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Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 12:41 PM

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[The lights in the arena go dark, and a video starts to play on the big screen.]

[We open on a CGI graphics package of a blimp displaying the IYHWF logo flying over Adelaide, the visual style a clear homage to Fox’s mid-’90’s NFL broadcasts. Just to sweeten the deal, we hear the iconic blaring horns and pounding drums of the original theme in the background.]

??: And now, MP Customs presents the In Your House Unearthed opening match pre-show.

[As soon as the deep-voiced narrator finishes his sentence, a second blimp flies up into the frame at an angle, serving as a screen wipe that takes us straight to the field at Oakland Coliseum. It’s daytime, with clear skies and the sun shining down, but the stadium is empty...except, of course, for Dontell Porter and Jason Moana, wearing the full uniforms and pads of the USFL’s Oakland Invaders. They take off their helmets as they approach the camera, looking hyped as all hell.]

DP: Adelaide, what the fuck is up?

[The duo pause a few seconds to let the crowd get their noise in.]

DP: Now, back home in Oakland—

JM: Represent!

DP: —today’s Super Bowl Sunday.

JM: What’s that again?

DP: The game for all the marbles.

JM: Okay!

DP: The most all-consumin’ sports event of the year.

JM: Okay!

DP: An excuse to sit on the couch drinkin’ beer, eatin’ pizza and wings ‘till you throw up.

JM: Okay!

DP: But Australia’s where they got the REAL super Sunday this year, ‘cause tonight, it’s Unearthed all up In Your House!

JM: Hell yeah!

DP: And in just a couple minutes, we finna take the field against Southern Hostility in these very uniforms.

JM: Invaaaaaderrrrrrs!

[Dontell turns to look at Jason instead of the camera.]

DP: But I gotta be honest, man…

[Jason follows Dontell’s cue and returns the look.]

DP: respect for our opponents tonight been droppin’ by the day, and I ain’t even had that much for ‘em when we started.

JM: Why’s that?

DP: ‘Cause from what I can tell, the both of them’s fuckin’ stupid!

[The duo start to look at the camera again.]

JM: How stupid?

DP: So stupid, they need a manager out there to tell ‘em when to cheat.

JM: Stupid!

DP: So stupid, they thought we was serious when we tweeted about wantin’ to play for the XFL.

JM: Stupid!

DP: So stupid, they call us “those Oakland bitches” ‘cause they can’t even pronounce the word “hyphy.”

JM: For the record, it’s like “high-fee.” As in when they go to the hospital after we open this can of whoop-ass on ‘em, they gon’ have to pay a HIGH FEE to get those injuries fixed.

DP: But this Hyphy Machinery thing, it’s like a car built on smart tactics.

JM: Blueprint to factory.

DP: Hell, we was so good at readin’ the offense and callin’ audibles to shut ‘em down in high school, we got offers for a full ride at Ohio State.

JM: THE Ohio State.

DP: And we still do that same shit as pro wrestlers. Only difference is now we kick more ass and make more cash.

JM: And everywhere we been, that’s exactly what we done did.

DP: So when they step in the ring against a pair of ring generals like us, we gon’ do donuts around ‘em all day long.

JM: Sideshow.

DP: We gon’ think three steps ahead of ‘em AND their lil’ coach.

JM: Chessmasters.

[Dontell signs and takes a knee, and Jason follows his lead as the camera moves lower to the ground to meet them.]

DP: Look, let’s be honest, last week on Ruckus, everybody involved in this match took an L. Layton & Fenric went to the Super Bowl of the tag division against Team Fury. This match, it’s like the Pro Bowl.

JM: But it’s cool, ‘cause we still got this spot on pay-per-view, settin’ the bar that match is gon’ have to beat...not to mention, tonight, we bounce back with a vengeance.

DP: And when we stomp on this southern team, like the Oakland Invaders stomped on Tampa Bay and Memphis in the playoffs back in ‘85, it’s gon’ be one step closer to that championship game against whatever team got those In Your House tag team titles by the time we got our opportunity.

[Jason sticks a fist out, and Dontell sticks out one of his own to meet it.]

JM: Hyphy on three! One, two, three!


[Dontell smacks the side of the camera, causing it to spin, and another CGI blimp flies across the screen as the closing notes of the NFL on Fox theme play and the scene fades back to ringside.]

user posted image

[The camera pans across the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to the screaming IYH fans who are more than hyped for one of the biggest supershows of the season. The camera eventually rests upon the announce table where the commentary team is standing by to give their thoughts on tonights event]

BM: We made it you guys, we are finally here at Unearthed!

TR: Ironically named since a lot of our competitors would love nothing more than to put their opponents in the ground.

BM: Aint no grave can hold their bodies down, Tats. Our competitors have too much fight within them for that.

TR: No doubt about that Bry, take our opening match for instance. For weeks these two teams have clashed with one another. Southern Hostility has had nothing but hostile words to say about Hyphy Machinery.

BM: And in the next match let’s not even try to avoid the obvious mental break Serena Maxwell has had when it comes to Katie Hanley.

TR: And how my poor beloved Jessica Anderson was thrown into that shit storm and has to defend her Rapid Fire Championship against them both in what she hates most, a triple threat match!

BM: And how about Proving Grounds Champion, Angelica Layne, taking on Minka Carter who believes everyone around her is a demon

TR: Let’s be honest Bry….she may not be wrong about this one. The only non-hostile match of the night seems to be the tag team championship as champs Team Fury take on Layton & Fenric.

BM: This may be a friendly fight Tats, but I doubt either team is going to take it easy on the other. The champs want to retain but Layton & Fenric want those belts just as much as any other tag team on our roster.

TR: And then you know what the final match is?

BM: Mhm.

TR: And do you remember last years?

BM: I do. It’s our annual 5-on-5 elimination match. Team Shawn will take on Team Stella aka The Bad Omens. Team Shawn is made up of IYH Champion Shawn Fox, former IYH Champ Michael Diablo, former tag team champ Sean Hazard and The Vision which is of course, former IYH Champ Owen Gonsalves and former Rapid Fire champion, Craig Anderson.

TR: FORMER being the key word Bry. No one cares about how they used to hold championships when The Bad Omens have shown everyone that they are the real threat to this company and next month Stella will show that to Shawn Fox personally when she makes him a former champion also. She has monsters on her side in The Ikiryo Seth Iser, The Kraken Marcus Blackbeard, The Hellhound Dante Locke and The Banshee.

BM: And each of those monsters are simply myths…

TR: They aren’t myths Bry, they are legends and they are going to prove it tonight.

BM: We’ll have to agree to disagree Tats cause it’s time for this show to begin…..

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[Oh I'm A Good Ol Rebel by Hoyt Axton begins to play over the PA system and the crowd inside the Adelaide Entertainment Center immediately begins to boo. The crowd gets louder as Southern Hostility walk out onto the stage. The trio embraces the hate as they make their way down the ramp towards the ring. Amanda stops next to a young fan who is holding up a “We Get HYPHY” sign. She laughs at it before grabbing the fans sign out of her hand and ripping it up in front of her. Hayes then throws the pieces of the sign back in the girls face and the crowd really lets them have it. Once in the ring, all three members get a mic. Colton speaks first.]

CT: We would like to start off tonight by thanking the crowd. You see, we already knew that you were a bunch of fucking idiots but as usual, you proved us right.

[The fans boo even more and an “asshole” chant can be heard trying to start up in the background.]

CT: You can boo all you want. We don't care and we will never give a damn what any of you think about us. We know who we are and we know that we are the best team in IYH. The only reason we ain't challenging for the Tag Team belts tonight is because those Oakland Bitches couldn't even keep from getting beat long enough for us to get the win.

[There is a small pop at the mention of Hyphy Machinery and a small “Hyphy” chant begins.]

CT: It is a good thing that the Oakland Bitches got used to losing and getting beat in the middle of the ring. Now, that they got the first one out of the way, the beat down they receive tonight will be much easier to deal with. Make no mistake, that is exactly what's gonna happen. Those two idiots have never been on our level and they never will be. The fact that we both started out 2-0 in this Company is where the comparisons start and where they end.

[A few more members of the crowd can be heard chanting “Hyphy” now but it doesn't bother the trio in the slightest.]

CT: Tonight, is the first IYH ppv for both teams. The difference is that with us, it is just the first of many. With the Oakland Bitches, this could easily be their one and only. It is very ironic that this PPV is called “Unearthed” though. When something is unearthed it is dug up from the ground. That ain't what is gonna happen. In fact, just the opposite. Tonight, we ain't digging up shit. We are going to bury those Oakland Bitches.

[The fans start to chant “you suck” at Southern Hostility but once again, this doesn't matter to them at all.]

CT: Nobody should feel sorry for em' when they get buried, tonight. This is something they brought on themselves. From the first day they joined this company, they tried to pick a fight with us. They made it clear that we were their target and they tried to convince any one that would listen, that they were the better team. We all knew that was bullshit and deep down, so did they. I can't fault them for wanting to go after what they knew was the biggest threat but having a plan and having brains are two very different things. You see, while they ran around claiming that they wanted this fight and they were gonna teach us a lesson, they made a massive mistake. We ain't victims. We ain't cowards. We ain't afraid of any team and we damn sure ain't afraid of a couple Oakland Bitches.

[The fans in attendance continue to boo the trio.]

CT: We saw the writing on the wall from the day they joined. And no, I don't mean the graffiti that lines most the buildings in that shithole city they call home. I mean, we knew that the time would come when the two teams would be placed in a match together. We set back and let things play out but all the while, we knew the day would eventually come. We knew that they would then have to answer for all the dumb shit they said leading up to this meeting and we knew, they could never back it up. They like to talk and run their mouth. Now, so do we. The difference is when we do it, we know we can back it up. They thought they could just talk and their wouldn't be consequences. Tonight, they will find out exactly how wrong they were about that.

[As the fans still show their disapproval for the team, Amanda begins to speak.]

AH: So who exactly are these Oakland Bitches? Yes, they are the next team to fall to Southern Hostility but that ain't news. I'm talking about who are they? What do they represent? Where do they come from? All these are questions that I really could care less about but like always, we do our homework on every opponent, regardless of how easy they will be to destroy. So pay attention idiots, class is about to be in session.

[That statement is greeted with more boos from the crowd.]

AH: The Oakland Bitches call themselves Hyphy Machinery. Now, my first thought was the same as all of you, if you're honest. It was what the fuck is this dumb shit. The truth is, I had no idea how dumb the shit actually was the first time I heard it. Most of you probably still have no idea what they hell it stands for. Hyphy was the term placed on a movement in the bay area. The name is credited to a garbage human who goes by the name Keak Da Sneak. No, I am not bullshitting you. That is what he really goes by. He is every bit as dumb as his name would lead you to believe.

[Hayes shakes her head at the absurdity of the whole situation.]

AH: Anyway, this was the name placed on a movement in the bay area, if you wanna call it that. This so called “movement” was one where people would get stupid, go dumb, dance like idiots, ruin vehicles, and do drugs. They openly admit that they were getting stupid, dumb, retarded, ect. The truth is that they ain't getting anything. They already were all of those things and not the way they meant them. Any person who gets down with something like this is simply the lowest common denominator of society. Not only is the entire retarded trend a complete rip off of the Crunk movement created in the South, it never had the reach its predecessor did. If you look back in history, The Bay Area was a place where the Black Panther Party stood against police and government oppression. They fell victim to crack in the 80's. Pimps and Drug dealers became the new leaders that people looked up to. Born out of this, was the Hyphy trend. Unfortunately, this was just the start of the bullshit to come forward.

[Amanda pauses once again before picking back up where she left off.]

AH: Sadly, this culture is not just about acting and dancing like a fucking idiot. They do this dumbass shit called sideshows. It is where a bunch of idiots gather around and watch even more ignorant people do donuts in the middle of the street. They fuck up their tires, vehicles, and other people's property cause they think that shit is “hyphy”. What it is ain't hyphy, it's stupid. Literally, stupid as hell. Like I said in the past, if you're gonna go in circles and fuck your tires up, join NASCAR and get paid for the shit. Don't be a dumbass tearing up your property and others shit for nothing. Bottom line, this is just reckless driving by idiots who think they are immortal and that there ain't consequences for their actions. Idiots out there losing everything they own. They fuck up one ride, come back 15 min later with another one and wreck that shit too. In a city with that many problems, you'd think they would be smart enough to know better. Then again, I guess if people had or used brains, then that little auto shop the Oakland Bitches run would go out of business. The mayor of Oakland and its cops tried to shut the stupid shit down, even impounding cars for 30 days but it didn't stop it. Some times, you can't save dumbasses from themselves. This is one such case. Surely, this is something all of you understand.

[Hayes points out at the members of the crowd as they start to boo again.]

