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Mar 21 2018, 12:55 AM

IYH Championship
5 on 1 Handicapped Match
Shawn Fox © vs Bad Omens

Proving Grounds Championship
Fatal Fourway Match
Michael Diablo vs The Kraken vs The Ikiryo vs Minka Carter

Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Team Fury © vs Bad Omens (Banshee & Hellhound)

Rapid Fire Championship
Singles Match
Katie Hanley © vs Serena Maxwell

2 on 2 Parking Lot Brawl
Southern Hostility vs Hyphy Machinery

Singles Match
Brien Storm vs Jessica Anderson

Nov 21 2017, 07:28 PM

Max Thunder sustains injuries at Ruckus 53

Following the disturbing event during the controversial match with The Kraken and The Dragon last Sunday, State of Anarchy’s Max Thunder was found lying semi-conscious and alone backstage by staff. IYHWF confirmed that he suffered facial injuries including a broken nose due to the attack by The Banshee during the brief arena blackout. He underwent stitches for lacerations on his nose and left eyelid.

Thunder was then taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he was held overnight for observation. Medical tests revealed that he had cervical and thoracic muscle strains. IYHWF also confirmed this would be a more severe re-injury from the brutal match at Rise To The Throne at the hands of The Banshee and The Hellhound.

Thunder is expected to miss up to six weeks of action as a result. Check back here for more updates on his condition.
Nov 7 2017, 11:44 PM
“Believe in Superstitions”


Black space. A void.

There is sound of a light mounted on the camera being switched on, illuminating a door before the viewers. With a hesitant hello, the cameraman reaches out his hand slowly and pushes it open. It groans as it leads him to an empty hallway. It is difficult to see beyond an arm’s length.

It is quiet. Still.

Something scuttles around noisily. Left of the camera, behind, right, behind, left — never in front in full view. The camera backtracks in an attempt to run away from the looming shadows. The cameraman gasps, his breathing now heavy.

Too late. There it is again, the sound of quick movements across the floor.

Thump, thump, thump!

Urgent. So urgent. The camera shivers.







Then still.


The camera swings around and there, on the floor on all fours is a woman in tattered white. The cameraman lets out a frightened yelp before falling on his behind. The camera drops on his lap and comes face to face with The Banshee. A sorrowful smile paints her black lips.


She flicks her tongue with a sickening grin and snaps her jaw as she crawls closer. Right arm over her head, then left. Her dark hair shadows over her face. Her bones, the floor, the walls — everything creaks. Her movement, slow yet with a powerful purpose, seems to have hypnotised the cameraman now and reduced him to a whimpering, immobile state. She reaches out to him with ravenous eyes.


The cameraman begs for mercy, crying in desperation to be spared. And The Banshee laughs as their screams both merge as one in the abyssal hallway.

Oct 27 2017, 02:38 PM

The Kraken, The Dragon, The Hellhound, The Banshee and The Ikiryo seg
- Awesome collaboration with awesome people. And I have to say, I'm super super excited this stable is coming together so well already.

The Banshee & The Hellhound vs State of Anarchy
- Great match! I love the story here, it's got fun moments. Poor SoA boys! "Banshee reaches her hand out to Dante’s and he grabs it, using her as leverage to apply more leverage on the submission move." LOL love it! "Max leaps to the top rope and dives off, taking Locke down with a crossbody but the move takes the referee down as well." Dammit, Max! "She steps up behind Sean and she screams out at him. Sean is startled as he turns around..." LOL

Craig/Jess seg
- Love Jess' attitude and the dynamics between the couple keeping this professional! "I've pinned Jessica in less than ten minutes before, back during the beat the clock challenge. Coincidentally, that was the longest of all the beat the clock matches." Awesome that you mentioned this. Shows how far they've come, perfect setup for their match after this.

Craig Anderson © vs Jessica Anderson
- Another fun match! "he plucks her out of the air during a crossbody attempt with his Craigslist, the over the shoulder cutter" OOOH!!! But then the kiss to the Stunned Silence tho!!! Amazing!

