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 Ruckus 66
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Apr 10 2018, 09:08 PM

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Recorded Earlier

[A camera zooms in on the fans in line to get into the show, rowdy and laughing as they mug for the camera as it makes its way down the line towards the box office. There’s a lot of happy smiles and jostling until finally it pauses at a group surrounding the man that’s had a miracle happen at Ground N Pound, the In Your House Champion Shawn Fox himself! He’s standing with a petite and cute brunette who peeks around his arm at the camera as he grins. He looks pretty good considering the beating he endured, his handsome face still a bit bruised but they’re fading out as they do with time. He shows off the crown he had put in after they pulled a broken tooth and then he slips his arm around the girl, presumably his Lark and speaks.]

SF: See, it’s not so bad. Lots of great energy out here with these fans am I right?

Fans: FOX YOU *clap clap clap* FOX YOU *clap clap clap*

[Shawn laughs and shakes his head, waving at a few people whistling and waving at him before turning back to the camera.]

SF: Going to take in the show, relax out among the fans, just take in the whole experience. Got my best girl, my best fans, and hell I’m buying.

[A big cheer goes up around him and the camera zooms off as the line moves ahead.]

Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The camera pans across the Melbourne Showgrounds arena, showing the excited crowd before eventually resting on the announce table where Brian and Tats are ready for the first Ruckus since the explosive supershow, Ground ‘n Pound.]

BM: Welcome back mates, we hope you all had a wonderful Easter and didn’t miss us too much since we were last together at Ground ‘n Pound. And what a night that was.

TR: I don’t want to talk about it…

BM: Well I certainly do. Southern Hostility finally got one up on Hyphy Machinery in the brutal Parking Lot Brawl Match. Katie Hanley once again defeated Serena Maxwell and proves why she deserves to be Rapid Fire Champion. Team Fury retained the championships. Seth “The Ikiryo” Iser is the new and three times Proving Grounds Champion. Jessica Anderson got her redemption over Brien Storm and Shawn Fox, despite all the odds is STILL IYH Champion….

TR: That’s enough. Stella was robbed!

BM: Stella made sure the match was a 5 on 1 handicapped match and you want to talk about her being robbed of the match?

TR: Yes, because Angelica Layne interfered in a match she had no business being part of.

BM: Stella cost Angelica a win a few weeks back, maybe Stella should stop being a bitch to everyone and bad things wont happen to her. But I digress, on with the show tonight. Tonight we’ll see the debut of Ash Fi as they take on Caleb Cross in our opening match.

TR: Then we have tag team action as SYBA go head to head with Layton and Fenric.

BM: Then it’s truly a battle of the crazies as Serena Maxwell takes on Banshee. I for one do not know if I’m excited or petrified for this match.

TR: Be afraid Bry, be very afraid. Following that The Hellhound takes on the man that refuses to die, Sean Hazard.

BM: And in our Main Event, Owen Gonsalves finally gets his hands on Stella Winters!

TR: He will do no such thing, Stella will rain down a world of hurt upon him!

BM: Or, he’ll break her finger again.

TR: Never happened. In fact…

[The lights in the arena momentarily go out before “Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays throughout the arena. The crowds jump to their feet as Golden Ticket Holder, Angelica Layne appears on the top of the ramp with a smirk on her face. She instantly makes her way towards the ring with her smirk never fading from her face.]


BM: And yet everyone else is screaming, WOOO! SHE COST STELLA THE CHAMPIONSHIP, WOOOO!

[Angelica climbs the ring steps and slips inside, politely requesting the microphone from the ring announcer. She paces around the ring waiting for her music to die down and once it does she raises the microphone to her lips, but instead of talking, her infamous cackle slips out instead, the crowd cheer and laugh along with her.]

AL: I fucking know right?! The looks on their faces were priceless. Stella was cowering…

[Angelica mocks this fact by cowering in the corner with her hands held up in a pleading way.]

AL: “Please don’t hurt me Miss Layne, I’m just a cunt that does dumb cunt things….”

[As she stands again, she then turns to the opposite corner.]

AL: While The Fox was like...

[Angelica moves to the corner and has a mocking look of pure confusion on her face.]

AL: “Uhhh...St Anger, what are you doing, no stahp...STAHHHP!”

[Angelica stands straight, chuckling as she moves back to the center of the ring.]

AL: Look, it’s pretty fucking easy to see why I did what I did. You really think I was going to let The Bad Omens win the In Your House Championship like that? MY Championship? Fuck no. Fox and I have too much history for me to sit back and let him get fucked over like that. And yes, in that moment I could have very easily cashed in the golden ticket and took back what is mine.

[She lets that thought hang in the air for a few moments before continuing.]

AL: But I’m not a cowardly fuck like Shawn Fox, now am I? That’s how he won the belt from Diamond Jack Sabbath, in the old but predictable “cash in after a gruelling match” way. I’m not going to do that. You see, the reason why I don’t have the briefcase out here with me tonight is because I have indeed cashed in the case...but it’s on my terms.

[Angelica moves to the front of the ropes staring up at the entrance ramp.]

AL: Shawn...I want you at one hundred percent. I don’t want an easy win, I want a fucking fight from you...just like the old days of season one. You and I will be fighting for the In Your House Championship next week at Ruckus 67!

[The fans go wild with cheers.]

BM: WHAT?! This is insane, championships such as this usually only get defended at the supershows….

AL: I could have waited until a later date but fuck that. One more fuck you to Seth Iser as I steal that Main Event spot next week right out from under his feet.