AH: Another dumb thing they did in they “hyphy” movement is to “ghost ride the whip”. For people who are able to speak the English language, that is when the idiots jump out of their car while it is still moving. They dance next to it or on the car itself. This shit is beyond retarded but that is not shocking, considering the source. The truth is the only time you should jump out of a car that's running, is when the motherfucker is on fire. If it ain't, you're dumb as hell. People might get the wrong idea about it. They might think that is kind of cool because of the danger involved. Well, in truth, these asshats throw the shit in neutral when they do it the majority of the time. Not only are they dumb as shit, but they pussies too. Shit is in neutral, just like these Oakland Bitches. No matter how hard they try and how much effort they put in, they're stuck there. Meanwhile, our shit is constantly in drive and we ain't slowing down for anybody.

[Colton and Clayton nod in agreement with Amanda.]

AH: Other aspects of this bullshit movement were their so call uniform. It was white shirts, baggy clothes, dreads, and gold teeth. First of all, the shit wasn't real gold, they were fake shit. People were to poor to get the real thing. While these Oakland Bitches focused on looking stupid and gold teeth, we choose to focus of gold belts, like the one Team Fury have for now.

[The fans loudly cheer for Team Fury.]

AH: Then they called their bullshit dance moves “turf dancing”. It is exactly what is sounds like and every bit as retarded. People would come to Oakland and think the locals were having a seizure. They grew out dreads and did something called “shaking your dreads”. They tried to play that off as an attitude and them feeling the music. The truth is that this is just something else ripped off from rock culture where people had been head banging for years before it. They had custom moves like “The Thizz Face” which sound like the jizz face when you first hear it. No doubt, the Oakland bitches probably get down like that behind the scenes as well. Anyway, thizz is a reference to doing ecstasy. The culture is big on pills, weed, and other drugs. You would have to be fucked up to think any of this is a good idea. I will never say that smoking weed is a bad thing but I also would never be caught dead acting like a fucking idiot so, there's that.

[Clayton and Colton laugh at Amanda's last statement before she goes to finish the lesson.]

AH: The last part of this so called movement was the music. People like Too Short, MC Hammer, and E-40 are probably the biggest names to come out of the bay area. However, the “king” of the hyphy movement was Mac Dre. He was a leader in the movement. He thought he was the shit but his and the movement's music never really left Oakland. He did 5 years for running with his crew who robbed a bunch of banks. When he got out he jumped in feet first to the hyphy movement and started to formulate his music around it. They tried to go to places like LA, Oregon, and as far east as Kansas City. New York, the South, and much of the Country never fucked with the music. While trying to spread this disease, they went to do a show in Kansas City in 2004. After the show, Mac Dre was gunned down in his tracks by an unknown shooter and died at the scene. If you're expecting passion from me than you barking up the wrong tree. Fuck Mac Dre. Fuck the Hyphy movement, and fuck the Oakland Bitches. The best thing about his death is that the movement died with him. People will try to say it lived on after that but everyone agrees that the hyphy trend was dead by 2008. Why these two Oakland bitches think they can bring it back ten years later, is beyond me. You go to Oakland and ask people that were part of it back then, they would say “You come with something Hyphy today, people would laugh at you. It was a trend but the movement as whole is gone.” I guess these two idiots don't get that or someone forgot to tell them but it is over and not a second to soon. Just like a bullet stopped the stupid ass Hyphy movement in its tracks, Southern Hostility is going to stop the Hyphy Mechanics in their track. This is the end of the road, whether you like it or not.

[The crowd boos at that thought as Clayton starts to speak.]

Clay: A couple of weeks ago, these two clowns asked Amanda what was wrong with Oakland. The real question is what ain't wrong with it. Oakland is a black hole. Not like the football fans, I mean a place where people or things, especially money, disappear without a trace. Hell, even the Raiders said fuck this place and chose to move to a fucking dessert to get away from your God forsaken City.

[The trio laughs that the Raiders are leaving Oakland.]

Clay: Don't believe me though, just take a look at the crime stats. Oakland has one of the highest crime rates in America. One's chance of becoming a victim to either violent or property crime is 1 in 14. More than 99% of the communities in California have a lower crime rate than that. Violent crime, including rape, murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, and aggravated assault is off the charts. In Oakland, you have a 1 in 69 chance to fall victim to one of these crimes. That is four times the national average.

[Clay shakes his head.]

Clay: When it comes to property crime, it gets even worse. The chance that you will fall victim to burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, or arson is 1 in 17. Hell, the chance of getting your car stolen if you live in Oakland is 1 in 60. That is seven times the national average. It makes you wonder what the true purpose of the Oakland Bitches Auto Shop actually is. Do they work on vehicles that dumb fucks doing donuts mess up or are they a chop shop, helping assholes get rid of stolen cars. In any event, they better keep that dream alive cause wrestling, especially in the same company as us, is not sustainable. You two have been asking for it since day one but you're about to find out first hand what Southern Hostility is all about.

[The trio drop their mics and Clay makes his exit from the ring as Colton and Amanda await their opponents.]

Tag Team Match
Southern Hostility vs Hyphy Machinery


[Dontell and Jason take an extra second to decide who’s going first which seems to annoy both members of Southern Hostility, Amanda jaws at them as Colton Travis rushes Jason and drops him with a Flying Knee before the last echo of the bell ringing clears out! As Jason falls however, Dontell hot tags himself in and hops the ropes, landing knees first into Colton’s exposed back as he moves to rise! He bitches to the referee about this, but the referee waves him off and informs him that the tag is legal! This doesn’t sit well with Amanda who keeps up a steady stream of abuse from the SH corner as the fans boo her and she shoots off with an obscene gesture to show how little she cares about their opinions! Colton recovers a bit after getting a second’s reprieve after a fast and unseen thumb to the eye of Dontell, though for the next few moments he pays for that as Hyphy Machinery keep him cut off and in their quarter of the ring with some very smooth hot tags and fine double team work, the Two-Way Traffic double Clothesline from opposite directions smashing up Colton but good. However a pin attempt by Jason led to a strong kickout and Colton was loose and made a dive for the SH corner, bringing in a supernova heated Amanda Hayes! Clayton at ringside cheering her on even as he checks on Colton, The Dixie Devil herself showing why she got the nickname as she turns Jason inside out with a huge Superkick that hits him square on the button!

Down goes Jason and here’s Amanda mocking Dontell before she drops and instead of trying for a pin, she laces Jason into a Texas Cloverleaf! That serves to wake him right the heck up again and he fights, lifting up on his forearms even as Amanda really torques it in! Dontell is hopping up and down on the apron trying to lean further over the top rope towards his partner, even the fans are getting behind him in rowdy fashion, and Jason makes a crawl forward despite Hayes’ best efforts! He almost gets that tag when Clayton distracts the referee and Colton dashes into the ring, helping her pull Jason back to the center of the ring! Dontell yells in protest and the referee whips around but it’s too late as Colton does a running baseball slide right out of the ring and he doesn’t see it! The fans boo as Clayton and Colton mock them, and Jason is flagging even as he tries to fight out of Amanda’s hold! The referee asks him if he wants to tap and he shakes his head no, taking a deep breath he digs deep and starts his crawl back towards his corner again.

This time Amanda is unable to stop him and she releases the hold the second that Jason slaps hands with Dontell! She zips towards the center of the ring to try and stay out of Dontell’s grasp BUT NO! Dontell yanks her back by her arms and slams her to the mat, and then yanks her up for a huge Samoan Drop! This leads to a very near three count, broken up by an Elbow Drop from Colton. Amanda catches a rising Dontell with a Schoolboy Rollup but he kicks out at two, a pissed look on his face as he whips around and yanks her up off the mat, and then peppers her with a series of boxing style punches! She’s reeling and he drags her to the HM corner, tags in Jason and then sets up Amanda with a Vertical Suplex, but as Jason sets up on top for the Spear to complete The Black Hole, Clayton trips Jason and he falls off the ropes into the ring! The referee warns Dontell and he slams Amanda down with great force before he rolls out of the ring and looks like he might drop off the apron to stalk Clayton for a few seconds but stays put.]

BM: These two teams have had a few hot exchanges over Twitter and it’s really been brought into this match here tonight at Unearthed.

TR: This is the perfect time to get noticed by Chris Cryptic, and a win here could move either team that much closer to contention over the title that’ll be up for grabs later tonight as our Champions Team Fury take on… that one team with the red headed Shouty Bird and the Gloomy Gus.

BM: ...Layton & Fenric.

TR: Whatever.

[Both teams struggle back and forth, more than once the scales are tipped SH’s way by the actions and influence of Clayton, who is far more adept at not getting caught than a man should be, but this is all unraveled as they set up Jason for the Hostile Takeover - Colton tags in Amanda and pulls him up for an Electric Chair, but as he goes to rush towards the waiting Amanda, Jason flips over backwards and somehow executes a Poison Rana more out of positioning than knowing he’s done so! Amanda rushes the ring, Jason rolls fast for a tag and Dontell kicks Amanda hard in the gut and bends her over for a Stunner, hitting the Green 3:16! The referee slides in for the count as Clayton loses his mind outside the ring!]





TH: And here are your winners via pinfall… Dontell Porter and Jason Moana... HYPHY MACHINERY!

BM: Colton thought he had the win but it just wasn’t meant to be, Dontell and Jason had just that little extra here tonight!

TR: Either way I guarantee this isn’t over between these two teams!

[E-40's Go Hard or Go Home plays again and Dontell raises Jason’s hand as the referee raises his. They nod to the fans as Jason makes a ‘belt’ motion after Dontell lets his hand go, and the pair leave the ring, celebrating with the fans as they head to the back. Amanda helps Colton up, and he kicks the bottom ropes a bit in frustration but the pair leave, giving massive amounts of abuse to the referee and then the fans as they go.]

user posted image

“Nobody thought that I would make it as far as I have. Nobody thought that I would step out of my husband’s shadow. Nobody thought that I would keep hold of the IYH Rapid Fire Championship. But here we are!”

[The scene fades in, and Jessica Anderson is sitting beside the Rapid Fire Championship in what could be her last opportunity to do so. She looks at it, reflecting on her reign. She inhales deeply, proud of how far she’s come in the past few months.]

JA: I’ve surpassed everyone’s expectations – including mine. I’ve made it this far in my career through working hard, and that’s never changed. I produce my best performances when my back is against the wall; when nobody thinks I can win. The odds were not in my favour against Craig when I dispossessed him of this very Championship, and my hopes were apparently equally as slim against Dante. And now, is perhaps the toughest challenge I’ve faced. My struggles in triple threat matches have been well documented. Serena, Katie. Two extremely difficult opponents in their own right – just a few weeks ago, Katie pinned me fair and square. Both of them at the same time though? That’s tough. I don’t have to be pinned to lose my title, and that’s a very real possibility.

[Jessica sighs, accepting that tonight could very well be the night which her reign ends – and it could be out of her own control.]

JA: Nobody has done this Rapid Fire thing better than me. Craig was great at it, sure. But I beat him. I’ve carried this Championship with immense pride, and have fought so hard to validate the title and make it seem worth competing for. I feel that I’ve done what I set out to achieve, but my job’s not done yet. I want to make history with this Championship. I want to shock the world over, and over, and over again. I want to prove that Jessica Anderson, small though she may be, is a huge threat. I want to be considered as one of the top starts in IYHWF. I want to be one of the reasons that people pay to come and see the shows.

[Jessica takes another look at the title, smiling.]

JA: I’ve been carrying this thing around for a while now, and I could never get tired of it. This Championship represents what IYHWF is all about. It shows that IYHWF has one of the most diverse rosters in the industry today. The fast-paced action of the Rapid Fire Division is what I love. I’m proud to represent an entire style within this company. I’m proud to be the face of the Rapid Fire Division.

[Jess takes her index finger and wags it at the camera, shaking her head.]

JA: But I’m not done being proud yet. I’m not done representing this company, this division, this style. I’m not done being Rapid Fire Champion. If Katie Hanley or Serena Maxwell plan to dispossess me, they will have to do what I do better than me. And so far, nobody has been able to do so!

[With a wink, Jessica blows a kiss before exiting the scene, draping the title over her shoulder.]

user posted image

[The screen flickers to show us an entirely different location. It seems smaller. Quieter. There are a few lit candles on the floor and a chair in the middle of the room. The chair has a black, spiked leather jacket over the back of it. On the chair itself lies a mouth guard...facing a dejected, dispondent Serena Maxwell. She still appears to be wearing the table cover over herself.]

SM: I'm trying. I'm really, really trying to do this but its just not working. I asked Adam Fenric for help. I thought he'd be different but he's like all of them. He doesn't understand. Not like you did.

[She smiles a little as she looks up.]

SM: I remember the first time we ever met. You told me I was like nothing you'd ever seen. You said I'd be useful. That I was...special.

[Quiet and contemplative- well, seemingly so- Serena is quiet.]

SM: Special. No one ever calls me that. No one cares. How? How come you could see it but the rest of the world is so slow? They don't understand. They'd rather put their attention into Katie Hanley, but I showed I was better than who she is and where she came from and still, they don't understand!

[In frustration, Serena punches the ground.]

