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 Fish out of Water, Rebecca and Iser dine out.
Seth Iser
 Posted: May 4 2018, 05:42 PM

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The busy sections in Manhattan show just as much life as they often do. The drivers as impatient as ever as we see Seth Iser in a vehicle just seeing a man cut him off. You can see facially he wants to react to that particular incident...but he suppressed his usual...outburst in a situation like that. Rebecca Saint, sitting on the passenger seat, is also with him.

“Damn.” he manages to mutter, “Someone was in a hurry.”

Rebecca looks up from her phone with curiosity, noticing the absence of a rage-fueled freak-out in reaction to what just happened.

“You do know he cut you off?” the recently crowned HYBRID Honor Champion speaks up.

“Yeah…” Iser blinks, “New Yorker thing. I’d truthfully be more surprised if it DIDN’T happen. Now...L.A. where they cut you off AND almost hit you…AND blame you for it?”

A pause for a moment before Iser just shrugs.

“I did want to flip him off though.”

Rebecca gives a small nod as if to say “That is the Iser I know” before her attention returns to Twitter. She has been reconnecting with so many of the friends she had thought she pushed away during her break down. Some of them she had, but the real ones weathered the storm and welcomed her back with open arms. She feels truly blessed to have such a devoted social circle.

Iser just shakes his head behind the wheel and takes the opportunity while they’re more or less stalled out in traffic to straighten out his red tie. If you looked in from the outside you would say that Iser is ‘dressed’ for the occasion wearing a black and red suit combination but he almost always wears the suit when doing anything involving the public eye or even something private like this at this point. Soon he just glances at the driver guide that barks out that they need to take a right coming up at the upcoming light before they reach their destination.

“Thank you very much for that declaration…” Iser remarks with sarcasm oozing in his voice, prompting Rebecca to look up and snicker. “You’ve already gotten me lost twice today.”

The more hermit like Iser tends to not do as well with technology though I think being 6’5 and cramped up in that rental car probably isn’t helping with his mood with the technology in the silver camaro.

“You really did not have to come all the way out here,” she tells him. “I know how much you dislike traffic. I could have come to visit you instead.”

“Well…” Iser shrugs his shoulders, “One can’t be locked in their own area forever to begin with. And I think everyone could step outside their comfort zones. Much like you, Kelsey, and Allison nagging me to finally get Twitter for example…”

Iser soon pauses for a minute as he thought of something else.

“Is Moretti having a meltdown?” Iser soon blinks, “Him being left to his own devices…”

‘PLEASE TURN RIGHT NOW!’ the instructions blare out.

“ALRIGHT!” Iser channels his inner Adam Sandler with the outburst you’d more expect before blinking twice, “Wow…I really am not a New Yorker now am I?”

“It is like watching a thawed out caveman trying to adjust to the modern world around him,” she observes with an amused smirk. “It is as if you are at constant odds with every piece of technology you come across.”

“I wish I had a club to clubber whoever made this…” Iser deadpans as he turns right.

“Perhaps I should drive on the way home,” Rebecca suggests with a roll of the eyes, before she realizes he will have more of an opportunity to complain about other drivers around them. “Hopefully by then it will be time for your old person nap and you can sleep through the trip.”

“Car sickness is a thing when you do that.” Iser just replies almost instinctively going into parent mode in a way after he sees the destination in the corner of his eye finally, “Allison woke up and puked all over in the truck one time when she did that…”

“A lovely story to share moments before dinner,” Rebecca responds, her words dripping with sarcasm. As the car is coming to a stop she scoops up her purse and unclicks the seatbelt. She has not eaten all day, and in some strange, supernatural way her stomach has picked up Kelsey’s stomach’s habits. It will growl and cry uninhibited like a baby demanding its bottle.

“Heh…” Iser lets out a chuckle at the growl he just heard, “I think somebody really wants food…”

As Iser says that he does hold the door open for Rebecca.

“New champions first.” Iser motions.

“Why thank you,” she smirks, appreciative of the star treatment she’s receiving. She steps out and stretches her elbow out… Even after about a week of recovery time since she won the Honor Title she is still feeling the effects of the hard hitting match. Perhaps it could be a career’s worth of smacking opponents in the cranium with her elbow that is finally catching up with her. Iser himself, after three matches in two days, is laboring a little bit favoring his knee though that often isn’t a surprise.

“Wow…” Iser looks around at the restaurant, “Not...what I’m used to…” he soon just turns to Rebecca slightly, “Is this the norm here?”