[With that, Angelica gives a shrug as she hands the microphone back to Tommy Henderson. “Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play again as Angelica climbs out of the ring and heads to the back.]

TR: How DARE she take the Main Event spot away from Seth Iser like this. Everyone knows the second and fourth Ruckus’ after each supershow have a Proving Grounds Championship match as the main event.

BM: And next week we are being treated to TWO Championship matches instead. This is a good thing Tats, it just spices things up even more right before the end of season two.

TR: I hope Shawn Fox destroys her. Karma for trying to piss on The Bad Omens parade constantly.

BM: I guess we’ll find out next the main event.


user posted image

[Ash Fi is seen backstage, a silken white long vest over her ring gear, a stripe of blue paint positioned under her eyes. The teen rolling her shoulders and going through various arm stretches to loosen up before her match, maybe also relieve some nerves. A smile spread across her features.]

AF: From Ireland, to Wales. From Wales to Delaware. And now, I am in your house

[She pauses. Letting that obvious play on words sink in.]

AF: Ok, that was bad. I’ll admit I am not much of a jokester. But I am excited to be here all the same. I am Ash Fi. I know I am known only to small circles, and I’m here to remedy that. You see, I’ve grown up around sports. My mom was an athlete, my father was an athlete. By the time I was able to talk I slipped on a pair of shin guards and tried to play football. By the time I started school, I was into rugby. But neither of those things seemed to check off all the boxes. Then I came across the sport of professional wrestling, the thrill I searched for was there. I’m not just an athlete. I’m a warrior. And Caleb cross will be the first to find out.

[Ash Fi offers a bow as the scene closes]

user posted image

Singles Match
Caleb Cross vs Ash Fi


[Ash grins at Caleb and says something about having a good match and Caleb frowns at her, clearly being kind of a dick, and Ash Fi shrugs before starting to circle Caleb. He moves for Ash who is ready for this and comes off with an Arm Drag Takedown that catches Caleb of guard, Caleb pops back up fast however but he reels as Ash grabs him by the back of the head and goes to work on his torso with some Knee Lifts, working to weaken Cross' core. Caleb surprises her and the fans watching however when he slides loose and drops Ash with a huge Elbow shot to the face! Caleb sweeps her legs and then tries to grab her arm to set up for a Crossface, but no! Ash is able to slide out of the submission attempt before he can even get it truly started.

They roll to their feet and Caleb grabs her up for a hard Irish Whip, flinging her at the ropes and as she turns at the ropes she sees Caleb set up for a backslide attempt but hangs on to the top rope with a bit of a laugh. The pair shoot the ropes and Caleb tries to plow her down with his size but she catches him with a Basement Calf Kick that drops him like a rock and nets her a two count. He grabs her into a clinch but she again uses her own knowledge to break loose, though he manages to kick her ankle and then catch her with a Schoolboy Roll Up! This doesn’t do much for him as she slips free and slaps an Ankle Lock on him!]

BM: Caleb Cross is looking mighty game here tonight against Ash Fi, but she’s no slouch either!

TR: I’m going to hate myself but I agree. I noticed how well she countered all his submission tries and it’s like the one thing he’s actually good at.

BM: Tats, that’s mean as hell.

TR: But not wrong.

[As if he’d heard Tats somehow, Caleb went back on the attack, capturing Ash on a rebound with a Cross Armbreaker, which she again manages to counter out of, he kicks her in the gut and drops her with an Uppercut but the pin attempt fails again! Getting frustrated Cross yells at the fans to shut up for daring to enjoy his failure to put Ash Fi away, and this leaves him wide open for Ash to knock him to the mat and apply her Cwlwm, a Bridging Inverted Deathlock! Caleb howls in pain and tries to fight but in the end he has no recourse but to tap out!]


TH: And here is your winner via submission… ASH FI!

BM: Tough break for Caleb Cross here tonight, but how fast is Ash Fi, that was amazing!

TR: I’d like to disagree because you’re usually wrong, but in this case… she’s kind of speedy.

[Beyond the Ninth Wave by Waylander plays as the referee raises Ash’s hand in victory, and the fans applaud her while Caleb hits the mat in frustration before he rolls out of the ring to stalk to the back.]

user posted image

[In the backstage area, the sisters Akihiko and Etsuko Iwasaki, collectively known as Shojo Beat Your Ass are making their way down the hallway towards the gorilla position before their match against Layton & Fenric. They’re skipping, their matching plaid pleated skirts flipping as the Tiny Terrors move, arm in arm. Stevie is standing there and watches them go by, she starts to raise her microphone and maybe catch their attention but thinks better of this and stops herself. She breathes a sigh of relief once they’re past her, but then realizes as she looks up that the girls have turned to stare right at her, their gazes fixed and uncanny.]

ST: I… uhm…

[She holds up the microphone, and extends it cautiously towards the sisters. Aki looks at Etsuko and then both shake their head. Stevie looks almost relieved as they start to leave, then wheel about to look at her again.]

AI: We think…

EI: We think that Layton & Fenric…

AI: ...they steal all the Twinkies in catering.

AI & EI: Evil.

AI: Very evil.

[With that they turn away and leave for real this time, leaving Stevie to her own devices.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
SBYA vs Layton & Fenric

[Emery keeps eying the girls as the referee gives a rundown of the rules, loudly proclaiming at one point that they better not try and eat her like they tried with Dante, and the pair snap at her playfully. Adam gives both of them a blank stare and they gesture rudely (if cutely) at him trying to break his stoic demeanor, but alas they did not. They turned their eerie attention to Emery, pointing at her, then pointing at the center of the ring, indicating they wanted her to start. She makes a little face but nods, Adam takes his place on the apron as the girls converse and it seems that Etsuko will start for SBYA as the referee calls for the bell.]