SM: I'm going to make you proud. Maybe...maybe you'll come back if I win! It can be like it used to be. You used to put your hand on my head and run your fingers through my hair. Without you, they think I'm beaten, but I'm not. I'll become Rapid Fire Champion. I'll do as you've taught me, and then...then I know you'll come back for me. We don't need Raine. We don't need the Survivors. We don't need War Enforcement. We just need each other. Together, wrestling will be OURS.

[Serena reaches over, placing her hand on the chair. As we pull back, the state of the wall behind Serena becomes apparent; a giant, blown up picture of Katie Hanley- scrunched up and weathered- sits on the wall, with smaller newspaper cuttings and pictures of Katie in various states. Over the top of it, in red, two words read-


Serena closes her eyes, but faces upwards, her hands now running up and down the leather jacket. With a whisper, she speaks one last time...]

SM: Find me...please find me...

[And on this image, we go back to the events taking place on the arena.]

user posted image

[We move backstage, where Stevie Trelain’s joined Katie Hanley in a dressing room, with the Kiwi adjusting her silver kickpad covers over her boots while Stevie makes a bit of small talk with her. Katie tries to keep the smile on her face, but there’s a bit more grim determination in her faint smile than any real humour. She eventually pushes herself to her feet, straightening up as Stevie turns to the camera.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is one of the challengers for the Rapid Fire Championship; please welcome, Katie Hanley, and Katie...whew, I don’t think it’s any understatement since we last spoke, you’ve had a...hectic couple weeks, huh?

[Despite everything, Katie can’t help but laugh to herself a little bit, rubbing at the back of her neck.]

KH: Yea, that’s...‘hectic,’ that’s a fair way of putting it, Stevie. The past couple weeks, I have to admit, haven’t been the best in the world for me.

ST: Let’s start with the easier one--the match with Angelica Layne...

KH: There’s...not really anything else I can say about that, Stevie; I made a mistake, she capitalised, she won. Not much else to say. I said going into the match, I had to be 100%. I had to be ready for everything she could throw at me if I expected to leave with the Proving Grounds title. And yea, I could try and make excuses--maybe if Serena Maxwell hadn’t done...what she did, maybe I’d have been fully invested in the match, or...whatever, but that’s not giving credit where it’s due. Whatever else was going on around it, Angelica Layne did what she had to do to get the win.

KH: Good on her.

ST: I guess that leaves the...escalating situation with Serena Maxwell, then…

[Katie scoffs a little bit, shaking her head side to side; the mere mention of the woman has the Kiwi on edge, and the normally good-natured smile on her face has been replaced with more than a bit of a sneer.]

ST: First, obviously, I understand if you can’t, you have an update on that poor girl?

KH: I’m not going to get into too much detail, Stevie, that’s her business, if and when she ever wants to make it public, least for now, Serena Maxwell got what she wanted. She caused someone--a complete innocent, mind--to take time away from training, all because she’s insecure about herself, and her place in the world.

[Stevie looks like she has...something to say, a question, or a reaction, or something. Whatever it might have been, though, Katie pushes forward, and Stevie keeps the comment to herself.]

KH: Yea, Serena...I saw the video. I saw you begging Adam Fenric for justification for what you did, I saw you wanting to be told something that justifies everything you are. And I saw what happened when he shot you down. I saw what happened when you got news you didn’t like--I saw you completely break down, Serena.

KH: I watched you listen to Adam Fenric as he broke down your entire existence, and when you needed him to tell you you were as special as you want to be...all he told you was you were the problem. And that’s the thing...when everyone is wrong, and everyone is against you, maybe you’re the problem, hm?

KH: There is no...higher power watching over you, Serena. There is no Great Protector for people like you. And there for you to live up to. You’re dreaming--or maybe more to the point, your stuck in some horrible bloody nightmare, and you’re struggling to tell what’s real, and what’s the dream, like you’re in the Matrix.

[Katie’s sneer hasn’t really faded, even as the honesty in the statement draws a bit of lightness to her face.]

KH: But this isn’t science fiction, Serena. This isn’t a movie, this isn’t some land of make-believe. This is real; you hurt someone who hadn’t done anything to you, and you actually justify it to actually think, if you really, honestly believe that you did the right thing, it would just...turn out the way. The world would reshape itself so Serena fucking Maxwell was actually the wronged party all along.

KH: All over a relatively meaningless tag team match.

KH: We were never going to be regular partners, Serena. This wasn’t the beginning of some Tag Team Championship quest, it was one match, and apparently the loss drove you so mental that this is what’s come of it.

KH: Everything I do to you tonight, is because of you.

[Katie takes a breath as Stevie looks...more than a little surprised by the tirade that came from the Kiwi. It takes both women a moment to recover from that, but eventually, Stevie raises her mic back up.]

ST: Um...well. Obviously, it isn’t just Serena in this match--the pair of you are challenging for the Rapid Fire Championship, currently held by Jessica Anderson--a few weeks ago, you were able to come up with a win over the current champion, do you think that gives you a bit of an advantage heading into this match?

[Katie clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth, mulling the question over for a second, glancing between Stevie and the camera.]

KH: I’d like to think so...I’d like to be able to stand here and tell you, confidently, that I expect to walk out with that title around my waist tonight.

KH: But...if I’m being honest, Jessica’s such a talented wrestler, and this match is sure to be such chaos, I don’t think our last match is any indication of what’s going to happen tonight. Serena’s presence adds an element of...unpredictability, and I feel like I got a little lucky to have beaten Jessica in the first place, so...I can’t really be certain about all that.

KH: I didn’t get the job done against Angelica Layne, but this is a chance to make up for that. This is a chance to make up for that slip in focus, this is a chance to make up for that loss, against someone I respect a great deal--and someone who deserves to have her nose kicked to the side of her face. This is my chance to prove the first time wasn’t just a fluke, wasn’t just a stroke of luck.

KH: It’s my chance to be legitimised.

KH: Win or lose, I can say one thing for certain--I’m going to put everything I have into this match. I’m going to put everything I’ve got into taking that belt home with me. A chance at revenge against Serena is a nice bonus, but tonight is about more than that...

KH: It’s about the Rapid Fire title, and my chance to make a real impact in this company.

ST: Well...I know there’s a lot of emotion going into your match tonight, but good luck tonight.

[Katie smiles, a little, and flashes her usual peace sign, turning to leave the camera shot, to Stevie looking a little concerned over the departing Kiwi’s state headed into the match.]

user posted image

Rapid Fire Championship
Triple Threat Match
Jessica Anderson © vs Katie Hanley vs Serena Maxwell


[The ref tries to run down the rules but Serena doesn’t wait for much of an explanation and pearl harbors Katie Hanley right away and the fight is on. There’s some lighting fast strikes exchanged between the two and they end up spilling outside of the ring. Jessica doesn’t dawdle however and as the two are exchanging in a pier six brawl on the outside throwing strikes that’s faster than most people can see, Jessica ends up taking a big risk by leaping onto the top rope and then senton diving onto the pair of brawling women and all three go down in a heap!]

BM: Aerial artistry as the champion takes advantage of a situation.

TR: I think they might be going so fast that we might not be able to see everything…

BM: You have three people who are extremely fast and swift in their delivery of moves.

[Jessica swiftly tosses Serena back into the ring and tries to get a quick pinfall but a kickout at one yields no quick title defense. She does roll out of the ring briefly and the fans clap in approval as Katie and Jessica lock eyes finally and the two have a more honorable exchange. Katie swiftly scores an armdrag but Jessica gets up and swiftly arm drags her in return going faster. Katie takes this as a challenge and as soon as they’re both back on their feet she arm drags Jessica as fast as she can! Serena stumbles into the ring angry and launches into a double clothesline but they both detect it and she gets arm dragged swiftly by Jessica and then as soon as she gets up quickly by Katie! Serena lets out a deranged yell in frustration before sliding back out and then when Katie goes for another armdrag on Jessica, the champion just shoves her toward the ropes and when she bounces back off a quick dropkick follows. Before she can cover though she’s jolted with a backstabber by the unpredictable Serena! She does swiftly go for a cover but a kick out just after 2 indicates more work to be done.]

BM: There are plenty of similarities with their style and moves. But there are some differences too. Like Serena taking a cheap alternative.

[Serena glares down at the champion and throws a wild kick at her spine muttering something that is certainly not nice. Certainly reacting much more than thinking at this point. She turns her attention to a rising Katie and doesn’t waste time and just hits a running one legged dropkick directly to the jaw! A stomp to the back of the head and to the spine follows and as soon as Jessica stands up she doesn’t seem to notice the champion, focusing her entire rage at Katie. Even bouncing her head up and down off the canvas like a basketball while also throwing fists at this point now screaming to her ‘Tell me I’M SPECIAL!’]

TR: She’s special alright…

BM: ...Zip your pants up right now.

TR: Well she is special…

[Serena finally turns around to see Jess looking her in the eye and she won’t take the cheap shot. She lashes out the champion but the champion ducks the wild attack and begins running. Soon they are both running and when they meet back in the center Jess hits her Ass Kisser! The champion goes for a cover but The Unexplainable one kicks out at two. Jess isn’t rattled however. She’s going for her headlock driver but Serena bites Jessica’s hand and she has to relent on that front. Jess shakes her hand and turns around and ends up eating a running Yakuza Kick from Katie and Jess has to roll to the apron from that stiff blow.]

BM: Once again the speed of all three is into play. One more traditional, one more of a striker, and the can’t predict what she’ll do.

[Serena ends up leaping like a maniac quickly onto Katie and delivers some piston right hands with that Lou Thesz Press. She then sees her significantly down for a second and starts to climb up going for her moonsault. She doesn’t see Jessica and Jess does shove her down onto the canvas with a hard spill before springboarding in and hitting her own moonsault! She’s on her knees in pain and goes to crawl to a cover but Katie sees a chance and hits her switchblade kick on her! It’s at this point where Serena is stirring and trying to get to her feet fast getting on her knees and Katie takes advantage right away and hits her That One Kick to the jaw of Serena and goes for a cover!]




TH: The winner...and the NEW Rapid Fire Champion...Katie Hanley!

TR: Damn!

BM: What a way to win the championship! It was a hell’va match by all three speedsters for a championship that emphasizes having to get it done within a time limit and on this night Katie Hanley emerged victorious!

[Katie is presented the championship and she is overjoyed as Jessica is starting to come to after the knee strike. Serena is rolling out of the ring and you can tell on her face she’s...about to go skits. There is a brief moment between Jessica and Katie looking at one another before the two exchange a handshake and Jess leaves the ring disappointed in the loss but with respect to the new champion.]

BM: Classy move by the former champion. She might not like that a triple threat did her in but she can hold her head high.

TR: Um...look what’s going on now.

[Serena lets out a loud scream in absolute frustration and agony as her first move is to grab the cover of the announce table and send it flying. Katie senses danger and bails from the ring as Serena lets out another yell as she grabs a chair and just smashes it repeatedly into the steel ring post! The chair starts to splinter apart with every repetitive strike before she just takes a seat just shaking violently muttering the words ‘But I’m special…’]

BM: Tats I don’t think we’re safe…

[She continues muttering coldly those words over and over before she finally pulls herself up...and lashes out again at the steel steps and she uses all her might to flip them over before letting out another yell in anguish as a mob of security come out to make sure she doesn’t target any fans. She’s shoving them in frustration as well but this at least succeeds in coaxing her away from ringside.]

TR: She just went apeshit.

BM: I probably wouldn’t want to be Adam Fenric or Katie Hanley with that deranged, unpredictable woman on the prowl...
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[Backstage in the backstage interview area stands Stevie Trelain with a big gleaming smile on her face prepared to meet and introduce IYH’s newest signee.]

Stevie: Please welcome my guest at this and IYH’s newest signing Brien Storm!

[Brien slides in all cool like from the left side of the shot looking as good as ever. The Captain has gold rimmed aviator sunglasses and is wearing a black dress shirt with roses on the shoulder area and his sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow, denims finish off his look. He looks at Stevie with a smirk and rolls his shoulders forward then cracks his knuckles signaling that he’s very ready and happy to be standing where he’s standing]

Brien: Thanks for ‘aving meh.

Stevie: So I guess my first question is going to be the most obvious one. What made you sign here?

[Brien nods]

Brien: Well that’s a very easy question. I wanna work at the best promotions, have the best matches, and win all the gold. I felt that coming down under was my next best course of action. So here I am, and here I’m going to stay so I can achieve those last two things several times over.

Stevie: Very well. You’re set to fight one of the men in the Main Event, Owen Gonsalves, later this month in Japan are you going to be watching him closely in the match, and also who are you rooting for in the Main Event?

[Brien let’s out a little chuckle and his smirk grows as he think and adjust his pinky ring]

Brien: Yeah, I will be watching Owen like a hawk. But I don’t expect him to take the same approach he’s going to take here against me. He’s smart like, but all the same this match will add to the long list of preparation notes that I have on him. As to who I’ll be rooting for, I think that Team Bad Omen is gonna take it. Stella is a pretty badass chick.

