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 In Search of Babylon: One, CD Piece
Flex Johnson
 Posted: Aug 2 2017, 01:41 AM

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“You shouldn’t have gone there by yourself Misha,” Catalina LeCavalier said over the car’s speakers. “I wish you would have waited for me. Me and Dre are traveling back home tonight. You and me could have flown out to Calgary together.” While her tone was firm and stern, her words were spoken out of concern and love.

Catalina may have been the “baby” of the LeCavalier family, however, she’d often been the glue that held everything together. Her sweetness and kindness gave off a false sense of naivety; but deep down, Catalina was a strong willed soldier—Misha always admired that about her.

“Dearest, you are fretting over nothing,” Misha said as she pulled into a massive parking lot. “I’ll be fine. I can assure you of that.” It was a lot more congested in the mid-day than Misha had initially anticipated. Her eyes darted about as she searched for an empty parking space.Eventually she spotted a couple of free ones on the Eastern side of the lot. “I shall not linger too long. Maybe ten or fifteen minutes at the most.”

“Fine.” A sigh of mild frustration escaped from Catalina’s mouth. She knew there was nothing she could do to stop her, and she didn’t feel like getting into a needless argument. “You’ve got fifteen minutes—that’s it.”

“Very well,” Misha said as she shifted her Jetta into park.

“And you’ll call me the moment you leave the parking lot?”

“But of course.”

“Alrighty.” Catalina let out another sigh. “I’m not trying to rag you Misha. I just like to go with you to make sure that you’re okay, you know?”

“I understand love. But I promise you, I can handle things on my own this time.”

“Alright, alright,” Catalina replied. “I’m going to go finish packing my suitcase. Call me when you’re finished Misha. I mean it.”

Misha nodded her head. “I’ll call you. I promise love.”

“Alrighty. Love you.”

“I love you as well, dear.”

Misha turned her keys and shut off the Jetta’s engine. She quickly gave herself a once over by looking into the rearview mirror. She wasn’ there to impress anyone. Even still, she didn’t want to appear to be a ruffian. A Diesel Black Gold Lorenzo leather jacket rested on top of her black Wolford Lugano top. Misha opened her car door and slipped iPhone 7 Plus in the back pocket of her black Theory Adbelle leather leggings. Her black Jimmy Choo Harley 30 TLE booties clicked as she made her way to her trunk. Inside was a black Louis Vuitton duffel. She took ahold of the duffel and gently closed the trunk door.

After gathering up everything, she turned and began walking. She passed a small, wood crafted sign that read “Union Cemetery.” As she made her way further into the cemetery passed a gaggle of shrubbery on her left and tiny field of willow trees on her right. She followed the willow trees, which lead to a paved walkway.

It was a cloudy day with a fair chance of showers, therefore, the sun wasn’t really out. Regardless, Misha slipped a pair of Dior aviators out of her jacket and put them on. She continued down the path until plot of land with many massive headstone monuments sticking out of the ground. While there were some people in the cemetery, there were none over in that section. She turned and headed towards a particular one the far right. It was a humongous cube like monument.

Her eyes glanced over the name on the monument—Courtney LeCavalier. Reading that name caused her to let out a sigh. It was less out of frustration and more out of sadness.

“Hello, brother.”

An erie silence floated through the atmosphere. She couldn’t hear anything. Not the sounds of people in the other areas, not the sounds of cars on the street, not even the sound of birds. The only thing Misha could pick up on was the gently blow of the wind against those willow trees.

“It has been quite a long time, hasn’t it?” She paused for a moment, almost as if her brother was going to respond. Misha shook her head as she removed her shades. “Would care to know what I have been up to?”

She sat the duffel on the ground. Misha then bent down and took a seat on the grass herself.

“Well, it might surprise you to know, but I started up an online magazine a while back. It is called STYLIST. I suppose you could say it started off as blog; then it grew into some great after a bit of time. The magazine grew and grew until a media umbrella took it in under its wings.

“Selling off part of the magazine’s ownership to the umbrella company turned out to be quite lucrative; the venture netted me a great deal of money.” She nodded her head. “I do not write many articles for STYLIST any longer; I simply don’t have the time anymore. I let my staff handle all the nitty gritty—I merely pay the salaries bills and collect money.”

Misha’s eyes looked down to the ground as she spotted a tiny ant carrying a leaf. She continued to watch it as crawled and scurried along.

