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 The Tax of Training, Part 2 of the Uncanny Socialites/Iser RP
Seth Iser
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 03:04 PM

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(OOC: Note that I think you should read this first before reading this second part. Part 3 coming soon.

The trio begin going down the hill with Kelsey leading the way as Iser keeps a sharp watch on things while deliberately walking at a pace so he’s next to Rebecca. The wind has died down slightly after their conversation as the sun is peeking through the clouds to give more of a sense of warmth to the outdoors than there had been previously. He just turns toward Rebecca briefly once he knows Kelsey has a long enough distance away from the two so he can whisper.

“Sorry.” he just merely says, “Not for the training or the switch...but for on top of the hill.”

“Don’t know what you are talking about,” she bluntly responds, not taking her eyes off her tag team partner skipping down the hill with her lighter wheelbarrow.

“I’ve been reading people since I was a teenager you know…” Iser just answers with that low voice of his and his face curled into a frown, “You don’t have to say anything about what it was then as long as you are dealing with what happened and moving forward. But I know from how you reacted it was something heavy. And if I made you remember something you’d rather not...I apologize.”

“You did nothing wrong,”
she sighs. “It is something that is on my mind all of the time. I simply do not like to talk about parents and childhoods. That and I want to get out of this frigid weather.”

“It’s only eight degrees in your temperature system…”
Iser offers with a shrug, “Forty in mine because America is ass backwards in everything.”

“I am not commonly outside when it is this cold. And let’s not forget some mad man tossed water all over me this morning. I swear, if I get a cold…”

“Heh.” Iser barks up a quick laugh, “You said it yourself though. I could’ve put ice in the water…”

Rebecca decides to ignore him, still pissed off that he caught onto her game and made her swap her lighter barrow for Kelsey’s heavier one. Now she has to give one of her $80 dress shirts to Kelsey for absolutely nothing. The rest of the hill trip goes on in relative silence as Iser keeps his eyes up front while occasionally darting through the nature like surroundings.

Kelsey lets the wheelbarrow of bricks down at the base of the hill and stretches out with a big smile, waiting for Rebecca and Mister Iser to join her. Rebecca dumps her bricks by Kelsey’s and holds her back.

“Thank god that is over,” she groans.

“It wasn’t so bad!”
Kelsey teases, knowing she’s mad. Rebecca glares at her, thoughts of harming her racing through her mind.

“Try doing that every day…”
Iser lets out a grunt while stretching out his braced left knee a little, “When you have the stuff that’s happened to that knee happen to mine it isn’t going up that’s the problem but heading back down that’ll always create some discomfort. But it is natural resistance that hill.”

“So what happens now?”
Rebecca questions with snark. “Do you want us to deadlift a fallen tree?”

“Next time I’ll just see if you can flip over a bus with your mouth,” Iser snarks back in return.
“No, guys!”
an oblivious Kelsey butts in, turning to Iser. "You said if we flipped the tire and carried the bricks that we could wrestle! I really, really wanna have our match now! Pleeeaaaassseee!?”

“You sound like my daughter asking for something…”
Iser responds while raising his eyebrow, “Let’s clean our hands, go get brunch and then I’ll take you to the School of Tradition. That’s where we’ll wrestle.”

Kelsey’s so excited to wrestle that she’s forgotten that she hasn’t eaten all morning! Food and then a match with Mister Iser? Hard work really does pay off! Rebecca on the other hand is simply thankful to put her feet up and get out of the winter weather for a while.

The trio had gone to get their brunch. Iser, knowing he was going out in public, had changed attire from the workout gear to the black and white suit he often wears. Iser literally with an egg white sandwich with a little cheese on it and some rice on the side. An odd combination but he likes his protein when he needs it and the rice had veggies mixed in. Rebecca picks at a garden salad, preferring to have several light meals throughout the day rather than the three main ones. Kelsey, though, ate what seemed like her entire body weight in bacons, eggs, sausages, waffles - you name it, and she ate it like nobody was around. Rebecca palms her face as she watches Kelsey pig out. Often times during the meal Iser, who seldom shows much emotion or facial expression, even he couldn’t believe the amount of food she scarfed down. At times even his jaw was wide open agape in shock. And that got worse when he saw the bill.