Stevie: Okay one more question.

Brien: Fair enough.

Stevie: Besides Owen of course and the others on the roster that you might have had a match against, who are the people you looking the most forward to matching up against her?

Brien: Three names come to mind. The first one is Proving Grounds Champion, Angelica Layne, the next one is Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley, and judging from the first two names you can guess that the last person on my last is Shawn Fox. That’s about it, maybe I’ll decide to go for the grand slam in the future and pursue the tag belts too, but that’s not really my style.

[Stevie is visible impressed by the boldness of Brien Storm and she extends her arm to get a hand shake from her guest as she finishes off the interview.]

Stevie: Thanks for joining me for this quick interview, and good luck with your time here.

[Brien shakes her hand.]

Brien: Once again, fanks very mush for ‘aving meh.

[He walks out of frame on the right side and the camera cuts to the next segment.]

user posted image

[The show cuts to backstage where Angelica Layne is seen pacing in her locker room muttering to herself as she does a few exercises where she rolls her previously injured shoulder to insure she is ready for her match against Minka Carter tonight. There is a sharp two-knock tap on her locker room door, a signal that her match is about to begin as she takes a deep breath. Angelica grabs hold of the Proving Grounds championship off of a small table as she makes her way towards the door, the words she’s muttering getting a little louder…]

AL: One down, two to go. One down, two to go.

[Angelica is obviously talking about how many defenses she still has before she can cash in for the golden ticket. As she opens the door to leave the locker room she looks back at Michael Diablo, who is getting ready for his match later tonight and gives him a nod before the scene cuts.]

user posted image

[Backstage, we suddenly join the lovely Stevie Trelain, armed with a mic and questions. Stood in the middle of the corridor, she appears to have caught two people in her web- a short,red-haired girl with mad eyes, a championship belt on each shoulder buckled together like a scarf and another around her waist. She is joined by a somewhat taller, sterner man in a black cloak. Stevie turns to us with an excitement in her speech.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here with the team who challenge Team Fury for the IYH Tag Team Championships tonight, the team of Emery Layton and Adam Fenric. Guys, what are your thoughts going into this match?

EL: Stevie!

ST: Emery!

EL: You doing good, yeah?

ST: I'm great!

EL: What ARE you doing, though?

ST: I'm interviewing you!

EL: Why?!

ST:...It's my job!

EL: Damn right, and a cracking job you do of it too, I tell ya now.

ST: Oh. Thanks!

EL: You're welcome! And cos you do a cracking job of it, it's your thing, yeah? And just like it's your thing to do a cracking job interviewing a dirty, no-good pavee like me, it's Layton & Fenric's thing to beat people and take their titles.

[She points to the title on her left shoulder.]

EL: See this? This is the Union Battleground Trench War Championship. I've held this thing for just under a year! Ain't nobody been able to hold this but me or take it when they tried. I'm still the first champ a year on- the world ain't seen a day where I wasn't Trench War champ.

[She points to her title on the other shoulder.]

EL: This one? This is the Supreme XWA Championship. I got this after I went through a tournament and beat two of the best the XWA's ever seen and THEN went to the main event of the biggest show of the year and beat two more people at the same time.

[Finally she points to the one around her waist.]

EL: And this last one? BGDF Janken title! I won this in a game of rock, paper, scissors cos it ain't just wrestling I'm good at. My brain's too quick and too savvy to lose. And this guy, Adam Fenric? He won three titles in a single month last year and one of them was with me. There was a point where between us we held five titles at once.

ST: That's all great, but how is that gonna help you tonight?

[Adam steps forward.]

AF: Well, perhaps you should refer to the incredibly arrogant and presumptuous statement made by Gordon Fury, inferring we'd become 'statistics'.

EL: I ain't about that. I like them both and I ate a load of pudding this week to try and get in the head of Kelly Fury so I thank her for exposing me to a great new way of living life but I ain't no stat...stast...tastis...

AF: Statistic.

EL: That one! The only stistic--

AF: Statistic, Emery.

EL: Thanks again-- only one of...those things that you should be paying attention to is the one where the combined force of Layton & Fenric literally haven't been able to go a day without holding at least one championship of some kind since last January. I ain't just listing all that off for no reason or to be clever- there's literally never been a point where one of us- or BOTH of us- wasn't holding titles while teamed, which has took hard work.

AF: And we plan on continuing that trend, and have worked- and will continue to work- incredibly hard to achieve that goal here in IYH.

EL: Right. That's the thing, man. Look at me and Adam bouncing back and forth right now- over the last year, we've irritated the socks off each other but through teaming as much as we have, we kinda got an understanding now, know what I mean? Lotsa people like to talk the talk, but I got that down to a fine art now, fella- you throw that at me, I'll chew it up and spit it back out at you. I'll dance around that ring and prance round like I know what I'm doing, I'll have a loada fun for my own amusement, but at the end of it, I can turn your life into nothing but dropkicks and Prikasas at the drop of a hat, and I'll tell ya now, I got loadsa hats to drop. And if THAT ain't enough, Adam Fenric's already stood on the apron watching all of this and he's probs got you all figured out already. That twitch in your neck? Dude saw it, and knows it's your weakness. He knows all about your shitty childhood cos of the speed you blink at or something. When I ain't jumping around and dropping on top of you, he's pulling you apart in your body and in your mind. We're literally, like, the biggest problem in your life right now. You can't get away. We're everywhere, Team Fury. We're like the wind...

[Emery begins to make wind noises with her mouth, holding her hands up and flailing her fingers. Adam watches her. The Worst of the Pavees looks up at him and pauses. Her hands flop to the side.]

EL: ...Alright, I'll stop.

[Adam steps forward. At this point Stevie's microphone has been bouncing back and forth and she is struggling to keep up just a bit.]

AF: It is important, at this point, to mention that we possess no personal issues with neither Kelly nor Gordon Fury. Unaccustomed as I am to paying compliments, I believe they are both superlative athletes and generally a credit to the division.

EL: Oh yeah, they're cool. I dunno Gordon that much cos he don't strike me as the kinda guy who likes palling around with people but Kelly got me an Easter Egg last year and that's true friendship. Never forget the egg. Respect the egg.

AF: We do, however, take um-bridge with your assumption that we will be an easy contest for you. Because we will not be. We've no intention of going easy on you. I have not spent the better part of our December absence and January researching the pair of you to 'go easy'. I would not waste my time with such nonsense. It has been our intention to win the IYH Tag Team Championships since our arrival in this promotion, and in spite of distractions in the past by the likes of what would eventually become the Bad Omens, we do not intend on leaving until we have achieved that goal. Of the three teams which faced on Ruckus, we were always your worst case scenario. While you went back and forth on social media with others, we watched quietly from afar and observed.

EL: Like mice.

AF: ...What?

EL: Like mice. We were quiet like mice.

[Adam rolls his eyes.]

AF: We watched, silently working our way through the teams in the tag division to get to you. In theory, it is entirely possible we may not be successful tonight, which we accept. But given the facts, the numbers, the knowledge we have accumulated about both of you, the small, intricate details we have discovered about your every, little weakness in the ring, it may not be wise to assume you will be so easily victorious.

EL: But hey...that's just statistics. Whoa, I said it right! Ayyyyy!

[Em raises her hand for a high-five, but the Futurist blanks her and leaves. Emery looks back at Stevie, who is now holding her arm up with aid from her other arm.]

EL: I see how it is. One day. Anyway- nice chat- see ya!

[Em gives Stevie a firm but friendly slap on the back, sending the interviewer forward involuntarily by two steps. The Lethal Lackeen mouths 'sorry' as she vacates the area. Stevie turns back to us.]

ST: Back you at ringside!

user posted image

Proving Grounds Championship
Singles Match
Angelica Layne © vs Minka Carter


[From the moment the bell rings there’s an air of tension as Angelica looks Minka up and down and then gestures at her, clearly mouthing ‘what the fuck is this supposed to be’, and Minka growls, pointing her finger at Angelica and she yells something that while loud wasn’t so clear but the words demon pollen make an appearance as Minka fake shudders and makes an ‘ew’ face at Layne. Even the referee, a clearly neutral party facepalms at this and makes sure he is clean out of the way as Angelica scoffs and then explodes into motion, nearly taking off Minka’s head with a Discus Clothesline to a big pop from the fans who anticipate what’s next. She waits until Minka goes to get back up and hauls her foot up for a Curb Stomp, but at the last instant Carter rolls to the side and Angelica only clips her shoulder. It’s still a decent downward stomp and Carter rolls her shoulder and almost comically looks at it as if she’s expecting something on her.

This prompts Angelica to make a disbelieving sort of face at her before she zips in and peppers Minka’s ribs and gut with a few rabbit-style boxing body blows! Minka howls, disliking this pain immensely, and gets off a wild elbow that cracks Angelica in the temple, sending her reeling back a couple of steps. She shakes her head and focuses in on Minka who manages to deliver a Sliding Forearm Smash and follows it up with a huge Headscissors DDT! With both down on the mat Minka naturally tries for the first pin attempt only to have Angelica kick out strongly, she tries then to apply her Cleopatra Clutch, the Cobra Clutch was easy enough to start but each time Minka tries for the bodyscissors, Angelica rolls with her and keeps her from doing it. Finally they’re in the ropes, and the referee tells Minka to release her by now somewhat awkward hold on Angelica, who is NOT appreciative of it and tells her loudly to stop trying to cuddle her.

Minka in turn is irked by this and while she releases the Clutch, she hammers a few elbows into Angelica’s head before she drags her into awkward but good position before she runs up the ropes and comes off with a Flipping Seated Senton… and misses!]

BM: OH man nothing but mat! Minka’s making a very decent showing for herself in there against Angelica Layne, but that’s got to stall her momentum right there.

TR: That’s the thing B-ry, she has been studying Angelica’s matches if Twitter is to be believed, but watching tape and surviving if she lets you are two vastly different things, as I think that Minka is finding out.

BM: What’s your take on that whole demon pollen thing?

TR: I’m ...what? What the fuck is that?

BM: Never mind, I doubt it’s really a thing. I mean it can’t, right? It’s like drop bears and totally fake.

[Minka howls as Angelica picks her up off the mat and hauls her up into a bear hug, despite Minka’s being a bit taller than her, and she whips her around and slams her to the mat hard. Minka arches up off the mat but yet again manages to evade the Curb Stomp attempt by Layne, though she’s less successful at avoiding the kicks to the ribs that follow. Angelica works on her torso a bit while she’s down, knowing if she can weaken Minka’s core that she won’t be able to hold that Cleopatra Clutch on her again. Minka gets to the relative safety of the ropes and uses them to get up, and the referee orders Layne to let her get up. Of course Minka sticks her tongue out at Angelica and when she moves to engage Minka ducks through the ropes half in and out of the ring and she laughs as the referee orders Angelica to back away.

Which of course, Minka shouldn’t have done but what are you going to do? Well, if you’re Angelica you’re going to make her pay and that’s pretty much what happens for the next few exchanges, Minka rallies after a few super solid shots to the body, though the rabbit punch to the kidney staggers her good. She finally manages to get free and shoots the ropes, coming back with a huge Bulldog, and she rolls right to her feet and fades back, instead of going for another pin attempt she hovers and as Angelica comes up to start to rise here’s Minka with a huge Hurricanrana Driver! BANG! Now it’s clear that no matter what these In Your House fans like them some Angelica Layne and there’s a huge booing as Minka drops to cover, but it’s lazy as she fails to hook the leg! Angelica kicks out strongly at two, Minka growls and flips her over attempting to put on a Rear Naked Choke, but Angelica fires off elbow after elbow before she gets up under her and lifts her up as she stands right into a Torture Rack! Minka screams out NO NO NO as the referee watches closely, asking her if she wants to submit!

Angelica grins wickedly as she bounces her about a bit, Minka flails and almost hits the referee and finally Angelica drops her to the mat after a Backbreaker! She floats over for the pin, hooking the far leg but Minka rolls her shoulder up right before three! Angelica isn’t too pleased with this but she doesn’t bother arguing with the referee over it, she simply rolls to her feet and rips Minka up off the mat! She hits her with a few closed fist punches and starts to drag her by the head but Minka fights loose and hits a Double Knee Armbreaker! She and Angelica get into quite a brawl after this, until Angelica tops the series off with a huge Roundhouse Kick! She grabs the woozy Minka and sends her off to the ropes in a hard Irish Whip, and then drops her on the rebound with a huge Sling Blade! She sets Minka up for a Dragonscrew Neck Whip, clearly going for Layne Personified, but no! Minka hits the mat and keeps rolling! She tries to roll out of the ring as if she’s out of control but NO! Angelica lunges and catches her by the ankles, dragging her back into the ring!]

BM: WOW! Minka was going for a breather but denied!

TR: Angelica is relentless! She’s goal oriented, and Minka… OH SHIT! I can’t believe it, what a shot by Minka Carter! She’s got Angelica right where she…

BM: You were saying?