“I also picked up and moved to New York City. That is another one of the many reasons why I have not been by to visit as well, Courtney.” She folded her her arms across her chest as the eyeballed the ant. “In truth, I moved there to be a bit closer to Catalina. She migrated there many moons ago, but you already knew that. She runs a successful art gallery there.” She let out a small sigh. “Catalina is, well, she’s the best sister a woman could ask for. She’s so caring and loving, until you piss her off that is—then the fangs come out.” The thought of her little sister fucking someone up made Misha chuckle a bit. “Based upon her temper, Catalina is definitely a LeCavalier. There’s little doubt about that.”

Her laughter faded as her gazed returned to the monument. “I wish you could have met her. I know I have brought her along during some of our visits. However, I wish you could truly get to know her. Catalina is quite amazing, and quite strong. I would not be here today if it were not for her; that is a fact.”

Misha unfolded her arms and shook them loose. She then clasped her hands together and placed them in her lap.

“And of course, there’s professional wrestling.” She paused for a seconds. “I believe that last time you and I spoke I’d been floating around doing independent shows with our cousin Ryan.” She thought back to a tag match that she and Ryan over at World Elite Wrestling—fun times.

“Ryan and I ended up at a promotion called Inferno Wrestling. I wrestled there are three to four months before it shut down operations. And while I know three to four months is chump change in this sport, my time in Inferno was most valuable.” Misha unzipped her duffel and pulled out a championship belt. After folding the straps, she sat the belt down on the ground.

“I was given an amazing opportunity on the company’s final show—a shot at the Inferno Tag Team Championships. Ryan was not my partner, if that’s what you were going to ask.” She shook her head. “Regardless, I fought like my life and career were on the line—and me and my partner won.” She gazed down at the belt for a moment. “It is not something that I feel I am able to brag about. Like I said, the company is defunct. Nonetheless, that is a moment I often think back to. It is a moment that gives me confidence. Confidence in my ability to handle myself in the ring, and absolute confidence in my to succeed.” She nodded. “I actually keep this belt at father’s house. He told me that the performance I put on that night was truly magical, a once in a lifetime bout. I felt that match mended many things between him and I; it helped the two of us grow. Therefore, I keep the Inferno title on his mantel. However, I made a quick trip there and grabbed it, just for you.”

Her right hand returned back to the duffel. It emerged holding a few photos. She laid those photos next to the Inferno belt. The photos contained images her her lariating people, images of her submitting people, and images of her holding two titles.

“Shooting Star Wrestling Alliance—another promotion that’s been vital in my return to professional wrestling.” She pointed a particular photo. “That is me holding the SSWA Pure Championship.” She pointed to another. “And that one? I’m holding the SSWA Rising Star Championship in that picture.” A meager smirk crossed her lips. “I was the very first person to hold that championship on two separate occasions.”

Misha dug into the bag one last time.

“And this is the In Your House Tag Team Championship,” she said as she sat it in her lap. “Me and my tag partner, Myung, still hold these over at IYH. The fact that we are the champions pisses many people off; their hate is humorous to me. If you want to defeat someone, then you have to out-work and out-wrestle them. There aren’t many teams who have done that—that is on them. And yet, the remain furious at us.” She shook her head. “Curious, right?”

Her fingers traced the edge of the metal faceplate. “This life, these accomplishments, they probably should have been yours, dear brother. Hell, I imagine you would have surpassed everything that I’ve done. I am sorry it something you were not able to experience.” A grunt escaped her. “But this life isn’t fair, is it?”

The IYH Tag Team Championship made its way back into the duffel, along with the photos and the Inferno belt.

“You’d probably like to know how I’m doing, yeah?” She mildly snickered. “The answer to that question changes day by day.

“I feel like Grade A shit some days. Other times I feel as if no one can possibly hold a candle to me. They say I’m a bit cocky at times. Can you believe that?” she asked in a joking manner. “However, no matter how I may feel in the morning, I pick myself up and keep pressing on. That is the most important lesson that I’ve learned.”

Misha stood to her feet and dusted off her clothing. She stared at the monument in silence for a good while before she spoke again.

“Speaking of pressing on, dearest brother, I suppose it’s about time I get going. I do not have to head to the gym today, however, I must review some tapes and matches. The sport never sleeps.” She shook her head. “There are a couple of other matters that need attending to as well. Plus mom and father are expecting me over for dinner tonight as well.

“I do not know when I’ll be around to see you next. You’ve probably got far better things to do up there than to listen to me.” She paused for a moment. “Just know that you are not forgotten, dear brother. Not by mother and father. Not by Catalina. And not by me. We all wish you were here.”

She grabbed ahold of her duffels strap with her right hand. Her left reached into took ahold of a bouquet of flowers. Misha took a few steps forward and laid them down at the base of the headstone. She zipped up her duffel and rested her palm onto of the monument for a couple of seconds before she turned around. Those Dior aviators found their way back over her eyes and she followed the path back to her car.

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