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 New Zealand World Cup Qualifier, Katie Hanley vs. Oliver Wilson
Katie Hanley
 Posted: May 5 2018, 09:05 AM

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So, for those who aren't familiar, the WCS ran a World Cup tournament last year, that went over pretty well as a whole, so they're doing it again. When they took sign ups, I was the only one who volunteered entrants from New Zealand, so I figured I'd take a minute to write out this match as a qualifier.

Also, this was written during the Katie/Serena feud, so it has a few references at the end to it. Hope it's a decent read, I'm not the best match writer in the world.

The hangman's coming
So bring him forth...
Get your spirit ready
To cross over.

You won't hide for long
Outside the dungeon walls...
There's no escaping
After the hammer falls!

Hand to the sky cause it’s tumbling down...
Cracking a smile as it hits the ground!

Crobot’s “Nowhere to Hide” picks up through the PA system as a swirl of blue and red lights fill the room. The curtain is pushed aside, and Oliver Wilson steps through, clad in his usual New Zealand flag pullover, but this time in black instead of its normal blue. The assembled crowd cheer the hometown man, and the assistant trainer of the school, which he responds to with a series of nods before heading down to the ring, sliding quickly under the bottom rope, popping up and climbing onto the nearest turnbuckle. He pulls the face cover down and sprays a mist of water into the air before hopping right back down, backing himself into the corner and waiting.

The lights drop to black as “Nowhere to Hide” fades into the heavy intro to Halestorm’s “Mayhem;” in the darkness, the only sign of movement is a light from behind the curtain as it’s pushed aside...until, eventually, a spotlight shines just in front of the curtain, and as the lyrics start, the smiling figure of Katie Hanley stands, spinning in a circle on her toes.

I'm so bored with
This world that spins around me
Used to make me dizzy

Katie sticks her arms out to her side, still spinning in place, but miming being genuinely dizzy by her own efforts.

And I'm so tired of
These boys that hang around me
Used to drive me crazy...

A little mayhem never hurt anyone
Where am I gonna get some?

A little bedlam 'til I'm coming undone
Where am I gonna get some?

At this point, she stops and grins, a single skip pushing her toward the ring--the reception for the Wellington native is slightly more mixed than her Auckland-based opponent, but largely positive for the young woman as well. There are some that simply can’t look past her opponent for the evening being the hometown man.

A little mayhem never hurt anyone
I'm a gonna get some, get some, get some!

A little bedlam 'til I'm coming undone
I'm a gonna get some, get some, get some!

Katie slaps hands with the fans as she moves down to the ring, hopping up onto the apron and taking a second to strike a pose, her usual peace sign with her tongue sticking out, a wink added to someone in the front row. She grins and climbs into the ring, backing herself into the corner opposite Oliver, and taking the time she’s offered to get a last second stretch in.

Andrew Wilson (Over the PA): Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our main event of the evening! This bout is scheduled for two out of three falls, and is to qualify to represent New Zealand in the 2018 World Crown Syndicate Wrestling World Cup! Introducing the corner to my right!

The camera pans over to Oliver, whose expression barely changes at the overwhelmingly positive reception he gets. With Katie across the ring from him, the Auckland man just stares across the ring, doing what he can to control his breathing.

Andrew Wilson (Over the PA): From Auckland, weighing 91 kilos, representing the Oceanic Wrestling Federation in the Championship Wrestling Coalition, and he is one-third of their reigning Ultimate Trios Champions--OLIVER! WILSOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Oliver pulls the flag patterned top off and lays it down with a slap in the middle of the ring, finally breaking eye contact with Katie to throw his hands up in the air.

Andrew Wilson (Over the PA): And his opponent, in the corner to my left…

That mixed reaction is back, which admittedly gets a tiny smirk out of the young woman from Wellington. Katie steps to the middle of the ring even before she’s introduced, grabbing Oliver’s pullover and ascending the nearest turnbuckle with it, thrusting the black-tinted flag into the air--to both cheers and boos.