[Etsuko grins at Emery as she moves to close with her, and then suddenly drops flat on the mat as her sister Akihiko comes flying over her with a Top Rope Corkscrew Crossbody, driving Layton flat back first to the mat! The referee orders Akihiko out of the ring and she grins at him as she goes, Etsuko going for a fast and early cover but Emery kicks out of the plain Lateral Press pin quite firmly. Aki is back then with a stomp on Emery and as the referee orders her out, Etsuko unleashes about a dozen Shoot kicks on the rising Layton! She cringes back from Iwasaki, a bit of surprise on her face at the sting of the impacts.

However she keeps her head and gets Etsuko into position to strike her with a Standing Moonsault Senton! She floats over and hooks the leg going for the pin but Aki breaks it with a Running Senton - and Adam Fenric has had enough at this point and comes in the ring to chase Akihiko out! She slides to the outside of the ring and for a second seems to believe she is safe, but here’s Fenric going over the top rope with a Tope Con Hilo, wiping her out!]

BM: WOW. I can’t believe Adam Fenric did that!

TR: Just because we rarely see it here, doesn’t mean that his temper went away, B-ri.

BM: You certainly can’t fault him for being angry, the Iwasaki sisters have been provoking him this entire time.

TR: A calculated risk! Calculated I say!

[In the ring the fighting with Emery and Etsuko continues as Adam goes back around to his team’s side of the ring. Etsuko remarkably gets the upper hand, a Running Bulldog sends Emery loopy after her face smashes into the mat, and Iwasaki gets her up and into place for her Etsuko Goes Here, going up fast for her Warrior Stomp but as she comes off she hits just mat as Layton moves at the last second. Emery goes and tags in Adam as Etsuko rolls to her hands and knees and makes a rapid crawl to the SBYA corner but unfortunately Akihiko hasn’t recovered from her being smooshed by Adam and isn’t there to tag! He yanks her up for The Division Bell, the Pumphandle lift transitioned into a reverse STO dropping Etsuko hard and then he covers for the pin.]





TH: And here are your winners via pinfall… Emery Layton and Adam Fenric... LAYTON & FENRIC!

BM: And another win on the ledger for Layton and Fenric, you can’t deny that their star is rising!

TR: Eh. I still don’t like either of them, but I can’t deny they wrestle okay.

[Come As You Are by Nirvana plays as Emery comes in to help celebrate the win, Etsuko slides out of the ring disappointed as she goes to check on her sister.]

user posted image

[Loud drums belonging to "Can You Feel My Heart" by Bring Me The Horizon and overbearing flashing lights infest the Showgrounds, followed by much booing.

With a steel chair in one hand, Serena wears the black mouthguard as she drags a leather jacket down the ramp by the wrist. However, she seems to have a bit more of a spring in her step than usual, swinging the arm she is holding the jacket in back and forth, not noticing the cumbersome leather thing smashing against anything it walks past.]

BM: Oh boy. Well, she's set for action later tonight but we are aware Serena Maxwell has some "news" of some kind.

TR: Yeah, what the hell is that about? She Tweeted out- and it's baffling to me that she even has the patience for a Twitter account- that she had been 'contacted' and something she called the 'Biggest Day' was coming. As to what this means, we're not sure.

BM: Well, I think we're about to find out...

[Stood in the middle of the ring, Serena has set up the chair and put the jacket over the back of it, though still holding onto it's wrist. Now with a microphone in her other hand, she pulls the mouthguard out and places it on the seat of the chair. As people jeer and boo her, she shakes her head. She has to ignore them. This is the most important moment of her life so far.]

SM: At Ground N Pound...I did NOT defeat Katie Hanley.

[Loud cheers. They all know this already, of course, but it's just better hearing her admit it.]

SM: But I am destined to defeat Katie Hanley. She is my villain. One day, I will return for her and fulfill the prophecy and CLAIM the title that should be mine. But before that, I have SENSATIONAL news! A thousand years ago, The Great Foretold decreed that I, Serena Maxwell, would unlock my true potential and oversee the fall of the Diamond King. But ever since this prophecy came true, I have felt an...emptiness. I thought the Universe would send me replacements, but they were all PUNY, INSIGNIFICANT MORTALS WITH NO ABILITY TO TRANSCEND THE REALITY THEY WERE BORN TO! And also unattractive.

[Serena pauses, playing with the bottom of her hair.]

SM: But, mortals, when I feared my search would forever be without result UNTIL...I was contacted. HE contacted me...telepathically.

TR: She can't be serious.

BM: I think she wants us to believe she is!

[Like a coy 14 year old girl, she swings the wrist of the jacket backwards and forwards, her chin to her chest as she looks down.]

SM: On the night I was defeated by Katie Hanley, I thought that the moment I took her title from her and DESTROYED HER LIFE he would return to me and we would pick up where we left off, but my shameful loss prevented this from taking place and the Universe chose not to reward me. But later, in a dream sequence, I was visited by his...

[Sharp intake of breath.]

SM: Essence. It was then I figured it out. He appeared when I needed him most, in the confines of my own mind. He found his way in, in a way that no other man-- no! -- LIFEFORM was able to do. When I woke, I picked up His jacket and out...fell...this.

[Serena reaches into the battered, spiked leather jacket. Holding it up to the sky, we see it glisten in the light. It is gold. It is small. It previously belonged to one Amy Taylor.

It's a wedding ring.]