“Boy, that was good!” Kelsey exclaims, stuffed and satisfied.

“There’s that...and the second breakfast…” Iser mutters as he looks at the bill more so…before even he can’t contain himself, “A HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS!?”

That shout warrants even more looks from the patrons at the restaurant if they weren’t already looking at Kelsey’s eating habits. Rebecca stands by them, head in hand with embarrassment as she munches the last carrot left over from her six dollar salad. Iser looks at his meal knowing it only accounted for eight.

“Fuck my life...with a spike…”
he mutters defeated as he reaches into his suited pants now for his wallet. Kelsey doesn’t seem to understand the situation, as she looks around the restaurant - her eyes light up when she spots something.

“Ooh, they have an omelet bar here!”
she says with intrigue.

As soon as Kelsey says that Iser literally leans back on the chair and falls back in shock until he goes to the ground. Stunned, Kelsey jumps out of her chair and Rebecca stands over him too when Kelsey offers her hand to him.

“Oh my gosh, Mister Seth! Are you okay?”

Iser doesn’t seem to hear anything Kelsey says as he does pick himself up...still muttering about the bill and doing the math on the tip to boot. He looks over at the poor woman who served them and mouths an apology in her direction. He pulls out a fifty dollar bill and leaves that as the tip shaking his head hoping that will be a sufficient enough apology for everything that happened before he pulls out his card to pay the bill. It’s at this point where Kelsey’s words finally register in his brain.

“That was a brutal blow…” he finally mutters as he signs the check acknowledging that he is indeed paying for it.

“Come on Kelsey, time to go and have that match,” Rebecca says, knowing that will be enough to entice her out of the restaurant.

“Oh, yeah, finally!”
Kelsey exclaims with anything but an indoor voice. “I’ve been waiting all morning for this!”

The trio make their way to Iser’s truck and depart toward the old school training ground in where Iser first broke in many years ago. The drive itself ended up going off without much incident...other than when someone decided to run a stop sign.

“Can’t you read!?”
Iser barks out before honking the horn and giving a vulgar middle finger salute toward the driver who ran the stop sign and cut him off, “Motherfucker, that red octagon doesn’t mean BARREL THROUGH AND RISK EVERYONE’S LIFE YOU FUCKWIT! If I ever see you again I’ll shove a battery so far up your ass that you’ll be shitting out acid for a year! ACID!”

Kelsey snickers from the backseat, always amused by Mister Iser’s reactions and outbursts while driving. Rebecca is less amused, rolling her eyes each time something minor sets him off. Ironically, she feels he is getting angry for ridiculous reasons.

“Baka…” Iser again mutters this time in Japanese toward that same driver before continuing on.

The trio soon pull into an older building that is fairly well maintained. On one side there’s a gym with weights on it with a local branding to it and on the other side and the opposite door is the school of tradition. Iser parks his car before pulling out the keys and opening the trunk of his truck and grabbing a large gym bag. He pauses for a minute as he makes sure he has the right key before walking toward the door. As he’s done many times in his life he unlocks the door that leads to his old training grounds.

“Home sweet home…” he mutters before turning toward the women and gesturing with his free hand to follow, “We’re here.”

Rebecca looks up at the building with a disgusted expression. She was expecting much more than this, something lavish and expensive not...whatever this is.

The trio enter the building and it’s still just as Iser remembers it from his youth and how he runs camp when he had his down time training youngsters. A bigger television with a bunch of DVDs on many past and present wrestlers. It’s more updated in that aspect than it was on Iser’s generation was on that front. A locker room in the back for both the male and females and in the center is one wrestling ring that is at the very least well maintained. Iser glances at it for a second before pulling on the ropes just to make sure while stomping his foot on the blue mats around the ring. The walls are decorated with all the different graduating classes and Iser eyeballs the one in the middle which had his graduating class. The blonde hair and much bulkier look he had then a distant memory of the past before he shakes his head wishing he could’ve used more of the advice he got here in his youth.

“Welcome to wrestling boot camp, girls.”
he finally says turning around to them both, “It isn’t about anything extra in terms of what looks nice. But it’s building grit and character.”

“This place is…” Rebecca looks around at the decorations, or lack thereof. The interior of the building is not what she had in mind either.