Andrew Wilson (Over the PA): From Wellington, weighing in at “enough to have the power to drop kick your head to Christchurch…”

Even Andrew has to chuckle and interrupt his introducing the young woman, shaking his head side to side as Katie poses in her All Black kit, sticking her tongue back out at Oliver with a smile.

Andrew Wilson (Over the PA): She represents In Your House Wrestling Federation as their Rapid Fire Champion! Ladies and gentlemen, “The Kat Scratch Kiwi,” KATIE HANLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!

Katie poses with Oliver’s pullover again, getting that same mixed reaction as she tosses it down to one of the stagehands, making a show of backflipping back into the ring. She shrugs her shoulders and exhales sharply, moving to meet Oliver in the center of the ring, both wrestlers just staring at each other for a couple seconds.


The match starts with a momentary staredown between the two young Kiwis, eventually broken as Oliver extends a hand to Katie. The Wellington woman shakes her head negatively, saying something to Oliver that the cameras don't quite pick up. Oliver frowns, but moves to circle around his smaller, faster opponent.

Andrew Wilson: Ladies and gentlemen, let me explain how we got here--3 months ago, the 2018 Wrestling World Cup was announced, and I received an email from the one of the World Crown Syndicate promoters, asking for a recommendation of someone to represent New Zealand. I’ll admit to being biased, but I think we’ve produced some of New Zealand’s best wrestlers in this school, and I was tempted to someone. But I put out an open call--a qualifying tournament to get us New Zealand’s qualifier.

George Burnett: Only 2 people answered that we really felt were ready, though--and here they are. Former North Harbour Wrestling Champion Oliver Wilson, who we haven’t seen in this ring in some time, against the first ever North Harbour Wrestling Champion, and current In Your House Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley.

Andrew Wilson: It can't be overstated how familiar Oliver and Katie are with each other. Long before Oliver left for Chris Strike's Sanctuary Academy, he and Katie were in the same training class, right here, in this same ring. They’ve trained together, they’ve faced each other for the NHW Championship, and now, tonight, they’ve got a berth in the World Cup on the line.

George Burnett: And in all that time, Katie never managed to beat Oliver in one on one action, so you have to wonder if that's playing into her mind going into this match.

Katie lashes out first, striking at Oliver’s lead leg with a kick that echoes throughout the room...but Oliver is barely fazed, and lays a chop into Katie’s chest, buckling the young woman’s legs underneath her. He winds up and drops Katie with a roundhouse kick to the head, dropping into a cover but Katie kicks out at one.

George Burnett: Way, way too early for a cover, there, Andrew.

Andrew Wilson: But he’s got Katie off-balance already, and forcing her to work after getting the air driven out of her won’t have been fun.

Despite the early kickout, Katie has no time to get any momentum going; no sooner is she back on her feet, than Oliver’s knocked her back on her ass--first with a clothesline, then when she pops back up, he takes her back down with a leg lariat. When she gets up again, he throws her overhead with a belly to belly suplex.

Each time she gets up, Katie looks more and more frustrated by her inability to mount any real offense. She throws a heavy high kick, but Oliver catches it and twists her down to the mat with a Dragon Screw, which elicits a yelp from the young woman, who clutches at her knee.

George Burnett: Jesus, Oliver doesn’t even hold back against his friends.

Andrew Wilson: He can’t afford to; it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen these two in a ring together, but if they want to make the World Cup, they can’t afford to be anything less than 100% focused.

Oliver transitions straight into a Figure Four Leglock off the Dragon Screw, but Katie scrambles to the ropes before it can get locked in.

George Burnett: Not sure if Oliver was looking for an actual submission there, or just looking to soften Katie’s knee up for that Southern Cross of his, but smart move by Katie to get to the ropes.

Oliver doesn’t seem too fussed, instead pulling Katie to her feet--only to be cracked with a headbutt that stumbles him backwards, and buys the Wellington native some time. Oliver shakes the cobwebs out, looking legitimately angry that Katie resorted to headbutting him.

