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 Da Rulez
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: May 6 2016, 08:15 PM

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So, this is gonna be the same list you see in pretty much every fed, but for the record I've gotta put it in writing.

-If it ain't yours, don't touch without permission. If you want to use another character in your promo/CD piece that you don't handle, staff handled or otherwise, you've gotta have permission. Simple, well known rule.

-Don't be a fuckwit. This covers pretty much every wording of rules involving saying shit and not to do it. Any way you can imagine it, if you think that something you are going to say OOC might make you seem like a fuckwit, don't do it yo.

-You got an issue, we're around. Both Blyss and I work on relatively the same timezone, and if we are around we are more than welcome to address any issues or concerns you've got. If you don't tell us, we don't know you've got it.
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