contender stares coldly into his phone’s camera, almost as if the lights had gone out and no one’s home. His thoughts are all over the place right now, but there’s one consistency in all of it - victory. Whether it’s the mental victory he seeks over his critics or the physical victory he’s determined to get at Dawn of the Immortals, victory is on his mind. His obsession with the way he’s viewed in the industry is taking serious tolls on his mental state and that’s clear, but victory is victory and he’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.
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