What followed could only be described as Oliver kicking the dogshit out of Katie.

Every time she tried to mount any kind of offense, Oliver headed her off--she’d try to throw a kick, he’d block and kick harder; she’d try to throw a chop, he’d catch it and rip her to the ground; everything Katie threw was with bad intentions, but Oliver avoided virtually everything she tried, and what she did connect with, he managed to deflect and only absorb a little of the impact.

And then, he dropped the Wellington girl with a wicked elbow, straight to Katie’s jaw.

George Burnett: Jesus Christ, Katie might be out cold.

Luckily, she is stirring.

But only just.

Oliver backs into the nearest corner, waiting for Katie to get up. As she does, with the help of the ropes, Oliver charges in with a high single knee dropkick...that Katie avoids by letting go of the top rope and collapsing back to the mat.

Andrew Wilson: Either situational awareness, or a stroke of good luck--whatever it was, Katie avoided that high knee, and Oliver just crashed and burned. Kat needs to take advantage, and she needs to do it now.

Katie gets back up to her feet, seeing Oliver grabbing at his knee after hitting the turnbuckle. She pulls him up, feinting a high superkick, which the Auckland man raises his arms to block. With Oliver’s attention up high, Katie strikes low, kicking her opponent in the knee, buckling him to the ground. She draws a breath in, staring at Oliver, measuring him and lining herself up…

George Burnett: She used to call it Avada Kedavra, the Killing Curse, and it was one of her most successful moves...but these days…

...and launches a superkick right into Oliver’s jaw.

Andrew Wilson: It’s her One Kick That Drops Them All.

And it does--Oliver crumbles to the mat abruptly. Katie scrambles to roll him over, hooking the near leg.




Andrew Wilson (Over the PA): Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the first fall, by way of pinfall: Katie Hanley!

George Burnett: That’s Katie’s first fall over Oliver, ever, but she has to stay focused and do it again if she wants to make the World Cup.

The Wellington girl’s supporters erupt in cheers, most notably two men in the very front row. Katie, herself, can’t seem to believe what happened at first, but composes herself and backs into her corner, waiting for the bell to rings for the second fall. Oliver recovers and gets back up, taking a second to catch his wind before readying himself for the second round.


To avoid losing any momentum, Katie goes on the attack quickly, and it pays off for her at first--she takes Oliver down with a running STO, and transitions straight into a headlock. Oliver tries to counter with a headscissor, but Katie spins free, and behind him. She takes her chance and locks up a rear naked choke, but before she can get both hooks in, Oliver fights to his feet, and backs Katie into the turnbuckle as hard as he can.

Andrew Wilson: Smart move by Oliver, there, use whatever’s available to keep Katie from locking that sleeper in.

Oliver charges the corner, but eats a boot from Katie in the process. He tries again, but again, Katie gets her foot up. He goes to try a third time, but when Katie throws her foot up again, Oliver catches it. Katie hops out of the corner, throwing an enzuigiri, but missing, as Oliver ducks...and scoops her up on his shoulders, dropping her with a Death Valley Driver.

He rolls through and scoops her back up, dropping her with another DVD, this time across the knee. Oliver rolls into a pin, but doesn’t hook the leg…




Katie’s shoulder pops up at the very last second...and Oliver snatches it into a Fujiwara Armbar, getting a yelp--and a snarl--from Katie.

George Burnett: That Fujiwara Armbar isn’t something we see too often from Oliver; not to discredit his skill, but we usually see him attack the legs for submissions…

Andrew Wilson: But we do see it from Katie fairly often. Maybe a little gamesmanship, on Oliver’s part?

Katie eventually reaches the ropes with her toe, but not before spending quite a long time in Oliver’s armbar. She growls, huffs, and shakes her arm out, looking very unhappy...even moreso when Oliver lifts her off her feet from behind, dropping her first with a backbreaker, then a gutbuster. Katie gasps for breath, and Oliver turns her over, locking in a sleeper of his own--too close to the ropes, though, as Katie manages to grab the bottom rope with both hands.

