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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Cupcake Posted on May 27 2018, 07:34 AM


I could probably go over everything but really what needs to be said

Consistency - throughout the show (and not just ppvs) there is a lovely consistent flow in the shows even though there are multiple match writers.

Segments! All of these did what you needed them to do, and they really got across what you always hope to see.

Outcomes! NOTHING felt like it was "eh, expected that". Even if you knew it was going to go one way or the other, you could still get completely engaged in the story being told and that's so nice.
Chris Cryptic Posted on May 25 2018, 11:36 AM
If this doesn't all get posted at once, I'm sure y'all will understand cause one show is pretty long in itself but two? WHOOOWEEE - This is Chelle btw, as always, too lazy to log outta this account lol chances are I'll do it in 4 parts, going by how the show is always posted in two parts.

Before getting into the shows themselves, lemme just express praise to the wonderful Nina for that amazing DotI video and poster! If it wasn't for the amazing graphics being put out each show I honestly don't think the shows would get as much attention as they do, sadly, cause I wholeheartedly believe IYH is one of few feds who actually have results that make sense lol no shade to other feds, but we've all been part of clusterfucky feds that left us like "WTF JUST HAPPENED" and not in the good way.

To the people who wrote matches, Sam, Seth, Nina and Mina you all are amazing. And special thanks to Robb for taking a match off my hands so we could give Mina a little break as she usually writes two matches most shows. And a super thank you to Gordon, for getting off of his arse and half writing the tag match with me so I didn't lose my sanity as I really really REALLY hate writing matches lmao so I'm thrilled we have a great writing team who write up amazing matches each and every show

And a super duper thank you to Chris (Southern Hostilities handler), who is the IYH Super Fan you may have noticed on twitter who has been tweeting stats for certain people. Lemme just say, if you haven't seen your stats yet, they are coming eventually. Chris went back and read EVERY show from season one through season two just to do this. He wasn't asked, he's just doing it out of the kindness of his black little heart (its back cause smoking weed) so a huuuge thank you for doing this for us as it's something I've never seen in any other fed. Usually fans of a fed only focus on a select few people (their favs) whereas this is a completely unbiased fan who just seems to love stats lol


Serena seg - I cannot express how much I love this crazy bitch. I for one am super excited to see what happens at Worlds Collide between her and DJS' Spectral Energy.

That's why I need you to bond with me at World's Collide, I need your SPECTRAL ENERGY and you need me

My instant response to that was GIGGITY, but I have an extremely perverted mind!

"All the world had to do to stop it, was tell me I'm Special" - this is something every woman wants to hear at some point, but Serena takes the "dat bitch is crazy" to a whole new level. Each and every Serena segment gets me more and more behind the character, wondering how Adam will top the last and lemme tell ya, even with a simple segment such as this one, he does just that.

Jessica vs Ash - I really enjoyed reading this match. It was a great opener for the show and a great send off for Jessica.

Jess seg - This legit made me sad, I knew for a while Craig was leaving at the end of season 3 but Jess has been one of my fav face chars here for quite some time. Great segment, I had to add in the part where Tats started to cry, cause lulz. It's not everyday (or at all) Tats shows emotion, but this was the perfect place for it. I know Craig is backing away from feds due to his RAF application and honestly, the day when Crag is gone from efedding will be a sad day full of shitty OOC opinions :'( WHO WILL MAKE PEOPLE STOP?! WHO WILL MOCK THEM?! WHO WILL MOCK ME?!

Fenric seg - This segment between Adam and Serenas brother was full of intrigue and mystery

RJM: *Tut* Always 'recovering from', never 'suffering horribly', I am frequently disappointed. You've not kicked Morales to the curb yet either, I'd think. I didn't match you two up just for her to go off gallivanting with other people.

I legit ship Emery and Adam more than I do AJ and Emery LOL JUST LET ADAM LOVE YOU EMERY!!!

Stella/Iser segment - D'awww they had a heart to heart! Only Seth and Stella could have a heart to heart that leaves the crowd pissed off lol this was fun to write along with Seth, especially the taking shots at the crowd parts.

Serena vs Sean - Sean Hazard continues his losing streak, awww, but it was nice to see Serena get another win before her big happy day!

Katie Hanley seg - This was a great pre-match seg and it's exactly how a champion should respond to the questions. Too easily do we see segs from faces who are so quick to try and verbally beat their opponents down to the point they don't really seem like faces anymore. Katie stays respectful throughout but still oozes confidence.