BM: ...What.

SM: Once everything became aligned, it was obvious what was being asked of me. It was obvious what I must do to bring him back. And so, after all of your clues- SHUT UP.

[She turns abruptly to a few booing and jeering fans, stopping her train of thought. She stares out two young-ish lads in the front row for a few seconds before kneeling down next to the chair. Her hand rests on top of the mouthguard.]

SM: After all of your clues...I know what you want me to say. And my answer is YES.

[Suddenly she pounces up.]

SM: And I don't just want IYH to see it, I want everyone in the XWA there too. In June, where Worlds Collide, two forces beyond your reality become one, joined together for all eternity. You are all the WEDDING of Serena Maxwell and the LIFE-FORCE of Diamond Jack Sabbath!

[Dropping the microphone, Serena looks happier than she ever has before, as she runs forward and attack-hugs the steel chair, taking it down as she wraps her legs around it until she's basically spooning it. Big spoon, obviously.]

BM: ...Well.

TR: ...Yeah.

BM:...You first.

TR:...I don''re the play-by-play, you're the one who talks!

BM: I just...I don't know how someone can fall any further down a rabbit hole, but Serena manages it week in and week out.

TR: How the fuck do you marry someone's 'life force'?

BM: She's gone delusional.

TR: Maybe we should be happy for her? I'm not sure. I'm actually lost for words. None of that made ANY sense to me. What the fuck is going on here?

BM: I dunno, but I feel like this is going to be one of the most bizarre things we've ever seen.

[The scene fades to a quick Worlds Collide promo.]
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Apr 10 2018, 09:09 PM

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user posted image

[Banshee has now joined Serena in the ring and Serena still has a huge disturbing smile on her face. Serena approaches Banshee asking if she’s heard the good news while even Banshee looks at Serena as if she is deeply disturbed.]

BM: You know you’re not right in the head when even Banshee is questioning your sanity!

Singles Match
Banshee vs Serena Maxwell


[As the bell rings Banshee is quick to try and ruin Serenas happy and joyous moment by taking her down with a lariat. Serena sits up, smacking her fists down on the mat while screaming at Banshee “You’re ruining my happy moment”. Serena looks like a possessed woman as she grits her teeth and lunges at Banshee, tackling her down to the mat. Serena wildly throws punches at Banshees head and even claws at her face a few times until the referee prys her away. Serena screams that “This is what Jack would want” before trying to lunge at Banshee again who is now back to her feet. This time Banshee side steps Serena before moving in behind her, locking her arms around Serenas head in a Sleeper Hold. Serena tries to fight back, not wanting to be brought to her knees with the hold and manages to stumble into the ropes, gripping onto the top one as if her life depended on it. The referee counts to four until Banshee finally breaks the hold.]

TR: I’m a Banshee fan, hell I’m even a Serena fan….but I do not envy the refs job here tonight as he has to get in between these two explosive women.

BM: This is one of the matches the fans have been most excited for just because of the way both of these women behave.

[The match continues with Banshee having the upperhand, trying to pick apart Serena but after a failed diving headbutt where Serena rolled to safety, Serena seized the opportunity to regain control of the match. She pulled Banshee to her feet and whipped her hard into the corner before following it up with a corner Cannonball Senton. Serena grabs hold of Banshees arm and drags her out into the center of the ring before she starts to climb the turnbuckle but before she can dive off with The Rising Tide, Banshee sits up and turns her head to Serena with a creepy smile. Serena jumps down safely from the turnbuckle as the two women exchange blows. Banshee manages to get Serena with a thumb to her eyes before smashing Serenas head onto the turnbuckle. As Serena stumbles backwards Banshee kicks her leg out behind Serena causing her to trip before Banshee quickly locks in Hand Of Fate (Lady of the Lake to arm-trap crossface). Serena desperately tries to reach towards the rope but eventually has no other choice but to tap out.]


TH: Here is your winner via submission….BANSHEE!

[The crowds erupt into boos as “The Daughter of Darkness” by Peter Gundry plays throughout the arena once more. Banshee gets back to her feet grinning down at the fallen Serena who holds onto her arm in pain. Banshee vacates the ring as Serena crawls out of the ring and scurries over to the announce tables to reclaim Diamond Jack Sabbaths jacket.]

BM: Serena may have lost but she put up one hell of a fight against Banshee.

TR: The future Mrs Sabbath will bounce back from this loss.

user posted image

[The feed cuts to a shot of the massive back of Marcus Blackbeard aka The Kraken as he marches down the hallway, his mere presence sending backstage staff quickly making way for him to pass. He grunts with a shadow of a smirk on his face before turning the corner. The lights suddenly start to flicker for a second and he looks around curiously as he slows down to a step.]

MB: Banshee.

[The lights all go out and only the one above him comes on again, this time showing Banshee right there in front of him—her head is slightly bowed down and her hands are in an odd open-hand gesture at her sides. She slowly tilts her head and looks up, her full-face makeup looking more frightening in the overhead light. Her hair slick with sweat from her match with Serena hang down the sides of her face like dark tendrils. She responds with a voice that comes out somewhat raspy.]

B: Yesss, Marcusss?

MB: It’s Seth.

[Immediately, Banshee’s lips curl into a snarl as she flies past him. They both rush to the locker room and even before they enter, the camera picks up the sounds of someone losing their shit inside the room. A man’s voice, distinctly Seth Iser’s, can be heard growling as chairs are being tossed in a fit of rage. Stella Winters aka The Blue Dragon and Dante Locke aka The Hellhound are in there too but they’re in the corner, just letting him vent. Banshee barges into the room and grabs the chair leg to stop the man known as The Ikiryo just as he’s about to throw it across the room.]

