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 Bad Omens (Tag Team)
Dante Locke
 Posted: Jul 7 2018, 09:44 PM

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Team Name:
Bad Omens

The Hellhound (Dante Locke), The Kraken (Marcus Blackbeard)

Combined Weight:
220.9 kilograms

Team Gimmick:
They’ll do whatever it takes to dominate all of IYHWF. They’ll hurt and maim whoever gets in their way and do not have a second thought about it.

Team Finisher:
Depths of Hell - Marcus pops opponent into the air for Dante to hit a bicycle knee to the face on the way down.

Well-Practiced Double Team Moves:
1. Running big boot/zig zag combo (marcus boot, Dante zig zag)
2. Superkick into a German suplex combo
3. Double powerbomb
4. Flapjack/double knee facebreaker combo
5. Backbreaker hold/diving elbow combo

Entrance Theme:
"Vicious" - Parkway Drive

Team Background: Marcus and Dante became close through the forming of the group Bad Omens. They will do anything for each other and will never turn their back on their one another. They won’t hesitate to hurt and destroy anyone who stands in front of them. They don’t care about anyone else except for The Bad Omens.
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