Adam/Emery seg
- I love how this feud with Kraken/Dragon brought out Pirate Emery and the Plague Doctor personas. And then... "Adam is gone. I’m going to change them." O.O whut

Layton & Fenric vs The Dragon & The Kraken
- Haha I love that Stella is doing all the dragon moves. "Emery yells out “ARRGH BEHOLD, TIS THE MONSTER OF THE SEA, THE KRAKEN!” which makes the crowds chuckle..." and me laugh out loud Oh Emery. And yay Pirate/Doctor win! Boo Pirate/Doctor win!

Owen Gonsalves vs Seth Iser
- Just an all-out war between the two here. "Since they are prone on the mat, Owen tries for his Kimura Lock but as Iser stands with him and he tries for the bodyscissors to complete the Equivalent Exchange, Seth spins around and shakes him free, slamming him into the turnbuckles before picking Owen up for a modified Muscle Buster!" OOF!

Jetpack/Shawn/SBYA seg
- "I'm just... saying, Stevie. That a man would have to be awfully shortsighted to let himself loose in the wilds of the ringside area while his chief supporters are all wrapped up with four other folk. Just SAYING, that it would be just an overall bad idea for Jackie Boy. Stevie blinks, before she continues." Haha!

"the Iwasaki Sisters Akihiko and Etsuko, dressed exactly like the ghost sisters from The Shining, they don't speak at first, just stare at her creepily.." another LOL moment. And also, this is IMPORTANT, a perfect example of characters not booked but still being involved in shows. i can't stress this enough. getting exposure for your characters isn't entirely in the hands of the staff. you want in? submit a segment.

Tag titles and IYH championship matches
- I wrote the last 2 matches (except the Shawn bit) so please tell me where i can improve and stuff. i feel like i haven't been writing matches as well as I used to due to a few reasons. but i hope these were at least decent enough for a supershow. AND YAY SHAWN!!! Love me some exciting cash-ins! I really can't wait to see Jack's reaction LOL

Here's to the next show cycle!
Oct 11 2017, 10:25 PM

Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The scene opens up inside of the Melbourne Showgrounds to the excited crowd. The camera pans across various fan signs showing love for their favourite wrestlers, or hate for some of their not-so-favourites. The camera finally rests on the commentary table.]

BM: Welcome to yet another exciting night here in Melbourne folks, I’m Brian Morris.

TR: And as always, I’m the good looking one in the room, Tats Richardson.

BM: We’re just TWO weeks away from Rise To The Throne so knowing our competitors, anything can happen here tonight.

TR: Like Dante Locke aka “The Hellhound” might quite literally, take a bite out of Nate Gloria.

BM: And then in our first tag team match of the night, Team Fury goes up against Church of Illusionism. This is the first time Gordon Fury will be back in action since The Banshee tried to injure his knee with a chair.

TR: She should have tried harder in my opinion. But after that we’re sure to have lots of drama and probably a divorce by the month is out, hopefully. Jessica Anderson will take on Kendall Roberts to see who becomes number one contender to the Rapid Fire Championship.

BM: Will you please stop wishing for Jessica and Craig’s divorce, I’m pretty sure Jessica is not into all. After that we have a match that has been a pretty hot topic on Twitter as Layton & Fenric will take on Marcus Blackbeard and his manager Estella Winters.

TR: I for one think it’s cruel what Cryptic is making her do. If she needs someone to kiss her boo boos better, she just needs to come and find me after the show.

BM: Another woman you have no chance in hell of scoring with. Up next, former Proving Grounds Champion and current golden ticket winner Shawn Fox goes up again, well I guess you could say one of the Proving Ground contenders, Owen Gonsalves.

TR: Owen is desperately trying to get the In Your House Championship back by any means necessary, even if it means having to win the PG belt and defend it three times just so he can be in the position Shawn Fox is currently in.

BM: And last but not least, in our main event SBYA tries their luck in a non-title match against Jetpack.

TR: If SBYA win, they could prove themselves to be real contenders for the tag team belts. So far no Tag Team Championship match has been made for Rise To The Thrones so I’m sure our tag teams are going to fight hard these next two weeks to prove their worth.