B: Enough.

[Seth’s eyes grow wide, the spark of rage is clear.]


[Seth tries to pull away the chair but Banshee has a death grip on it as she clenches her teeth.]

B: I said. Enough.

DL: Just chill the fuck out, Seth!

[Dante growls, clearly having had enough by now. Seth lets go of the chair and Banshee sets it down, only for him to look for something else to throw. He decides against this just to kick the wall instead. His every movement is agitated and unfocused. He blindly reaches for anything within his reach. Marcus, who’s been watching quietly the whole time, finally speaks up to ease the tension.]

MB: Hey, take a breath.

[Seth whips his head around to stare at Marcus, putting his hand on his chin. His eyes start to twitch a little. When he speaks, he sounds oddly calm despite the wild look in his eyes.]

SI: Take a breath? Okay, I’ll take a breath. I’ll take a breath right now. And then I’m gonna go out there and TEAR Angelica limb from limb! Starting with that god damned shoulder and put her back into the hospital! Then she can’t have her god damned match with Shawn next week! Maybe better yet she’d be out of this god damned industry that she’s polluted! Then I can have MY main event defending my title! A match which I have EARNED! Why?! Because I. TOOK. A. GOD-DAMNED. BREATH!

[Marcus snaps back.]

MB: We get it. Just calm down!

[Seth starts fuming again as he glares at Marcus.]

SI: Fuck calm! I’d rather decapitate that god damned terrorist and let these fucking sycophants that worship her parade around with her GOD DAMN SKULL! And with what SHE did, insult OUR legacy, the legacy of THIS championship, and spit on my sixteen years in this’re expecting ME to be CALM!?

MB: That’s exactly what I said.

SW: Yeah, how long you wanna throw a fit, Seth? Jeeez...

[Seth’s eyes bulge as he looks like he’s about to lose his shit again but this time, Banshee voices out, her tone commanding the room.]

B: Seth.

[Everyone turns towards her curiously as she slowly walks up to Seth.]

B: If you continue to be this reckless, you will choke again the next time you face Angelica in a match. Main event or not.

[Seth’s eyes widen, clearly taking offense by what Banshee has just said. But she gives him no chance for a rebuttal.]

B: You’ve won back the Proving Grounds championship, something you shouldn’t have lost in the first place. And now here you are starting all over again at the bottom while Angelica is out there ready to fight Shawn for a shot at the IYH title. She isn’t stealing your main event spot, you already lost it, three months ago and to her. And it’s your own. Damn. Mistake.

[The whole room falls silent, even Seth. Nobody speaks for a long moment as Banshee glares at Seth while the tension continues to thicken. It’s finally at this point that Seth takes the advice Marcus gave him and takes that breath. Soon enough, Banshee speaks again.]

B: I beat Serena tonight so the rest of us need to keep the momentum going. Next is—

DL: Me. I’m gonna destroy Sean, like I always do!

[An evil smirk crosses Dante’s features and Banshee returns with her own before turning to Marcus.]

B: Marcus, you’re going to be accompanying Dante to the ring tonight.

[Marcus grunts in affirmation while Dante nods. However, Stella steps up with a confused look on her face.]

SW: Why send Marcus with Dante, wouldn’t it be better to be you? You fought with him for the tag belts at Ground ‘N Pound.

[Banshee shoots Stella a dirty look.]

B: I’ve already done my part with beating Serena like I said I would. Can you guarantee you’ll do yours against Owen?

[Stella looks like she’s about to protest but Banshee cuts her off first, giving her the side eye before looking at everyone else.]

B: As I was saying, Marcus will be out there not just to support Dante but also to watch and study his moves, and Dante will be doing the same with Marcus in any upcoming matches. The two of you will be working closely together. Fact is, Ground ‘N Pound was a colossal failure. There’s no denying it. So we really need to set things in motion for Dawn of the Immortals. We will not settle for anything less. We must make this work, no matter what.

[Banshee’s gaze falls on Stella who’s been silently pouting.]

B: And that means it’s time to finally put your “relationship” to good use. Just like you promised. Right, Stella?

SW: What? Well, yeah!

B: Then it’s time to put up or shut up.

[Something about Banshee’s tone doesn’t quite settle with Stella as she bites back.]

SW: Look, for all the shit we’ve pulled, have we gotten punished even once? No, right? See, I told you it’s got all these perks and it’s true—

B: I said, SHUT UP!

[At Banshee’s outburst, Stella immediately lowers her head and nods.]

B: We’re putting Ground ‘N Pound behind us. There is no more room for failures now. Think of all the times we were mocked, ridiculed and belittled! Think of all the people who don’t deserve to be champions! IYH is OUR legacy! And WE need to protect what belongs to US!

[Dante and Marcus nod at one another before leaving the room, Seth and Stella stare at each other for a moment before Stella lowers her head in shame once more as the scene fades.]

user posted image

Singles Match
The Hellhound vs Sean Hazard

[There is a cautious glance to the outside by Hazard as The Kraken has his arms folded across his chest studying the match with an intimidating air as the bell rings. That momentary glance allows Dante to charge in with a low kick to take Sean off of his base to take advantage even if Kraken didn’t even make a move toward the ring at all. The Hellhound ends up throwing a number of kicks to the sternum as soon as Sean recoils up to his knees right away. A fourth kick is what drops him to the ground and the arrogant Hellhound just pauses for a minute to absorb the boos he’s getting from the audience. This cocky show ends up getting him in trouble because as soon as he turns his attention back to Sean and he gets a huge backflip kick for his trouble to the enjoyment of the audience.]