“To be fair I have not had much of an opportunity to dine out since I moved here. I know this is quite different from the lower class restaurants you likely frequent, but try and act like you fit in, hmm?”

“I think we’re dressed appropriately at least…” Iser lets out a chuckle as he glances at many people also wearing suits in the building.

Rebecca looks him over before she licks her thumb and attempts to straighten his untamed fringe out, like a mother would groom her child on school picture day. She soon rubs a stubborn crease out of his suit jacket… And awkwardly pauses when she comes to her senses and realises she is running her hand across his chest. With only a moment of tension she gasps and turns away with a slight blush in her cheeks. Iser also turns a slight hint of red at this.

“There, now you look at least half-way presentable,” she throws in a quick jab to try and distance herself from what had just happened.

“Thanks Mom.” Iser lets out a laugh content to do the same for the time being before he glances down at the tie and notices it’s a little shorter now than he’d like, “Well…”

He’s cut off by a servier coming in before he can say anything further to direct them to their seats. They are directed to a nice little window seat where they can get a view of the business of Manhattan out there as they enjoy the dinner. Soon as they’re handed the menus Iser is doing his best poker face to hide the fact that this is indeed higher than he’s used to but for a friend and being a man of his word? He’ll gladly pay whatever price.

Rebecca peruses the menu and peers over it to watch him for a moment. Her finger runs across the top and stops to drum on the corner of her menu as she shakes her head.

“Relax,” she quietly speaks as she believes he is overly nervous. “I was joking earlier, you look fine. And you are fitting in quite nicely.”

Iser drops the menu to make eye contact with her and his face does soften slightly though to say he’s overly nervous on the inside considering how extremely out of place he is in a situation like an understatement. “I think there’s a better looking person sitting at the table obviously.”

Rebecca gives a small smile as her only response, then tucks the loose hair in her face behind her ear. Iser lets out a sigh in relief for a moment before his expression goes serious.

“I have to apologize at the very least…” Iser admits, “Let’s just say it’s been...a long time since I’ve gone out with the sole venture to have fun. No point in hiding that.”

“Nooo, you don’t say?” Rebecca’s sarcasm is strong. “There is no pressure, no expectations. Simply be yourself. You have been out with myself and Kelsey before, remember? Think of it like that but slightly fancier. And only you and I. Alone…

She clears her throat.

“...Where is the wine list?” she diverts her attention back to her menu.

“Back with the drinks I suppose…” Iser muses answering her question.

“What would you like?” She asks him with consideration. “We could share a bottle if you are worried about price?”

“Alcohol of any sort is a no go for me considering my...history…” Iser lets out a nervous laugh before he diverts the topic slightly, “They do have the red wine you do seem to enjoy at the very least…”

“Oh…” She bites her tongue, her expression softens. “That was insensitive of me, I apologize. If it will make you uncomfortable, I can skip the drink.”

“Nah it’s not a problem…” Iser lightens up again before he does let out a laugh, “People around me can drink but I just cannot have any. We are in the wrestling industry after all. Half the time you wonder what people are like when sober from the era I came from.”

Rebecca nods and decides to limit herself to one drink for the evening, also ordering a horrendously overpriced linguini alfredo for her meal. Iser opts for his usual drink of choice...water with a lemon in it and he was curious and decided to go with the Pasta Marinara since part of the experience is also the food.

“I do have a question.” Iser makes eye contact, “Been wondering this one a little bit actually...what drew you to New York?”

“My Dad lives here,” she reveals to him before immediately clarifying. “Not my biological father, my adoptive dad. He was the one who trained me initially. He and I have had a rather rocky relationship the past decade, and I recently reached out to him for a refresher course when I was preparing for the match with Kelsey. We reconnected and I realized how much I miss him, so I decided to move here to spend more time with him.”

She glances out the nearby window and wears a half smile.

“Besides. For all of its shortcomings it really is a beautiful city.”

“I can agree that it is. Seems as if there is never a shortage of things for somebody can do here either.” Iser blinks, “But family’s a strange thing sometimes if you actually bond with someone to that level you know. You can be pulled apart and feel like it might be beyond repair...but it never fully is beyond repair if both parties still care on some level.”

Iser pauses for a minute.

“Blood or not though I think every parent does struggle to some level seeing their kid grow up. Especially a father figure to their girl…” Iser muses.

“You are concerned for Allison, aren’t you?”

“Always am…” Iser lightens up further to the point he might actually be loose and free, “I might not know fully on what initially drove you two apart but I do know it’s also important for the kid to spread their wings and experience some life on their own too.”

