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 Captain Fabulous
 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 01:44 AM

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Wrestler Real Name: James Howlett
Wrestler In Ring Name: Captain Fabulous
Nickname (If Applicable): The Sugar and Spice
Height (meters): 1.98
Weight (kilograms): 124 Kgs
Alignment: Face
Hometown/Billed From: Seattle, Washington
Gimmick: An over the top homesexual wrestler that plays it up to the crowd and opponents.
Pic Base: Dalton Castle
Ring Attire: A pink ascot, plum coloured tights and boots. Also has white wrist tape.
Twitter: @CaptainFabNMBR1

Wrestling Style:
Strengths (3): Technical wrestling, Humor and brawling.
Weaknesses (3): Submissions, bad hair styles and good looking gents.

Finishers (Max 2):

Pumphandle Slam

Signature Moves (Max 2):

Northern Lights Suplex
Hip Attack

Well-practiced Moves (Max 10):

German Suplex
Spike DDT
Discus Lariat
Shining Wizard
Elbow Drop
Butterfly Suplex
European Uppercut

Entrance Theme:

Character Background: As a kid, he was always bullied. Often dreaming of becoming a super hero, the next best thing he could think of was becoming a wrestler as that meant he could become larger than life. When not in the ring, he is just normal James Howlett, normal average wrestler that behaves like any regular wrestler would backstage. But in when in the ring, he becomes Captain Fabulous! A technical master of wrestling whose strength knows no bounds or his behavior for the self lewd for that matter.
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