TR: Those damn fans distracted him!

BR: You can never take your eye off the ball. Dante could be as rawly talented as any professional wrestler on the planet but his arrogance makes him make mistakes like that.

[Hazard ends up picking up the pace and goes springboard as the scrambling Dante is getting to his feet and connects with that beautiful corkscrew roundhouse kick! The Hellhound ends up rolling outside of the ring as The Kraken continues to just watch from the sidelines. Soon you see Sean clapping to get the crowd into it while still showing the anger with what the Omens have done to him and as soon as Locke starts to stumble up...Hazard begins to dash to build momentum and then he leaps high into the air and that beautiful no hands somersault senton clearing the top rope and out of the ring and onto the prone Dante! He high fives a fan that outstretched out toward him before throwing Dante into the ring and going for a quick cover but that’s a one count.]

BR: Beautiful athletic move by Sean Hazard!

TR: But he played to the audience. I know he’s often said he has issues with the Omens but sometimes I swear he spends too much time trying to please the audience.

[Sean ends up lining up Dante looking for that Lightning Strike. He’s getting the crowd into it clapping along as Dante scrambles up. However when he tries to launch that strike Dante ducks and as soon as Sean tries to recover to locate him...Dante ends up flooring him with that Pele Kick and Sean is crumpled in a heap. Again he’s not really going for a cover and there’s that look of arrogance etched on his face as he scales to the top rope to the booing audience and showing off if only for himself he dives off and hits that ridiculous corkscrew shooting star press of his! He floats into a very arrogant cover but that only nets him a two count and there’s a scowl now etched on his face.]

TR: Dante matching aerial move for aerial move there and the audience is booing him! Hypocrites!

BR: I think that might have to do with the fact that he’s an arrogant wank…

[Dante soon ends up gesturing at his knee as he slinks back into the corner and is just daring Sean to get to his feet. Hazard to his credit is pulling himself up as the audience is trying to will him on and it’s at this point where Dante comes in and he’s going knee strike but Hazard ends up side stepping the move with his own speed and as soon as Dante is able to rebound back toward him via the ropes he ends up hitting a rana and before he can have a chance to breathe and for the enjoyment of the audience he grounds him with his own shooting star variant, a standing one! He goes for the cover but Dante kicks out at two and again The Kraken is just glancing at the ring...eyes of stone, not even moving. Studying Dante as much as he is keeping an eye on Sean himself.]

BR: Two of the more athletic pro wrestlers but I wonder if The Kraken could be the deciding factor.

TR: The Bad Omens are honorable enough not to use outside interference.

BR: That might be the biggest lie you’ve ever uttered in the history of our program.

[Sean ends up seeing Dante scrambling to the corner and he sees a chance to where he can hit his primary signature move and sure enough he’s crumbled into the corner with a vicious looking cannon ball and Dante is a crumpled mess after the move. The cheers from the audience are growing more and more and Sean is just soaking it in and instead of going for the cover...he’s climbing to the top rope. He’s looking for the Ultimatium(630 splash) and as soon as he leaps off, Dante rolls out of the way and Sean just crashes and burns in a heap and there’s that huge gasp from the fall.]

BR: No water in the pool on the high risk move.

TR: He shouldn’t have gone for that at all! That’s what trying to please an audience gets you.

BR: A cover probably would’ve been a good idea after that cannonball.

[The sadistic side of Dante is soon starting to mold into the fold as he delivers a couple of grounded MMA styled knees to the side of Sean’s head to try to get him to stir a little more. This is also the first hint of emotion shown from Marcus at ringside as he’s smirking at the ruthless strikes. Soon enough Sean is trying to will himself up but the crash and burn as well as the knee strikes are certainly taking their toll. Soon enough he then backs to the corner before charging in and hitting Sean right on the chin with the Vestibule of Hell(Running knee strike) but again he’s not going for the cover and there’s that arrogant smirk on his face knowing what he wants to do next.]

BR: I almost think the arrogant nature of Dante is a double edged sword because he’s almost as good as he thinks he is and he’s really good as much as that pains me to admit.

TR: Why be humble if you are that good?

[It’s at this point that Dante ends up dragging Sean back to his feet and he’s yelling at Sean that he shouldn’t have ever tried to target the Omens! Sean ends up trying to fire back to the adulation of the audience with rights showing fight and heart but Dante shuts him down with a another knee strike(this time to the stomach) as those punches didn’t quite have the pop you’d hope considering the punishment he’s taken. He then goes for his finish and drills Sean with the Straight to Hell(Underhook Front Face Drop) and soon a cover follows.]





TH: The winner of the match...The Hellhound Dante Locke!

TR: Haha! Yes! Great victory!

BR: Sean’s athletic ability is always a marvel and a privilege to watch but Dante’s arrogance...almost combined with a ruthlessness that seems to be the Bad Omen montra seems to give him another level he can get to yet.

[Dante has a smirk etched on his face as ‘Wolves of War’ begins to blare on the system and the audience is booing this result. Marcus enters the ring and this scares the crap out of the ref who literally jumps over the top rope in fear of this man and he just keeps an eye on things while Marcus just celebrates to the boos of the audience. There’s some derogatory signs about the Omens scattered in the crowd and Dante is snickering at their ‘stupidity’ in his words as we soon fade from this view.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to Sean Hazard walking beaten and defeated towards the locker room. Stevie Trelain is standing to the side going over her notes as she sees him, a look of concern on her face as she calls out.]