Oliver breaks the hold the moment he’s instructed to, but wraps both arms around Katie’s waist, deadlifting her off the mat. Katie grips the ropes as tight as she can, but a kick to one elbow breaks the hold and Oliver throws Katie overhead with a German Suplex. Oliver turns to take advantage, but Katie’s rolled all the way across the ring, and out to the floor.

Andrew Wilson: Katie needs a breather after that, and it’s a smart move--not only does she have 20 seconds outside the ring, but it slows down Oliver’s momentum.

George Burnett: Katie doesn’t usually get suckered into long, drawn out fights like this--she’s IYH’s Rapid Fire Champion for a reason, but it seems like she’s trying to outdo Oliver at his own game. Maybe to prove a point?

Andrew Wilson: I’m not sure how wise that is for her, but then again, I’m not Katie Hanley--maybe there is a plan?

Katie eventually slides back into the ring, just as the ref counts to 12. Oliver even allows her to get up to her feet. The two lock up, and Oliver starts to overpower Katie, only to get flipped with a Fireman’s Carry takeover, the young woman floating through into a grounded hammerlock. Oliver grunts as he fights against the hold, struggling to break Katie’s grip at first. He even starts to straighten his arm out…

And Katie wraps it up in a cross armbar.

Andrew Wilson: Wow, what a transition by Katie!

George Burnett: Katie’s got that arm locked out, Oliver may have to tap here...what a statement that would be for her, a 2-0 sweep of Oliver Wilson?

Oliver didn’t have a chance to lock his hands to fight the armbar, and the prideful Auckland native actually screams as he struggles to reach the ropes--they’re too far away, in every direction, though, and his free arm hovers over the mat, looking like he may tap at any moment.

Oliver fights the impulse, though, and starts to turn into the hold--Katie spins with him to keep the arm locked up, and it actually looks like his elbow pops out of place...before Oliver groans and lifts Katie up, stuck in the armbar, and spikes her down with a powerbomb.

George Burnett: JESUS WEPT!

Andrew Wilson: Not exactly a textbook counter, but Oliver’s free, and…

George Burnett: SOUTHERN CROSS!

Despite the pain in his arm, Oliver wastes no time in capitalizing on Katie being stunned, wrapping her ankles up and sitting back into the Southern Cross (Haas of Pain). Rather than risk her well-being in the third fall, Katie taps immediately.

Andrew Wilson (Over the PA): Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the second fall, by submission: Oliver Wilson!

George Burnett: Maybe a smart move by Katie, there--she knew she was caught, but she didn’t take any real damage there--unlike Oliver.

Katie may not be the freshest in the world, but Oliver’s arm is visibly hurting him. As he gets back up to his feet, he’s rubbing at his elbow, grimacing. Katie rolls back up to her feet, pulling herself up with the ropes and exhaling sharply. She rolls her neck out, gritting her teeth as the third and final round begins.


The third and decisive round begins at a much more clinical pace than the others, as though both young Kiwis saved the feeling out process for sudden death. Oliver gained the advantage when he goaded Katie into a lock up, forcing her back into the corner. The ref steps in and Oliver backs off, but as soon as Katie’s out of the corner, they lock up again, and Oliver snaps off a quick suplex. He has to take a second to shake his arm out, though, which allows Katie to get back to her feet. They lock up again, and after a struggle, Katie twists Oliver’s arm into a top wristlock, grinding the point of her elbow into the joint of his.

Oliver grinds his teeth and deals with the pain at first, but eventually drops to a knee. Sensing an opportunity, Katie releases the wristlock and takes a half-step backwards, throwing a superkick, but Oliver manages to duck underneath and roll Katie up with his uninjured arm.




Katie pops a shoulder up and rolls away, a mix of frustration and, to some extent, admiration on her face.