BM: I guess we just have to wait and see what happens, Tats. But for now I am receiving word from backstage, let’s take a look and see what’s happening.

[The parking lot even with all the cars has it’s own air of being empty until you hear a bunch of footsteps coming in. Soon an army of men with black security shirts on are walking into the building with Seth Iser, dressed in a suit but with a black streak of paint down his right eye, in the center so he’s protected on all sides. The camera man ends up trying to approach them but Iser pie faces the camera for a brief second.]

SI: For god’s sake man, can’t a man even arrive into a building in private!? What the hell is wrong with all of you? Do you really want something that bad!? It isn’t in your job description to harass upstanding professional wrestlers who happen to be good at their job just because they have a slightly different opinion than the norm and the stupid people that come to these damn shows disagree with!? You people are as needy and discriminatory as both the president and the damn media in my country.

[Iser pauses for a second as he takes a deep breath as if he’s trying to calm down.]

SI: Fine. want something that bad then. Alright. I guess the real question from your perspective is why the hell did I drive my ass to the worst city in America...Pittsburgh just to get into a run down plane that is probably made in China just to fly into this god forsaken country to attend a wrestling event I’m not even wrestling on. That’s the million dollar question right?

[With that question escaping his lips he lets out a sigh as he looks around him making sure nothing could happen.]

SI: I’ll answer that question in a second but the question you really should ask is why the hell is Owen Gonsalves still a respected name in the industry after everything he’s done to me and the way he’s treated other people on twitter. I mean for God’s sake he’s joking about a manager getting her ass kicked and has advocated that he’s coming to hurt another man publically on social media because he doesn’t even have the balls to go say it to the man’s face.

[As he’s spitting fire at that point he’s pacing around...just agitated with the world around him.]

SI: But why am I here? I’m a wrestler at heart. Wasn’t always like that but once you’re infected with it...that’s what you are. And unlike Owen...I’m here. Even when I don’t have to be. And I want to see what other tricks Owen has learned in person.

[But as Iser says that briefly he has a really sinister look come onto his face.]

SI: But right is going to have to convince me repeatedly not to try to punch your brains out tonight knowing that I have a match against you Rise To the Throne. And yes the man who was The Deity of Destruction will rise to that throne...but as for tonight..yeah these security will really have to do a good job doing their job convincing me not to do what I’ve wanted to do for years.

[Iser then spits on the floor.]

SI: Because quite frankly Owen more than anybody else in this fucking really...really deserve a beating.

[With that Iser and the mob of security storm into the building ready to go with the festivities.]

Singles Match
Nate Gloria vs Dante Locke


[As they circle the ring, Dante tries to play the intimidation game with a hard kick to the midsection right off the bat. Nate backs off for a quick recovery before retaliating with his own kick. As Nate looks for a grapple, Dante comes back strong with a stiff knee to the body and continues to punish Nate with vicious leg kicks. Without a moment’s hesitation, Dante grabs Nate from behind for a waistlock. Nate slips out of it and does the same but Dante is quick to counter with a back elbow. Dante ruthlessly attacks Nate with roundhouse kicks to the chest. Nate staggers back from the onslaught, looking kind of dazed, but he is able to catch Dante’s leg after the third hit and hammers down a fist into it before countering with an exploder suplex. The fans cheer as Dante arches his back in pain from impact while Nate gains his bearings again. Pulling Dante to his feet, Nate irish whips him to the corner and charges at him for a huge running elbow to the face. Nate then follows it up with a belly to belly suplex, the crowd coming alive again with support. Nate goes for the pin but only gets a two-count.]

BM: Close call by Nate.

TR: Just wait, the Hellhound will bite back.