Katie vs Stella - Great read, I enjoyed seeing Stella fake hurt just to try and get the upperhand, seeing Katie fight like a champion throughout, and even Katie played possum a little, which was good, it's like trying to beat Stella at her own game and at that point it worked for a while. It was non-stop acting start to finish and kept my attention throughout, good job. Fav was the crowd singing heart goes on at the end lmao Sorry to say, Stella is gonna continue to boast about her win right up until she loses the belt, then she will probs snap, steal the belt back and claim she never lost it in the first place

Jetpack Segment - D'aww Jets grandma was at the show. This was another good face seg, where they stated even if they lose they are still going to be part of IYH next season. Which is great since they are one of my fav tag teams and I refuse to let them leave

Southern Hostility seg - Great cocky heel seg is cocky. SH have had their ups as much as they've had their downs which is good, cause it helps make them well rounded. While season 2 hasn't been the greatest for them, I can see bigger things in season 3, especially given the ending of their match that night.

SH vs JP vs L&E - Great match, it was hard to tell who was going to walk away with the win, which is a good thing as it shows everyone had their own spots in the match and it was essentially anyones game throughout. Dat ending though, that easily sets up not one but TWO feuds going into season 3. L&E vs The Bad Omens with their guaranteed title shot, not to mention what L&E have been saying as of late when it comes to accusing Cryptic of being unfair towards them in favor of The Bad Omens. And SH freaking out due to losing (tho not being pinned) and attacking JP after the match. Lots of story telling throughout the match from start to finish so it'll be good to see it all play out in season 3

Mike seg -
KR: Dammit, not again…
- The reason why this is a thing is because Kev had two interviews that night. One with Mike, the other with Sean, both of which said their peace and walked off before Kev could even respond

Stella seg - I had to let her ego run wild before she losses that belt again

Seth vs Mike - HOLY SHIT BALLS WHAT A MATCH!!! There is a reason why Nina or Seth take the main event matches, cause y'all go insane when it comes to writing them LOL I think it was what, 6k of words? And even tho its supposed to be summed matches in all honesty, it was perfect for Dawn of the Immortals. We needed to see that level of destruction, plus it would be hard to sum a 30min iron man match while getting enough details into it. Diablo has always been IYH's character that would pull out all the stops, who can take one hell of a beating in the ring while giving an ass kicking of his own. Iser is one of very few people who have ever been here that matches up evenly to Mike. Amazing story telling throughout. Nina covered my fav spots later in this post lol "KILL DIABLO KILL" and dat spike doe, how you gonna stab a man like that?!

Y'all helped make Night 1 one HELLUVA show and I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my little stabby heart <3

Blyss Posted on May 24 2018, 11:44 PM
Before getting into the shows themselves, lemme just express praise to the wonderful Nina for that amazing DotI video and poster!

Awwww, Chelle! <3 This warms my heart, truly. Thank you for your kind words. I enjoy making them, especially those videos. And to think I almost didn't make a video in time for DOTI! But I really couldn't let this one go cos it's our biggest show of the season so in between all the studying for my exams, I (procrastinated a lot and) managed to make a vid!

So first off, I wanna say what a great season this has been. To Gordo and Chelle, you guys have done a beautiful job with all storylines and everything! To Chelle, Robb and Seth, you wonderful bunch who are still with me in this huge stable SL and totally rocking it in your own way! To Mina, Craig, Owen, EVERYONE else in this fed, I'm so happy to be in a place with a group of talented and awesome people like yourselves! I can't wait for Season 3 and to see how all of our characters develop from here. Season 2 was a wild ride and Season 3 is gonna be even wilder!

And now onto the show feedback...

Serena Maxwell seg
Oh man, Serena.. I love her haha

As we get closer, we peak around the corner to see inside, where a face stares back at us. Its...Diamond Jack Sabbath!

That made me go and then

Well, a giant portrait of him, anyway.

That literally disappointed me LOL The whole marrying his energy thing is super genius. So genius that I wish I had thought of that first hahahah I'm looking forward to this wedding! It's gonna be so good!!

Jessica Anderson vs Ash Fi

Great opener but a bittersweet one cos JEEEESSSICAAAAAAAAAA! :'( I hope Craig doesn't leave fedding completely though I understand why he would eventually have to. At least pop in once in a while, yeah?