Andrew Wilson: We mentioned how familiar they are with each other; Oliver knew that kick was coming, and got out of the way the only way he could.

George Burnett: She almost caught him, though. He’s got to keep his eyes peeled, Katie’s one of the quickest athletes we’ve ever seen here.

Katie rolls back to her feet and picks up her pace, seeming to give up on matching Oliver’s style, and just trying to keep him off balance for the rest of the match. She peppers his legs with kicks, in between several forearms and palm strikes to the jaw, and while none of them are particularly devastating, they do keep Oliver’s guard up--and his arms, particularly his injured one, taking the brunt of the Wellington girl’s force.

Katie backs him into the corner with more strikes, upping the intensity of each one, with a palm strike stunning Oliver long enough for Katie to make a very, VERY fast lap around half the ring, cutting across and jumping up into a high knee that cracks Oliver in the chin. He stays upright, somehow, and Katie doesn’t seem happy about she makes another lap around the ring, this time driving her boot into Oliver’s chin with a Yakuza kick.

George Burnett: Jesus christ, Oliver ate all of that kick, Andrew. He might be out.

Andrew Wilson: Katie’s best weapons have always been her kicks, and Oliver just took two picture perfect strikes, right on the jaw. If Katie takes advantage, this match might just be over.

Katie, indeed, throws Oliver to the ground and hooks the leg…




Oliver’s shoulder pops up, but only just. He stays flat on the ground, and Katie, in disbelief, looks to the ref for confirmation that it was a two. She sighs a little, shaking her head before getting up, leaping up to the top rope. She takes a breath and steadies herself, gauging the distance between herself and Oliver before leaping off with a double stomp...but Oliver juuuust manages to roll in closer, and Katie has to roll through to avoid injuring herself. As she turns around and charges back at Oliver, though, she’s levelled with a jumping lariat that turns the Wellington girl inside out!

It’s not Oliver’s best plan, it turns out, as he visibly winces as he slowly pushes himself to his feet, rubbing his elbow and cringing. Katie struggles to her feet as well, but when Oliver throws a high roundhouse kick, she’s able to duck under it and break off into a sprint again; on the rebound, she drives both feet into Oliver’s chest, sending the Auckland man crashing back into the turnbuckle.

Katie takes a deep breath, getting back to her feet...and as she sees her downed opponent, there’s a glimmer of mischief in her eyes.

George Burnett: What’s she thinking, Andrew?

Andrew Wilson: I don’t know--I’ve never known what Katie’s thought, and I don’t expect it will start now. But, she has Oliver on the ropes--if I were her, I’d do everything in my power to put him away.

Instead, Katie climbs onto the middle rope, making a spinning motion with both hands towards the crowd. She flashes a big grin as her fans cheer, while Oliver’s supporters get more audible in their support of their man. She hops down and stands behind the slowly rising Auckland man, clenching and unclenching both fists as he recovers--and once he turns, she boots him in the stomach, pulling him into a front facelock.

George Burnett: She’s not--surely not?

It takes an effort, but Katie manages to lift Oliver into a cradle suplex position, and with a grunt, deadlifts him up and twists…

George Burnett: CYCLONE SUPLEX! She’s used Oliver’s own move--

Andrew Wilson: But, look!

Oliver over-rotates and lands on his feet!

Katie’s frustration is at an all-time high, as Oliver gets a moment to recover and whips her to the ground by a wrist, wrapping up a leg lock--but rather than his own Southern Cross, it’s…

George Burnett: Silver Fern!

Andrew Wilson: Oliver’s got Leah Taylor’s variation of the cloverleaf, locked on the woman she developed it against! The arm’s trapped between her own legs, the pressure on her ankle is immense, and Katie’s got to be desperate to get to the ropes with that one free arm.

Katie shrieks as she’s bent practically in half, scrambling and reaching for the ropes with her only available arm.

George Burnett: She may tap, Andrew...what else can she do?