TR: Shut up. Just.. shut up.

[As the announcers are talking Minka explosively gets the upper hand, delivering a wicked Shining Wizard after a quick rake of the eyes, but as she goes for a pin Angelica chokes her! The referee warns Angelica about the blatant choke but he also saw that eye rake and tells Minka to back off! The pair circle each other after both rise, and Minka makes the ‘come on’ motion at Angelica - who unfortunately for Minka listens and sidesteps Minka’s Clothesline and catches her with her Spinning Unprettier, Demise! Down goes Minka and Angelica is quick to cover!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall and STILL your IYHWF Proving Grounds Champion… ANGELICA LAYNE!

BM: Minka giving a surprisingly impressive fight here tonight at Unearthed!

TR: And Angelica is a hard woman to bring a fight to, with her experience and brutality so Minka has nothing to be ashamed of - and who knows what might happen the next time these two ladies meet!

[Down by Thousand Foot Krutch plays as Angelica is handed her title, she looks over the downed Minka before she lifts her title up in the air, a grin on her face as the fans respond to her. The referee raises her hand and then she drops and exits the ring with her championship intact.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts to Stevie backstage, flanked on each side by the members of Team Fury. Both are in their ring gear, In Your House Tag Team Championships on full display.]

ST: Team Fury, first up I know your match is up next so I appreciate you both making the time for this interview.

[Kelly grins at Stevie, Gordon’s head down and focused.]

KF: No problem Stevie, our pleasure!

ST: Now, earlier tonight we heard from your challengers, Layton and Fenric, who certainly had some strong words. Do you have any words of your own?

GF: I’ll take this one.

[Gordon slowly looks up.]

GF: They certainly did have a lot to say Stevie, and in doing so they cemented my point.

ST: Your point?

GF: That they will never take these titles from us.

[Kelly stays quiet as Stevie looks confused.]

ST: How so?

GF: They made it a point to reference all of the gold they either hold right now, or have held as justification of why they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing personal or professional against these two, they are phenomenal wrestlers, but my point is that they are treasure hunters. They view championships like they are some kind of fucking set to collect. They said it themselves, their thing is winning titles, doesn’t matter where or who. News flash kids, I don’t give two shits what belts you hold. I have no doubt you have earned every single one, but whether you held them or not, I know exactly how dangerous and skilled you both are. That’s the difference between you and us. Kelly and I fought tooth and nail through becoming a team, to cementing our place in this division, to winning the In Your House Tag Team Championships. We have given every single fucking thing we have to have the HONOUR of being the Tag Team Champions of this company. Of my home. Of OUR house. We don’t need these titles to prove that we are the best tag team in this company, we hold these titles because we ARE the best tag team in this company. I don’t need to be covered in a thousand different belts in a thousand different companies. Just one. You are incredible competitors, and I have no doubt that you won those belts, past and present, from equally incredible competitors. But you haven’t taken THESE championships from US. And you won’t. Not with how much they mean to Kelly and I. If you want these Championships to add to your collection you are going to have to pry them out of our cold, dead, hands. And Fury doesn’t die.

[Kelly lets out a sigh, but nods in agreement to what Gordon said.]

KF: I have mad love for Emery, heck I dressed as her this past Halloween. Adams aight too. But I have to agree with my bestie Gordo, you can flash your belts at us and ring off your achievements from other companies, I’m not going to stand in your way. But don’t act like you’re the only person in the world who has achieved so much. Honey, I’ve been in this business for over ten years. I am in two hall of fames. I have even been a grand slam champion in one company cause stopping at one championship just wasn’t enough for me...but none of that matters here. This is a whole other playground with different kids ready to try and push someone down in the mud. Emery collects championships just like she collects nicknames. The Lethal Lackeen, The Worst of the Pavees, The Journeylass, The Swashbuckling Pirate Emery, The Trench War Traveller, The Big Cheese…

[Kelly takes a few sharp breaths, joking about being out of breath at the fact there is so many….before continuing.]

KF: The Bee's Knees, The Rubberband Girl….not really sure why that one is a thing, The World's Toughest Pavee and The Main Course. Did I get them all. Did I miss any? You are both acting like Gordon and I underestimate you, like we don’t know what either of you have achieved and that’s not the case at all. I’m one of your biggest fans and always will be. Emery said it best, respect the egg, never forget the egg. We’re not so different ya know. Both of you were singles wrestlers brought together through much nagging from the female in the team, umm hello, just like us. But ya know, through all your words to us I will hold no grudges after tonight, I’ll even share my pudding with you guys after the match to show there are no hard feelings...when we put an end to Layton and Fenric snatching up all dem belts.

[Gordon gives a short nod.]

GF: Yes, I called you both a statistic, but it was the both of /you/ that assumed I was taking you lightly. You are both warriors in that ring, and are an amazing tag team, but right now, tonight, we are better. The fact that out of all the belts you have right now, we still hold infinitely more tag championships than you do should give you that hint. This is our first title defence, and if you think that after everything we went through to get them that we are going to lose them now, you are fucking insane. You will not be adding these to your collection, instead you become the first team that falls to Team Fury. The first statistic.

KF: Its time for you both to face the fury…

GF: Mate.

[With that Gordon and Kelly walk out of shot, the camera cutting away.]

user posted image

“Bad omens. There’s all kinds of ridiculous beliefs. What if that chain mail I failed to pass on to ten different people when I was thirteen-years-old really will come back to haunt me? What if crossing a black cat really does bring bad luck? That mirror that I smashed when trying to hang it on the wall? I’m absolutely fucked!”

[The scene fades in, and Craig Anderson is backstage, seated upon a bench. He has his hood over his head, and his hands covering his face.

CA: I don’t believe in superstitions. I’ll purposefully walk under a ladder. I’ll intentionally stand on a crack. why? Because I’m not afraid. Fish lady, pirate boy, octopus dude, the slightly miffed puppy and whatever the fuck else they refer to themselves as, may think that they’re intimidating. But the fact that they choose to operate from within a large group rather speaks volumes. Can’t they get the job done alone, or something? Why the need for so many of you?

[Craig smirks. To him, the answer to his question is as clear as day.]

CA: It's because there's safety in numbers. They can run their mouth as much as they like, because the rest of them are there to back them up. The numerical advantage is just too much for mortal beings. But tonight, there isn't a numerical advantage. It's five against five. Elimination rules. I saw right through Stella's act when nobody else could. I'm not an idiot, I can see things coming a mile off. But in this scenario, it's impossible to predict anything is going to happen. One elimination can completely change the game. I wasn't in this match last year, but I'm no stranger to the concept. Bad Omens think that they've got the advantage; but deep down, they surely know that having successfully managed to piss off all five of their opponents, they've made their task all the more difficult.

[Craig stands up, getting ready to leave the scene.]

CA: The five of us have been here since season 1. We're not going to sit back and let these bunch of season 2 chumps run riot in OUR house any more!

[The scene fades!]

user posted image

[The camera cuts to a dark locker room backstage, Michael Diablo sitting alone in a chair.]

MD: Redemption. An interesting concept to be sure, I haven’t been a big investor in it myself, especially in wrestling. Wins and losses come and go, and I find vengeance works much better for me. However….

[Mike looks up.]

MD: This time last cycle I was also placed in the main event of Unearthed, on the team of the current Proving Grounds Champion Angelica Layne. A backstage attack, one I allowed to happen, cost me not only that chance, but also months off my career. This match tonight is important for many reasons. Tonight 5 men are on a united front with an unbreakable bond uniting us: hatred. We all want Bad Omens to fall, and that singular goal makes us more united then the enemy can possibly understand. But not just hatred, hatred alone would make us sloppy, weak. All of us, in some way or another, are seeking redemption. That light spot in the darkness that I believe gives us the weapon we need to destroy The Bad Omens.

My name is Michael Diablo, The Devil of In Your House, and tonight I bring hell with me.

[The camera cuts away.]

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Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Team Fury © vs Layton & Fenric


[The match kicks off with Kelly Fury and Adam Fenric starting things off for their teams. Kelly charges towards Adam but he catches her with a drop toe hold and immediately tries to get her with a figure four leg lock, but Kelly breaks free before he can lock the move in. Kelly is slower getting back to her feet as she stares across the ring at Adam Fenric, sizing him up before charging at him again. This time Kelly is more cautious when she approaches him, bending back like in the matrix to avoid a clothesline. As Kelly stands straight again, Adam attempts to hit her with a Spinning Wheel Kick but again Kelly avoids the shot and hits him with Sweet Dreams (Superkick) which knocks Adam back against the ropes before he falls to the mat. Kelly runs to the corner and climbs to the top hoping to hit him with a Double Hop Moonsault but as her feet hits the mat Adam quickly rolls to safety as Kelly lands on the mat.]

BM: Kelly with that Superkick which she has used for years but failed when it came to that double hop moonsault.

TR: Serves her right for trying such a risky maneuver this early in the match.

BM: She has everything on the line tonight, sometimes risks need to be made in order to succeed.

[Adam pulls Kelly into a sitting position and starts to choke her from behind before wrapping her up in an Abdominal Stretch. Kelly yells in pain, her body already aching from the failed moonsault attempt and now this. The referee keeps checking in with Kelly asking if she wants to give in but she refuses, shaking her head while trying to kick her feet out to the ropes, but she’s too far away. Her only saving grace comes from Gordon who has seen enough and runs into the ring, kicking Adam hard on the back of his head forcing him to break the hold. The referee orders Gordon to vacate the ring, which he does. Adam gets back to his feet shaking off the effects of the kick to his head before pulling Kelly back to her feet. Kelly has a sudden surge of adrenaline as she begins to fight back, throwing shots to the side of Adams face before whipping him against the ropes and catching him with a dropkick on the rebound. Kelly is back up but Adam is quick to get back to his feet and tries to roll her up from behind.]




TR: We almost had new tag team champions though Bry.

[Kelly barely kicks out and looks at Adam in shock at the close call. Both of them rush back to their feet but Kelly is quick to get him with a snap swinging neckbreaker before staggering towards her corner to tag in Gordon. Gordon enters the ring just as Adam has used the ropes to get back to his feet but Gordon charges at him with a Running Enziguri that knocks Adam into his own corner. Gordon grabs his wrist to pull him out of there and into the adjacent corner but Emery makes a blind tag as Gordon hits Adam with a Flying Elbow Smash. Emery has entered the ring and as Gordon turned his back on Adam, he’s met with a Slingblade from Emery.]

BM: Emery with the blind tag.

TR: You have to keep your eyes on those gypsies Bry, you never know when they might steal not only your belongings, but also your thunder.

BM: Going to pretend you didn’t just accuse Emery of being a thief.

TR: She’d admit it herself. People like her have NO shame.

[Emery keeps up the pace, knocking Gordon down with a dropkick as he gets back to his feet. He’s up quickly again before Emery tries to irish whip him across the ring, but he reverses and shoots her into the ropes. Emery comes back and jumps into a hurricanrana, flipping Gordon across the ring. She riles up the fans before charging at Gordon again, only to cop a spinning back-fist for her trouble.The strike causes her to turn her back and Gordon grabs her from behind before throwing her with a german suplex into the corner, her head bouncing off the turnbuckle. He then backs up to the other side and runs in with a hesitation dropkick right to the face. He then pulls her out of the corner and goes for the cover.]



[She kicks out just after 2. Gordon picks her up and goes for an irish whip into his corner, but she reverses it. As he lands in the turnbuckle she charges after him, not seeing Kelly take the blind tag. Gordon moves at the last second, allowing Kelly to kick Emery in the face, stumbling back into a backstabber from Gordon. He holds her back over his knees as Kelly slingshots over the top rope, dropping the leg across Emery’s neck. She locks eyes with Gordon as he motions to the top rope, the fans losing it. Kelly smiles before heading to the top rope. Suddenly Emery comes to life, running up the inside of the ropes. Before Gordon can try and interfere, Adam drops to the floor and makes his way around to him, pulling his feet off the apron. The two men trade blows on the floor as the two ladies trade blows on the top rope.]

TR: Things are really breaking down now Bry! I knew that kumbaya attitude wouldn’t last long!

BM: Both teams are warriors, Tats. They are giving everything tonight to leave as In Your House Tag Team Champions!

[Adam boots Gordon in the face before spinning him and hooking his arms for a dragon suplex on the floor. He throws him backwards but Gordon backflips and lands on his feet, using the apron to steady him. Adam gets back up and turns towards Gordon just in time to get nailed with a shotgun dropkick to the chest, sending him crashing back first into the steel steps, his head whiplashing. Meanwhile on the top rope, Emery is getting the better of the exchange, raining punches down on Kelly’s face. She jumps for a top rope hurricanrana, but as she does Gordon makes his way back onto the apron, grabbing Kelly’s legs and keeping her anchored to the top rope. Because of this, as Emery pulls her legs back Kelly doesn’t move, sending the back of her head down and smashing into the second turnbuckle. Gordon lets go of Kelly’s legs as he gets into the ring, blasting Emery in the face with a superkick, her legs releasing from Kelly’s head. Kelly pushes Emery’s legs down as Gordon catches her in a fireman’s carry, the fans cheering as they know what’s coming. Gordon yells out to the crowd, and they chant with him.]