“Not what you expected. Before I took a share in running the building we didn’t even have air conditioning or a heater. Think on that for a minute that I trained here without those luxuries,”
Iser replies.

“This is seriously awesome!” Kelsey excitedly says as she takes in the sights before her. It’s very nostalgic, reminding her of the small school she trained at when she was just sixteen years old - she lied about her age, of course - and it’s like she’s been teleported right back to 2006. Even though she’s full of food and exhausted from this morning’s workout, she jumps around with glee as she eyes the pictures on the walls.

“Trying to find where I’m at, right?” Iser raises his eyebrow, “You probably wouldn’t recognize me. I was at the time of my graduation at least fifteen...maybe twenty pounds heavier than I am now, had bleach blonde hair, and no facial hair.”

Kelsey looks around - and finally spots a picture that looks similar to his description.

“Is this you?!”
she gasps, pointing up at the photograph in disbelief. Rebecca silently looks between Iser and the photo of what is supposedly him, not convinced that he is not trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

“The one and only.” Iser shrugs, “Thank whatever divine deity you believe in for that right?”

“You look so different!” Kelsey states the obvious.

“You were kind of cute,” Rebecca comments, biting her tongue a fraction too late.

“I also had fewer facial scars.”
Iser replies in a deadpan tone, “Plus all that hair dye killed my roots for a bit. I did have my hair shaved once after I lost a match years ago...even wore a mask for a good portion of my career too…”

Iser muttered the word mask in a darker tone than anything else. He might’ve made his first true break in wrestling with the mask...but it’s also a constant reminder of his screw ups in the sport and his antics in that mask...and even now...he’s on borrowed time. His face darkens with that thought.

“Sir?” Kelsey pipes up. “I don’t mean to sound rude, but I’m kinda impatient. Can we please have our match now?”

The question snaps Iser out of his train of thought before he gestures at the television before hand.

“How much tape have you watched before our match? It might be an exhibition but I’m treating this as if it’s a real thing you know…”
Iser questions, “We aren’t just training our bodies today. What good is a trained body if the mind doesn’t know how to use it after all.”

Seth has his own belief on being mentally prepared as physically prepared. Reviewing someone’s tendencies in the ring gives him a level of understanding of what to expect. Plus you can also learn something that you wouldn’t have known otherwise watching someone else who is better than you in some aspect. Even at thirty-seven whether he’s wrestling someone in FGA or working with his Bad Omens teammates in IYH...he never stops learning on the job. It’s the one thing that even when he was drugged up out of his mind as a stuck with him.

“I have a couple of your matches on those DVDs, or tapes as I call them in my older terminology, too you know…”
Iser continues, “You challenging Murphy’s Law at the Mind Your Own Fuckhole event being one I know that is there. The other one being your match at the Proving Ground’s PPV when I gave you both a pep talk.”

“Watching tape..?” Kelsey groans, under the impression that if she answers this question honestly and says she hasn’t studied him much, that he’s gonna make her sit down and study theory instead of climbing into the ring with her.

“You watched little to none haven’t you…” Iser lets out a sigh. Rebecca chuckles as she watches Kelsey squirm.

“No sir,” Kelsey slouches, ready to accept whatever’s coming next - whether it be several hours of match watching, or hearing a lecture about the importance of studying an opponent.

“The next thirty minutes you’ll be watching tape and I’ll be grilling you on what you see. Both of you,”
Iser growls, “It might go an hour if it’s going good...or bad depending.”

Iser left those last two words hang a little so they can get an idea what he means as goes and grabs three steel folding chairs from under the ring and sets them up in front of the television.

“Why do I have to suffer for her not watching tape?”
Rebecca growls.

“Look at it as if you’re taking advantage of a resource. I’m watching it with you after all…” Iser replies calmly as he finishes setting up the folding chairs.

Iser reaches into his suit jacket to pull out a case where a DVD is in it that he seemed to make on his own. He gestures for the two to take a seat while he puts it in. The first highlight on the DVD is of their Proving Grounds title match rather than anything on Iser first and Iser glances at them pausing it to see if he got their attention with this switch.

“I don’t get it..?” a puzzled Kelsey says, watching the screen. “We’re watching our own title defense? Shouldn’t I be watching one of your matches to see what I’m gonna be up against..?”