[Both men return to vertical base. Nate grabs Dante in a side headlock before wearing him down with elbow shots to the neck. As Nate lets him go to run the ropes, Dante suddenly returns to life with a brutal running dropkick to Nate’s knees. The force sends Nate flipping into the air and landing hard on the mat, making the entire arena cringe with “ooh!” Nate rolls around in agony, clutching his face. Nate slowly pulls himself up when Dante knocks him back down with an enzuigiri. While Nate takes his time to recover, Dante proceeds to attack him with furious stomps till the referee has to physically pull him away to separate them. Brushing off the ref’s warning, Dante returns to pull up Nate in a rear headlock. Nate tries to break free as he struggles to his feet. When Nate does, Dante connects with a quick rollup pin, nearly getting a three-count before Nate gets his shoulder up. Smelling blood now, Dante stalks Nate who is slowly pushing himself up before taking him down with his underhook front facelock drop finisher, Straight To Hell. With a devilish grin to the camera despite the jeers from the fans, Dante hooks Nate’s leg for the pin.]





TH: And here’s your winner… Dante Locke!

[“Wolves of War” by Burn Halo starts to play and the hostile crowd react with even louder boos. But Dante isn’t at all concerned as he gets his hand raised in victory by the referee, upsetting the fans even more.]

BM: And Dante picks up the win tonight. Nate’s got some real tough luck lately.

TR: Listen to the crowd, Bry. So rude! Dante won fair and square and they didn’t appreciate it!

BM: Knowing Dante’s reputation around here, I don’t blame them.

[Dante turns back to stomp on Nate, forcing the referee to intervene again. Dante simply backs off and exits the ring with a self-pleased smirk while the crowd roars in disapproval.]

BM: See? I really don’t blame them!

TR: Man, the fans aren’t holding back at all tonight!

[Backstage is Craig Anderson, who has the Rapid Fire Championship draped over his shoulder. He is standing by with Stevie Trelain, who has a microphone in hand. Craig adjusts his body position, ready for the interview to begin.]

ST: Craig, tonight your wife – Jessica Anderson – is competing in a match to determine who will be the number one contendership to the Rapid Fire Championship, the very title that is resting on your shoulder right now. What are your thoughts on that?

[Craig looks at the title on his shoulder, before opening his mouth, pausing, and closing his mouth. He gives himself a few seconds to think, rather than rush into an answer.]

CA: I could not be more proud of Jessica. These past few months have really seen her have a shift in attitude and the way she approaches the wrestling business. She's opened her eyes and realises that opportunities don't come by often, so she knows just how important it is that she snatches them. Tonight, I hope she does exactly that.

ST: You say you hope she takes her opportunity tonight, but deep down, is there any part of you that hopes Jessica loses tonight so you won't have to face her?

[Craig laughs the question off, almost mocking it.]

CA: Absolutely not. I'm not worried about facing her. In fact, we talk frequently about wrestling each other. We've done it before, and we'd both love to do it again. I'd willingly wrestle her every single week – though if there's one thing I've learned about her in all these years we've been together, it's that I'd much rather fight with her than against her.

[Craig chuckles slightly, before continuing.]

CA: But at the end of the day, I am the Rapid Fire Champion. In my position, it's unlikely I will have somebody fighting with me. I've got one of those big, fancy targets on my back, and everyone is throwing their darts. I welcome every challenge, and if that includes my wife then so be it!

ST: Thank you for your time.

CA: You're very welcome.

[Craig departs with a slight smile, and the scene fades.]

Tag Team Match
Team Fury vs Church of Illusionism


[The match kicks off with Kelly Fury and Bloody Mary starting things off for their team, Mary attempts to blind side Kelly with a right hook which knocks Kelly against the ropes, but Kelly uses the spring from the ropes to lunge forward and fire back a hard punch of her own. Mary falls back onto the mat but as Kelly attempts to reach down to pull her back up, Mary kicks both of her feet up against Kelly’s stomach to push her away. Mary rolls backwards to evade Kelly but Kelly charges towards her only to be met by a dropkick. Kelly was sluggish getting back to her feet and didn’t see Mary rush up on her, Mary gets Kelly in a bearhug and starts to viciously headbutt Kelly until she’s backed into Church of Illusionism’s corner. Mary gets the tag with Nightmare, but stays in the ring getting a firm grip on the top rope with two hands as she lifts her leg and presses her foot against Kellys throat to choke her and allow Nightmare time to enter the ring. The referee starts a five count on Mary, but she breaks the choke at four and slips out of the ring. He pulls Kelly by her hair out of the corner and to the center of the ring but before he can do anything else, Kelly starts to throw hard punches at Nightmares stomach, forcing him to release the grip on her hair. Kelly bounces off the ropes before coming back with a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissor Takedown. Kelly sees her opportunity as Nightmare staggers back to his feet, diving for her corner and making the tag with Gordon, the fans going ballistic.]