[He then plants Emery with the “GRC” (Fireman’s Carry Michinoku Driver II.) He motions to Kelly who has come to on the top rope,.the fans going nuts as she gets into position. She leaps off the top rope, getting serious air before crashing down on Emery with the “Kelbow Drop” (Top rope elbow drop.) Kelly hooks the leg as Adam gets to his feet on the outside.]

BM: There it is! The GRC followed by the Kelbow Drop! This has gotta be it!

TR: Not if Adam has anything to say about it!



[Gordon decides to leave nothing to chance and nails Adam with a suicide dive, taking him out of the equation.]

TR: Never mind!



TH: Here are your winners, and STILL In Your House Tag Team Champions… Team Fury!

[“Aftermath” by Sonic Syndicate plays through the arena again as the ref brings Kelly her title and she holds it close. Gordon rolls back into the ring, closely followed by Adam. Gordon is given his title as the ref raises his and Kelly’s hands.]

BM: If you wanted a definite example of what a tag team classic looked like, you’ve definitely just seen one. What a match!

TR: Surprisingly I agree with you Bry. I was afraid that they would be all gay and friendship like, but they beat the piss out of each other, and I for one was happy to see it.

BM: Unfortunately as with all matches only one team could win, and tonight that was Team Fury who have successfully retained the In Your House Tag Team Championships!

[Adam is at Emery’s side, helping her up until she finds her own feet. Gordon and Kelly turn towards them and both team stare each other down. Kelly and Emery suddenly both start smiling before embracing in big hug. Adam and Gordon can’t help but smile and shake their heads. Gordon gives Adam a nod before offering a hand to him, and he firmly takes it in a handshake. The men drop their hands as Kelly and Emery let each other go. Kelly turns to smile at Adam as Emery turns to smile at Gordon, both men looking terrified. The women then launch themselves into hugs, Adam and Gordon clearly caught off guard but manage to raise a hand to pat them on the back.]

TR: Eww gross I take it back!

BM: What a great display of sportsmanship! It just goes to show that you don’t have to be a complete arsehole to succeed in this business.

[The teams part as the cameras cut away.]
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[The feed is suddenly interrupted; what fades into view is the magnificent super blue moon. Just a lone bright spot in the quiet night sky. So this means that the video was shot four days prior. There has been a lot of buzz about this phenomenon recently but at this point of the recording, the lunar eclipse that will turn the moon red has yet to happen. The camera then zooms out to a wide shot of the Melbourne skyline from Port Phillip Bay, with five individual silhouettes standing beneath the moon. The moon that, for centuries around the world, has been a symbol of bad omens.]

SI: It isn’t just the ominous figure of a lunar eclipse that used to predict bad omens. In the Middle Ages often times it was a comet going by and many rulers from counts to emperors alike thought that doom was heading their way. And in time it was proven correct.

[The top half of the Ikiryo’s face is obscured with that robe though the beard is coming through the bottom and you can still see him actually talking.]

SI: In ancient times even something as simple as a shooting star...something we misconstrue to make a wish on...was told to those people that a bad omen of some sort was coming. Nature and Space often tend to try to help humans foresee when a Bad Omen is coming. seems we’ll be sharing the ring with five individuals who aren’t learning from past indicators like these and put their own slant on ‘history’...

[There’s a slight pause here as the elder statesman of the group glances among his comrades but the bottom half of his face gives no tell on his emotion.]

SI: Five of you banded together by a cause...maybe this omen makes you martyrs. But the five of us? We’re banded together by something a little bit more...and you’ll learn that first hand when we rip your decretched rotting souls from your body. But how are we going to do that?

[There’s a semblance of a dark chuckle that escapes from The Ikiryo’s lips while Banshee, who is standing next to him, gleefully stretches out her hands towards the camera as if reaching for the souls of the viewers.]

SI: I personally would rather let your imaginations run wild with mirth before it happens…but since you five might be talented don’t seem that educated on what truly happens before, during and after a truly Bad Omen. And everyone else here...well they’ll enlighten and scare you more than I could on that matter.

[Stella steps out to the front with a grin on her face, she looks back to her team while giving a small chuckle before looking straight at the camera.]

SW: All we have heard going into this match is how everyone on Team Fox is a former or current IYH champion of some kind, but they are former champions for a reason. That just shows how beatable that team actually is. Look at The Devil, Michael Diablo for instance. Since his return he has tried and failed to capture both the IYH Championship and the Proving Grounds Championship. Craig Anderson, defeated by his own wife within a ten minute limit. Owen Gonsalves, beaten by Diamond Jack Sabbath. Sean Hazard, well come on, you’re the bitch of the tag division, how many times have you lost that tag team gold now, hmm? And then there is Shawn Fox, who currently holds the In Your House Championship but not for long. He’s also a former tag team champion, which doesn’t exactly scream that he’s good in these types of situations now does it? Come next month I will have snatched the In Your House Championship from his cold dead grasp.

[Stella takes another step towards the camera, her smile twisting and becoming more devious.]

SW: Tell me again how you’re so smart, Fox. How you have our whole team figured out. How the Bad Omens were brought together by me, their faithful leader…

[Her head rolls back as she lets out a laugh before rolling forward again to stare into the camera. Iser even lets out a chuckle before he just cracks his knuckles. Banshee, who’s standing beside Stella, merely grins at the camera as she places her hand on her shoulder.]

SW: The last person who said such things was Owen Gonsalves and his win ratio against me is non-existent. This may be “Team Stella” in some people's eyes because I am the number one contender to your championship...but there is a reason why it’s listed as The Bad Omens on the show. Inside of that ring, when we are all together, there is no leader, there is no one person that is better than the other because we come together as one single unit. I’m not the leader….

[Stella lets those words hang in the air for a moment.]

SW: Tonight, we are ALL the leader right down until the very end. That is why you’re going to fail, Fox. Because you’re too blind to see the truth that’s right in front of you. You’re all too blind to see it.

[The Kraken steps up in front of the camera, a menacing look was in his eyes before he starts to speak in that deep voice of his.]

TK: All of you talk about your individual achievements like that means something going up against Bad Omens. You all fail to realize that we’re a collective… A collective of monsters who have the same goal, who all work together to destroy and hurt all of you.

[The Kraken points at the camera as he continues on while Banshee sidles up to him, softly humming an identifiable tune.]

TK: This is your reckoning, this the end of the line for all of you. Unearthed is a fitting name, because it’s the moment your worst nightmares are Unearthed and exposed for the world to see. Us five? We are those nightmares but the difference between us and nightmares? Nightmares you get to wake up from but us? We’re real and there is no waking up from us… We’ll be putting you all to sleep.

[The Hellhound steps up to the front now as he growls at the camera.]

HH: So what do you all want for your special achievements? A gold star? A pat on the back? Well you’ll get none of that from me, from us. The only thing you’ll be getting from us is broken bones and stolen souls.

[The Hellhound glances over at Banshee now beside him, who reaches out as she makes a motion like she’s sucking up somebody’s soul.]

HH: Needless to say, there’s nothing your team can do to stop us. Shawn Fox calls himself a leader? A leader of what? A ragtag group that was thrown together? How are you all supposed to defeat us when you can probably barely get along amongst each other. While us? The Bad Omens? We’re a family with the same goals in mind. Do you think Stella being the number one contender would divide us?

[The Hellhound cackles as he waves his finger while Iser visibly shakes his head in an affirmative response to that question. With a hand on his shoulder, Banshee reappears on the other side of The Hellhound, as if swinging around him. And still humming creepily.]

HH: No, the only thing it does is unite us. The In Your House Championship belongs with The Bad Omens, it belongs with Stella and we’re going to do whatever it takes to ensure that happens… And we start off on our mission tonight when we pick you off one by one until none of you no longer stand in our way.

[Banshee keeps her grip on The Hellhound’s shoulder as she leans over with her hand sideways on her lips, grinning to the camera. As she speaks, she lowers her fingers, starting with the little finger that’s closest to the camera.]

B: One. By one. By one. By one. By one…. They FALL!

[Banshee suddenly throws her head back as she also bends her body as much as possible, using The Hellhound to keep her balance. With her other hand, Banshee points up to the dark sky where the moon is now bathed in sinister red. The super blue blood moon. The sign some people believe to be ominous. Apocalyptic, even. And all five members of Bad Omens stand tall on the Bay, with Banshee starting to laugh maniacally now.]

B: One by one by one by one by one, they fall!

[Banshee raises both hands to the sky now, her head thrown back. And the others join her in the chant.]

B: One!

HH: By one!

TK: By one!

SI: By one!

SW: By one!

B: They fall!

[They continue to chant together over and over while moving closer to the camera before it tilts up to the blood moon. The scene then slowly fades to black, their voices echoing in the void on the screen.]

user posted image

[There’s a polite knock on the doorframe of the locker Shawn Fox is getting ready in, he looks up to see interviewer Stevie Trelain there with a smile and while she holds her microphone she seems reluctant to raise it at first, talking quietly to Shawn instead.]

ST: I… well, me and the camera guys and so on… we wanted to say thanks.

[Shawn is lacing his boots, back to Stevie but he looks over his shoulder for a brief moment with a slight smile on his lips.]

SF: What for? I mean unless it’s for my semi-quick wit and roguish charm I haven’t done…

[Stevie shakes her head, and interrupts him.]

ST: No, it’s for what you’re doing. The Bad Omens, they don’t just hurt other wrestlers. Some of the camera guys have PTSD. I know, you’re the target because Stella is your Number One Contender and it’s expected they’re going to dogpile you…

[Shawn finishes with his boots and straightens up before he turns around.]

SF: Shouldn’t you be asking me a question?

[Stevie shakes her head and crosses the room, giving Shawn a quick hug before she steps back.]

ST: I should, but I’m just here to pass on a message….and honestly, I shouldn’t even be saying this, but….

[Shawn’s brow raises, and he waits, and Stevie smiles soft.]

ST: Kick their asses.

[He laughs as she leaves the locker, shaking his head a bit as the cameras cut elsewhere.]

user posted image

5-on-5 Elimination Tag Team Match
Shawn Fox ©, Michael Diablo, Sean Hazard & The Vision vs The Bad Omens

[The referee tries to keep the teams separate while laying down the rules of the match but no one seems to be listening as they hurl insults at each other, except the usually quieter ones like Marcus, Banshee and Michael. Shawn raises his IYH championship high above his head in an attempt to rile up Stella. There’s a steady din in the crowd as the fans are abuzz with excitement. Soon enough, Shawn regains composure and leads his team to back up a few steps in their side of the ring. Stella continues to mock them, alongside Dante and Seth, but they too keep their distance. With the referee back in control of the situation, he calls for the opening bell once each team appoints their starter, Owen and Dante.]


[Dante smirks as he makes an attempt to circle around Owen in an intimidating fashion but the Melbourne-born wrestler maintains his focus. Owen baits Dante into a clinch and the two fight for control, exchanging hard knee strikes. Owen transitions to a hammerlock but Dante is well ready to step out of it and duck around behind him before hitting the back of his head with a vicious forearm shot, knocking him to the canvas. Dante pulls up Owen for a punch to the face and then irish whips him to the ropes. As Owen rebounds, Dante shoots him back down on the mat with a calf kick. This time when Dante attempts to pick up Owen, Owen fights back with a drop toe hold and quickly floats over for a single leg boston crab. Dante rolls over to kick Owen off him before kipping up to his feet. They charge at each other and Dante knocks Owen down with a crooked arm lariat. Owen gets back up, though a little unsteadily. Dante tags in Marcus who pulls in Owen for an overhead belly to belly suplex. The impact has Owen flying across the ring and Craig tags himself in as his tag partner rolls close. Craig leaps in off the top rope, only to get smushed in the face with a big boot by Marcus, killing the raucous cheers from the fans. Marcus goes for the cover on Craig but he kicks out, just barely.]

BM: Marcus with the big boot! Just completely changed the game here!

TR: What did you expect? He’s The Kraken for a reason! He can take out all of Team Shawn if he wants to!

[Marcus drags Craig over to Bad Omens’ corner and tags in Stella who gladly lays multiple foot stomps on him. Stella turns to Team Shawn and starts mocking them before pulling Craig to his feet. Craig starts to fight back but Stella quickly doubles him over with a kick to the gut. Stella then irish whips Craig to the ropes and prepares to duck as Craig leaps over her and lands in a handspring before catching her with a headscissors takedown. As Stella gets flipped across the ring, Seth and Marcus swarm into the ring to attack Craig. This prompts Owen and Sean to rush to Craig’s aid. A brawl breaks out between the six of them. Meanwhile, Dante and Banshee sneak their way over to the other side and engage with the unsuspecting Shawn and Michael, taking out their legs off the apron. Chaos ensues both inside and outside the ring with all ten wrestlers now.]