ST: Hey Sean, are you ok.

[Sean doesn’t stop or even look at her direction as he keeps walking.]

SH: No Stevie. No I’m not.

[With that Sean heads into his locker room as the camera cuts away.]

user posted image

[The show cuts to backstage where Stella is pacing back and forth in the hallway now dressed for her match later tonight. She’s muttering to herself nervously which is something we’ve never seen Stella do, and actually be sincere about it. Stella practically jumps in fear at a simple camera man who passes her before shaking it off again.]

SW: He’ll….he’ll forgive me...he has to...he loves me. He’ll understand….

[Stella grips at her head, practically tearing at her own hair.]

SW: I’ll beat Owen tonight then he’ll have to reward me...he HAS to! I can’t let Banshee down...I WON’T let her down…

[Turning, Stella instantly slams her fist against the wall.]

SW: I won’t be the weak link of the Omens, I WON’T!

[As she turns back around she sees a crew member staring at her like she’s lost her mind. Stella grits her teeth and shoves by them heading down the hall as the scene fades.]

user posted image

[Backstage there’s some scattered things about, with crates containing important things laying around. And as we see Iser, significantly less angry that he was earlier, just sitting there on the crate with the Proving Grounds title over his shoulder but his suit is still disorganized and you can see the mark on his shoe where he kicked that wall. You can tell in his eyes he’s still stinging but...his body language is much calmer as he’s just thought about things. It is at this point that Stevie comes in with a microphone in her hand and approaches Iser.]

ST: Seth do you have a moment?

[Iser glances at her for a moment before taking a breath and his eyes lighten slightly before he gestures for her to take a seat next to him with his free hand.]

ST: So...with your first title defense not being in the main event and instead it’s Angelica Layne challenging Shawn Fox…what kind of motivation do you have with your own championship ambitions?

SI: I’ll answer your question in a moment. But I know people in the locker room aren’t a big fan of me...or the Omens. Fine. I get that. But everybody in that locker room that worships the ground she walks on should be furious at her right now. Why? She just took away a potential opportunity for them to main event by challenging me for this title...all because she has to satisfy her own ego when she just needs to realize...she can’t keep up with all the enemies she’s creating anymore. The woman is a coward. The woman is a terrorist. The woman has no real right to be in this industry with the damage she creates. And she’s dismissive of me especially above anyone else because I am the one person who sees through her bullshit and can and will tell it to her face. That’s part of why I am The Ikiryo you know...I see everything.

[Iser’s words have that familiar bite to them but it’s a more calculated bite rather than the blind fury he had earlier. He seems to have his rational thought back even if his feelings on the matter are still the same.]

SI: But as for motivation? If it’s Shawn Fox that’s the champion, and I’d prefer that, he and I can settle an old rivalry. If it’s Layne? It’s another reason to run her out of the industry so she doesn’t pollute the industry further. And whoever is going to try to pry this championship away from me...with what I need to do not only for myself, for the Omens, but for this entire industry...well the only way they’ll succeed is if they pry this championship from my cold...dead...hands.

ST: And for who you could face?

SI: It doesn’t matter. All I can say to them is as a son of a preacher from the state of West Virginia...may God have mercy on your soul for The Ikiryo has none.

[It’s with this that Seth gets up from the crate and politely just gestures for Stevie to leave.]

SI: This interview is over. I fulfilled my obligations as a professional. If you don’t mind...I’d rather be alone right now.

[There isn’t an intimidating bite to his request in his tone of voice but his eyes do tell the story that he’s still smarting and seething and just wants to be left alone with his thoughts and Stevie does what she is asked in this instance and Iser again just stays seated on that crate alone with his thoughts.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Owen Gonsalves vs The Blue Dragon


[As the bell sounds Owen and Stella just glare at each other from across the ring as Stella attempts to not let the fans shake her in this match as they loudly chant the lyrics to My Heart Will Go On. Stella takes her eyes off of Owen to turn to the crowd, flipping them all off so Owen sees this as his opportunity to run up behind Stella, but it was a trap all along as Stella springboards from the ropes and spins back to Owen catching him with a roundhouse kick. Owen is quick to his feet to see Stella grinning right at him. This only angers Owen as the two charge at one another and the match gets underway properly. They grab hold of one another, trying to wear the other person down to gain the advantage. It looks as if Owen has it as he twists Stella into an armbar position, clutching at her hand. Stella pleads with him not to do it, knowing he’s going to try and break her fingers again before desperately raking at his eyes with her free hand.]

BM: What a cheap shot!

TR: I know right? How dare Owen try to brutalise Stellas poor hand in such a way. That monster!

[Stella gains the upperhand and starts throwing closed fist punches to the side of Owens head before whipping him against the ropes and hitting him with a Spear on the rebound. Stella pulls Owen back to his feet before hitting him with a Step-Up Enziguri before hooking his leg for the pin but Owen kicks out right before the two count. Stella gets to her feet and gets in the refs face, demanding he count faster, the frustration clearly setting in. Owen attempts to roll her up into a roll up pin but Stella kicks out just before 3, quickly rolling onto her knees gripping at her hair. Owen is back to his feet and turns to Stella, but as he starts to lift her up she starts screaming “HE’S PULLING MY HAIR! REF HE’S PULLING MY HAIR!. As the ref moves in to inspect the situation and turns toward Owen, Stella hits him with a low blow, sending Owen onto his knees. The ref turns back to Stella and she innocently shrugs.]

SW: My Mistake.