BM: Tag is made!

TR: Yes I can tell by the noise of this crowd practically pissing themselves with excitement, Bry.

[Gordon springboards in off the top rope, spiking nightmare head first into the mat with a DDT! He goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Gordon picks Nightmare up only to hit him with numerous strikes, before irish whipping him across the ring, catching him in the jaw with a jumping back heel kick as he comes back in. Gordon wastes no time as he picks up Nightmare and puts him on his shoulders, going for the Falcon Arrow, but he throws elbow’s into Gordon’s face, forcing Gordon to drop him. Nightmare stomps on the back of Gordon’s knee forcing him down on it, before he charges to the ropes, coming back and looking for a massive knee to the face, but Gordon ducks it at the last minute!]

BM: Nightmare just went for Destination Fucked! I tried to take off Gordon’s head with his own move!

[Gordon takes advantage of the missed strike and leaps into the air, spiking nightmare with a reverse hurricanrana right on his head, the momentum flipping him onto his knees. Gordon measure him as the fans are pumped, and he runs back into the ropes, but instead of running at Nightmare, he runs at Mary in the corner, knocking her off the apron and into the barricade with a flying knee. Kelly gets in the ring and super kick’s Nightmare in the jaw, still on his knees, before Gordon moves over to pick him up. He flips him up onto his shoulders, as Kelly runs across the ring, coming back and slamming Nightmare to the mat with Maximum Fury! Gordon hooks the leg as Kelly watches for Mary.]





TH: Here are your winners… Team Fury!

[Aftermath plays through the arena again as Kelly and Gordon get their hands raised.]

BM: Say what you will about these two, they have really come together as a team.

TR: Even I have to admit what these two have shown is impressive. Still, I’m counting down till Gordon fucks it up, dude could never play well with others.

BM: Time will tell, Tats. Time will tell.

[The cameras cut away.]

[Backstage! A locker room is host to two individuals who are about to get something they- and we- have waited quite a while to see. The ever-uninhibited Worst of the Pavees herself Emery Layton stretches out her leg. She's geared up, she's got 'the Graps' on the mind right now, and we can tell.]

EL: we fucking go! Ready for this, Adam?

[Shot backs up. Adam Fenric, sat reading a book on Cartesian dualism, doesn't even look up.]

AF: I've been ready all night, Emery. I'm waiting for you.

EL: How are you ready? You're reading a book, look at the state of you. Anyway, how bout this, eh? We finally, actually got something we wanted that didn't go pear-shaped before we got there! We got Marcus Blackbeard, but not just him, we got Stella Winters!

AF: Don't discount Marcus Blackbeard. Remember what I said- he is the threat here.

[Em stands, pacing around the room, beaming.]

EL; Stella, though! WE got Stella Winters in the ring. How many people've looked at Stella and gone 'I proper wanna kick her up the arse', but it's US that get to do it! Was this Amy? Did she get this for us?

AF: Not that I am aware. I believe this was a direct response to everything she has said. She is fast creating a reputation for herself that is less than flattering.

EL: And apparently people want me to dropkick her into next week so I guess we better give the people what they want then, yeah?

AF: Is it 'the people' or is it about you?

EL: Eh?

AF: Well, Estella and yourself have been notably hostile towards one another. One may think you were relishing the idea of finally getting your hands on her more than you are concerned with winning the match.

[Emery looks to the side, exhaling loudly.]

EL: ...Alright, fine. Yeah, I wanna knock her down a peg. Sure. I mean, like, why wouldn't I? I been doing this a long time, Adam, and in every single place I went there was always this one person who talked big game then hid behind something or someone. This business is crawling with 'em. Me, I ain't like that. One thing I learned from my Da was if you got a problem with someone, you sort it with them head-on, know what I mean?