Also I'm with Chelle on this, Jess is one of my fave face characters even though Blyss treats her badly. I is sorry :| lol

Adam Fenric seg

Ooooh~~ All I know about Whisper is that he had a Wade Barrett picbase lol! Anyway, I love this seg for promoting XWA and the upcoming Worlds Collide. Can't wait for that one!

has Emery managed to find her lost friend yet?

??????? What is this?? :\

Stella and Seth seg

SW: Hey champ, Banshee send you to read me my last rites in case I fuck up again tonight?

Hahah poor Stella! lol Great seg here. I love seeing how much these 2 characters have grown since their IYH debuts.

Serena Maxwell vs Sean Hazard

Love this match! Both have their own brand of "desperation to win" and it shows throughout. That ending with Serena's knees up to counter The Ultimatum before going for the cover Poor Sean!

Katie seg

Love Katie. Solid seg!

Sean seg

Awww :'(

Katie Hanley © vs The Blue Dragon

An intense match! I knew the result beforehand but still. Stella has truly come a long way here! And that's the first win for Bad Omens!

Jetpack seg

Aww Jet's Grandma's in the House!! Love it!

Southern Hostility seg

Ooof... they mad! SH is one of my favourite heel tag teams now. Great seg!

Southern Hostility vs Layton & Fenric vs Jetpack

I wrote this one and enjoyed writing it. I love multi-man matches like this haha it's always chaotic and fast-paced with so much going on at the same time. But this was me trying not to write the match too long lol I hope you guys enjoy reading it!

Diablo seg

He speaks! A lot! Haha But I appreciate the quick jog down memory lane with "When we first fought for this championship he defeated me, but he was barely standing, he had to let a referee’s 10 count finish the job." My memory sucks so reading this helps set the mood for the ME.

Stella seg

Oooooh I bet this is just breaking your little heart, hmm? Especially since you once DARED to show your professionalism by thanking Shawn for taking care of the Bad Omens. And not what Stevie, NOW WHAT?

Hahaha Stella, always rubbing salt in the wound! Love it!

The Ikiryo © vs Michael Diablo

This match thooooo! The Ikiryo vs The Devil! What a great story.

It’s at this point where Iser is okay with crawling toward the ropes to pull himself up and as soon as he gets up he’s peppered with a kick to the back of his knee to drop him to his knees before a group of chest kicks follow that get him wobbly and the audience is chanting ‘KILL’ for the first kick, ‘Diablo’ on the second, and ‘KILL’ again on the third in that pattern. After nine vicious kicks Diablo then just goes spinning backfist and this floors the champion and he goes for a quick cover but Iser kicks out at two this time.

Daaaaamn! Love this!!

It’s at this point you can see there’s a sharp pointed object in Iser’s hand and he knows the ref can’t see it so he jabs Diablo in the forehead with it under the disguise of a punch and Diablo flies down hard before he disposes of the object under the ring and the camera sees that it’s the dreaded spike!

Bad Iser!! Hahah classic! And then he gets the first fall with a submission that has Diablo's shoulders pinned down on the mat lol

Damn first fall of the match and Diablo's bleeding already?? Sheesh!!

And then Seth with the freaking moonsault AND FAILED omggggggg

OK confession time. I missed some details in this match like the exposed turnbuckle thing when I skimmed through it on the first read and didn't go back to it before writing the ME for Night 2. It was exam week and I fell sick, my bad! Luckily it's executed differently... >.>

It’s at this point that Iser barks down ‘Stay down! I’ve proven I’m better damn you!’ before he boots Diablo in the head.]

I love little things like this haha

The fans let out a loud roar thinking Diablo tied it and they have a chance at potential overtime. The ref gets up and starts to move toward the timekeeper and the two are having a discussion as Diablo rolls himself off of a virtually knocked out Seth Iser.

This match summed up in 1 word: INTENSE. It's crazy good!

I shall be back with Night 2 feedback soon!
Seth Iser Posted on May 24 2018, 09:15 AM
This is my placeholder for feedback.
Katie Hanley Posted on May 23 2018, 11:29 AM
So. This is my placeholder for a very long set of piece-meal feedback.

Cuz, uh...hoo boy. o-o
Craig Anderson Posted on May 23 2018, 11:20 AM
No. RIP Chelle.

(I'll do it later okay. Gosh!)
Chris Cryptic Posted on May 23 2018, 11:10 AM
skin made by alyssa of sp & www & shine