“I was a brat, essentially,” she bluntly informs him as she sips her recently delivered wine. “Thought I was too good for everyone around me. Suppose that included the man who saved my life.” She looks up at him with a chuckle. “That is teenagers for you I suppose, hmm?”

“No kidding…” Iser lets out a laugh, “I think EVERY teenager has a point when they just feel absolutely indestructible and then it takes life and reality to eventually course correct them.”

Iser then pauses for a moment.

“I still remember some of my teenager years too…”

“Curious,” she takes one more sip of her wine before placing it down gently on the table before her. “When you think back that far, are your memories in black and white? Or are they sepia?”

“Gangster’s paradise was the number one song when I was a teenager…” Iser muses, “Not so much a TV dark age as I had color TV but a musical one if you ask the kids these days. Blueberry was also not a common flavor.”

Iser shrugs though before his face does turn serious.

“It’s well known my parents weren’t exactly loving.”
Iser continues, “But even if I did have loving parents I probably still would’ve been an arrogant sod who thought he had life figured out until I blew my knee out.”

Iser pauses for a minute.

“Shit though...we both survived our teenage years and some of the turbulence that can create. I can argue that might be harder than most wrestling matches.”

“The story you told of your father… That hit close to home. I have not forgotten what you said, or the expression you had… It was unlike any I have ever seen you have before or since that day.”

Her eyes wander and rest on the edge of the neighbouring table.

“It may sound strange but I felt a sense of security in hearing it,” she expresses. “I thought if someone such as yourself can endure that and turn out to be the way you are, then there is hope that I can live the life I want. To have the kind of career I have always dreamed of having. After almost three decades of feeling as though I will never fit in it is comforting to discover that I don’t need to.”

She lifts her wine glass and motions toward him with it.

“This must be hitting me quicker than I had expected it to.”

“Maybe…” Iser smirks momentarily, “But I think we’re both similar enough in some ways...and comfortable enough to take off whatever masks we might wear in the public...that alone can be a good enough reminder that we are indeed people underneath.”

Rebecca finds herself smiling at his response. Not only that but she feels a light tug in her chest, similar to how she felt when she became Honor Champion. Similar to how she felt the last time she was alone with him, studying tape for said match. She finds the feeling foreign and confusing, but she can make a rough guess what it is all about. She takes one more swig of her wine and clears her throat to speak.

“Earlier, you were speaking of father figures,” she begins, unable to look him in the eye. “I know you have likely told Kelsey you see her as a daughter to you, after the wedding and all…”

She stutters and stammers her words as she tries to verbalise her thoughts.

“Suppose I am trying to ask… Do you look at me in that same way? As a type of daughter to you, or… How do you see me?”

Iser’s own heartbeat picks up when that question is dropped. He had an instinct that it was coming doesn’t make it any less harder to know how to answer that one so he just closes his eyes a second to compose his thoughts.

“Can I be...honest in a way that might...get me in some trouble here?” Iser opting for the direct honesty approach asks.

“I would prefer that,” she responds with a gulp. She appears quite nervous to hear what it could be following his tone and demeanor.

Iser nods and there is that slightest bit of hesitation as he’s again trying to fish the right words out of his brain.

“ know it isn’t a daughter thing with you at all…” Iser replies, “I’s something...different. It’s been a long...time since a woman both kind and strong enough has reached out to this level and...just gets it. You’re a hell’va lot stronger and kinder than you really think you are and a good head on your shoulders to boot. And as comfortable as I seem to be just...letting loose that thought also...scares me a little?”

Her bottom lip twitches as her mouth falls open only slightly.

“It scares you?” she questions with concern. “What about it frightens you? Are you worried that you will get hurt if you let your guard down too much?”

“A little…” Iser admits, “I...promise I’ll tell you the whole reason on why it does scare me in a more private setting than this. But...fears aside...I do sense something different here.”

That was all she needed to hear in order to make her feelings known.

“I like you,” she announces without hesitation. “Alot. Admittedly I don’t understand why, you are certainly not my type. You are old, scruffy, unkempt…”

She looks up at him with a blank stare to prevent her appearance-based tirade continuing any longer.

“...I am not good at this,” she forces herself to admit. “What I mean is I want to get to know you more. Can we do this again in the future?”

“I don’t think either of us are good at this…” Iser again states with full honesty before his face loosens with a smile, “I’d love to though, Bec.”

“That is all I needed to hear,” she reciprocates with a smile of her own.

“Your food…” the waitress interrupts the two and this snaps Iser out of that real moment he was having. And for that brief moment he goes back to that usual poker face of his. The food has arrived and with that their conversation continues deep in the heart of the Big Apple.
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