Andrew Wilson: That’s the genius of this variation, George! With a striker like Katie, you don’t want to give her any opportunity. And with her arm trapped like it is, she’s stuck in...virtually every way, and now, Oliver’s got her in the centre of the ring.

Oliver keeps Katie trapped in the hold, even adjusting so he’s kneeling on her head to provide a little more torque, but the adjustment proves to be the hold’s undoing--after a solid minute or so. Katie squirms her way free, practically screaming as she does so, but eventually manages to relieve the torque and kick Oliver away. He’s not troubled, though, moving back to pull Katie up to her feet; he rocks her with a few forearms, one of them visibly buckling her legs if it weren’t for Oliver’s support...which quickly changes as Oliver lifts her up, shouting “this is how you do it” and dropping her with...

George Burnett: CYCLONE SUPLEX!

The twisting brainbuster spikes Katie on her head, and for a second, several fans gasp at the impact. Oliver glances at the official before floating into a cover.




George Burnett: NO! SHE GOT THE ROPES!

Katie’s close hand just, JUST, has the bottom rope, and Oliver growls as his own frustration starts to mount. He pulls Katie up, running into the corner and using the turnbuckles to rebound into another attempt at the Busaiku knee…

...which Katie counters with a superkick, more on instinct than anything.

Andrew Wilson: The One Kick! She caught it again!

Oliver collapses in place, and Katie damn near collapses on top of him.




Oliver shoots his arm up at the very, very, very last second...and Katie catches it, shifting into an Anaconda Vise!

Andrew Wilson: CRUCIO!

George Burnett: The Torture Curse! And by the look on Oliver’s face, “torture” is the right word!

Katie screams as she torques the hold, wrenching as far back as she possibly can. Oliver struggles against Katie’s efforts, and the young woman from Wellington’s entire body visibly strains against her stronger opponent’s struggle.


Oliver reaches for the ropes with his free arm and legs, but they’re out of reach, and the knowledge that they’re out of reach gets a growl from the young man from Auckland--but he resists the urge to give up, for now.

George Burnett: This may be it, Andrew.

Andrew Wilson: Oliver’s isolated, in the middle of the ring, and Katie’s torquing that Vise like her life depends on it!

Oliver strains and struggles against Katie’s Crucio, shouting in pain as he tries to force his way out...but it eventually becomes too much, and he has to tap.


Andrew Wilson (Over the PA): Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the third fall, by way of submission...the winner of the match...and representing New Zealand in the 2018 Wrestling World Cup, KATIE...HANLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!

As soon as the bell rings, Katie releases the hold and collapses next to Oliver, panting for breath and struggling to fight back the tears that are filling her eyes. The fans, regardless of who they were supporting, get to their feet and applaud both wrestler’s efforts, several fans throwing black and silver streamers into the ring.

George Burnett: We talked about how familiar they were. We talked about the World Cup spot on the line. We talked about their history, and we talked about Katie’s inability to beat Oliver in the past. But she overcame all of it, and beat one of the best wrestlers New Zealand’s ever produced! Oliver’s got nothing to be ashamed of, but the night--and the berth in the World Cup--belongs to Katie Hanley!

Katie starts to stir, only as far as her knees before Oliver starts to recover himself. Katie helps him up, a mix of concern and elation on her face, but she holds off on celebrating her win before making sure everything’s alright with Oliver. He nods, and the two embrace in the middle of the ring.

Andrew Wilson: Like we said at the beginning, these two are close friends and very familiar with each other; after some of the...unfortunate events that have happened lately, for both Oliver and Katie, as well as our school here, it’s refreshing to see these two be able to go out there, beat the daylights out of each other, but at the end of the day…

George Burnett: It’s all about respect. And there it is.