AF: I do.

EL: Thing is they always hide, people like Stella. They hide and get away with doing and saying awful shit all the time and it's one of the only things that seriously annoys me about this business, Adam. I see a million Stellas a day, all acting like cowards and I can't do nothing cos I'm tryna do the right thing...and even that's a whole other problem on it's own. But tonight I get to actually, properly, do something about it and show someone that the stuff they say ain't without...what's the word? Sequence?

AF: Consequence, Emery.

EL: That one, yeah.

AF: You are aware she has spent the entire week leading to this acting as 'the victim' in all of this, yes?

EL: Yeah...but that's what cowards do.

[Adam puts his book to one side as he rises from his seat.]

AF: Well, personally I do not agree with the amount of effort and thought you are putting into Estella. I believe the real threat is Marcus Blackbeard and we should focus on him first and foremost. He already holds a victory over us.

EL: Cos of Stella.

AF: A victory is a victory, Emery. Do not lose sight of the fact we can recover our momentum here. I will focus on Marcus. I will make sure he is dealt with.

EL: Fair enough.

AF: But if you truly want to settle things with Estella, then I will not stop you. She is not my concern.

EL: Cool. Well...

[Emery tosses her beanie up and down...]

EL: We got a chance to get our win back over Blackbeard, we're live on Ruckus and best of all, we can proper mug Estella Winters off and show her what happens when she can't keep her trap shut. Everything's coming up Layton & Fenric. What's the worst the could happen?

[And now as she catches the beanie, she places it on her head and the two of them leave the scene...]

Rapid Fire #1 Contender Match
Rapid Fire Rules
Jessica Anderson vs Kendall Roberts


[This match starts respectfully with a handshake before the bell and goes right into the fast action immediately as the Rapid Fire Rules demands. Both know that they have under ten minutes to get the win and it shows, though Jessica’s speed serves her well as she takes the fight to Kendall. He’s on the back foot most of the first portion of the match, Jessica keeping him on the defensive with her spinning heel kicks, but when she went for a Corner springboard moonsault while he was down, it proves to be a mistake as Kendall catches her and plants her with a Spear! The fans alternate between gasps for Jessica and some cheers for the Melbourne native as he scrambles to cover for the pin, but Jessica gets her foot on the ropes at two and a half! Kendall keeps his cool and gets up, pulling her away from the ropes before he gets her up for a Samoan drop, but she slides off his shoulders and counters into a Backstabber! She too tries for a pin but Roberts kicks out at two.]

BM: Nice back and forth between these two, Kendall a little slow to start but he’s making up for it now!

TR: I’m still semi-sickened by the display at the start of the match being honest.

[Jessica hits a Shining Wizard as she attempts to take control again, clearly conscious of the ticking clock as she fades back for a bulldog as Kendall rises! Another pin attempt nets a two but Kendall catches her with a fast inside cradle and almost gets three but she breaks out in the nick of time! Roberts catches her with his Prophecy Stunner, but again nets only two and for an instant his face shows surprise and a tinge of frustration as he hauls her up again, propping her up in the corner as he sets her up for his Harpoon - unfortunately for him as he moves to start he’s in a vulnerable spot and Jessica catches him with her Stunned Silence, the Swinging snap DDT!]

BM: She needs to hurry, time’s running out!

TR: If she panics Kendall has her!

[Roberts lays in a heap but gets his knees up when she comes off with another Corner Moonsault! He’s still too dazed to capitalize on this however, and Jessica recovers! They start to get up at the same time, Jessica just a hair faster and she catches him with her Bonne Nuit, the headlock driver enough to finish the job!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… JESSICA ANDERSON!

BM: At just over nine minutes that was a CLOSE one!

TR: While I can’t say I was behind either one really, at least Jessica is hot. Ish.

["I Wish" by Cher Lloyd ft. T.I. plays as Jessica’s hand is raised in victory, and she gives a nod of respect to Kendall for his heart shown in the match.]
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