BM: Oh come on, keep the fighting INSIDE the ring!! This is madness!! Bad Omens never play by the rules!!

TR: And this is news to you?? Where have you been, Bry? Bad Omens MAKE the rules!!

[Banshee drops Shawn on one knee with her high speed spinning knee strike, giving Dante a clear shot with an enzuigiri. With Shawn recovering on the floor, Dante and Banshee proceed to get Michael inside the ring. But Michael fights back with punches, first to Banshee and then Dante. Michael shoves Banshee into the barricade before trading shots with Dante. Soon, Michael gets the upperhand and tosses Dante into the steel steps, causing him to crumple on the ground while clutching his stomach. Banshee tries to escape as Michael grabs her before whipping her hard into the steel steps as well. As Banshee and Dante slowly pull themselves up, Shawn is back to climb up the steps and take them back down with a split-legged missile dropkick. The fans go wild at the sight.]

BM: YES, the IYH champ with an amazing split-legged missile dropkick to Banshee and Dante!! That’s gotta put a good dent in their plans!

TR: I’m not sure which is worse; getting thrown into the steel steps or hit in the face by a missile dropkick!

BM: I’m gonna say, both hurt like fucking hell!!

[Meanwhile inside in the ring, the rest of Bad Omens are faring better. Sean knocks Seth off-balance for a second with a double mule kick but as Sean rebounds on the ropes, Seth runs him down with a thunderous clothesline that nearly flips him inside out. With Seth’s back still turned, Craig and Owen take him down with their reverse frankensteiner and bridging german suplex combo, Rich Tea Drunk. But The Vision’s momentum gets cut short by Marcus who immediately seizes Craig by the throat for his chokeslam backbreaker and Stella who takes down Owen with a springboard DDT. As Owen rolls out of the ring, Craig is left there alone in the company of Bad Omens which brings a smirk to Stella’s face. Stella goes for the pin on Craig but Shawn is quick to break it up. This angers Stella and the shrug from Shawn only rattles her even more. Stella charges at Shawn who ducks under a clothesline, causing her to rebound off the ropes as Marcus takes the blind tag. Stella comes back at Shawn who tops her up into the air, Craig nailing her on the chin on her way down with “Kicks Out for Harambe” (Superkick.) The celebration is short lived however as Marcus takes them both down with a thunderous double clothesline. Sean is back on his feet now and smirks at Marcus as he goes to step towards him, but gets a flying knee to the back of the head from Owen, rattling him and making him stumble forward. Sean wastes no time and charges Marcus down and hits him with “Lightning Strike” (Yakuza Kick.) The kick has Marcus on wobbly legs, prompting Shawn to come in and spike Marcus headfirst with “Go Fox Yourself” (Double-Underhook DDT.) Craig heads to the top rope as the fans go nuts, taking a second before nailing Marcus dead on with the “Viennese Whirl” (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press.) Craig holds his chest in pain, but then both him and Sean notice Dante and Banshee coming to on the outside. Craig quickly tags Mike in before him and Sean smile at each other and nod before charging at the ropes and leaping into suicide dives, taking Banshee and Dante out respectively. Michael moves in from the apron and goes to Marcus’s lower half, locking his tree trunk like legs into “Welcome To Hell” (Indian Death Lock.) Marcus roars in pain, struggling against the hold, trying to drag himself to the ropes. When he realises he is too far away, he raises an arm in an attempt to flip Mike over. As soon as he does Owen moves in from the apron and grabs the arm, locking in “Krukenburg” (Wrist Bending Omoplata.) Shawn notices Seth back on the apron and charges him down, a forearm knocking him to the floor. The ref tells Owen to let go of the hold and leave the ring, which encourages him to crank on the arm harder. The ref gives a frustrated sigh before starting the DQ count.]


[Marcus roars louder as both men apply their signature submissions as hard as they can, Shawn keeping an eye out for interference.]


[Marcus tries to drag both men towards the ropes, but Mike and Owen have too much leverage. Both men look at each other in frustration and nod, Owen breaking one of Marcus’s fingers with a sickening snap as Mike starts stomping the everloving shit out of his knee. Marcus cries out in pain before being forced to tap out, the ref calling for the elimination.]

TH: The Kraken has been eliminated!

TR: HOLY SHIT! It took the ENTIRE team to pull out all the stops to eliminate Marcus!

BM: What a huge blow to Bad Omens. The Kraken was almost the unstoppable force in the war tonight. Did you see how he even managed to drag Mike and Owen across the ring while being locked in submission??

TR: They completely tore him apart by the end. That’s okay, Stella and her team still have a good chance! Go, Stella! I love you!!

[With Marcus out, Stella storms into the ring to take on the unsuspecting Owen. Mike too gets ambushed by Seth who crushes him with a vicious clothesline. As Mike rolls out of the ring, Seth stuns Owen with a big boot to the face and Stella takes him down with a reverse rana. Stella goes for the cover but Shawn breaks it up swiftly. Stella screams at Shawn in anger and finally, they come to blows. The crowd is on their feet as the IYH champ and his challenger trade stiff shots at each other. Eventually Shawn gets the upper hand with a lariat takedown. As Stella lies on the mat, Shawn goes for a running senton before hooking her leg for the cover. But Seth rushes in for the save at two, just as Stella kicks out. Craig leaps in to fend off Seth and the two battle it out before their fight spill over to the outside. As Stella slowly pushes herself up, Shawn doubles her over with a body kick before irish whipping her to the corner. Stella dives out of the way as Shawn comes charging in, letting him crash hard into the turnbuckles. Stella then makes a run for the adjacent ropes and pushes herself off the middle with a wall kick before taking down Shawn with a springboard DDT. Shawn rolls out of the ring from impact. Sean suddenly finds himself all alone in the ring as Stella tags herself out to recover to let Dante, Seth, and now Banshee, who have just slid into the ring, surround him. Sean looks fearless as he charges at Seth, driving him into a corner and trading shots with him, before Dante and Banshee pile in and rain blows down on Sean, cutting off his offence. Seth turns around as Craig goes for “Kicks Out For Harambe” (Superkick,) but Seth ducks underneath, grabbing him and slamming him down with the “Ice Breaker” (Irish Curse Backbreaker). Dante irish whips Sean across the ring, who then charges back in at Dante. Dante ducks to the side as he comes in allowing Banshee to nail him in the face with a spinning knee strike. Dante wastes no time in picking up Sean before slamming him back down with Straight To Hell (Underhook Front Facelock Drop). He hooks the leg as Seth and Banshee provide interference.]




TH: Sean Hazard has been eliminated.

TR: There goes Sean! And now it’s even!

BM: The collaboration within both teams is insane right now! So much is happening from every angle!

[Mike returns to the action with Dante already standing ready to take him on. They engage in a clinch, neither one wanting to give in at all. They trade hard knee strikes but Dante uses his MMA skills to eventually get Mike in a side headlock. Mike runs Dante into the ropes behind before bending over as Dante leaps over him at top speed. Mike goes for a perfectly-timed spinning back fist that knocks Dante sideways on the mat. Grimacing, Dante checks his jaw before Mike yanks him to his feet. Mike tosses Dante to the corner and hits a running elbow smash. The impact leaves Dante crumpling on all fours as he tries to crawl away. Mike grabs Dante and throws him to his team’s corner and tags in Shawn. Shawn goes for an arm wrench before doubling Dante over with a kick. Shawn whips Dante to the other side and as the champ comes charging, The Hellhound counters with a drop toe hold that lands Shawn on the middle rope. Dante suddenly drops on one knee, holding his head with a grimace. The referee checks on Dante while Banshee steals the chance to kick Shawn’s face. Jeers ring out through the crowd as Shawn falls on the mat, holding his face. Dante rises to his feet, as if okay again, and stomps hard repeatedly on Shawn. As Shawn sits on his knees, Dante gears up for a picture-perfect enzuigiri. With Shawn flat on his back, Dante climbs up to the top rope, looking for a corkscrew shooting star press. But the landing gets ruined as Shawn rolls out of the way in time and Dante crashes hard on no man’s land.]

BM: Dante looking for the perfect momentum after that enzuigiri but the IYH champion sensed that coming and rolled out of the way!

TR: That’s just pure luck, he almost didn’t make it!

[Dante writhes in agony, giving Shawn time to recover and slowly get to his feet. Shawn goes for the Garvin stomp on Dante, each hit harder than before. As Shawn pulls Dante to his feet, he prepares for an irish whip but Dante reverses the throw, sending him to the ropes instead. Dante looks for a clothesline but Shawn ducks to counter with an arm drag. As Dante pushes himself up, Shawn takes him back down with a jumping roundhouse kick. Dante scrambles to his feet and staggers backwards into the ropes before bouncing back, right into Shawn’s axe kick. The crowd comes alive with energy seeing Shawn on fire as he then clotheslines Banshee over the top rope, turning back to a stunned Dante. He hooks him for “Go Fox Yourself” but Dante pushes Shawn back into the corner with Stella getting the blind tag. Dante then holds Shawn there as Seth comes charging in with a big corner splash, but as Dante goes to move Shawn pulls him in and switches places, Seth crushing his teammate in the corner. Seth runs a hand through his hair in frustration before turning around right into “Go Fox Yourself!” (Double Underhook DDT.) As he gets back up to look for targets, Stella had already snuck into the ring, and rolls the unsuspecting Shawn up from behind!]



[Stella puts both feet on the ropes as the refs hand comes down for three.]

BM: She has her feet on the ropes!


[Stella immediately pulls her feet off the ropes as Shawn kicks out a second too late.]

TH: Shawn Fox has been eliminated!

BM: I can’t believe this! Shawn Fox is gone! The In Your House Champion is gone!

TR: Damn right he is, Bry! It’s all Bad Omens now! And Stella is gonna repeat that at Ground n’ Pound and become the new In Your House Champion!

[Shawn can’t believe what just happened, holding two fingers up to the referee as the ref insists it was three. Stella is laughing hysterically at Shawn, pointing at him and mocking him. As she does, Craig sneaks in the ring from behind her, and rolls up with a school boy into a jackknife cover.]




TH: The Blue Dragon has been eliminated!

TR: No! How could this happen!

BM: Serves her right, Tats! Turnabout is fair play and now both team captains are gone!

[The referee tries to order Stella to vacate the ring but she refuses, shoving him away from her and making a charge towards Craig who seems ready to fight her. Security comes rushing to the ring as the referee tries his best to keep Stella away from Craig and maintain control of the match. As security enter the ring, one grabs hold of Stella from behind who tries to throw her elbow back to hit him in the face, but the other guards grab hold of her dragging her out of the ring. Even out of the ring, Stella kicks and screams trying to get back into the match screaming how this was not supposed to happen as she’s led back up the ramp. The four guards have to each carry one of her legs and one of her arms to stop her from struggling to get away and so that the match can continue. Banshee strikes Craig from behind and with a scream, she doubles him over with fast multiple roundhouse kicks to the midsection before taking him down with a spinning back heel kick. In a fit of rage, Banshee mounts Craig and starts beating the shit out of him.]

BM: Banshee is FURIOUS! Look at her go with those punches!

TR: Sending a quick prayer for Craig ‘cause he ded! Serves him right for eliminating Stella!

BM: An opportunity is an opportunity, isn’t that’s what you like to say, Tats?


[The referee finally manages to separate them as Banshee slithers away, keeping a hard gaze on Craig. When Craig pulls himself up by the ropes, Banshee stalks him before charging at him. In the collision, Craig counters with a spinning heel kick. This gives Craig time to regain his bearings as Banshee sways on unsteady feet. Craig goes for a couple of leg kicks before irish whipping Banshee to the corner but she reverses the throw. Craig counters with a corner springboard moonsault, making Banshee crash onto the mat. Craig climbs up to the top rope but before he can prepare himself, Banshee has gotten up as well and is now going after him. With Craig on the perch, he stops Banshee from climbing any further from the middle rope. But Banshee is determined to annihilate Craig as she doubles him over with body shots before hopping onto the perpendicular top rope to take him down with a huge moonsault side slam.]

BM: If it weren’t for Banshee doing that, I’d have said that moonsault side slam was beautiful!

TR: What?? Why won’t you call Banshee beautiful??

BM: She’s more spooky than beautiful, wouldn’t you say?

TR: ...Yeah true.

[The fans cheer on Craig who lies in agony on the canvas while Banshee struggles to crawl for the cover. But Craig kicks out at two and Banshee slowly pulls herself up to drag Craig to her team’s corner before tagging in Dante. Together with Seth, Bad Omens take turns wearing down Craig while keeping him in their side of the ring. This angers Owen and Mike as they helplessly look on from their corner. Just when things seem bleak, Craig finally comes alive with kicks and punches as he fends off Dante. Dante staggers back, clutching his stomach, before retaliating with his own body kick. This has Craig staggering backwards when he suddenly knocks Seth off the apron with a forearm shot before charging at Dante for a one-armed swinging neckbreaker. With Dante down, Craig goes for the hot tag with Owen that draws thunderous cheers from the fans. As Dante pulls himself up, Owen takes him down with a meteora, aka Draco Meteor. Without wasting time, Owen sets up for a pointed elbow stomp that leaves Dante writhing in anguish. Owen goes for the pin but only gets a two count. As Dante pulls himself up in the corner, Owen charges at him for a double knee strike. Dante staggers out of there, clutching his chest, and Owen gears up for another rope bounce but Dante springs into action with a well-timed superkick to the jaw.]