Katie helps Oliver to his feet as, among others, Oliver’s New Dawn teammates, KANAK and Leah Taylor, head down to the ring. Leah, first, hugs and congratulates Katie, who’s still a bit of an emotional wreck but at least she’s recovered enough to laugh at...something Leah said. When Leah turns to console Oliver, though, Katie’s lifted off the ringmat by KANAK, who’s scooped her onto his shoulders--something that catches the young woman off guard, and a yelp echoes through the arena. He parades her around the ring a couple times, then sets her down, ruffling her hair a little...which, naturally, gets Katie sticking her tongue out at him.

KANAK, Leah, and Oliver roll out of the ring, but Katie shouts at the time to stay at ringside before turning and grabbing a mic--that the fans haven’t settled down to let her speak seems to be lost on Katie, at least for the moment, until she lifts the mic up and they don’t quiet down. She has to actually gesture for them to quiet down.

Katie Hanley: ...Whew. Jesus Christ.

A couple of the people in attendance chuckle, but Katie’s not kidding--she’s still struggling for her breath.

Katie Hanley: First off all...that man is bloody good.

Katie Hanley: I don’t need to elaborate on that...everyone here already knows he’s good. Most of you already know our history, so I’m not going to waste time going over that, all I’m going to say is I’ve had people beat the hell out of me...I’ve faced people I got into wrestling admiring, as recently as a month ago...but nobody’s been able to push me past my limit as consistently as Oliver Wilson, so...please, everybody, round of applause for him, he bloody deserves it.[/i]


Katie grins and tucks the mic under her arm for a second, offering her own round of applause to her opponent as the fans start cheering and applauding him. A little smile curls on the face of the defeated Auckland man, who just shakes his head and says...something, pointing into the ring as Katie lifts her mic back up.

Katie Hanley: Secondly...I need to apologise…

Katie turns to the announcer’s table, looking right at Andrew Wilson first.

Katie Hanley: To you, Andrew…

She turns her attention to Oliver afterward.

Katie Hanley: To you, Oliver…

And, with a bit of a spin, she gestures to everyone in the room.

Katie Hanley: And to everyone here, that comes and supports this company, and the people we produce here...I need to apologise for the...situation that happened, between myself and Serena Maxwell. A situation that cost this school a trainee, that cost this company a young woman who could’ve been a fantastic talent, because I became someone’s scapegoat for why her career’s not going the way she wants anymore.

Katie scowls a little bit, shaking her head with a frown.

Andrew Wilson: Katie has nothing to apologise for about that, George--she didn’t arrange for it to happen, some people…

George Burnett: Some people are just crazy. Let’s call a spade a spade, Andrew.

Katie Hanley: She keeps going on about me, going on about me, going on about me...everything Serena Maxwell does is trying to get back to being in contention to face me again, because she believes it’s some kind of...of fate, or destiny, or whatever. And, the thing is...she’s good. She’s very good, whatever I may think of her as a person, she’s a fantastic wrestler--so I have no doubt she’ll do it.

Katie Hanley: And when she does...I’ll finish it. For what she’s done to me, for what she did to that poor girl, and for what she did to this school and this company, I will finish it!

The formerly split crowd is now completely behind the young Wellington woman, who actually gets a bit bashful about the reaction, and little smile cracking her face as she can’t help but chuckle a little awkwardly.

Katie Hanley: And, lastly...when this World Cup rolls around? I promise, I’m going to do everything I can to put this place, this school, you people...this entire bloody country on everyone’s radar! There won’t be a single wrestling fan, from Auckland to Amsterdam and back, that won’t know our names! By the end of that tournament, everyone will know that New Zealand produces some of the best wrestlers in the whole fucking world!

Again, the fans go nuts, but one in particular gets Katie’s attention, waving something at her--she rolls out of the ring, and when it’s passed to her, it’s an unopened New Zealand flag. Katie tears the packaging open and unfurls the flag, climbing up onto the nearest turnbuckle and wrapping it around herself like a cape. Despite the pain she’s very visibly in, despite the tears in her eyes and the struggle to get up to the middle rope, Katie thrusts a fist up in the air, and the video fades to black.
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