[The ref gives her a warning glare but she brushes it off and gets back to her feet. As Owen is still on his knees, Stella takes the opportunity to hit him with a Ground Corkscrew Kick before heading for the corner. She begins to set herself up on the turnbuckle for the Dragonrana but Owen leaps to his feet scales the ropes from the inside, trading stiff shots with her as she sits perched on the turnbuckle. Stella loads up for a big swing but Owen leans back to avoid it, before going back in and wrapping his arms around her. Stella’s eyes go wide as she goes flying off the top rope with a belly to belly overhead throw.]

BM: Belly to belly throw off the top by Owen! He sent Stella flying!

TR: This is not how dragons are supposed to fly! You’re doing it wrong Owen!

[Owen scrambles across the ring to cover Stella.]



[Stella kicks out at 2, but Owen wastes no time as he grabs Stella’s arm again. She immediately senses danger as she wriggles with all of her might, getting to the ropes and hooking onto it with her other arm before Owen can lock in his submission. Owen breaks at the count of one, smirking at Stella holding his fingers close together to indicate how close she was from tapping out. Stella snaps back with “I didn’t ask for your penis size!” Owen doesn’t bite back, he merely keeps smirking and gestures for her to bring it on. Stella pulls herself up by the ropes and charges at Owen, the two of them trading hard strikes in the middle of the ring. Owen lands a big right, “YAY” from the crowd. Stella lands one of her own, “BOO” from the crowd. The dueling chants are traded with the strikes ending when Owen swing and misses with a spinning backfist, Stella then kicking him in the midsection before pulling him in to set up for Dead of Winter (front flip piledriver.) Owen manages to send her up and over with a back body drop, but Stella lands on her feet, Owen turning right into a claw across the face. He staggers back holding his eyes as the ref admonishes Stella, but she completely ignores him as she goes for it again, this time spiking Owen with the Dead of Winter! (front flip piledriver.)

TR: Dead of Winter connects! This is over, Owen is done!

BM: And off a rake of the eyes! Not like this!

[Stella desperately hooks both legs as the ref counts.]




[Owen explodes his shoulder off the canvas as the fans count three, the ref quickly holding up two fingers to confirm that while there was a bees dick in it, the match is not over! Stella took this news about as well as expected.]

SW: No! What are you doing!? That was three! THREE! Overturn your decision right now! I need to win, do you fucking understand me?!

[Stella has lost it, pulling at her hair, going full panic mode as she gets right into the refs face. Alas, the ref insists on the two count.]

TR: This is a travesty! This is complete bullshit! This match should be over!

BM: But it’s not over, Tats! Owen kicked out in the nick of time and survives to continue this match! He is certainly earning that indestructible nickname tonight!

[Stella goes back to Owen before she starts kicking at the back of his head, screaming at him to “just die!” She grabs him by his hair and pulls him onto his knees, slapping him across the face. She winds back to hit him again, but as she follows through Owen grabs the arm and twists it up, trying to force Stella down onto her stomach. Stella realises the danger she is in and tries to scramble to her feet, Owen moving to his feet as well. She gets to a shaky vertical base before Owen twists her arm behind her into a hammerlock, immediately releasing her and locking in a full nelson, driving her neck first into the mat with a snap dragon suplex.]

TR: What the fuck, WHAT THE FUCK?! He should be banned from any moves called “dragon” against The Blue Dragon. It should be a rule in wrestling, where is the damn rule book?

BM: Ironically you mention a rule book yet support The Bad Omens who ignore every rule written.

TR: No one asked you, it was a question for everyone but you Bry.

[The impact sends Stella over onto her knees as Owen quickly gets back to his feet, hitting a brutal buzzsaw kick to the face. He then pulls Stella up into the double underhook position, spiking her headfirst with The Final Gambit! (double underhook piledriver.) Owen doesn’t hesitate for a second before hooking both arms and lock in Krukenberg! (Wrist-Bending Omoplata.)

BM: Stella let her emotions get the better of her and she paid for it! Owen hits the Final Gambit and now has Krukenburg locked in! Stella has nowhere to go!

TR: Come on Stella! A broken spine and/or arm never stopped anyone before! Fight it!

[He lets out a roar as he rips her arm back as hard as he can. The ref makes sure he is in position to look for the tap, but Stella’s eyes are closed. Her legs kick a few times in defiance but those kicks get slower before her whole body goes limp, the ref immediately calling for the bell!]


TH: Here is your winner, by submission... “Indestructible” Owen Gonsalves!

[Owen continues to hold onto the submission, the ref forced to move in and pry him away from Stella. The fans go absolutely ballistic as "Blockbuster Night Part I" by Run The Jewels plays through the arena, Owen moving to sit on his knees, a weak smile crossing his face as he looks over at a not moving Stella.]

BM: Its over! Whether Stella was knocked out or forced to pass out, the fact remains that Owen Gonsalves is the winner of the main event tonight, and rightfully so!

TR: What is this “rightfully so” bullshit, Bry? The good guys lost! The sneaky underhanded Owen pulled a fast one tonight, but it will not be forgotten!

BM: Well this match certainly won’t be, Tats. Both of these competitors left everything in the ring… actually, Stella still isn’t moving. I think we are going to need medical personnel out here.

[Owen makes his way up the ramp high fiving the fans before making his way through the curtain, the medical staff running down the ramp to the ring to check on Stella.]

BM: Yet another example of what the men and women on our roster are capable of in this ring, it's truly incomparable. Make sure to tune in next week to see the fallout of this match and much, much more! Goodnight everyone!

[The cameras cuts to the IYHWF logo, before fading to black.]
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