BM: Great back and forth by these two men but that superkick just stopped Owen right in his tracks!

TR: Damn right it did! Dante’s hitting in all the right spots. Take him out, Hellhound!

[Owen is down and Dante smells blood, moving in before grabbing Owen’s arm trying to lock in “Dante’s Inferno” (Kimura Lock). Owen manages to twist out of it before it can be applied, and puts a well-placed headbutt right into Dante’s nose, blood trickling down as Owen pulls away. Both men are still on their knees as Dante throws a hard forearm into Owen’s jaw. The two men trade brutal shots as the crowd reacts to each one, before Dante gets the upper hand, kneeing Owen in the jaw as he gets back to his feet. He picks Owen up and gives him a hard irish whip into the corner, causing Owen to stagger out, right into a shotgun dropkick from Dante, sending Owen back and bouncing off the turnbuckles before crashing to the floor. The boos reign down as Dante eats them up, wiping the blood from his nose as he heads to the top rope. He goes to leap off when Mike gets back up to the apron, pulling down on the top rope causing Dante to crotch himself on it. This gives Owen the time he needed to recover, as he boots Dante right in the head to keep him stunned, before climbing the front of the ropes, standing on the top and hooking both of Dante’s arms.]

BM: No way, he’s not going to try it, is he?!

TR: Don’t be an idiot Owen, you idiotic idiot!

[As if on cue, he leaps back off the top rope still gripping Dante, a sickening crack heard as he drives him head first into the canvas with the “Final Gambit” (Double-underhook Piledriver.)

BM: Final Gambit from the top rope! He just needs to get the cover!

[Owen rolls over and gets an arm over Dante.]




TH: The Hellhound has been eliminated!

BM: It's now 3 to 2 in favour of Team Shawn!

TR: They just lulled them into a sense of false security is all. The Bad Omens have them right where they want them.

[Banshee swoops in with fury in her steps, jumping onto Owen with a mushroom stomp before connecting with a rope-bounce reverse neck snap. As Owen lies in agony while clutching his neck, Banshee tags in Seth and she pulls up Owen so that Seth could unleash a cringing series of knife edged chops across his chest. Owen howls in pain after each hit but barely has energy at this point to wring himself out of Banshee’s grasp. But with the referee threatening for DQ, Banshee finally lets go and drops Owen like a sack of potatoes. Seth chuckles darkly to himself before rolling Owen over with his boot and goes for the cover. But Craig makes the save just in time. While Owen recovers, Craig and Seth duke it in the centre before Seth rocks Craig back with a good right-handed punch. Craig falls back from the force just as Owen makes it back to his feet. Seth turns to Owen and takes him down with a vertical suplex. While Owen lies in agony, Seth drags him over to set him up in the corner before tagging in Banshee. Banshee immediately delivers a frenzied series of body kicks on Owen before backing away for a breather, the eerie painted smile on her face somehow looking wider than before.]

TR: Fuck, don’t zoom in on her face! That creepy grin, NOPE! NOPE, NOPE, NOPE!!!!

BM: I’m with you there, Tats! And that look tells you that Owen’s in HUGE trouble right now!

[Banshee charges at Owen but crashes into turnbuckles instead as he dives out of the way. Banshee bowls over backwards from the impact before rolling to her feet again. Owen ducks a clothesline from Banshee, grabbing the arm and twisting her into a ripcord, going for “Darkest Lariat” (Wristlock Short-Arm Lariat) but she grabs onto the top rope, blocking it. She then kick Owen’s hand forcing him to break the grip. As she does, Craig charges at Seth who goes low and back body drops him over the guardrail and into the crowd. He then puts something into his mouth before sliding into the ring as Banshee hits a knee to the face of Owen. Owen turns towards Seth as he spits a green mist aimed at his face, but Owen ducks causing the mist to hit the ref right in the face. Owen kicks Seth in the midsection and hooks both his arms, but as he does so Banshee hits him with a low blow from behind, dropping to the mat and grabbing his arm as she pulls him into the “Hand of Fate” (Lady of the lake into arm-trap crossface.) Owen is struggling as hard as he can, but while he is in the hold Seth mercilessly stomps on the back of Owen’s head. He stomps again and again and again as Owen goes almost lifeless, Seth yelling for another referee. Another one then barrels down the ramp, immediately checking on Owen. He only needs one look at his unconscious form before he calls for the elimination.]

TH: Owen Gonsalves has been eliminated!

BM: Oh my God, Owen…

TR: Jeeeeez! I hate the guy but that’s just downright brutal. Like they said, Bry, Bad Omens are NOT playing around.

BM: Somebody get him medical help immediately. That’s just not right...

[While Owen gets escorted backstage, Mike enters the fray, immediately looking to throw hands with Banshee. Despite her best efforts, Banshee is so overwhelmed by Mike’s furious punches that she starts swaying on unsteady feet. Mike then drops Banshee with a european uppercut. The force leaves Banshee reeling as she flails her arms, desperate to pull herself up and out of there. Mike marches over to pick up Banshee but she fights back with punches to the midsection. This slows down Mike a bit, allowing Banshee to pull herself up. Banshee strikes Mike with a forearm shot that has him flinching and staggering back. But as Banshee gears up for another, Mike catches her arm and tries to get her in a clinch but she quickly retaliates with a desperate headbutt. Clutching their foreheads, they stagger back from each other. Mike recovers faster as he looks for his Impaler DDT, Santos Impaler. But Banshee escapes it and hits the ropes behind. On the rebound, Banshee takes down Mike with a wheelbarrow spike DDT. Mike rolls in agony on the mat before Banshee slowly picks him up to shove him into her team’s corner. Mike is currently in the wrong part of the ring, being isolated from his corner by Seth and Banshee. Seth grabs Mike’s arm from behind while on the apron as she rains punches down onto his face. Craig has had enough as he tries to get in the ring, but the ref cuts him off, allowing the cheap shots to continue. Banshee tags in Seth, and as soon as he releases his grip Mike throws a hard back elbow to the jaw, charging out into a desperation clothesline, almost taking Banshee’s head off as he collapses to the mat. The crowd cheer as Mike drags himself towards his corner, Craig’s hand outstretched. Seth steps into the ring and goes after Mike, but he dives for the corner and tags in Craig to the elation of the fans.]

BM: He got the tag! Craig is in!

TR: Yeh, but he’s wrestling this one on his own. Diablo has been beaten down all match, he’s not going to be any help.

Craig springboards into the ring, taking down Seth with a clothesline. He then runs to the ropes and comes back with a low dropkick, knocking Seth onto his knees. Craig then runs to the ropes behind Seth, running back and soccer kicking him in the back of the head. Craig stalks him as he gets up, grabbing his head from behind as he sets up for “Zig-a-zig-ah” (Swinging lifting inverted DDT) but Seth blocks it as Craig goes to lift him before reaching back to grab Craig’s hair, pulling him over his shoulder with a snapmare. Craig springs back up near the ropes as Seth runs in, but Craig pulls down the top rope and sends the bigger man over it onto the floor. The fans go nuts as Craig sizes up Seth, charging the far ropes and comes back leaping into a tope con hilo over the top rope, but just as he is about to land the move, Seth takes a step back and grabs Craig in midair, thundering him down onto the back of his neck with a savage power bomb. Seth then picks up Craig and rolls him into the ring, following after. Craig tries to scramble to his feet, but is still completely out of it. Seth moves in like a predator and grabs him in a front facelock before spiking Craig on his head with the “Deprivation DDT”(Jake Roberts styled DDT.) Seth hooks the leg.]

TR: Deprivation DDT! See ya later Craig you flippy douchebag!




TH: Craig Anderson has been eliminated!

BM: Team Shawn is now down to only a single member! Michael Diablo has to beat both Seth Iser and Banshee to be victorious.

TR: Even if Diablo was fresh as a daisy, I’d heavily doubt his chances. As it is now, the guy is barely standing, this is acedemic at this point.

BM: If there is one thing I’ve learned about Michael Diablo, it’s to never count him out!

[With Mike on one side of the ring and Banshee and Seth on the other, they share the most intense staredown yet and the crowd is eating it all up. It is deafening inside the arena and all of a sudden, Banshee and Seth charge at Mike as they engage in a heated battle of the fists. Despite the 2-on-1 assault, Mike holds his own until he sinks to his knees. Banshee slinks away as Seth yanks Mike to his feet again and tosses him hard into the corner. Mike hangs on as he gets hit with a clothesline by Seth. Mike doubles over in agony as he staggers out of the corner and Seth tags in Banshee who comes running for a victory roll but the momentum leaves Mike rolling back up on his feet and he kicks her in the face. This gives Mike some time to recover as he falls back against the ropes behind him. Banshee slowly pulls herself up before charging at Mike. This time, Mike counters with a thunderous spinebuster that has the crowd back on their feet in excitement.]

BM: Diablo with a HUGE spinebuster to Banshee! This has got to be it! He’s closing in to taking her out, Tats!

TR: And he’s also on his last tank there. How far left can he go??

BM: Look at him, mate! Mike’s somehow STILL on his feet!

TR: Just barely!

[Mike roars as he seemingly has found his second wind. Banshee is starting to get up in the ring when he moves in and goes for the “Diablo Driver” (Piledriver), but before he can lift her up Seth chop blocks him from behind. Mike’s leg buckles as he throws Banshee to the side, turning just as Seth nails him with a clothesline, sending him over the top rope onto the apron. Seth gets out onto the apron with Mike, taking a step back before aiming a big boot right at his face. At the last second Mike drops to the floor, the boot catching nothing but air before he grabs Seth’s planted leg, violently yanking it forward and sending the back of Seth’s head crashing onto the apron before falling to the floor. Mike pulls himself back up onto the apron, just in time to take an enzuigiri from Banshee. She pulls Mike’s head through the second rope, leaving him hanging into the ring. She quickly goes up to the top rope, measuring him. She dives off the top rope with a picture perfect 450 splash, landing right on the back of Mike’s head and neck, sending him into the ring. Banshee hooks both legs.]



[Mike fires his shoulder off the canvas as the ref’s hand comes down for 3, and Banshee can’t believe it. She screams in the ref’s face who continues to insist it was 2. Her face goes from manic to determined, as she bends over Mike’s face.]

B: Your soul is mine!

[She does as she has done several times before, attempting to “suck Mike’s soul,” however suddenly stops. She looks quizzically at Mike before trying again, before again stopping shortly after starting, staring at him in frustration as if its not working. Suddenly Mike’s eyes fly open as he hand reaches out to grab Banshee around the throat, her eyes going wide. He slowly stands up, his hand still around her throat, his eyes locked to hers. They both are now on their feet as Mike yells in her face.]

MD: /Your/ soul is MINE!

[He then boots her in the midsection, and spikes her into the canvas with a wicked “Diablo Driver” (Piledriver.) He sits up on his knees as he moves to go for the cover, but before he can Seth slides under the bottom rope and blasts Mike in the face with a running boot to the face. Seth picks up the dazed Mike, wasting no time as he plants him with the “Deprivation DDT” (Jake Roberts styled DDT.) The crowd erupts in boos as Seth drags the lifeless Banshee onto the equally lifeless form of Mike.]

TR: Seth with the save, the Deprivation DDT connects again! Not even the Devil is getting up from that!





TH: Here are your winners, Banshee and Seth Iser…. The Bad Omens!

[“Vicious” by Parkway Drive starts to play, signifying their victory. But despite their theme playing, nothing can be heard over the boos at this point,Seth waving off the ref as he tries to raise his hand, instead checking on Banshee.]

TR: I FUCKING TOLD YOU! I told everyone Bry! Bad Omens win!

BM: There is no denial tonight, Tats. It was an absolutely brutal and back and forth main event, but in the end the Bad Omens were victorious.

TR: And you know what that means right Bry? Its Stella’s choice going into Ground n’ Pound. I hope Shawn enjoys being In Your House Champion, because very soon it’ll be gone. Mark my words.

BM: The ramifications of this match will no doubt be felt, Tats, and not just because of the official stipulation.

[Seth helps Banshee up the ramp as Mike glares after them, still down on the mat. The rest of Bad Omens join their survivors on the stage, raising each others hands.]

BM: And on that note ladies and gentlemen, that is all the time we have for tonight. Enjoy your week off everyone, because if this is any indicator, we are going to need it for what is in store. Until the next Ruckus, goodnight!

[The camera fades to the IYHWF logo before fading to black.]
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