“This has a purpose. Just trust me,” Iser answers before he plays the particular clip.

“If you say so…”
Kelsey sits with her arms folded and watches the tape.

A baseball slide breaks up the impromptu strategy session, knocking Heather into the barricade as Bridget quickly moves out of the way. Rebecca exits the ring, delivering a forearm to Bridget before trying to roll Heather back in the ring. She does so and Bridget grabs her leg as Rebecca climbs up onto the apron. A boot to the head is all she gets for her efforts though Heather quickly grabs Saint by the hair and hangs her up on the top rope, causing the Socialite to fall back to the floor! Kelsey drops down to go check on her but is warned back by the official. Bridget takes advantage of the inattention, whipping Rebecca into the barricade before hurling her back into the ring and quickly grabbing the tag rope.

At this point Iser pauses the tape before pointing at Kelsey. Rebecca has a scowl on her face after watching herself make what she believes to be an embarrassing amateur mistake, falling for such an obvious ploy. Not something someone of her devious background should be caught by, especially as a co-holder of a tag team title.

“What do you see?” he pauses.

“I, uhh…”
Kelsey stutters as she tries to think. She inspects the paused screen, unsure of what she’s supposed to be looking at. “Do you mean where Bridget grabbed Rebecca’s leg and they used the top rope to take advantage, or..?”

“Indeed.” Iser nods, “What did you see there looking back at it? Or I should say...what do you think someone like me saw?”

“I’ll tell you what I saw,” Rebecca cuts in. “Me getting my ass double teamed while my partner watched.”

Iser stifles a laugh at that obvious assessment before eyeballing Rebecca.

“Same question to you then while Kelsey mauls it over. What do you think I saw?”
he repeats.

“Since when was this about me?” Rebecca starts getting defensive. “I sit through hours of tape every week! She is the one who needs to learn this.” She raises a hand from her lap and taps her temple. “I am the brains of this outfit, if you could not tell.”

“I think I get it,”
Kelsey speaks before Iser can react to Rebecca. “When I got down from the apron to check on her, the referee was busy telling me to stay back… and that gave Bridget the chance to throw her into the wall…” She looks back to Iser with a less-than-confident expression. “...Right?”

“Essentially. What I can conclude in a situation like that…” Iser pauses for a second before pointing at Rebecca, “Rebecca might get over aggressive in some situations which I can apply in others and I can apply that for a counter or another situation later...while Kelsey can be really prone to ref manipulation and if I find myself in a position to get the ref toward her...she’s prone to a punch to the face in a solo situation or some other nefarious move that many people would say wouldn’t be nice...but it’d leave me with an advantage.”

Kelsey listens with pouted lips and a semi-vacant stare at a spot on the ground. It's like she's only half-listening to what's being said, with her mind stuck on something else. Rebecca listens with quiet intent, drumming her fingers on her arm with mild annoyance.

“How do you propose we remedy these flaws?”
Rebecca questions with alot of bass in her voice.

“Two lines of thought…”
Iser replies not even reacting to the tone of voice, “One is on ways to improve weaknesses. The other is while wrestling put yourself in a position where they’re harder to exploit by making them wrestle your match.”

“I see.” Rebecca’s eyes trail off and land on Kelsey, whom she can tell is not retaining a word of advice that is being said. She groans, knowing that Kelsey most of all should be taking this in. She more often than not rushes in and does not think her actions through, which has cost them at vital points in matches on more than one occasion. Rebecca turns her head in Iser’s direction while her eyes are still glued on Kelsey. “Some of us are slow learners. Perhaps we would benefit from a practical demonstration. In the form of a match?”

“Fair.” Iser glances at Kelsey himself knowing nothing he’s saying is sinking in right now before he shrugs his shoulders, “I’ll go get changed into my ring attire.”

All Kelsey needs to hear are the phrases “match” and “ring attire”; suddenly, she’s all ears. She wears a goofy grin as Iser stands up giving the two a chance to do whatever they pleased on that front as he walks over to the male locker room with his gym bag in hand. The process of getting ready isn’t as long because the workout already had him warmed up to some level.

(OOC: What happens next? Stay tuned for part 3. Dun dun dun!)
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